Birthday Competition – Most Cute


The title of Most Cute goes to Jorge and his pet Kokes. Jorge created this excessively cute image, and wanted to make his girlfriend’s dreams come true if he won a million coins (awwwwww)! Congratulations Jorge, your artwork is adorable and made us all want for you to be able to spoil your girlfriend (even though the 100,000 coins you have won will be added to your account not hers, we are sure you can afford to get her some great gifts)! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

If I had a million Pet Society Coins… Honestly I would like them to be added into my Girlfriend´s Pet (Marie Cupcake), so she can have anything she wants, give away to whomever she feels like.

Why? Well I can only tell that I prefer her beautiful smile! 🙂


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75 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Most Cute”

  1. ChocolateMilk Says:

    Congrats Jorge and Kokes!

  2. Birthday Competition Winners Announced! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] Most Cute has been won by Jorge who presented us with an adorable picture accompanied by some very sweet plans, you can read and view Jorge’s entry here! Congratulations Jorge! […]

  3. Esey12 Says:

    yeah 1st to cOmment..haha…where’s my prize? huh?? …haha,…can i have my prize pls…haha…

  4. Hana Says:

    Very cool Jorge! of course, I especially like the Piggy in the bottom right hand corner *smiles*
    You will be incredibly popular with your girlfriend, and that’s got to be worth more than 100,000 coins 🙂

  5. Renee Says:

    Wow…what a colorful poster….I like it. Congrates!!

  6. PS addict Says:

    that is a very cute pic!

  7. yoyo Says:

    awesome !!! It is beautiful !!!!

  8. petsocietyrulz Says:

    How do u make that?!?!!?!

  9. Jade and Lilly Says:

    Awww so adorable, congratulations to you 🙂

  10. Toet Says:

    It’s the best pic of pet society I’ve ever seen!!!! Really wonderful!

  11. abigailm28 (bubbles) Says:

    its pretty nice add me on face book abi mills ( my dp im waering a hat)

  12. munkiee Says:

    this is so pretty and cute!! congrats! ^.^

  13. keyla Says:

    it’s so cute!!!! congratulations jorge the picture is very complete 😉

  14. Brenda (Marie Cupcake) Says:

    Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy youuuuu wonnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it jijijij

    I love youuuuu muaaaaaa mua mua mua mua

    Our sisters look very funny in the pic lol….love it

  15. Mari (Big Bada Boom) Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!….. yeahhhh #1 you deserve it …..I look adorable in the tub thanks 😀

    You Rockkkkk !!!!!!!!

  16. Cerise Says:

    That is so cute! 🙂

  17. momina Says:


  18. Beryl Says:

    LOVE it!!!

  19. Paolo Says:

    My birthday is August 9

  20. grüni Says:

    aww that’s sweet and btw i love the harry potter piggy LOL

  21. Ninfa Says:

    really is cute hihihi

  22. txgirl Says:

    Your artwork is a feast for the eyes. Congratulations!!

  23. ruth Says:

    really beautiful. well done!

  24. Harleyblues Says:

    Very great art work and vibriant colour congrats to you! :0


  25. Sandy Says:

    CongratulationsXD~lovely and cute

  26. melissa Says:

    omg that is sooo cute! cupid, find me one of those 😦

  27. Kokes Says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments, and i am very glad you liked the image!!.

  28. NAomy Says:

    ahahaha very very kwl

  29. Nicole Says:

    I love it.
    Nicole an pet Sirman (bat).
    : ))))))))

  30. Sozalina Says:

    Wonderful 🙂

  31. siska Says:

    i love this cute pic….wow

  32. mohammad Says:

    Congratulations Jorge

  33. zahra Says:

    aaawwwww dats ssssoooo cuteeee….i luv da way he xpressed his luv 4 his girlfrnd…Brenda u r one lucky girl to hav a boyfrnd like him…blessing 4 both of u ..

  34. Gupp E Says:

    I thought he got 1,000,000 coins?

  35. Gupp E Says:

    oh nevermind only the millionaire gets it sorry

  36. jonitas Says:

    nice game

  37. Gabby Says:

    Awsome art / graphic :3

  38. Kikie Says:

    Ha… Ha… Ha… 😀
    Great picture. Love it 😉
    Conggratulation Jorge 🙂

  39. Emma Says:

    Honestly, that made me almost cry. I wish that a boy would say that to me! (: Congrats! You deserve 100,000 coins. (:

  40. JuanKa de Chile Says:

    Very colourful and good resolution for my desktop ! 😉 (lol)

    congratulations !

    hugs 😀

  41. Seema Prakash Says:

    I really work hard on a painting I painted for birthday compettion but at the last moment on 3rd August night (as I,m from India) when I was about to submit it,the site was close for repair, I was really disappointed.I request u to pl.either fix the time or let us know well before closing for repair as I,m a active user of ur site I appriciate your afforts of making Pet society “THE BEST”

  42. emilia Says:


    quiero saber como participar para ganar ese dinero si hay una forma porque no entiendo si es sorteo de la loteria o otra cosa nueva saludos . emilia

  43. Rhea Says:

    All I can say is:

  44. Beigie-Girl Says:

    Congratulations, very nice art–very creative!

  45. Derek Says:

    hahaha this’so cute!!
    I love a pig-potter!!!
    xD HAHA
    I want it 😀
    Gratz..! ^^,

  46. melanie Says:

    omg, that is too sweet!! i love the picture!! and did they actually give the money to your girlfriend? that would’ve been even sweeter!!

  47. heylin Says:

    i love it!! that is soooo cute!!good job

  48. nickie Says:


  49. Tatianna Says:

    tht pic is really cute

  50. Sarah Blueberrypie Says:

    awwwwww!!! so cute!!! congrats!!! 🙂

  51. AtEk0y Says:

    aah… yOur So sWeet!



  52. moon Says:

    so cute & romantic congratulations =^..^=

  53. Iris Says:

    so cute! congrats:)

  54. dhinskie Says:

    congatulation to the winner…keep up the good work..

  55. Lynn(BlueBell) Says:

    Congratulations! Well, so sweet! Awesome picture you’d got!

  56. monica Says:

    c0ngrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nice pic!

  57. EuNiCE Says:

    Hi! wow you are very sweet 🙂

    eunice and pet melody 🙂

  58. WeiWei Says:

    wow, i love this~!~
    im using it as my desktop xD
    ur the best

  59. Ivy :) Says:

    aww… -cries- luv the pic 🙂

  60. Jorge Says:


  61. kat (: Says:

    i love it! (:

  62. Nebraska Denise D. Sulibit Says:

    I love it really it is so cute I wish I’m with them.

  63. mary Says:

    I win!!!!!!

  64. mary Says:

    you winner ????

  65. vivi Says:

    porque siempre esta en mantenimiento y nunca se puede jugar.. o por lo menos dia por medio no se puede?? quiero felciitar a jorge y que me avisen como se hace para competir con el jardin!!!

  66. Audra N Says:

    How do you make such cool picture….GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. grace Says:


  68. grace Says:

    what i mean is nice not nuce hehe sorry ^_^

  69. moodyfiola Says:

    Awww, you’re so sweet. Congrats!!

  70. kyle Says:

    i love the pic its so cute =)

  71. maryrose Says:

    love the picture 🙂

  72. Arvina Says:

    what a romantic story! congrats, Jorge!

  73. Gloria Says:

    Util I found where did they publish your image, congrats my little nephew!

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