Magic or fiction“?”


Hey Pet Society fans! There have been some peculiar things going on in the village today (or at least so Sirius tells me). Allegedly, she was being her normal self, and following “?” to try and gain some idea of what could possibly be the newest mysterious items; she spotted him with the images in hand, and while keeping her distance, waiting for an opportunity to glance at the pictures, a strange wind picked up and blew the pictures right out of “?”’s paws, spiralling up into the sky.

Apparently, this was no ordinary wind though, and appeared magical, and slightly green, as if it was created from the bubbles and steam of a cauldron. The pictures flew with this strange wind around the entire village, while Sirius chased after it (she tries hard)!

Supposedly, the wind whipped the pictures around town for an entire half an hour, before eventually calming, and dropping the images right in Sirius’ front garden, amongst the Coconut Trees.

I’m personally not too sure how much of the above story is true, I think Sirius may have just made it up as an excuse for presenting me with oddly blurred green images, so see for yourself and make up your own mind:




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

These new mysterious items are available now, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook to see if you can find them!

Updated! Here are some clearer images that Sirius has managed to keep clean.



MI_retro oil lamp

Lab Flasks Decor

Merlin Doll

Retro Oil Lamp

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

181 Responses to “Magic or fiction“?””

  1. maraki Says:

    soo nexcited…first to comment…..i think the first one are three potions,the secont is a little wizard and the third a lamp from the ones that take something like petrol to shine

  2. eeyore Says:

    1st comment???????!!!!! nice!!!!!!!! i love mystery boxes!!!!!!!!

  3. maraki Says:

    soo n
    excited…first to comment…..i think the first one are three potions,the secont is a little wizard and the third a lamp from the ones that take something like petrol to shine

  4. Galaxy Says:

    I got the First Thing.!

  5. ludmila Says:

    es real todo creo qe la segunda es falsa

  6. Eizer Says:

    first again =p

  7. ♥-pet-society-but-hates-the-idea-of-cash-shop Says:

    second any way its time to be broke again!!!!!!!!

  8. huixuin Says:

    ehmm! nice!!
    the third one is a RETRO LAMP!

  9. casey mclovely Says:

    third! cool!

  10. tere Says:

    o.O. third hahahha. cool, i wonder what they are.
    im always bad luck with the boxes.

  11. anemorei Says:

    got the middle one already!! yipee thanks GMB!!

  12. Lucky Says:

    Hmm, the one in the middle looks like the mayor with a wizard hat to me…

  13. AURY Says:

    it’s nice! 🙂

  14. xpinkbananax Says:

    third?? o_o

  15. Nhi Says:

    another doll! :O yay!

  16. yoyo Says:

    I think one is a doll

  17. anemorei Says:

    yes! the middle one is MERLIN DOLL got one yipee!!!

  18. Attic Says:

    The first one look like some kind of spotlight, the second has to be a doll, and the third looks like a potion (or a decor) of sorts.

  19. Bubu Says:

    just yesterday found that orang utan n now??? something mysterious, but sadly can not login now….too long respond for loading petsoc

  20. yoyo Says:

    There are three bottlesinside the Blue Mystery Box

  21. Lez Says:

    i think Lucky is right. it DOES look like mayor with a wizard’s hat. the first one, i think, are potions.

  22. icemedve Says:

    the third looks like a lamp

  23. ashkevron™ Says:

    I already got the two items from GMB – Merlin Doll and Retro Oil Lamp!

  24. ely Says:

    Yeah, me too i think
    Lucky is right ^^

  25. Gillywiggins Says:

    I think the one on the right is a Retro Oil Lamp… they keep showing up in the trading forums.

  26. skadhost Says:

    i don’t know what is the first.. but the second is a wizard doll and the third is a myster egg distrubutor!!

  27. takoyaki Says:

    is it just me or did i see a mudkip in the centre??? haha but it looks more like merlin the wizard

  28. molly Says:

    third one is ” retro oil lamp “ it:)

  29. skadhost Says:

    maybe the first are the potions!

  30. anemorei Says:

    yes tokoyaki its a merlin doll

  31. Lez Says:

    The middle one is called a merlin doll!!! It’s qt! I got it.

  32. ashkevron™ Says:

    I have the two GMB items already – they’re Merlin Doll and Retro Oil Lamp

  33. patates Says:

    i think the last one is a broom

  34. manola´s pet Says:

    i can neever obtened this things in the ye the misteries boxes :´(, i buy and buy and buy the mistery boxes and nothing

  35. NellyK Says:

    i wanna them

  36. anemorei Says:

    one more to go to complete!!! retro lamp!! where are you?

  37. unknown fan Says:

    it sound like some nice items 😉

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  38. Xinned Says:

    OMG, is next week’s item going to be about wizards and potions and stuffs? Yaaaay!

  39. pipin Says:

    the middle is a merlin doll. i got one 🙂

  40. mistle Says:

    the second one in GMB is retro oil lamp 🙂

  41. Jane Says:

    I’m done with Sergio
    He treats me like a ragdoll

  42. anon Says:

    the last one is oil lamp

  43. oxx3mmaxxo Says:

    hmmmmmmmm wen does it end???

  44. lola Says:

    the last one in the GMB is an retro oil lamp, its nice!

  45. John Says:

    its a Merlin doll. i just got it…

  46. Stella Says:

    Just got Merlin doll It is awesome! woo hoooo!

  47. tipy Says:

    first one: pocions’ bottles
    second: wizard doll
    third: an old oil lamp

  48. lola Says:

    got one!

  49. Daniel Alfonso Says:

    yeah. it looks like a potion.

  50. kath Says:

    how to get those items?

  51. Diao Chan Says:

    They Are Really Great. 🙂
    Good Luck In Finding Them Everyone. 🙂

  52. Katie Says:

    I lovee the Merlin Doll its soooooo cutee 🙂

  53. STiKit Says:

    Wow! My guess *fingers crossed* is that next week might have a magical theme!

  54. Bah-Meow Says:

    whoooaaa… is it a wizard doll that im seeing?

  55. Tiffany Says:

    Why can’t I log in?!!!!!!!!!

  56. Tiffany Says:

    I wish those stupid players wouldn’t hog pet soci!!!!!!!!!

  57. Cutie_1937 Says:

    the first one looks like the one in yoshi’s island

  58. Sean Says:

    I think the first one in the BMB is a LAB FLASKS DEC and the second one is a Merlin Doll and the last is a Retro Oil Lamp

  59. Sean Says:

  60. mica Says:

    i got all of them!!:)))))))))))))))))

  61. Lilliput Says:

    the middle one is wizard hat, i think

  62. angella Says:


  63. angella Says:


  64. firewire Says:

    my guess for the image is some magic potions, merlin/mayor wizard in the second image and totally zero idea for the the third image LOL

  65. nikko Says:

    HA!! so dumb the first one is a set of potion any idiot will know

  66. nikko Says:

    just kidding but I still think it’s a potion

  67. mika Says:

    yay, gt all of them xD

  68. Guadalupe Says:

    el primero seran acaso unos frascos de posimas, el de medio seria merlin y el ultimo es como una lampara

  69. wei jun Says:

    who got the new items? what is the name for the new items?

  70. Uglyboy Says:

    I want that merlin doll. at start it seemed it was mayor doll… im glad that next week it will be a magic one!! :))

  71. ps Says:

    i got the merlin doll ( middle one ) and the retro oil lamp (3rd one ) . i wan de first one .

  72. Marcella Debby Says:

    oke!!!IM BROKE!!!BUT i will survive yeah yeaaah!!!

  73. Natura Says:

    …I hate it when dolls are in mistery boxes!!

  74. Dista-kute! ♥ 4ever!?? lolx Says:

    This is totally awesome!! 🙂
    Luv these items!
    um still lookim’ for the doll!!

  75. geriiiii Says:

    I got a doll basket =) none of these:S in the basket a panda, a monkey and a penguin doll 😀

  76. sabrina Says:

    i think i got the 3rd one 🙂 i want the 2nd one

  77. manola´s pet Says:

    los quiero compro y compro y nada se ve que van a estar geniales o estan geniales

  78. ruoyu Says:

    i hope i get the doll, i had buy so many gold mystery box, but none of the above item r in, how many persent i get thouse item? 10%?

  79. Zaneta Elvira Manik Says:

    Zaneta is here !!!!

    i thinq 3rd one is flower pot ( luxuriest thing )

  80. ludmila Says:

    one is false

  81. tareq ali Says:

    please sonya make something about ramadan in shops this week

  82. sparkle Says:

    l can´t buy fishcash… l´ll try to sent a text message and it return to me. the message is imposible to send. what can l do?

  83. rica salazar Says:

    Sony can you please make a 100 class of hair clip for 50 coins for poor pet so they have cute hair clip ca you i hope you do it

  84. rica salazar Says:

    sonya can you please make a 100 class of hair clip for 50 coins for poor pet so they have cute hair clip ca you i hope you do it

  85. rica salazar Says:

    sonya can you please make a 100 class of hair clip for 50 coins for poor pet so they have cute hair clip ca you i hope you do it please

  86. zaraxxx Says:

    I think the middle one is a merlin doll and the blue box is siomething like 3 bottles xxx

  87. guishy Says:

    no luck in this:(

  88. mica Says:

    i got all of them!!! im very lucky!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Aim Says:

    masih gak bisa di mainin lagi! jadi payah ah..

  90. Aim Says:

    payah banget

  91. Aim Says:


  92. mengembalikan jati diri bangsa Says:

    I think this is not real

  93. rahma Says:

    my pet society is error error and error again =(

  94. dayintha Says:


  95. arielle Says:

    i know them the next theme is harry potter.
    the first one is magic bottles
    second wizard doll
    third oil lamp!

  96. I Love Pet Society But Hates Money And Cash Shop Says:

    I think its true cuz I made out the 1st 2 images but the last 1 I have no clue about.

  97. casey mclovely Says:

    its merlin doll and retro oil lamp!

  98. jia Says:

    harry potter.

  99. maryrose Says:

    what are they

  100. maryrose Says:

    i wonder what they are

  101. Zaneta Elvira Manik Says:

    waduuh…. yg sebelah retro lamp !! MAU DONQ

  102. Reztika Ratu T Apriyana Says:

    Net , aQ pnya ReTrO LamP Nya !!!

    Mau Ngax Aq Gax Skax !!!

    ( dont call me Atikah Ratu but Reztika Ratu )

    Atikah Ratu tu si gendut itu !

    Si Aisyah R(Atikah) Ratu Nur Swailiyar Azizah!

  103. Ratika Ratu Swailiyar Azizah Says:

    Halo… apa kabar semuanya … aku pusing banget …
    Jangan sedih Zaneta kalau tidak dapat retro lamp nya yah…
    Reztika kan punya … aku sebenarnya punya loh…

    Alhamdulillah kan ?
    Eh Zaneta , Panggil aku Tika aja

    Reztika – Aku Atika bukan Atikah dan namaku enggak pakai nur …

    Waduh… Pusing nih… ya udah .. Selamat Ibadah Puasa …


    Ke :
    Ariefiana – Lina – Virly – Tika – Zaneta – Aku dan semuanya !

    Ya Udah Assalamualaikum Semuanya !

    ( Waduh.. sepertinya aku sudah punya semuanya yang dicontelkan disitu deh ! )


  104. Geralda Margareta Says:

    Geralda kan nggak muslim Tik !
    Jadi Jail Sih !!!!!! …. Tika Maaf Ya !

    Jadi Berenang Gak ??

    Wah.. retro Lamp nya Bagus Ya !!

    ———————–GERALDA MARGARETA 6B—————————————–

  105. Hanan Dwi Risatih Cahya Says:

    Aduhai , Zaneta , Atika , Geralda , Tika – Sabarlah … biarkan bintang jatuh ke Ratih , Ampat kanan diusul kembali , campak diratuskan menjadi kosong dan ambar Putih yang disusul dengan cantik dan rapi kembali mumtaz

    Ampak dari farussalam ke yang mahit dan rampos alam jidad sambik.

    Hari Hari.. Ini puisi untuk Alby Tersayangku….. Aku cinta kamu selamanya…

    Amin ya Rabbal Alamin — Alby ( Agustus 4 , 1992 ) Hanan ( September 23 , 1992 )

    Aduh , Lupa’ Yah !… Oh , iya … teruskan lah …

    Aku Punya Retro Lamp sama Boneka Presiden Sihirnya itu .. tapi yang boneka fluffy itu belum .. Hanan belum dapatkan…

    ————-Hanan Dwi Ratih Cahya ❤ Alby A. Fadlirahman—————————-

  106. Salma dan Dina Says:

    Cieee… Hanan .. suka alby , yah ??
    Diakan mulutnya bau sekali !

    Aku aja lari” sampe ke kantin kalo kita ngjar2 kita !!


    Relasinsipasi nya !


  107. mlak Says:

    hey.. what’s up ??

  108. mlak Says:

    pleez gave me a gift 😀

  109. Psociety Says:

    I try so hard but i can’t found Merlin doll :/ and Hat… I really want to found

  110. saad shahid Says:

    one is a mayor wizard doll…second a couple of beakers…and a oil lamp

  111. gerobak Says:

    I got all of the new MB……2 each….so lucky 🙂
    There are retro oil lamp, merlin doll, and sell lab flasks….
    Is it gonna be a new fish or vegetables coming up on monday???

  112. Adie Says:

    I got the Merlin doll yesterday, it is very adorable 8D

  113. BLOG-O-RAMA « Pet Society Habitué Says:

    […] the Official PS Forum (Playfish) they are offering up blurry images as teasers for the new items yet-to-be-released! […]

  114. harumi Says:

    buh I want that cherry tree 😦

  115. Elii Says:

    the last one is an Old Oil Lamp, i got it 😀

  116. Nelson Says:

    The doll is a wizard doll, like merlin

  117. tareq ali Says:

    the science bottels and the wizerd bear doll and the candle in the glass thing

    i have them all

  118. Jimmy Says:

    Es el Mago Merlyn!!





  121. miguel Says:

    parece k son posiones magiscas la primera,el segundo un el mago merlin ,tercero pe ser una lampara

  122. Saad Says:


  123. Abhi43 Says:

    The first one is

    The three potions which you can buy from garden shop with playfish cash to grow plants instantly

  124. lola Says:

    got them ALL, Magig wizard doll, retro oil lamp in the 500 ones

  125. Daniel Says:

    what is going to be the nex thing in pet???

    about it will be about

  126. UltraLordDarkrai Says:

    I’ve got the blue mystery box item they are chemical bottles
    and i think that the other ines are dolls
    :* 😮 🙂 😦

  127. Lolaaa Says:

    It’s a dog

  128. Mamimi Says:

    A great doll ^^

  129. zoi Says:

    the (Blue Mystery Box) is three magical bottles. the first (Golden Mystery Box) is wizard doll.and the second (Golden Mystery Box)

  130. alexandra Says:

    i go first

  131. eliza hanum Says:

    payah…payah g bisa dimainin uuuuu pYAHH….

  132. laura Says:

    el 1 son tres esencias el 2 es merlin y el 3 es una botella con algo

  133. kenneth Says:

    what’s that item at the right?

  134. Fiffi Says:

    hmmm….. the things are really cool but a bit too expensive. The middle one looks likea doll that my friend have!! ^_^

  135. Belma Muftic Says:

    I think the second is a doll, and the first are bottles with chemical…
    hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm… :S

  136. jose Says:

    hola mi cola pelo

  137. jose Says:

    hola buenas ….

  138. Brittney Says:

    Are these items in the mystery boxes? How do you make sure that you get them all? I’m kinda confused, lol.

  139. santiago Says:

    mmmmq sera la ultima caja

  140. alejandra Says:

    muy bueno!!

  141. alejandra Says:

    el primero es un frasco, el segundo un mago y el tercero una botella!!

  142. sarah Says:

    havent gotten any pictures and have gotten so many boxes 😦

  143. Mysterious mystery box items | Pet Society Cheats Says:

    […] If you have followed PlayFish’ Pet Society newsletters, you would have noticed that three (3) new mystery items were added to the Mystery Boxes. Below are three of them taken from the game’s official blog entitle “Magic of Fiction?“: […]

  144. meena Says:

    the next theme is ramadan.. please! why you all didnt know such thing like that!?

  145. layla Says:

    please the next theme is ramadan.

  146. enxhie Says:

    did ramadan is the next theme in pet society?

  147. tina Says:

    gold is a dool

  148. giles Says:

    i am really unlucky in this… frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wish i am one of the persons that got one of it…like the persons at the middle………some of them got one….some of them even got all!:((

  149. Ghe Says:

    i saw a blue a wizard,green fairy & the last is a violet cute pet

  150. John patrick Says:

    Potions in the blue mystery box,the mayor /w a hat for wizards in the 1st golden mystery box,and a lamp…….I got it.

  151. Dista-kute! ♥ 4ever!?? lolx Says:

    r u a Muslim Saad?
    Me too! ^_^
    But i think PS
    R non Muslims!

  152. Kikirotari Says:

    i’ve got the third one in my first try, it’s an oil lamp or in my country it is called “lampu semprong”…kinda. But actually i really want a cute wizard doll…for anyone who got it…congrats you’re soooo lucky guys. it’s really cute…. i want it sooooo bad…and still trying but never got it… T T somebody please heeeeelp meeee….

  153. stone's Says:

    I think next week one is bout merdeka. the independent day of Malaysia.

  154. yoyo Says:

    I have them all !!

  155. Belma Muftic Says:

    lucky you.. i have just the doll…

  156. Michelle Says:

    damn…i’m never that lucky…i still can’t freakin get a cherry tree or a pendrake…WTH? grrrrrrrrrr

    DAMN U PET SOCIETY…DAMN Uuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Lioo Says:

    I hate the idea of cash shop

  158. Irene E. Concepcion Says:

    the new mystery box items is so cool..i wish i can hav one of that..

  159. kamila muñoz Says:

    hola amigossssssssssssss

  160. jah ramziah Says:


  161. Kurisuta Says:


  162. Kurisuta Says:

    bad news, I got golden wall ribbon instead of lab flasks decor

  163. rozha novtricya nurmania Says:

    i have a Merlin Doll and Retro Oil was awesome ,thank you pet society ,i love you ever 🙂

  164. Angel Says:

    hey!!! i have the rtro oil lamp thingy….its pretty cool….but it didn’t go with my house theme so i sold it….waaahhhh now i want it back….

  165. Pablituu Says:

    yo me compre la caja de 500 i me salio una pared re chota i la vendi y me dieron 99 monedas nomas ¬¬ vallanse a la PU.. KE LOS PARIO jum

  166. puppy Says:

    today i got the merlin doll!! yay!! now im buying thousands of blue mistery boxes attempting to find those good looking potion bottles!!! i bought like 40 blue mistery boxez and didnt find nothing. where are the botles????

  167. HaWttMo0FiiNs Says:

    I wanted to get that MERLIN DOLL , I am a huge fan of DOLLS. 😀 Can you make a lab theme next week? i want it! like you could have a lab coat and stuff… or you can make a ‘go around the world’ theme you could start with singapore we are a multi racial country you could have chinese items, malay items, indian items. it would be way cool — you could even make rojak and stuff! Please – pretty please with a cherry on top? I want them both ALOT . anyways, I WANT IT SO MUCH PLEASE MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!

  168. Mr 'Up' Says:

    got merlin doll and retro oil lamp (but sold :D) so no trading….

  169. Kayla Says:

    i want all these, they long pretty kool!

  170. paari Says:

    i got everything i am so lucky but too hard to try n i did it

  171. Felicitysloves Says:

    i got that merlin doll its soooo cute

  172. ian Says:

    i want the lab flask decor….i love potion…can anyone help me get it??

  173. Виталий Павленко Says:

    Добрый день! Нельзя ли ссылочками с вами обменяться?

  174. Lucrecia Panama Says:

    Thank you very much for your help, this has been a great reprieve from the books,

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