Help Playfish support WWF in protecting giant pandas with Pet Society!




Playfish is delighted to introduce a new release of giant panda themed items to Pet Society on Facebook to continue to support World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to protect many endangered animals. Ensure you do your part to help continue to raise awareness for this great cause by purchasing some World Wildlife Fund themed items today and publishing to your News Feed! For each WWF item you purchase, Playfish will donate 10% of the proceeds to WWF until December 31, 2009. Learn more at:

The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened animals, facing both habitat loss and poaching. There are currently fewer than 2,500 in the wild. WWF has been active in giant panda conservation since 1980, and was the first international conservation organization to work in China at the Chinese government’s invitation. WWF is now helping the government of China to undertake its National Conservation Program for the giant panda and its habitat.

To learn more about this topic, visit World Wildlife Fund’s website where you can support WWF with a direct contribution or even make a symbolic giant panda adoption.

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89 Responses to “Help Playfish support WWF in protecting giant pandas with Pet Society!”

  1. mowi Says:


  2. mowi Says:

    pleas help me

  3. kristek Says:


  4. Nemanja Papic Says:


  5. sahar smash Says:

    hi.i want my cat………………..

  6. Amnart Says:

    thanks playfish i won undergralduate doll,
    your changes are practical and usefull

  7. Cocotte Says:

    new things on Pet Society today (september – 3) seem to bring some bugs! Please do something – thanks

  8. hola a todos Says:

    a mi me gustaria tener un pet por bor

  9. hasbi Says:

    tiada tawaan jika tak ada sahabat dan hanya sahabat yang membuat ku senang

  10. honeymoco bee Says:

    how can collect a lot of coins.

  11. honeymoco bee Says:

    I brought a fireplace with my coin and I went to my chess to retieve it I didn,t recieve it .

  12. isela Says:

    hello. love hector . hollo friends my name is isela

  13. Krishna Says:

    claudia, can you give me your email address because i want to trade items with you. 🙂 my email address is

  14. CHANDRA Says:

    i want to buy it but i dont have cash money, i hope there is a free cash money

    • Gabby Says:

      Free cash money wouldnt be real money than;
      P.S giving the CC and than recieving back the CC u had used to buy itmes that they given to you?

  15. rusli zainal sang visioner Says:

    I support for this way, hope successfully

  16. Pet Society Stuff Says:

    the pandas are cute, but you should put back the polar bear plushies. i was saving up for them, but i didnt know they were on their last week.

    also, check out my blog guys.

  17. aziz Says:

    i really want to help pandas and polar bears but i dont have plafish cash

  18. Bwee Says:

    For the people kvetching about ‘wanting to protect pandas so take them out of the cash shop already’, two thoughts.

    1. PS is going to donate part of the sales proceeds to WWF. No cash shop, no sale. No sale, no proceeds. No proceeds, no donations. Following my logic?

    2. This one’s really awesome. Oh, you’re going to love this, I guarantee. Everyone will be happy, even the polar bears!

    Take the cash you were going to invest in the Pet Society pixels…*and donate it to WWF yourself*. Or volunteer with them. Or be mindful about how you live your life, and how it affects all the lives around you.

    I mean, no use getting so very, very butthurt about things.

  19. kyle Says:

    hey playfish you should make pet society on ds so i can play in my ds pls grant my wish pls email me if you will say yes or no pls grant my wish 😀

  20. belda Says:

    I want to big sale in pet society ok maybe everything sale 50% okay bye 😀


    boo hoo. y cant pet society give out free playfish cash? something like barn buddy on facebook. it gives out free cash. please?

  22. Skyi Says:

    The only reason I bought Playfish cash is because part of my money will be going to WWF for a good cause. 1Playfish cash is only around 18cents in real life. This means all the WWF items only cost a total of $5.76. And for 10% of $5.76 to go to WWF it’s only 57cents!! I bought the $9.99 package. This means, the rest of $9.42 goes to Playfish?! I think more should be donated. E.g. At least 50% of the cost for the package that we buy for Playfish cash. I think that is more fair and comforting to know that Playfish is REALLY SINCERE in donating to WWF and not some quick rich scheme…

  23. mm Says:


  24. Miausy Says:

    I think it’s really cool that Playfish is helping the pandas .. !! 😉

  25. elvis Says:

    Como ases uno para tener credito los pecesitos

  26. katrina Says:

    Where can I add the Pet Society app on Twitter, I cn’t find it!

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  28. malena abril Says:

    hola como te llamas

  29. malena abril Says:

    piso de chapa

  30. malena abril Says:

    cuadro de muñecas

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