Birthday Competition – Most Cute


The title of Most Cute goes to Jorge and his pet Kokes. Jorge created this excessively cute image, and wanted to make his girlfriend’s dreams come true if he won a million coins (awwwwww)! Congratulations Jorge, your artwork is adorable and made us all want for you to be able to spoil your girlfriend (even though the 100,000 coins you have won will be added to your account not hers, we are sure you can afford to get her some great gifts)! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

If I had a million Pet Society Coins… Honestly I would like them to be added into my Girlfriend´s Pet (Marie Cupcake), so she can have anything she wants, give away to whomever she feels like.

Why? Well I can only tell that I prefer her beautiful smile! 🙂


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75 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Most Cute”

  1. AtEk0y Says:

    aah… yOur So sWeet!



  2. moon Says:

    so cute & romantic congratulations =^..^=

  3. Iris Says:

    so cute! congrats:)

  4. dhinskie Says:

    congatulation to the winner…keep up the good work..

  5. Lynn(BlueBell) Says:

    Congratulations! Well, so sweet! Awesome picture you’d got!

  6. monica Says:

    c0ngrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nice pic!

  7. EuNiCE Says:

    Hi! wow you are very sweet 🙂

    eunice and pet melody 🙂

  8. WeiWei Says:

    wow, i love this~!~
    im using it as my desktop xD
    ur the best

  9. Ivy :) Says:

    aww… -cries- luv the pic 🙂

  10. Jorge Says:


  11. kat (: Says:

    i love it! (:

  12. Nebraska Denise D. Sulibit Says:

    I love it really it is so cute I wish I’m with them.

  13. mary Says:

    I win!!!!!!

  14. mary Says:

    you winner ????

  15. vivi Says:

    porque siempre esta en mantenimiento y nunca se puede jugar.. o por lo menos dia por medio no se puede?? quiero felciitar a jorge y que me avisen como se hace para competir con el jardin!!!

  16. Audra N Says:

    How do you make such cool picture….GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. grace Says:


  18. grace Says:

    what i mean is nice not nuce hehe sorry ^_^

  19. moodyfiola Says:

    Awww, you’re so sweet. Congrats!!

  20. kyle Says:

    i love the pic its so cute =)

  21. maryrose Says:

    love the picture 🙂

  22. Arvina Says:

    what a romantic story! congrats, Jorge!

  23. Gloria Says:

    Util I found where did they publish your image, congrats my little nephew!

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