* silence *


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have just been released, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to starting hunting for them!

Sirius was hanging around the Mystery Store today, buying a few boxes, in the hopes of talking to “?”. When she went to the counter to pay for her boxes though, and tried to ask him for some hints as to what could possibly be coming up next, he was simply silent. Determined, she started asking if she could just take a glimpse of the pictures. Strangely, “?” then took an envelope with a black seal from behind the counter and passed it to her (still without saying a word). Sirius ran home excitedly, certain that the images were inside. She was slightly disappointed upon ripping open the envelope once home though, as instead of beautiful images, there was just a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. Sirius has transcribed them as best she can, so see if you can guess what they might be!

  • Malaysian blossom (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Hop off the top (Decor) (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Hard to sweep away (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images!




Hibiscus Hairpin

Magic Bunny Hat

Flying Pet Wall Sticker

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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116 Responses to “* silence *”

  1. becks Says:

    omg!! i hope it is a hibiscus in the BMB

  2. Roxas Says:

    WOW malaysian items!!

  3. hannah Says:

    first!!! woo hoo

    cant wait to find them!

  4. miraclecrush Says:

    yayyyyyyy! malaysian item!

  5. girl_nexrdoor Says:

    the first is a rabbit in a hat so funny

  6. gram209 Says:

    Rabbit in a top hat

  7. mArC Says:

    I want to get one!!!

  8. Bah-Meow Says:

    im so excited to see…. c”,)

  9. heythursday Says:

    ohh. MALAYSIAN is the next theme for PS! I hope Philippines will be the next featured items! =)))))

  10. heythursday Says:

    got the bunny on the hat! 😉

  11. xpinkbananax Says:

    one of GMB items is pet flying wall sticker

  12. guishy Says:

    whaaa hope to get them>.<

  13. jah ramziah Says:

    thats cool im starting now but its mainstance whats wrong anyway

  14. Daniel Alfonso Says:

    I want to be lucky to get them! ^.^

  15. Alien Says:

    Oh, I like RABBIT very much!! Thank you for putting the Rabbit into GMB!!

  16. Lucky Says:

    Yes, it will be Malaysia theme next…

  17. Kurisuta Says:

    ah… I’ll tell Usagi about it!
    Usagi: about what?
    Me: about you being in a top hat
    Usagi: I don’t think it’ll fit me

  18. krazukat Says:

    But wait. Weren’t Malasyan items already? Don’t get me wrong, I loved them, but I’m just confused…

  19. kylie Says:

    kewl! especially because it is mysterious

  20. camille Says:

    my brother got the second one…the hop off the top

    it’s a flying pet wall sticker

    …awesome T_T

  21. andre101 Says:

    i got them all!

  22. Bubeleh Says:

    YAY!!!! Malaysian week!! Cannot wait for the hibiscus and the animals!!

  23. lim wei jie 1E3 Says:

    i got both of the gmb . the first one is rabbit in a hat , second is flying pet wall sticker as for the blue mystery box i still havent got it yet

  24. Ngodola Says:


  25. Chalisa Says:

    Wow, Malaysian items? this can be great!

  26. paari shah Says:

    why dnt u make a jwelery box or make up box iam waiting for it

  27. Chalisa Says:

    I’m sure it will be malaysian items. Well, Lucky Malaysian! your wish is granted.

  28. ridwan Says:

    HIbiscus flower (malaysian flower)
    * Malaysian blossom (Blue Mystery Box)
    bunny on magic hat
    * Hop off the top (Decor) (Golden Mystery Box)
    flying pet with broom sticker
    * Hard to sweep away (Golden Mystery Box)

  29. Zac evans Says:

    Thiis is soo cute ..

  30. paari shah Says:

    Malaysian items thats great….. i am also waitng for it…………but do add a make up or jewlery bokx item addition

  31. Imene Says:

    waw so a lovly collection but please put pics of mysterious items to khow i have the items or no please

  32. lim wei jie 1E3 Says:

    well i m back i got the blue mystery item it is called hibiscus hairpin (clothes) good luck for those trying to get them thats the end of my speech…. the end

  33. rima Says:


  34. siska Says:

    magic bunny is funny, love it

  35. Ink Says:

    thank you playfish!!!

  36. Malaysian Pet Society Lover - Jia Yi Says:

    whoaa… Malaysian items… Really want to see it… Hope the next theme is Malaysian haha… And talking about rabbits, I love them! Haha… And I wonder whats the last one – hard to sweep away? what could be hard to sweep away? seems like its time for us to find out…

  37. icetea Says:

    Hop off the top (Decor) (Golden Mystery Box)

    I got wizard-pet hop on broomstick sticker 😀
    is that the thing??

    hope i get another MI

  38. vanillafries Says:

    It’s going to be Malaysia’s Independence Day on the 31st of August (Monday). Can’t wait to see the items 🙂

  39. MISSVIT Says:

    Owh . malaysia item . it’s so cooooooooool .
    i want to get the hibiscus badly .
    and i love the bunny hat thing too 😀

  40. ChinWei Says:

    Malaysia National day is coming!
    I Love Malaysia!

  41. bebe Says:

    i will buy more blue mystery box to find the hibiscus hair pin!!!!!!!

  42. paari shah Says:

    thats good

  43. enxcore Says:

    cant be swept away is a wall sticker of a witch on a flying broomstick

  44. PHARRELL Says:

    wow !
    malaysia theme is the second one .
    after indonesia, the first one fo sure !
    wakakakakakakaka . . .

  45. farhan Says:

    aku minta uang cash shop

  46. farhan Says:

    ai am minta to cash shop

  47. Uglyboy Says:

    i need some help here… I placed stm behind a tree. how can i get it back without removing the tree… please HELP!

  48. macklaen05 Says:

    what is that?,gold mystery box

  49. Rose Says:

    Yoyo,I’m malaysian ;D.The malaysian things are beautiful guys=D!!

  50. Kevin Says:


  51. PinoyAko Says:

    I hope FILIPINO ITEMS WILL BE NEXT! There are a lot of Filipino items which are unique. Like The BAHAY KUBO and the like.:)

  52. tareq ali Says:

    sonya when you add me and then decline me because im a male

    why i just was a kid 😦 ( i swear i crayed )

  53. enxhie Says:

    yikesA! i hate malaysia!!! thats so un cool!

  54. Valerie Says:

    Wheee! I can’t believe I got the Magic Bunny Hat from GMB!
    Wish everyone else g’luck on getting something nice too. ^^

  55. chikachika Says:

    dang.. i’m not good with these mistery boxes

  56. Lynnie Says:

    hey, i got the rabbit in hat thingie since the last 2 days!

  57. CHANDRA Says:

    i hope a cat cat cat item, everything is cat, some times, but i so like mystery box item

  58. CHANDRA Says:

    plzzz add me, my pet society always active

  59. irenka Says:

    Hey! Sonya can u tell us those lower prices that apeared in DIY and in some other stores are they in the clearence sale week or they are just with lower price from now on… ( im not talking for the ones in clothes shop coz i know they will be gone next week). maybe those lower prices were added last monday and its me that didnt noticed them btw 😀 but anyway please tell us are tey going to be gone in monday or just the ones in clothes shop? Thank u 😀
    P.S. the blue mystery box is beautiful hibiscus hair pin 😀

    • Sonya Says:

      The DIY items with the red price tages will be moving into a clearance section on Monday, once they are in the clearance section, they will remain there for one week before being removed from the stores. Hope this clears it up!

      • anna Says:

        i try to buy the fosh today with visa and was everything ok they took my money but i dont recieve the cash to nuy what i have to do please help

      • Sonya Says:

        anna, you may need to contact the payment provider. As I don’t know who that is from your message, I will first suggest you contact Playfish Support by going to http://www.playfish.com/support/ and selecting “Request Support”, label your enquiry type as “Billing”. Include all details of the transaction, such as the date, amount, payment method used, confirmation number, the e-mail address you used with the payment provider, and your Facebook ID number. If you do need to contact your payment provider, Support should be able to point you in the right direction for that.

  60. Mr 'Up' Says:

    Hello, is it really Malaysian for the theme next week? Why don’t you have a Singapore one???

    P/S: My website is http://petsocietyfun.yolasite.com/ I won’t update so frequently, but I will still update at least every 3-4 days. Tks.

    Please reply my querie(s)!

  61. Arvina Says:

    hmmm… malaysia…
    i don’t like malaysia….

  62. paari shah Says:

    why u dont like malyasia ,every contry has its own traditions

  63. paari Says:

    ???? what new in monday…….anybody know any guesses

  64. machmoed Says:

    we don’t like malaysia too..

    if you search: malaysia. on facebook search engine.
    there’s a lot of ‘anti malaysia’ group with a huge number of member.
    cause playfish don’t know anything about the cultural war event in here.
    so, why so care about they’re items.

  65. machmoed Says:

    is it true pet society blog always edit everyone comment?
    that’s sucks.

  66. LUMs Says:

    malingsia = truly thief of asia

  67. Ice Says:

    oO…malaysia….theme….will try to see what’s coming… 😀

  68. nikola Says:


  69. amr Says:

    first i love petsocity i sent on petsocity 47 hours and i love haloween and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add me i am 10 my name amr

  70. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] * silence * Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have just been released, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now […] […]

  71. camille Says:

    I hope there would be Philippine items… 🙂

  72. Ayeesha Says:

    I’m not sure about the malaysian items. Cause…..THEY STOLE INDONESIA’S CULTURE!

  73. cestlavie_8 Says:

    the other GMB is a wall sticker!!!

  74. Vanetta Says:

    😀 , :O , 😛 , 🙂 , 😦 , 😉 , -_- , ^_^ , O:)

  75. Jandhu Says:

    Yeah.. I found all three items….
    1. Hibiscus hair pin – BMB
    2. Bunny hat – GMB
    3. Flying pet sticker – GMB

    i really love these items……. 🙂

  76. enxhie Says:

    me too arvina!

  77. enxhie Says:

    btw .sonya, when did the gadgets have a clearance sell? answer this..

  78. New Mystery Items (August 28, 2009) | Pet Society Cheats Says:

    […] it seems three new items were once again added to the Mystery Box Pool, from Pet Society’s official blog, the following items were described without any photos. Though I want to believe I already got one […]

  79. ara Says:


  80. xristina Says:

    please add to the shops halloween items…i like halloween items very very much but i don’t have…thanks for help…:)!!!!!!!

  81. Aisyah Mamat Says:

    hey !! ARVINA !!! dont be like that my sis !
    Malaysia is a good country !!!

    ASK INDONESIAN !! They will say …. Malaysia is a good country

  82. Ali Says:

    One item is the magic bunny and the other flying witch ker, isnt it?

  83. krazukat Says:

    Yeah, last year Halloween items were great! And they’re too far to rewind, on the trades they are too expensive. Please we want then again!

  84. fromm somewhere Says:

    actually i don’t like malaysia item

  85. CARLOS NONES Says:


  86. Juan Says:

    heello whats news

  87. juuancaa Says:

    I have a idea, All the dolls are gone in the state OTW for people who were not able to buy, in my case all but someone had stolen all that I had my pet, I hope you accept my idea!

  88. Lili Says:

    I don’t like Malaysia =_=

  89. rocio Says:

    i like green dreses

  90. Sonia Says:

    holaa quisiera saber si puede poner vestidos verdes

  91. oxx3mmaxxo Says:

    tht person tht answered second thought they were first XD lol XD

  92. Teddy Says:

    yeah the new items r great eaven if i can;t see them… 😉

  93. Aury Says:

    very nice items!

  94. Oya Says:

    please add to the shops turkish items. ‘Baklava,Pide,Nuddle..Kebap??’ FOOD-
    CLOTHES= n. caftan, long belted tunic made of rich fabric worn by men in the Middle East; long loose dress worn by women; loose shirt .. LUXURY= Big Çini. MYSTERY= DANCE BUBBLES 😀 When you trink this item you start dancing 😀 İt’s funny 😀 İts good idea.

  95. tatiana Says:


  96. Aury Says:

    nice idea oya! 🙂

  97. Ngodola Says:

    Happy National Day to Malaysia! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

  98. Ariefiana Nur Afiefah Says:

    Ariefiana nUr AfieFaH

  99. Belma Muftic :D Says:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures!!! 😀

  100. lace wigs Says:

    yay for malaysia!

  101. rima Says:


  102. blablebloo Says:


  103. lavena Says:

    no pic???

  104. Marcella Debby Says:

    How about MAYA culture???
    or Easter island culture…..imagine if you have a moai statue at your garden hahahaha

  105. Jia Yi Says:

    how come so long havent say what is inside de?

  106. Belma Muftic :D Says:

    woooow!!! how sweet!! <3<3<3

  107. calista Says:

    yeah!i got the Flying Pet Wall Sticker……….to get that, i almost broke….

  108. Cla- Says:

    Why can’t I get the nice things of the week from the mystery boxes? ¬¬ I always get stupid things, that if I’d wanted I’d rather buy them directly instead of buying a golden or blue box ¬¬ I guess I have such a bad luck! -___-

  109. Miausy Says:

    Cute !! The bunny in the hat is sooo cute !! 🙂

  110. andrea carolina Says:


  111. harry Says:

    ilove Pet society

  112. gustavo Says:

    hola kdbe

  113. maria e Says:

    quuuuuuuuuiero tener petsociety

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