Prepare to Scare!


Hey Pet Society fans! The Halloween celebration is in full swing in Pet Society, so sign on now via Facebook to explore the diverse range of spooky items filling the stores! Remember that any items labelled Halloween Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 2nd of November, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

If you’ve been running around the village bumping trees (or knocking on friends doors) for candy, perhaps it’s time to dress the part, with amazing Halloween costumes in the Clothes Store! Whether you wish to dress in a scary mask and dark robes, an adorable witch outfit, lots of bandages, or even a Dracula costume, Lily is the pet to see! Despite being exhausted after fashion week, she’s been tirelessly sewing all week for you!




Black Hood (HS)

Scary Mask (HS)

Black Robe (HS)




Cute Witch Hat (HS)

Cute Witch Dress (HS)

Cute Witch Shoes (HS)




Mummy Head Bandage (HS)

Mummy Torso Bandage (HS)

Mummy Leg Bandage (HS)




Silver White Wig (HS)

Dracula Cloak (HS)

Dracula Shirt (HS)

Bat wings have been adorning many pets that have been drinking the Bat Wing Potion in the Mystery Store over the last week. Terrence takes the idea of wings a step further in the Cash Shop this week by introducing the Immortal Bat Wings! Not for the faint hearted, these wings will evolve over time, culminating in the most fearsome wings known to petkind.


Immortal Bat Wings (HS)

Petrify all of your guests with the Creepy Tombstone and Luminous Cobweb in the Furniture Store. Preston also has the Bat Wall Sticker and Wrought Iron Witch Sign to bring some extra eeriness to your night sky. If you would prefer to ward off (instead of welcome) vampires who may be around town, ensure you hang a Garlic Wreath in your home! Plus, the new Witch Doll may look pretty sweet, but rumours are that she definitely has some frightening spells up her sleeve, which may, or may not, involve Luminous Skull Candles and Buckets.




Creepy Tombstone (HS)

Garlic Wreath (HS)

Witch Doll (HS)




Bat Wall Sticker (HS)

Luminous Cobweb (HS)

Wrought Iron Witch Sign (HS)



Luminous Skull Candle (HS)

Luminous Skull Bucket (HS)

When visiting the Luxury Store, watch out for zombies, as Felicity is now selling the Luminous Brain Jar, which every zombie will be wanting to taste! Pets that are planning to dress as vampires should ensure they also pay Felicity a visit for the ominous Dracula Bed. The Luxury Store isn’t completely terrifying though, with the Luminous Gothic Chandelier which will be a stunning addition to any room, whether belonging to a vampire, witch, knight or princess.




Dracula Bed (HS)

Luminous Brain Jar (HS)

Luminous Gothic Chandelier (HS)

Grumble has reason to grumble this week, with the perilous looking crow eyeing him from the Halloween Night Wallpaper in the D.I.Y. Depot. What omen may befall him, no one knows (except maybe “?”, but he’s not talking).



Halloween Night Wallpaper (HS)

Halloween Night Floor (HS)

Just in case your pet isn’t full from all the Halloween treats popping out of trees around the village, Truffles introduces Bug Jelly (ewww) and the Pumpkin Cookie (Truffles promises that it’s delicious) to the Food Store.



Bug Jelly (HS)

Pumpkin Cookie (HS)

Of course, Halloween would not be complete without your very own Jack O’ Lantern, so this year there are a variety of Lantern bases, eyes, mouths and other decorations in store for you to customise your own Jack O’ Lantern! These are all located in the Garden Store, so select the best parts to represent your personal idea of Halloween! Here are a few examples of what you could create.




Tall Lantern Base (HS)

Decorated Example using Tall Black Lantern Base (HS)

Decorated Example using Tall Lantern Base (HS)



Decorated Example using Flat Lantern Base (HS)

Decorated Example using Large Lantern Base (HS)

Mrs. Appleblossom has some intriguing new Halloween Tree Seeds in the Garden Store, which are said to grow into rather dead looking trees. Despite seeming like they should never grow a thing, they actually produce Halloween Lollies. Perhaps if Truffles new additions didn’t water your tastebuds (or even if they did), this tree is worth considering for your orchard!




Halloween Tree Seed (HS)

Homegrown Halloween Tree (from Halloween Tree Seed)

Homegrown Halloween Lolly (from Homegrown Halloween Tree)

The Pond has been invaded by seemingly mutant fish this Halloween! They may be horrendous, but really they just want to be placed in an aquarium and admired for their unique looks. Terrence has the Halloween Fish Biscuit in the Cash Shop for anyone wanting to catch these wonders (which also glow-in-the-dark). Here’s a small peak at a few of the strange fish now inhabiting the Pond.




Monsterfish (HS)

Halloween Fish Biscuit (HS)

Black Kittenfish (HS)




Draculafish (HS)

Scary Maskfish (HS)

Mummyfish (HS)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?) in stores this week!

134 Responses to “Prepare to Scare!”

  1. michael paskalis Says:

    pass di rumah ada org masuk pet nah ku klik dapet boneka via itu maksud na apa?
    apa aku menang compottion

  2. bea Says:

    how can i join the halloween competition could someone tell me i relly want to join pls pls pls 😀

  3. bea Says:

    can i get another gift that is unigue from hideeni

  4. bea Says:

    i wish the playfish could change their rules example they would give one playfish cash every lvl i hope they would change it 🙂

  5. bea Says:

    could someone add me mwa thanks

  6. bea Says:

    yay i got the puppy from hideeni B)

  7. nadie Says:

    ive got half da halloween stuff already coz im running a halloween party next week

  8. Bea Says:

    Hi Sonya! I terrible worry because I have noticed that we cannot apply random to find new items from the Yellow Boxes. As you Know this is the only way that we have in order to reach new items and adquire some rare items about 999 or 499. Now if we buy a Yellow Box, it could be possible, that we get one of less cost and it does not change applying random. I have several questions! Does it happend for this week only? Does it happend why the Facebook Page Has exchanged? Or you (Pet Society team) decided to remove this features? =(

  9. Dicky Says:

    Great, this Hallowen are really excelent…..!!!!!!!!!!

  10. sarah Says:

    que asonbrosos asesorios de jalojin

  11. zennwongsh Says:

    Hello, please go to and befriend A-Zenn Wong on Facebook!

  12. belda Says:

    i don; have any playfish cash plizzz give me 😀

  13. lala cands Says:

    whydont u get playfish cash on every level ??

    • Sonya Says:

      Because Playfish Cash is a currency that can only be purchased in the various Playfish games not earned through in game play, and is also shared across several games. 😉

  14. yoyo Says:

    I want to ask how can I can’t upload the photo for the competition,because I can’t find the wall that can click to share my photos.please help,thankyou…

  15. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Prepare to Scare! […]

  16. mike Says:


  17. miyaku Says:

    I bought the cute witch dress and the hat but i don’t like the hat i prefer the old witch hat it looks teribly cute on my pet!

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