Stacked, read and dead all over!


Hey Pet Society fans! The village has been transformed, Halloween style! So sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and step outside and bump the dead trees around town. If you’re lucky, maybe some Halloween candy will pop out! 😉

Of course “?” is right into Halloween, Sirius isn’t so sure, so she was a bit wary when stepping into the Mystery Store earlier to find out what “?” had in store. After whispered conversations, she left with chills running down her spine, and ran home to play with her Bouncy Slime (according to her the best part of Halloween). These are the clues “?” gave her, no wonder she was slightly scared:

  • Float like a ghost! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Stacked, read and dead all over! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Déjà vu – lucky or not? (Golden Mystery Box)

These items are now hidden away in Mystery Boxes, so get hunting if you dare!

Updated! Here are the pictures of the mysterious items.




Ghosty Balloon

Coffin Bookcase

Black Kitty Plushie

These items, plus the Dark Owl Doll, are available for a limited time only, so find them while you can!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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130 Responses to “Stacked, read and dead all over!”

  1. taytay Says:

    oooh first!!!???

  2. florencia Says:

    siiii…black kitty plushie…so cute in GMB

  3. florencia Says:

    first comment!!!

  4. mimis Says:

    ya quiero saber que habrá!!! :S

  5. BEWitch Says:

    Can’t wait to see what it is … and .. .. .. First comment … woots ..XDDD

  6. Agus Says:

    Déjà vu – lucky or not? ———-> a black cat!
    i alredy have one!

  7. Teddy Says:

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  8. finn Says:


  9. grünzke Says:

    i think one of the items is a black cat 🙂 its so cool, just won it! thank you so much!

  10. Cell Says:

    Waow waow
    Nice pf!!

  11. Kikai Says:

    OMG!!!!! trick or treat!!!!!! =D i love em all YEY!!!!

  12. miisho Says:

    Go Between Trees!!!!!

  13. lyn Says:

    I found the Coffin bookcase!!! wooohooo!

  14. tritch Says:

    bump trees!
    yay, thanks PF its awesome!

  15. Tashaa Says:

    Oh my,
    Is the last one the black cat doll?!?!
    From last years Halloween?

  16. rebeca cervantes Says:

    Deja Vu…lucky or not is a black cat!!!

  17. Hugo Says:

    one of the items is a coffin Bookcase!!!

  18. Silv Says:

    I love Halloween and I love PET SOCIETY!!!!!
    The candies are awesome!!!
    THANKS PS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. arlenesaints Says:

    I was able to get candies by bumping the trees!!! love it!

  20. no0orah Says:

    I open hundreds of blue and gold mystery boxes but I didn’t find any thing

  21. Cida Says:

    Really??? black cat??? I love black cats… I go buy the mysterius items… I want a cat!

  22. rebeca cervantes Says:

    Go search between the trees and find some treats!!!!

  23. Bea Says:

    Wow! Awesome! I have ready seen new Halloween items! Congratulations Sonya and Pet Society team! I love it! I think it would be ballons, BMB!, XD GMB; coffins and possible features of animal! I went through trees, wow! It’s a really surprise! I would like taste them! Hahahaha! XD

  24. slavica Says:

    ja bi volela da mogu ovako da je igram ne na facebooku

  25. ruari Says:

    just got a black kitty plushie

  26. ecko00920 Says:

    one of it is a cute big black cat 🙂

  27. caro Says:

    ojala qe pongan la pagina en español :l

  28. kevinghetto Says:

    I want candies, I love-a-licious of candies!

  29. Madya Ra Says:


  30. Marza Says:

    Cool… Love it love it love it!!^^

  31. graxia Says:

    i love you petsociety…muaahhhhhh!!!!!
    youuuuu ROCKKK!!!!

    love halloween itemsss!!!! :)))

    for all please add me on facebook:!
    hihihi 😀

  32. peperonz Says:

    Mummy attack… i already know it…hey add my acc

  33. Ramadan Says:


  34. blueboyz Says:

    i got all of them already

  35. euniceq Says:

    where can i get the ghost looking candy?? from the trees?

  36. Agus Says:

    Caminen entre los arboles!!!!
    les da golosinas de hallowen

  37. Dyah Says:

    =) nice!!!

  38. Chung Ae Says:

    loading ps~

  39. angelotorres Says:

    I know what are those mystery items.!!!!

    they are:
    black cat (different than last year’s and for me, cuter)
    coffin bookcase with orange ribbon

    and on BMG

    it’s the ghost baloon!

  40. Darkness Says:

    can u put the sweets in the Halloweenc candy tub

    • HEllooo! Says:

      Yes, you can, but you can’t see them when you put them in.. you can’t even see the shadow of the sweets inside when it lights up 😦
      However, the Lollipop can be partially seen.. but not much. Try it!

  41. Miriam Says:

    i have in GMB a BLACK HALLOWEN CAT!

  42. Leianne Says:

    wow!!! this items are so cool , I can’t wait to play although I need to wait because we have a slow network, takes up to 1-3 hours just to load but I hope it’s worth it!!!

  43. jupfer Says:

    wohOO… i got already the black owl and just now i got the black kitty plushie!! another add on to my stuff toy collection!!!

  44. Fluffy Says:

    I think the 1st one is a potion that makes u float like a ghost or look like a ghost or it’s an ornament for Halloween

  45. Marveline Says:

    can u put huge and winn 100.000.000 and just in your contest and games please and please in the mystery box expensive you sell that 999

  46. Marveline Says:

    i have that candy and an eyes and many!!!

  47. lolifofo Says:

    I got a ot of treats from bumping today 😀
    It really increase the health a lot…

  48. Leianne Says:

    It had finished loading,wow these are cool those candies are great I had a ghost , a cone shaped,lollipop,halloween candy…. etc.

  49. KERfy (martina) Says:

    i got lots of candy!

  50. Karla Says:

    i got candies too

  51. siska moya Says:

    black cat plushie wanted ahay

  52. Nixer Says:

    no it’s a black owl ; a cabinet; an item from st. Patricks day… :/

  53. toetsie Says:


  54. bhenz Says:

    ohhhh….so cute new feature on ps….. i love the candies in the trees….in fact i have a dozen of candies like gummi ghost,gummi eyeball,tiny candy corn,halloween candy,halloween lolly,& halloween cane….love ya loots pet soc. @ of course SONYA keep up the goodwork….plz add me on pet soc.

  55. myspace Says:

    why does myspace have not been updated for soooo long ? It makes me hate playing pet society

  56. gerald mallari Says:

    we can feel the spirit of

    HOLLOween A@ pet society ahaha


  57. harhar Says:

    a ghostly balloon, coffin bookcase, and a black cat.. 😀

  58. chiquegurl05 Says:

    cool. . can’t wait what they are. . .by the way. . hi Sonya. . I have a question. . how do you make your pet poo, like rainbow or golden. . .I need your reply. .thank you!

    • Sonya Says:

      You make your pet poo by having it’s hygiene low (less than 50%) and health high (greater than 50%).

      Rainbow and golden poo are just based on luck, so as long as your pet is pooing you have a chance to get one.

      You can only have three normal poos before your pet stops pooing, so once you have three or more, ensure you get rid of some.

      Also, you can only have a maximum of one rainbow poo and three golden poos. So if you already have reached these amounts your pet will not be able to poo rainbow or gold respectively.

  59. Nixer Says:

    you can’t make your pet poo special poo It’s just luck… :glomp:

  60. Nixer Says:

    LOL me and sonia replyed at the same time LOL 😀 – october 17.2009 at 12:08 pm

  61. Bea Says:

    A ghost balloon and a coffin bookcase. 😀

  62. Hazel Says:

    Is there a limit to how many candies we can get in a day?

    • Sonya Says:

      You can collect up to 3 of each type of treat (this isn’t per day, this is total). Once you have 3 of each, you cannot find anymore until you gift some away, or eat some, etc.

  63. Sarah Hart Says:

    You can fish with the candies too.

  64. Herry Says:

    It’s also make my pet society cannot enter

  65. KERfy (martina) Says:

    ❤ Hey Sonya, what will you do in Christmas? my birthday is December 24, 9:32p.m. 😛

  66. ricky Says:

    hi bye g3gg

  67. ricky Says:

    yah hin

  68. kara Says:

    i wanna a rainbow poo 😦

  69. gonzalo hang Says:

    aguante el pop

  70. maria Says:

    estado re sibien do mensages de error i estoy in crita que pasa

  71. maryori Says:


  72. Jessi Says:

    Hi Sonya, My bouncing slime from the cash shop has disappeared and I was wondering if it goes away after a few days? I have moved everything in the room it was in looking for it and cannot find it anywhere…??? Please help, I love my bouncing slim 😦

    • Sonya Says:

      Bouncies can hide anywhere, so definitely check behind everything (including doors and windows). You may want to check some other rooms than just the one you saw it last in, and check your chest as well.

      They don’t expire, so it should be somewhere, but they do hide well (and change shape in the case of Bouncy Slimes).

  73. gonzalo hang Says:

    nada como siempre

  74. kara Says:

    where we can get playfish cash?
    are we have to go somewhere kinda playfish cash shop nearby? (not in the pet society)

  75. Verdi Says:

    Hi Sonya,

    I’m pretty new to Pet Society, been playing just few months, and I’m wondering if you could help me with something : I just got the bouncing slime too and now I regret not getting the “bouncing mochi” before, when it was available at the cash shop; I’m making a small “soccer field” room.

    Could you please direct me direct me to where I can get the bouncing mochi now?

  76. Angel Says:

    float like a ghost-ghost lamp
    stacked, read and dead al over- its like a coffin shelf thing
    deja vu- lucky or not- its a fish bowl with a dead fish… when u click it the fish jumps up and down…

  77. Angel Says:

    the float like a ghost might be a ghost balloon but im not sure..(i got this from my friend)

  78. kara Says:

    deja vu- lucky or not its a dead fish bowl?
    i want it

  79. copogirl Says:

    i love candies from a tree!!!!!!!!!!
    and i caught african butterfly fish with halloween candy!!!!!!!!

  80. kara Says:

    i got mud face mask…

  81. rainbow Says:

    Ermmm.. deja vu is a cat not the fish bowl. the fish bowl is the last year halloween stuffs. the lamp also! 🙂 I got the cofin already. ;D

  82. mkmomola Says:

    This Page Cannot Be Displayed


    Internet access is not available without proper licensing of the security device.

    Please contact your corporate network administrator and provide the code shown below.

    Note: To access the management interface of the security device, enter the configured IP address with port 8080.

    Notification codes: (1, PROXY_UNLICENSED

    ***why can’t login?????****

  83. Sir Twinkle Toes Says:

    How many candies are there?

  84. jovie Says:

    Para los que hablan español,vayan donde estan los arboles donde normalmente consiguen monedas ,ahora tienen dulces de halloween,mucha suerte para ustedes,para que encuentren los suyos.

  85. jovie Says:

    sonia dice que cuando encuentren sus dulces o candies,cada dulce viene 3de cada tipo de dulce no hay limites por dia,pero que si es importante regalar algunos asus amigos o se lo pueden comer ustedes,y asi podran obtener mas dulces,o sino no podran obtener mas hasta que los compartan con los amigos,buena suerte espero que les sirva la imformación.

  86. Cleopatra Says:

    I LOVE THE CANDIES! Specially the cute little ghost one.
    I know it’s not very Haloween-y, but I would like to request more of those scenic windows and fountains! Unfortunately I wasn’t playing when all of them came out. 😦


  87. Kimmy Says:

    Can we get more hallowen candies by bumiping trees?

  88. Nour Hassoun Says:

    float like a ghost : ghost balloon (already saw it)
    stacked, read, and dead all over : coffin bookcase (already saw it)
    deja vu – lucky or not : a black kitty plushie (already saw it)

  89. Hazel Says:

    Thanks Sonya 🙂 but what if your friends give you some? So in total u have more than 12? But can you get anymore, if, lets say, u bumped 5, and ur friends give u 8… can u still get more?

    • Sonya Says:

      While you have 3 or more of each in your possession you will not be able to find anymore in trees. But you can have more like you said if other people gift you some for example.

  90. hi Says:

    btw sonya,when will this event end…as it the candy trees thingy

  91. toetsie Says:


  92. Belma Muftic Says:

    I have the ghost balloon…. yay! 🙂

  93. jenna Says:


  94. Belma Muftic Says:

    I got them all!!!! weeeeee!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    😀 😀 😀 😀

  95. Bea Says:

    Hi Sonya! I have a question! A friend of mine gave me a rainbow poo but today it is not on my PF. I wonder What did it happend? Do you have any idea? by the way I do not have any problem with my pc.

    • Sonya Says:

      Did you already have one? As you are only able to have one rainbow poo.

      And if you didn’t, did you definitely save and quit after receiving the gift?

      • bea Says:

        Hi Sonya! I have one because a friend of ming gave it to me, but my pet 🙂 have not done a rainbow poo yet by himself. Of course, when I have finished of playing I save and quit. For that reason I do not understand why rainbow poo that my friend gave to me have gone.

  96. andre101 Says:

    i like them all but i really want the slime bouncy and fish buscuits for halloween who can ever give it to me will have a x-mas items

    just add me and put a message

  97. copogirl Says:

    i got coffin book case and ghost balloon

  98. claire3322 Says:

    SONYA,, i wanted to know tht if u want a mask and a OWL ?

  99. chiquegurl05 Says:

    oh yeah! I already got the black kitty plushie!! wiii!!!!

  100. jmm Says:

    HI, does anyone have them all already?? who have extra balloon and kitty? pls sell one of each to me:(

  101. chofi Says:

    OMG!! I collect mystery boxes plushies and Im dying to get the black cat!!!!! @w@

    it’s way too cute!!! AAAAH!!! -runs-

  102. maria fe Says:

    🙂 😦 😮 😥 😎

  103. maria fe Says:


  104. maria fe Says:


  105. Lulo Says:

    Wow those halloween mystery items are real hard to get!

  106. Yee Yee Says:

    I bought 10 GMB and none of them got it ! *frustrating*

  107. milly Says:

    please help everytime it says there is special bait to fish with, for example halloween fish i never know what to buy to fish with…..where is the special bait????? also WHERE IS THE SPECIAL FISH GEAR YOU CAN WEAR TO FISH WITH????? please someone tell me…thanx

  108. Chang Qi Hui Says:

    so diffcurt to get

  109. lallalala Says:

    I got all of them!!
    how lucky am I????

  110. lallalala Says:

    I got all of them in just one shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. pupupup Says:

    I’m so lucky!!!!!!!!!
    I got all of them!!!!
    and I got 3 coffin bookcase!!!!!!!

  112. FloreNcia Says:


  113. PS fan Says:

    Me too!I got 3 black kitten plushie!2 coffin bookshelf and 3 ghosty balloon!

  114. Stag Says:

    Wanting Free Halloween Fish and also Fish checklist + trophies !!!!

  115. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Stacked, read and dead all over! […]

  116. aldana Says:

    quiero jugar ahora ya mismo

  117. Ian Nenez Says:

    What a outstanding site and informative posts! Thanks 🙂

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