Birthday Competition – Most Impressive


Gina and her pet Bloop have won the title for Most Impressive, with this stunning cartoon! The graphics are delightful, and the entire piece is a fantastic visual journey. With dreams of fish, baking delicious food, and a golden tree, Bloop definitely knows what he wants, although obviously is not so clear on the implementation, luckily he has friends! It may not be a million, but hopefully Bloop now knows that food is better bait than coins when going fishing, as Gina has won 100,000 coins! Congratulations Gina, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

(Click the thumbnail to view Gina’s entry.)


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47 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Most Impressive”

  1. ChocolateMilk Says:

    Congrats Gina and Bloop!

  2. Esey12 Says:

    nice!! haha…where’s my prize??..pls..give me..thanks

  3. Hana Says:

    Well done! I particularly liked the very last frame where both pets are sitting in the twilight up a tree.
    Hana + Oinky x

  4. Gwen Says:

    very cute !! I like this ^^

  5. windy Says:

    tats so dam cute & very very IMPRESSIVE!!!! yes!!!! 😀

  6. Jade and Lilly Says:

    hehehe! This was such a fun idea!! Really enjoyed reading it!! Congratulations on your prize!!

  7. greenyshell Says:

    haha i cracked up laughin lookin at this artwork.. nicely done dear…=)

  8. yumikoyy Says:

    soooooo cute ^^

  9. Emi Says:

    awesome *___*

  10. rat Says:

    i love this one ! it’s my favorite ! great job

  11. nanadaime-hokage Says:

    lol, really cute!! and very impressive

  12. cat Says:

    loved it! especially towards the end

  13. rochelle Says:

    i like this the most.

  14. txgirl Says:

    Very talented. Congratulations!!

  15. Sandy Says:

    great job~Congrats

  16. Nicole Says:

    Congratulations to you.
    Nicole an pet Sirman (bat)
    : ))))))))

  17. avni Says:

    happy b’day!

  18. avni Says:

    iwud spend money on poor users needs….i wont be proud as they’ll finish sometime……happy b’day!!!

  19. Sozalina Says:

    congratulations… 🙂

  20. Alex Says:

    WOW!!! 😀 well done x

  21. Paris Says:

    Didn’t know prof. artists were allowed to enter the contest! It’s SO CLEAR that several of the winners are working with some kind of graphics. Not fair really!
    When that’s said – I love this entry! Congratulations!:o)

  22. Nina Says:

    I think this is my fave. you did amazing on this. i want to make parts of it my wallpaper lol

  23. Gabby Says:

    Love the comic!
    Very pro art!

  24. Barbora Says:

    Very nice… i love it the most 😀 You are really talented… xoxo

  25. Amelia Says:

    very well do ne 😀

  26. tingting Says:

    awesomeness to the maxx!

  27. Vanessa Says:

    Hahaha that is so cute!

  28. Julia Says:

    Awwe! ❤
    This is definetely my favorite entry. So cute! 8D

  29. JuanKa de Chile Says:

    I Loved it !

    so sweet and unexpected end ! 😉



  30. Beigie-Girl Says:

    Very funny and cute! Congratulations!!!

  31. Danemar Says:

    hahaha. i love it. well done. *thumbs up* :)))

  32. fina Says:

    just 12 coins??
    congratz tou you.

  33. Sarah Blueberrypie Says:

    hahahaha thats sooooo cute!!! congratulations!! 8-D

  34. AtEk0y Says:

    vEry nIce & so Cute :))


  35. alexsandras lie Says:

    hahaha, i dont understand what it mean to be about that story,
    but that a great art there. Good job. GBu

  36. Lea Says:

    haha…nice..good job!!!

  37. Nbilla Says:

    suuuper!! i really, love this. bright!

  38. n3k0 Says:

    LOVE IT!!! ❤ ❤
    so adorable… ≧∇≦

  39. Audra N Says:

    Cool artwork ❤ 😀

  40. oxx3mmaxxo Says:

    i loved the golden tree n the it looked as if it was a marvel comic welll kindaXD

  41. PiNkY SwEeT Says:

    i couldnt see its too small anyway when i click also….=S anyway congratz!;)

  42. Arvina Says:

    great art, great story. great winner, great pet. congratulation Gina and Bloop! this is so cute!

  43. sarah imoetz Says:

    u r hebat

  44. Maxine~~ ADD ME BY CLICKING HERE!! LOL XD Says:


  45. Kimberly Says:

    God JOb.Very simple,comic,lovely and etc.

  46. So24 Says:

    certainly impressive and amazing!!!!!

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