Mysteries Rock!


Hey Pet Society fans! Stickers have been flying around the village between friends this week. So when Sirius visited the Mystery Store earlier, she decided to try and find out what “?” thought of all the fuss. Surprisingly, when she asked him if he’d received any stickers from friends, he shook his head. She then tried to ask him to be her friend, so that she could send him a sticker, but he declined, obviously not wanting Sirius (or anyone for that matter) to discover his true identity!

As that conversation was obviously going nowhere, Sirius started to enquire about the next release of mysterious items! As normal, he wasn’t saying too much, but he did mutter a couple of words about each:

  • Common condiment! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Full volume! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Rock art! (Golden Mystery Box)

These items are now available to be found in mystery boxes across Pet Society, so sign on via Facebook now to see what you can find!

Updated! Here are the images.




Soy Sauce Bottle

Huge Speaker

Pink Rock Star Wall Sticker

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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105 Responses to “Mysteries Rock!”

  1. kevin Says:

    first yay

  2. kevin Says:

    yay and second

  3. kevin Says:

    gonna go buy right now

  4. Amy Says:

    oooo i wonder what they are!!!!

  5. Jenny Says:

    are they out? how come the thread in the forum was taken out 🙂

  6. Jenny Says:

    oh nvm its back 😀 hoping to get new items

  7. Othan Says:

    mmm.. i need to know it,.. so i’ll gonna buy.. 😀

  8. Marza Says:

    Gonna Dig It Again..

  9. Meez Says:

    woooooooo Huge Speaker in GMB

  10. angel Says:

    Nice =)

  11. Phaedra Says:

    I just got one form the expensive mystery box. A Huge Speaker :).

  12. Tom Says:

    COOL! I Think next week will be rock and roll theme!

  13. Coral_Starz Says:

    WOW ROCK THEME!!!!!!!

  14. dianne Says:

    yay, i got the pink art rock

  15. Lilly Says:

    “Full volume!” is huge speaker, i already got it

  16. Jessi Says:

    I want to try and win these mystery boxes but PS won’t load….booooo sauce 😦

  17. madya ari Says:

    hey!!!!!!!! i wanna get one!

  18. Kevin Says:


  19. lollycat Says:

    OMG~ Its earlier today… I cannot wait for to get all this weeks’ mystery items.
    After work, I will spend whole night to get it. 🙂

  20. Axxes Says:



  21. Richie Says:

    Rock art is a sticker with pink skull . I got it 🙂

  22. TMUkmkd Says:

    rock theme next week?

  23. peperonz Says:

    ADD me… ihope you care to trade GMB item …… i have a lot… so let’s trade

  24. Ayeesha Says:

    Cool! Rock Pets!

  25. Phaedra Says:

    another from Expensive Mystery Box – Pink Rock Star Sticker.

    Looks like a rock ‘n roll theme :). Yay guitars!?

  26. purssypink Says:

    Pink Rock Star Sticker is the last one

  27. Mia Says:


  28. Phaedra Says:

    anyone found the common condiment?

  29. NIKITA Says:


  30. pepe Says:

    damn it! i cant log in! why?? been trying all morning, but there’s this error going on……again maintenance?

    plz do something, it’s becoming quite frustrating! 😦

  31. Xandria Says:

    Full Volume’s Huge Speaker
    Rock Art’s Pink Rock Star Wall Sticker

  32. lliidd Says:

    definetely rock n roll XD

  33. laura(: Says:

    i got the sticker!! YAY but not the loudspeaker thing. I SERIOUSLY WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. tareq ali Says:

    i hate rock n roll 😦

  35. pepe Says:

    i still cant play……why? 😦

  36. enxcore Says:

    common condiment is a bottle of soy sauce

  37. Jessie Says:

    Is it still possible to get a strawberry shortcake tree seed? Or was that for a limited time only? Please let me know because I keep trying!

    ❤ Molly

  38. 3mma09x Says:

    WOW i want a pink guitar with loads of giant speakers with drums n micraphone ill invite all ma m8s n we ll party like theres no tmoz!!!:P

  39. alex Says:

    hello pet society 🙂
    i have a great idea for a pet society themed week 😀 can you give me your e-mail address so i can e-mail the idea. i would expect coins in return 😀 thankyou
    my e-mail address is: x

  40. alex Says:

    hello pet society
    i have a great idea for a pet society themed week can you give me your e-mail address so i can e-mail the idea. i would expect coins in return thankyou
    my e-mail address is: x

  41. Nikki Says:

    I dnt really like rock n roll =(
    but i think they shud do a girly theme,coz they did the pirate theme for the boys….But wat bout us girls HEY lol.

    Oh i really cnt wait till hallo tho 😉

  42. Anastasia:) Says:

    I got the loudspeaker !! but I want the sticker!!!!!!!!!11111111

  43. lim wei jun Says:

    what is the new items?

  44. Peperoni Says:


  45. Katherine Says:

    ROCK !! YEAH (H) 😀

  46. Suzanne Says:

    The blue mystery box is a soysauce..:D

  47. Selena Gomez fan Says:

    oh man!MY friend got the stereo and that heat decor thingy..:( (Btw,pls add me..Need more Bff’s!

  48. Priscillia Says:

    hello pet society
    i have a great idea for a pet society themed week can you give me your e-mail address so i can e-mail the idea. i would expect coins in return thankyou
    my e-mail address is: ^^

  49. emre Says:

    lütfen beni pet scoilere alın

  50. emre Says:

  51. martina Says:

    Ill hunt 4 em now!

  52. Lucky me! Says:

    i have the sticker!!!! :)))))))))

  53. tinkle gal Says:

    i got the sticker! its looks like arvil lavigne logo. pink and blck

  54. Emilija Says:

    Thats soo cool

  55. Emilija Says:


  56. Emilija Says:

    I love pet society 🙂 😀

  57. Jayne Says:

    The blue box item is soy sauce bottle… just got it =)

  58. Yspet1 Says:

    wow SO cool cool cool cool cool ! LOL 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  59. Patricia Says:


  60. dana Says:

    i wish i got 1

  61. kaichouneko Says:

    yay! I got both the GMB items, but I have no idea what the BMB is… *goes to dig up some coins*

  62. a Says:

    1st = soysauce
    2nd= huge speaker
    3rd=pink rocker wall sticker

  63. lim wei jun Says:

    i got both mystery items but don`t have blue mystery item

  64. pye Says:

    i want to see way is it ..

  65. anastasya Says:

    i didnt get any valuable items in the box i only got doors and wallpapers so sad 😥

  66. Katrina Says:

    sorry elsa schneider is having economic problem

  67. Katrina Says:

    so she can’t buy.

  68. Katrina Says:

    damnation its as my pet fell to its death

  69. Lili Says:


  70. mr.ohhduzz's Says:

    the full volume is huge speaker

  71. deityivra Says:

    the common condiment is a bottle of soy sauce.. blue mystery box

  72. lili Says:

    Cool… the thing is… i dont seem to get any of those! i already got 20 of the mystery boxes//

  73. martina Says:

    A friend of mine got the rock art its a sticker and its like for punks… GIRLS!

  74. Belma Muftic Says:

    i got the sticker and the loudspeaker!!!
    🙂 (:

  75. Martina Says:

    Yo quiero que la tienda de cash shop la saque y en vez de que paguemos con visa o lo que fuera las “MONEDAS” azules.
    Y todo lo que estaba en esa tienda la pasen a las que corresponden como toda la ropa de ahi la pasen a “CLOTHES” y asi con todo lo mismo
    atentamente MARTINA

  76. elijah Says:

    how bout gym equipments?im reserving 1 room to serve as my own gym

  77. yet Says:


  78. Rizal Says:


  79. Nina Says:

    Coool! Really cool! =)

  80. elizabeth haha Says:

    hey ya’ll ! i got two speakers an the sticker but its so bad i dont know how the first looks .. (common condiment) did anybody get it ?

    good luck with that !

  81. Anastasia:) Says:

    I got the sticker and the speaker…searching for the 200 box !!!

  82. lili Says:


  83. Lalyy Says:

    Me gustaria decir que estaria bueno que en el pet hagan una semana que tenga asi cosas como de rock n’ roll mas guitarras ropa cabello tal vez mas instrumentos musicales y muebles. 🙂

  84. noelia Says:

    quiero tener a mi pet en facebook

  85. Victor Says:

    THe blue box item is soy sauce bottle

  86. Daniel Says:

    already got the 2 GMB items!! the BMB is soo hard!!

  87. Gab Says:

    1. ???

  88. ati Says:

    yaaay:D i got soy sauce! i suppose it’s the third mystery item..

  89. kaichouneko Says:

    Okay, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that soy sauce is the BMB item, since the new food is sushi, and so far that is the ONLY condiment I’ve been able to upturn, and I’ve bought and sold like 100 BMB’s and items from them! *dies*

  90. pet society addict!!! Says:

    Some says pet society SUCKS,But We said pet society is rocki’n! I said pet society rocks! not sucks! so keep it doing pet society! 🙂

  91. pet society addict!!! Says:

    I hope there is pet society school,because I can let my pet study hard! plus I could learn too!So…Who ever is the owner of pet society if it is you ”Sonya” Please let my dreams and my pets dreams in pet society become true! 😀

  92. Sonya Says:

    your my nubuh one fan sonya!!!1

  93. F3l? Says:

    I’m s000000 happy………..
    Because I like buying Mystery box……

  94. ehab Says:

    i always buy big mystery boxs

  95. BRYAN ARAQUE Says:


  96. Tiffany Martin Says:

    That’s where the speakers are! I was like “Why no speakers?” Thanks for the info.

  97. qwerty Says:

    pet society ROCKZ…..!!!

  98. milkpedia Says:


  99. felialala Says:

    it is very difficult to draw those new mysterious items why????? i spent a lot of money but draw many old items..please help

  100. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Mysteries Rock! […]

  101. yi jing Says:

    mystery box is the best i love pet society but if got more money then better

  102. navisa Says:

    great mystery boxes .. because we do not know it …

  103. margarette Says:

    oohh….. i will buy now na!!

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