Go bananas!


Hey Pet Society fans! It’s that’s time of week again, where mysterious things occur in Pet Society! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can discover what is new.

To try and help everyone out, Sirius paid a visit to the Mystery Store to see “?” earlier, especially to ask what mysterious things he may be introducing. He appeared pretty busy though, and quickly muttered a couple of words about each, so see if you can guess what they might be:

  • Balinese crockery (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Go bananas! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Earthen fire (Golden Mystery Box)

These are all available now! Updated! Here are the images:




Kendi Pot Decor

Orangutan Doll

Clay Tealight Holder

As Sirius was walking home, she stopped to talk to the ducks by the fishing pond (did I mention she likes ducks?). Anyway, she left quite puzzled, as they told her there was something else new and mysterious around now, but she couldn’t work out what they were quacking about, can you?

Updated! The quacking has been translated, and you now have a chance of growing Jasmine from a Flower Seed!


Jasmine (from Flower Seed)

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

190 Responses to “Go bananas!”

  1. Joshua Says:

    New Fish???

  2. CHOW Says:

    I still can’t get PS but I think there will be new fishes

  3. Cell Says:

    Nice pf!!

  4. fluffy Says:

    yay~ new GMB released 🙂
    i love pet society

  5. CHOW Says:


  6. Mary S Says:


    I’ve read that some items are going to be removed from mistery boxes. Is it true? Can we know when it’s going this to happen and if they will be now available in the future? Thanx

  7. Mary S Says:

    hello again!
    I’ve seen an open book in some of the houses I visited. When did appeared and where? Do you know please?

  8. pika Says:

    go bananas is orang utan doll

  9. Mary S Says:

    I think the pond it’s been a very good idea but I get sad when it tells me that the fish I’ve caught has to be returned to water. I’ve lost the bait and I have nothing to recycle and any paw points… And I stop fishing…

  10. Pet Society Maniac Says:

    Balinese is Indonesian. I live in Indonesia. Our independence is 17th August. Did Pet Society celebrate that?

  11. Bendi Says:

    Woohoo I got an orang utan doll from an expensive mystery box i opened just now. I guess that solves the go bananas! clue? 🙂

  12. geoggernaut Says:

    love it!

  13. pika Says:

    earthen fire is clay tealight holder.

  14. smileyach Says:

    yehey! got a banana fish:D excited to get new things on monday:D i love pet society! soo much!

  15. kaca Says:

    3rd yay

  16. ahhbee Says:

    i got a clam with pearl from the pond it’s sooo pretty

  17. Mary S Says:

    yeahhhhh I’ve the orangutan doll!!!

  18. chloe Says:

    an orangutan monkey doll, kendi pot decor & clay tealight holder!!! : )

  19. Rizqik Says:

    I love Bananas

  20. martina Says:

    3rd one to comment! nice items 🙂 if i see em hehe

  21. John Michael Says:

    i cant play bacause pet society is under maintenance so sad 😦


  22. maria Says:

    CHLOE! gift me please.. please.. please..

  23. mims Says:

    can’t wait to check out the new mystery stuff. my fb is still under maintenance but i hope it will be ok soon 🙂

  24. kiara Says:


  25. icetea Says:

    wauuu…thanks a lot pet society…..
    that’s Mystery Items from my country, indonesiaa !!!
    indonesia birthday at 17th august, sooo…

    Hope TWS will have a lot of indonesian item

  26. gwen Says:

    wish to get the new items ^^

  27. ius Says:

    indonesian”s theme week.yay!..like it

  28. fLm Says:

    ps is under maintenance. huhu.

  29. purssypink Says:

    is Red Salomon a new fish??i caught 1

  30. John Michael Says:

    ………….OHHHHH MYYYYYY!…………………..
    ………”UNDER MAINTENANCE”……………….
    ………………….IN THE………………………….
    …………….. 😦 PHILIPPINES 😦 ………………

  31. John Michael Says:

    …………………….ITS A……………………….
    ……………..SHELL WITH A PEARL ………….

  32. aboudyo Says:

    wen al image

  33. Kevin Says:

    I think next week’s theme is

  34. talay Says:

    Why maintenance every day? Play a 2 hour maintenance again!
    I want to play longer.

  35. bubu Says:

    nice MB but….I can not play,,, undergoing some maintenance again and again and again ….nooooooo….till when? please fix this problem playfish..I am sick of this

  36. guishy Says:

    im always error:(

  37. Alessa Says:

    Wish I get one of these new items….

  38. toto Says:

    LOL to PS 😀

  39. whew Says:

    atlast, maintenance done!

  40. efe Says:

    neden açılmıyor

  41. momo Says:

    @ Kevin – Yes, it is! Silje said in the Indonesian Week thread in the feedback & suggestion forum that there might be some indo stuff next week 😉 Monday is 17 August, just in time for Indonesian Independence Day! I too, am an Indonesia, so I’m very happy 😀 Thanks PF, but get us out of maintenance 😛

  42. Katez Says:

    Pet society have been in maintenance for nearly a week! Pls get us out of maintenance!
    P.S Can’t wait for the Indonesian theme in pet society 🙂

  43. mario Says:

    still maintenance…. i can’t play…

  44. nail Says:


  45. nail Says:


  46. fufurtee Says:

    wow! i’m Indonesian, so I’m so happy that PF also celebrate Indonesia independence day 🙂

  47. unknown fan Says:

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  48. Santiago Says:

    hola y gracias

  49. Xiao_Bai Says:

    We need to get out frm the maintenance mode.. We cant playyyyyyyyyyy 😦

  50. Amina Says:

    boohoo ma ps sux..
    but, excited enuff to check out d new stuffs..WD again!!

  51. laila castro Says:

    nadie habla español???.x q yo no entendi una mrda

  52. petlover Says:

    naksss…..wats new??? i love this^^

  53. maix Says:

    one of the new stuff on the pond is a clam with a pearl 🙂

  54. Rachele Says:

    The monkey doll is so cute!!!

  55. Diane Says:

    Caught a pink clam with a pearl inside using a carrot 🙂

  56. Santiago Says:

    hola y gracisa

  57. siska Says:

    yes yes yes, tks pet society

  58. koikukan Says:

    Maintenance forever?? Couldn’t log in for several days…..

  59. Lez Says:

    Go Bananas must be an orangutan doll. i got it. very qt!!!

  60. lhanie Says:

    i’m sick of this… i can play pet society again, still undergoing some maintenance….
    what happen with pet.. gggrrrrr….

  61. audiTT Says:

    INDONESIA !!!!

    17th August Indonesia’s Independence Day


    I Hope Batik is in the clothes Store

    but maybe food and Beverages made from Indonesia is available

    Love INDONESIAAAA !!!!!

  62. Kseniya Says:

    In monday will be Indonesia’s week 🙂 u can see the new items here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4x6l26hLWg

  63. fluffy Says:

    i got the orangutan doll and the clay tealight today, both from the GMB.. how do you get the clam with pearl?

  64. lovy Says:


  65. lovy Says:

    🙂 😦 :3 8) 😛 :V :*

  66. lovy Says:


  67. cherie Says:

    please add me!!

  68. paz Says:

    como puedo jugar si no puedo q ago ?? pofa alludenmeeeee por q
    el juego esvacan ya xaoooooooooo

  69. sucker Says:

    indonesia suck a lot
    u all r terrorist

  70. berry Says:

    how can we get those stuffs if it’s ALWAYS ON MAINTENANCE..??

  71. Jonatan Says:

    Hay nuevos Peces

  72. Jonatan Says:

    Mantenimiento every Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. jubjub Says:

    Why pet society always maintenance?
    i wanna play too much,pls fix it!!

  74. krazukat Says:

    I got the Orangutan doll! I’m looking forward to Indo stuff!!!

  75. lucia Says:


  76. CARLOS NONES Says:


  77. Saad Says:

    ps suks!

  78. CARLOS NONES Says:

    🙂 ja ja ja ok

  79. loretoooo Says:


  80. Anni Says:

    Sonya, please stop devaluing items before removing them from the shops. I am so disappointed that many items I have became much less valuable, for example, the colourful clock, the floral hat, candle stick, etc.

  81. ignacio Says:


  82. Rebeca Says:


    I want to propose a new idea!!

    Could pet society create a new shop in which we can buy frames for our pet society`s photos??? so we can hand them,and we have our own pictures!!

    Could you think about it?

  83. nicolas piñol Says:

    hola putos hablen en castellano pajeros la re concha de tu hermana pet society de mierda, no anda nunca soretes malcagados. El que lo invento es un tremendo retardado, ¡¡¡porque siempre esta en mantenimiento!!! es una mierda la re concha de tu madre pet society de mierda la re puta q te re puta pario puto de mierdo, forro pinchado, pajero, manicero, vendedor de sorete, com,o mierda se te ocurrio cash shop chupa pija, toda la mierda que escriben en esta pagina de mierda esta todo en ingles y por esta puta razon nunca puedo entrar en las putas competencis mierda la re puta q los pario putossss. atentamente nicolas piñol la re concha de su madre. todo esto para el puto inventor del pet porongada society. ¡¡¡la re concha de tu madre!!!! puto

  84. nicolas piñol Says:


  85. nicolas piñol Says:

    g bananas es una porongada porque no se ven las cosas de las cajas misteriosas agan una puta pagina en castellano para asi me entienden putos del orto.

  86. Stephanie Says:

    Woah, that’s cool.. I wonder what the ducks where babbling about..? New fishies?
    New rods..?
    And Cool mystery items!

  87. casey mclovely Says:

    oh my! thankyou ! indonesias independent day! thankyouthhankyou! i love pet society!!!

  88. casey mclovely Says:

    hate maintenance! bcoz of maintenance, my brothers didnt want to play ps againnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. casey mclovely Says:

    balinese? i live in bali! ❤ bali<3pet s.

  90. stefi Says:

    please if someone has something out of the new inems
    …….. …….. fish or put a picture

  91. J Says:

    Ugh,please get us out of maintenance already!I hate waking up in the morning only to see that stupid MAYOR!

  92. Natalia Says:

    I wannaa see them!
    i cant discoveredd 😐
    Naty Depp

  93. IZEL Says:


  94. IZEL Says:


  95. hannah Says:

    hoping for a philippine theme soon!!!

  96. Dorothy Kezia Says:

    Eh, Go Bananas itu apaan sih??!! Gw gak ngertiii!!

  97. Bea JGC. Says:

    Hi Sonya! and Pet Society Team, Thank you very much! Finally I could play this week. I would like to spend a lot of time playing PS as before! I realized that you are doing your best! At last I could fish today but I did not catch some new items fish! I have not found ten of all! =) … Talk about bananas… that make me think in jungle! … Let’s wait to see!

  98. hakeem Says:

    yyya quiero cosaas nuevas pero no carasss

  99. rosela Says:

    pet society is maintenance

  100. Chalisa Says:

    I wonder what will they make…??

  101. Bea JGC. Says:


  102. kafushik Says:

    yah..philipine theme sooonn./..

  103. Pepeng Says:

    wow ORang Utan Doll, Kendi Pot clay…. i gueest this is so Indonesian…so Monday will be a new theme for Indonesian Independence Day 17th August….right ?? anyway i’ve already have my own Red and White Room to celebrate it…. cant wait for Monday then … :)))

  104. Bea JGC. Says:

    Hello Pepeng! I wish it be Indonesian items! It would be great that Sonya and all Pet Society Team consider do that! and do the same with all the Countries that support Pet Society! What is Indonesia language? Greetings from Venezuela!

  105. ashley Says:

    hey pet society….great thing about go banana… i am just leaving this messegebecause on my account on facebook (pet society), am having problems opening some presents that i have on my house of pet society… because i have those presents i cantplay pet society, everything gets very slow and like in 5 hours i just open 5 or 6 presents.
    thank you for the atenttion andi hope playfish soppurt can help me…

    att: ashley

  106. Chloe Says:

    yes! mabuhay ang pilipinas!!!! pls. pet society, put up a philippine theme!!!

  107. ruiz Says:

    can this pet society have a language that is tagalog?………………because i live in phillippines………………………………..

  108. top Says:


  109. Mark Says:

    Yes! sonia please Make a PHILIPPINE THEME…i’m looking forward to it…

  110. John Says:

    please please please make a PHILIPPINE THEME for petsoc!:D

  111. Bubeleh Says:

    Wow, Balinese stuff!!
    I love how international Playfish is! Celebrating another exciting country each week 🙂

    I cannot wait for the Orangutang doll (bananas) and the Crockery – but what is Earthen Fire exactly? Pottery? (sorry for my ignorance)

    And OH I am so looking forward to the Special Indonesian Food items this week! And furniture that will go so well with all the tiki and ocean stuff 🙂

  112. Bubeleh Says:

    Yum and I already got the new waffle in the Cafe!

    Also someone has been growing a new pot flower in the garden – Jasmine!

  113. suri Says:

    hoping for a philippine theme soon . . . thanks ps! : )

  114. Richa Says:

    pet society rocks!!! but please, stop the maintenance!!!
    i can’t wait for tomorrow’s new items!

  115. khaled Says:

    i want ramadan things 0plaese u are noty heehehehhh

  116. khaled Says:


  117. FRANCIS Says:

    cheer up filipinos!! we should have our own theme!

    for boys:
    Barong Tagalog
    for girls
    Baro’t Saya

    ANY delicacy. PHILIPPINES HAVE MANY!! :>

    bahay kubo

    -POND !!
    pandaca pygmea (world’s smallest fish 🙂 )

    phil. pearls!! and golds!!

  118. Belda Says:

    I’m waiting for a new agin okay Play fish don’t be miss it bye….

  119. Lee x Says:

    heyy pet society i luved ur mermaid + under the sea theme 😀 plz cud we hav a bit of free playfish cash so we can support the wwf???

  120. sucker Says:

    pet society is fucking sux onli sohai play tis game!

  121. Belony Says:


  122. bobo Says:


  123. mariana Says:

    soy una cacaaaa

  124. Ice Says:

    wow, da maintenance too long perday…i hardly even play for 2 hours, then they show under maintenance, until now, the game haven’t resume.

  125. moni ^^ Says:

    where is the pic
    i cant see it

  126. Teddy Says:

    wow can’t wait to see the items!! GO PET SOCIETY!!!

  127. Teddy Says:

    😀 😉

  128. Aury Says:


  129. Ella Says:

    I got the new fish it is called a golden butterfly fish 🙂

  130. Ivana Says:

    great 🙂

  131. Aury Says:

    what will be the new items? who know?

  132. Kurisuta Says:

    hey chalisa, I wanna add you as my friend please…

  133. karen escarate Says:

    muy bkn

  134. María del perpetuo socorro Says:

    arigatogudaymas pet sosiete-chan o kun nandativayo arigato

  135. Arvina Says:

    Go Bananas? maybe it some sort of Banana-shaped items, or maybe a Banana Boat item…

  136. cloudykitty Says:

    Can’t wait to see Philippines’ and Malaysia’s items! Oh, and Ramadhan too.

    I’m an Indonesian, and I’m SO in love with that Cendrawasih in the Cash Shop! (Can’t afford it…). Love the cat decors, though I wish the TWS and new items weren’t so expensive, I can barely afford stuff like that…

  137. Jessica Says:

    For Malaysian National Day……I wish for some Malaysian stuff so as to share with my foreigners friend.thk u

  138. angeles Says:

    por favor escriban en español

  139. zhu zhu Says:

    take a pig in my live

  140. zhu zhu Says:


  141. pauu Says:

    dear pet society fans: this week (aug. 17) the items are from indonesiA!!
    I open 20 mystery boxes (yellow) and there was 2 items that call my attencion:
    A amazing monkey!! it is brown, it is..well just precious!!
    And the oder one was canndle in a kind of pot… i think the monkey and canndle ae the items od this week (items of indonesia)
    Hahaha my comment s pretty like pepeng but its true….are the new items!! haha well i ont know if u understan my commet…cause’ im from chile….well..i hope u understand…

    with love: pauu

  142. jes chus Says:

    bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bye i m mymymymymy jajagoodd bye

  143. jes chus Says:

    I love pet sossyeti

  144. Emilia Says:

    What the hell is going on with Pet Society???? The last time I played was a week ago because I cannot play!!!!! Solve this problem now!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick and tired of the f$%&ing manteinance!!!!!!!!!!

  145. mica Says:

    Please i want play! What is maintenance? what are you doing that we cant play?

  146. mica Says:

    please i want know whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  147. Lalo Lasta Says:

    Porque Siempre q qiero entrar a mi mega juego ” Pet society” Siempre me aparece el alcalde cuando stan arrglando algo poniendo cosas nuevas?
    por favor avisenme xq o si no cierro la aplicaciones..
    ii no me gstaria hacer eso!

  148. AMALIA Says:




  149. kurt Says:

    please philipines will be next ah…. ty☺

  150. Nusha Says:

    Hace una semana que casi no puedo entrar porque esta siempre en reparaciòn!!!!! Grrrrr…….

  151. Utii Says:

    I want that Balinese tea pot! but i i can’t load my PS!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!…….

  152. georgia Says:

    i have to agree with you arvina

  153. mia Says:

    maintenance arrrrrrg !!!

  154. Carrot Says:

    Why not have Singapore for the next monday as a theme.And why everytime have maintance,i haven’t get my lottery today…Carrot is my pet.I will definetly buy the Singapore’s flag.I love Singapore…

  155. me Says:

    hi sonya!
    could u please not put anything in the mstery box that could be bought in the store??

    please…. 🙂

  156. Shanez Says:

    r u sure maintanence for like 14days pe society??????
    i can’t play!! please fix it immediately!
    i can’t get the TWS for ocean wonders! what a crab !!

  157. Mystery Says:

    Well you dont know my true identity?Because its maintenance duh!

  158. Katherine Says:

    Pet Society iz d best
    don’t ya agree

  159. Marcella Debby Says:

    OMG so this is mean i should work more hard to purchase a NEW GMB……..hahahahah PS is so fun!!

  160. audi Says:

    oh its the indonesian favorite
    im from indonesia my pet is chloe she have a kebaya,bali dancer and many more
    love indonesia

  161. Jasmine Lee Says:

    Pet Society Rules!!!

  162. isabel Says:

    my is isabel I the is go an people banana

  163. anais Says:

    aki no se ke poner kajajajajka

    ke se hace aki dijan po0′ porfis no se ji


  164. anais Says:


  165. anais Says:


  166. herdian Says:


  167. ruth Says:

    what’s that a new fish ? as (banana fish)

  168. Angela Says:

    Hay everyone, I am haven trubles catching some fish can anyone give me on some tips on how to do it……I have tryed but keep loosing my bat ever time, someone please help me………

  169. Aziz Says:

    thanks pet society

  170. athea Says:

    hey pet society,i have a wish,can you make a philppine theme soon! pet society rules and rocks! ;D

  171. athea Says:

    why cant I get those fishes! whishlist: anything and girly things please! also looking forward for friends in pet society I will add everyone!

  172. firewire Says:

    i totally love the cats but they are a little pricey for me, i hope to see more cats in the future 🙂

  173. feli Says:

    ☺:) (·_·)

  174. Claudio Says:

    Por favor respóndame alguien, no se porqué después de ir a cambiar los ojos de mi pet y al salir de la tienda estilista quedó sin ojos permanentemente, no le puedo poner ninguno… no se qué hacer, he optado por regalar todo lo que tengo al pet de mi esposa y dejar de jugar con el mio, me parece decepcionante que un detalle tan trivial como que la mascota tenga un par de ojos no funcione sin motivo alguno. Espero que alguien me ayude a encontrar una solución pronto o bloquearé esta aplicación como lo han hecho varios de mis amigos por situeaciones semejantes.

  175. Verlynn Says:

    i can’t save my changes in pet society!!!

  176. niharka Says:

    its a very good game.i want to join this but i am unable to do this.

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