Don’t rock the barge!


Hey Pet Society fans! The entire village has been rocking this week, with budding rock stars in nearly every home!

Some of the best musicians in town were playing their debut concert on a barge in the pond, so pets from everywhere assembled around the fish pond to try and get a glimpse of the stars, and rock the day away! Thousands of pets gathered, and when the band began, everyone was amazed!

Sirius though was seemingly distracted, she loved the music, but it was that time of week when she knew “?” may be returning to his Mystery Store with pictures of what he had ordered for the next bunch of mysterious items, so she hung towards the back of the crowd.

As dusk was falling, she noticed “?” making his way through the throngs of pets. She followed him through the crowd. When they were near the water’s edge, she snatched the pictures and dived into the pond.

She ended up swimming right under the barge, and only emerged on the other side of the pond, soaking wet, but clear of “?”. So she moved through the crowd (who seemed quite happy to part for a soaking wet pet), and then ran home.

Sirius tells me that she did think about the fact that the images would be damaged before diving into the pond; however with a pressing crowd in every other direction, apparently she had nowhere else to go. So here’s the water damaged images, see if you can work out what they might be:




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

These mysterious items are now available, so sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook to see if you can discover them!

Updated! Here are the images that have avoided the pond.




Hair Towel

Dark Owl Doll

Mud Face Mask

There are also some rumours circulating the village about pumpkins growing in gardens, and a fish that may somewhat resemble said pumpkin. Sirius couldn’t confirm the validity of this, perhaps you can!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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102 Responses to “Don’t rock the barge!”

  1. maltese Says:

    Firstttttttt yehawwww

  2. suhana Says:

    what ever the green mask are…its ugly…

    white wig may be?

  3. Sofia Says:

    first!!!! coolio!!

  4. Sofia Says:

    I think bmb is wig

  5. Jessica Says:

    No…much luck lately…..plenty of cheap stuff in Gmb………..need money to try for new stuff.

  6. Hateie Says:


  7. Hateie Says:

    aha… spa theme.. that’s a facial mask non? and a towel thing..

  8. Fang Says:


  9. Coral_Starz Says:

    Pumpkins???? HALLOWEEN IS HERE!!!!! YAY!!!!!

  10. Preppy Says:

    awwww.. it’s a face mask! I want them all!!

    will it be a ‘pajama theme’ next week? 😀

  11. miisho Says:

    OMG!!! Haloween is coming!!!

  12. jeffnus Says:


  13. krazukat Says:

    I got the cucumber mask, I expected the new items to be released tomorrow! Nice surprise!

  14. Andrea Says:

    i cant wait to see it.. LovingofCreepything…

  15. luna llena Says:

    Halloween 😯 pliiiiiiiiiiiisssss this is my firts Haloween, I’m very excited 😆

  16. Katerina Says:

    Well, I just got the dark owl doll (GMB)!

  17. Mish-mesh Says:

    A spa theme. I am totally sure!

  18. martina Says:

    ….erm mask ah? well halloweeeeeeeeen is comin!

  19. Belma Muftic Says:

    it’s haloween time??? yeah!!!! woooooohooooo!!! 😀

  20. Ragamuffin Says:

    Pumpkins Pumpkins YAY!!!!!

  21. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Oh sweet!! I can’t wait to see the new halloween items!! I hope we get spooky costumes!

  22. Dadas Says:

    halloween…yeah…i have the mast and the owl….and the towl yeah yeah
    pumpkin fish…a spooky fish

  23. Gabby Says:

    Pumpkins? o-0

  24. zoe Says:

    OMG WOW its a dark owl!!

  25. lim wei jun Says:

    what is the name of the thrid and the second?

  26. viic Says:

    They should put things in the naruto series … was good

  27. viic Says:

    next week

  28. lim wei jun Says:

    second is
    the cucumber mask

  29. Suzanne Says:

    next week starts halloween items d…

  30. lim wei jun Says:


  31. lim wei jun Says:

    13 TH

  32. lim wei jun Says:


  33. Sleeping Baby Says:

    has anyone noticed weird bubbles when you shower your pet ? :S
    I just noticed it today…


  34. ghie Says:

    beauty regimen…

  35. Linoela Says:

    Please remove the MUMBLING BUBBLE….it’s so GAY T.T the Mumbling Bubble appear when you wash your pet …..

  36. Amber Hall Says:

    Yayyy, just got the head towel! 🙂 Going to work on the cucumber mask and dark owl now.

  37. [prisoner] Says:

    Actually, the mask is called “mud face mask”

  38. Rose Says:

    2nd is owl doll and 3rd is cucumber mask
    and the 1st is a scroll?

  39. Tom Says:

    first I think is a towel for the head!

  40. olio Says:

    The cucumber mask is so ugly… Could someone tell me whether it has a resale value of 999 coins???

  41. kevinghetto Says:

    LOL next week’s item was funny 😀

  42. i Says:

    i wanna have facebook

  43. Cow Says:

    It’s getting crazier and I like it !

  44. lame Says:

    well the 1st is the towel on the head
    2nd is dark owl doll
    and 3rd is a mask

    and altogether~
    its spa i think =)

  45. mimi Says:

    what could it be???

  46. rock-princess Says:

    wow cool i wanna get one of that

  47. rock-princess Says:

    holloween is here now and christmas is near!!!

  48. Cloudie Says:

    1st one looks like some king of hair

  49. naruto Says:


  50. Priscillia Says:

    OMG! a white wig on 200 mystery box I can’t wait to buy it!!

  51. brainer Says:

    soy brainer

  52. brainer Says:

    soy el papi de todas

  53. carolina Says:


  54. gee Says:


  55. gladys Says:

    the first one is the hair towel, then the second is the owl plushie, and the second in a mask (for beauty) OK!!!

  56. ROCCK STAAR Says:

    te re copiastes del blog de pet societ maal aai ..

  57. ROCCK STAAR Says:

    arreh qe este era el blog ahah menti blog te amo sos toddoo , MII AMOR CITo

  58. Yamii Says:

    i got all the three! cool, my pet, Yogurt, is doing her beauty rest weekends while playing with her new owl toy. 🙂

  59. aji Says:

    i have! this

  60. fabricio Says:

    the blue mystery box item is a hair towel for your head 🙂 I just got one!

  61. SheIsBack Says:

    The GMB2: Face Mask.
    The BMB: Head Towel.

  62. Jovanka Says:

    maybe it’s spa????

  63. Michael Says:

    I am so dissappointed….. It is looking like Myspace/Bebo are not very important, and Halloween is just around the corner…:-( I am fearing that I will not get this holiday either on MySpace….

  64. Michelle Says:

    so easy
    1. Towel for the head
    2. Those russian nesting dolls in mayor version
    3. Mask for the face

    from Frozo(my pet)

    i love pet soceity!!!!! ❤

  65. Michelle Says:

    so easy
    1. Towel for the head
    2. Those russian nesting dolls in mayor version i think
    3. Mask for the face

    from Frozo(my pet)

    i love pet soceity!!!!! ❤

  66. djman Says:


  67. 리지나♥Taeminz! Says:

    Yay I got all 3! Can’t wait for next week’s items!

  68. copogirl15 Says:

    oh no! i sold dark owl doll!!!!! 😦

  69. Jason Says:

    Hi!! there is some special item for the Natinal day of Spain? Some flamenco dresses? Some paella or tortilla? Some window with Madrid or Barcelona? I can not wait until monday to see them!!

    Happy national day Spain!! happy 12th october!!

  70. angie Says:

    son todos uno pelotuudo locoo noo puedoo jugarr all pett society 😦 mallll ahi wachiiinnnnnnn loko qiero jugar al pet nanassaaaa masssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!chaoooo!

  71. angie Says:

    😦 🙂 😛 :8 :O :I (L)(O)(i)

  72. Anastasia:) Says:

    I got the owl like 14 times and the mask was very hard to get-but,I got it!!!
    now-searching for the towel!!!!!!!THE HUNT HAS ONLY BEGAN!!!!!

  73. lolifofo Says:

    I got nothing!!! nothing!!!
    just an igly girly shirt 😦

  74. chiquegurl05 Says:

    wiiii!! i think it will be spa week for next week. . .my pet needs a little relaxation. . .hehe! =)

  75. Caramelle Says:

    umm, HALLOWEEN!!! I ❤ THE ITEMS 😀

  76. nicholas Says:

    next theme is spa because mystery 1 is like a towel wig an 3 is like a mask

  77. Selena Gomez fan Says:

    Cool!A Haloween theme!You know,I joined Pet Society during the halloween theme last year..Did’nt buy any “This week only” items though…So i guess i better start shoppin next week!

  78. Lulo Says:

    I dont get it, why cant you just put the pictures clear as they are? the only thing it brings is tension and getting annoyned! damn! :S
    you’re the only site of pet society that i know that updates consistently so here is the only place there is an option to see the new mystery items in time! but its always under some unneeded affect! its or you put the pictures, or not! the inbetween is just annoyinggggg!@! arghhhh@@@

  79. Michelle Says:

    Ok so its a Spa themed week…facials, saunas, massages, etc

  80. Maru Says:

    Hallowen Items!!!
    Agregen a facebok:
    regalo cosas pet society (items 999! a cambio de cosas NIS)

  81. juuancaa Says:

    Include owl doll in gold boxes once or some other dolls that were sold in stores and now in the mystery boxes pleaseeeeee, I had all dolls but someone hacked my account u_u and now I have some dolls 😦 pleaseee 😀

  82. Bea Says:

    i want halloween themed week!!!!!
    i don’t want spa 😦

  83. YEH Says:

    it is halloween theme just go to this link and get a preview of the things

  84. AKU Says:


  85. Jacks Says:

    i got the dark owl <3!

  86. Lala ~ Says:

    Sorry to spoil :[

  87. Pet society fan Says:

    dark owl is pretty but the forum ppl sell unreasonably.

  88. kLiz Says:


  89. kLiz Says:

    aq cayank petz

  90. janvuck Says:

    PET SOCIETY puelit e nemen…

  91. Niara Says:

    Aaah The Cucumber mask is soo hard to get !

    I found the head towel but not the face mask =\ ,,, i wasted like nearly 2 hrs trying to find the face mask and yet i still havent found it.

    hehe the face mask looks like a frog =D

    i also wonder why there aren’t boy clothes this week? all of it is like for girls? wonder whats gonna be next week though ! cant wait im addicted XD!

  92. caro Says:

    hasta cuando van a poner que hay en las cajas -.-!

  93. Belma Muftic Says:

    i’ve got them all!!!! 😀

  94. LaLa Says:

    BMB’s are always SO much nicer !

  95. Bea Says:

    Hey Nameshake I wonder why do not you want a spa? I really happy for that! In spite of the fact my pet is male, I created another one which is female! Ha ha ha! As you know, we are very special with make up, dressings, and all the stuffs about lips ticks, lotions and so on! I’ll build a very nice spa! lol! =)

  96. kevinghetto Says:

    Hey, why there’s no more new mystery items, for the following week?

  97. bertha Says:

    watta kewl -ness

  98. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Don’t rock the barge! […]

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