Stick with your friends!


Hey Pet Society fans! Stickers are the latest and greatest new craze! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to find out what it’s all about! Or continue reading for more information! 😉

You can see your sticker album and send random sticker packs to your friends (the purple sticker pack bookmark) by clicking the new Stickers button next to the camera icon.

Each pack includes random stickers which you can drag and drop to stick in your album (the album is sorted into categories; select the blue and white arrows to turn the pages). Every sticker has a bronze, silver and gold version. Fingers crossed for gold stickers because they’re the rarest!

Dedicated collectors may want to make sure every sticker in their album is gold!


You may find some stickers are hard to find but that’s all part of the fun! Every day you can send a set number of packs to your friends and hopefully they’ll send you packs in return. It’s all about helping each other! 🙂 You can also check out your friends’ collections when you visit them; their sticker icon is located above their pet’s health, happiness and hygiene bars. We’ll be adding more collections soon, so who will be first to finish this starter set?

If you end up with duplicate stickers that you don’t want or need, just use the Sticker Recycler! All you have to do is drag unwanted stickers to the recycle icon at the bottom left when your sticker album is open. Once you’ve built up enough Sticker Points you can redeem them for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sticker Pack. These sticker packs will have random stickers inside but they’ll be of the level indicated on the pack, i.e. gold sticker packs will only contain gold stickers!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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244 Responses to “Stick with your friends!”

  1. Jon Says:

    I received and accepted a sticker from a friend, but after I opened the pack it disappeared. It is not in my room, or in my book.

  2. wong mei ngo Says:

    how do you send and recycle the stickers??? i find it hard

  3. dani~greece Says:

    i don’t know i find it hard too!=P

  4. Lucy Says:

    Why can’t I put the gold over the silver one???/ I have tried several times and it just won’t go on duh! Please someone let me know okay. I keep getting duplicates

  5. Zorro Says:

    y i cant put 3 together ? or maybe 2 . Or I put 2 bronze together also cannot . And I saw the trophy list . I collect most of it already but the trophy quantity wont increase ? And I dint get my trophy

  6. cgsuan Says:

    hey Sonya, i have prob replacing my stickers.
    under my plants page, i hv all the bronze stickers paste except the cactus was in gold. and i juz can’t replace that cactus with my bronze sticker. kindly advise what shall i do now?

  7. Mikayla Says:

    Where am I going to get the stickers? At the mystery shop or something? Please tell me! =)

  8. marie Says:

    i received a blog message today from some screwball named jaden, and i was shocked and dismayed this excuse for a human being was allowed to send such things thro pet soc. i was absolutely disgusted by the content which, if shown to the correct authorities, would be found to be threatening. marie

  9. Says:

    Pet Society – Send stickers to selected friends:

  10. chris Says:

    wer do i get these so called stickersss???

  11. Kiyo Says:

    The exact same problem(recycled 5820 points, but not cash out, nothing at all! kept losing stickers, at least 20 already)! and please answer, thank you very much!
    Lolita Says:

    October 7, 2009 at 2:56 pm | Reply
    I have recycled enough of the bronze stickers to get a gold pack. I clicked on the gold pack icon…where is my gold sticker? Also, I keep losing stickers. I accept a sticker & then I get to the page to accept it & it tells me that “JOE” did not send you a sticker. When are all the glitches going to be fixed?

  12. javier Says:

    si hay pet society nuevo

  13. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] including the absolutely huge Pet Society Birthday Competition, explained the intricacies of Stickers, found Hideeni, wondered What’s Cooking?, updated you regarding more coins for washing and […]

  14. lhynn Says:

    how will i know which one i have sent a gift to my friends in pet society??

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    […]Stick with your friends! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

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