Birthday Competition – Most Humorous


For making the whole Pet Society team laugh, Diana and her pet Barrage take home the title Most Humorous and 100,000 coins! Not only was her entry highly entertaining, but the artwork is outstanding! Congratulations Diana, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!


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68 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Most Humorous”

  1. ChocolateMilk Says:


  2. Lilach Says:

    Really funny and the art is great!

  3. Kaki Says:

    Awesome 🙂

  4. Kumcat Says:

    Bravo Diana!!! 😀

  5. Hana Says:

    ha ha ha – especially like the ‘That is not cash coin’ part 😛
    Hana + Oinky x

  6. Sanny Says:

    i love this…nice…congrat!!

  7. Renee Says:

    It’s really funny! I like your artwork Diana! Congrates!!

  8. yoyo Says:

    very funny !!!!

  9. Jade and Lilly Says:

    Wow, great drawings! You definatly deserve your prize ^_^ Grats!

  10. Tsukinohime Says:

    Fantastic ❤ I really like the way you draw *w*

  11. audrey Says:

    kewl!! :))

  12. D.Berunov Says:

    That made my day ! And Barrage’s day too ! xD

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  13. txgirl Says:

    Ok, this has to be one of my favorites! Great job. Congratulations!!

  14. Ninfa Says:

    hahaha, nice

  15. Ja1m Says:

    Barrage sure is such a little brat!!!
    Congratz diana 😉

  16. smriti Says:

    hahahha. u deserved it! this is hillarious!

  17. Gwen Says:

    hahaha … that will be crazy if the prize is a million of CASH coins XD

  18. Valnea Says:

    congratulations! It’s a very fantastic job !

  19. Misael Says:

    Hahahaha The drawing is exceptional!

  20. barlie65 Says:

    Wow your artwork is awesome. Great work congrats.

  21. Sonia Says:

    that was really funny
    u deserve it at all

    my mom aked why i was laughing that loud

    i will copy the picture to my pc


  22. Kisara Says:

    That’s my favourite!!!

  23. yuha Says:

    ahahahahaha…… PS have cool programmer

  24. Kisu Says:

    nice drawing 😡

  25. Katy Says:

    I loved it. It was cute
    xDDD 😉

  26. jennifer Says:


  27. sandy Says:

    hahah!! no coins.. but everyday is happy… lets play on!!!

  28. libby Says:

    great drawings well done

  29. Fannie Says:

    Yep this one definitely make me laugh 😀

  30. JuanKa de Chile Says:

    Excellent art work ! and with an attitude !

    congratulations ! and enjoy your prize

    hugs 😉

  31. LAYFONSETT Says:


  32. Amani Says:

    Lovely, Hahahahah 😀

  33. dandon Says:

    give me million coins please please please please andplease

  34. PurpleJam Says:

    Hi Congrats Diana, perhaps Barrage will be more interested if the winning prize is a sexy little kittten? ….. hehe anyway nice artworks you have.

  35. Beigie-Girl Says:

    Ha ha ha, very funny and the sketches are great! Congratulations!

  36. Brianna Says:

    i think its STUPID yep thats right i said it whadaya gonna do whadaya gonna do about it diana nun thats right nun u big big big big big big big big big baby

  37. Nesia Says:

    ROFL!! Love this xD

  38. Lena Says:

    That was really funny

  39. jeanieee Says:

    hehe lol! thats realllyyyy good ❤

  40. Sofia Says:

    wowwww.. this is like.. GREAT.. the art work is awesome 😀 (Y) reaaaaaally, great job whoever drew this ;D

  41. Papi Says:

    very cool…

  42. Trixia Says:

    haha! nice, I like the art made me laugh as well! CONGRATZ! 😉

  43. fina Says:

    very cute..
    very very cute. 😀

  44. meiry1999 Says:

    It would be really awesome if the prize is 1 million coins and 1 million playfish cash!!!

  45. Hui Xin Says:

    Not funny at all nya.

  46. Bianca Says:

    He got a point there 🙂 lol great drawing skills…

  47. Sarah Blueberrypie Says:

    omg great drawing skills!!! your an amazing artist!!! congrats on winning! you deserve it! totally amazing! 🙂

  48. hiedi Says:

    err how is that funni…… personally i find it weird…

  49. Catherine Says:


  50. aysh Says:

    lol! that was refreshing! haha! congrats diana & pet Barrage!!

  51. Ana Beatrix Says:

    LOL!!!! you really deserved that prize!!!!! it was reallyyyyyyyyyy funny! gratz!!1

  52. Dyanyan Says:

    WOW! AWESOME! That was cool. Very entertaining. XD

  53. Julia Says:

    Haha I like it!

  54. Jc Says:

    Nice Art… ^^d

  55. Cheryl Gereau Says:


  56. Indie Says:


  57. tim Says:

    now that is cool it could have need like a slide or 2 more but how did u get it on the computer did u draw it then scan it or something

  58. tim Says:

    looks like u cant erase your pet maybe they will reprogram him for ya

  59. lolly Says:

    great drawing!!!! ur such an artist!! glad u won;) (y)

  60. JiaZhi Says:

    Who draw that the drawing is very nice and funny 😀

  61. Audra N Says:

    Thats classic !!!! 😀

  62. oxx3mmaxxo Says:

    iv been giggling for the past 5mins hehehe thts awsome well done!!! 🙂

  63. nancy brown Says:

    I think it is great…great art work too. Congratulations!!!!!

  64. Arvina Says:

    what a great artwork! the story is funny too, Barrage is cute and cool, he resist to join the competition, it cool! congratulation! Diana

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