Abracadabra Alakazam!


Hey Pet Society fans! There’s something mystical in the air this week, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check out the range of enchanted items in stores! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 31st of August, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Felicity introduces the Crow Decor to the Luxury Store this week! Crows have long been associated with magic, from healing to being bringers of omens, so the Crow Decor will fit right in to any magical place!


Crow Decor (TWS)

Preston has a great collection of items in the Furniture Store to start your own wizard’s chamber! With the wisdom of the Owl Wooden Bookends to help you study your spells, your pet is bound to be a star. Plus, for any budding witches, the Broom Decor is essential!




Owl Wooden Bookend

Broom Decor

Small Potion Pot (TWS)




Mystic Book Collection

Old Wooden Shelf

Ancient Books Decor



Ink Bottle Decor

Potion Shelf Decor (TWS)

Terrence has some luminous additions to ensure your magical world shines in the darkest rooms in the Cash Shop. And to grant wisdom, and embrace the power of time, purchase a Golden Goddess Clock for your pet’s chamber.



Luminous Potion Pot

Golden Goddess Clock


Luminous Rocky Fireplace

Whether as a single lone lamp post, or used to dimly light the streets, the Luminous Street Light definitely appears to come from a magical era! If you wish to give the feel of living in an enchanted land, make certain you check out the Luminous Gothic View Window in the D.I.Y. Depot.




Luminous Street Light

Luminous Gothic View Window (TWS)

Retro Wall Lamp

Lily has the perfect hats for all pets travelling enchanted roads with the Black Pointed Hat and Merlin’s Hat in the Clothes Store. She also understands that not every pet is fully trained in sorcery, and hence introduces some uniforms, perfect for Magic School, for all the budding magic enthusiasts. Also, Lily begins offering wigs this week; these can be worn along with other headwear, such as a hat and glasses.



Black Pointed Hat

Merlin’s Hat (TWS)




School Boy Uniform

Nerdy Boy Wig

School Boy Trousers




School Girl Uniform (TWS)

Golden Curl Wig

Black School Shoes (TWS)

Truffles has some possibly enchanted (he’s not quite sure, and prefers to focus on how yummy they are) Candy Beans in the Food Store this week! While Perry is now serving delicious Chocolate Brownies in the Café, which he guarantees are completely safe, with no magic involved!



Candy Beans (Food) (TWS)

Chocolate Brownie (Café)

Finally, Mrs. Appleblossom introduces the Small Greenhouse, perfect for displaying your newly potted flowers, in the Garden Store. Unlike Perry, she wasn’t quite able to escape from everything magical though, so be aware that there is now a possibility of growing a Petdrake when you plant a Vegetable Seed.



Small Greenhouse

Petdrake (from Vegetable Seed)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items including:

  • Carnival Decoration (TWS)
  • Koala Doll
  • Mystic Blue Perfume Bottle
  • Gorgeous Pink Perfume Bottle
  • Deluxe Feather Half Mask (TWS)
  • Bird Half Mask
  • Giant Beads Top
  • Blue Beads Top
  • Black Long Coat
  • Dreamy Princess Bed
  • Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch (TWS)
  • Black Framed Gate
  • Black Framed Window
  • Deep Night Sky Wallpaper
  • Mystery Box Cake (TWS)
  • Practical Joke (TWS)
  • Chocolate Poo (TWS)

In stores this week!

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175 Responses to “Abracadabra Alakazam!”

  1. jeniffer Says:


  2. Jiji Says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  3. jeniffer Says:

    first!!!xD!! i love the new items!!!

  4. aevlanus Says:

    wiiii wow

  5. Leen Says:


  6. ChocolateMilk Says:

    Yay! Love it!!

  7. lola Says:

    got it!! ALL

  8. nevin wong Says:

    very nice!!!

  9. Waldo Says:

    Me encanto todo voy a hacer una pieza de hechiceros y que bueno que ahora se pueda usar peluca pero no me gustaron las pelucas y ya se por que esa verdura parese un pet por que en harry poter aparecio una planta humana.

  10. ElisaCutiePie Says:

    Awesome items! I love the wigs. 😀

  11. xoxo Says:


    [loading pet society]

  12. yeahaaa Says:


  13. Jav Says:

    uhh Harry Potter much? LOVES IT!!!!

  14. SYTSO Says:

    I LOVE this week’s items! It will surely please a lot of the younger players, like me 🙂

  15. patates Says:

    I love this week’s theme!!!

  16. OyukaChan Says:

    Gold Curl wig is FANTASTIC

  17. miChes Says:

    Good thing i saved up last week because i love this week’s stuff!! Time to shop, can’t wait to decorate my house

  18. Milkpedia Says:

    harry potter…

  19. nikki Says:

    is of harry potter, or no?

  20. Avielle Says:

    omg this is so cool(: im gonna try to buy every single item

  21. Sheilla Says:

    Oh my!

  22. LC Says:

    grabbed and grabbed… love it very much!

  23. Felicia Says:

    very GOODD!!!

  24. janice Says:

    hope you can also have itemz rewind in facebook….

  25. AnnPaula Says:

    I love it!!!!! *-*!

  26. caruchiss Says:

    ohh my!!! completely love this week new items!!!! still couldnt find the misterous item in the gmb !! but keep trying haha!! love harry potter!!!

  27. Nico Putra Says:

    WOW!! I love it!!! Keren!

  28. Aury Says:


  29. tareq ali Says:


  30. Diana Says:

    Adorable! And I’m a huge Harry Potter fan!!! ^_^

  31. Mikari Says:

    uwaaa those are sooo cool x3 I seriously need a new room xDD omg!! I want too buuuuyyyy LOVE Wizard xD thank you PS!!

  32. Mietha Cullen Says:

    I really like them!!!harry potter!!!
    but why you put 3 gorgeous items in cash shop?????
    but thanks playfish!!

  33. yuha Says:

    thatz cool……………………..
    my pet seems like as a harry potter’s actress
    great job petso 😀

  34. frillyrainbow Says:

    GOSH! so many things to buy
    so little coins i have >.<
    this week's theme totally make me broke
    and i still need to look for potion from the blue mystery box 'sigh~'
    but i LOVE it this week's theme! XDD
    all hail sorcery !!!

  35. uchenna Says:

    I like the bookcase and the owl bookend… Not so nice luxury item though… crow decor.

  36. Princess Says:

    these items ere so much alike with the Harry Potter…
    i’m lovin’ it….

  37. huixuin Says:

    all the clothes!!!
    ROCKS!~~ XD
    love it PS! great job~

  38. Sozalina Says:

    WOW 🙂
    They r so cool

  39. rahma Says:


  40. Mimi Says:


  41. Biz Says:

    Thank you Play Fish these items are very nice. I love all of them >V<. Wonderful week =D. Thanks again.

  42. Calm Says:

    YAY YAY YAY!!! W00000t Awesome PS>…tho i think its quite minimal this week but nvm

  43. ashlina Says:

    love this weeks items…
    its awesome…
    the school clothings looks like hogwarts school uniform…and they are so cute!

  44. Uglyboy Says:

    A magic week! Wow!

  45. chandra Says:

    i love absolutely everything this week!! the wigs are so cute and i love the crow decor! 🙂

  46. jericho Says:

    OMG…o_O so cute items…..also the wigzzz

  47. Aeneas Says:

    Greaaaatt!!!!!!! I’m gonna spend so much money:):):)

  48. Rey Says:

    how to grow that Petdrake???

  49. Hinji Says:

    potter fever… wow nice ^^

  50. Isabelle Says:

    harry potter!

  51. Yuki-san Says:

    petdrake? magic week? wow, I must get it this week >_<!

  52. Agustin Says:

    Wow.. it all match with my fairy stuffs..

  53. changchang Says:

    finally you guys made a great batch of new items, the past are not really that cool.

  54. Soprano Says:

    I bought the Black School Shoes, and equipped them, but they seem to be facing backwards. Is there some way it can be fixed?

  55. Hazel Says:

    i think the nerdy hair is so cute! 🙂 thanks pet society…

    but i think earrings would be really cool 🙂

  56. Elaine Says:

    Good job!

    Would love to have magic related wall-paper and flooring!

  57. Kaianne Says:

    OMGeee! I want all the new things this week ’cause it reminds me a lot Harry Potter and all the new things match the name of my pet ’cause the name of my pt is Lily Potter who is the mom of Harry Potter. I’ve been wishing for something like this for a really long time and now, I have gotten what I’ve wanted for a really long time now. Magic is Awesome. :]

  58. Christian Says:


  59. martina Says:

    love the golden hair but its 1600 im in a budget… 2 bad 9000 is my money :((

  60. martina Says:

    *cryin* will someone gift me a golden wig uhaaaaaaaahh!

  61. crow Says:

    Crazy for the crow of course 😉
    Also, thanks for the surprise on MS! This is a great change from the Rewind.

  62. Paulina Says:

    It´s my favourite week!
    I love all the Items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I´m such a Harry Potter fan 🙂
    Omg, thank you! 🙂

  63. kaca Says:

    harry potter my pet is hermione!! yay ! i have harry potter room!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Lilach Says:

    OMG, wigs!

  65. Hachiko | Pet Society Cheats Says:

    That Luminous Potion Pot is great but they can only be bought using PlayFish coins. Sad =(

  66. Kim Lloyd Says:

    SOOOOO HARRY POTTER!!! finally!!! HP in PS!!! woohooo!

  67. Fahmi Says:

    another great week from pet society… THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

  68. kenneth Says:

    o.o i love those books!
    o.o gotta have that pot!

  69. Kurisuta Says:

    I just borrowed Harry Potter from the school library and now you’re selling Harry Potter stuffs?!

  70. Kurisuta Says:

    hey, the blonde hair really suits the mermaid dress….

    finally, Usagi has HAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Kurisuta Says:

    I have an idea…
    why don’t you make Naruto items next week?
    that’ll be a hit! because I’m a REALLY BIG fan of Naruto.

    maybe a chuunin-jonin vest, maybe a ninja headgear from Konoha, Kumo, Suna, Ame, Mizu, etc.? Or maybe new items on the Stylist store like Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinegan… Who’s with me?

  72. Kurisuta Says:

    ooh! ooh! maybe Orochimaru’s outfit, or maybe Jiraiya’s, or Tsunade’s? or… the Kage suit! Akatsuki robe???

  73. anemorei Says:

    best of the best week special!!

  74. love pet society Says:

    love the items and harry potter i love him this mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuch

  75. Serenity Says:

    I love item this week
    especially The uniform and the Hat XD

  76. Jasmine Says:

    yay for HP! 😀 (are you sure this isn’t infringing some copyright law or another?)

  77. Rey Says:

    yeah i agree with u kurisuta……i think naruto stuff will be totally awesome!!!

    • Kurisuta Says:

      well, thanks for replying, my friend just got home from Singapore and she brought the 45th volume of Naruto

      • Kurisuta Says:

        Actually, my name’s Christa

      • Chalisa Says:

        Are you a girl? and i heard you are indonesian. is it true? you wan’t naruto items? well, i’m not too sure about this, but i hope so. my friends should love it ^^

  78. Star Says:

    This stuff is really cool, but I won’t be buying it because most of it is just decor, I like having actual rooms which is why I love the Tiki set so much, it has chairs and benches and beds and wallpapers and you name it. It was fun to save up for all it all and finally managing it felt great. =D

  79. Veronica Says:

    harry potter! i lov this =D

  80. Aziz Says:

    hey i like this magical stuff 🙂

  81. OyukaChan Says:

    I agree with Kurisuta because all of my friends fans of Naruto O(^ .^)o

  82. J04C0 Says:

    sonya i would like you and pet society staff to make a naruto´s week
    I will apreciate it

  83. hakeem Says:

    yyo quieroo serr haryyyy jajaja

  84. MMMMMMM Says:

    I LOVE the gryffindor robe GREAT!!!

  85. Brittney Says:

    NICE! I love it all! spent over half of my coins on it all already, lol.

  86. Mara Says:

    Hi, finaly Harry Potter staff I was waitinf for them for a long time, please make a wand, harry’s eyeglass or some picture that moves.

    Who is Naruto????

  87. Mara Says:

    I forgot Hedwig, please I love the white owl.

  88. nico Says:

    hola todos

  89. nico Says:

    sg txfj dfdhhggffsfjhkhghsdzfa<teaaafh

  90. emily Says:

    i love the new items

  91. emily Says:

    the new items are great i like the yellow wig

  92. emily Says:

    the new items are great i love the yellow wig

  93. eduarda Says:

    love the items

  94. emily Says:

    there are great items

  95. Pablituu Says:

    especial Harry Potter biem piola 😉

  96. sophie Says:

    I liked a lot! it´s so cool. The clother r so beautiful! The golden wig is the best becuse is like my hair, i´m the best of the world and i´m very beautiful all boys love me…

  97. Amirah Says:

    can the black pointed hat be worn by a male pet?

  98. adam panda Says:

    sooooooooooo still wondering if we get trophies for fishing sonya?

  99. adam panda Says:

    oh and awesome items! 🙂

    i love the books!

    and the nerdy hair wig!

  100. adam panda Says:

    the petdrake is really ugly though LOL 🙂
    it looks a lot like ginger

  101. Arvina Says:

    i love this! I’m the biggest Harry Potter fans! my pet will be more cute with this, she will use the Hermione Granger’s Gryffindor Robe, she also want me tou give her a Hermione hair wig, but i don’t want it, because she is more cute without wig!
    how about to make the Bleach animes items so my pet can use the Bleach items?
    it will be more cute and more cool!

  102. chan andy Says:


  103. chan andy Says:

    very nice~~~!!

  104. Peanuts Says:

    Love the Harry Potter theme! XDDDD. But i really hope there is a hanging candle decor. It was in the great hall of Hogwarts, where the candles were suspended in midair. That would give a real magical feeling! XD. Hope PS and Sonya would consider! XD

  105. Yuki026 Says:

    i’m agree with arvina !
    bleach items would be so great !
    there will be shinigami cloth, zanpakutou, karakura high school uniform, arrancar cloth, and wig !

  106. Yuki026 Says:

    i really love the wigs !
    i hope there will be new type of wig next week.. =)

  107. rica salazar Says:


  108. John patrick Says:

    I have an idea…….

    Why don’t u make a Pokemon items next week
    that will be a hit.because I’m really big fan of pokemon.

    Maybe a pickachu suit or chimchars tail or even Dawns hat
    or dawns scarf or misty’s vest…..

  109. amber Says:

    wow! i love this week’s items! 🙂

  110. Arvina Says:

    um… excuse me… would someone share to me how to got the playfish cash? i don’t understand…

    • Chalisa Says:

      You need to buy it using real money, using paymo, paypal.. one bip or Pay by cash. Well, if you don’t have a single dollar, you can’t buy from the cash shop. unfortunately.
      i’m sad everytime i go to the cash shop and meet terrence. but still, i’m okay with it. it’s just like VVIP facility to me. so it’s ok.

      That’s all i can help

      • Arvina Says:

        thanks for you help, Chalisa, you can add me in my Facebook, in Facebook i use name Arvina Tokiha Yumemiya with my pet photo, anyone who has Facebook, add me!
        oh yeah, if you all want to know my Yahoo, add me in garderobe_tristain@yahoo.com
        let’s become friend!

  111. martina Says:

    Well ppol :)nice items

  112. someone but girl Says:

    i love the new items in pet society but its really not cheap ……i want to tell pet society team to make the items cheap to make the person to buy it fastly and easy
    thanks …!!

  113. danz Says:

    GreaT okay . . .

  114. Redian Says:

    The Nerdy Boy Wig is a little bit girlish. I also like the crow decor but very expensive.

  115. -sapphire Says:

    hey…..how can i get that petdrake???i cant get it..

  116. Bonger Says:

    I am renaming my pet “Harry Petter.”

  117. cyrel Says:


  118. cyrel Says:


  119. judix Says:


  120. judix Says:


  121. kylie Says:

    cool it’s like harry potter

  122. Dena Says:

    Coool i wanna buy it but i don’t have much money. Why you don’t make company in pet society so my pet can work on that company and me and my pet can buy a lot of items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cause it’s really hard to make some money and i wanna buy all of that item!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Cucuru.. Says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Arvina Says:

    hey, if Sonya there, i want to know how to get playfish cash without real money? please… i want to buy viking ship…

  125. nyunyunh Says:

    hi, i’m new in PETSOC.
    add me please, because I need more neighbours.
    thanks b4 !!

  126. PS addict Says:

    HArry Potter!SO COOL!I watch e movie.Dumbledore died..SO SAD!!!!!!!:(..Should have sold the beard in the clothes shop though…

  127. arinna Says:

    harry potter!!
    i love it….

  128. jairo Says:


  129. Michelle Says:

    I love the whole Harry Potter theme! IDK who the hells comes up w/this stuff but it has me soooooooooooo addicted. Kuddos!!!

  130. annahl Says:

    semog bisa main lebih cepet aja

  131. KARLA Says:


  132. macklaen05 Says:

    i have vegetable seed but i have none petdrake

  133. MOE Says:


  134. Toshiyo Says:

    Lucky I have a rare wizard hat 😀 It looks great on me 😀

  135. la_danielita_09@hotmail.com Says:

    quiero que me a ayuden

  136. kamila muñoz Says:


  137. mah_grazy Says:

    wah itz cute

  138. BEA JGC. Says:

    Wow! What’s a nice surprise! Harry Potter’s items! Congratulations! … again. I love Harry Potter! It’s awesome when I realized HP’s items! Well done! Sonya & Pet Society team! Thank you very much by I could play it for a long time! =) Please do not let the maintenance come back again!

  139. veronika stankova Says:

    chcela by som tuto hru

  140. Kurisuta Says:

    argh!!!!!!!!!!! please be Naruto items! please be Naruto items!!!

  141. Chalisa Says:

    All of these things are related to Harry Potter! i changed my pet name to Albus QuadraDore! Nooo…Dumbledore died

    @PS addict:
    yeah, maybe the beard can be good

  142. Fisher Says:

    i have something to tell u guys i have bait i dont know its too rare to me

    Here …

    Red Demekin Goldfish – Pumpkin

    Sea Slug – Pumpkin

    There Something more ..~!

  143. oxx3mmaxxo Says:


  144. Felicia Says:

    OMG Harry Potter THIS IS SO COOL!!!

  145. eduardo andres Says:

    soy fan de harry potter
    me gustaria poder interactuar con los objetos

  146. ann Says:

    mas pelucas.. de todos colores y largos 🙂

  147. chikachika Says:

    cool.. i already got 2 petdrakes in my garden.. hope it won’t rot

  148. annie Says:

    this is so cool!

  149. IRoxeeLive Says:

    Is this like Harry Potter? Cool!

  150. PetSocietyRoxxx Says:

    OMG! Harry Potter!!! Ahh!

  151. nour Says:

    hey harry potter lovers i like them too i made my house like hogwarts wish there were glases i wear glasses

  152. nour Says:

    i changed my pets name to hermione and i have the picture too

  153. nour Says:

    thx god there isnt slytherin but the boys is supposed to be red too

  154. raikou Says:

    Oh… How come the Small Potion Pot isn’t available at the furniture store anymore..?

  155. Nour Hassoun Says:

    anybody can lend me playfish cash ?? add me on my facebook…
    my name is nour hassoun and i have a picture of me on a balcony with lots of trees behind me….
    anyone who is willing to give me some stuff with playfish cash will get lots of gifts with regular pet society coins… just name what u want and i would buy it to u under the condition of giving me stuff with playfish cash
    thnx… 🙂

  156. abdallah bahi Says:

    hi my abdallah bahi pet soceity

  157. andrea carolina Says:


  158. lifesurvivor Says:

    So cute!

  159. mikayla Says:

    Yeah, it’s really harry potter! I like that movie!

  160. mikayla Says:

    It’s like hp, i mean

  161. Abby Says:

    I can’t find the SChool Girl Uniform anywhere! =/

  162. LeCreusetCookware Says:

    my God, i thought you had been going to chip in with some decisive insight at the end there, not leave it with we leave it to you to decide.

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