Birthday Competition Winners Announced!


Pet Society is now one year old, that’s right, exactly one year ago, Pet Society was released! As you can imagine, back then the stores weren’t nearly as packed, and some of our current stores didn’t exist at all! To celebrate our first birthday, we recently held the Pet Society Birthday Competition, and today it’s time to announce the lucky winners!

The level of enthusiasm and effort that was shown for the Pet Society Birthday Competition was unbelievable! With thousands of entries, we were overwhelmed by the talent shown! We received everything from short stories and poems to artwork, comics and videos to show us how you would spend a million coins! Whether you were planning on sharing with friends, buying everything in the luxury store, having the biggest ever cake, creating your own ATM, having a cheese supply that never runs out, taking over the village (poor Mayor), or simply being completely unsure how you would count so many coins, we loved reading and viewing your entries!

Now, the news you’ve all been waiting for, the winners! Our nine category winners will each receive a massive 100,000 coins each, and our lucky overall winner will be awarded with one million coins!

The overall winner of the competition and new Millionaire, for excelling in so many of the categories, and presenting it all in an incredible song and video production is Brett and his pet Bubbles! Everyone needs to see this outstanding entry, so be sure to check it out here! Congratulations Brett, ensure you spend your coins with “no regrets”!

The winner for Most Creative is Elizabeth with a very well written poem and a truck-load of fish which you can read here! Congratulations Elizabeth!

Taking home the title of Most Fun is Kirsten who sent her pet Yoda on a great adventure, you can check it out here! Congratulations Kirsten!

Making us all laugh, and hence winning the Most Humorous category is Diana, who knew an argument could be so entertaining. Ensure you laugh as well by viewing it here! Congratulations Diana!

Most Original has been won by Maged with an inventive video and countless seeds, ensure you watch it here! Congratulations Maged!

Ardy has taken the title of Best Use of Technology, to ensure you are well informed about Ardy’s pet’s plans, watch his skilfully crafted masterpiece here! Congratulations Ardy!

Demonstrating her dreams for a million coins in real life with her pet has won Hana the award of Most Resourceful, ensure you view the photographs of Oinky’s million coins plan here! Congratulations Hana!

The winner of Best Use of Cheese is Maegan with an intriguing piece of art of her pet Jayla which you can view here! Congratulations Maegan!

Gina has impressed us all with the fantastic visual journey she took us on to win the Most Impressive category, if you wish to be amazed, view her entry here! Congratulations Gina!

Most Cute has been won by Jorge who presented us with an adorable picture accompanied by some very sweet plans, you can read and view Jorge’s entry here! Congratulations Jorge!

Congratulations to all of our winners, Playfish will be contacting each of you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

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2,055 Responses to “Birthday Competition Winners Announced!”

  1. Eizer Says:


  2. doris2008 Says:

    Well Done winners!!

  3. Diao Chan Says:

    Congratulations To All The Winners. 🙂

  4. hikari001 Says:

    congrats to the winners, but some of the link doesn’t work

  5. Angela Says:

    WOWWWWW Congrats for all of you winners!!! Happy birthday Pet society!!!! Yeeeeee!!!!

  6. k-zumi Says:

    Every link says “Page not found”.

  7. nonie Says:

    Congrats to all the winner and Millionaire!

  8. Angela Says:

    The links are not working….

  9. mims Says:

    congratulations 🙂

  10. somone Says:

    well done to all winners! really well deserved.

    however, i would like to be fair. all winners are the ones with great photos/pics/drawings. for those of us who do not know how to use photoshop etc, and write stories/songs instead, we never win. Playfish mods- to your attention.

    again – amazing entries and well done to all!

    happy b-day ps!

  11. zsa-zsa Says:

    whoa…congrats brett! i knew it!

  12. Farrukh Zaidi Says:

    yup no link working
    they cant do anything properly lol

  13. rocz Says:

    second n_n in spanish too please!!

  14. brighytha Says:

    waw.. i LOVE PET SOCIETY !!!..
    but im poor, how can i get the much money ??
    how can be the winner of this game ?? ……

  15. fadietz Says:

    congratulasion to the winners!!! 🙂 =))

  16. chandra Says:

    congrats to all the winners!!! 🙂

  17. Dorothea Says:

    This is wonderful, congratulations to all the winners:)

  18. Katrina Says:

    how do u enter

  19. Fer Says:

    These results DOES NOT reflects what people rated and commented on the Forums dedicated to the competition (deleted now).

    2 or 3 choosen “winners” merely could be replaced for better entries…

  20. miki Says:

    con garts 😦

  21. Isabelle Says:

    sad though that i didnt win. but congrats!

  22. Kumcat Says:

    Some winners deserve their prize, but for some others I really don’t understand why they won, I really saw better things on the forum.

    • Hannah Moon Says:

      I agree. Although, I think Brett did do a great job and was pretty creative with his. 🙂

      But, yeah, I don’t get some of them either. 😛

      • Ken Says:

        I’m in agreement with both of you. I saw several entries that were much funnier than the “Most Humorous” entry. This is not “sour grapes” as one posted mentioned. When you have a “Most” category, it should be. IMHO it wasn’t in the ballpark of some of the funny entries I saw and I feel bad that one of those entries didn’t win.

        Also, granted, “Best Use of Cheese” is subjective, I saw other entries that I thought better fit the bill. Ditto on my feelings of those I thought should have won this category.

        I plan on redrawing my entry (I used computer graphics … it would have taken me four weeks to hand draw it), removing PS references (to avoid any legal issues), modify some of the context and story, etc … basically changing it enough so the new work doesn’t conflict with the copyright law when compared with the original work (I’m very familiar with the copyright law BTW) and self publishing it with other comics I’ve drawn over the years. I’m not sure if mine was in the running for any of the categories, but I’m sure it’ll be in the running of getting 10000 real coins (ie: I may make $1000 …. maybe … or at least I’ll have fun trying).

        For those that won that I thought deserved it, much congrats.

  23. Name'sAngela Says:


  24. Name'sAngela Says:

    Make sure you look at my pets “face” 😦

    Thanks a lot playfish…

  25. chloe Says:


  26. Coral_Starz Says:

    I didnt win, but anyway……….. 😦 congrats to d winners.

  27. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t think I’d win. 🙂
    Thanks Playfish ❤
    and thanks to everyone for their congratz!

  28. Daniel Says:

    Congrats to all the winners! The entries are amazing! You all deserve it!


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  30. angel Says:

    ahahhaha give me 1m plssss ^_^

  31. Bles100 Says:


  32. Tina Bayne Says:

    I’m so proud

  33. merna Says:


  34. jesieh Says:

    wow,.,.,., congratulatoins tah all

  35. Joshua Says:

    Great winners!!!! 🙂

  36. Dodo Filan Says:

    Caongratz for all of winner… especially who became a millionaire.. congratz…
    me and choky so sad… hiks… hiks… 😦
    but we’re happy in this ps birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY PET SOCIETY… 😀

  37. EB Says:


  38. Chrissybell Says:

    I thought I would win… too bad… All my friends wanted me to win…. But I still think that the winners are better than me… Congrats, anyway

  39. Cutie Says:

    please let me win^^

  40. julius Says:

    i wish i will win to this……………..congrats to the winners

  41. Cutie Says:


  42. Keegs Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. 🙂 The quality and creativity of all the entrants was staggering! Well done to everybody xxx

  43. babysiiaozz Says:

    happy birthday!!
    i’ve played pet society for one year too!! ❤

  44. eunice Says:

    happy happy birthday pet society.. i’m addicted.. heheh.. can’t help but play..ALL DAY>> EVERYDAY….

  45. abigailm28 (bubbles) Says:

    i tort i won then my pet is called bubbles =[ all well om g * sniffs

  46. Wai Yi Claudia Chan Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Let’s have party!!! Yeah!!

  47. ginlyn Says:

    congratz 2 the winners. . . god blez oL!

  48. nicole Says:

    i didnt win i knew it jee thanx playfish! =.= 😦

  49. Manasik Says:

    Didnt win but congrats to aaalllllll 🙂

  50. SANDRA Says:


  51. Cassiememe Says:

    Congrats to the winners !!! And I guess since I lost I won’t have to kiss a million frogs now LOL..

  52. ola Says:

    happy birthday

  53. bryan Says:

    can u give a tips

  54. Jaya Says:

    Do u think the video clip of brett deserves the prize? I dont think so.But anyway congrats all winners.Lucky u Brett!!!

  55. alvin20 Says:

    congrats, winners of pet society birthday competition! if there was a way to share some blessings with me… huhuhuhu…

    *goes away, hides in a corner, feeling really bad… then emotes and cries*

  56. Miryam Says:

    Congrats to the winners:)
    Happy Birthday Pet Society… it´s my pet Mishy birthday too so it´s a great celebration day!!!! :):):):)

  57. Eliza Says:

    Happy birthday to Pet Society and my pet BaBa cheers!!!!!!!!!

  58. Eliza Says:

    Happy Birthday to Pet Society and my pet BaBa. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. wythe Says:

    happy birthday to Pet Society!

  60. Kellie Says:

    I should have put a video in mine or a poem cuz i got loads of poems about my pet dog in real life…. i could even put a picture like a comic….. but its OK guys!! I’m not as selfish anyway!! i can earn my own money and get stuff for my pet society and friends!! Great artwork and pictures WINNERS!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY PET SOCIETY!!

  61. maria camila Says:

    congratuletions pet society for you happy birthday and congratuletions winner

  62. Mui Says:

    Happy Birthday Pet Society…



  64. Angela Says:

    Well sad though that we cannot see any all the winners story!! Keep saying Page not found!

  65. victoria corney Says:

    how can i ply burthday compitation?

  66. victoria corney Says:

    mandenme un mail sobre burthday compitation

  67. victoria corney Says:

    burthday compitation is the best play in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Grifit Says:

    I love them all!! they are great!!
    By the way
    Love the art Pet Society has been developing
    I’d love a wallpaper with some of that stuff
    could you release some? please

  69. Amina Says:

    Congrats one and all!!!

  70. Jnette Says:

    I was hoping to enter but got way behind. I agree with the comment about not being creative in certain feilds. My computer skills are lacking in certain areas so I was working on a hand made entry that took longer than expected.

    Great work and cheers to the winners!

  71. Nazarienne Says:

    Congratulation to everyone who won! Great works! ❤

  72. superbaby Says:

    happy birthday

  73. Rico Says:

    I still think my entry rocks, whether the judges thought so or not. I like my entry best! Woohoo!

  74. abigailm28 (bubbles) Says:

    all well playfish i hope you bring out a great comp again xx

  75. MImi Says:

    Congrats to the winners!hope they enjoy their rewards!
    btw,Pet Society has been updating new items everyweek that keeps us playing without getting bored..
    Great job pet society & hope you keep on updating more interesting new items for us,pet society lovers!!!

  76. nicolás valdivia Says:

    coool the best,nice,pretty,beatiful.


  77. Matte Says:

    Thats not good!! you should give 1,000,000 to all the people in pet society!

  78. darling Says:

    happy birthday pet society congatulations all you winners
    love holly and her pet darling

  79. YhonnyG, EspañaO Says:


  80. sarah cooper Says:

    i will win not you

  81. sarah cooper Says:

    happy brithday pet scoitey beth is look in happy about it

  82. Osiris Says:

    mi cumple!!! weee…. no se que ago aqui pero no importa…. esto aparecio!!!!

    y ps me metì

  83. best fan ever of jeff hardy Says:

    wow!!! congratulations to all of you

  84. benja Says:

    yo quero tener porque quiero ser millonario

  85. morena Says:

    bueno me gustaria jugar ya qque mii pet necesiita su fiiesta y ese dineero!,¿como hago para participar?

  86. Lee Evans (Pistachio) Says:

    Wow! Congratulations Brett!! You really deserve the million coins!! I loved your video and song!! Have fun Bubbles!!!

  87. Kathy Says:

    Well done Brett!! wow..i can picture you jumping around in your room saying “I’VE WON!!!!!!!!!!” lol

  88. Leela Says:

    I really enjoyed seeing winning entries! Congrats to the winners!! All were very creative, cute and funny and brought a smile to my face! I’m so happy for all of you! 🙂

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  90. ardydelrosario Says:

    How will we get the prizes?

  91. vonny Says:

    saya senang permainan ini

  92. vonny Says:

    saya suka permainan ini karena seru

  93. khittey Says:

    aww didnt win :(((((((((((((((((((((((
    but congrats

  94. xiomara j. c Says:



  95. xiomara j. c Says:




  96. xiomara j. c Says:





  97. wams Says:


  98. Titi Says:

    ¿I win?or ¿I lost?

  99. aguss Says:

    aww didnt win
    but congrats

  100. aguss Says:


  101. dillon Says:

    wish u all the very best

  102. happygirl Says:

    Wow, the sore losers, beggars and sour grapes on all the comments sections is astounding. Not everyone can win so why can’t people just post happy thoughts for the ones who did…your comments make you look small and selfish.


  103. loretoooo Says:

    deberian salir las noticias en español tambien porque no entiendo lo que dice

  104. diego Says:

    bucha q fome

  105. Renee Says:

    not fairly judged.. almost all winners had pictures… which many of us did not have the skills or equipment to do.

  106. Divya Says:

    y is pet society always undergoin sum maintainace 😦

  107. Daisy Says:

    Where are the runner-ups ?

  108. flora Says:


  109. GLADYS NG Says:


  110. NAomy Says:

    happy b’day =D

  111. kim Says:

    :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) no fair i did not win :):):):):):):):):) but its ok the next compition i will try to win 🙂

  112. Bazilah Diyana Says:

    If you like to playing game???
    hahaha,if you have face book so go for it
    pet sociecy.I thing you will love it it fun wow
    first i hear some one say pet sociecy is the best game!!
    so i make face book and i play it
    I like the game……sooooo funn
    Level 1 and now I am level 40!!!

  113. beatriz Says:

    plz i need to buy the needs of my pet bianca

  114. martina Says:

    congrats!!!! but how can i join a competition? 😕

  115. dinika anand Says:

    pet society is forever under maintainence now!!!!!

  116. zaetona Says:

    Wow! Congratulations Brett & happy birthday

  117. mocha Says:

    hey sonya could you please try get pet society out of maintenance……i have not been able log on for months…….please can u look into the matter

  118. judie Says:

    more contests please! :((

  119. harsh Says:

    happy birthday pet society .ilove pet society very much n come four times a day n my mom also plays pet society n she also luvsit

  120. julie ali Says:

    i think u shuold do widding day that well b beter that u put widding dress widding care and widding stuff that well be soo much beter 😀 and happy birthay pet socity

  121. julie ali Says:

    ❤ ❤

  122. gel Says:

    happy birthday .. 🙂 your birthday was the same with mine .. i love it 🙂

  123. rawrkaye Says:

    happy birthday pet soc! i

  124. Jack (Mumble) Says:

    Sad i didnt win, but congrats

    They should have had runners u for each categorey , 1st 2nd and 3rd for each one.

    Oh well, i tried my best, but didnt win 😦

  125. sara Says:

    congrats 2 all the winners 😀

  126. alejandra Says:

    happy birthday pet society congatulations all you winners
    love holly and her pet darling 🙂

  127. siska Says:

    wow….congratulation for all winners

  128. Angelica Teixeira Says:

    Oye estoy de verdad muy molesta nunca me abre pet society desde facebook y no se por quee me gustaria que arreglaran ese problema por que este es uno de mis juegos favoriitos!!

  129. xochilt Murrieta Says:

    por que en cuanto mas avanza uno en los niveles menos monedas gana?

  130. paz Says:

    io aria muxas cosas ejempl.comprar muchas cosas arreglar mi casa y comprar artos regalos y regalarselos a mis amigos..asi gano trofeos …
    y mas diero..luego aria un cambio de look…y eso

  131. Djunina Says:

    Hey, Congrats!
    BUT I think there were better entries.. i spend so much time in this forum and from all winners i have seen just one.

  132. natalia bautista Says:

    yo voy a ganar pase lo Qe paseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. jazmincita Says:

    por que hay tanto mantenimiento ya es algo de todos los dias, ya canso un poquito, peroooooo FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNA ALEGRIA DE TODOS LOS DIAS UN ENTRETENIMIENTO DE TODOS LOS DIAS, UN JUEGO MUY ESPECIAL!!!!!!!!

  134. Hannah Moon Says:

    Party at winners’ houses… LOL

  135. Fiona Says:

    well done to the competition winners but i would like to draw attention to playfish those who arn’t creative with photoshop etc… please give them a chance with just there imagiantion with the stories without the fancy pics congrats again to winners

  136. salma Says:

    i wish that i be a winner ::)

  137. gofee Says:

    😛 :p 😮 :8

  138. Marina Says:

    muuuchas!! felicidades!!! congratulation for all winners!!!!!!! xD

  139. Kass,,,* (looveemeee) Says:

    happy birthday to pet society on facebook, I could not participate in this contest because I did not have time, but need money so I write a new history in pet society and the missiles to pet citi official thank you and goodbye and make things cured pet of the castle and you do not like me and need a lot of money that you are very expensive things in pet society Kass and I have no money so they agradesco but make things cheap and beautiful colors and give ideas as to adorn the home and make more levels because I did not spend more if you do not give me anything after level 47 thanks to my recommendations

  140. senay Says:

    nice yıllara

  141. LYNN Says:

    waooooooooo yo pensaba que yo era adicta!!! hahaha felicitaciones!

  142. ebony Says:

    WOW THIS IS AWSOME CONGRADULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Miley Says:


  144. lucila Says:

    hola me llamo lucila y tengo 9 años y me gustaria tener un milon de coins me encanta el juego soy una gram fanatica

  145. delia andreina Says:


  146. PATRI Says:

    no se donde estoy no entiendo el ingles . me pone muy loca no poder entrar al pet society

  147. PATRI Says:

    no se donde estoy no entiendo el ingles . me pone muy loca no poder entrar al pet society
    feliz cumple pet society

  148. jose Says:

    hola a todos

  149. YARIAN Says:

    hear someone knows how to enter pet birthday competion esque society I want to enter and compete answer please?

  150. Kevin Says:

    Congratulations everybodeh who won 100.000 coins or even a million!

  151. Ceffita Says:

    Congratulations to the winners ^_^

  152. nina Says:

    happy b-day!!!!

  153. layaniulka Says:

    ke ladilla! estoi cansada de ke este tanto en mantenimientoo! ke tanto perfeccionan! si es esos de los peces kitenlo me tienen arta esa verga de mantenimiento! o terminen de una vezz no e podido visitar ni ganar dinero por culpa d ustedes -.-

  154. layaniulka Says:


  155. dopanpan Says:


  156. dopanpan Says:


  157. Lynne Spencer Says:

    Congratulations!!! I think all the awards were well deserved! My pet Angel thinks so too!!!

  158. Vic97 Says:

    Happy Birthday to Pet Society!! Hope we can have more coins visiting friends!!wooo!!

    Another thing to add in , how come everytime i wanna log in to pet society but it keep on asking me to try again but i tried many times and it still can’t play??I really hope the gamemaster for playfish could solve the problem ..


  159. vanessa Says:

    congrat winners^^v

  160. bria Says:

    aw. it’s a shame i didn’t win. oh well. xD

    congratulations winners!

  161. Agatha Says:

    lalalalala its time to sing lalalalalalLA.
    oh pleas pleas ^_^

  162. miguel Says:

    pls… pick me to be a millioner ^_^ hahahahaha

  163. Nicola Says:


  164. donia mahadeen Says:

    happy birthday

  165. Shelley Says:

    Congratulation to both Pet Society and the Winners. For Pet Society: Always get New items every week!! For Winners: Tell me what will you do with that many coins? Buying Baits everyday?! Decorate house? Buy Playfish Cash? Or What?! Please Reply.

  166. Missys' owner Says:

    congratz winners, happy B-day pet society

  167. Yare Garcia Mestre Says:

    hola … soy de colombia … petsocity all my friends and I ask please tell us that most of the time we can not play … We think it is a disrespect to us fans .. we pray that this is resolved soon and stop moving so often but …
    We hope our request will be studied and applied …
    Thanks …

  168. Ji-Mae Says:

    Congratulation to winner have a good time and do the good thing such donate some to poor one ^^~

  169. Arcangel Says:

    fino el juego

  170. Anthony Khoury Says:

    I want to tell you some thing and i swear it happened,my facebook was stolen and all my house was stolen exept a chair and two gardens,wallpapers, and floaring. If i had those 1,000,000 coins i would use half of the coins to buy gifts for my friends and family and the other half for me to get my house back how it was and better. Thank you pet society for your kindness

    you number 1 fan,
    Anthony Khoury

  171. maxi Says:

    this is a piece of shet fix the pet society pich

  172. antonia Says:


  173. antonia Says:

    well done you the winner

  174. Antonia Says:

    congratulation to the winner

  175. tareq ali Says:

    awwwwww man i was working on a comic for this but i didnt finsh it yet 😦

    now i will burn it and throw it in the gravyard 😦

  176. neela Says:

    me encanta pet society pero hay veces que csi todos los dis no puedo entrar poruqe esta en mantenimiento!y eso me hace enojar

  177. tareq ali Says:

    why dont play fish make another contest in pet society about the best painting and the reward will be 10000000 and about other people who paint give them 10.000 or maybe 1000000 🙂

  178. celeste Says:

    xq mi pet no me agarra siempre dice esta en mantenimiento y todo lo que ponen es en ingles pongalo en español x favor

  179. salome Says:

    salome es una persona k kiere crear su pet ya lo tenia creado pero ahora ya no da

  180. karen Says:

    happy birthday pet society

  181. Darla / Itty Bitty's Mommy Says:

    Congrats to you all I just love this game.

  182. alejandra suarez Says:

    Super!! me gustaria participar y ganar!!

  183. Camilita itaah Says:

    Uii ojala ke me puedsa ganar mushaos coins necesito mushita plata ia eso numas a los ke se los ganen los felicito

  184. Sandra Calderon Says:

    Hola felicidades y ojala le regalen mas monedas a los matachos sin darle a uno tantos problemas…..

  185. GISELE Says:


  186. court court Says:

    Wow concractilations to every one lol xxx

  187. camilaaaaa Says:

    I love pet society I need money $$$!!

  188. Fruitshake Says:

    I lost. 😦

  189. flor Says:

    i like pet

  190. emilio Says:

    ne si es cieerto deben ponerlas tambien en español

  191. alexegoy Says:

    hey! to the winner conggratz!!! please send me a gift ” aquarium the biggest one” 😀 THANKS in advance… hehehhehe my email add


    hola, muy divertido el juego, pero se me pudre lo que siembro, por que rara vez me abre la página, tengo puras perdidas , deberian de indenmizarme, ojala tomen en cuenta mi comentario.

  193. thunderious Says:


  194. Lone Dyrberg Says:

    Congratulation to oll the winners

  195. rawan ahmed hassan Says:

    if i win milion coins i will send gifts to all my friends and celebraite pet society’s 1’st year,this is a prommes and happyyyyyyyyyyyyy birth dayyyyyyyyyyyyy to us all

  196. smothy Says:

    si gane un millon de monedas es increible

  197. beatrice Says:

    non ho potuto concorrere perchè non ho capito una parola de lregolamento…quasi quasi indico uno sciopero da pet society se non scrivete anche nelle nostre rispettive lingue… ho letto molte lamentele anche in spagnolo grazie

  198. fabian Says:


  199. Tintin2008 Says:

    feliz cumpleaños pet society son exelentes ustedes y los juegos de playfish ojala sigan con esas cosas tan buenas que le han metido a todos sus juegos! ……………………………………………. happy birthay pet society you are exelents and your games of playfish but do always that thing that are very good that you are doing with all your games!

  200. EDU Says:

    So, the girl who copied MY idea of making a PET DOLL (and by the way, one which looks quite poor compared to mine) won a prize and I didn´t— O_o
    How come??
    Maybe is it because I´m from Argentina and you´re still mad at us for that legendary 2-1 Victory in Mexico´86?? ;-P


  201. anne Says:

    Happy Birthday Pet Society !!! Well Done Winners !!!!! Keep up the good work xxx

  202. wiyamto muklin Says:

    Winner’s Aronds Huh…? Ariel Pet Have A Winner.

  203. Beatriz, Buenos Aires, Argentina Says:

    No me siento conforme con este concurso.Igualmente felicito a los ganadores.Creo que estamos sufriendo en cierto caso una discriminacion muy grande con respecto a los de habla hispana, si no estos juegos solo deberian existir para otros paises.Hay muchos niños de por medio y no todos entienden ingles. Lo mismo como ultimamente ese sistema que a cada rato esta en “mantenimiento”, los horarios, no es justo que un chico este sentado a la noche esperando ver su mascota.-

  204. PANCHITA Says:


  205. Sherille Says:

    oh wow!! i won!!! woooooooooooooooooh! i cant believe it!! im so happy!!!! never knew i would win though!

  206. hamid zaqzoq Says:

    hapy new year

  207. ahmed helmy Says:

    Happy birthday

  208. Paula Says:

    Heello ! 🙂 I am Chile ^^

  209. dolly harb Says:

    congrats to all the winners,,i love my pet Nouna 🙂

  210. vanina Says:

    holas les queria comunicar que es imposibre entar a la mascota .hay dias que si y dias que no , y es un juego que le gusta a muchas gente y teda bronca no poder entrar muchas gracias

  211. Rbk Says:

    si! en español!!! pero yot b kiero ser millonaria :p JAJAJA

  212. Thang Says:

    hey it’s me

  213. Ryvia hananda Says:

    we luv petscioty…happy b’day..

  214. samy Says:

    ¡¡¡feliz cumple !!!

  215. Ryvia hananda Says:

    we luv pet scioty…happy b’day :3

  216. giuliana Says:

    la verdad estoy muy indignada no he ganado nada y apuesto a que las historias de lso que ganaron no se lo merecian!!!

  217. Spike Says:

    congratulasion to the winners!!!

  218. ilo kanaan Says:

    It is amazing this game..

  219. karla Says:

    hey felicidades en vdd
    me encanta esta paginaa muchoo
    beso besoooo

  220. ilo kanaan Says:

    It is amazing playing Pet and build our visual house ….

  221. melissa tadeo ruvalcaba Says:

    waaaaa, quiero ganarme ese dinero, me gustaria hacerle una fiesta a mi pet e invitar a todos mi amigos a mi casa virtual, ademas que lo necesito para comprar muebles y otras cosas. 🙂

  222. magde Says:

    iam need 1000000 coins plezzzz

  223. naruto Says:

    muchas…son geniales…..

  224. Saima Says:

    congrats to the winners! happy birthday! where can we see the winners?

    love petsociety 🙂

  225. pau Says:

    hb! Congratulations to the winners 🙂

  226. sibitsibit Says:

    lol XD my creations looks like crap if placed beside the winning works hahaha oh well they are undeniably awesome!!! congrats!!! (i ♥ the millionaire, most original, best use of tech, most resourceful & most impressive! ;p)

  227. sibitsibit Says:

    lol XD my creations look like crap if placed beside the winning works hahaha they are undeniably awesome!!! congrats!!! (i ♥ the millionaire, most original, best use of tech, most resourceful & most impressive! ;p)

  228. Fran Says:

    kooooooooooooooool (: i would so get a kitchen!! and new outfits and plant more seeds and everything!! lmao. its my birthday today!!!! wooohooo!!! yayyyy (: my birthday today 😀 woop lmao (: x

  229. kedicik Says:

    Congratulations to the winners

  230. valeria Says:


  231. me Says:

    bunch of loosers

  232. iin lim Says:

    Happy Bday Pet Society & Congrats to The Winners ^,~

  233. zainab abdulla Says:

    congrats but we need more easy done comptitions :p

  234. michael Says:


  235. cata Says:

    donde dice los ganadores???

  236. elibeth percy Says:

    quiero tener una mascota

  237. jimmy Says:


  238. ale Says:

    aki forever

  239. CECILIA Says:

    feliz mes año aniversario pet society….

  240. vane Says:

    pet society is the best game.congratulations for the owners =)..

  241. nenuka Says:

    puxa oooooo notengo que aser

  242. james Says:

    dont know

  243. gelsy Says:

    hi! =)

  244. laura Says:

    felizzz cumple

  245. gabriela alarcon Says:

    deveria estar en español tan bien por que no somos todos bilingues!!!! y nunca entendi lo de la competencia por que de seguro gano..!!

  246. Carli Says:

    every time I set the game it appears:
    Pet society is currently undergoing some maintenence
    every day, I have to wait and enter to see if that doesn’t appears but finaly I lose a day trying to play and I can’t

  247. Carli Says:

    congratulatins for the winners

  248. susana roman Says:


  249. maddy nealy Says:

    well i love to play this so much that it is soooooooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  250. Liz Says:


  251. RODRIGO Says:


  252. Mary! Says:

    queeee!! arrenglen el pet socieetyy! a la madre con su mantenimiento de porqueria!

  253. ben10go Says:


  254. eklipse Says:

    Want Me too……. =)

  255. ben10go Says:

    bendiego es lindo

  256. ben10go Says:


  257. pilar Says:

    ola puesyo quiero ganarme el 10.000 porq quiero mejorar mii csa bueno me boy

  258. pilar Says:

    hapyyyy day espero q cumplas muchissisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisimos massssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    🙂 😛

  259. MARY Says:

    muy bueno!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. MARY Says:


  261. ayham Says:

    Congratulations everybodeh who won 100.000 coins

  262. ceame Says:

    always maintenance…why?????

  263. desiree Says:

    hola soy de venezuela yo tambien quiero participar pero no c como encanta pet society pero deberian areglar el sisteme siempre esta en mantenimiento y por favor traduscan toda la informacion en español,ya q no entiendo ingles y no c todo acerca de lo q publikan porfa piencen en todos los q no hablamos ingles plissss

  264. lilly Says:


  265. Kharlo @ Kharyl Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to Pet Society and Congratulation…

  266. Lachlan Carey Says:

    Congradulation to all the winners.Good job!!!

  267. LULU Says:

    need 1000000 000 PLZ

  268. LULU Says:

    i need cuins pllllzzzz i need 1000000

  269. LULU Says:

    anwser me or show me haw?

  270. alejandra guibarra lopez Says:

    eres una persona espesial

  271. gabriela valladares Says:

    me encanta pet sosiety!!

  272. alejandra guibarra lopez Says:

    eres la persona espesia- en mi corazon y en mi vida

  273. luis Says:

    no ablan español??

  274. Rabita Says:

    congratulations and more congratulations 😀

  275. alee;lizzz Says:

    CONGRATSS to everyone who wonnn:D

    LIKE MEE thanks for the congrattss;)

  276. minnie Says:

    winners ^_^

  277. Rabita Says:

    Congratulations to you, hope you go well in your day and continue as usual.
    Kind regards and many congratulations.

  278. tatueki Says:

    be water me friend…

  279. jenny Says:

    i do not get it.

    what kind of birthday competition really is

  280. sara Says:


  281. MIRA ELENA Says:


  282. pedo Says:

    son un askoo no gano c mi prima esto esta arreglado por un par de mocos y pedorros

  283. Princess Says:

    can’t see them.

  284. NARUTO Says:


  285. VANESSA Says:


  286. lyly rivas Says:


  287. michi Says:


  288. Sourlady Says:


  289. Judy Says:

    Geeez, I was away on vacation – did not KNOW about the birthday contest, wow by the way – that’s a lot of coins given away. One question, why didn’t you give each “active” player something like 1000 coins as a birthday celebration?? Did you not think of that? All I heard when I got back in the game was that the Mayor has spoken, it’s Pet Society’s birthday and so now WE can spend more coins on birthday stuff. Boo, boo, boo. It would have been a brilliant chance for a wonderful, much appreciated give-away, gathering praise and boosting the spirits of your faithful players but NO, you didn’t think of that and so have left a lot of us “Blue over Birthday Bust”.

  290. the traveler Says:

    bienvenido a pet society

  291. carla daniela contreras olivera Says:


  292. Cici Leung Says:

    Well done! Good!!!

  293. natalia Says:

    amo a pet society!!!
    me encanta
    felicidades!!! muchas felicidades!!!

  294. bubby Says:

    when will the next contest be? any wyas, WELL DONE!!!!! 😀

  295. tefi Says:

    😀 heyyy xvere !!

  296. Pietrito Says:

    Feliz aniversario

  297. JKY Says:

    i wanna win too ^^

  298. Valeria Says:

    Felicidades a Pet Society y a los ganadores!!!

  299. Nina Says:

    congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

  300. maria Says:

    traduccion en español, que los juegos o copetencias tambien las pongan en español y asi participar

  301. valeria Says:

    por que no me sale el juego del facebook

  302. javiera Says:

    naa no entiendo nada :/ bakan

  303. Manuel Says:


  304. Gatita_72 Says:

    happy birthday to Pet Society

  305. beto Says:

    felicitaciones akaba de ganar 100,000 coins

  306. rami Says:

    heeeeeeeey pliiiiiiiiiz i want that pliiiiiiiiiiiiz
    i have 2 cry to get it

  307. matias Says:


  308. robby Says:

    i not can not matter what from pet

  309. Lok Says:

    ?????????????????????how to win?

  310. Jena Says:

    awww…i envy u guyz..wish i cud also have a millione coins..super adictive to pet society.. because of it, im now stock here at home being a bum just to play pet society..lolz..and not still not able to find a job..hahaha..congrats to the winners..

  311. lola Says:

    ho are the winners?

  312. luis Says:

    kiero ganar ese premiooooooooooooooooooooooo

  313. monty Says:

    so nice HaPPy Birth Day

  314. Natasha Says:

    was up

  315. veronica Says:

    4 de junio

  316. soli Says:

    Congratulations everybodeh who won 100.000 coins or even a million!

  317. teefaa ¡¡ cervnates Says:

    holaa a Todoz ♥_____________________

    quee Ondaa 🙂

  318. nicolas ignacio roman hidalgo Says:

    yo me divierto mucho y lo felicito por un juego tan divertido mi mascota lo siento como un amigo, le compro lo mejor lo tengo viviendo como un rey todos los dias lo alimento y le doy las mejores comodidades. saludos NICOLÁS

  319. Dina Says:

    happy bday

  320. Suraya Says:

    Congratulations Pet Society, and for all the winners

  321. carolina Says:

    quiero saber como puedo ganar dinero para poder comprar cosas a mi mascota

  322. MEMO Says:


  323. kattya Says:

    ???????…nuc para q es esto0w pero0 me da iwual

  324. wei jun Says:

    is today pet society birthday?

  325. Lizzy Says:

    hola yo hablo español y no le entiendo alguien podria explicarme d que se trata por favor

  326. vale Says:


  327. glorita Says:

    ¡¡¡ feliz cumple!!! me encanta Pet Society

  328. Johanne Says:

    Félicitation aux gagnants je suis contente pour eux, mais ca serait plaisant que les conditions des concours se fassent en francais, on comprendrait mieux , nous les francophone. merci de m’avoir lu

  329. kit Says:


  330. siti mariam Says:

    happy birthday pet society I LOVE YOU FULL…… HAHAHAHA :/

  331. omi Says:

    happy b’day

  332. calvin Says:

    congrats to all the winners! keep it up! and have a fun time in Pet Society.. cheers! =)


    Mientras me hablabas y yo te miraba,
    se detuvo el tiempo en medio instante:
    el amor me llamaba y yo le obedecía.
    Mientras me susurrabas y yo te amaba,
    se alzaron los sentimientos,
    mandó tu voz,
    el cielo se hizo visible en tus ojos,
    y yo pronuncié el querer en tus labios.

  334. Ana Laura Says:


  335. blythe Says:


  336. valen Says:

    feliiziidadez a loOz ganadoOrez

  337. uriko Says:

    compraria todo lo que esta relacionado con musica y aria una casona muy muy elegante 🙂 eso siiiii

  338. cesar! Says:

    darn it! i lost…:(

  339. ddddd Says:


  340. yared=) Says:

    o.o hahahahha…!!!

  341. Metinee Says:

    If I have 1millons ,I will buy Lot of things for decorate of my house , so I hope to have this money ^o^

  342. Mary Says:


  343. Rosa Says:

    Muchas felicidades a todos los ganadores y a pet society♥

  344. claudia Says:

    holaaaaaaaaaa me encanta pets¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  345. orlando Says:

    well done!!! congrats!!!!! 2 all of you

  346. anestheticsforana Says:

    Congrats to them!

  347. giovanna Says:

    por q el country story no funciona ni tampoco el pet society

  348. Keri Says:

    Great job!

  349. abrar an Says:

    birthday 16-91987

  350. SILLVIA Says:


  351. carlos Says:

    no spik inglish
    in spañish tanks

  352. roxy Says:

    hope to win

  353. LAYFONSETT Says:


  354. giulio bathory Says:


  355. FRENLEY Says:

    Ough Congratulations Happy Birthday PS ! How I dreamed of winning the 100.000.000’s OK let other win first…is not I am losing now but this is only the winning postphone I believe. I do love you all…can I join the winning team to create something…I have bunch of Idea…I’m waiting to be 1Billion Coins !! haha 🙂

  356. justin Says:

    Sup! My butt hurts.

  357. justin Says:

    because I fell on my butt.

  358. koda Says:

    why dont play fish make another contest in pet society about the best painting and the reward will be 10000000 and about other people who paint give them 10.000 or maybe 1000000

  359. justin Says:

    I’m in 3rd grade. bye! nice meeting you guys! bye!

  360. dalia salazar Says:

    me encanta pet society el unico problema es que cuando tengo tiempo para estar un rato con mi mascota casi siempre estan en mantenimiento y eso me molesta ya que deberian de hacerlo por lo menos una vez cada mes psro no tantas veces porq me fastidia …..quiero ver a mi mascota…feliz cumple gracias dalia …venezuela

  361. Pixxie Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  362. alan garces Says:

    pleace in spanish for latin america

    the gobernator of traducction

  363. emmauri Says:


  364. Jenny Says:


  365. ezüq Says:

    congratulation for all winners!! 🙂

  366. qazafana Says:

    congratulation for all winners 😀

  367. Doris Says:

    Hola que esten bien

  368. lily Says:

    congrats for the winners 😀

  369. jose Says:

    millionarie thats not real

  370. Ever Felipe Ortiz Marulanda Says:


  371. Chung Pong Says:

    Congratulations to the winners

  372. kiadea Says:

    thats stupid T-T

  373. Ki Says:

    there are so many for you

  374. bris Says:

    feliz cumple pet society muy buenos los juegos
    se les kiere

  375. Marinelle Narcisa Says:

    I wish this website

  376. ROSA Says:


  377. alex torres Says:


  378. marco Says:

    quiero ganas ia

  379. jesus helio tovalin espinoza Says:

    why dont play fish make another contest in pet society about the best painting and the reward will be 10000000 and about other people who paint give them 10.000 or maybe 1000000

  380. Rosalba Says:


  381. daniel Says:

    dame el millon

  382. juany Says:


  383. nino Says:

    congrats to all hope i was the

  384. cherisse Says:

    maybe someone will win

  385. ANim3LuV Says:

    hee hee ❤

  386. paige Says:

    concragulations for winning stink i did not win boo!

  387. paige Says:

    well done anyway

  388. BeN Says:


  389. lawrence Says:

    happy brithday yo u

  390. wero Says:

    wiiiiiiii 🙂

  391. dhea Says:


  392. cinthya Says:

    congrats to all the winners!!!

  393. tamir Says:

    bravo to winners

  394. Michelle Says:

    Congratulation winners!!!! Happy birthday pet society!!! Lets all have fun and celebrate pets societys b-day!!!!!!!!!and dont be sad if yu dont win cuz everyone is a winner!!!

  395. annisa Says:


  396. katerina Says:

    thelw to paixnidi mou pisw..eyxaristw

  397. erina herkiss Says:

    happy day’s with pet society…….horeeeeeeeeee
    I won’t to be win……..

  398. silent assasin 457 Says:

    happy winnin winners

  399. kurochan Says:

    huhuhu sarap nmn^^….

  400. Ashyn Radermacher Says:

    Conrats to the winners! Spend the coins wisely. 🙂

  401. Ashyn Radermacher Says:

    Great job everyone 😛 😀

  402. Maisie Says:

    =( im so sad =(
    because i did not win=(

  403. Andrea Says:

    AWWWW!!! I didn’t win!!!!!!!! 😦

  404. scrapydoo Says:

    im poor :(……………

  405. leigh Says:

    con-grats to winners

  406. kristina Says:

    who had won the gift ???????????????????++++

  407. malak * Says:

    i hope pet socity make another contestabout best painting and will be rawarded fpr 26536000 or maby 100000000000000 wahoo they are the best

  408. marble Says:

    love love love~

  409. paola Says:

    estan locos

  410. edemo Says:!!!

  411. cookies Says:

    Congratulations to the winners ^_^

  412. ted Says:

    congratulation to all….

  413. Clown Says:


  414. Onieza Ezanie Says:

    Happy Birthday..

  415. Pauline Says:

    aww…I didn’t win:(..but congrats 2 all the winners…:)

  416. ahmed mahmoud elmasri Says:

    happy brithday

  417. yamileth moran Says:

    agregame pet society

  418. Joyce Tam Says:

    Congrats for all of you ~ Happy birthday

  419. gerahrdoh noriega Says:

    feeliz cumple alod del animal de compañía es fabuloso este juego esta con ganas y empleados geniaal

  420. salve Says:

    ah ok..galing

  421. alex Says:


  422. youssef mohamed Says:

    from where i can get the contest

  423. yulia Says:

    Congratulations to the winners ^_^

  424. lauren Says:

    happy birthday pet society your the best…..nothing can be better than pet society …..we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  425. naruto Says:

    felis cumple pet society

  426. caren Says:

    happpy birthday pet society.. more powers & years to come.. congratulations to all winners.. =) bday blow out… hehe lol

  427. Kate Says:


  428. maddy Says:

    congrats to all of the winners hope u spend it all wisly
    cheers maddy

  429. maury Says:

    sssSS -.- SSsss

  430. maegan Says:

    wait hey my names maegan tooo

    i have never met anyone with the same name as me

  431. gillian baetiong Says:

    i will invite you to my friends birthday

  432. Nur Reena Says:

    i love you pet society…happy birthday sorry if it’s too late…put i will always like pet society !!! i really wish i had the 1,000,000 coins…but too bad i didn’t get…it’s okay maybe next time it’s lucky for all 😛 congrates to all winners maybe it’s your lucky day…always win no loser…if you think what i’m typing is wierd,actually i don’t even understand what i’m typing… 😛

  433. MrRabbit Says:

    hi the winner gratz to you so sad that i did not win the prize lol

  434. MrRabbit Says:

    and i hope the Pet society will also give us free coins lol

  435. fares Says:


  436. le roi Says:


  437. bahareh Says:

    congratulate to all Pets ….
    I hope every year will be better than privious one for all…

  438. najla Says:

    My Birthday

  439. kiara Says:

    Great job u must be rich:D

  440. kiara Says:


  441. charmaine Says:

    hi how to join

  442. merygio Says:


  443. SallyBaby Says:


  444. Lucky13 Says:

    Congrats Winners.
    May you spend all of your money probably on luxuries.

  445. bethany Says:

    well done winers

  446. klayne Says:

    sali lang po ha ok

  447. ivan Says:

    help me 2 upgrade my pe!

  448. klayne Says:

    si klayne po to salilang po pede

  449. federica Says:

    pues no me sali nada

  450. gela david Says:


  451. Martin Says:

    WOWWWWW Congrats for all of you winners!!! Happy birthday Pet society!!!! Yeeeeee!!!!

  452. vollario Says:

    i want win the competetion

  453. antonia Says:

    un saludo y esta muy bien esto , pero porfavor mas en español no me entero de nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , jajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kisss

  454. rehab Says:

    i wish it comes true…

  455. antonia Says:

    un saludo a todos , y porfavor las cosas un poco mas en español sino no me entero de nada ,jajajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kisss

  456. juvyann Says:

    bigyan nyo po ako ng mga gamit or gift any thing plss give me

  457. alfi Says:

    i love themmmmmmmmmmmmmm allllllllllllllllll ur contest and the pet socity environment is great.
    by the way happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!11

  458. bert Says:

    i will not win but congratulations to who does

  459. abdulla Says:

    thanks and i never win in any thing

  460. samirah Says:

    it doesn’t matter whether you win or not .may be one day itis your turn.guys don’t cry its just a small matter be proud of it

  461. speedy Says:

    Congratulations to the winners

  462. Maria Rosaria Demuro Says:


  463. PILAR Says:


  464. ying Says:


  465. luke james oldfield Says:

    Hi pepole my name is luke right i want to win the comitishon 1 im poor 2 im winning 50 coins a day on the lotto 3 i want some itemz in my house and really i haved to say this but if u win the compitison well done 😀 :V

  466. Bikini Says:

    Congrats to the winners !!!!

  467. alida Says:

    congratulation to both pet society

  468. shyshy Says:

    happy birthday
    pet society
    have a great day

  469. Nesmi Says:

    Happy birthday all winners and congratulations!!!!!!!

    and happy birthday to pet society….!!!!

  470. Nicole Says:

    very good…but then i wished i had join i was so confused
    😦 i don’t have alot of ps coins

  471. amelia Says:

    tanti auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  472. Cutie Says:

    wow cool I didn’t know how to write in there so I didn’t perticipate 😦
    oh anyway who cares about me
    CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  473. Lim Wen Hui Says:

    I love playing Pet Society.It is so fun to shop.

  474. NOOBY Says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey thanx pet society =)

  475. Basmatick Says:


  476. Gia Says:

    When we can play again?
    every link say, under maintenance…
    i’m so disappointed…
    but, congrats for winners!
    i love pet society…..!!

  477. Mirza smajlovic Says:

    I was born the 24 oktober 1995

    I I
    I O / O I
    I /_ I
    I I

  478. Patricia ( SAMIRA ) Says:

    POdré hacer mucha cosas, una de ellas es re decorar mi casa como me hubiera gustado hacerlo de entrada y seguir jugando y diviertiendome como lo hago hasta ahora. Muchas Gracias Patricia

  479. akshay Says:

    why dint i get the prize i hate you guys!

  480. ruel Says:


  481. rana Says:

    ya ben size katılmak istomm

  482. Doumer Fa Says:


    Je souhaite qu’à l’occasion de cet anniversaire, mon lien entre facebook et les jeux de playfish se rétablissent. merci !!

  483. ale_m Says:

    Oh my! All these really are very cute, funny and creative. Congrats to all winners 😀

  484. Mafija Says:

    Congratulations to all winers

  485. ranoo Says:

    ooooooof i neeeeeeeeed mony plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need heelp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mony mony pet society i need your help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need mony plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i s0o0o0o0o0o0o0 love u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cave me a 1000000000 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :(((((((((((((((( i dont have mony and my home so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0[o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o00o baaaaaaaaaaad plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  486. lala Says:


  487. Holly Says:

    i couldnt find the closing dates so i didnt get to enter my one 😦

  488. ranoo Says:


  489. lorenza Says:

    ciao a tutti ,io sono lorenza e il mio pet si kiama lunetta…io se avessi vinto con i soldi ricevuti avrei fatto dei regali ai miei amici,xkè alcuni nn posso permettere di comprare niente…nn vi sembra un uona idea???? ciao ciao grazie

  490. frances Says:

    pls meeeeeeeeeee i need a 1,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    and pls add me

  491. wilma Says:

    happy b´day!!!!!!!!! all the best!!!!!!!!!TIME TO BE PARTY……….noW

  492. xiaoxuan Says:

    Congratulation to all winners!

  493. Nadia Says:

    I wish u all the very best!!!!! ❤

  494. Radovan Says:


  495. Charles Says:

    hey! who is the winner hehe

  496. Charlie bit me Says:


  497. pHazawAii Says:



    o o o ooooo ooooo o o
    o o o o o o o o o o
    ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo o
    o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o
    ooooo O o o ooooo o o o
    ] 0 o o o o o o o o
    ooooo o ooo ooooo ooooo ——- o o oooo o
    ] 0 o o o o o o o o o o
    ooooo o o o o o ooooo o o o

    Thank you pet society >:)

    Plss Add me :]]

  498. Booboo Says:

    Congratulations to all winners!
    You made us smile with your awesome creations…Love them all!!!

  499. shaniya Says:

    no money 😦 o well

  500. Elliebelly Says:

    winners are the best losers are the worst

  501. dalia al-qadri Says:

    i wish everybody winning next time

  502. Nicole Says:

    Congratulation to the winners :’D

  503. alex Says:

    this rocks

  504. Hoalan Phan Says:

    congratulations to all the winners

  505. lina Says:

    congratulations 2 allll 🙂 i love this game 😀

  506. cheney lu Says:

    who is the winner i wish is me

  507. cheney lu Says:

    aw i did win]

  508. Lily Says:

    congratulations! 😀

  509. Ella Says:

    Yeah. I wanna no who the winners are. duz and1 no how 2 find outt? x

  510. Stephanie chen Says:

    Happy birthday pet society have a wonderful day.When is pet society’s birthday?

    goody it’s pet society’s birthday have a great time

    pet society is a fun game!!!!

    once again have a great time and have fun playing pet society!!!!

    Stephanie Alexandra Chen:) 😮

  511. sude Says:


  512. hey Says:


  513. Stephanie chen Says:


  514. lauren Says:

    hiya XD x

  515. sandy Says:

    thanks for sending me a message but i want to won
    sandy bader

  516. Ahmed Says:

    Congratulations !! to all of our winners,
    i hope win next time :)):P

  517. racheL Says:

    ,congrats to all winners maybe you can send me gifts…hahahahah…


  518. Allana Says:

    My birthday is todaii x i got lots of nice things x im 11

  519. bob Says:

    wow sono felicissimoooooooo no anzi super felice…..spendero al meglio qst soldi!!!!!!!!!

  520. Sha Cutez Says:

    Am I a winner here? Wish I would win because I Love Pet Society!!!

  521. haya Says:

    i love bet soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mush

  522. sarah Says:

    I will maney! 100.000 £
    Thank you!

  523. loulou Says:

    how is the winner?

  524. mildrey Says:

    I, wiinners??

  525. sarah Says:

    ik wil 100.000 euro!!!!!

    Merci ,
    en ik wil he^t binn de 2 maanden! Danku!
    Doe het! of anders ..

  526. avilyn0728 Says:


  527. sarah Says:

    ik wil 100 000 euro hebben van jullie!!!!

    en ik wil het binnen de twee maanden hebben! Danku!

    DOE HET! want anders … !

  528. stefano Says:

    Congratulations to the winners ^_^

  529. avilyn0728 Says:


  530. naveed Says:

    who cares the winner

  531. tara Says:

    well done every one deserve it

  532. zoe Says:

    er how do u win ?

  533. ellie says Says:

    i would be good if you would give use 5,000 for lokking after our pet very well because that would be very kind and when we skeap 40 you could give use 1.000 and when we get another house we could get 6.000 pound with it so we could buy things in side it then it will look very pose
    i would love to no who the winner is hey

  534. Says:

    🙂 auguri

  535. vina Says:

    pls let me win i need to havr a money for my house because it is scammed

  536. Says:

    auguri pet society 🙂

  537. ahmed Says:


  538. Lyd Says:

    so unfair i didnt know how to enter!! 😥

  539. jose cruz Says:


  540. MIK Says:

    yeah congrats to all the winners wish i was one!!!!

    lol well done to the winners!!!

  541. denise allysa s. gulle Says:

    sana po maging isa ako sa millionaire ng pet society 5 taon na po akong naglalaro per di nmn po aqo yumayaman. kaya sana po mapili nyo aqo!


  542. yousef Says:

    ilove betsociety

  543. jade Says:

    brett is the winner who ever that is

  544. MIK Says:

    hope that everyone still thinks that they are winners!!!

    you might not be a winner in this but i bet your a winner in something else!!!!
    maybe sport, music, english, maths!!!! anything i bet your a winner in one of them!!!

    luv ya

  545. Luis Says:

    Hi there!!!
    Congratulations to all for this wonderfull year………………

  546. eda lorraine Says:

    i wish i am the winner the birthday competition winner’s announced

  547. Ashton Barnes Says:

    god some peps on this are so addickded to pet soceity its a game lol but if your all gaming nerds then fair enough lol

  548. Coach Says:

    Congratulations to Pet Society! and to all the winners!

  549. Rita Says:

    CONGRATULAZIONI!!! buon compleanno pet society. grazie per la tua compagnia.

  550. Germaiine Says:

    OMGAWD ! Congratz the winner too :] 1M uhs ! Can spent everything uue like ! II am damn impressed !:]

  551. Elise Says:

    Oh my god! The winner is not me!

  552. nicole Says:

    ala lng!!!

  553. Elise Says:

    why don”t the playfish team make lots of contest so that i can earn more coins1

  554. martina Says:

    ciao a tutti nn capisco l’ inglese comunque bel giocoo!!!

  555. lujayn totah Says:

    i must to win

  556. Adhar Says:

    me gustaria que alguien me tradujera el texto, no entiendo nada de ingles y me gustaria poder participar

    feliz cumpleaños pet society!!

  557. Alison.L Says:

    happy birthday pet society 🙂

  558. Yara Says:

    Pet Society great game….full of news and friends….Happy winners

  559. lujayn totah Says:

    i must win

  560. royvangozales Says:

    Happy 1yr old pet society and Congrats to all winners!

  561. Yipi Says:

    Crongrats winners! You are the lucky ones!

  562. wolf queen Says:

    wow you are lucky…
    congradiolations 😀

  563. Yino Kuro Says:

    Its like what ever.
    Win or lose im still
    a cute girl

  564. billy fri Says:

    ad me me me me me !!!!!!!!!!

  565. billy fri Says:

    🙂 :*

  566. billy fri Says:

    😀 😉

  567. -intan- Says:

    Congratulation for the winners 🙂

  568. kim_verdida Says:

    hey who won me want won tell who won really plss tell

  569. Mary Buscicchio Says:

    Hello to all you want to join the celebrations for the anniversary of the Pet, My Pet is called Wendy and I are very happy to be part of this game that I like to be crazy, I hope to still be with you at the next anniversary Congratulations … Mary

  570. matto Says:

    ke palle,cazzo,lo faceste anke in italiano e in altre lingue nn vincerebbero solo gli inglesi

  571. Jeremy Ng Says:

    The winner strong. But tell him/her not to become a spendthrift. That bad for his/her pet. Lols.

  572. king Says:


  573. raymond Says:

    hehehe i want the millions of coins heheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  574. 11clare Says:

    good job , guys!!!

  575. stanleynovaldo Says:

    Ooh i very sad why the Pet society must be maintenance this day?!

  576. Stupid Says:

    Stupid, just stupid, i cannot win, what evr

  577. Stupid Says:

    just great, just as i mentionaed i am stupid that is why i cannot win. i am so unlucky

  578. logan Says:

    congrats to all the winners sadly hardly any of us know the winner but we know her name but we dont know who she is but i wish i would of one

  579. gamal Says:

    happy birthday pet society .ilove pet society very much n come four times a day n my mom also plays pet society n she also luvsit

  580. majlinda Says:

    dua te fitoj edhe une

  581. nesrina Says:

    happy birthday too you pet society

  582. majlinda Says:

    i am nina

  583. Galderas Says:

    “All links say: Page not found”.
    That’s the spirit!

  584. scarface Says:

    where is the liste of the winners? ou est la liste des gagnants?
    who are the winners? qui sont les gagnants?

  585. Signe Says:


  586. gab Says:


  587. omarwishah Says:

    congratulations to all and HAPPY BDAY PET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  588. ahmed amr Says:

    ana nafsi ab2a 5ani awii

  589. ambra Says:

    congratulations to the winner °>°

  590. ambra Says:

    congrutalitions to the winner =)

  591. rana hany Says:


  592. sayali Says:

    new pe societly

  593. pig Says:


  594. rocco brocco shva Says:

    l love pet societly

  595. aldous Says:

    congratulations,PET SOCIETY…………..happy birthday

  596. mizz muzico Says:

    so0o0o0 go0o0dDdD!!!! & CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNNNNNNERSSS!!!!!!!

  597. belen Says:

    I do not really know what this is but i love it

  598. haziqah Says:

    congratulations to all the winners

  599. OMG Says:

    couldnt be bothered putting an entry in XD

  600. Lea Says:

    Sretan rođendan Pet Society/Happy b-day Pet Society!

  601. courtney fletcher Says:

    Im upset I didnt win but well done to all the winners who got there one million coins. Well done 2 u all!

  602. Ali Says:

    Congratulations to all and HAPPY DAY PET SOCIETY!!

  603. Lola Says:


  604. Linda Says:

    it’s my birthday !!

  605. doriethy Says:


  606. elisa Says:

    i love my pet!! i want be the winner!!!!!!!! 🙂

    kisses from venice, italy!

  607. Ladyy Says:

    happy BDAY !! ;))

  608. miky Says:

    a me su pet nn mi ci fa entrare xkè???????

  609. Hannah Says:

    I really don’t like pet society it’s so annoying u r constantly looking after ur pet it’s like u’ve got nothing better to do than be on a computer all day what about school???? It’s boring anyway i wouldn’t bother!!! It’s BAD!!!!

  610. Ffion Says:


  611. sahar Says:

    congratulation for all & happy birthday

  612. meghan stevenson Says:

    i know the cheat on pet society does anyone want to know them ive got 16 rooms in my house !!!!!! 🙂

  613. ingrid Says:

    pet society yuppy buon compleanno ma penzavo fosti così gentile che mi potevi fare vincere il birthday competition ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  614. ingrid Says:

  615. vitcon Says:

    congratulation, you are genious ! so i think playfish should give us more action with the pets: such as marry-> wedding 🙂

  616. meghan stevenson Says:

    how can i do the competition 😕

  617. Elsy Says:

    Gane??????????????? jajaja espero que si… no entiendo mucho el ingles que problema… uffffffffffffffa

  618. kriiiiiiiiiis Says:

    felicidadess mundo mascotaa!!

  619. iris Says:

    wow one million coins?

  620. matthew j.r.jones.......(is cool)! Says:

    I want 1 mill i need it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s happy b-day all you pets out there!

  621. milea Says:

    nice !!!!!!!!@!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!!!!

  622. sisinka Says:

    happy birthay to you,happy birthay to you, happy birthay dear pet society,happy birthay to you

  623. unknow Says:

    ya PET SOCIETY ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  624. Nur Shaqilla Says:

    oh goody. Congrates to all the winnyyysssss(winners)
    I wish you all a millionare person……

  625. lillu Says:

    … 😦 😦 😦

  626. NINo Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners

  627. Janine Says:

    I wanna join the competition cause its my birth day on august 22,2009 please PICK ME!

  628. hazem Says:


  629. hazem Says:


  630. pular_90 Says:

    word challenge

  631. hams ESSAM Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAy for pet socity

  632. Sharlyn Lai Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! ^_^And Happy Birthday Pet Society and Singapore! 😀

  633. SC Says:

    I want join this compitition!!!

  634. Maria Says:

    hi i wanna join the competition cause its my birthday to day 11,agust and i would love to win (:

  635. maria gabriela sanchez Says:

    Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores del Pet Society…

  636. ninah Says:

    congratulation to all the winners in pet soceity.

  637. farhan Says:

    wanna be the winner

  638. DJ Sammie Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners and can all the non-winners PLEASE STOP begging there is NO point it is only a game some people are begging to stay alive!

  639. jazirah Says:


  640. meghan stevenson Says:

    PLEASE PICK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PET SOCIETY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  641. kanna Says:

    how can i join the competition?

  642. totta Says:

    [-]aPpY b!rHdAy PET SOCIETY………………..

  643. Lello Says:

    io con tutti quei soldi prima di tutto farei dei regali ai miei amici perchè non vorrei far credere loro che sono uno che vince e non pensa agli altri,poi penserei a casa mia che pur avendo 6 stanze non è un granchè,è vuota,mi faccio regalare quel che tengo da mia fratello.comunque congratulazioni al vincitore di quella cifra immensa.

  644. Charliee Says:


  645. nikol Says:

    i hope for u the best !!!
    happy birthday!!!

    kisses to all of u !!!!

    ps .
    i admit it!
    my name is nikol and im a petsocietyholic!!!!!

  646. aliah basbas Says:

    yay!congratolations to all the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!

  647. piriyaankha Says:

    hey………can i be the winner plss…………………….

  648. maria Says:


  649. Salma Eleyan Says:

    hi Mayor pls say Congratulations to all the winners but pls can I have 1000 coins on my daily coins because I borrowed Puffy’s (habiba soliman) frame and lost it so can u pls get me 1000

    love Cuteness’s owner

  650. brayan Says:


  651. clau belisario Says:

    oye que mal a estado tengo 6 dias sin poder abrir la pagina de pet, muy mal de veras tienen que mejorar el mantenimiento

  652. Taro Says:

    in my opinion, Elizabeth, the most creative doesn’t deserve to win because she just copied a lotto adverstisement on television.

  653. kyle Says:

    happy birthday pet society

  654. ayaa Says:

    I Love everyone

  655. gaelle Says:

    yay !!! congratolations to all the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ❤ ❤

  656. ayaa Says:

    I Love everyoen

  657. Michelle Says:

    yo no me entero mucho de esto… puesto que esta en ingles… pero si con esto puedo ganar dinero para comprarme mas cosikas en pet society hago lo que sea

  658. Mole Says:

    Happy, Happy…

  659. web Says:

    congratolations to all the winners 55555+

  660. isabel Says:

    happy birtday pet soccieti

  661. CHYRYL Says:

    Whhhaaaaa! Congrats winners! ooohhhh…Please next time……..LET ME BE THE WINNER!!!!! 😛

  662. coşkun Says:

    ben ce bu oyun çok güzelllllllllllll

  663. Antonela Says:

    hey who ate the lucky winners??? am i the winner…lol

  664. zozo alayano Says:

    hi avrey one happy bairthday and see ya …..

  665. Antonela Says:

    i want to oin the birthday competition…please

  666. Illowerth Says:

    i am not win

  667. all Says:

    gratz to all pet society winners i have no money 😦 =)) nothing hahaha

  668. tommy sheils Says:

    congrats to all winners ur so lucky id do anythin 4 1million coins anyway happy bday pet society

  669. kim Says:

    gratz but pls make our champs good ^_^

  670. kim Says:

    how to win and how to join?

  671. JOrge Says:

    Happy birthday i love pet society 😀

  672. Blanka Says:


  673. Hannah Montana Says:

    Well done all yall winners whoooo!!!!!!!!!!

  674. qijie Says:

    congrats to brett

  675. HADJI Says:

    feliz cumple pet society !!!

  676. obayda hassan Says:

    hi man a bi3aza 2ila 1000000

  677. tay Says:

    how to enter kan?

  678. VALERIA Says:

    es in justo ya que en argentina estubo cortado el juego desde hace una semana y todavia no funciona

  679. Yanina Says:

    never let me enter in the site to play!!!!!!!!! Always be in mantenaince…………!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  680. marianella Says:

    feliz cumpleaños pet, eres mi amigo a diario no sesapa4rez4cas nunca te adoro,,,,felicidades

  681. ike46 Says:


  682. siti nur amira Says:

    my birthday is on 31 august 01

  683. edy Says:

    vel donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddddddd

  684. cyndel Says:


  685. rachel Says:

    congratulations! winners i wish i was there pick me

  686. sophie Says:

    ive been playin pet socitey for over a year now
    i really wont to win so i can decorate my house pleaseeee pleaseeee pick me

  687. maegan Says:

    omg!!! Someone’s name is just like mine!!! Coolio!

  688. iya29 Says:

    hello! its my birthday on august 20,2009! thanx

  689. joyce Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Congratulations !

  690. grace Says:

    yey! congrats to all the winners!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  691. sophie Says:

    ive been playing with pte for over a year now so please please pick me so i can decorate my house pick me xx

  692. sonia Says:

    fatemi vincere, sono una patita sfegatata per pet e per di più italiana

  693. ryry Says:

    i love you pet society,s

  694. zahira Says:

    felicidades =D

  695. pablo medina Says:

    congrats but if you know shaun tell me people that know him thanks and congrats winners byebye blablablablabla PABLO MEDINA RULEZ! YEAH!

  696. Martina Kaiser Says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch und danke für soviel Spaß!

  697. flavia Says:

    es genial !!!!!!!!!!!!

  698. chan andy Says:

    no .. u

  699. Vanessa Says:

    Je veut gagner de l’argent !

  700. cristian sanchez gonzalez Says:

    me gusta su juego

  701. juany Says:

    me gustaria participar y ganar

  702. pablo55 Says:

    yay!congratolations to all the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to all the winners
    congrats!!!! but how can i join a competition?

  703. cristian sanchez gonzalez Says:

    happy is site your from is the goodness

  704. angelica Says:

    cOngRats wiNnerS!(((((=

  705. CrispyKaren Says:

    congratulations to all the winners….

  706. jackey8a Says:

    it is not working for ,me

  707. blackrosse Says:

    happy birthday pet Society`s

  708. betyboop(rebeca) Says:

    pelase can you pick meeee ?

  709. Tatito Says:

    I love the Pet Society, but I couldn’t play for a long time.
    What happend with the link? How many time, I have to wait???
    Please, I miss my pet!!!

  710. jose luis Says:

    pet society es un juego muy divertido y saludos

  711. ilko Says:

    ya yaışmadan benim niye haberim yokkkkkkkkkkkkkkk banabiri anlatabilir mi???????????:(

  712. weili Says:

    winners congrats

  713. anchy Says:

    hahah thanks 4.8 is my birthday

  714. Piru Says:

    Muchisimas felicidades PET SOCIETY y sigue adelante por otro año mas y muchos mas

  715. HikariSNT Says:

    All links are working fine:D

    I’m sad i didn’t join in too…i was busy making clothes for cosplay this weekend…15-16

  716. Berto Says:


  717. Kajal Says:

    I didn’t even know that we had 2 do something 2 win!

  718. Glaudio Rojas Says:

    I wanna join the competition cause its my birth day on august 15,2009 please PICK ME!

  719. Lauren Says:

    how to join the competition???

  720. djborg1977 Says:


  721. rodie Says:

    me encanta jugar, pero no encuentro la manera de ganar tanto dineri y tantos puntos

  722. iliana Says:

    happy birthday pet society

  723. clges76 Says:

    how do i find out if i won on this pet society birthday thing if my birthday is in august too

  724. natasha cannon Says:

    welldone to all the winners

  725. natasha cannon Says:

    well done to all the winners

  726. no entiendo Says:

    mmm en españolll puede ser ???????????????????????????????????’

  727. michela Says:

    Happy birthday pet society…. kiss kiss kiss

  728. vaittiare san martin Says:


  729. vaittiare san martin Says:


  730. luisa Says:


  731. Eduardo Says:

    I need help with this can you add me? …

  732. brianna vaneman Says:

    congrats to all of the winners. who ever you are i am sure you deserved it. so, again, CONGRATS!!!! 🙂

  733. eliana Says:

    Es un juego super especial, interactivo,creativo. Me gusta mucho. Felicitaciones a los ganadores.

  734. emily Says:

    ahh it would be amazing if i won
    i would get loads of money from winning
    and with the money i would buy things to make my house nice and i wouldnt just buy me furniture i would buy other people furniture orelese food.

  735. nicole ogunlana Says:

    Well Done to the Winners!!* Who Won anywayz???? =)

  736. estefania Says:

    kiero ganar

  737. Jery Says:

    yo quero ganar :D… me ha costado tanto tener todo :(..y aun no puedo llenar las habitaciones 😦

  738. emily Says:

    happy happy birthday playfish
    u rock
    kepp eating chesee

  739. Peatchy Says:

    Happy Birthday Pet Society na ka

  740. aida Says:

    Felicidades, asi se hace!!! And Happy Birthday!!

  741. lola the boba Says:

    plz me i am the best of all the winners i am gonna win so bye

  742. Kurisuta Says:

    I’m soooo…. jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  743. caru Says:

    aguante pett society Congratulations to all the winners

  744. mark moulic Says:

    i hope i am a winner too!!:))

  745. lola the boba Says:

    and the winner is me!!!

  746. Brecken Says:

    did i win

  747. Y@RY Says:


  748. Bo Says:

    i dinit won (crycry) beter luck next time!! :p

  749. Y@RY Says:

    congratulation for me

  750. zaina Says:

    well……. congratulations for the winners but i’m really sad that i didnt win and here is a song i wrote cuz i’m sad
    sad sad!
    the birthday was done , and i havn’t won
    i’m so sad , and that’s y i’m mad
    i thought i’ll be creative , for my site that gurlz deserve
    and my poems that i write , oh now i’m not alright
    and here’s another thing , if i won i would bling
    oh everything i’ve planed , but now my plans r ruined
    a blue sky in my dreams i see , and also a big wide see
    this could be the wallpaper yay yee , and the the floor oh glee
    but now my dreams r gone , and i didn’t won
    but after all congratulations winners , always be happy & don’t forget u’r neighbor
    sad sad so i am , but if i win oh happy i am.

    ok love ya pet society!

  751. Lucia Says:

    Congratulations to all Happy day Pet Society.

  752. andres^^ Says:

    happy bhirtday!!!!

  753. lazereye Says:

    Whohooo… CONGRATS TO all de winners…..

  754. chuisito Says:


  755. Nicole Says:

    Congratulations to all you winners! 🙂 I was going to put an entry on but i got sick and my voice sounded funny. So, i didn’t want to do it with a funny voice! 😛 LOL!!

  756. Sunčica Sunny Says:

    Please pick me!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3 luv u sunny

  757. buddy Says:

    please let me and mimi win

  758. Alessia Mega Says:

    Io voglio i soldi

  759. Liana Says:

    Am, have a nice day winners! And good luck everybody! I do not have good luck anyway. But bye!

  760. casey Says:

    i wish i won but i didnt 😥

  761. Miranda landuyt Says:

    happy birthday pet society and have a great birthday

  762. Johan Says:

    Happy Birthay..!! Congratulations to all the winners..!!

  763. josefita Says:

    siiii, felicidades a todos los ganadores desde españa, besossssss

  764. destiny harnum Says:

    congrats to alll the winners keep up the great work

  765. joey heng Says:

    i cant any gift i need gift and so i like playing pet society and my pet society just get 25 levels so i need gift to level my up

  766. smock Says:


  767. ilko Says:

    anladıysam arap olayım haha

  768. selma Says:

    cao ja sam selma

  769. selma Says:

    selma hasanica i to je to

  770. daniel Says:

    congratullation to the winners enjoy yor money…

  771. monica Says:

    en marzo 2009

  772. marisol Says:

    por favor traduscan en español hace dias que tengo problemas para entrar al juego

  773. osama jber Says:


  774. selma Says:

    joj jest dobro

  775. deshnee Says:

    c0ngrats 2 da wiN!!

  776. iacopo Says:

    ciao a tutti e spero di vincere

  777. izah Says:

    congratulations winners………

  778. Griselda Says:

    Perdon, mas de 1o dias de mantenimiento, UNA VERGUENZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  779. angeL Says:


  780. Nadine Says:

    is my birtheday im 1 year old in the game

  781. briony Says:

    I love facebook because u can tark to youre freinds eseyer then whasting youre credit.


  782. caro Says:

    felicidades a los ganadores

  783. Vannesa Says:

    congratulation! wow! 😛

  784. pilar Says:


  785. zaina Says:

    and another thing i can draw and i forgot to sayhappy birthday pet society!

    ^ ^

    $$$ $$$
    $$$$$ $$$$$

  786. maryouma Says:

    happpy annif dear pet society

  787. Griselda Says:

    Digan la verdad porque no podemos jugar al PET como el resto, mascotas desvanecidas, perdidas de puntos, mantenimientos excesivos, UNA VERGUENZA

  788. EXH Says:

    Hey congrats winners!!!! U r soooooooo lucky!!! 10 000 coins or 1000 000 leh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…………

  789. Nicolas El Khoury Says:

    I want to win

  790. kristina Says:

    i dont think i won but congrads to the winners

  791. riChard caBigan Says:

    happy birthday to me on august 13….

  792. Trct Says:

    I didn’t know about this.

  793. jash Says:


  794. carolinaaaa Says:


  795. Kevin Says:

    WHOOO congratz =D

  796. KIRUSANA Says:

    I want to play petsociey it is a fun game

  797. Marco Says:


  798. elias tayson Says:

    yo lo gastaria en cosas re buenas tendria el mejor jardin y la mejor casa

  799. hellojacks Says:

    Congrats to all the winner and Millionaire!

  800. naxitha Says:

    ola me llamo ignacia pero me dicen naxitha ya xau
    los k juegan a este juego son bkn jaakajajajajja

  801. Patricia Says:

    Felicitaciones a los ganadores,pero convengamos que aunque los desarrolladores,avisaron,siempre todo es en el idioma ingles!!!!Se supone que si el juego esta apto para el español…..toda noticia de pet society,deberia estar en todos los idiomas!!!!!….En fin,es un juego,pero realmente,gusta! y….entretiene muchisimo!!!..
    atte.Patricia Marcela Barberis de Pezzati.M
    Mar del Plata.
    Buenos Aires.

  802. Johana Says:

    i want more coin

  803. KIRUSANA Says:

    well i never tryed petsociety before

  804. julie Says:


  805. brynhild Says:


  806. choong Says:

    congrats to all the winners! ^^

  807. Joanna Says:

    que ande esta siempre en mantenimiento

  808. karyax Says:

    hey hace mas de una semana q no puedo entrar a mi pet
    siempre esta en mantenimiento
    q pasa?

  809. fafouzaza Says:

    happy berthday petsocity

  810. lucky Says:

    never win tipcal

  811. Boris Says:

    Give me my 1M! lol I deserve it more!!! 😥

  812. zaira Says:

    qiero saber como aser para jugar al pet society en faceboock

  813. esawtyr Says:

    i want to be the winner

  814. masria akher haga Says:


  815. maya Says:

    congratulation for all the winners !!!!!

  816. orkii Says:

    congratulations on your first anniversary!
    de vrdd felicidades

  817. sonia Says:

    Congratulation & happy B’DAY !!!!!!!

  818. JESSICA GY Says:


  819. jabbar. syaem Says:

    happy bday pit society

  820. pato Says:

    y que onda????

  821. Ked Says:

    hello…happy birthday….

  822. fausto Says:

    aganme millonario

  823. Ked Says:


  824. GAMZE Says:

    bu oyun harika bişiy bağımlı oldum anlatamammmmmmmm yehuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu pet society seni seviyorummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  825. Francesco Says:

    non so cosa ci farei ma la cosa che farei per primo è fare dei regali a tutti i mieim amici anche perchè anche loro mi hanno dato una mano a fare casa quindi… chi non ricambierebbe il favore,e comunque darei anche una mano a mio fratello che con casa sua sta molto arretrato e poi penserei infine infine a me e comunque che vinca il migliore.

  826. LILI Says:


  827. andrea parada Says:


  828. pet Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners

  829. akana Says:


  830. Hannah Says:

    Who were the winners though??

  831. jose daniel rodriguez Says:

    aunque yo no gane se que fue bacano gracias

  832. angelica saavedra Says:

    ola felicitaciones a los ganadores ojala gasten bien el millon jjjajajaj XD 🙂 a mi me encanta pet society juego todos los dias a mi me encantaria tener el millon pues voy en un nivel muy bajo y quiero mejorar gracias por su atencio adioss!!! =)

  833. vargas martis Says:

    congratulation to the winners

  834. vargas martis Says:

    contragulation to the winners

  835. jose daniel rodriguez Says:

    aunque no gane se que fue bacano gracias

  836. mñita Says:

    me encanta pet society y quiero felisitar a los que lo crearon porque es estupendamente super

  837. MIGUEL Says:


  838. Cindy Says:

    Congratulations everyone

  839. coxii Says:

    feliz cumplee!

  840. roberto ramirez Says:

    PICKME!!!!! PICKME!!!!!! BECAUSE IM A LITTLE ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!! PICK ME please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  841. andrea salazar Says:


  842. zach lembeck Says:

    i really want 2 help my friends out by bying them things and givving them food

  843. Cristine Chou Says:

    Congrats to all the winner

  844. cedric kahleel Says:

    nc one i won

  845. Elisabet van Tienen Says:

    i hate this playfish pet society thing i entered and i had one of the many people’s pets that should have won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  846. analia remondegui Says:

    felicitaciones a los ganadores y tambien feliz aniversario

  847. julissa sanches Says:

    WOWWWWW Congrats for all of you winners!!! Happy birthday Pet society!!!! Yeeeeee!!!!

  848. agussssgh Says:

    re feoooooooooooooo
    no se puede jugar

  849. gigi Says:

    felicitaciones !!!!!

  850. dony Says:

    jajaja ssisi felisisdades peet society!

    sigan mejorando el juego esta bn supeer 🙂

  851. Candy114 Says:

    Happy Birthday yorr!!!

  852. Thea jones Says:

    congrats to all the winners but to all those who didnt suceed try and try again ;o) :L

  853. maria Says:

    estoy enojada porq no sabia nada de eso

  854. sara Says:

    por favor en español no puedo leer y jugar me gusta el juego

  855. Sweet Says:

    Congratulations to the winner and happy birthdays pet society.



  857. lila Says:

    pet society es lo mejor que me ha podido pasar en mi vida …. me identifico con mi mascota ¡¡¡¡¡¡ VIVA LILAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  858. noona Says:

    yay!congratolations to all the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!

  859. blue Says:

    devi ganar yo

  860. Fan Says:

    i dont like this online game pay with real cash (some items), i feel it is meaningless for this happy game, anyway i will continuous to support, pay and enjoy it, especial the new – fishing. Happypypypy birthday~~~~~~~~

  861. estela Says:


  862. liata Says:


  863. kevin Says:


  864. elena Says:

    pick me please im so broke i have 1 coin and i want my pet to have the best life , pet socity on face book rocks , i play everyday , pick me please !

  865. liata Says:


  866. elena Says:

    i forgot to say godd job and good luck to every one if you one you rock !

  867. andrea Says:

    esto es bkn xd 🙂

  868. Ninya Says:

    wish im the next winner!

  869. Léonie Says:

    Kachiku are motivated to win!!!

  870. מזל Says:


  871. adrian Says:

    hola pet

  872. alnssairrry Says:

    WOO !
    I WON !!!

  873. jusmary Says:

    aja todo mal porq no me quieres abrir y depaso se habren mas de 15 ventanas

  874. lady Says:

    pet es de lo mejor.. felicidades

  875. alannah lawson Says:

    i howp i win i wud be so so so so happy

  876. goofball Says:

    was i chosen

  877. goofball Says:


  878. nike Says:


  879. marie claire Says:

    congrats to the winners and its not fair as petsociety is always going under some maintanance i have nt played for 3 months its not fair i try everyday :(:( + i need some money how do i make money??

  880. claudia Says:

    I love Pet Society!!!

  881. karla Says:

    ooooooooooooooo no se ke es esto je je je 😛

  882. kasper Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners and happy birthday Pet society

  883. GIOVANNI Says:

    congratolations to all the winnwrs!!!!!!!!!!!

  884. Mohamed Ziham Says:

    congratolations to all the winners……. but only one person can win mh…….

  885. jose Says:

    felicidades a todos los ganadores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  886. bitachin Says:

    que pasa!?

  887. ferdy Says:

    hey how can play to win the million coin

  888. Mohamed Ziham Says:

    i know i want win but some one win this his lucy……..bye..

  889. Mohamed Ziham Says:

    i know i want win but some one win this his lucky……..bye..

  890. bullita Says:

    deseo comprear muchas cosas

  891. kevin Says:

    who whas the winner ??

  892. Chase Says:

    congrats to all winners

  893. rami Says:

    I want to win the millions of coins!

  894. andrea moreno Says:

    hola soy una fanatica del pet y me gusta mas que ningun otro juego es muy lindo y muy ingenioso y ademas permite aser nuevos amigos (felicidades en el dia de su cumpleaños)y que tengamos pet para rato

  895. Bre Says:

    i REALLY wish i could of done the birthday competition but i didnt know how i thoought i might of won with my art work and it took me a week to do so when i got on i didnt know how to get it loged on ooppss but im glad you guys won they were really good

  896. LuPiS Says:

    Pet Society Felicidades por su aniversario!!!
    pero como le hago para ser ganadora…

  897. Nancy Says:

    How Do You People Win Those? 😦 I’m Always Poor All The Time And You’re All So Lucky. T-T Congrats 😦 😦

  898. samantha Says:

    I love Pet Society I cant believe its 1 YEAR OLD! ever since i saw it ive been playing it its like one of the first things i do in the morning im level 13 tho

  899. andrea moreno Says:

    hola como estas pet society (feliz cumpleaños)me gusta pet mas que ningun otro juego ademas permite tener nuevos amigos y de todo el mundo ojala que tengamos pet para ratoooooooooooooooooo.=)

  900. Marlene Says:

    puuucha!!!! yo queria el millon de coins, me a costado un monton pasar todas las etapas y gente mas nueva gana… 😦
    mi casa espreciosa y a muchos les gusta, y fue creada con esfuerzo y año de jugar todos los dias…

    ya filo y felicidades a los que ganaron


  901. Leo Ramos Says:

    congratulations to the winner….
    But… Why ever Pet Society is on maintenance????? EVER!!!!!

  902. daniela Says:

    Congrats to all the winner and Millionaire!

  903. Nikitha Says:

    Congratzzz!! To alllllll the winners u all r so lucky who have won this competition i wish i cud be one of them!! But who knowz watz gonna happen and whoz goin to get waT? so…….anyway once more Congratulations to all the lucky winners have fun and don’t be selfish with ur coins if ur the lucky winner and dont even show off to everyone that u have got a lotttttt of coins[the lucky winner] by being selfish i mean to say.. buy some i mean more things for ur pet and even some for ur friends pet isn’t that a cool idea?? buy for ur pet and even for your friends pet in that case u r making ur friends happpy also and even ur making yourslf happy and ur even not being to selfish also!! SO…HAPPY BIRTHDAY PET SOCIETY AND ALL THE LUCKY WINNERS HAVE FUN WITH UR LUCKY COINS AND REMEMBER? DON’T BE SELFISH, BE KIND! CONGRATZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  904. tonney Says:

    to all of u guyz.-¡

  905. simone Says:

    hej jeg har fødselsdag

  906. soroh campra Says:

    congrats winners!!!! hope you have fun spending your coins! but make sure you spend wisely!!! lol.

  907. huber Says:

    bueno yo quuiero ser rico en pet

  908. connie Says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    I want to play………..but can’t

  909. mercedes carmen Says:


  910. Mathy Says:

    I am happy for this notice. Happy Brithday PETSOCIETY!!!

  911. andrea Says:

    q ridicules

  912. Anntonieta Says:

    Hola, yo quiero participar porque mi petsociety lo veo como aburrida y no gana nunca ni nada, asique le quiero hacer una gran fiestoca bien locota para reanimarla jajaja… adioos…!

  913. asd Says:

    asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asd asda asda asdaa asddaa adsdasdss (*)gilesssssssssssss(*)

  914. MELISA Says:




  915. daniela saucedo Says:

    i will win… jaja

  916. fuad Says:

    ihope iwill be the winner

  917. fuad Says:

    and congratulatuoin to pet society players

  918. suhanto Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PET SOCIETY!! :)and congratolations to all the winners!

  919. gonzalo Says:

    gane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.000.000 de coins !!!!!!!!!!!!

  920. nohemi Says:

    hahahahahaha wiii!!! felicidades a todos lo ganadores espero qe utilizen esas monedaz moii biien …!! ii feliz cumple!!! c(=

  921. tiara Says:

    io kiero ganar pa ser millonariaaaaa

  922. Josefina Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners
    I know because I do not walk the pet society? I play with my pet. Please someone answer me. Thank you


  923. kendra Says:

    i cant whait

  924. troy thene Says:

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nbooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  925. xueyan Says:

    congratulation to all winner ….

    happy birthday to you …
    happy birthday to you …
    happy birthday to pet society …
    happy birthday to you …
    love pet society forever …

  926. brenda Says:

    not cool i want to win i never win

  927. Sandra Says:

    Congratulations to all winners! Belle says congrats also

  928. wada torres Says:

    hahahahah :p wow

    pet society

  929. steve Says:


  930. suhanto Says:

    Congratolations to all the winners!
    Pet society is The Best !!

  931. chispitas Says:

    Congrats, pet society. Play it’s easy and my kids too play…

  932. steph Says:

    happy b day

  933. alvaro nunez! Says:

    queeria pedirles un favor petsociety : que si podrian ustedes poner todas las semanas en todas las tiendas!!! cosas de THIS WEEKS SPECIAL!!! gracias y esperare su respuesta!!!!

  934. liliana Says:

    felicitaciones a los ganadores, pero por favor reparen rapido la aplicacion me hace falta PET SOCIETYYYYYYYYYYY

  935. chiki Says:

    happy happy birthday pet society.. i’m addicted.. heheh.. can’t help but play..ALL DAY>> EVERYDAY….

    happy happy birthday pet society.. i’m addicted.. heheh.. can’t help but play..ALL DAY>> EVERYDAY….

    happy happy birthday pet society.. i’m addicted.. heheh.. can’t help but play..ALL DAY>> EVERYDAY….

  936. ale Says:


  937. nestor 2 Says:

    quisiera tener 10000 monedas en el pet

  938. nestor 2 Says:

    quisiera 100000 monedas en el pet

  939. sarah Says:

    i wanted to win so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  940. Carmen Says:

    Congrats to the winners!!!

  941. adriana Says:

    felicidades a los ganadores….pero por favor pet society….BASTA de mantenimiento !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  942. nadeen ashraf saad Says:

    i love pet society but how can i malk a million coin

  943. willianny Says:

    hola mhapp

  944. adriana p Says:

    hola me gustaria decirles a pewt sosuety que deberian abrir un lago para pescar y tu compites con tus amigos y el que gane obtiene monedas seria muy divertido
    Att.adriana p

  945. nbjbjb Says:

    no esto ya me aburrio nunca abre que les pasa ya esto se volvio una porqueria

  946. ilko Says:

    ben guptan çıkıcam

  947. zasuke.uchiha Says:

    hi , I´m from mexico

  948. missy Says:

    congrats brett n bubbles i wish i could meet the millionair bubbles if i do ill congrats him/her i wish wouldve competed

  949. Choki Says:

    Congratulations winers!!!!! I love Pet Society!!!


  950. marce Says:

    uffff……wahuuuuuu….. 🙂

  951. Alex Says:

    ugh!!! i was gonna enter! 🙂

  952. 13 Says:

    quisiera ganar

  953. monica Says:

    hola me encanta este juego pero me gustaria mucho que las notificaciones y nuevos informes tambien llegaran en español…gracias

  954. Malia Says:

    Good Job everyone who won! I don’t think I won but I don’t care I really don’t need them because I can earn my own! So great job everyone!

  955. tyare Says:

    happy birthday!!


  956. seda Says:

    helllooo plessssss

  957. nelsy vargas Says:


  958. nelsy vargas Says:


  959. cristhian Says:


  960. almendra Says:

    porfavor me qero ganar esto

  961. candela Says:

    que mal yo queria ganar

  962. Leninbs Says:

    Hello dear pet society!! hbd!!!1 i hope you have a really good day, happy birthday!!! i would like to win the million coins jejejeje, anda also i have to tell that im adicted too!!! jeje i cant stop playing!!!! pliz help jajajaja

  963. kevin garcia Says:

    hola como hago para ser millonario!!! y deberian arreglar el servicio de mantenimiento que es pesimo

  964. Shireen Says:


  965. francesco Says:

    chee cazzo e che devo fare

  966. VICKY Says:

    ?????????????????? GANE O NO ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

  967. lex Says:

    felicidades cumpleañeros 🙂

  968. Yissell Says:

    Waooooo… Congrats!!!!!!!!! Pet Society is very fun!!!!! =)

  969. peti Says:

    felicidades exelente juego lo malo q pasa en reparasiones

  970. jessii Says:

    me qiero ganara ese dineroo lo primero qe haria seria mandar muchooooss regalos a mis amigos y ovio buenos y ari mi casa la mejor de todas

  971. sami Says:

    congrats to the winner

  972. MARTINI Says:

    FELICIDADES!!! mi pequeño martini esta empezando, pero llegara lejos jejeje
    me encanta pet society!!

  973. richard moreno Says:

    lo primero que aria es comprar una pesera y luego comprar comida grasias a que no temngo sufisientes plata para comprar las dos cosas luego lo demas que es mucho porsierto

  974. richard moreno Says:

    felicitaciones an echo un excelente trabajo en pet sigan asi 🙂

  975. MONICA Says:


  976. VANESSA Says:

    no gane per0 ya que
    aun asi soy fannnnn

  977. elizabeth Says:

    Amongst the rocks, the moss and fronds
    three pets sat at the edge of the pond
    each held a rod, so determined and tight
    but alas, there was nothing
    not a single bite.

    “Blast these fish!” One pet cried
    “We’re not gonna catch one,
    no matter how hard we try!”
    The second looked on
    in an effort for a catch.
    He jiggled his rod,
    for just one little snatch.

    “You’re right, it is hopeless!”
    The second one wailed
    “No matter how hard we work
    we’ve always failed!”

    But the third stayed still
    deep in thought,
    and after a moment, he pushed his brow taut.
    “No matter then, friends,
    there’s always tomorrow.”
    So the three packed their things
    and left for their burrows.

    Later that night, the lottery was drawn
    the third pet listened, and stifled a yawn.
    “Three, four, sixty nine and eight”
    The third’s eye’s widened-
    it must have been fate!
    While the last number was formally announced
    the third pet waited, in his seat he bounced…

    The next morning the old pets, one and two;
    Arrived at their pond but looked lost and confused.
    For instead of the third pet, they found a large truck
    but after a moment, reality struck.

    As the truck backed towards the pond
    frightening the critters, and squishing the fronds.
    At the sound of its horn
    it tipped all its goods.
    Bountiful fish galore!
    The two pets stood in awe
    they had never seen so many fish before!

    The third pet arrived with a smile of glee
    “Our problems are over, can you see?
    I won the million, and remembered the fish
    so I thought I’d grant our common wish!
    I bought these fish to put in our pond
    So we have something to catch
    while we sit in the fronds!”

    And so amongst the rocks, the moss and fronds
    three pets sat at the edge of the pond
    each held a rod, so determined and tight
    but this time, there was something!
    The fish, they’d bite!

    ya ya no big

  978. kevin Says:

    md clkdnclkd

  979. Breanna Says:

    congratulations winners your lucky like everybody on pet society buy stuff from the garden and save groceries or just save it up but always rember to have fun with it maybe u can buy some one year anniversary stuff for your pet do what ever u want with it just dont waist it on stupid stuff i use my money to by stuff to plant in my garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun with the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  980. david Says:


  981. lulili Says:

    you re the champions!!!!!
    very well winers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  982. August Says:


  983. Scarleth Guadalupe Celorio Medina Says:

    Ahhhh, tenia tantas gaas de ganar, pero no me importa, pero me gustaria q le hicieran algunos cambios al pet, como por ejemplo:
    q los pets puedan tener trabajo, es muy dificil conseguir dinero, y como simple y sencillamente no tengo targeta de credito para comprar dinero. ¡¡¡SOY TAN POBRE !!!, NO TENGO NI UN QUINTO, deberiamos tener trabajo o alguna otra forma de ganar dinero(q no sea comprandolo) por si alguien esta interesado, pondre un hilo en el foro y el q lo quiera firmar ¡¡¡Q BIEN!!!

  984. Ketty Says:

    Por qué mo se pueden enamorar las mascotas y tener hijos, así podría haber una continuidad en el juego.

  985. yeliz Says:

    happy birthday PET SOCIETY..!!!!!

  986. Pajaro Loco Says:

    Pajaro Loco está enamorado y quiere tener un hijito

  987. Touta Says:

    i love oet society congratulation to all the winners 🙂

  988. Ketty Says:

    Por favor, cuando haya mantenimiento, no tarden tanto, mi mascota se pone muy triste

  989. hannah diaz Says:

    felicidades pet society!!
    son los mejorezz

  990. hannah diaz Says:

    ke cumplan muchos años mas!!

  991. hannah diaz Says:

    aber cuando sacan cosas nuevass mas padress ke las de ahoritaa sean creativos

  992. hannah diaz Says:


  993. Juliana ghozali Says:

    Congratulation to all the winner..Happy b’day pet society..
    I hope next year i become the winner..yeeee ^ ^

  994. carrrrrrr Says:

    pet society rox!!!!! LOL 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! ❤ Congrats 2 the winners!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 ❤ luv ya ❤

  995. peka Says:

    wooohhhh no entender nada de lo ke dicen

  996. muaa Says:

    miren sto ya m sta cansando yo stube 9 hs. sperando a q se abilite y no fui al cole sperando a q se abilite xfa abilitenlo se los pido xfaa
    me gustan mucho las mascotas y nunk tube una xfa sta es mi unik o´portunidad d tner una mascota

  997. ying Says:


  998. sorrin Says:

    yo quiero ser millonario ya que amo a mi pet!!!

  999. sally Says:

    happy birthday 🙂

  1000. ñamñam Says:


  1001. iso Says:

    me gane algo ?

  1002. roa Says:

    i want to play ………bir

  1003. roa Says:


  1004. roa Says:


  1005. Fiorella Olloniego Says:

    Me gustaria decirles Pet society aber si pueden regalar 5.000 pesos o yo ganarme el Millon!! ¡Porfavor soy reeeeeee fan no dejo de jugar a todo el dia!

    I would say Pet aber society if they can give me 5,000 pesos or earn a million! Please I’m playing all day long

  1006. nadia Says:

    hey pll is nadia im so happy to see u guys lol

  1007. hamzah dannawi Says:

    good luck iam brok

  1008. doriangel Says:

    pobre de mi mascota revolucion duerme en el suelo i de paso letiene q pedir comida a sus amigos mi mascota es pobre muy pobre i no gano i cada dia es mas pobre queria ser millonaria:( pero igual a los ganadores felicitaciones…!!!

  1009. Jacob Dolan Says:

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  1018. karen Says:

    Muchas felicidades, son muy entretenidos pero deberia ser mas facil obtener dinero y regalitos.Saludos a pet.

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  1020. conchito Says:

    maravilloso 🙂 es genial
    me encanta pet society

  1021. Akila Says:


    I hope you will have a good choice of birthday competition winners!!!!!

    Your favorite fan

  1022. marielisa Says:


  1023. Phoe Says:

    Congrats everyone. I didn’t enter mine in the right place. :p OOPS!! 🙂

  1024. khalifa shibani Says:

    pet society is my best game ever i like to thank the playfish for there hard work i wish for u i nice time thnx

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  1029. monica Says:


  1030. marcela Says:

    whauuuuuu siuiiiii…… 🙂

  1031. Petal Power Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners – each and every one of you deserves a prize.
    Petal & Gill

  1032. Monica Says:

    Hola ! me encantaría entender todo esto pero no conozco el idioma ingles, Solo entiendo el español,
    Si alguien pudiese esplicarme de que se trata , así podría compartir la alegría que transmiten. Bueno desde ya muchas gracias

  1033. Carolina Otero Says:

    Mis amigos y yo estamos muy preocupados por el destino de nuestros pets, ya que desde hace tres días no hemos tenido acceso a nuestro sitio. Más aún preocupados y molestos porque no nos dan ninguna explicación, pese a las cantidades de cartas que se les han mandado.
    En este momento no puedo sentir felicidad por el aniversario, puesto que si ese es el regalo, el de tenernos aislados de nuestros “niños”, es natural que nos sintamos decepcionados e iracundos.
    Por favor, tómense la molestia de explicarnos que es lo que está pasando con Pet Society y su continuo mantenimiento.

  1034. patricia Says:

    me encanta, es muy entretenido , deben mejorar en el mantenimiento se demora mucho y eso aburre

  1035. patricia Says:

    FELICITACIONES es una buena forma de entretener a nuestros hijos GRACIAS

  1036. Warizar Says:

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    auu i dint win but congragulation 2 all those who did win :-*

  1052. mike Says:


  1053. thiariitaxx Says:


  1054. sol Says:

    felicidades pet society a mi me encanta, esta sociedad y un saludo a todos…. chauu. 🙂

  1055. maYra hErnaDez gaR Says:

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    cUideNese tOdos…♥♥♥ 😀

  1056. adriano Says:


  1057. Mayra Hdez Garcia Says:

    ok gracias si mi pet ya es millonario seria lo mas cool q hay 😉

    cuidense mucho y a sus pet q es verdad es un mega buen juego…

    ♥♥♥ lunati_0513♥♥♥

    bye :*

  1058. Fraam! Says:

    emm… pet society pliss denme un regalo lo q sea ojala plata !! :$ no es de ambicioa esq nescesito plata para alimentar a mi pet !! plisss sii o es plata nu importa lo q sea tare feliz!! 🙂

  1059. clara Says:

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  1060. luis acuña paez Says:

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    happy birthday pet society ii am asome becuse it was your birthey and the firt time a come hear in the pet society i was exarett!!! to noww wath this means about!!!!!!:0 jajaj

  1069. Juan Ignacio Says:

    And announced the winners! If i could participate…

  1070. Tefa's Says:

    hasta cuando va a estar en mantenimiento pettttttttt =(

  1071. fabian Says:

    muchas felicidades al futuro ganador!!!!


  1072. angellys Says:

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  1073. ichigo Says:

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    El mejor premio para todos los jugadores es que disminuyan los largos períodos de mantenimiento!

  1085. karlet Says:

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  1087. ifi Says:

    Congratulations To All The Winners

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    no gane? :S
    soy pobre. solo tego 3 monedas..

  1097. javiera Says:

    happy birthay pet society , me encanta es el mejor juego del mundo

  1098. susana Says:

    buena merda pa revoque que son los de Pet porque hace 9 días que no se puede entrar al juego, dicen estar en mantenimiento. No sé para qué carajo hacen tanta propaganda si no se puede jugar y ni siquiera explican las razones de tanta demora. Son unos chamuyeros mentirosos. Si no nos quieren como usuarios que sean sinceros y lo digan de una vez por todas. Si son haraganes y no tienen ganas de arreglar los problemas, que los saquen a la calle de una pateadura. PET SOCIETY DE PLAY FISH MENTIROSOS Y CHAMUYEROS NO NOS JODAN!!!

  1099. kata Says:

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  1100. monik Says:

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  1107. Kelsey Rae Says:

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  1112. luis Says:

    ola espero que sepan hablar español si es que me entienden quisiera darles una recomendación.
    algunos de los participantes como yo quisieramos una forma mas facil para obtener playfish cash.
    yo intente hacerlo por medio de mi celular, pero no puedo por que no tengo celular telcel.
    asi que me gustaria comprar playfish cash pero de una forma mas facil.
    espero y tomen en cuenta mi opinion gracias.

  1113. kim Says:

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  1114. andrew Says:

    petssociety is boring!! sorry it seems to me its boring:(sorry:(

  1115. vargas martis Says:

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  1116. andrew Says:

    happyb-day petsociety sucks bye!bye! you do nothing on pets society! hahaha!!!:P

  1117. john Says:

    felicitaciones a los ganadores solo tengo una inquietud estoy mamado de que cada vez que entro a petsocietyme diga que esta en mantenimiento y esto es de todos los dias porfa digan algo que esta pasando con el juego

  1118. emi jazmin Says:

    quiero que en la loteria ganes mas de 500 monedas y que pongan cosas mas divertidas


  1119. tomashitox Says:


  1120. chefa Says:

    deberian salir las noticias en español tambien porque no entiendo lo que dice

  1121. tomashitox Says:

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  1131. Mzela Says:

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  1132. chacha Says:

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  1134. Juanita Guerra Says:

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  1136. Kitty Says:

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    me encanta jugar con mi mascota 🙂

    bueno pues me despido



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  1138. Rosio Says:

    Iwill a hospital and a playing park for pet society with the million coins

  1139. Sunbeam Says:

    Hello, wat’s all this???? I wanna try. Never mind.*confusion*

  1140. susana Says:

    happy happy birthday pet society.

  1141. diana Says:

    es el mejor de todos chao vesooss

  1142. mika Says:

    ustede saben por que no me puedo meter ahora ?…………………………………

  1143. alguien Says:

    q echo trozos porq no gane yo!!!! yo me esforce mucho estoy muy triste!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1144. marianela Says:

    porque no se puede abrir el pet? me esta cansando!

  1145. alguien Says:

    por favor me pueden dar al menos 500 000 coins plisssssssssssssss

  1146. mika Says:

    por que le paso algo ?? o por eso no me piedo meterrrrrr ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… pero me pueden enseñar ………………………………………………. como meterne o no ? una amiga como la daniela ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. o no ustede no conosen a mi amiga …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. pero la pueden conoser ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… o no …………………………………………………………………………… yo si que la conosco …………..

  1147. becky Says:

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  1148. paul Says:

    what do u do

  1149. alguien Says:

    por favor si lo pueden hacer haganlo se los ruego

  1150. jenny liliana Says:

    holaaa..excelente relamente llega compartir mucho con este muñequito pero..les agradeceria que arreglaran la parte de mantenimiento y me encantaria mas ofertas gracias¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  1151. alguien Says:

    esperare su respuesta ok???????

  1152. rima Says:

    happy happy birthday pet society.. i’m addicted.. heheh.. can’t help but play..ALL DAY>> EVERYDAY….

  1153. ruben Says:

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  1158. Ignacio arismendi Says:

    kiero tener mucho dinero para ayudar a mis amigos y a mi

  1159. daniela Says:

    please pet society Spanish language for those who speak Spanish understanding
    i not contraductor i alludenme kiss

  1160. candela Says:

    a mi me gusta pet sosyety pero siempre esta en mantenimiento es estupido eso o no ?

  1161. Diana Says:

    El Pet Society Es Lo Más! 😀 Espero Que El Alcalde Desbloquee El Mantenimiento De Una Vez , El Pet Society No Es Solo Un Jueguito Es Nuestra Mascota Virtual , Yo En La Vida Real Tengo Una Macota , Pero En Virtual Haces Todo Tipo De Cosas! 🙂 Alcalde Porfavor Saque El Mantenmiento Para Mi El Pet Society Es Lo Mejor Del MUNDO

  1162. juan Says:

    lo mejor del mundo pet society

  1163. model Says:

    congratulasion to the winners and happy birthday pet society!! ^O^

  1164. daniel Says:

    me gusta su juego lo malo es q para mones tenemos q tener visa playcal y abeses es aburrido

  1165. josmar Says:

    hola quiero saber como participar jamas me llego la invitacion ni supe de que trataba el concurso no se vale yo quiera participar

  1166. nena Says:

    happy b day
    Congratulation to both Pet Society and the Winners

  1167. AmuHinamori Says:

    hi i would like to win please!

  1168. mirian Says:


  1169. agus Says:

    eu no se xq peor no me funsiojna mas el pet sosity es una bosta xq antes me funsionavba y ahora no nop entindo nada pongo f5 pero no pasa nadaa!! :S no entiendo

  1170. Duckiemomma Says:

    congratulations! winners!! Just remember to stop by your local cafe’ and feed the poor little starving critters that are forgotten about.

  1171. anonimo Says:

    i hate thi game hate it hate it they shud delit it

  1172. pelusa Says: