Stick with your friends!


Hey Pet Society fans! Stickers are the latest and greatest new craze! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to find out what it’s all about! Or continue reading for more information! 😉

You can see your sticker album and send random sticker packs to your friends (the purple sticker pack bookmark) by clicking the new Stickers button next to the camera icon.

Each pack includes random stickers which you can drag and drop to stick in your album (the album is sorted into categories; select the blue and white arrows to turn the pages). Every sticker has a bronze, silver and gold version. Fingers crossed for gold stickers because they’re the rarest!

Dedicated collectors may want to make sure every sticker in their album is gold!


You may find some stickers are hard to find but that’s all part of the fun! Every day you can send a set number of packs to your friends and hopefully they’ll send you packs in return. It’s all about helping each other! 🙂 You can also check out your friends’ collections when you visit them; their sticker icon is located above their pet’s health, happiness and hygiene bars. We’ll be adding more collections soon, so who will be first to finish this starter set?

If you end up with duplicate stickers that you don’t want or need, just use the Sticker Recycler! All you have to do is drag unwanted stickers to the recycle icon at the bottom left when your sticker album is open. Once you’ve built up enough Sticker Points you can redeem them for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sticker Pack. These sticker packs will have random stickers inside but they’ll be of the level indicated on the pack, i.e. gold sticker packs will only contain gold stickers!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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244 Responses to “Stick with your friends!”

  1. Ferretbite Says:

    I’m gonna LOVE this new feature i just know it!

    • fayemattevi Says:

      I’ts not letting me send stickers or see any stickers once i got it to openand the page where my friends pictures should be where it say click on friend there were no pictures please help

  2. Moklo Says:

    me too! love this new stuff! I want my album to have all the stickers. hihi

  3. Chrisvilitisa Ariffe Kirieenee Says:

    Yes !!! i have about 1 silver collection !! aww !!

    New Feature is Awesome !

  4. Krisvilitisa Ariefiana Qayrinie Says:

    YAY !!

  5. Aury Says:

    wow!!! amazing… very nice playfish… but i don’t understand sonya, how can i get it ? reply please…

  6. Koochie Koo Says:

    Happy to have something new to collect, but not happy with yet another icon to clutter up the playing screen. Can’t the icons all be put in a sidebar beside the playing screen? It’s getting too easy to accidentally click an icon while playing the game and getting sent to another page, or delaying the game.

  7. ??? Says:

    i just recieved stickers from my friend!

  8. July Says:

    No me deja abrir mis stikers me dice que hay un error y me reinicia el pet society 😦

  9. maria fe Says:

    no le entiendo nada es muy dificil

  10. krazukat Says:

    Wow! This so cool! Unfortunately, when I try to send a pack, it says there’s an error..

  11. Moklo Says:

    yah same with me… I cant open my stickers coz everytime I try… It ends up saying “Error!” huhu.. help me pls/

  12. Dark Reki Says:

    I would send stickers (I think it’s a brilliant idea), but the friends window isn’t opening up properly..grrrr

  13. putcy Says:

    Esta nueva aplicacion esta Genial pero como mando las etiquetas, como las obtengo,,, ayudaaaa!! muchas GRacias!

  14. dina diampuan Says:

    same goes to me… it says error…

  15. alexx fade Says:

    its not working

  16. tareq ali Says:

    how can i get a sticker or send one or maybe find some ?

  17. petunia Says:

    well i sent stickers n everything n nothing happens, my friend told me that she sent me too but i haven’t received them yet!!

    • Gabby Says:

      You have to go to the part where u accept frend requests and stuff. There will be a sign saying if u want to accept Pet Society Gift request. Click accept.

      • aqua Says:

        i cant open properly the bookmark for sending sticker packs to friends since yesterday.
        Actully haven’t opened it till now.
        It always ends up to “The page you requested was not found” and I wanna use this new feature so much.
        What’s wrong?? please someone answer me =)

  18. tareq ali Says:

    please sonya or gabby answer this

    how can i find or get a sticker ???

  19. petunia Says:

    thx gabby!!

  20. Jimmy Says:


    where I get the stickers? or where they are sold.
    or when we have information about it
    please answer

  21. tareq ali Says:

    i want to know too

  22. marcella Says:

    Does anyone know how many stickers you can send a day? Does refresh or reload help? I’ve sent 6-8 and now it says I can’t send anymore.

  23. marcella Says:

    You click on the book icon by “camera” icon when you’ve been sent a sticker via facebook (you will get a notice). then drag sticker into correct place in book.

  24. Ferretbite Says:

    BTW, I’m currently unable to send any on Safari 4.0.3

    • marcella Says:

      yep, crashed Safari 4.0.3 and higher for me too. I can see the book in FireFox and accept stickers but can’t send without crashing (I’m on macintosh).

  25. moia Says:

    i don’t get it at all 😦

    where i get the stickers, are they sold or what
    plz answer me 😦

  26. miri Says:

    How will my labels?
    How to do them, I do not understand, even when I explained I did not understand

  27. Michelle Says:

    ok, so do ur friends have to send u one in order to get a sticker pack? because i have none n i just sent out a sticker pack to all my friends on pet society. =(

    • marcella Says:

      Yes, in order to get stickers, your friends have to send you stickers. You cannot buy them or send them to yourself.

  28. mc Says:

    how can i get the stickers? i just did not understand that part!!!!
    who send the stickers? do we have to buy them?

    Helppppp please!!!!!

  29. Claudia Says:

    Nice feature, but I have some problems with it.
    I accepted a sticker but it said “You didn’t accept a sticker from …” and there was no sticker in my PS.

  30. angeles Says:

    what pesron on facebook speak spanish

  31. angeles Says:

    i dont know como obtengo una calca

  32. kevin Says:


  33. Jimmy Says:

    They have to get to where they get friend requests! go there ^ ^ Add mee!!! u.u Barraza Jimmy

    Tienen que entrar a donde les llegan las solucitudes de amistad!! AGREGENMEE!! Jimmy Soto Barraza

  34. Stickers for Dummies in Pet Society « Pet Society Anonymous Says:

    […] Pet Society. But there hasn’t been much of an explanation on how to use this, (the official Pet Society blog was kinda vague) so I thought I’d start a how-to entry. I’m still trying to figure it […]

  35. Jimmy Says:

    They have to get to where they get friend requests! go there ^ ^ Add mee u.u Barraza Jimmy

    They have to get to where they get friend requests! go there ^ ^ Add mee u.u Barraza Jimmy

  36. Bubble Says:

    i can send stickers to my friends it said the limit is 0 friends i keep reopening the page but i still cant send

  37. British American Says:

    How cute. Fun idea. 🙂

    Though I don’t like how we have to accept each gift in the Facebook requests section. Why can’t they just be delivered like regular gifts? I hate applications where I have to click and accept each gift – I always end up ignoring them after awhile.

  38. Joshua Says:

    No me deja abrir mis stikers me dice que hay un error y me reinicia el pet s

  39. Joshua Says:

    No me deja abrir mis stikers me dice que hay un error y me reinicia el pet society :))

  40. Star Says:

    Is there a problem with the sending stickers function? Because every time I try it just says “error?”

  41. Ramlah Says:

    I’m using Safari on Mac and I get an error every time I try to send stickers…why is this?

    It says: Error while loading page from Pet Society
    There are still a few kinks Facebook and the makers of Pet Society are trying to iron out. We appreciate your patience as we try to fix these issues. Your problem has been logged – if it persists, please come back in a few days. Thanks!

  42. mrseugan Says:

    when i try to send a sticker pack to my friends, it says it has an error. WHAT?! WWHYY?!

  43. Dobby Says:

    Hw Can I Found The Stickers

  44. Jack Says:

    la verdad a mi no me han dado de esas ”pegatinas” :S

  45. muigeital Says:

    i got my first sticker pack and its a gold sticker! i happily put it on my sticker album…then to realize that there are 3 versions of each sticker (bronze, sliver and gold), so if i find the bronze and sliver version of it, would the gold sticker remain on top, or its gonna be covered by the new additions?

  46. ale Says:

    donde puedo encontrar los stickers?

  47. Charlie Says:

    BLOW BE !!!

  48. Ann Says:

    When does the “day” reset for stickers? I sent some a few hours before the Pet Society day reset and now it’s a new day, but I can’t send more stickers. Please advise. Thanks!

  49. bathala36 Says:

    baho nyo lahat

  50. Cynthia Says:

    No le entiendo alguien me puede explicar

  51. koribat Says:

    this is need to buy it!

  52. emanuel miotti Says:

    me gutaria saber como tengo q hacer para re instalar el pet asi poder jugar con las pegatinas

  53. dir Says:

    how can i get a sticker?

  54. Gabrielle Says:

    yea…me too, i got errors too everytime i try to send a pack of stickers..

  55. joby baltazar Says:

    how do we send stickers?

  56. Fishy Says:

    Where can I get the stickers?!

  57. Jandhu Says:

    Hey guys,
    How to send or receive stickers???
    Plz do help…

  58. aeri Says:

    hey is dis like daily lottery so we will accept it everyday or we must continuously send request to them everyday? N is it possible to receive more than 1 sticker from the same friend in 1 day?

    N more… I got 1 sticker but it doesn’t added to my trophy list O.o

    Thank u so much!! It seems fun… I got 1 sticker already xD

    • Sonya Says:

      You should only be able to send one sticker to a particular friend in a day. Note the ‘day’ in terms of stickers is a Facebook day, which is based off of Pacific Time in the US (not GMT).

      You should be able to send some stickers out everyday, and yes, it’s a continual thing, not just once!

      For the trophies, you need to complete a collection, one collection is an entire double page.

  59. JP1995 Says:

    Hey Sonya ! I’m loading PS now and i can’t wait to see the new feature!!
    I hope i don’t get errors while sending

  60. Ali Says:

    How do I find a sticker? Can Playfish or someone reply? Please help me!

  61. ? Says:

    how do i get sticker without my friend sending it to me?

  62. Yuri Says:

    it is not working in Google Chrome 😦 Please fix it asap. Thank you.

  63. Huffli Says:

    I found this which is new to pet society, an exclusive item to buy cash playfish

    (I speak Spanish, this is translated by google)

    add me please facebook:

  64. bertha Says:

    where can i find the stickers?=)

  65. Cow Says:

    Pls add me !

  66. Margaret Says:

    I think this is brilliant!! I have sent some stickers (took a little while but they finally went) I have received some stickers and I have placed them in my album. I have one duplicate which answered my own question of whether you can replace the lower level stickers with higher levels as you get them. Yes!

    Thanks Playfish. Thanks Pet Society. And thanks Sonya for putting up with all the questions LOL

  67. pepe Says:

    hem…nice thing! but I cant send them!! It says “THERE ARE SOME BUGS FB AND THE PS CREATORS ARE TRYING TO FIX”…………what’s happening? do i have to change browser? vut i’ve got safari…..maybe it should work!

  68. Daysi Says:

    i can not send them . how i do rhat ?¿

    • christen Says:

      you just press the glowing pack off stickers that reads above send a sticker pack to your friends and hope that their gonna give you some

      if this is what your asking

  69. Rose Says:

    yay stickers i wish they have some more new features like buying songs like restaurant city 😀

  70. Liger Says:

    where do i find stickers?

  71. Kaz Says:

    Can i get the sticker which in the collection book?
    i stuck a wrong one 😦

  72. KiToDa Kitty Says:

    I got 2 stickers so far, but they both were in the same message, and I just clicked on the green checkmark. I thought the stickers automatically went into the book, but they aren’t there. So, I guess they each have to separately be dragged and dropped to the correct categories. Would have been nice to know BEFORE I opened them, and LOST THEM.

    It would be really helpful if you would put all those small but significant details in the information about the stickers.

  73. Heather Says:

    Its not working Arrrrrg! I keep trying to send stickers to friends & each time I get an error page 😦

  74. mikka Says:

    try using mozilla. i first used google chrome and it kept on getting errors so i switched with mozilla and it seemed to work out fine.

  75. Reborn Says:


  76. Kimmy Says:

    Accepted 2 friends sent stickers to me, but I got one pack of stickers only, why??!!

  77. Star Says:

    I have tried Internet Explorer and it works! =).

  78. Ann Says:

    Okay, one last question. If I have a silver sticker of, say, the robot and I get the bronze one, I can’t replace the silver with the bronze (but I can replace the bronze with the silver). Do I need to keep the bronze one in order to get the bronze trophy or can I recycle it? Thanks again!

  79. Margaret Says:

    I love the stickers! I already have two in my collection. One question; If I open a Sticker Pack that I got from the Sticker Recycler, do I only get one sticker? Or do I get more? Also, if I recycle stickers, do I get paw points?



  80. martina Says:

    wahhhhhhhh! nice feature!

  81. martina Says:

    Got 2 of em!

  82. martina Says:

    i mean 3 😀

  83. D. Says:

    i cant give stickers to my friends ;( it keeps saying there is some error.. 😦
    what can i do?

  84. pinkbutterfly Says:

    I’m just wondering, how come my little sisters said she sent me some stickers earlier today and I sent them some too, but I haven’t received any. I just checked the album as well and it was still empty. Does this already work or is it still not functioning for some people?

  85. christen Says:

    im so excited!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  86. christen Says:

    I finally know how to get stickers ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. xxL3yLaxx Says:

    where do u get the stickers from ?

  88. Lulaby Says:

    i loveeeeee it ♥♥♥♥♥

  89. avnee Says:

    i cudnt understnd how 2 do it…!!

  90. yoyo Says:

    what will I recive if I recycle the stickers???

    • Sonya Says:

      Does this part of the Blog answer your question?

      “If you end up with duplicate stickers that you don’t want or need, just use the Sticker Recycler! All you have to do is drag unwanted stickers to the recycle icon at the bottom left when your sticker album is open. Once you’ve built up enough Sticker Points you can redeem them for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sticker Pack. These sticker packs will have random stickers inside but they’ll be of the level indicated on the pack, i.e. gold sticker packs will only contain gold stickers!”

      Once you recycle enough, you can get new stickers from them.

      • Alem22 Says:

        I already get my stickers but it is a kind of difficult way…. never mind!… can you tell me how some pets have colour r gold pet pu (shit)??…

  91. kimberly Says:

    my friend give me a peack of sticker ,but where i cannot recieve?

  92. SILVIA Says:

    hi, this feature dosn’t work with safari…………please repair the problem….

  93. reiko shiwatari Says:

    how can I get the sticker?? find in the trees, or buy, or daily lotre, I try to send sticker to my friend, why she dont got it! I have not sticker…
    please answer me. Thank you ^_^

  94. jAmEs Says:

    where can i find stickers ? is there a place where u can fnd stickers? pls. reply

  95. Debra B Says:

    wish there was a way to disable this feature, I have no interest in sending or receiving them. The game is slow enough for me on dial up, you keep adding more applications and pretty soon I won’t even be able to play anymore. And please don’t tell me to get hi speed, it simply is not available where I live

  96. aziz Says:

    hey sonya why when i want to send stickers to my freinds page dont want to open help please 😦

  97. Jon C Says:

    PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH FOR SAFARI, PS crashes when you go to send stickers!

  98. areen matanes Says:

    its going to be a long way to get them all 😦

  99. Charlene Says:

    I can not send a second sticker to the same friends I already sent one to ( the second day) plus one friend said they sent one to me and I never got it. I am already about to give up on the sticker idea!

  100. unknown fan Says:

    nice idea!!
    i like it!! bcoz i love stickers!!

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  101. linis Says:


  102. Diana D Says:

    have tried for days to send stickers but get the friendly facebook is having errors try again later error How long until this is fixed?

  103. Flibble 008 Says:

    Dear PS team,

    I seem to be having issues with my friends list. I cannot send anyone stickers or try to invite anyone to play Pet Society anymore. I did remove the game for a little while due to lack to time. Could it have something to so with my FB settings?

    I am using IE 8 with all of the latest security patches. I don’t seem to be having this issue with any other game. Am going to look into it further myself but if anyone knows what the issue could be please let me know and possibly other people that have the same issue will have their questions answered too.


    Flibble 008

  104. kevin Says:

    hey why isnt there anything bout the new fish????!!!!

  105. Holly Says:

    I had at least 8 stickers dragged them to my album and went back this evening and they are all gone??? Please give my sticker back, I know I had one gold one!!

  106. patricia Says:

    ahhh? help i don’t now how i send stikers

  107. Mary Kennedy Says:

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  108. Dixie Says:

    Hey this sucks. It says send a pack of stickers to your friends. But you only get 1 sticker everytime you send it to a friend/you get one. A pack is like 6 to 8. Why do you just get one.

  109. jenny Says:


  110. Martin Says:

    how to send stickers to your friends??

  111. michelle Says:

    Now I can’t even load the game… what is happening..?

  112. msa Says:

    how i can collect this stickers tell me plz

  113. krazukat Says:

    I can’t send them to my friends! It quits PS and says there’s an error. I’ve got 3, bu I can’t send any. 😦

  114. Jandhu Says:

    I also cant send 😦

  115. drama queen Says:

    i LOVE this feature but i just want to know how do i collect these stickers ????

  116. Lia with Dori pet Says:

    I m unable to do to work the stickers with my friends….
    When i connect to stickers says there’s an error and it doesn’t find the page.

    Pls help meeee!!!!

    This game is wonderfull….

    Thank you so much

  117. avnee Says:

    what shall i do i cnt accept the requests cuz ive gt fblite???!!!:(

  118. Yuri Says:

    what will happen if we completed the entire album?

  119. baba Says:

    how can i get the stickers?? o_O

  120. Shelley Says:

    How do we get the stickers?

  121. Pandako Says:

    I can’t send the stickers to my friends, there is no respond from the sending box. 😦

  122. Lulaby Says:

    Sonya..can you help me??
    i already choose friends that i wanna send stickers..
    but..i can’t click ‘send pet society request’ button…
    what happened??

  123. miku Says:

    I can’t still sent stickers to my friends! The application doesn’t work 😦

  124. Maria Says:

    I have noticed in Facebook some problems with the stickers’ exchange. I cannot send or recieve. Why is that???

    However is a very funny game.

  125. noevi Says:

    how can i put items in my sticker album?? where to find stickers?? please answer!! 😦

  126. Fujiwara Says:

    Hello Sonya…I have some questions to ask you.Well,that’s a common question that people might have already asked.Well….The question is “How do we get the stickers?” Please reply me as soon as possible.Thank you!:)


  127. james Says:

    sonya pls answer my question, where can i find sticker without sending from my friends. if my friend send me stickers where did they get that? is there a place or a ceratin location where u can find the stickers. pls reply….thank you very much…. 🙂

  128. pet society addict!!! Says:

    COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah cooooool yeah cool YEAH Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! love ya peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocietyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 :p

  129. JH Says:

    that’s right!
    it doesnt work!
    but yesterday is perfectly alright~

  130. Mikari Says:

    My firefox isn’t working on sending the stickers my friends send to me TT_TT hope to be able to send them back as an appreciation ;A; the ‘send PS request is not working 😦 and I see its not just me.. keep working hard! *cheers* ^-^

  131. Kitty Says:

    Hello everybody:
    This feature is nice, but like everybody i don’t know where i can find the stickers, any way i hope to discover it soon.
    By the way i don’t have many friends in pet society, and i’d like to have more than one or two friends to play.
    Does anybody want to play with me, please if you want you can add me like a friend, my mail is

    Hola a todos:

    Esta nueva aplicación de pet es agradable, pero como la mayoría no sé encontrar las pegatinas, de cualquier modo espero descubrirlo pronto.
    Por otro lado, no tengo muchos amigos en pet society, me gustaría tener más de uno o dos amigos para jugar.
    Alguien desea jugar conmigo, por favor si quieren pueden agregarme como una amiga, mi correo es

    Thanks everybody!!!!

    Muchas gracias a todos!!!

  132. StevenYzs Says:

    Developers, I can’t send stickers today. I tried Firefox, Avant, Opera and Google Chrome on PC but all fail.

  133. fernando Says:

    I can’t sent stickers to my friends, the application doesn’t work . thanks have grey day

  134. luz Says:

    I can’t sent stickers to my friends this application doesn’t work. please help me thanks

  135. kikie Says:

    I don’t think I can send and receive any.. at the support page, it says I need to reload Pet Society. So how do I reload the applications? When I try to send the stickers, it goes to my friends list which are not on Pet Society.. so what exactly I need to do?

  136. BarB Says:

    It doesn´t work…. “error”

  137. Nour Hassoun Says:

    love the sticker thing !!!!!
    i already got 5 stickers from first day !!!!
    yeyyyy !!!

  138. didou Says:

    i have a prob i can’t send stickers i choose my friends but it doesn’t work what should i do?

  139. JonaWo Says:

    well i tried in on 3 different browsers. opera and firefox doesnt work… ie seems fine and my friend got it on her side so use I.E for sending until someone does something about it?

  140. Kats Says:

    The feature works only in IE on windows, in other OS or browsers it only works partially. For instance on Windows in Firefox you can choose friends, but the send button doesn’t work

  141. Xios Says:

    Sending stickers does not work with Firefox since today, only with IE. Any fix scheduled?? Please !!!

  142. joey Says:

    its hard to send it to frineds. . or is it my connection

  143. Lia Says:

    Please Help Meeee!!!! Why the page for send the stickers isn’t open????
    And why my first message has been cancelled?
    I need true help…. pls help me!
    I love this game

  144. FuRRy Says:

    WoW! at first i dunno how to do that so I just ignored it . Then i search on youtube but i only searched one video then i see ps!
    TY 4 helpin me!

  145. Laalii :) Says:

    Holaa chee peroo no me reegalaa naadiiee 😦

  146. markz Says:


  147. Suzzy Says:

    The stickers are not working 😦 I can’t send them. I love the idea though. Please fix quickly. Thanks.

  148. Zanet Says:

    it is not your connection a problem. I have the same problem all day long 😦

  149. Ines Says:

    I tried to send my stickers to my eight friends. I selected the 8 friends but when I
    click send a gift nothing happen. I am ussing Mozilla, that happen today because yesterday I can send. Is any problem?

  150. belda Says:

    I’m not understand 😦

  151. Lorenzo Says:

    O’la’la. Moi léguer à vrai dire faire lui envers mon ami.

  152. yoyo Says:

    hey ! Sorry..I want to ask can I remove the cards which in the stickers book???

  153. Christine Bea Says:

    I LOVE this new feature!!!
    I’m really a PET SOCIETY FAN AT HEART!!

  154. Loly's keeper Says:

    I love the stickers!…but I have lost a number of them when I accept the stickers and then Pet Society won’t load. 😦 So sad

  155. marie Says:

    please can someone help me, as i am getting desperate. i cannot access pet soc, and get to my pet. i get as far as the playfish logo filling halfway then just stay at half and cant access the game. have changed my adobe flash and tried all other applications i can think off. if someone could help me i would be very grateful.

  156. Susanne Says:

    I can´t find the stickers I accepted 😦

  157. izsa Says:

    i receive a gold sticker!!

  158. Christine Says:

    Can I know how to get the stickers?

  159. pretzel Says:

    some of my friends already sent me stickers but when i try to send some stickers to them, and error occurs. 😦

  160. Jessi Says:

    I have lost more stickers than I have collected…I accept the gift request and pet society will not load. The gift requests are gone and I get no stickers 😦 Too sad 😦

  161. jkbmnkjl Says:

    rtreytreterte this fun meh?

  162. Alien Says:

    I like the idea of having stickers… but I don’t like how we have to accept each gift in the Facebook requests section. Why can’t they just be delivered like regular gifts that we all receive when we load PS? As my computer is slow, it’s very time consuming to click and accept each gift one by one. I’d rather have a pile of stickers in front of door when I load PS.

  163. peperonz Says:


  164. ahomira Says:

    it always says error.. 😦

  165. NIKITA Says:


  166. imalady Says:

    SONYA!!! Please help me!!!
    My friends are sending me stickers, but i am only receiving them from certain friends. Why aren’t all of my stickers being sent to the accept friend request place?

    I love this new feature, i love pet society, a big thanks to ALL the team for keeping this game fresh and lots of fun.

    My one moan is the cash shop!

  167. sparkle Says:

    i dont get all my friends requests either! 😦

  168. joms Says:

    wa how it sticker and where

  169. ivy rose Says:


  170. Felicia Says:

    how do you send and recycle the stickers??? i find it hard 😦

  171. Felicia Says:

    and what’s that purple thing for at the right side down on the book when ever i click on it, it will bring me to the Error page…

  172. Jessi Says:

    Again, today I lost 3 stickers! I am becoming so sad about losing so many stickers I don’t think I like this new feature anymore. 😦 WHY SO MANY ISSUES LOADING??? WHY DO STICKER GIFT INVITES DISAPPEAR??? :s

  173. Ivanna Says:

    I have a problem, I din’t receive the stickers than a friend send to me. What happen?

  174. christine Says:

    when i just pasted my gold sticker, i found out that the space is used up! then will i still be able to finish my bronze and silver collection?

  175. Stupid Feuture Says:

    I Don’t really Like the new stickers album

  176. Emilija Says:

    Soo cool and fun. And this is like buyng things 😀

  177. ulaş Says:

    niye açılmıyo bu ya 😦

  178. nonie Says:

    is there any limit per day to receive stickers?

  179. vladi Says:

    i can’t see any stickers. Where will i find stickers?

  180. debasish Says:

    can you tell me how to use sticker i mean hw ca i send sticker to my friends?
    i cant see any option ?

  181. Caecilia Says:

    SImple .. but .. good!!

  182. anastasya Says:

    i lovee pet stickers

  183. peejay Says:

    ang ng na ka pink

  184. Caramelle Says:

    If I have pasted a sticker on the album and I want to change it -eg. I have a bronze sticker but I have the silver sticker- , can I ??

  185. small eyes... Says:

    WOW!!!!! LOL!! my pet loves sushi si MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Consuelo Says:

    oy es miprimer día en este juego

  187. Danielle Says:

    Where do you find the stickers? Ive looked all over the place and cant seem to figure it out.

  188. inka Says:

    Hi can any1 help i have tons of spare stickers but in my pages i have a mixture of silver bronze and gold, i get that you have to have a double page of silver to get the silver tropy, and so the same with the bronze and gold trophy but what i dont get is why you cannot take stickers out of your book and replace silver stickers with bronze or gold ones when you have duplicate of them, i have a silver bed in my book but now i have 2 spare ones in bronze and gold how do i change the silver bed to bronze or gold i have tried placing the broze and gold on top of it but it wont change it from silver, pet society did not explain how to do it very well as with most people when we first got stickers we just stuck them straight into our books, pet society have made this difficult as you cannot remove stickers, can some one help me in trying to replace the stickers to different colours Thanks Inka….

  189. Kurisuta Says:

    go stickers!!!

  190. mitch Says:

    wat will happen if i first put a silver sticker of the same image then replace it with a bronze sticker..will the silver sticker vanished or just be back at the chest..?

  191. nat Says:

    hi! can anyone tell why my stickers do not appear in my list of trophies?

  192. Stefaniaarwen Says:

    Hi can anybody tell me why i can not replace a silver sticker with a gold one? They have the same icon of course.

  193. gaby Says:

    hola necesito ayuda no se como obtener las pegatinas…. como hago ayuda por favor…

  194. JASMINE(!) Says:

    Erm , i have 1 gold stickers(!) but , why the best dun have1 ? D: . pls reply my comment(!) . And , will we have the same stickers? .

  195. Christian Says:

    can we take out the stickers we already stick?

  196. pk Says:

    Hi, what’s the criteria for getting the bronze sticker trophy? I have at least 5 bronze stickers in every catagories but I still couldn’t get the trophy? Could someone please explain? Thanks.

  197. Lolita Says:

    I have recycled enough of the bronze stickers to get a gold pack. I clicked on the gold pack icon…where is my gold sticker? Also, I keep losing stickers. I accept a sticker & then I get to the page to accept it & it tells me that “JOE” did not send you a sticker. When are all the glitches going to be fixed?

  198. Elsa Says:

    my friend said she has sent me sticker but i didnt receive?????

  199. Judy Says:

    Love the stickers, but I have lost stickers to. ;….((

  200. ARELY Says:




  201. Jon Says:

    I received and accepted a sticker from a friend, but after I opened the pack it disappeared. It is not in my room, or in my book.

  202. wong mei ngo Says:

    how do you send and recycle the stickers??? i find it hard

  203. dani~greece Says:

    i don’t know i find it hard too!=P

  204. Lucy Says:

    Why can’t I put the gold over the silver one???/ I have tried several times and it just won’t go on duh! Please someone let me know okay. I keep getting duplicates

  205. Zorro Says:

    y i cant put 3 together ? or maybe 2 . Or I put 2 bronze together also cannot . And I saw the trophy list . I collect most of it already but the trophy quantity wont increase ? And I dint get my trophy

  206. cgsuan Says:

    hey Sonya, i have prob replacing my stickers.
    under my plants page, i hv all the bronze stickers paste except the cactus was in gold. and i juz can’t replace that cactus with my bronze sticker. kindly advise what shall i do now?

  207. Mikayla Says:

    Where am I going to get the stickers? At the mystery shop or something? Please tell me! =)

  208. marie Says:

    i received a blog message today from some screwball named jaden, and i was shocked and dismayed this excuse for a human being was allowed to send such things thro pet soc. i was absolutely disgusted by the content which, if shown to the correct authorities, would be found to be threatening. marie

  209. Says:

    Pet Society – Send stickers to selected friends:

  210. chris Says:

    wer do i get these so called stickersss???

  211. Kiyo Says:

    The exact same problem(recycled 5820 points, but not cash out, nothing at all! kept losing stickers, at least 20 already)! and please answer, thank you very much!
    Lolita Says:

    October 7, 2009 at 2:56 pm | Reply
    I have recycled enough of the bronze stickers to get a gold pack. I clicked on the gold pack icon…where is my gold sticker? Also, I keep losing stickers. I accept a sticker & then I get to the page to accept it & it tells me that “JOE” did not send you a sticker. When are all the glitches going to be fixed?

  212. javier Says:

    si hay pet society nuevo

  213. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] including the absolutely huge Pet Society Birthday Competition, explained the intricacies of Stickers, found Hideeni, wondered What’s Cooking?, updated you regarding more coins for washing and […]

  214. lhynn Says:

    how will i know which one i have sent a gift to my friends in pet society??

  215. songs pk mp3 Says:

    songs pk love aaj kal. My love

  216. a landscape design Says:

    a landscape design…

    […]Stick with your friends! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

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