Go bananas!


Hey Pet Society fans! It’s that’s time of week again, where mysterious things occur in Pet Society! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can discover what is new.

To try and help everyone out, Sirius paid a visit to the Mystery Store to see “?” earlier, especially to ask what mysterious things he may be introducing. He appeared pretty busy though, and quickly muttered a couple of words about each, so see if you can guess what they might be:

  • Balinese crockery (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Go bananas! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Earthen fire (Golden Mystery Box)

These are all available now! Updated! Here are the images:




Kendi Pot Decor

Orangutan Doll

Clay Tealight Holder

As Sirius was walking home, she stopped to talk to the ducks by the fishing pond (did I mention she likes ducks?). Anyway, she left quite puzzled, as they told her there was something else new and mysterious around now, but she couldn’t work out what they were quacking about, can you?

Updated! The quacking has been translated, and you now have a chance of growing Jasmine from a Flower Seed!


Jasmine (from Flower Seed)

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

190 Responses to “Go bananas!”

  1. Utii Says:

    I want that Balinese tea pot! but i i can’t load my PS!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!…….

  2. georgia Says:

    i have to agree with you arvina

  3. mia Says:

    maintenance arrrrrrg !!!

  4. Carrot Says:

    Why not have Singapore for the next monday as a theme.And why everytime have maintance,i haven’t get my lottery today…Carrot is my pet.I will definetly buy the Singapore’s flag.I love Singapore…

  5. me Says:

    hi sonya!
    could u please not put anything in the mstery box that could be bought in the store??

    please…. 🙂

  6. Shanez Says:

    r u sure maintanence for like 14days pe society??????
    i can’t play!! please fix it immediately!
    i can’t get the TWS for ocean wonders! what a crab !!

  7. Mystery Says:

    Well you dont know my true identity?Because its maintenance duh!

  8. Katherine Says:

    Pet Society iz d best
    don’t ya agree

  9. Marcella Debby Says:

    OMG so this is mean i should work more hard to purchase a NEW GMB……..hahahahah PS is so fun!!

  10. audi Says:

    oh its the indonesian favorite
    im from indonesia my pet is chloe she have a kebaya,bali dancer and many more
    love indonesia

  11. Jasmine Lee Says:

    Pet Society Rules!!!

  12. isabel Says:

    my is isabel I the is go an people banana

  13. anais Says:

    aki no se ke poner kajajajajka

    ke se hace aki dijan po0′ porfis no se ji


  14. anais Says:


  15. anais Says:


  16. herdian Says:


  17. ruth Says:

    what’s that a new fish ? as (banana fish)

  18. Angela Says:

    Hay everyone, I am haven trubles catching some fish can anyone give me on some tips on how to do it……I have tryed but keep loosing my bat ever time, someone please help me………

  19. Aziz Says:

    thanks pet society

  20. athea Says:

    hey pet society,i have a wish,can you make a philppine theme soon! pet society rules and rocks! ;D

  21. athea Says:

    why cant I get those fishes! whishlist: anything and girly things please! also looking forward for friends in pet society I will add everyone!

  22. firewire Says:

    i totally love the cats but they are a little pricey for me, i hope to see more cats in the future 🙂

  23. feli Says:

    ☺:) (·_·)

  24. Claudio Says:

    Por favor respóndame alguien, no se porqué después de ir a cambiar los ojos de mi pet y al salir de la tienda estilista quedó sin ojos permanentemente, no le puedo poner ninguno… no se qué hacer, he optado por regalar todo lo que tengo al pet de mi esposa y dejar de jugar con el mio, me parece decepcionante que un detalle tan trivial como que la mascota tenga un par de ojos no funcione sin motivo alguno. Espero que alguien me ayude a encontrar una solución pronto o bloquearé esta aplicación como lo han hecho varios de mis amigos por situeaciones semejantes.

  25. Verlynn Says:

    i can’t save my changes in pet society!!!

  26. niharka Says:

    its a very good game.i want to join this but i am unable to do this.

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