Birthday Competition – Most Fun


Kirsten and her pet Yoda have won the title of Most Fun and 100,000 coins for Yoda’s amazing world-wide adventures, and despite a little run in with the Mayor over importing some un-declared cheese, the idea of using the prize money to supply not only Yoda, but the Mayor with various delicious cheeses by teleporting all over the universe is a winner! Plus, the cartoon is very well crafted, so congratulations Kirsten! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

(Click the thumbnails to view Kirsten’s entry.)






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48 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Most Fun”

  1. ChocolateMilk Says:


  2. Esey12 Says:

    nice..1st to cOmment,…where’s my prize?…haha,..pls.. give me… unli coins and playfish cash…pls

  3. Hana Says:

    Congratulations Kirsten and Yoda! I particularly liked how you dressed your pet in different, appropriate outfits according to which country he visited 🙂
    Hana + Oinky x

  4. Gwen Says:

    very niceeeeee ! 😀

  5. ammarxz Says:

    wow nice!!!

  6. Hello Kitty Says:

    awwwww… luv this one!!!!

  7. greenyshell Says:

    WOW.. very well-presented.. i enjoyed the story esp about the mayor sneaking into the bushes to eat the cheese.. haha… mayor’s reputation is suddenly ruined…

  8. Svea Says:

    Really really amazing sense of detail!

  9. María Laura Says:


  10. txgirl Says:

    I so enjoyed reading that. Congratulations!

  11. Stacey Marie Says:

    OMG i loved ur entry….what i want to know though is how you were able to do all of that? can u plz tell me cuz ive always been curious and amazed by it

  12. rene Says:


  13. Rhoda/Secretbaby Says:

    what an enjoyable read!! Thanks!! Bravo!!!

  14. Shelbi & Mittens Says:

    Nice job! Mittens says congrats too. xD

  15. libby Says:


  16. tiba Says:

    hahahaha… to much much… Congratulation!!!

  17. JuanKa de Chile Says:

    Hey… I really enjoyed reading your fantastic history! It’s a lot o work you did… so many Ideas

    good work and congratulations !


  18. Jenny Says:

    I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS ! 😀

  19. PurpleJam Says:

    Cool, never know with those “simple-looking” stuff in PS, I can create an awesome Venice mood scene …. thanks for giving me some ideas 🙂 Congrats again to both Kirsten & Yoda

  20. Beigie-Girl Says:

    Congratulations to you, Kirsten and Youda! Very enjoyable and fun!

  21. Kelci Gearing Says:

    Congratz xxx and thats reli kool i reli like it its funny aswell you deserved to win 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Jozaine Hermelijn-Wall/ Divana Says:

    Great …… this is indeed a masterpiece!!

  23. chuui_mui Says:

    hehe lolz so much fun…nice work!!

  24. Papi Says:


  25. Vickie Says:

    Congrats i really loved it! It was well good the way you presented it and the imagination you put in that was supurb…well done!!!

  26. meghan stevenson Says:

    AMAZING well done i feel happy for all espeshuly for first place but …!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. anso Says:

    Congratulations !!! I guessed almost all the countries! ^^

  28. meghan stevenson Says:

    sorry about my spelling and sorry to the people that put in and didnt win im sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. x3FEBRUARY Says:

    lols , this is sooo cute & comical . loved it . congratulations on winning ! ^^

  30. Margot Says:

    GREAT! Kirsten you have talent!!!!!!

  31. fina Says:

    how’d you do this??
    congratulations to you Kirsten and Yoda.

  32. woo wen jie Says:

    i am very angry

  33. lazybone Says:

    Congratulations! So interesting!

  34. sarah Says:

    WOW! Amazing job!!!

  35. Bianca Says:

    Congrats…! It still bothers me thoguh that it looks like they had a lot of coins already, me I have nothing….

  36. Sarah Blueberrypie Says:

    hahaha this is soooo cool congrats on winning!!! 🙂

  37. Michael_Fie Says:

    Thank you all for yours congratulations 😀 Very nice of your all! 😀 😀

    I am very happy (and were very suprised) I was one of the winners 😀

    To Bianca: Wouldn’t it be unfair if not everyone have the same possible chance of winning? Should PS only reward pet’s with lesser coins – even if “rich” pets are better? (And I am not poor – I am not rich either – But I am SO happy about winning!) No matter how poor you are you still have all the possiblety of winning… not all you see in the picturs are me own stuff 😀

  38. betsycarolinasalinasalanis Says:

    yo quiero ser de play fhist

  39. Lia Irwina Silvia Says:

    Hilarious!!!! nice job..I like it so much….

  40. windu Says:

    Wow… that was very creative idea. Iam loughing when I read it. that was fun story…n I think i get same oppinion about Mr Mayor… ha..ha..
    Congratulations… and spend all off your coins with your way….
    😀 😀

  41. isaiah lee Says:

    I like…

  42. Lea Says:


  43. mercy Says:

    Congratulation.Kirsten n Yoda..well done..(two tombs)..anyway plz add me 😉 txs

  44. JiaZhi Says:

    That is very funny 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  45. Audra N Says:

    This so funny !!! I love it !!! 🙂

  46. Arvina Says:

    so cute story! you have a talent! congratulations! Kirsten! Yoda!

  47. siobhanluv156 Says:

    wow, nice! had fun reading it..

  48. v Says:


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