Ocean Wonders


Hey Pet Society fans! Take a journey to the ocean depths this week with the stores across Pet Society stocking new items to transform your home to a magical underwater destination! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to explore the ocean theme! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 17th of August, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

To ensure you are ready for an underwater adventure, Lily has the perfect outfits in the Clothes Store this week!



Mermaid Dress

Blue Goldfish Gown (TWS)



Shell Hairpin

Seastar Hairpin

To complete your fish or mermaid look, “?” has some new potions in the Mystery Store, so be sure to pay him a visit!



Blue Bubble Potion

Pink Bubble Potion

Give a room, or your entire house, an ocean makeover this week with the fantastic shell pieces in the Furniture Store. The new Lobster Doll would like to remind you that life is best in the ocean!




Conus Decor (TWS)

Lobster Doll

Nautilus Decor




Shell Hall Chest

Shell Collection Decor (TWS)

Shell Table




Shell Small Mirror

Shell Basket

Shell Jewellery Box Decor




Shell Wall Candle

Shell Wall Decor (TWS)

Shell Wind Chime

Felicity has the finest touches for your ocean paradise in Luxury Store with the gorgeous Shell Chair and Full Length Mirror (which you may wish to pretend to use when fixing your Shell or Seastar Hairpin in place).



Shell Chair

Shell Full Length Mirror

Terrence has the exquisite Luminous Sea Fan ready to light up the ocean floor in the Cash Shop this week! Plus, the Jellyfish Bowl and Shell Folding Screen will provide a slice of underwater life anywhere in your pet’s home!




Luminous Sea Fan

Jellyfish Bowl

Shell Folding Screen

To complete your ocean paradise, Grumble introduces the very fine Seaweed Curtains to the D.I.Y. Depot, along with the Seafloor, and to make your sea home fit for royalty, some Underwater Palace Wallpaper.




Seaweed Curtain


Underwater Palace Wallpaper

For all pets that prefer nature above the surface, the Garden Store also has some new additions this week! There’s now a chance that purchasing a Tree Seed could grow a Cherry Tree! Also, Mrs. Appleblossom has a couple of brand new pots for all of your homegrown flowers in store.


Cherry Tree (from Tree Seed)



Green Clay Pot

Pink Ribbon Pot

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?) in store this week!

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380 Responses to “Ocean Wonders”

  1. Mario Says:

    Nice ones 😀

  2. Coke Says:


  3. Mau Says:

    Now a gain!!

  4. Gabby Says:

    Awsome! :]

  5. uchenna Says:

    Very nice shell items Petsoc!

  6. sandy3q Says:

    cool!!! i love the new cherry tree… to bad i havent got one yet

  7. Agustín Says:


  8. Cake Says:

    OK…. Not bad…….

  9. Angel M Says:

    Nice!!!! 🙂

  10. Meaghan Says:

    Live the items!!! Glad there’s not too many TWS…I’m tapped out from last week.

  11. Meaghan Says:

    I mean *love. Lol

  12. Mica Says:

    Por que no me dejan jugar? No es que yo unicamente tenga el problema es que una amiga mia, por ejemplo, puede jugar, por que yo no? Ponen los mejores objetos nuevos y para colmo no se puede entrar

  13. Javier Says:

    grrrrrrrrrrr im out for maintenance

  14. Fernanda Says:

    OMG! i see and i buy everithyng!! [not cash shop] its amazing!!

  15. Vero Says:

    I CAN´T LOG IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HOLE WEEK HAVE PROBLEMS!!!! BUT TONIGHT IT´S TOO MUCH! I´M TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!!

  16. Robert Says:

    Haha! No way is my pet wearing those girly mermaid outfits! But, no Food TWS?

  17. Anseb Says:

    Wow the new items are so beautiful!!! I love the cherry tree!!! *0*

  18. Carolina Says:

    It’s not fair… there are no clothes for male pets ¬¬

  19. grüni Says:

    looooooooooooove them. i usually never redecorate my room when new items are out, but this time i couldn’t resisit. so beautiful. i love the theme!

  20. Bea Says:

    Hi Sonya! Congratulations! I love all ocean wonders items! I would like ask you something: I have heard (better read =) Hahaha) that there is a webpage where people can enter with other searcher and some other words about the famous MAINTENANCE. Could you please do something to stop that MAINTENANCE? We are tired to see the same in our computer. Let’s play on Pet Society! Pleaaaaaaseeeeee!

  21. Catu Says:

    this would be great if you could just end the darn maintenance already.

  22. Aury Says:

    very nice items pet society!!! I lo ve it!!! congratulations… 🙂

  23. delia andreina Says:

    en el comedor de mi cas en la mesa donde esta la computadora de internet

  24. delia andreina Says:

    en el comedor de mi casa en la mesa donde esta la computadora de internet

  25. feli Says:

    que ande el pet por favor

  26. delia andreina Says:

    http:blog.petsociety.com/2009/08/10/ocean-wonders/#com ment-27892

  27. eLLiveN Says:

    well it is really great items this week… but why isnt there clothes for males… hehehe… and about the food… i was hoping that there would be a TWS for the food section… im a food collector in PetSoc… hehehe…. as in… from the very first time i join the game i started collecting.. hehehe….

    well hope you will still release great and awesome items…
    More Powers…

  28. raintan Says:


  29. Thais Says:

    wow!!!! Very nice!!!

  30. Hahahaha Says:

    Me encanta el pet society…! lo q no me gusta es q esta semana casi no he podido abrir y jugar con mi mascota xq la pagina me sale en mantenimiento… aqui les dejo una idea para el pet society y los arreglos de la proxima semana: hice una pequeña encuesta con mis amigas que tinen un pet y me dijeron que les gustaria que hubiecen cosas un poco mas economicas o que los vecinos den un poko mas de dinero para poder comprar cosas nuevas en una tienda nueva.. porque la verdad varias de mis amigas se han desanimado con este juego por tener siempre las misma cosas y las mismas tiendas… seria divertido tener un chat en la cafeteria con varias personas que hablenb nuestro mismo idioma…! y seria muy interesante poder comprar que se yo un carro o una moto para pasear por el vecindario y recoger las monedas de los arboles…! ya que cada vez que tenemos mas amigos la vecindad se hace mas grande y se me hace mas dificil o mas aburrido caminar por los arboles..! tambien seria divertido o emocionante poder tener cosas para un lavandero..! o sea que nuestra ropa se ensucie con lodo y poderla lavar en nuestra lavadora y secar en la secadora y plancharla… o poder comprar alimentos en un merado mas grande y no poder comerlos sin prepararlos.. al estilo de restaurante city. tambien seria muy divertido tener una piscina en la sociedad o poder ser amiga del alcalde y el darte tips a cerca del juego. Seria muy pero muy pero muy genial si pudieramos tener un amigo o vecino nuestro como pareja es decir como novio..! o algo asi.. a todas mis amigas les encanto la idea… a y tambien seria bueno que para la proxima semana tener cosas al estilo personas del futuro como la dueña de la tienda de las cosas tecnologicas…! Bueno eso es todo por ahora..!

    Att: ozhitax venezolana
    Y la Pet: Trixxy..!<3

  31. tina Says:

    Pet Society, bad !!!!!!

  32. loretoooo Says:

    me encanta !!!!

  33. G Says:

    Cool! Love the new items 🙂

  34. ???mystery??? Says:

    finnaly best items in furniture and not in the piece of rubbish c.s

  35. Alien Says:

    Fabulous!! Everything is so pretty and they go well with the new items I got from GMB!

  36. c Says:

    this would be great if you could just end the darn maintenance already.

  37. marilou Says:

    am sure i’ll be enjoying your new items. thanks.

  38. LYNN Says:

    Clothes for mens?????????????????????????
    donde esta la ropita para los pets varones………… pobre de mi psyco………….. 😦

  39. Gwen Says:

    too bad I can’t play Pet Society !!! It got Error while loading page from Pet Society

  40. Natalia Says:

    Natalia Diaz I have stooped the program to be able to play to the game, but nevertheless it does not walk. Do I understand(include) that the game this one being hacked
    but can u do something in order that the people who only wants to play could open it for the game?
    Thank you.

  41. zahra Says:

    oohh well my gud luck my account is always available…n g8 stuff i’ve already decorated my room..but sadly i replacd it wid my terrce garden…and aftr buying sum stuff my pets lvel compeletd n i got new room..gosh!!!! i’m soo sad dat i replace my terrce garden wid da underwater stufff…if i new it i’ll nvr hav done it…i feel soo sad… 😦

  42. Kevin Says:

    what? some looks good but some not.

  43. Meekos Says:

    I wish they would fix the pots released a week ago… they are too small and the soil shows above the pot’s rim. I have not been able to buy any of those because of that.

  44. zahra Says:

    sony jus a suggestion..it wud b very nice if dere b some sort of bed wid shells..or sumthing like dat…it wud really luk like a mermaid’s room..or may b a dressing or cuboard etc…or sumthing very different to decorate n fill da room…n by da way i luuuvvvvv dat shell chair…g8 work sonya… u r da best!!!!!! ;P

  45. Isabelle Says:

    love it! i have my fishtank full of rares! good theme!

  46. zahra Says:

    sony jus a suggestion..it wud b very nice if dere b some sort of bed wid shells..or sumthing like dat…it wud really luk like a mermaid’s room..or may b a dressing or cuboard etc…or sumthing very different to decorate n fill da room…n by da way i luuuvvvvv dat shell chair…g8 work sonya… u r da best!!!!!! 😉

  47. mali2217 Says:

    is perfect this week 😀

  48. wind Says:


  49. Pablituu Says:

    no puedo entrar al pet LPM!!!! :@ x ke no arreglan ese probemilla u.u boee igual re lindis las cosas 🙂 un poco caras pero bue es lo ke ai 😉

  50. Wing Chi Says:

    Oh~so good!!!This week is good!!!!!!!!!

  51. Harbella Says:

    ..love this theme..but cant get into my pet society..

  52. Bubbles Baby Says:

    y isnt any new things on bebo…..it’s a” on facebooook

  53. maya Says:

    these items are really nice!:D 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!thx petsociety!<3

  54. Rachel Says:

    You know what? I like it so much that I bought all of them…. and I mean every single one……

  55. Sonia Says:


    Its been almost 10 days and i m not able to log in on pet society

  56. Aim Says:


  57. Aim Says:

    payah ah gak bisa log in

  58. Aim Says:

    masa selalu gini sih?

  59. Aim Says:

    kalo gitu msm

  60. ezo Says:

    yessss tyeb bass lal banet 3andeh kil teb el banet

  61. Nadzre Says:


  62. amanda Says:

    can do something about the maintenance? It maintenance almost whole week for last week.

  63. bhem Says:

    What’s the new MB??? Anyone has the pictures yet???

  64. Regine Says:

    sexy bgt dech

  65. Bea Says:

    Wow! Congratulations Sonya! Good Job! This week is fabulous to colect all items on Pet Society I gonna ask you something. Why our pet do not take the food from a table? You have personified our pet so much I think it would be a great idea it take it from the table. I love Pet Society so much! =)

  66. jessica Says:

    cool stuff!! but can you cut down the time for maintenance…

  67. kaca Says:

    nice items

  68. siska Says:

    nice, thank you pet society

  69. sherwyn Says:

    im done decorating my room..lovely2 items

  70. eunhye Says:

    Very lovely items this week… But i’d to try for 4 hours before i could login…

  71. Violinzaa Says:

    Really nice items!!i love u PF!!thx silje..:)

  72. Inn Says:

    how long it going to be under maintenance??? I’ve try log in for 3 hours….

  73. josephine Says:

    recently pet society keep on under going for maintenance…now also!! i wanna play aa!! keep on maintenance on day time make me no time for it… sad!! @@

  74. J Says:

    Aww,I want to buy the lobster doll and underwater palace wallpaper but I’m under maintenance.Pleeeaassssseeee finish maintenance quickly!*crosses fingers*

  75. Reztika Ratu Tri Apriyana Says:

    Haha… Lina dan Virly nggax duluan hehehehe…… cute bgt top nya !!

  76. martina Says:

    hehe ive been a mermaid ill wear my faerie colletion tomorrow again…

  77. martina Says:

    i wish there was a mermaid at the pond hmmmmm….

  78. George Says:

    If you can get apple fish, banana fish, coconut fish, orange fish and cupcake fish, can you get carrot fish and other vegetable fish from your homegrown gardens?
    Can you get cherry fish also? thanks 😀

  79. crn_cham Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  80. Yooz Says:


  81. tatiana Says:

    and chile??????

  82. romo Says:

    What? No new clothes for the boys?

  83. Mellisa Says:

    cool……….. Asome…………………… i like the dress

  84. Jia Yi Says:

    love it! i think i am gonna change my living room’s theme into the under water theme!

  85. Amina Says:

    fabulous stuffs…tnx PF!:D

  86. Cell Says:

    I still can’t get into pestociety 😦

  87. nicole Says:

    umm sonya my pet is a boy and the new cothes are only for girls!?!?!?!?! what the heck

  88. marchu Says:

    hello happiness!!!, regrettably we are sad because last week we have not been able to play with this game, today neither we can enter, I am not me alone but almost all my contacts that are not few, have this problem, we have not been able to buy anything because he/she tells us that this in maintenance, please we want to be able to play… thank you somebody can solve us this? 😦 😦 We are Argentinean

  89. martina Says:

    umm sonya it would b great if u make sum thing like um dolls.. green dolls pllsss lets go green!!!

  90. Tina Says:

    The system is now undergoing the maintainance again??? When will it be done?????
    I wanna play it…………………..

  91. nour Says:

    these things r sooooooooooooo cute wish i could get them but im broke

  92. wei Says:

    maintenance ?

  93. paulavrf Says:

    I can’t log in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I I´M TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!!stop that MAINTENANCE!!!!! I’m form Argentina, and i’m under MAINTENANCE for 2 weeks

  94. Rii Says:

    CUTEE !!
    I LOVE IT !
    but it’s MAINTENANCE again 😦
    I haven’t bought those yet T.T

  95. Susana Julia Caccia Says:

    Señores yo soy usuria de Pet Society mi diversion hasta aora era tener mi casi mi Pet y jugar, pero no se que pasa que deja de funcionar, lo van a sacar? no les interesa? ya que casi no colocan elementos interesantes para ir cambiando la casita, o lo van a hacer pago x eso lo cortan? quisiera una respuesta asi dejo de perder mi tiempo, me parece una real falta de respeto hacia el usuario y un total desinteres de vuestra parte, es lamentable!!!

  96. catalinaa Says:


  97. luciano Says:

    hola quiero saber por q no se puede entrar al pet como antes?

  98. unknown fan Says:

    nice items 😀
    i’ll change my first room decor immediatly!!!!!! 😛

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  99. tareq ali Says:

    sonya i’d like to work in play fish — pet society but im still a kid .

    about th new thing its awesome but in the clothes there is nothing new for a male pet 😦

  100. caaam (: Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaai no me anda pet society 😦 yo qiero comprar cositaas pero no aanda qe maal (N) fo alguien sabe xq no anda (?)

  101. tareq ali Says:

    sonya i want to add you as my friend in face book just to see ur pet 🙂 plzzzzzzzzzzz

  102. ''?'' Says:

    yeah whatever i have a new plane now i will put evil stuff in boxes so every body buy a box it may … booooooooooooooooom and cant apload the game again muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  103. Cata Says:

    Siempre en mantenimiento.. que aburrido

  104. tareq ali Says:

    i want to add sonya to be my friend in facebook coz i want to see her pet pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease sonya please 😦

  105. feli Says:

    por favor que ande el pet

  106. maria de los angeles gutierrez Says:

    everyone is very nice but if you do not remove maintenance as we can go to buy it please enter solucionenlo order today if possible thank you very much in advance

  107. maria de los angeles gutierrez Says:

    we want solutions to the maintenance

  108. maria de los angeles gutierrez Says:

    sonya want solutions for maintenance and no soy de venezuela we go to buy new things, thanks antamano

  109. Kseniya Says:

    Love it ! ❤

  110. salome Says:

    hya no he podido poderme agregar q juego tan malo uno le esta dando para entrar y nada como hago mandeme la esplicacion a mi msn por favor

  111. eliana Says:

    nunca puedo sacar peces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. nelly flores Says:

    se les pide de favor, si pudieran publicar los avisos del alcalde,, asi como otras notificaciones en ESPAÑOL, ya que habemos muchas personas que nos gusta entrar en el play fish, pero no dominamos el idioma,,,, ojala tomen en cuenta esta sdugerencia

  113. Zoot Says:

    Are we any closer to gifting fish?

  114. fasje Says:

    Its been a whole week of the maintanance! its horrible to see them,to read about the fabulous items and not be able to playyyyyyyyyyyyy or to bye them ! please stop it ! have mercy of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😦

  115. ???mystery??? Says:

    Hey sonia i thougt you said pet society would be running more better and not show the freaken mayors face everytime. here some ideas by the way can you put in a real estate place where you use COINS to bye knew rooms my rooms are filled and but in the mayors office. sonia answer back please

  116. GABRIELA Says:

    hola soy gabriela de argentina que pasa en mi paIS QUE EL PETS NO FUNCIONA…. POR FAVOR ARREGLENLO PRONTO…. QUE ME DIVIERTO MUCHO

  117. patricia Says:

    no puedo entrar!!!!!!!! todo esta lindo llevo intentando casi 2 semanas en entrar en varior horarios el mismo dia y no puedo!!!! hagan algo!!!!!!!!!!! xfavorrrr….ñ….soy adicta a ese juego!!!!!!

  118. Montzerrat Says:

    Me encanta!!!!!

  119. Bea Says:

    I would like to play right now! -_-

  120. honour Says:

    pet society has been under constant maintenance lately and it’s so frustrative! i havent been able to log on since yesterday and couldnt have seen all these new stuff yet… 😦

  121. Christina Says:


  122. feli Says:


  123. Sisi Says:

    Hola estoy algo triste pues tengo ya una semana intentando jugar con mi mascota y siempre me dice que esta en mantenimiento, por favor creadores de ptsociety hagan algo!!!!!!

  124. Sisi Says:

    maintenance ?Again…. (‘,’)

  125. ivan Says:

    why i cannot play pet society

  126. the traveler Says:

    pet society

  127. wei jun Says:

    is there a pine apple fish? what is the bait for sheepfish?

  128. bauti09 Says:

    es genial lastima que nunca anda pet society :@ aparece que se esta arreglando :@

  129. honeyy Says:

    Hi Sonia, i think u should know there are a lot of complaints on the forum regarding this “group maintenance” Wonder if you or some one or anyone from Playfish can give us an explanation of what’s going on. I think this is fair for all affected player to know what happen and at least an estimation of when we can play again. To show some respect, please action asap…..

  130. Veronica Says:



  131. bokuwa Says:

    i wanna cherry tree

  132. Selena Gomez Says:

    Nice Stuff PetSociety!

    BTW Why can’t i play PetSoceity since Monday???

  133. stephanie Says:

    yay i just bought that cool item the bubble spray and know my day is complete when i have 2,5000 coins

  134. amanda Says:

    Maintenance again today. When we really can play without much maintenance going around? Please give explanation

  135. Aury Says:

    I can´t belive it… I can’t play with ma pet :/… please we can not keep playing if you continue in maintenance… Sonya what happen???

  136. indah Says:

    dear pet society, happy b’day 2 pet society hip hip hip hurah…………. i knew that u having birthday party for 2 or 3 days but now d party its offer n could u please get d monster face (mayor) out of my screen?!!!!! i realy hate that face.

  137. Bea Says:


  138. cherisse Says:

    i’ll buy that

  139. indah Says:

    happy birthday to u… happy birthday to u… happy birthday, happy birthday dear pet society, happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….. hey wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! work work work work work work……………
    sonya what’s happening????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i can’t belive pet society are monsters, give it back my all stuff n pay me back my money right now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………..!!!!!

  140. wei Says:

    pet society is maintenance now ?!?!
    anyone answer ?

  141. martina Says:

    oh no maintenance for me 😉

  142. mariana Says:

    mantenimiento es el segundo nombre de mi mascota

  143. petaco Says:

    I want to play!! but I can´t… 😦

  144. talay Says:

    want to play. When to play

  145. Shirley Says:

    when we can play pet society? always maintenance..

  146. Francisco Javier Rojas Lopez Says:

    hahahhahhahh thos is great

  147. ahmad masri Says:

    i loved these new things

  148. audi Says:

    oh its so pretty but the pet society could not we play but why the pet society cannot we play

  149. hate Says:

    i very hate pet society, its every day maintenance,petsociety is poor game .i don’t want play it any more! bye bye!!!!!

  150. Derya Says:


  151. HATE Maintenance Says:

    what the hell is this PS? it say maintenance only for 10th Aug 09, i still unable to log in for my gift & daily lottery. Who will going to pay us this lost? If PS are going to paid us this lost, i will accept it.
    But what did they do? there is NOTHING they do to replace our coin back but then keep on Maintenance, it didn’t give any benefit but more worst as my pet movement still slow. WTF…

  152. Derya Says:

    pet society

  153. Derya Says:

    pet ssociety ı love you =)

  154. Jia Yi Says:

    when i was about to go in to play pet society, unfortunately, it is under going maintenance and its the second day still cannot. T__T

  155. Christiiiii Says:

    Wow!!! they are awesome!can’t wait to buy them all!

  156. Mikayla Charlene Says:

    whoaaaaaaa .. cute ! but i can’t pLay with my pet and buy those things , it’s maintenance (?) how could it be that long ??!!

  157. ius Says:

    yaks..2 days my pet society is still maintenance.

  158. Marianne Says:

    Why! oh why! maintenance for more than 24 hours??? Just when there are all the beautiful stuff in the shops. What’s happening?????

  159. Arvin Says:


  160. Arvin Says:

    I want all the items

  161. Agustin Says:

    Come on.. It’s been under maintenance since yesterday.. I didn’t buy any new stuff yet.

  162. Agustin Says:

    Why is the maintenance soooo l~o~n~g?????

  163. Chalisa Says:

    Hey Playfish, hope Sonya, especially playfish will read this:
    on next monday, it’s 17th of August, it’s Indonesian Independence day! we , all pets from indonesia should love it if you make some Indonesian items such as: Mr.Soekarno’s Statue from the Luxury, please don’t put it on Cash shop, it will make us hard to buy, because we don’t have a single Dollar to afford them.
    Or foods like Indonesian Fried rice, Batagor and other things, You can do some research from the internet all about us!

    Maybe i should suggest: Playfish can make Red and White flag, and some bamboos! we love it when Playfish do this. Or, some Indonesian like Costumes, batik arts, and other such things.

    We really appreciate if Playfish read my message. And first of all, sorry if i’m gone too far..

    We always love you Playfish, your game and Pet society!! All pets from indonesia will thank you soo much if you do this!


    • Albany Says:

      Yes! we really appreciate if playfish make this for us.

      Thank you very much for posting that

    • hoshinamino Says:

      agreed. indonesian too~

    • Olga Says:

      Oh, Gosh! I totally agree with Chalisa… Pet Society celebrate US Independence Day by releasing many US things, and many other countries too.
      Honestly, I really will appreciate it if you celebrate Indonesian’s too. Many Indonesians play Pet Society. August 17th will be Monday. I’m looking forward to it!!

    • Chalisa Says:

      Yes! Olga, thanks for replying, hope they will read this stuff, all pets of indonesia really appreciate it!

      And, why do i get Maintenance? i want to know more about pet maintenance, does it lasts very long? i dont want to miss TWS’s

  164. mia Says:

    i want the tree !!

  165. Ranti Says:

    I like it. i want have a flag in my pet house.

    all pets from indonesia, say thanks for playfish!

    Indonesia, Merdeka!!

  166. Princess Cleopatra Says:

    Great dress and all!

  167. dayintha Says:


  168. dayintha Says:

    wow…amaizing… 🙂

  169. dayintha Says:

    wow…amizing… 🙂

  170. dayintha prasasya Says:

    woow…amaizing… 🙂

  171. dayintha prasasya Says:

    oh no maintenance for me ?!?!?!?!

  172. dayintha Says:

    i accept with Chalisa… 🙂

  173. rafa Says:

    yes,me too, yeah 17th of August is the Independence of indonesia we are celebrating indonesia’s victory maybe you can put up some indonesion fish like kakap,bandeng ,or maybe even red and white fish.i will realy appriciate that.

    Thanks GBU!!!-

    • Chalisa Says:

      Cool ideas, Kakap fish is very delicious!

      were not pushing playfish to make this, this is only an idea from pet society players! if don’t make these, it’s totally okay. but pets from indonesia will thank you sooooo much, big thanks for playfish!

  174. mina Says:

    why other people can play and i is only welcome by the world #maintenance#
    pet society much responsibility on this ,this is you make it and why you did it like this.at list,you giving little to tell us that how long it maintenance.

  175. paulina Says:

    no por q las masciticas estan en mantenimiento hasta el 17

  176. call Says:

    mengapa beta tidek bisi buke pot sociti mengapa butet

  177. dayintha Says:

    kapan pet sos bisa dimainin lagi ?
    aku udah kepengen main pet sos niih… 🙂

  178. maria de los angeles gutierrez Says:

    sonya sera we can explain the reason for both to maintain? for they are? and that page does not speak as socity pet before it opened at any time …!!!

  179. dayintha Says:

    😦 😦 😦

  180. hui wen Says:

    pls faster stop the maintain.i want to play with the game to continued my pet journey…..pls…………..when can play pet society

  181. Nestor Says:

    Todo muy lindo pero si nos discriminan poniéndonos el cartel de mantenimiento por días y días ¿de qué nos sirve esto?
    Para mi ha finalizado. Playfish ya no entra en mi computadora.
    Sabiendo ésto, a quienes leen, tengan en cuenta que podrá sucederles a uds tambien

  182. nix Says:

    oooo…i lik d d cheyy tree….m lovin it(<3)!!!

  183. hoshinamino Says:

    August 17th = Indonesian independence day XD

  184. rosela Says:

    hi guys pls give me a gift !!!

  185. rosela Says:


  186. rosela Says:

    hehehe!!!ve me a gift hehehe!joke

  187. Kurisuta Says:

    I agree with Chalisa,
    I would appreciate if you put Indonesian edition of the stuffs, maybe like the krupuk-eating-contest (uses rafia string with krupuks tied on it), or maybe all sorts of contest in 17th of August (like eel lifting contest), and maybe a gapura!

    All Indonesian pets(including mine)will really appreciate that kind of effort.

    your biggest fan ever…

  188. shahd Says:

    very nice but were are the food items

  189. dayintha Says:

    is tomorrow pet society already to play ??

  190. luzvivas Says:

    ¡que lindoooooooooo!

  191. elisabeht oli Says:

    ¡love!pet sosayti

  192. Kurisuta Says:

    yeah I know, it’s been my fifth time trying to log in

  193. JenJen Wong Says:

    Nice stuff but, what’s the point??? Have been on maintenance mode since Monday. :((

  194. emilio Says:

    uuu que padre estan esas cosas bueno adios a me gustaria que para una vez pusieran algo de el espacio estaria padre

  195. emilio Says:

    a y esta padre bien, bien genial y super el pet adios

  196. siska Says:

    agree with chalisa

    indonesia independent day
    august 17th 1945 – 2009


    and please hurry maintenance … i really want to play

    • Chalisa Says:

      Thank you sooo much for replying!

      appreciate everything pet society does from the beginning of pet society until now! Love u pet society!!

  197. Flo Says:

    Hi everyone! I´m Florencia, from Argentina, I already read all the comments, and I´m happy that I´m not the only one who CANNOT PLAY PETSOCIETY game. And I also read what sonya said in another page about the manteinance, but it really peace me off taht I´ve had this problem for more than a week now, and I can´t log in from facebook, and either from here!!!
    I´m worried about what is goin to happen with al the things I have in my garden! all the vegetables are going to be bad! and I don´t think that anyone is going to give that money back!! are you?

  198. ulysse Says:


  199. julieth velez Says:

    me parece exelente esoooo es bacanOoOoOoOoOo………..

  200. morgan Says:


  201. martina Says:

    You know Sonya can u please ask playfish to make green dolls,blue,pink,or even yellow anything cute please thats only Kerfy’s wish…. She really loves green…

  202. arturo Says:

    good items but lack seafood

  203. martina Says:

    je to cool z velkým C

  204. andrea moreno Says:

    muy lindooo todo pero lastima que no puedo tener nada cash shop porque soy pobre de cash shop en el dia del cumpleaños de pet deberian regalarnos siquiera algunas monedas cash shop.=(.(feliz cumpleaños)

  205. Esteve Says:


  206. Yooz Says:

    I want to playyyyyyy NoWWWWWWWWW

  207. Kuuga Says:

    I like all Ocean items

  208. MELISA Says:

    NO PUEDO JUGAR, dice ser mi cuenta estar en mantenimiento, por favor habliten el juego por favor.. Vi los items nuevs estan espectaculares…


    Melisa de Argentina

  209. Ngodola Says:


  210. blas Says:

    me gustan las coss nuevas pero de donde se saca ese arbol

  211. juli Says:

    hola a mi hace muchas semana q no me anda el pet society, saben que puedo hacer???

  212. Cheryl Gereau Says:

    I want this stuff

  213. Monica Liendo Says:

    muy lindas las cosas pero desde esa noce que las pusieron no me he podido meter en ningun momento, es mas vi las cosas fue por aqui.
    Asi que les pido que acomoden eso porfavor

  214. Monica Liendo Says:


  215. angela usuga Says:

    siempre tienen el pet en mantenimiento que pasa

  216. seda Says:


  217. Jess Says:

    toda la semana estuvo en mantenimiento… no puedo jugar!

  218. wongploy Says:

    why it takes a time so long for maintanance?
    i can’t access pet society for 2 days.

  219. Bea Says:

    I wanna plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  220. Bea Says:

    Hola Blas el árbol lo sacas de las semillas de 500 pero es aleatorio, es decir no es seguro que te salga de una vez.

    Juli a todos nos anda mal Pet Society. Lo único que podemos hacer es esperar. Ya Sonya nos dijo que vieramos el enlace de Silje, allí ella explica que estan trabajando árduamente para mejorar el juego. De veras que lo han hecho. Solo que el mantenimiento se extiende por muchas horas, lo que nos impide entrar a jugar. Roguemos a Dios que le de luz a sus creadores y rapidéz en sus manos para que lo reparen lo antes posible. Un saludo desde Venezuela. LOL!

  221. gema Says:

    en venezuela no quiere abrir pet society que es lo que pasa

  222. Mursall Says:

    wow i love ittt

  223. Mursall Says:

    it would be great if i could gift the fish that i caught to my friend :[

  224. norali Says:

    hola yo quiero hacer mi mascota

  225. norali Says:

    hola yo quiero hacer una mascota

  226. jime Says:

    hola yo quiero jugar al juego este que juego desde chiquita

  227. tareq ali Says:

    whu didnt they add a bed or maybe a a boy colthes 🙂 ?

  228. inbar Says:

    just a suggestion could you please add a sewing machine

  229. nacho Says:

    qeeeeeeeeeeee pasa

  230. Agustin Says:

    12 hours maintenance is OK.. a day maintenance is annoying.. 2 days maintenance is MADNESS!!!

    What really happen? When it will be ended.. Hire more people to run playfish!!!

  231. Agustin Says:

    And I agree with Chalisa about the Indonesian stuffs on PS. We WILL really appreciate it.

  232. Rini Says:

    Hi Sonya, I like the idea about the independence day of Indonesia. Many Indonesian play pet society. Perhaps not most all special this week stuffs, maybe just the food and furniture. We’d really appreciate it

    • Chalisa Says:

      You know, indonesians LOVE Pet society! from elementary students, until even you know, Teachers play pet society! my friends are addicted to this game, even one of them dreamed about an independence day of Indonesia in Pet society!!

      once again, were not pushing playfish for making these items, but we really appreciate it, BIG THANKS, HUGE THANKS, GIGANTIC THANKS, For playfish!!!!!

      • Arvina Says:

        Chalisa, you had a very great idea! you very smart! you knowledgeable to all pet society info!

  233. Anseb Says:

    Wuaaa I can’t play!!!, my count is in maintenance since friday 7!!!! T_T

  234. chiara maffei Says:

    tanti tanti auguri

  235. cris Says:

    cris soy un capo

  236. churrita Says:

    Me encanta pet society pero me anda mal;-)

  237. churrita Says:

    que puedo hacer diganmeeeeeeeee;-)

  238. Maggie Says:

    how can i get that tree, a bought already a lot of them, but i dont get the cherry tree!!!!!

  239. Bea Says:

    Hi Sonya! It would be a good idea if we were rewarded with blue coins >__< Hahahahaha because of the waiting! so you can spend all the time that you need for "making up" Pet Society!

  240. Bea Says:

    wouldn’t you? =)

  241. Fabián Says:

    I ♥ cherry tree!!

  242. Puddingfans Says:

    LOVE the cherry tree… but there’s no clothes for the male pets this week :O moshi needs more clothes :]

  243. sheena Says:

    hey pet society is error again!

  244. caroline bong Says:

    I will buy them all!

  245. Eldrida Says:

    hmmm i know about the indonesian independence day though im nt indonesian(singaporean!)n i totally agree. i thot it was cute when the luxury shop had the merpet statue which is actually a warped version of the merlion!

    • Chalisa Says:

      I love to go to singapore too…so playfish should build singapore’s friend a special monument too, Borobudur of indonesia!

  246. martina Says:

    grrrrrr ur all right maintenance….Pif!

  247. Dorentia Says:

    Hi Sonya…
    I’m Indonesian too, and…
    I’m 100% percent agree with Chalisa about the Indonesian stuffs.
    We will really appreciate if playfish can make some stuff for us.
    Please… 😀
    Thank you very much…
    and when we can play pet society? so sad 😦

  248. Chris Says:

    i think it all looks great, I came across this blog somehow and i’m very interested in it.

  249. leanmarit Says:


  250. lola Says:

    awesommeee…. sooo cool

  251. wen Says:

    yeah~ i got the cherry tree~

  252. Tulcus Says:

    I miss my pet 😦

  253. Sharon Says:

    Have not been able to log in due to site maintenance the past couple of days! So much so that my vegetables are ROTTEN when I managed to log in this morning. But now I can’t log in again!

    Pet Society should not keep the clock running when they are doing maintenance, as it is horrible to see all your patience and “hard work” being junked.

    I hope Pet Society will take note and fix this. I lost more than 1000 coins as I was not able to log in to harvest my vegs!

    *sad sigh*

  254. MALENA Says:


  255. MALENA Says:


  256. Nathiejoiecee Says:

    grrrrr… im under maintenance! I was able to play my pet for only 10 minutes, i was’nt even save my accout when I was playing my pet… haaaays… i have waited early this morning just for my pet and i was able to play my pet the next day (1:00 a.m.) for ONLY 10 minutes! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLE! my head really aches! Playfish do something about it. almost all of the people here are complaining about this MAINTENANCE thing! grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  257. estrellita Says:

    Alguien me puede dar una solucion?? hace dos dias que estoy intentando entrar al pet society y no puedo!!! la verdad que no se que pasa,espero que alguien me de la solucion,gracias y besos a todos los fans de pet society!!!

  258. feli Says:

    che hace un montón que no me anda el pet por favor que ande y no aguanto más 😦 y quiero que ande por favor 🙂

  259. sofia Says:

    i lowe ocean ………..sawe the world

  260. hawanur Says:

    çok sewiyorum bu oyunu!.. 🙂

  261. blas Says:

    avia una ves un repelotudo que se puso a leer estos comentarios y los pajeros este pedaso

  262. Imene Says:

    please what happened to pet society

  263. ??? Says:

    hi everbody
    i am on maintenance
    but i have an idea for a feature
    a feature where you can paint your house OUTSIDE
    Cause i am bored of my 7-room orange house =(

  264. PAZ Says:

    Hello, my friends
    I will like to play with my Picolina Pet, but always the page is on maintenance.

    Please. tell me what happen?

  265. aziz Says:

    the wall and the ocean carpet is very very nice

  266. Bea JGC Says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Pen Opened in Venezuela just a little bit! =) Now is in maintenance again =(

  267. amanda Says:

    It had been maintenance for 3 days in a row. I don’t even get a penny out of it. I will miss all those This Week Special items. The compensation for us just to little to cover what we actually get per day. It is not fair at all. We are so dedicate to the game, yet what we got is maintenance every single week.

  268. jham Says:

    “???” is ryt.. i also wanted 2 have my pet’s house beeing customized..by us..
    as in us

  269. giovanny Says:


  270. Bea Says:

    Pet Society only opened for a few hours. I wonder why? When will finish this torture!

  271. jayde Says:

    i love those new items mr mayor;) but how about new sofas?? i need one pink or blue (pcean blue)

  272. elijah omri b. pasco Says:

    grabe haba namn ni2

  273. Aggi's Mina Says:

    This is about the garden: Why can’t we put trees in spechial tree pots? I really don’t want to delete trees to get space for my flowers! (I need to grow a lot more plants to get the jungleprize!)

    I really loves that gardening part, and the fishing 🙂
    Why can we not sell shells? I understand why we can’t sell old boots and bike wheels (who would ever like to buy those things?) But many peoples loves to buy shells!

    And one more question: is it easier to get a “spechial” fish with homegrown bait?
    Thanks a lot, Aggi and Mina 🙂

  274. Alien Says:

    Hi, Pet Society. I like the Cherry Tree and don’t know if it is hard to get one. Since in the past, whenever I plant, I get apple and banana trees. Worst thing is if the space of our garden is used up and we have to uproot the tree for new plants, those trees have no resale value and cannot be used again. Well, as a seed for tree costs 500 coins, a tree is not cheap at all. So we suggest at least give the uproot tree some resale value and recylcing points.

  275. lovy Says:

    hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its so beauty items i never see something like pet society,its my best game eeeeeeeevverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  276. ekwa26 Says:

    love u

  277. Kurisuta Says:

    I agree with the one commenting on Indonesian fish, use Red Arowana, that fish is 100% Indonesian, and some wayangs, angklungs(and yes, angklung isn’t from Malaysia, it’s from Bandung, Indonesia)maybe dolls of Soekarno and Hatta, and maybe hamengkubuwana IX! And maybe some Indonesian animals like komodos, orang utans, anoas, rhinnos, sumatran tiger, bird of paradise (please don’t put them in the Cash Shop, we can’t afford it)

    • Chalisa Says:

      Exactly from Indonesia! Cool ideas…but i didn’t see Sonya or Playfish’s Comment or Reply to us..

      please dont put great indonesian items on the Cash Shop, we can’t buy it..

  278. Kurisuta Says:

    you know, like what Chalisa said, the principal of Canisius College plays Pet Society too (and my best friend hacked him one day…), my math teacher from elementary school is an active player!

    • Chalisa Says:

      Sum of my teachers play pet society too, even they said Pet society is more important than to work! haha, that’s a joke, but that’s true, she said “pet society’s very fun, i love it! hayang ulin pet society deui ah..”

  279. Kurisuta Says:

    FOUR DAYS OF MAINTENANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (oh, yeah, could you make a photo of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing???) the Krupuk-Eating-Contest should be made into a decor (banner), and a Panjat Pinang pole, more in http://id.wikipedia.org/!!!

  280. minni Says:

    è stupendo

  281. oliver Says:


  282. Olga Says:

    I can’t buy TWS stuff, I can’t earn coins, I can’t catch new fish, I can’t bathe and feed my pet, and I can’t harvest my vegetables because of this silly maintenance…
    Please hurry up and finish the maintenance.. I love the new stuff,, but I can’t play at all.

    PS : And please consider about new stuffs on order to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. IF I don’t find any of Indonesian stuff next week, I’ll be VERY DISAPPOINTED. Not only me, but all Pet Society fans from Indonesia..

  283. Olga Says:

    I can’t buy TWS stuff, I can’t earn coins, I can’t catch new fish, I can’t bathe and feed my pet, and I can’t harvest my vegetables because of this silly maintenance…
    Please hurry up and finish the maintenance.. I love the new stuff,, but I can’t play at all.

    PS : And please consider about new stuffs in order to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. IF I don’t find any of Indonesian stuff next week, I’ll be VERY DISAPPOINTED. Not only me, but all Pet Society fans from Indonesia..

  284. Skristtel Says:


  285. honour Says:

    honour is very upset! maintenance for so many days d and a new week is coming by. we the accounts on constant maintenance r gonna miss out the TWS and other good stuff and worse, when we log in, all we gonna get is 50 coins? jeeeeeezzz! speed up the maintenance!

  286. b Says:

    last week until now still maintenance!

  287. b Says:

    i hate maintenance!

  288. snOwangeL Says:

    wow.. so many complaints already.. i had the same probs too.. maintenance for two days!!! Gosh!! why is Sonya not replying anymore? is she on maintenance too??? helloooooooooo???? :((

  289. Santiago Says:


  290. radwa Says:

    can anyone tell me how can i catch the fishs???????????

  291. Santiago Says:

    hola y gracias

  292. Oopsies Says:

    i havent been able to go on pet society for almost a week now. i’m really on the urge of quitting but i really really want to play! why is it taking so long for a maintenance?! it was always said they’re supposed to only last a couple of hours and now it’s like a couple of days?!

  293. Darys Rojas Says:

    Hola a todos!
    Una cosa!
    ese arbol no esta osea la semilla no esta en garden
    si lo arreglan porfavor!

  294. graciela Says:


  295. Leidy Says:

    Hola, no entiendo porque pet society esta en mantenimiento a toda hora, a los demas juegos no les pasa esto. Extraño a mi mascota y me gustaria que el juego no tuviera tantos inconvenientes.

  296. Jasmine Lee Says:

    wow this weeks item are cool

  297. Bea Says:

    Hi Sonia THANK YOU VERY MUCH! and all Pet Society Team! for have given us such a day as today! I realized that all of you are working hard. Could you please do the same tomorrow? =) God bless you!

  298. pye Says:

    how do we know that the cherry tree look like wat

  299. indah Says:

    honestly, I’m sick and tired of seeing MAINTENANCE!!!! ALL THE TIME???? what are you guys doing anyway?? I thought about this real hard, either you guys dont have experts to handle what ever problems youre having, OR ARE you guys trying to force us to play your other stinkin games!!! Its just not as good and as fun as PET SOCIETY, I already tried playing your other games…. none of it makes me want to play more! So dont push us to play another game, JUST LET ME PLAY PET SOCIETY PERIOD. Can you at least please tell me why ur having maintenance all the time??????????????????????? and why it takes too long????? come on guys!!!! Your just making a fool of your PLAYFISH Expertise in a really high-tech generation to give better service for CONSUMERS! bah, hambag! One day, are you gonna make all of our money and stuff just dissapear? I dont have any guarentee on all my stuff then, if u guys are working like this.
    BTW, I was just gonna buy some coins but I couldnt, why is that? Nothings wrong with the credit card. HELP ME!!!!! PLEASE NO MORE MAINTENANCE!!!!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!This isnt even a free game! I buy the coins with real money but I cant even play??? TOTAL RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. If you guys dont have the people working for you to make your service better, dont make the games at all. Either you dont have the people, or you just cant afford to pay the experts. Well dont bother making games then!!!

  300. Kurisuta Says:

    my friend’s pet’s a boy, but he looks cute with the mermaid dress(the purple one),

    tips: you don’t have to worry if your pet’s a boy, because, if your pet’s cute, any clothing will suits him!

    • Chalisa Says:

      Really? but, it looks like the shell pretends to be a bikini or something… but sure my pet should look good on the blue gown! just buy them, it’s a TWS! Can’t miss them every week!

      looking fordward to what we said… still remember it, do you?

  301. james aban Says:

    good my pet will swim its fun

  302. VALERIA Says:


  303. petlover Says:

    i love this game….^^

  304. Olga Says:

    i’m still having maintenance today!!! T_T

    • Chalisa Says:

      yes, that’s right. i got Maintenance too!

      but i can understand that pet society really needs maintenance. that’s what make pet society a legendary game! haha 🙂

  305. Mojito Says:

    Hey, where’s new stuff in mystery boxes? It should be every friday, and now there’s nothing on blog nor on Pet Society itself… Last week there were blurred images even on thursday.

  306. mario Says:

    i really want to play….
    but it is in maintenance….

  307. minni Says:

    vorrei superare tutti

  308. farah ahmed Says:

    enofffffffff mintenanse

  309. farah ahmed Says:

    we want newww things in recycle

  310. lia & becks Says:

    it’s the longest maintenance ever.. i still can’t load my ps >.<

  311. lia & becks Says:

    it’s the longest maintenance ever.. i still can;t load my ps >.<

  312. mimu Says:

    El pet esta buenicimo (cuando se puede entrar) por eso escribo nunca se puede entrar al pet es un fastidio!!! se puede entrar el miercoles la noche casi siempre y despues nunca mas nadie lo soporta mas!!

  313. mojarikin Says:

    o yeah. maintenance.
    just make it short this time, eh?

    play play play. 😀

  314. valeria Says:

    porq nunca anda pet society? q desastre es imposible entrar siempre en mantwenimiento

  315. Aang Says:

    hey stop the maintenance monkey i want to lay your dead man yo yo yo

  316. mArcO Says:


    i lOve tHe uNder tHe wAter tHemed rOom oF mY pet..,

    pLz dO niCe tHinGs fOr pEt sOcieTy..,

    lYk dOinG a cUte sTatuEs aNd sOme pArty/diSco iTems..

    i wiLl reAlly Love iT..

    bUt pLz dOnt sEll iT iN thE cAsh sHop..

    i cAnt aFord iT..

    juSt sEll iT iN thE lUxUry..,


  317. evan Says:

    hey pet society major can u please help me the rate of getting piranha fish ?

  318. stephanie Says:

    hmmm their is a mantence in my computer of pet society what is goin on

  319. dumbo Says:

    I think I’ll going to miss all of this collection cos I still cnt log in from monday till now …. i dont know what’s happened??? toobad, ei?

  320. okky Says:

    maintenance make me going to crazy 😦

  321. MinDulRei Says:

    I can’t play PS at all since Monday TwT
    It’s all the time maintainance!
    I want those TWS but how can I get them if it’s still maintainance= =
    Can u keep those items until next week???? or when the server is back to normal

  322. lola Says:

    sometyms i cant log in. its always under maintenance

  323. francisca Says:

    es una mierda es ta caga era mejor antes ni me puedo meter a mi pet vale pico los tontos qe no hisieron qe no se pudiera meter

  324. ajaj Says:

    n entiendo

  325. CARLOS NONES Says:


  326. ana mercedes Says:


  327. ana mercedes Says:


  328. ana mercedes Says:

    holdnknkj m m,mnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  329. azmi kez Says:


  330. michael Says:

    hi im michael the pet society is very cool and fun hope you will get more money and playfish for that!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 hope you will enjoy again ♥♥♥

  331. Belda Says:

    I think sell ocean wonders are to short so may be sell ocean wonders can sell again tbut now is to longger than now okay….,but that things was cool!!!and awsome so you can think better than that okay bye …

    and don’t maintenance again okay bye……bye,……

  332. nicole Says:

    umm sonya in the next monday can you do some nicer stuff like i dunno mj stuff (if you dont know him well its ok..) please???????????????????????????????????

  333. Varinia Says:

    I can’t get iiiiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 They should give us at least 1000 coins for not being able to have a smooth gave all this week!

  334. Varinia Says:

    I can’t get iiiiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! They should give us at least 1000 coins for not being able to have a smooth game all this week!

  335. daniel Says:

    se demora mucho enmantenimiento

  336. waldo Says:

    Esta genial todo, ese arbol es genial plantare un arbol y cuando me salga ese arbol tendre muchas ceresas

  337. nasly Says:

    Hey why not I get my pet for more than 5 days and I want to go, I would like to know that I can do or what happens


  338. Arvina Says:

    i buy the mermaid cloth, but my friend says “that’s a sexy outfit…” but i don’t care, it just a game, right?

  339. anastasia Says:

    muy entretenido me encanta

  340. anastasia Says:

    me encanta muy entretenido

  341. anastasia Says:

    muy buenoooooooooooooooo

  342. MarsHmalLow Says:

    i cant get cherry trees..!!!they said pet society will be back to the first pet society..like no too much things in the market….s0omething like that….because it is BETA..!@!@~!@~!@~!@~!@~!@~!@@~!@!~~!@!~!@~!@!~!@!~!@!~!@!~!@!~!@!~!@!

  343. Rosalie Habel Says:

    It’s very nice Pet Society’s!

  344. alicja Says:

    ive got the cherry tree its gr8

  345. edgarec Says:


  346. marko Says:

    $$$$$$$$ “”” $$$$$$$$

  347. rocio m zelaya Says:

    yo quiero el cerezo qien me lo regala??

  348. rocio zelaya m Says:

    quien me regala el cerezo??

  349. tina Says:


  350. feriel Says:


  351. michael Says:

    aku ingin punya duit banyak di pet society

  352. lelia Says:

    i cant make a pet society

  353. anna gong Says:

    I really wanted the blue dress.I was so stupid no to play that game on that day

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