Raise the roof!


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest version of the game is now live, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook to explore everything new!

You are now able to display clothes in your rooms! To flaunt your pet’s style, open your Wardrobe and drag an item of clothing out into the room (but not onto your pet)! To make this a bit easier, you will see a “Zoom Out” button next to the “Close” icon when the Wardrobe is open which you can use to see more of your room (and you can always zoom back in again to your pet whenever you like ;))!

Plus, if you want to maximise your Pet Society experience, you can now play in Fullscreen Mode. To do this, simply select the “Toggle Fullscreen” button, which is located next to the “Save and Quit” button. To exit Fullscreen Mode, just press Escape on your keyboard at any time.

For all pets who feel they would really like a bit more space, you are now able to purchase up to two additional rooms using Playfish Cash! To access this additional space, you can select the new button (a greyed out room with a green plus icon) on your room selector (house icon) when inside your home! These additional rooms are even larger than your existing ones! 🙂

The room selector also shows you previews of each room which you will see just below the room selector when you hover over any room with your cursor. With so many rooms, this may be useful to ensure your pet doesn’t get lost in its own home!

As everyone has already discovered, there are many pirates around the village this week, so you have to watch where you tread! Sirius is wishing someone told her earlier!

Sirius was following “?” pretty closely today, and managed to spot him hurrying through the trees. She hid behind one tree, and as he glided past, she snatched the pictures he was carrying right out of his paws and made a run for it. Unfortunately, with all the pirates around, she didn’t get far before she was grabbed and taken onboard a ship on the pond. One of the crew members spotted that she was clutching something, and wanting to find out more started questioning her. Pressured, she edged closer and closer to the side of the ship, when the pirate was almost upon her, she jumped over the edge and into the pond!

She swam as quickly as she could to shore, and then raced home, looking for pirates out of the corner of her eyes. She did arrive safely home, however, the images were a bit water damaged from her time in the pond. See if you can guess what they are anyway!




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

These new mysterious items are now available! Updated! Here are the images that have avoided the pond!




Dainty Pink Ribbon Decor

Cactus Baby

Elegant Silver Jar

Sirius saw a bit more than she expected while swimming in the pond though, she’s claiming she saw a fish that looked like a Strawberry Shortcake, a Mosquitofish, some anchors (probably ones that rusted off of the pirate ship), and several new glowing fish she’d never seen before! So cast in a line, and see if you can discover any of these new wonders!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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174 Responses to “Raise the roof!”

  1. Dizack Says:

    super first

  2. witchmade Says:

    I sooo love the new feature of the preview of the rooms if you only move your mouse on the house of the right upper screen I SO LOVE IT!!

    Anything else i have to discover now

  3. Biboy Or Martin Says:


  4. Ynah Says:

    Thanks for the super cool feature. 😉

  5. hannah Says:

    woohoo!! i love you pet society!!!

  6. Miss Ferret Says:

    Really would have liked to have saw an option for cash coins or playfish cash…

  7. ange Says:

    wow you can only buy bigger/more rooms with playfis cash, that sucks

  8. masamune17 Says:

    should i be happy bcoz of the features?


  9. Millenium Says:

    That’s AWESOME. I already bought the new rooms!



  11. Bubu Says:

    thank you so much for the update…especially for new rooms…

  12. Lost Chamber Says:

    new biger room sucks because you can buy it only with playfish cash :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  13. Shweta Says:

    yup yup yup.. amazinggggggggggggg !!

    LOe You PS 🙂

  14. wilz93 Says:

    Anyone get the fishes ? What bait do u use ?

  15. Shweta Says:

    @ sanyo – m trying ta but PF cash but it says its nt available in my area..

    M frm Mumbai ( India )

    Plz do sumthin abt

  16. secret Says:

    those cool ang wicked but you could only buy new rooms using playfish cash love it still and i love the new features aspecialy the clothes and you could hang them -KAEP ROCKING

  17. Lolipop Says:

    Hey guys, there are a lot of PS-fans out there, playing every day and spending a lot of time with their pet. It so sucks that you put more and more stuff and things for people who just want to pay with real money in the game. we “usual” players deserve more! i’m not the only one thinking that it’s a big crap that you act like that! i’m less and less motivated to play playfish games, because it begins being just about your money.

  18. kanjeng ratu marcella debby Says:

    happy to make me broke ey?????What kind of thing inside GMB….what ever… i like it…heeeey i have poop 50 times but i still not get MY RAINBOW POOP….

  19. New Feature After Maintenance « Pet Society Maniac! Says:

    […] can find all details about it all in the blog, so make sure you read […]

  20. jhen e. Says:

    hi there…i got a cactus baby…so cute…

  21. King_Edward Says:

    The GMB items are Cactus Baby Doll and Silver Jar ❤

  22. marty Says:

    wow! love it! 🙂

  23. ridwan Says:

    Elegant silver
    Cactus baby
    😀 😀 😀 love the cactus baby

  24. DC Says:

    just open a LOT GMB and didnt get new stuff= = … that sucks

  25. NAYE Says:


  26. ridwan Says:

    THe bmb is a pink ribbon

  27. ridwan Says:

    dainty pink ribbon decor

  28. candela Says:

    esta re copada la nueva funcion en pet society,me di cuenta de que si no tenes ropero podes dejar la ropa colgada en las paredes

  29. hazel Says:

    got the 2 golden mystery box items..yayyy

  30. Wendy Says:

    Woo Hoo I have been waiting for a “closet” to show off my clothes. It looks like I may have to use two rooms, my pet is such a fashionista.

  31. marty Says:

    but why is it most of Pet Society’s recent changes involves playfish cash? that is soooo sad… huhu… My Moklo can’t have those playfish cash… huhu

  32. aina Says:

    como se hace para volver a recuperar la ropa que sacas del cofre???

    how i can to retorn me de clothes when i trow out d¡the room, i can’t see it!!

    • Sonya Says:

      You need to open your wardrobe to drag the clothes around your room, and return them to your wardrobe if you no longer want them in the room.

      • Aira Says:

        The clothes do not show up in the room at all! How can we drag the clothes back when we can’t even see it? Please advise… =(

  33. jo yo Says:

    cool 😀

  34. Van Says:

    I like the new stuff
    But it would be better if we could gift the bigger rooms feature to other players, like we can do with Cash Shop items at the point of purchase… 😦


  35. Jewel Says:

    seriously, we wont get more rooms even when we reach higher levels via paw points? we will have to purchase the rooms via cash coins? that’s the only option now? 😦

  36. Rea Says:

    And if we don’t pay in cash we can’t have more rooms? It’s ridiculous…
    Have you thought about paying in simple coins? Any price you want (1000 coins eg)
    All the other stuff is cool!

  37. Rea Says:

    can we at least trade it with someone that has cc? Does anyone know if that is possible? To send a room to someone else?

  38. majo Says:

    I am very happy with the new additions! I am frustrated that we can not access playfish cash from my country… 😦

  39. nawang ayu Says:

    hurrrayyyyy yippie =D

  40. Floppyj10 Says:

    I love the new updates! But I wish you didn’t have to buy PF Cash to get the rooms.

  41. miisho Says:

    it sucks that two rooms can only buy buy CC!! 😦 (headbang)

  42. Belma Muftic Says:

    the last is an elegant silver jar…
    i got it!!! 🙂

  43. kaman Says:

    Can somebody tell me how to get the rainbow poop????
    Pls help me

  44. tareq ali Says:

    the one in the middle is a cactus baby doll i swear

  45. AC Says:

    I can’t believe all the complaining about the cash shop! some of us play constantly, too…and while it would be so much cooler if we could score things for free, that just ain’t the reality for ANY applications that I’ve seen. Quit bitching! Don’t buy things for cash then!

  46. ruari Says:

    just got a cactus baby

  47. Fifi Says:

    I bought a wardrobe to put my clothes in and they cannot be placed in it? The wardrobe doesn’t even open. I can hang my clothes on the walls w/ no problem but how do I use the closet function?

  48. Lolita Says:

    Is there any way I can buy a room for my friend who doesn’t have PF coins? Please…does anyone know?

  49. STiKit Says:

    Wow… 30 PF cash for two rooms is a bit much don’t you think? Good job with the fullscreen feature though! Just a note, since it wasn’t mentioned, you can’t type text in in fullscreen mode, so if you want to search through your closet, or through your friends, you have to enter regular mode again! 😀

    • Sonya Says:

      With regards to the typing text in fullscreen mode, Silje answered this on the forum:
      “It is because there are difficulties using the keyboard in fullscreen – sorry!”

  50. kevinghetto Says:

    I hate when I don’t have a chance for Playfish Coins.

  51. Sharon Says:

    Sonya, HELP. I took out the slipper and placed them in the bedroom and they’re there, great, then I took out her bathrobe and put it in the room and it disappeared. Not in my wardrobe or the room. Where is it?

  52. Sharon Says:

    Found it. It was behind a piece of furniture.

  53. kirsten Says:

    why is it always about PLAYFISH CASH. It’s unfair! I’ve been playing and playing for my pet to have her new room. i am sad.

  54. macklaen05 Says:

    what’s that!

  55. hannah~ Says:

    why does my pet’s face invisible?

  56. corky Says:

    ok its really awesome but everythin great costs playfish cash!! cant you have a weekly or monthly playfish cash lottery!!!

  57. Tania Says:

    Playfish why oh why must it always be PF COINS?! Come on spare a thought for the people who are poor and can’t afford to buy PF COINS, I wonder if there will be a time where PF suddenly dies and everything will be in PF COINS.

  58. lim wei jun Says:

    who got both new golden mystery box items??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! faster telll me i cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. chloe Says:

    ohhh, i didn’t bother on buying the southeast-asian clothes for my south-east asian room, but now it seems that i’m going to miss a lot of decoration for that theme!

  60. Elizabeth Says:

    I spend ALL my money in GMB’s Worth 7000+ still i’ve got rotten items,imagine in 20 boxes only 2 were good all was selling for 83 coins!!!! that sucks I have no more money !!! pls. help pet society GIVE MORE COINS and clearance sale!!! and for my opinion why not make ONE day a SALE day a GMB worth 200 PLEASE… I”M REALLY BANKRUPT!!!

  61. Calm Says:

    Playfish!!! Why must we buy using Playfish Cash? Why not for Coinss????

  62. Calm Says:

    Does this mean that when we level up we won’t get rooms anymore?

  63. Shacyndi03.♥ Says:

    yeah, we dont have playfish cash? well, thats unfair. 😦

  64. stella Says:

    why we have to pay for extra rooms….that’s not good!! i don’t love that….and i really need bigger house but not that much points to reach…..BAD BAD BAD!!!

  65. Mia Says:

    it’s showtime!!!!

  66. wthwtf Says:

    why are you all so mean? playfish cash only? you guys are just so damn greedy and i also despoly need a bigger room

  67. sabb Says:

    that’s not fair! every thing looks pretty gone in playfish cash.
    i m so upset.

  68. Eggzie Says:

    So close Playfish!!!!! All you gotta do now is give us a toggle to remove the UI and I guarantee people are gonna come out of the woodwork to make PS machinima!

  69. laura(: Says:

    can playfish pls let us use coins to buy rooms? i really need the space-i just spent one hour trying to fit an easel into ANY ONE ROOM and i couldn’t fit it ANYWHERE except the garden. i have like 4 fish tanks in my garden

  70. jennylyn Says:

    i can’t cheat!!!

  71. jennylyn Says:

    add nyo poh ako sa FS jennylyn_emo29@yahoo.com

  72. byanca Says:


  73. tina Says:


  74. check Says:

    i really want to have new and larger but i don’t have playfish cash….:o(

  75. luen Says:

    can somebody tell me how to get the rainbow poop?????

  76. Gio Says:

    How do you get the new fish?
    If its with a fish cracker again it sucks. >=(

  77. Cammy Says:

    Hey, can anyone tell me all of those mystery items !!!!!
    PLEASE 😀

  78. jacey Says:

    hope can persuade my mum to buy the playfish caah 4 me………btw sonya is it jus the money is just there only one time unless u wanna buy again or is it every month the playfish cash will come in?

  79. Cammy Says:

    By the way, I have something to tell about Pet Society

    (asWbnHuyYdk IaSea IopTli TyfHadAreT PEwT SkOCetIEtTyysaY HweAbtVE TO kPUHT
    ALMuvyOSvbT ALL THE GyiOOnfD TkHIfjNGS WkITjH PsLaiYgFIhSh vsCadASndfH?)

    SUPER waUNkClOOsaL

  80. bettina elina Says:

    Wow, so cool! 🙂 cant wait to play w/ my pet! thanks much playfish!

  81. Kyzza72 Says:

    i just want to know about the fish “that lookls like a strawberry shortcake” what the hell!!!!

  82. Cjyhaha Says:

    so easy, (WHY IS IT THAT PET SOCIETY HAVE TO PUT ALMOST ALL THE GOOD THINGS WITH PLAYFISH CASH?) SUPER UNCOOL ,this message decoded,thank you for choosing cjy decoding office,bye!

  83. slopey Says:

    strawberry shortcake tree!

  84. miChes Says:

    hi playfish! Nice work on the new features, i especially like being able to hang my pet’s clothes in the room. Us players have been asking that for some time and now that you’ve added the feature it shows that you really listen to your fansm which is great, so allow me to pitch an idea to you folks. Would it be possible for us to trade or ecxchange our coins for playfish money??? Like with a ratio of 1000 coins = 2 playfish money or something like that. Even just for the purposes of gaining new rooms, especially for those of us who exert to effort to log in and take care of our pets everyday, leveling up and hoping that we’d get new rooms. If you’ve reached the highest level (like me) there’s no where left to go.

    Really hoping you’d consider. Thanks!

  85. Belma Muftic Says:

    the second is a cactus baby and the last is an elegant silver jar… i got them… but i don’t know what is the first….. hmmm… :S

  86. Andrea Says:

    I think its a strawberry shortcake(BMB) ang for GMB a cactus doll and silver bottle hehe? i guess so..

  87. aziz Says:

    i like all that but please make rooms with coins not playfishcash pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease 😦

  88. skadhost Says:


  89. me Says:

    there is such tree??

  90. Patty Says:

    Where are the new Mystery items? Why do I keep getting the same red couch, ugly wallpaper, etc? There should not be so many useless things that sell back for 83 coins or so.

  91. grünzke Says:

    i really don’t know why so many people are complaining about the new features! i don’t buy playfish coins, either, but i don’t mind! YES, they’re adding a lot of things you can only buy with pf coins, but they’re also adding lots of new things you can buy with normal coins! i could understand your complaining if pet society would get less better because of this stuff, but there are still new things every monday and friday! nothing changed for the people who don’t buy this coins, so WHATS YOUR PROBLEM??? and have you ever thought of playfish needs to earn money anyway? they’re really working hard to add all this stuff, so i’d just like to say: THANK YOU PLAYFISH, DON’T MIND THESE PEOPLE ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT SOME THINGS!!!!

  92. Gerty Rose Says:

    Where can I buy candles for my bath room. Just single candles. Please answer.
    Thank you.

  93. Kelly Says:

    I love Pet Society and all the new changes…it just keeps getting better and better!

  94. annalise Says:

    theres a strawberry shortcake tree?!

  95. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Raise the roof! Hey Pet Society fans! The latest version of the game is now live, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook to explore […] […]

  96. Michelle Says:

    I don’t get it. We’re in a terrible recession and people spend money on make believe rooms?

  97. YEAh Says:

    I know all of Them… YEAHHH

  98. TMUkmkd Says:

    asWbnHuyYdk IaSea IopTli TyfHadAreT PEwT SkOCetIEtTyysaY HweAbtVE TO kPUHT
    ALMuvyOSvbT ALL THE GyiOOnfD TkHIfjNGS WkITjH PsLaiYgFIhSh vsCadASndfH?

    why pet society have to put almost good thing with playfish cash?

    coz they need money to maintenance the game and upgrade the facilities. ^_^

  99. kevinghetto Says:

    At Friday I got the mosquitofish!

  100. Gio Says:

    Hey Those Anyone Know How to get the New fishes?
    Please I really Want A new Glow Fish!

  101. cha Says:

    why i cant save no more?

  102. Petar Petrov Says:

    You’re lucky to play the game, but I’ve encountered Playfish server shutdown for maintenance, while was playing, and now 12 hours I’m unable to save my progress. Pity… Nobody is paying attention to my problem, even though I’ve wrote to the Support and Forum – no result, and I’m losing my weekend days for playing :(((

  103. michael Says:

    i hope that soon , fish can be gifted and the new features is not really good because i need to pay the room with playfish cah ! that sucks

  104. Agustin Says:

    Hi Sonya.. I love this week special stuffs for this week. Umm.. I have a suggestion gadget store. What about adding a cashier machine? Marco, my pet, she’s a florist. She also has a cinema, which needs the cashier machine so bad (=

    Thank’s before xoxo

  105. September Boy Says:

    I got the 2nd item on the golden mystery box and is silver something…… I got a picture of it but I sold it. 😀

  106. Jovan Says:

    playfish will you make car decor???

  107. bobo Says:

    rise the roof

  108. fatur rahman Says:

    w ingin main pet

  109. fatur rahman Says:

    rise the room

  110. fely Says:

    Hi… I very confused. Because, my pet’s eye was dissapear and the eye fall into the floor… and, my pet head and nose was dissapear. Why ?

  111. Emily Says:

    hello there.
    it could be fun if you make a music store so anybody can change the pet society music.
    example: in the store you can sell rock cds, and all kinds of music cds, so if you buy them you can change the pet society music to your own music!!
    thay could be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. bAm_kUeH.!! Says:

    i kNow tHe oNe iN thE miDdle is bAbY cAcTus.!!

  113. Cam Says:

    i can´t find those objets 😦
    can some1 find one of the thing for me?

  114. nayeli! Says:

    no es justo siempre lo mejor lo mandan a cash shop y no todos podemos compralo!!!!

    porfavor pongan tambien cosas chidas en las demas tiendas.!

  115. unknown fan Says:

    yes.. the one in the middle is a baby cactus..
    it can be sold for 999 coins! untill now.. i have 2!! yay meeee!!

    \m/ ^o^ PET SOCIETY ROCKS ^o^ \m/

  116. Tagger Says:

    Very sad about the new rooms only playfish cash… you should offer us the same thing or something like it for HIGH dollar … coins. I am sad that the pot of spaghetti is going away from the cash shop as well.. I can not get pet cash and never will probably but I really love that pot of spaghetti. Putting the clothes in the rooms is great . but we need something to put them in 🙂 when are we going to get a fridge that works ??

  117. Tagger Says:

    We should be offered the same things or something like it for coins.. the playfish cash is a good idea but the ones who can not offord real money should be given an option for HIGH COINS… like the rooms 30,000 coins or something that would take me forever to save but I would feel like I was included in the new options and upgrades and people will still buy with real money because they wont take the time to save that kind of coin. The new windows on the rooms laggs me really bad as well everytime I try to go to new room I slow down the game almost to a stop.. I dont like it. Also I can not offord Playfish cash so I guess it doesnt matter too much but DONT get rid of that wonderful pot of spaghetti I love watching it POOF… even if I will never own one.

  118. traa Says:

    the other one is silver jar =D

  119. yuha Says:

    u can use apple as a bait for mosquitofish, n baby strawberry cupcakes tree looks like brocolli same with apple/orange/cupcake tree…. 😀

  120. TOOOOOONY Says:


  121. bAm_kUeH.!! Says:

    add mY fAcebOok gUys..!!

  122. giobear Says:

    wow verry cute..

  123. Pyscho Says:

    Ppl please add me in facebook. I;m a safe trader. can trade items with me 🙂 sabrina_wickedwitch95@hotmail.com

  124. Pyscho Says:

    pls add me in facebook. I;m a safe trader. can trade with me items. sabrina_wickedwitch95@hotmail.com

  125. Diana Says:

    its good but i wish some day tey could gift to everyone in pet society some PLAYFISH CASH

  126. ana maria morales moreno Says:


  127. Alejandra_Mikaela Says:

    ey PS people, why do you forget the independence day of Mexico???
    a lot of mexicans we were waiting for new things about this like you do for france…
    i’m so sad… i was making money… and for nothing

  128. clau Says:

    Cuando saldran decomurales con fachadas de casas??

  129. katty Says:

    I know what is it in Golden Mystery Box and I have it one more:’D

  130. sonia Says:

    I like to add that upgrades are fine but give the regular players a chance to win some upgrades, we do not all have pf cash , so its not fair to all your standard players who sre loyal!!!!

  131. Ammon Says:

    i hope you could change the idea of PF cash coins for the two room so people could buy the rooms they wanted.
    you could earn more coins buy this:
    gifting rooms <—- more tradings in forums
    buying rooms for 10k coins <—- minimizing economy of rich/cheater player.
    did you know lots people doesn't want some items to be high in price?
    lots of people quited because PF change the prices lots of items are going up high!
    im just a concerned player.

  132. Gloria esperanza Says:

    QUE PASA CON EL PET SOCIETY ? NO SIRVE DESDE HACE DOS DÌAS????????????????????????????????

  133. copogirl15 Says:

    i got biggest brain bust yesterday and today i got baby cactus but my friend want it

  134. platinum Says:

    I like it….

  135. andrea camila Says:

    i like the animals

  136. renae Says:

    u should be able 2 bye baby animals

  137. Peproni Says:

    LETS TRADE PET SOCIETY : what i have are…baby wind chime,love hearth lava lamp,compass decor,shell tea light,aesel decor,world traveler suitcase,shell picture,Fortune teller cristal ball,Decahedron lantern,Fortune teller wand.

    ACC:Golden half mask, panda mask,bear mask,nerdy glasses, starshade mask
    You can browse the item that i said up there at my pet home….add me … Read More
    (marcelladebby@hotmail) but please say “TRADE PS” n HONEST thx….

  138. martina Says:

    Guys,can some one trade me a rainbow poo?

  139. hasna Says:

    how i get colored poo and gold one too?

  140. Camila Says:

    te quiero prima

  141. Camila Says:

    te quiero sos la mejor

  142. Miausy Says:

    I like the dainty pink ribbon decor, it’s so pretty .. !! 🙂

  143. Janna Says:

    Just wondering why they’ve removed the room previews? That was an awesome new feature and this morning, it’s gone! 😦 Very disappointing.

    Also, anyone else having problems with the game disconnecting? Mine always disconnects now at the end of each race… so if I win, it does not record the coins I’ve won. But it does remember that I’ve already taken that turn. REALLY frustrating! That’s how I earn the majority of my coins!

    And I just added a new Facebook friend who has a Pet Society character, but her character doesn’t show up as a neighbor of mine… and mine doesn’t show up as a neighbor of hers either. FRUSTRATING!

    What is going on? This is all new with these annoying problems.

    • Sonya Says:

      Unfortunately the Room Preview feature needed to be removed as it was causing a lot of lag in the game, and hence was making visits, etc slow.

      We are hoping to bring the feature back once the associated issues with lag are sorted out.

  144. ian Says:

    lol…I Want cactus baby……instead…i got desert cactus…. I WANT CACTUS BABY…PLS HELP ME

  145. jao Says:

    somebody give me a rainbow poo and it so cool

  146. nica Says:

    how to buya hanger for the clothes??????

    • Janna Says:

      Nica, you don’t need to buy a hanger. When you click the button (while you’re in your house) to dress your character, you can now zoom out and drag your clothes out of there on to the wall. It automatically puts a hanger on it. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  147. Janna Says:

    Can someone give me a rainbow poo too? Or can someone tell me how you get them?

  148. XXX Says:

    hei.. i cant work on it… please email me how., the firefox restarts and i cant cheat

  149. jimmy Says:

    i want piano!!why remove from the mystery box items?

  150. sharon Says:

    Piano..piano..piano..i already waiting this item for long time but y i still cant get it although i buy many mystery box?so sad…

  151. aaron Says:

    Hope pet society can sell the piano in the shop

  152. Andy Says:

    I have the Elegant Silver Jar, can i do anything with it?

  153. grisi Says:

    i like that page

  154. grisi Says:

    I like this page it’s very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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