Birthday Competition – Most Resourceful


Hana and her pet Oinky have won the Most Resourceful category, and 100,000 coins to spend on Pet Society! Going on the Ellen Show may not be every pet’s dream, but it would mean so much to Oinky (and Moinky), and Hana has obviously spent a lot of effort in her entry detailing how this would be achieved (if she won a million coins) via a real life demonstration! And in case that wasn’t ingenious enough (which it is, but anyway), she also included a real life cat (also known as the polar bear plushie)! Congratulations Hana, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!
















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78 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Most Resourceful”

  1. Papi Says:


  2. cutiepie_101 Says:

    aawww si cute congratzzz say hello to ellen for me

  3. fina Says:

    serously cute 😀

  4. Sabrina Says:

    Congrats! HUrrayy :D!

    You deserve it girl xx

    Its hellgirl here btw hehe 😀

  5. Helen Says:

    This is the cutest thing. Congrats Hana, you’re such a sweet and resourceful girl! I bet you Mum and Dad are so proud of you.

  6. tamara Says:

    lol you made the greatest one! its cute! the best part is when you say ” run forrest run!”

  7. tamara Says:

    i love it! congrats! : )

  8. tamara Says:


  9. bethany Says:

    super duper cute 😀 im glad u won! i didnt enter i thought it would be to hard.

  10. Sarah Blueberrypie Says:

    awwww its soooo cute!!! congrats ;-D

  11. Christian Says:


    so creative hu!
    I could’t stop to laugh OMG it’s so funny xP

    nice work!!!! all of them (oinky, moinky, purple rain, blue maggo, yellow sunshine and also forest, the green pig xD) look terrificly cute (I think is not wrong writed xP). Congrats… very funny and original idea, dun say anybody but I think it is the best story hehehehe xD!!!!!!

    see yah!!! millionaire….

  12. daniele Says:

    love ir it´s awesome really wooo this is [RL] jah love it lolol

  13. candela Says:

    Miren yo hace un monton que quiero ganar plata y no puedo es decir q nececito ganar mucha plata ahh y las coasa nuevas q hay son unpoco caras las pueden bajar del preció y son re!! linda,bueno chau ,chausii

  14. Minda Says:

    owhhh cuuteeee..and sooo sweeetttt.

  15. Alina Says:

    yep, so cute!!
    great job =)
    Pretty Girl its so aorable too!

  16. Deborah Says:

    Wow and I thought I spent a lot of time on P.S.! It was very entertaining though! Great job. (run Forest run) was my favorite part! snorky

  17. rima Says:

    hi friends how are you

  18. Angel Says:

    I enjoyed every bit of your creative resources. Well deserved! Congratulations!

  19. Audra N Says:

    So cute….love it !

  20. JessK314 Says:

    This is really gud. U soooooo deserve that prize lol. 😀

  21. Arvina Says:

    very cute! but it better to go to Oprah Winfrey show, congrats! Hana!

  22. Maxine~~ ADD ME BY CLICKING HERE!! LOL XD Says:

    Lol CUTE 🙂

  23. Kimberly Says:

    Like you creative way to bring the story.Great job

  24. Tista Says:

    wes to keren cui….keren banget…huahahahaa

  25. heart Says:

    This is the best than ever!. i’ve always reading it.. until now, march 2010. im still LOOKING at it! ur the best than on every game PET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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