Birthday Competition – Most Creative


With a truly well written poem, and for being a very original entry, Elizabeth takes home the title of Most Creative! We hope you have a bit more luck down at the pond than what’s portrayed in your poem, but if not initially, maybe buying some additional bait with some of your 100,000 coins will help! Congratulations Elizabeth, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

Amongst the rocks, the moss and fronds
three pets sat at the edge of the pond
each held a rod, so determined and tight
but alas, there was nothing
not a single bite.

“Blast these fish!” One pet cried
“We’re not gonna catch one,
no matter how hard we try!”
The second looked on
in an effort for a catch.
He jiggled his rod,
for just one little snatch.

“You’re right, it is hopeless!”
The second one wailed
“No matter how hard we work
we’ve always failed!”

But the third stayed still
deep in thought,
and after a moment, he pushed his brow taut.
“No matter then, friends,
there’s always tomorrow.”
So the three packed their things
and left for their burrows.

Later that night, the lottery was drawn
the third pet listened, and stifled a yawn.
“Three, four, sixty nine and eight”
The third’s eye’s widened-
it must have been fate!
While the last number was formally announced
the third pet waited, in his seat he bounced…

The next morning the old pets, one and two;
Arrived at their pond but looked lost and confused.
For instead of the third pet, they found a large truck
but after a moment, reality struck.

As the truck backed towards the pond
frightening the critters, and squishing the fronds.
At the sound of its horn
it tipped all its goods.
Bountiful fish galore!
The two pets stood in awe
they had never seen so many fish before!

The third pet arrived with a smile of glee
“Our problems are over, can you see?
I won the million, and remembered the fish
so I thought I’d grant our common wish!
I bought these fish to put in our pond
So we have something to catch
while we sit in the fronds!”

And so amongst the rocks, the moss and fronds
three pets sat at the edge of the pond
each held a rod, so determined and tight
but this time, there was something!
The fish, they’d bite!

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72 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Most Creative”

  1. Ayeshna Says:

    soooo nice !

  2. Chii Chobitys Claryn Says:

    give me one million coins in thepet society!please…….

  3. Catherine Says:

    job well done

  4. Clara Says:

    Well done! Yur stoy rox! I luv the story. Congrats 4 winning the competition! I wonder how 2 add her? 🙂

  5. aysh Says:

    wow! i really loved the poem .. n congratz elizabeth~ u really deserve it!

  6. quacky Says:

    ahmmm nice one”” but no offense”” is that really a poem””
    i thought i was reading a short story””


  7. Elizabeth Says:

    nice poem i luv it n my nmes elizabeth 2 i made a poem but urs is way betta

  8. Ana Beatrix Says:

    lovedddddd your poem. a lot of inperation you have. very cute and lovley your poem. looking foward to reading more of your work!!

  9. Carol J Hess Says:

    That poem was really outstanding. I don’t have much time but just had to read the whole thing right to the last line. Very well done.

  10. yenyen Says:

    Elizabeth is the best writer and teacher

    ms Wok, you are great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. miyha Says:

    a very nice poem =) i love it!!

  12. miyha Says:

    a very nice poem =) i love it!! awesome isn’t it?

  13. vaeria Says:

    que feoooooooooo so horrible hahaha yo i deveria should win ganar bobosssss looserr

  14. Val Says:

    Loved the poem and so true, all Mitzy catche’s is junk to get recycled, lol. Well Done ~xXx~

  15. may Says:

    wow nice poem . i really like that poem

  16. Mary Says:

    Can translate it in spanish? Don´t undestand the poem.

  17. JiaZhi Says:

    Nice Poem
    Grats for winning the contest Elizabeth 😀
    you are the best

  18. Phiphi Says:

    Well done Elizabeth, Congratulation!!!


  19. Audra N Says:

    So cool poem…I almost cried because I’m jelousy….Congrats!! it’s a huge hit !! 😀

  20. J.Bocky Says:

    Cool poem, but did you get this idea from that add about the lottery on tv? Because it is exactly the same story as this, but with of course three old men.

  21. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Says:

    la la la. cool poem. la la la.

  22. Ropck-Princess Says:

    you guys r soo lucky !! cool poems!!

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