Mysteries Rock!


Hey Pet Society fans! Stickers have been flying around the village between friends this week. So when Sirius visited the Mystery Store earlier, she decided to try and find out what “?” thought of all the fuss. Surprisingly, when she asked him if he’d received any stickers from friends, he shook his head. She then tried to ask him to be her friend, so that she could send him a sticker, but he declined, obviously not wanting Sirius (or anyone for that matter) to discover his true identity!

As that conversation was obviously going nowhere, Sirius started to enquire about the next release of mysterious items! As normal, he wasn’t saying too much, but he did mutter a couple of words about each:

  • Common condiment! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Full volume! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Rock art! (Golden Mystery Box)

These items are now available to be found in mystery boxes across Pet Society, so sign on via Facebook now to see what you can find!

Updated! Here are the images.




Soy Sauce Bottle

Huge Speaker

Pink Rock Star Wall Sticker

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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105 Responses to “Mysteries Rock!”

  1. yi jing Says:

    mystery box is the best i love pet society but if got more money then better

  2. navisa Says:

    great mystery boxes .. because we do not know it …

  3. margarette Says:

    oohh….. i will buy now na!!

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