Stacked, read and dead all over!


Hey Pet Society fans! The village has been transformed, Halloween style! So sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and step outside and bump the dead trees around town. If you’re lucky, maybe some Halloween candy will pop out! 😉

Of course “?” is right into Halloween, Sirius isn’t so sure, so she was a bit wary when stepping into the Mystery Store earlier to find out what “?” had in store. After whispered conversations, she left with chills running down her spine, and ran home to play with her Bouncy Slime (according to her the best part of Halloween). These are the clues “?” gave her, no wonder she was slightly scared:

  • Float like a ghost! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Stacked, read and dead all over! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Déjà vu – lucky or not? (Golden Mystery Box)

These items are now hidden away in Mystery Boxes, so get hunting if you dare!

Updated! Here are the pictures of the mysterious items.




Ghosty Balloon

Coffin Bookcase

Black Kitty Plushie

These items, plus the Dark Owl Doll, are available for a limited time only, so find them while you can!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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130 Responses to “Stacked, read and dead all over!”

  1. chofi Says:

    OMG!! I collect mystery boxes plushies and Im dying to get the black cat!!!!! @w@

    it’s way too cute!!! AAAAH!!! -runs-

  2. maria fe Says:

    🙂 😦 😮 😥 😎

  3. maria fe Says:


  4. maria fe Says:


  5. Lulo Says:

    Wow those halloween mystery items are real hard to get!

  6. Yee Yee Says:

    I bought 10 GMB and none of them got it ! *frustrating*

  7. milly Says:

    please help everytime it says there is special bait to fish with, for example halloween fish i never know what to buy to fish with…..where is the special bait????? also WHERE IS THE SPECIAL FISH GEAR YOU CAN WEAR TO FISH WITH????? please someone tell me…thanx

  8. Chang Qi Hui Says:

    so diffcurt to get

  9. lallalala Says:

    I got all of them!!
    how lucky am I????

  10. lallalala Says:

    I got all of them in just one shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. pupupup Says:

    I’m so lucky!!!!!!!!!
    I got all of them!!!!
    and I got 3 coffin bookcase!!!!!!!

  12. FloreNcia Says:


  13. PS fan Says:

    Me too!I got 3 black kitten plushie!2 coffin bookshelf and 3 ghosty balloon!

  14. Stag Says:

    Wanting Free Halloween Fish and also Fish checklist + trophies !!!!

  15. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Stacked, read and dead all over! […]

  16. aldana Says:

    quiero jugar ahora ya mismo

  17. Ian Nenez Says:

    What a outstanding site and informative posts! Thanks 🙂

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