Manhattan Madness!


Hey Pet Society fans! There’s just been new mysterious items released in boxes! The Invisibility Ring that was released this week was the item Sirius had dreamed about for as long as she can remember, so she put it to good use today! When “?” was hurrying back to the Mystery Store with the pictures of the latest items, Sirius followed him extremely closely, but completely unnoticed, due to her Invisibility Ring.

Just as “?” was passing some trees, she took the pictures right out of his paws, and quickly climbed a close tree. “?” had no idea what had happened, so he just had to return to his store empty-handed. After a couple of minutes in the tree branches excited over actually obtaining the images, Sirius climbed down and returned home with images intact!

Here are the newest mysterious items; hopefully you all have as much luck finding them as Sirius did in acquiring the images today!




Big Apple Wall Sticker

Yellow Cab Decor

Shopping Bag Decor

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

120 Responses to “Manhattan Madness!”

  1. Xandria Says:

    First to post ^^

  2. danniella Says:

    whooooo first
    i love the items 🙂

  3. Cuddles Says:

    Yay first! I love the new Mystery Items!

  4. Blacky Says:


  5. Rainbow Says:

    Yay! I can finally see what the new mystery items!

  6. Claudia Says:

    Whoa! 1st comment! love the new mysterious items. hope to get them soon. =)

  7. Sean Says:

    first to comment

  8. lim wei jie 1E3 Says:


  9. Roxas Says:


  10. 'Seb Kun Says:

    yay! New York.. ❤

  11. Coral_Starz Says:

    YAY *off to buy GMBs*

  12. Rin Kagamine Says:

    Hmm next week will be Sity Life

  13. uchenna Says:

    These are very nice items! I’m off to hunt them! I hope I will be lucky.

  14. moxi Says:

    WHOA!!! this looks SO cooL!!!!!
    can’t wait for monday to come XDDD
    thank you!!! 😀

  15. krazukat Says:

    Niiiice, but weren’t they supposed to be blurry? 😀

  16. shira-ai Says:

    hmm… if you put out the pictures so quickly the mystery items wont be so mysterious anymore 😦

  17. Anni Says:

    Sonya, I logged onto PS briefly this morning, and a dialog box popped up to let me know that I have more than 3 rainbow and golden poos and must sell them all for 1 coin each. Now I have none left. What happened? I don’t mind ust having three, but they are all gone!

    • Sonya Says:

      Have you tried clearing you cache and reloading? And have you checked both your house and chest? Maybe you have a couple in a room that you forgot were there, and they are the ones left?

  18. nathalia Says:

    so my guess, it’ll be Sex and the City theme for next Monday????

    LOVE IT!!!

  19. cherrie_cute Says:


  20. Kodatje Says:

    Wow I love it!

  21. Bah-Meow Says:

    i love the yellow cab yeepee… c”,)

  22. Richa Says:

    wowww LOVESS IT! but it starnge coz usually we got blurry images of mystery items?

  23. Ana Says:

    got the shopping bag decor!!!! weeeee
    me hapend the same Anni.. i had 2 rainbow poos, and one i had to sell for 1 coin… :((((

  24. chloe Says:

    LOVE the apple sticker! (^_^)

  25. camille Says:

    it’s new york theme! 😀

  26. siska moya Says:

    wow yellow can decor is nice, i love it

  27. Bubeleh Says:

    YAY!!!! With these clues I am so totally looking forward to the NY week next week! YYYYIIIPPPIIIEEEE :)))

  28. tina Says:


  29. empress Says:

    wow i love the shopping bag! 🙂 i’ll hunt for it now

  30. pandasickness Says:

    i want the big apple sticker and the shopping bag so hard..i bought a gold and blue mystery box..instead of them i got a bear mask and a gold perfume

  31. tutu-aisya Says:

    hey sonya. my strawberry shortcake tree isn’t growing any strawberry shortcakes,its been 2 weeks it possible for a tree to grow but not have any fruits?

  32. valentina Says:

    i prefer to discover what are the new misterious item..

  33. pepe Says:

    love them! 🙂 got the bag….so so cute!
    Now I cant wait to see new items ispired by the BIG APPLE!!!!! 😀 wow

  34. aditya Says:

    anyone get it??

  35. Jovana Says:

    Sonya why I can’t make news letter???please help me Sonya

  36. camila Says:


  37. Gabby Says:

    i love all the mb!
    LOL! i love the theme cause i live in nyc ^~^

  38. manola´s pet Says:

    i have de yellow cab 🙂

  39. anni Says:

    mia niñalito es el mas lindo de todo el mundooo

  40. Sandy Says:

    FOUND THE BAG AAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD THE CAR! Thanx a lot Pet Society!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Madeline Says:

    Ugh I have 23 coins right now. X-x

    I’m addicted to faerie mystery capsules!

    How do you guys earn your coins? I’m curious. :*

  42. Michelle Says:

    luv it all…will hunt after i see the TWS items in the stores to covet before they’re gone!!! really want the shopping bag tho!!!!

  43. Michelle Says:

    Yay! Stuff about my home town!!

  44. juli Says:

    que bacanos ojala me saliera uno je je je

  45. juli Says:

    me gusta mucho la manzana

  46. kevin Says:

    sticker is awesome go buy mbs now

  47. -MiXSTY- Says:

    hey!, nice mystery!,, hope can get them all,, Please add my facebook-,, i have many mysterious items to trade with. plls add me thnx!! 😀

  48. hanna99cute Says:

    I love the shopping bag…. >_____<

  49. cloraldo Says:


  50. Star Says:

    Thats weird? My friend gave me 2 or is it 3 but only 1 was displayed? of the Rainbow poo and a message came up that I have more than 3? And must sell them back for 1 coin each?

  51. tabbi Says:

    so, i just noticed a new trophy, the sticker one, but i don’t understand how you get them, any help would be awesomeness….

  52. Rein Ctril Says:

    Yay! I have one Yellow Cab!! ^_^

  53. Jessi Says:

    Yes! Got the shopping bag!!! 😀

  54. laura Says:

    big apple wall sticker and shopping bag ROCKS OMG

  55. Sozalina Says:

    Nice 😀

  56. Tiara Tambunan Says:

    I have the yellow cab

  57. Joshua Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Nice

  58. Joshua Says:


  59. Joshua Says:

    🙂 Nice
    🙂 Bad
    🙂 Outstanding
    🙂 O.K.
    🙂 Good
    🙂 Miss
    🙂 Bad Luck

  60. Lez Says:

    nice… i finally’ve gotten the shopping bag. hoping to get the yellow cab decor now…

  61. Ayeesha Says:

    Awsome! New York theme will be next

  62. copogirl15 Says:

    maybe next week is New York Edition

  63. Kurisuta Says:


  64. Kurisuta Says:

    hey, Sonya, do you know how to get the golden and colorful poo? Most of my friends have lots of those, but I’m still confused. Most of them told me that they got them from their friends.

  65. Tiara Says:

    Super Cute Items..

  66. aziz Says:

    hey Sonya i want to now how to get the rainbow poo

  67. Nicolas Says:

    when will came the Argentinian’s week?

  68. Brandon Phan Says:

    Sometimes I get great things from mystery boxes , but sometimes I get things that is ….. erm …… bad or somethin that i don’t like !!!
    Kurisuta , golden and rainbow poo is a item that people hack out !

  69. pepe Says:

    want to eat aaaaaalllllll the big apple!!!! 😀

  70. andrea Says:

    goob goob

  71. Laalii :) Says:

    Va a haber una semana asi con cosas de Argeentiinaa(L)¿

  72. gingger wine Says:

    aq buka facebook skarang eror

  73. Lorenzo Says:

    Wow I will really buy that yelloy mystery box which contain the shopping bag until my pet will calm himself in the accident he realized.

  74. Lilly Says:

    i want shopping bag!!!

  75. check Says:

    hi! what’s that FIVE STICKER COLLECTION mentioned in the “trophies”?

  76. Gai Eul Says:

    Wow! i have the Shopping Bag Decor On this Day! How expensive is it it cost on selling 999 coins!

  77. Gai Eul Says:

    I really need to buy in Country Story a chick! cuz its really cute! :*

  78. Ada Says:

    I have not been able to access to any Playfish Game or to Playfish website for two days, so I can’t even ask for help. After a while I always get a message saying the connection is taking too long from that site. My connection is ok, I’ve checked my firewall and don’t know what else I can do. I got a friend who’s having the same problems. Help, please!

    • Sonya Says:

      Have you tried clearing you cache?

      And have you tried a different browser or computer?

      If you’ve tried all of these, you can try the Support site here: To fill in a Support Request select “Request Support”, ensure you include as much detail as possible in any Support Requests, including your social network ID number!

  79. Kelly Says:

    I love it

  80. Shweta Says:

    how do u gt the golden poo ??? n the rainbow one?>>>???

  81. kanjeng ratu marcella debby Says:

    TRADE WITH ME PLEASE…..ADD :……my pet will pleasure you

  82. Jemai Says:

    yay i got the yellow cab and the shopping bag! i ❤ them! :] want so much more new stuff… plz..

  83. martina Says:

    Lucky i just got the big apple sticker but i sold but i took a picture of it first 😛

  84. nafiani zulfikar Says:


  85. putri Says:

    yah susah bgt di dapetinya !!!

  86. Adrianne Says:

    Já vám závidím, já žiju v blbé Ostravě, v České Republice, Evropě 😥

  87. dheaa Says:

    i lov Big Apple Wall Sticker!! wanna buy!! 🙂

  88. Lez Says:

    yes!!! after 2 days of being broke, i finally got the yellow cab decor!!!

  89. luen Says:

    i am looking for the monster doll, pink pig doll and the christmas horse. Is there anybody that can help me??

  90. Jacks Says:

    I love the shopping bag !!

  91. carolina Says:

    wow new york items this week i gues ah… nice..but wonder when we`re going to have an argentinian week ..foschia (my pet) is dying to try empanadas lol

  92. Katherine Says:

    cool items !! 😀 i love all of them 😀

  93. Martin Says:

    How can I earn the sticker trophy?

  94. siropayb.. Says:

    wow…sounds amazing? just curious bout it.. well.. i’ll try to get that mystery items!! ^_^

  95. yuha Says:

    is that items stil in box?? how much each three items above if we sell back?? thanks

  96. Justine Says:

    Umm … Sonya , I want to ask u something , please reply ~
    Well i only started to play pets when u had the America theme …..
    i didn’t know about the tws ‘s soo …. Do u think the past tws ‘s will come back one day for some of us that only stared to play recenly ???

    • Sonya Says:

      There is always a possibility that some TWS items may return some day. But no one will know for sure about specifics until it happens if in fact it does.

  97. Kurisuta Says:

    I got this opportunity to trade the poos but I let her down, she wants me to trade the poos with the Lucky Cat Decor!!! That thing is really special to me, it really brings good luck to my pet!

  98. joey Says:

    how does the mystery box work im new to pet society

  99. belda Says:

    cool for a new stuff I like this so god luck GBU 🙂 B) 😀

    And thaks very much see ya 🙂

  100. PEPERONI Says:

    Hello there ^^ have fun with pet society? but sick got an same item from GOLDEN MAGIC BOX??So do i ^^…..please add me n don’t forget to pass by at my pet home.
    I have many item to trade from GMB…

  101. peperoni Says:


  102. chis Says:

    Sonya, I´ve been trying to get the big apple sticker, or the taxi, I´ve bought millions of boxes but they neeever appear. What happens? its supposed to be NY week! i haven´t seen the shopping bag either! is this not working on Spain?? 😦

  103. tatore Says:


  104. Nuur Diyaanah Says:

    I Love The Items!!!!!!^.^

  105. Nuur Diyaanah Says:


  106. sebaa Says:

    tu mama

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