Play ball!


Hey Pet Society fans! This week’s new items are now filling the stores, so sign onto Pet Society via Facebook to discover the new Snow Leopards, a taste of New York, Chinese Moon Festival, and more! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 5th of October, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Snow Leopards form our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post.



Large Snow Leopard Plushie

Snow Leopard Baby Plushie




WWF White T-Shirt

Snow Leopard Cap

I Heart WWF Cap

Indulge in city life this week, and set up your own New York style apartment! Preston has it all in the Furniture Store, from the new Contemporary Black furniture, to stylish Coffee Tables, a Makeup Table that would make any pet feel like a star, the Chrome Cooler Bucket to place your sparkling juice in, and a new doll, the Baseball Doll, for all the doll fans!



Contemporary Black Sofa

Contemporary Black Ottoman



Chrome Round Coffee Table

City Girl Makeup Table (TWS)




Chrome Cooler Bucket

Baseball Doll

Pet Star Pop Art



Wooden Round Coffee Table (TWS)

Designer Hat Box Decor (TWS)

Felicity brings the icons to town in the Luxury Store! The Petatlas Statue will surely amaze any visitors! Plus, the Hot Dog Stand will give the great feeling of being a street vendor (don’t worry, it doesn’t actually produce any hot dogs, so you won’t be affecting Truffles’ business)!



Petatlas Statue (TWS)

Hot Dog Stand

Where would a city be without lit signs everywhere to remind you that the city never sleeps? E.M.I.L.I.A embraces this in the Gadget Store by introducing the LED tickers! These will display your pet’s latest status, New York style! Also, to ensure the streets are always bright, pick up a few Luminous City Subway Lamps while there! And the Black Contemporary Pendant Lamp will be perfect for your city apartment!



Black LED Ticker

Pink LED Ticker



Luminous City Subway Lamp (TWS)

Black Contemporary Pendant Lamp

For the finishing touches to your city room, add a Luminous Brooklyn Bridge View Window or two from the D.I.Y. Depot, so that every time you look you outside you will see the amazing hustle and bustle! Truffles hot dogs are already popular, but he expects the new Soft Pretzel and Chilled Cranberry Juice that are new to his Food Store this week to be even bigger hits!




Chilled Cranberry Juice (Food) (TWS)

Luminous Brooklyn Bridge View Window (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Soft Pretzel (Food)

Wear only the latest fashion when out shopping in the busy streets of New York with brand new dresses and matching accessories in the Clothes Store! And for those pets who would prefer to be out on the field, you should definitely consider purchasing the baseball outfit!




Ribbon Rose Hairpin

Fashion Black Dress

Fashion Black Shoes




Baseball Shirt

Pet Baseball Cap

Baseball Pants



Baseball Shoes

Baseball Mitt



Fashion Pink Dress (TWS)

Fashion Pink Shoes (TWS)

If city life isn’t quite your thing, celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival with the Moon Rabbit Doll and Sweet Mooncake!



Moon Rabbit Doll (Furniture) (TWS)

Sweet Mooncake (Food) (TWS)

Terrence has been hearing grumbles of trash in the pond from his customers over the past few weeks. Hence he has come up with the Pro Fishing Hat which is now available in the Cash Shop. How it works is really a mystery, but it is whispered that pets who wear this do not catch trash! Also, hatch your own bird with the Bird Nest; the Bird Nest will begin as an egg in the nest, but over time it will hatch, and eventually you will have a little bird!



Pro Fishing Hat

Bird Nest

Finally, Mrs. Appleblossom informs that you now have a chance to grow some gorgeous Forget-me-nots when planting Flower Seeds from the Garden Store in your garden, so good luck!


Forget-me-not (from Flower Seed)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from From Egypt with love in stores this week!

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131 Responses to “Play ball!”

  1. Geniebottles Says:


  2. Geniebottles Says:

    Cuz its annoying when everyone says their first, so here.

  3. AndyGirl Says:

    first comment! Running to shops XD

  4. Tom Says:


  5. sofie Says:

    hmmmm a bird nest…

  6. irenka Says:

    first 😀

  7. TMUkmkd Says:

    new york, new york~

  8. loree Says:

    waww they’re really cute.! now we have to wait so we can see what’s going to be in the mstery box. I’ll be waitin’…

  9. tiara Says:


  10. loree Says:

    third. ajaja

  11. pauLm Says:

    2nd! haha

  12. Katherine Says:

    omg!! cool 😀

  13. Tenyom Says:

    ooo…i like pro fishing hat and bird nest..but it’s too bad..omly on cash shop 😦

  14. dayan Says:

    omg i lovee this theme

  15. danny Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! i love all of the new items!!!!!!!!

  16. Gabby Says:

    Love the items!
    Glad i m a New Yorker myslef (;
    First time feeling te lvoe of all these items!

  17. Jimmy Says:

    Genial!!! pero solo quiero decir algo.. PONGAN PAPEL TAPIZ hace semanas que no crean ningun papel tapiz

  18. uchenna Says:

    i like the brooklyn bridge view window.

  19. Ragamuffin Says:

    Okay I need that egg!!!

  20. eSey12 Says:

    wOw.. nice items!!

  21. Chloe Says:

    I LOVE it!!! all of it, no doubt about that!

  22. STiKit Says:

    Hey Sonja, just a question; how many bird types are available when you buy the birds nest?

  23. Juandi Says:

    as I have the stickers in pet society?

  24. ??? Says:

    hi everybody
    i like the new items…

    add me
    i need active friends…..

  25. rhai Says:

    wow…. i so love the new items……………..

  26. Alien Says:

    I like the moon cake and rabbit. I’ve always like things related to rabbits. Thanks very much!

  27. Jemai Says:

    i love the chilled cranberry juice and the ottoman and the pet star pop art! love them all! pet society facebook is awesome! hoping for even awesome-er stuff soon.. <3<3<3

  28. kiwi Says:

    whey sonya, what are the new fishes being released this week????

  29. clau Says:

    why the pinkish items are always more expensive than the blue ones? ¬¬ why?!

  30. Silence Says:

    What’s with the rumors going around about being able to trade gold coins for playfish cash?

    Is it true, or too good to believe?

    • Sonya Says:

      I would suggest not listening to such rumours. In some other games, like Crazy Planets and Country Story, you can convert Playfish Cash into more game Coins (which are specific to the game you converted them in, not shared across games like PF-Cash), not the other way around.

  31. farah ahmed Says:


  32. No Name Says:

    hello pet society We want to be all-purpose red and black clothes and black and red wall, and the bedrooms are beautifully love about And other and Thank you for good follow up 😀

  33. PuKy Says:

    hola es lo mejoresos trajes wuju…!!!!

  34. Blanka Says:

    yesss new york style… i like all the things specially the brooklyn window and the black LED ticker its very new york style me recuerda muxo a nueva york y me tra muxos recuerdoss 😀
    PD: add me please this is my email
    (im very active on pet society) jeje

  35. copogirl15 Says:

    hi Sonya, i have one question; is the egg in bird nest are hatched?

  36. Lorenzo Says:

    Wow. I just bought the Petatlas Statue with no doubts.

  37. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear Sonya. I have a question, what kind of latest status will be shown in the LED ticker?

    • Sonya Says:

      The status you write for your pet using the status icon, which is a smiley face with a question mark on it and is located to the left of the camera icon! 🙂

  38. peperonz Says:

    Wanna trade GMB item????please add me
    i have a lot item you can browse add my pet home name peperonz

  39. firewire Says:

    i love the moon cakes! thank you Pet Society 🙂

  40. Coral_Starz Says:

    WOW Awesome items!!!!! I just had one question, to Sonya –
    Can we remove the bird from the next once it’s hatched?

  41. yuha Says:

    cute Pink LED Ticker!!!
    i put it above my door to say “WELCOME” to all visitors, also intoduce my pets ‘dudulz’ 😀 thanks petso

  42. hanna Says:

    i have a great idea..why don’t pet society playfish cash items become points but those people who have playfish cash will have some advantages like for example they can buy stuff which are playfish still cheap like 15 playfish cash and those who dont have will buy it in hundreds like 100-900 or thousand like 1000-5000 so everything will be fair…

  43. hanna Says:

    i love the items..but its unfair all the beautiful things are in playfish money i wish they can make it coins

  44. talay Says:

    i can’t login petsocity. i like item new.

  45. Jia Yi Says:

    hi Sonya, i love the new items, very much indeed! well i have a question, how come almost every since that there is new items (monday) the game will send an error message and ask us to save our game, and suddenly the game quit and i havent save the game!!! but anyway, i really love the “city apartment” furniture, thank you! please reply…

  46. Trixie Says:

    the items are so great. but i hope petsociety displays some of philippine’s pride nxt tym ^_^

  47. ibrahem Says:


  48. pepe Says:

    you guys are making me crazy, why is the game under manteinance again? My account is off and I have the suspect that I lost all the changes……what’s going on?

    why all these server fixings? Cant’t you simply close the game for a few days, and then start it agian?

    anyway, thanks for the NY items, I hope I can use them sooner or later…..! 🙂

  49. Nessa Says:

    wOw!!!!!ThE nEw ItEm Is VeRy PeRfEcT!!!:(But I can’t logged in to PeT sOcIeTy…

  50. Eveline Says:

    What is complete 5 golden/sliver/bronze collections? How is one supposed to do that?

  51. Dagar Says:

    That pop art is soo cute!

  52. DianaAva Says:

    Aww.. Too bad I’m saving up for Halloween and Christmas.. BTW,cool items!
    @ Sonya:
    Do we get to take care of the bird? (feed,bathe,etc.)

  53. Jme Says:

    how to use the ” pink LED sticker ” ? anyone tell me ?? O.O

  54. rima Says:


  55. rima Says:

    i have a quesriont to sonya: how i can write a story about my pet?:S

  56. talal Says:

    I love it when u put all the new items.. but most of the time I can’t log on 😦 There is maintenance errors

  57. martina Says:

    Hi Sonyaive got a question?Can youuuuuu please make sum more mystery eggSSS!

  58. Star Says:

    Wow! I like the items this week. Especially the LED ticket! =). Now I can wish my aunt a birthday greeting with it :D.

  59. laura Says:

    this week damn freaking rox

  60. pippy Says:

    What is the sticker item? I don’t see any.

  61. Lilly Says:

    I love bird nest & pro fishing hat!!!!

  62. rhett Says:

    i like the Chinese mooncake festival items……Hope that more Chinese items will be released…..It would be nice if there are items that celebrate Chinese New Year…..

  63. salika Says:

    Hi Sonya, I have bought the pink LED sticker? but it dint display my pets status. How to make it display the status?

    • Sonya Says:

      You need to set your pet’s status using the status icon, which is a smiley face with a question mark on it and is located to the left of the camera icon! 🙂

  64. belda Says:

    Im so happy but i stell crazy because im not a farmer ahahhaahh :p

  65. PEPERONI Says:

    Hello there ^^ have fun with pet society? but sick got an same item from GOLDEN MAGIC BOX??So do i ^^…..please add me n don’t forget to pass by at my pet home.
    I have many item to trade from GMB…

  66. star fish Says:

    the leopard are so cute i want them

  67. Star Says:

    *loves everything*


    GORGEOUS items!! =D Hopefully not too expensive though.

  68. wong mei ngo Says:


  69. Pokuro Says:


    OH YEAH!! I love you, Playfish. :’D ♥

  70. Kayla Says:

    These new items are awesome.. to bad i dont have enough money for anything.. guess i got to save up

  71. crn_cham Says:

    love it!!!

  72. ??? Says:

    who can give me stickers??? pls. comment with your e-mail add on fb then i’ll add you!

  73. lim wei jun Says:

    what is the next week new mystery items????!!!!

  74. Logan Says:

    I want all that stuff! and I want Play Fish Cash!

  75. catlover Says:

    i need lots of money for that

  76. Margaret Says:

    Yay! I love mooncakes. My pet will surely love them, too!

  77. rojda Says:


  78. gabrielaaa Says:

    estaaaaaaa de lujo este juego :))::

  79. Bea Says:

    Wow! I am without words! What a nice beautifull items! One more time Congratulations to Sonya and Pet Society team! I have been very busy enjoying this game! XD Sonya I have a Question: Why do we have wait a lot of time to harvest. I bought some seeds of 500 coins and have passed three week and I got only one fruit?

  80. Nonya Biznezz Says:

    Bea dear, I’m sorry to tell you this but somtimes trees take a while.On my account it takes a long time.Gardenening can be one tough cookie!TIP:If you’re trying to recycle some things,homegrown fruits and vegtables are worth good money!;) 😀

  81. fucker Says:


  82. Shelley Says:

    Sonya, not any other unique item in cash shop please?

  83. pet society addict!!! Says:

    Wow all of those are my fave but the problem is…….is………all the play fish items are expensive!!!! (at first I think it is coins and my money is 10000.Then when I went there at the cash shop I pressed the shoes.Then I was wondering that it will not cash out?!)I hope a play fish items will cash out up to 180000

  84. gabriel lopez Says:


  85. melis Says:

    ben melis

  86. maria fe Says:

    me gusta mucho la flor es muy bonita pero lo q no entiendo son las pegatinas me pueden decir como se hacen ???

  87. maria fe Says:

    _^_ 🙂 😦

  88. leticia Says:


  89. belda Says:

    coool i like 🙂

  90. olive Says:


  91. arvin1225 Says:

    Hi Sonya! When do they release the newest Mystery Items? Because before i noticed it’s every Thursday… Did they move it to Friday?

  92. jhonatan Says:

    hola creo q me an robado un tal brayan quiro q lo elimin y q me de buelba las cosas q me robo

  93. jhonatan Says:

    q me robaron ase un tiempo un tal brayan q me debuelba las cosas chino pirobo

  94. jhonatan Says:

    q brayan me robo en pet socity

  95. mocha Says:

    uhhhh!!!!!why does all the good stuff go 2 the cash shop!!!!!

  96. will antoni Says:

    es fino y megusta

  97. will antoni Says:

    leave a Reply y es fino divertido y meda risa

  98. Amy Says:

    your funny wanna be my friend on facebook

  99. daniel pacheco Says:

    me gusta jugar

  100. daniel pacheco Says:


  101. 3mma09x Says:

    i know all the of the good stuff has to go into the cash shop how anoyin ‘evils’ lol xx

  102. magda Says:

    I know!!!!!!!!! It is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Magdeline Says:

    Sonya, did you guys removed the ballerina potrait from the cash shop?

    I’m trying to purchase it but I can’t find it?

  104. HaWttMo0FiiNs Says:

    yay i got that forget-me-not flower! 😀

  105. Helly Says:

    sve ju super! ali naj mi je gnijezdo ptice! ❤

  106. hissa Says:

    hi wate up??

  107. Anouk Says:

    When will the TWS items available again? I regretted it when I didn’t buy the City Girl Make-up Table. 😦 I should have.

  108. lili pipi Says:

    its verycool

  109. lili pipi Says:

    its very very cool

  110. crixie Says:

    hi hello

  111. jeux gratuit Says:

    cette info poura m’aider !

  112. Juegos gratis Says:

    Les jeux en ligne son toujours gratuits, c’ est ce que j’ aime. Il ne faut rien payer et ils sont addictifs

  113. Avana Says:

    can anyone tell me how much fashion pink dress cost?

  114. Juegos Says:

    Very nice, like Snow Leopard Plushie very much.

  115. angela Says:

    ola kiero jugar pet socity

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