Go back to school, or be invisible!


Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly item release has just occurred, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and race to the shops to be one of the first to purchase some of the amazing new items! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 28th of September, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Terrence has some intriguing new items in the Cash Shop this week! The Invisibility Ring will turn your pet invisible when worn (any clothes will remain visible), so it could be very useful if you like to have fun without anyone seeing what you are up to, or if you want to sneak up on other pets without them knowing! And, the Romantic View Window is not only exquisitely designed, but it will change its view every so often, so you will notice changing skies through dawn, day, dusk and night!



Invisibility Ring

Romantic View Window

Pets are heading back to school and college in droves; ensure your pet has only the finest accessories with the College Crest Wall Decor, Champion Trophy Case and Gold Framed Globe in the Luxury Store!




College Crest Wall Decor

Champion Trophy Case

Gold Framed Globe (TWS)

For everything you need to set up your own classroom or lecture theatre visit Preston in the Furniture Store! He has everything from Chalkboards to Desks this week, plus a very cute American Football Doll!




Wall World Map

American Football Doll

Classroom Chalkboard (TWS)




Pink Lunch Box (TWS)

Pet College Flag (TWS)

Green Lunch Box




Blue School Chair

Dorm Bunk Bed

Pink School Chair (TWS)

Lily has been very busy this week, ensuring every pet has something to wear in the Clothes Store. She not only has fantastic new school uniforms in store, but can fit out the football team and cheerleaders too!



American Football Helmet

American Football Jersey



American Football Pants

American Football Shoes




Red Pom Pom

Red Cheerleader Dress

Yellow Pom Pom



Red Cheerleader Ribbon

Red Cheerleader Shoes



Pet High Uniform Jacket (TWS)

Pet High Uniform Trousers (TWS)



Pet High Uniform Dress (TWS)

Pet High Uniform Shoes (TWS)

If your pet is on the football team, or even just a fan, you have to check out the Classic American Football in the Cash Shop! If you leave it on the ground, your pet will kick it, or you can throw it yourself, and it will bounce around a bit randomly (blame the shape of the ball) before coming to a stop.


Classic American Football

Truffles thinks that no one should be heading off to school or college without a great packed lunch. So whether you just want to pack a sandwich, or some pasta to heat up in the microwave, make sure you try the tasty new treats in the Food Store.




Mac’N’Cheese (TWS)

To finish off any school room, lecture theatre, tutorial room or office, visit Grumble in the D.I.Y. Depot for the perfect windows!



Black Framed Office Window (TWS)

White Framed Office Window

Finally, to add some new colour to your garden, it is now possible to grow Orange Daylilies from Flower Seeds, which are available at the Garden Store!


Orange Daylily (from Flower Seed)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from One enormous Pets’ party! in stores this week!

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109 Responses to “Go back to school, or be invisible!”

  1. Bonger Says:

    Great items this week!

  2. duquesa carlota Says:


  3. Tyler Says:


    1st COMMENT

  4. maurizio Says:

    estan muy buenas las nuevas cosas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lilly Says:

    OMG. SO CUTE!!

  6. fred Says:


  7. dayan Says:

    love the new itemss i needed a place where to put my trophies

  8. NandaP Says:

    2nd one!
    nice stuff!

  9. Jiji Says:


  10. Gabby Says:

    Loved it 🙂

  11. pauLm Says:

    3rd! nice! :]

  12. Anali Says:

    somo las terceras en todo el mundo i somos mexicanas!

    anali i liliana 🙂

  13. Aury Says:

    I love it! very very nice items playfish….! 🙂

  14. Cuddles Says:

    I love it! It looks so awesome!

  15. Lola Says:

    “or some pasta to heat up in the microwave”

    Oh ? 😮

  16. pretzel02 Says:

    nice items!!:D
    too bad i don’t have playfish cash. 😦
    oh well! XD

  17. Jimmy Says:

    porque lo mejor siempre es en play fish 😡 todo lo demas es geneal 😀 pero.. ya tienen muchas semanas sin poner ningun nuevo papel tapiz :O!!

  18. Katherine Says:

    nice items 😀

  19. Karla N. Says:

    Owesome Btw 4th to commentttt!!!! :DDD
    but they should really make a box so that you can put the stuff from the chest on it

  20. kevin Says:


  21. Angel line Says:

    I love it,but it many tws things

  22. Jme Says:

    so cute! i bought some already !! (:

  23. Rizqik Says:


  24. Ely♥ Says:

    LOVE Cheerleader Dress & CASH iiTEMS ♥
    ThankYou PLAYFiiSH*

  25. Rin Kagamine Says:

    I loved school dress for girls ^^

  26. Anjo Says:

    Nice items!!!

  27. Elizabeth Says:

    So many cool new items,better get ready o spend all my money!!!

  28. Elizabeth Says:

    So many cool new items,better get ready to spend all my money!!!

  29. eSey12 Says:

    wOw. so nIce. i lOve tHese sTuffs!! baCk 2 ScHOOl..haha XD

  30. Kancho Says:

    Haha. The new weekly specials are always cool and cute. 😀 Thanks Playfish~ x)
    ❤ them~ But i was wondering…do any of the past weekly specials ever come back? Cause i missed some…and i wanted to buy them… 🙂

  31. Reborn Says:

    DANG IT!

  32. laura(: Says:

    OMG I LUV THIS STUFF IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. uchenna Says:

    Hmmm, the one I like the most is the lunchbox and the football doll… The romantic view window would have been nice but it’s in the cash shop!!!

  34. Shelley Says:

    Great items, Sonya!!

  35. Cendikiane Beninge Oashe Says:

    great items sonya !

  36. Wardasafira Annisa Nourhadie Says:

    Alaah… Cendikiane duluan !

    great items @

  37. Wardasafira Annisa Nourhadie Says:

    WOW !

  38. Chrisvilitisa Ariffe Kirieenee Says:

    Wow !!

  39. petar Says:

    jas sum petar talevski

  40. love pet society Says:

    8th one

  41. bill Says:

    Fantastic!! But there isn’t hat for school…

  42. bettina Says:

    wow my pet kimmie wears the cheerleading clothes! so cool! great items sonia!

  43. martina Says:

    GRRRRRRR! The invisibility ring should be in the clothes shop not the cash shop!!! ):O

  44. khimmy Says:

    whoah! gotta rush to facebook! imma get my pet college uniform~

  45. kryzthyn3 Says:

    🙂 thnx for da infos.

  46. Sana Says:

    I hate the cash shop….! Please do something about it

  47. Em Says:

    Yayy American Football!! Thanks for giving us Americans some love during football Season 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. olio Says:

    I’m sorry to say this but I am not flattered with this week’s item and theme 😦

  49. unknown fan Says:

    best items everrrrrrrrr =)
    Pet society is keeping better and better!!
    if anyone have some cash shop items.. pleaz add me, i just want to try them.. beside i have lots of them 2! i have the meadow hat, teleporter…
    anyway.. here’s my e-mail: x.darkblood.x@hotmail.com
    PS: add me JUST on facebook!! becoz i’m not opening my e-mail!!

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  50. Mili Says:

    I love it!!!!!!!! But I hate cash shop!! GRRRRRR:@ Add me on facebook ONLY miluchi96@gmail.com

  51. Valeria Says:

    I Love It , My Pet Is Beautiful And Im Rich..OMG Im The BEST

  52. ryan Says:

    where are the seahoarses

  53. Dalia Says:

    Me gustaría que dieran más opciones de tener lo de Cash Shop estan muy lindos y que cuando hagan publicaciones como esta su pagina principal tenga la opción de cambiar de idioma para no batallar en las traducciones

  54. jasmine Says:

    wow back to school i like the bed and the invisbilty ring

  55. kothe Says:

    los adoroo

  56. solciiii Says:

    si..pero..hai q garpar no?

  57. mateo Says:

    o i prefire restaurant city add me mateo bona

  58. rica salazar Says:

    i’m happy

  59. rica salazar Says:

    love it 2

  60. Mica Says:

    Wohhw what a cool stuf I love the bed is a dream but a have the pink one but I gonna buy one room with blue coins and do a room with ALL beds on it

  61. rico Says:

    i love pet society

  62. rico Says:

    love it 2

  63. sabillaaa Says:

    so cool ! i love school stuff !!!

  64. martina Says:

    awwwwwwwwww…. i luv the dorm bunk bed!

  65. kevinghetto Says:

    Help me, I can’t online this week for several reasons.

  66. PuddingFans Says:

    OMGGG i love the pet high uniformmm [boy] >w< *runs to clothes shop* i love formal clothes 😀 i hope playfish could add more ties/ribbons/colars and stuffs xDD

  67. Maerianne Says:


  68. Mia Says:

    Hugs pet society~

  69. °JaNčA & PePíK° Says:

    no,no I do not like school!What about romantic style?

  70. JaMiLa Says:

    **** mystery boxes i dont have money because of them!

  71. MaLu Says:

    Why do we have to invert REAL money to buy stuff? They always put cooler stuff on the CASH SHOP than in any of the other shops!

  72. Anastasia:) Says:

    Please help me!!1
    I really need a play fish many!1
    Could U B nice and give me some? 🙂
    here is my email:

  73. dulcecita Says:


  74. Ayeesha Says:

    After reading a pets form about overdo changing looks at the stylist. She said that overdo changing will make some part of your pet’s body will be gone. But with that invisible ring, she wont be shy anymore cause maybe when she looks outside, she will saw every citizen’s at Pet Society invisible with that ring!

  75. lim wei jun Says:

    i want play fish cash to buy a glow in the dark fish!!!!!!!!! please pet society!!!!!!!!

  76. Chibi Fox Says:

    we hate playfish cash! please if u speak spanish join a great facebook club adicto al pet society ♥ http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/adicto-al-pet-society-/96471494298?ref=nf

  77. Crystal Says:

    my pet loved the mac n cheese

  78. indah p Says:

    hi pet society people!!! i have a great idea for another wall theme/scenery.. can you please make a night-time scenery of the ocean.. but it has stars everywhere in the night sky, and if press the night time/dark button, the stars will glow/shine. thanks guys!

  79. Aurel Says:

    I love pet society so much….

  80. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    Sonya,I`m from Bangladesh and when I visit Pet Society,if I want coins or Playfish Cash I have to press the top-left buttons that`s written “Add coins” and “Add Playfish Cash”,if I press on of them (which I want) then I have to press how many amount I want in my account and then I have press the “Terms of Service” but will then they will give me a survey and is it available in Bangladesh?

    • Sonya Says:

      Not all countries have surveys and offers available. Surveys and offers are normally offered through TrialPay or Super Rewards. If these options do not show for you, they are probably not available in your location.

  81. Hanna Says:

    Great!!! I have the cheerleader dress n school uniform….
    Thats good for my pet…

  82. mişmiş Says:

    mystry ‘den eski objeler çıkıyor:( yeni yok mu?

  83. martina Says:

    Sonya why not make a school in P.S.?

  84. aslı Says:

    bu ne yaaa para tuzaqıı herkes yapcakmı evine bunlarııı

  85. Kriti Says:

    my pet society is not “loading”

  86. copogirl15 Says:

    i love romantic window 😀

  87. snowangeL Says:

    Why can’t i fish anymore? the fishes are always running away with my bait!! i used to fish so easily but now it seems like impossible to catch anything in the pond and i’m losing interest… 😦
    pet society is not fun anymore…

  88. rebeca lou Says:

    omg i got tht daylily its soo cute in real

  89. fahood Says:

    hey i love PETSOICETY THEY GIVE ME 5000

  90. Star Says:

    Title: “Go back to school, or be invisible”… I’d rather be invisible! I went back a couple of weeks ago XD

    My house is fun so I won’t be buying the new items but they’re really cool! Good job Playfish! (But I still think invisibility > school.)

  91. Star Says:

    Title: “Go back to school, or be invisible”… I’d rather be invisible! I went back a couple of weeks ago XD

    My house is full so I won’t be buying the new items but they’re really cool! Good job Playfish! (But I still think invisibility > school.)

  92. potato Says:

    the colour of of the pink lunch box ;is soo ugly .they should have make it black

  93. Teddy Says:

    i wish that the next weeks theme vas Scary Movie / Nature (But thats just my wish) c”,)

  94. layla Says:


  95. Sofia Says:


  96. Kelly Says:


  97. teehee ;) Says:

    yes , that is a good idea ! my pet will be smart if we have a school in pet society ! and competing who is smarter in exam !

  98. BARBRA Says:

    hi i have a problem I don’t know how to change the sex of my pet… please can anyine help me!

  99. Даниил Says:

    Прикольная заметка. Добавил Ваш сайт в закладки. Не в каждом блоге сейчас встретишь столько ценных и полезных мыслей, которые можно применить на деле. Но понадобится еще время, чтобы осмыслить инфу. Даже сейчас, когда после прочтения текста Вашего поста, в тот момент, когда пишу комментарий, я думаю, о тех вещах, смысл которых мне теперь совсем по другому видится. Эх, что за день сегодня – полезный день.

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