Broken Mystery Boxes??


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have just been hidden in mystery boxes across the village, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see what you can find!

When Sirius visited the Mystery Store to try and talk to “?” today, he was muttering about tripping over near the pond while carrying a shipment of mystery boxes back to the store, and them all being broken. Luckily though, “?” was okay after the fall, and was able to get a new shipment in amazingly quickly! After talk of the fall, Sirius was finally able to gain some insight into the new mysterious items, “?” gave her a few clues, and she hurried home excitedly. So here they are, can you work out what they might be?

  • A little bit cool! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • A store of knowledge! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Heavenly circles! (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images!




White Mini Fridge

School Locker

Armillary Sphere Decor

Enjoy! And watch out for broken mystery boxes when fishing at the pond!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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119 Responses to “Broken Mystery Boxes??”

  1. Lucky Says:

    Heavenly circles? Angel?XD
    Hey, maybe next week is angel themed…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm I’m starting to open GMBs. No sign of the “Heavenly Circles”.

  3. lynnie Says:

    next week is college theme 😀
    yay 2nd 😀

  4. Ileana Says:

    mhhh.. I wonder what they could be

  5. neushen Says:

    a little bit cool is my fave new mi!

  6. purssypink Says:

    Wonder wat they are

  7. alyssarae17 Says:

    weeew. I want to have one 🙂 I’m very curious about it.

  8. hina Says:

    i hope next theme has something to do with eid

  9. cherrie_cute Says:

    i got the hairband from BMB. yay.. i’m so happy 😀

  10. hina Says:

    one of it is a door

  11. duffy Says:

    what do we have to fish with to get the broken boxes??

  12. ridwan Says:

    >.< school/college week
    *1 of the mi's are a school locker

  13. Dicky Says:

    please next week is demon or cyborg theme….

  14. summer Says:

    a little bit cool is a white mini fridge i won one today

  15. gracia Says:


  16. valentina Says:

    it’s a school locker!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coooooolllllllll

  17. valentina Says:

    armillary sphere decor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Someone Says:

    yea. i’m insane xD

  19. anka Says:

    mysyari boxs super gift

  20. Angel Says:

    when i opened a golden mystery box… there was another mystery box inside it… i was soo shocked to see it!!!

  21. ridwan Says:

    * A little bit cool! (Blue Mystery Box) mini White fridge
    * A store of knowledge! (Golden Mystery Box) School locker
    * Heavenly circles! (Golden Mystery Box) armillary sphere decir

    New RAre fish: birthdaycake Fish *caught with the 2000 coins birthday cake
    common fish: elephantnose fish
    junks/decor: Broken mystery box? *still searching for it

  22. lim wei jie 1E3 Says:

    i got one of them is the school locker (gold mystery box)

  23. lim wei jie 1E3 Says:

    first gold mystery box is a armillary sphere decor

  24. JoseRizal Says:

    A little bit cool! (Blue Mystery Box) <<< it's a Water Filter Jug!!! =D i got one just now. YEY!!!

  25. mkmomola Says:

    i can’t paly petsociety now.

  26. mkmomola Says:

    We’re currently unable to establish a connection to Pet Society.
    If you receive this error often, please visit our FAQ


  27. SarahSounder Says:

    school locker – color green
    armillary sphere decor – color gold

  28. cinder Says:

    I have Armillary sphere decor. :’D

  29. Coral_Starz Says:

    Awesome! 🙂

  30. tankthink Says:

    cool love it hope ill get a nice one coz ill buy the blue mysterybox.

  31. Megy Says:

    OMV! (Oh My Vegetables!) I wanna find a broken mystery box! OMV OMV!

  32. fritz Says:

    Is there really a broken mystery box in the pond or are you “warning” us to sort of take extra caution when fishing because, since somebody tripped in and that some mystery boxes got “broken,” there might be shards of “broken mystery boxes” scattered that can “hurt” the pet. Please explain because everybody is still literally frantically searching for the “broken mystery box” that you quoted. Thanks!

  33. Xandria Says:

    Heavenly circles! (Golden Mystery Box) is an Armillary Sphere Decor.

  34. Richa Says:

    it’s a mini white fridge, school locker, and a armillary sphere decor!

  35. raymond Says:

    yea hey =D got all the three item finally Lol.. spent like 2k plus to get all 3 haha..
    currently looking for piano .. anyone who willing to trade do leave me a message =D

  36. katren Says:

    i hate you school >.<

  37. Cammy Says:

    Really ???? There is a fish you can catch with the 2000 coins birthday cake !!! HOW NICE

  38. marisa Says:

    i caught a birthday cake fish (very nice) and with a cheese a caught the elephantnose fish wowy jaja 😀

  39. fernanda Says:

    i caught a birthday cake fish (very nice) and with a cheese a caught the elephantnose fish wowy jaja 😀

  40. Susanne Says:

    I´ve got a broken mystery box!

  41. kevinghetto Says:

    So expensive to get a birthday cake fish, I need 2.000 coins!

  42. Sara Says:

    i got 1, a green school locker from GMB :D:D:D:D

  43. martina Says:

    oh! wish there’s no NICE CASH SHOP ITEMS anymore!

  44. Niuuu Says:

    bookstand and “halo” headband?

  45. ??? Says:

    i think that next week will be about school…..

  46. ??? Says:

    new flower!
    its caled Homegrown Orange Lily…
    looks cute

  47. lim wei jun Says:

    so hard to getall i get is all the old mystery box ome or lousy one. who got all the gold and blue mystery box???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Cjyhaha Says:

    Heavenly circles is Baby’s Wind Chime

  49. ???? Says:


  50. angel line Says:

    i wish next week will be angel,s theme or may be ……………
    halloween theme

  51. caro line Says:

    me too
    i wish next week will be angel’s theme or may be halloween theme

  52. Lulaby Says:

    can somebody tell me..
    list of fish n’ bait that i must use to catch ’em??

  53. Physcho Says:

    pls add me!

  54. rain Says:

    hey . hemm what about ~ied fitri day~ for the themes next week ?? o_O

  55. jao Says:

    yehey somebody give me a free rainbow poo

    • Angel Says:

      i saw that my friend had a locker…(it is green..)(“a store of knowledge”)
      she also had a mini fridge…(“a little bit cool”)

  56. Chloe & Pine Says:

    Dear Sonia,

    Have you ever thought about holding a room decor competition?
    we are very happy to know that if you plan to do that!
    P.S. we LOVE pet society!!

    Chloe & Pine Yang

  57. Chloe & Pine Says:

    Dear Sonia,
    Have you ever thought about holding a room decor competition?
    we are very happy to know that if you plan to do it!
    P.S. we Love pet society!!
    Chloe & Pine Yang

  58. Tin Says:

    How about a tea-party theme of the week? Or wedding?

  59. jandi Says:

    i will allow a farm tounmof my frofile of facebook

  60. jandi Says:

    can u visit my farm toun and farm wille

  61. jandi Says:


  62. Kaila Alyssa A. Velasco Says:

    I wish you are interested. I know its fun but I need to say it to you, 1. If you have cupcake-fishes and a birthday cake-fish,and put it too the biggest tank,it maybe a birthday
    2. Its wonderful if you poo rainbow poos 1,000,000 times and,it would be a little funny.
    3. Mystery eggs are only allowed if you had a thousand plus coins only
    4.If you have 3 regular poos,3 golden poos and 3 rainbow poos you need to fix your house.
    And most of all……………………………………………………………………………………………..

    number 5! Number 5 says…………… that broken mystery box items are perfect for inventing rooms.
    These are my one of a kind,perfect and wonderful tips I gave you are
    nice-to-do-things and remember these tips until the highest level on pet society. 🙂 Heheheh!

  63. Kaila Alyssa A. Velasco Says:

    Please reply this to tell me the newest things

  64. emmah2309 Says:

    Next week is college themed.

  65. Jane Says:

    got the birthday cakefish, too!

  66. ?????????? Says:


    Altum Angelfish

    Clown Fish
    Clown Loach
    Golden Butterfly Fish
    Silver Arowana

    Spotted Bass
    Empty Bottle
    Conch Shell
    Blue Sea Urchin
    Sea Star Baby Doll


    Altum Angelfish
    Blue Ram
    Green Discus

    Red Salmon
    Starfish (purple)
    Squid (pink)

    Soda Can
    Sea Anemone
    Empty Bottle
    Fish Bones
    Clam with Pearl
    Broken Pot
    Bike Wheel
    Message in a Bottle
    Old Boot

    Conch Shell

  67. Angela Says:

    Caught the elephantnose fish =) but i feel a rather waste of money…spending 2k for a fish =(

  68. lol Says:

    hi! i just wanted to ask… did anyone actually get a broken mystery box??

  69. angelindy Says:

    Send me a working solisitud

  70. mario Says:

    i want a golden poo too!! hahahaha

  71. Rachel Says:

    i wants to has more money, it goes right out the winda. sigh, i need to have a braine too, i can’t help but spend every penny i have

  72. Rachel Says:


  73. Jimmy Says:

    me salio un estupido camaron kn el pastel!! 😡

  74. Jimmy Says:

    Yo doy mi piano por una caca arcoiris o una caca Oro

  75. Sharon Says:

    i wish next week’s theme is bout Hari raya!We’ve celebrate christmas,thankgiving,chinese new year..etc..Pls!Make something bout Hari raya!

  76. Anne Says:

    Why you don’t celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day??

  77. romyna esperanza cofre jorquera Says:

    a mi me gustaria mucho mucho jugar en esta pajina

    porfa dejenme entrar

  78. jiinkzah(real name) Says:

    what cool heavenlycirculs whatever that chanderlair is so cool

  79. Shweta Says:

    how do u gt a Gloden POO ?????

  80. Jess' Says:

    I Recon Mini Fridge!! As THe Littl Bit |Cool :)(: I Hope Soo

  81. martina Says:

    Eid Mubarak every one! Im a Filipina Im just in Dubai…

  82. mARIAm Says:

    Happy Eid to u all 🙂

  83. loquilla Says:

    hey some one can explain to me what happen with the broken mystery boxes??? i caught one with the lemmon

  84. loquilla Says:

    hey someone can explain to me what happen with the broken mystery boxes?????? i caught one with the lemmon

  85. susan Says:

    I got a magic hat with a rabbit coming out of it in the GMB

  86. loraine corbacho Says:

    quiero entrar a pet society

  87. loraine corbacho Says:

    me encanta pet socyety soy fans numero uno…

  88. rolando Says:


  89. Gab Says:

    I got the gold thing and the locker from the mystery boxes yesterday .. SPOILER ! it’s an armilliary sphere decor and a green locker ! I dunno about the thing from the blue box since I don’t get that much stuff from it .. maybe it’s the water jug ??

  90. calista Says:

    i got a Amillary Sphere Decor!!!!! so nice! it is in gold! 😀

  91. viko Says:

    im already can broken mystery box…..what fungtion????

  92. F3l? Says:

    Hiii everyone……….
    my p3t name is mizta…….
    I ❤ to grow plantz in my house front And back garden……….
    some from my plant,actually get rotten………
    but i can use that for fishing……
    maybe iget a broken mystery box…………….!!!
    Hahaha ^_^
    With ❤
    -F3l?<!4 {8t3z-

  93. hi Says:

    i got a broken mystery box when fishing ,but y i cant open it or used it?

  94. LoLLiPoP Says:

    i got jellyfish baby from broken mystery box…this is cool enough..

  95. Kurisuta Says:

    good one…
    only in Indonesia, school year starts at July!

  96. brendusca Says:

    me encantaron las cosas nuevas

  97. Enrico Says:

    I have a broken mystery box but i dont now how to use it.Kurista you are wrong also here in the Philippines we start school year on July and i hope next theme is about the life of the Philippines

  98. Justin Yonathan Says:

    i get broken mystery box,i have 7000 from 1000 because buying thing on GMB that worth 999 coin 10 times!!!!!

  99. Justin Yonathan Says:

    – chrome laptop-999 coin
    -flying pet sticker X 2 -1998 coin
    -squittyx2- 1998 coin
    -love lava lamp x3 -2997 coin
    – ship on a bottle – 999 coin

  100. diego r Says:

    talbes puedan sacar otros juegos como maquinitas, bolos, billar, futbol, arqueria o mini juegos. solo digo una sujerencia.

  101. ehab Says:

    i never get a large mystery box

  102. Miriam Lacson Says:

    I got a broken mystery box from the pond but there’s nothing in it. What I’m gonna do with it. Help!

  103. ana Says:

    wow i love the shoping bag ill hant for it now

  104. -MiXSTY- Says:

    yea. i got locker =)) so very nice and strawberry shortcake tree B-) Add my facebook i have lots of mysterious items 😀 THNX!! :-*

  105. DarkfaceR Says:

    The mini fridge is hot item now, not many ppl can buy unless u got 999 or 4999

  106. sheena Says:

    i love those,

    actually i only got the locker and the sphere

  107. Kyung Payseur Says:

    A roommate urged me to look at this post, nice post, fascinating read… keep up the nice work!

  108. Splazer Says:

    Darn! I sold my “Heavenly Circles” Armillary Sphere thing. I hate myself 😦

  109. Emilyn Yassoc Says:

    Great blog here! Additionally your website a lot up fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link for your host? I wish my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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