Shiver me timbers!


Ahoy there Pet Society fans! New items have just hit the shores, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to be one of the first to get your paws on the new releases! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 14th of September, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Transform yer pet into an audacious pirate, seeking treasure, and sailing the seas, with a range of items in store to help ye create the finest ship on the ocean! Ensure ye recruit several Captain Pirate Dolls to help ye plunder yer loot! And, if ye be worried about looking the part, sail to Lily’s store for first-class pirate wear!




Treasure Chest Decor (Luxury) (TWS)

Captain Pirate Doll (Furniture)

Pirate Ship Decor (Furniture) (TWS)



Treasure Map Poster (Furniture) (TWS)

Luminous Miniature Lighthouse (Luxury)




Pirate Bandana (Clothes)

Captain’s Coat (Clothes)

Dreadlock Wig (Clothes)




Black Eyepatch (Clothes)

Dainty Golden Gown (Clothes) (TWS)

Captain’s Hook (Clothes) (TWS)




Rusty Oil Lamp (Gadget)

Old Ship Clock (Gadget) (TWS)

Rusty Hanging Lamp (Gadget)



Classic Dark Wood Railing (D.I.Y.)

Classic White Railing (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Terrence introduces the Fish Biscuit to the Cash Shop this week. The Fish Biscuit can be used as fish bait when fishing at the Pond to catch several special fish including the Blue Betta, the Guppy, the Spotted Cardinalfish, the Lilac Starlet Fish, the Pink Seahorse, and more! To snare one of these amazing fish for your aquarium, ensure you bait your line with a Fish Biscuit and cast away!




Blue Betta

Fish Biscuit





Spotted Cardinalfish

Lilac Starlet Fish

Pink Seahorse

For a complete kitchen makeover visit Preston in the Furniture Shop, as he’s recently sourced the classy Glossy Black range of kitchen items! If you are just looking for a couple more smaller additions to your current kitchen, there’s also the Stainless Steel Pot Set and Ketchup Bottle in store.



Glossy Black Kitchen Counter

Glossy Black Wall Cabinet




Stainless Steel Pot Set

Ketchup Bottle

Glossy Black Chair



Glossy Black Table

Glossy Black Shelf

Mrs. Appleblossom has the elegant Wisteria Garden Arch new in the Garden Shop this week. Also, you now have the chance to grow beautiful homegrown Red Roses when planting Flower Seeds.



Wisteria Garden Arch

Red Rose (from Flower Seed)

The Rosy Cute collection is expanded this week with a luxurious bed, side table and even a flower stand to place your newly grown flowers in!


Rosy Cute Bed (Luxury)



Rosy Cute Side Table (Furniture)

Rosy Cute Flower Stand (Garden)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Bee Tribal! in store this week!

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139 Responses to “Shiver me timbers!”

  1. Uvign Says:


  2. Lilly Says:


  3. Daniel Alfonso Says:

    Yay! New Fish! I really like the guppy. I’ll try to get one!

  4. julysa18 Says:

    OMG!! So Cute!!! Grettings from Mexico!!! LovU Sonya!!! =)

  5. kaTT Says:

    wow!!! love the item this week!!

  6. Jacks Cheshire Says:

    So cute the new stuff!!!

  7. KARL ISON Says:

    hahahha its so cool im karl fredrich g.ison from the phillipines!!!!

  8. kaTT Says:

    but why did the Fish Biscuit have to be in the Cash Shop??? why!! i love the new fishes.

  9. Jasfher Says:

    WOW! 🙂
    love the new items :p


  10. Ernesto Says:

    so cute 😀

  11. uchenna Says:

    oy, pirates! looks to be nice items playfish!

  12. KARL ISON Says:


  13. SONIA Says:

    LOVE PIRATE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  14. KARL ISON Says:

    but im sad for i cant complete my fish collection for i cant buy the cashshop fishbiscuit 😦

  15. heythursday Says:

    WHOA! I bought `em all! ARGH! =)))

  16. AndyGirl Says:

    hey guys at Pet Society! The new stuff its awesome but i will like to ask you for something: Could you please make a brunette girl wig? please! its just that Carly Cat its a brunette and she loves the new wigs but they don’t seem to fit her.


    Carly Cats mom

  17. Rizky Ikhsani Says:

    WAT, fishbiscuit are for the riches only?? noooooooooooo

  18. patrick Says:

    i love the dress

  19. Gabby Says:

    Love the modern Kitchen items (:

  20. Lollycat Says:

    So cute..
    I already got all of the TWS items 🙂

  21. stryfe Says:

    the new stuff are awesome but the fishes being caught only by fish biscuit is pure BS

  22. TMUkmkd Says:

    ahoyyyyyy mateys! arrrr \^_^/

  23. Fog Says:

    Hi all you playfish staff

    Well, The work you’re doing with Pet Society is awesome, this week’s stuff is really amazing!!

    When are you going to have a Japanese – Samurai week???? I’m trying to get all together with a Cherry Blossom Garden (Sakura) and using the Samurai Helmet… but I don’t know… PS just doesn’t have all the items (even when you’ve been releasing pretty good japanese stuff). It would be cool to see Fog with a Kamishimo and a Katana, completing with his Helmet… or even better, having a Yoroi (Samurai Armor) for battle or for the Dojo (which can be made with the shoji windows and the Tatami floor…. Oh, and a Pet Kamakura Buddha would be a great decor…

    Well, greetings for all your work, and hope you’ll consider the option


  24. Dista-kute! ♥ 4ever!?? lolx Says:

    If someone is really kind can you lend me some Fish biscuit! 🙂
    Add me
    Ryan Al-Helal (My bro) I play his Pet society! ^_^

  25. aw karim Says:

    I love the dreadlock wig its kewl stuff

  26. AURY Says:

    very nice items playfish! I like it a lot! 🙂

  27. CHRIS Says:

    It sucks that I cant catch the new fish without buying a biscuit from the cash shop

  28. irenka Says:

    I must say PF this week surprised me sooooo much! Beautiful items that aren’t in cash shop?!?!?! I think we will survive without few fishes 😀 Well done PF

  29. Alien Says:

    I love the lighthouse, Garden Arch, Treasure Chest, pirate ship dcecor… They are all gorgeous. Thanks, Pet Society 🙂

  30. eSey12 Says:

    wOw.cOOL. so cAn i hAve mY prIze? haha…

  31. JULES Says:

    pls. gift me the fish biscuit

  32. paari Says:

    can we decor a treasure chest on dressing table in bedroom 🙂

  33. peejay Says:

    someone there pls. gift me a fish biscuit

  34. Anjo Pacumio Says:

    it’s nice, what about a FILIPINO theme… filipinos would appreciate it 🙂
    so sad i can’t complete my fish collection too 😦

  35. Pet Society Stuff Says:

    COOOOOOOOL!!!! i saved up 26,000 in 3 days but i spent it all for these items!!! AWSOME.

  36. Mitzie Says:

    the best…but where is the parrot? and they’re soooo expensive…huhuhu

  37. Mitzie Says:

    and i’m still having problems with layering of the fortune teller tent…please do something about this so we can display stuff inside the tent. thanks and more power to PS!

  38. Amina Says:

    fabulous ones.

    thanks PF, it’s wonderful!!!

  39. elizabeth Says:

    do you have to use the fish biscuit to get the new fish? i really like the new fish, but i can’t afford to buy anything in the cash shop. doesn’t seem fair to those of us who can’t afford to spend money.

  40. IZEL Says:

    donde puedoo encontrar el Fish Biscuit ????

  41. Mikari Says:

    Weeew *q* those things from garden shop really beautiful and love the new flower 8D

  42. Tiara Says:

    So cool..
    Love the Pirate..!!!

  43. valentina Says:


  44. Pinky Says:

    izel lo puedes encontrar en le tienda que tienes que usar dinero de verdad¨cash shop¨

  45. Jovie Says:

    cash shop why??????????????????????????????????????????

  46. Pet Society Maniac Says:

    bad fish biscuit

  47. Daniel Alfonso Says:

    No Boots!?! T_T

  48. tako Says:

    we cant catch this fishes without fish biscuite?

  49. Lucky Says:

    Great, the last thing I want in Pet Society, fish in cash…
    Looks like I’m going to spend a lot this week…XD

  50. athea Says:

    wow!cool! I really like the most it the rosy items. Add me to be your neighbor on pet society and a friend on Facebook please! E-mail:

    pet name:Vanessa
    pet level:19

    wishlist:all pink items!,girlie items and TWS items!

  51. LyRo Mae Says:

    …….(T_T) fishhhh biscuits are only for pf cash userssss (T_T)….

  52. Colesprouse-Petsociety Fan... Says:

    very kool !

  53. aziz Says:

    Arrrrrrrrrr i love pirates

  54. alexandra Says:

    first one

  55. tareq ali Says:

    i hope the next week will be for gaint planet and every new things in shop will be gaint

  56. Sparkle Says:

    Can the new fish only be caught with the fish biscuit from the cash shop?

  57. Bonger Says:

    Playfish, great job this week! Finally, a masculine theme! Twice in a row already. Thank you for having a Pirates theme this week! Very nice.

  58. snow Says:

    nice! love all of them! think you could add more pirate items next week? please… ^~^

  59. Tia Dalma Says:

    Wow I Realy Love Pirates Of The Carribean lol And Thanks Pet society Love Tia Dalma Much ^_^

  60. maviagnne Says:

    where is the rosy cute flower stand? it’s not in the garden…

  61. maviagnne Says:

    where is the rosy cute flower stand? i’ve searched for it everywhere, it’s not in the shops.. 😦

  62. maviagnne Says:

    my fault,, hahaha,, everytime i visit the garden it happens that my pet covers it,, hahaha.. 🙂

  63. Mili Says:

    Espero que los proximos items sean de Argentina!!

  64. alex Says:


  65. Zui Says:

    What must I do if I can’t save the game?

    Can somebody help me?

    It had been a few days ago after my FB account had been hacked..

    I can’t do anything with my pet society..

    Thank you for your attention……

  66. lina marcela pardo molano Says:


  67. paarishah Says:

    love these itemsrather amazing but make a jelwry box or beauty boz stuff for my kitty

  68. paarishah Says:

    love these items rather amazing but make a jelwry box or beauty boz stuff for my kitty

  69. Cla- Says:

    lo único bonito de esta vez es el arco con flores, la rosa, el tesoro y el vestido amarillo xD

  70. Tiara Says:

    so cool..

  71. kirsten Says:

    Cool stuffs… but i want more the items in cash shop. =( i’m really sad coz i can’t buy in cash shop.

  72. Cida Freddo Says:

    Chevere! Por favor podrian hacer cositas como cintas para la cabeza de las pet? negra y branca? No hay muchas cositas para cabezas en estas colores! Gracias

  73. Princess Says:

    have P.S using wedding as a theme??
    i would like to see it…it must be nice…^^

  74. liliana Says:


  75. liliana Says:

    ciao mi piace molto pet sciety ciao ciao vi voglio bene

  76. Lionel Says:

    I love the new items in Pet Society, I also made my last room as a pirate room… i got the small boat in the cash shop for 8 playfish cash, and i got the fish bait and i got a crystal fish(IT GLOWS IN THE DARK) and i got the captains wheel for 5 playfish cash. i got playfish cash using my cell 😀

  77. Christine Bea Says:

    I love it!
    I’ll save money for them!

  78. lyncy Says:

    i hope that the things like oven,refrigerator,and other appliances are working not a display one…for us to enjoy playing pet society…

  79. lyncy Says:

    i also wanted to lower the prices of the items…thank you:)
    enjoy playing ps:)

  80. paarishah Says:

    wow cool

  81. Teddy Says:

    YOUR CELL ?!? how?? :/

  82. cool Says:


  83. Teddy Says:

    no really howw??

  84. Dagar Says:

    Oh,blue betta is beautiful,but I can´t catch her :(.

  85. pet s0ciety Says:

    I hope I had that fish biscuit 😦 Look at the bright side we can still buy things but NO playfish COINS NOR LOTTERY PLAYFISH cash

  86. susan Says:

    Hey…I got an orangutan doll in a golden mystery box. I have not seen this posted as a mystery item in any of the recent news things on here.

    Is this a very special item!?

  87. Dicky Says:

    how to get playfish cash….??????????

  88. Lionel Says:

    go to the cash shop, and press ( add playfish cash ), you will have 4 choices to choose from either pay using your credit card, or pay using paypal, or pay using your cell, and pay using paybycash… press on pay using your mobile/cell and press on the amount of playfish cash you want ( you can only get 8 playfish cash at a time ), agree to the terms of service, select your country, select your network, type your mobile number, and complete your order. you will receive a text message instructing you to reply saying “YES” and when you send the message, you will receive another text message telling you to say “YES” again. follow the instructions and you will have 8 playfish cash like i did. 😀

  89. thine Says:

    so sad i can’t purchase fish bait ..

  90. patricia Says:

    quiesiera saber si es posible adotar una mascota de otra persona que la ha dejado abandonada y no se preocupa mas por ella…….ah bellisimo este juego felicitaciones

  91. jolla20 Says:

    hola como estas me dicen como se crea cuenta

  92. Daniela Says:

    ja som baba



  94. Cendikiane Beninge Oashe Says:



  95. Alien Says:

    Sonya, I’ve a suggestion here. Recall those wall stickers released lately? Would you make some “glow in the dark stars” sticker?? A sticker could contain a few stars which can glow in the dark, so that we could stick them to the dark-coloured wall paper and makes a glowing starry night!! That would be fabulous.

  96. bAm_kUeH.!! Says:

    iM aFrAid i cAnt bUy tHe fiSh biScUiT cOz i cAnT aFForD tO bUy iTemS iN tHe cAsH sHop.<
    pLz pUt aLl tHe iTemS tHaT wiLL lOsT tHis wEek fRoM tHe cAsHsHop tO tHe lUxuRy.,
    eVeryOne wOuld pRobAbLy liKe iT.,

  97. Cammy Says:

    Hey Lionel, I was wondering about what you said about the playfish cash , uhm so when I pressed the add playfish cash only 3 choices were there (Pay using your credit card, Pay using Paypal and Pay using PayByCash/Ultimate Gamer Card). I can’t find the choice pay using your mobile/cell. HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Mau Says:

    i love the new stuff!! i love PET SOCIETY!

  99. wth Says:

    i can’t believe this. why is ps always on maintenance. i bought mystery boxes and got the rabbit in a hat and the baby cat with a balloon and it turned out i lost it all cos it was on maintenance and couldn’t save

  100. Trisha Says:

    um they said the light house is glow in the dark but how do i make it dark? because it’s bright in ps 24/7. thank you

    • Sonya Says:

      If you buy a light switch you will be able to turn the lights off in the room you place the lightswitch in. Glow-in-the-dark items will glow once the lights are turned off!

  101. Marty Says:

    why are the glow in the dark fishes needed to be caught using a fish biscuit. huhu… that is so sad. My pet Moklo wants to eat the glow in the dark fishes too. huhu

  102. ong cheu heong Says:

    how to restar pet society

  103. jovana Says:

  104. rica salazar Says:


  105. hina Says:

    as eid-ul-fitr is around the corner, just 10days left. we hope to see some eid stuff soon

  106. Mia Says:

    yes ps,
    plizz make an eid items soon!
    we are going to celebrate it on 22 of this September!!
    plizz make it in the items released!

  107. copogirl15 Says:

    owwww its Pirates items
    but i can’t buy fish biscuit
    glow-in-the-dark fish is so beautiful

  108. Kanjeng Ratu marcella debby Says:

    Its about RAINBOW POOP……I have 2 ID for pet society……
    my real id is (you can add me just for see how many poop i collect).and the other id i make for product a poop(n i send it to my real id)
    ….at the blog i found it says if my pet poop 50 times with eat cheese, 51 poop will be rainbow poop…now my pet poop almost 60 but why is still not get rainbow poop?rainbow poop at my pet house name peperoni is from my friends….he have a lot rainbow poop….how sad my own pet can’t product it self …i wanna a lot RAINBOW POOP!!! T.T

  109. LollyCat Says:

    I am just wondering that.. how come the post I submitted a few days ago which didnt come out?

  110. lollycat1219 Says:

    how come my comment get disappeared?

  111. Jojo Says:

    It’s so sad for those wee mates without Playfish Cash. I want some cash too but I’ve got no money (heh). I want the fish biscuit. Maybe Playfish could have a similar biscuit in a Mystery Box. 😀

  112. Natasha Says:

    To Pet society, why don’t you make a clothes, the picture is celebrity… (Like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Zac Efron etc) 😛 It will look cool!

  113. Caitlin Says:

    Hi Sonya, I wonder whether you can make strawberry or grape tree. It is nice to see pink tree. I got two cherry trees. I love colour trees.

  114. shaina Says:

    put more interesting things although it is interesting……. :>

  115. shaina Says:

    i really like the pirate bear but my pet have not enough money…… i was thinking of having a sports shop selling sports thing for the pet’s house to exercise n run at the stadium ………..

  116. shaina Says:

    i love pet society !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  117. shaina Says:

    i want the new bear the pirate one…… 😦

  118. Cammy Says:

    So sad 😦 , I thought I can get Playfish Cash with my own cell. Well looks like I don’t have any chance of buying the fish buscuit and catching those GLOW-IN-THE-DARK FISHES. :(, thank you for telling me Sonya.

  119. Sherri Says:

    how do i get window with view? eiffel tower, etc. spent thousands in the mystery shop. where are they? help a girl out? thanks.

  120. kevin Says:

    cant get special fishes 😦 whhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  121. Evelyn Elvira Says:

    I like to play pet society

  122. charlene Says:

    how can iplaypet society and how can i do the face book

  123. Cammy Says:

    Oh I really love the new Glow in the dark fishes XD, Wish I had Playfish Cash 😦

  124. Cammy Says:

    I wish someone can send me some Playfish Cash.:(
    GLOW-IN-THE-DARK-FISHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :(Maybe someday there will be one,
    just wishing

  125. Emily Says:

    hello pet society, i am a big fan, i love this game, but, it could be cool if you make a music store 4 pet society, so anyone can change de pet society music!
    Example: you could by a rock cd 4 1000 coins.
    or maby some slow music 4 600 coins.
    that could be fun!!!
    i wish that could happend, you know, me and my cousins, love this game and we chare are pet society wishes, and they could like it to…
    well, sorry if i dont write all the words right, becouse i am from another country…
    so, bye

  126. tomas Says:

    I love this game, and I always check what the people say about this game, and a so a letter from somebody coled Emily, and a think she has a grate idea, it could be fun!!!
    I think that a lot of people will like it becouse some people love this game but not the music.
    so you can do that!

  127. tomas Says:

    hey, what happend to Emilys letter?

  128. tomas Says:

    I think Emilys letter disapear, but it says, that you could make a music store so the the peolple can buy cd wiyh music so you can change the pet society music when you want

  129. Miausy Says:

    No fair 😦 I wanted those fishes from the Cash Shop !! 😦

  130. noellia Says:

    es re lindo el pet

  131. valeria Says:

    super el juego

  132. Zaira Nicole S. Ignacio Says:


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