Birthday Competition – Millionaire


Our grand prize winner, who has won an amazing 1,000,000 coins, is Brett and of course his pet Bubbles! Brett’s song and video excelled in many of the categories as it is very impressive, resourceful, original, creative, fun and makes great use of technology! We aren’t quite sure if Bubbles liked having his face replaced by Brett’s, but we could tell that Brett certainly enjoyed it. So we really hope he will be “one content civilian” now that he has “slightly less than 40 billion”! Congratulations Brett, enjoy the boxes, fish, ladybug, bunny, gadgets, koala, blue bubble chair and whatever else you choose to spend it on (we’re sure your friends are really hoping there is a little left over for your neighbour pets)! Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

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528 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Millionaire”

  1. Casey Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooohhh, this is sooo good!!! Great video!! Hahaha, oh my god, so funny… WOO!!! Happy B-day Pet Society!! And congratulations to Brett and Bubbles! ^^ 😀 The first picture choked me…


  2. Lucky13 Says:


  3. tim Says:

    he just ripped of some one’s song and the other stories didn’t even stand a chance this is completely limited by use of technology fixed race to who ever is more competent with technology. maybe pet society should find us links to teach us some of this basics and add basic guide lines hope he gets sued

  4. tim Says:

    it was still cool but none the less limited competition

  5. Ludovica Says:

    wow ma cm si fa a vincere??quì siete tutti americani??O_o

  6. Crispy Says:

    Love love love your entry! How do you do that kinda stuff…I’m still coming to terms with my on line pet being pleased to see me…..better than the boyfriend!!!!
    Brilliant, very worthy winner! xxx

  7. simon Says:

    nice idea. ive watched it over 10 times and its still not boring

  8. simon Says:

    o and lets celebrate the freedom that indonesia had after indonesia is taken over by the british (INDONESIA MERDEKA!!!!!)

  9. Marlyn "choki" Says:

    Hi Brett. Congratulations! cute & nice MTV, and hey you said you will share your million coins hehehh so add me up =) tnx

  10. may Says:

    congrats to you … and great work you had done

  11. Nina Miličić Says:

    Congratulations! It is soooo amazing! I love it! 😀 I wish I could be your neighbour 😀 Wow… 1 million… really great job!

  12. jovie Says:

    it’s great! and i love it! hope we can be neighbors so he can also share me his coins! 😀

  13. Loopy Says:

    brett i loved the vid it is so funky and catchy !!!!

  14. Belinda Says:

    haha well done brett… plz give me some money i need it plz

  15. Farabi Says:

    My Birthday and Pet Society have the same birthday ……8th August
    Nice Job Brett …

  16. JiaZhi Says:

    Nice One 😀
    hope if there is another competition that gives us 1million coins again lol

  17. Amy and Bearface-ette Says:

    Congratulations!! I really enjoyed the video + song. I didn’t think it was creepy, thought it was pretty cool 🙂

    Enjoy buying fabulous things for Bubbles. He deserves it too 🙂

  18. theodora Says:


  19. Patricia Says:

    yay!! awesome!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!

  20. Patricia Says:

    your song is awesome!!! Love it

  21. Abi Says:

    Lol its funny how everyone on here are like goldiggers ‘hey congrats… im in need of coins……..’
    I just think congratulations, as so many people were trying to win it and like your so lucky you got it (: Well done (:

  22. Jerrah Mae Says:

    You dont know me but Congrats! you put a lot of effort in the video and original song. I’m relatively new, only been playing for a month, but i was wondering if i can visit your house? I just want to see. I saw some really great ideas in your videos and i really want to see the rest of your house, esp now that your a millionaire! no holding back on decorating anymore, eh?

  23. Chloemypet Says:

    Well deserved Brett!!! You´re a Pro, awsome video !!! Congrats !!

  24. oxx3mmaxxo Says:

    lol i was dancing the whole way thru i watched 4 times………….FOUR!!!!
    welll done it was awsome the lyrics were hilarious u deserve the million coins i entered but we cant all be winners well i wish we could hehe im gonna watch it a 5th time XD lol

  25. cricel Says:

    iwish iwill win 1 million coins

  26. Kellie Says:

    Congratz do whoever u r!! I wish i like knew you so u could give me stuff!! 😦 well anyway cograts!!

  27. moodyfiola Says:

    Really cute song! Congrats!! 🙂

  28. emily Says:

    he should not have won it was boring and we never even saw bubbles

  29. Matias Says:

    yo cumplo años el 25 de Agosto y talves que ganooooo!!!

  30. Domino Says:

    Hello Brett,

    You REALLY did a great job!! I LOVE your SONG!!


    I can’t believe that people ask you money!! Yikes!! 😦

    ❤ ❤

  31. jadee Says:

    Congratulations Brett what an awesome song maybe u should be a song writer because that was a very catchy little song u produced Good Luck and enjoy spending those coins

  32. PiNkY SwEeT Says:

    OmG its really coooooooooooooooooooolllllll ……….i like it i laughed haha!!! Wow Bubbles is sure a happy pet…my Pinky will never be rich like that…=(!Congatulations!! Spend money good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YaY!;DD

  33. alisha Says:

    well done to u and bubbles
    you deserve it.

  34. Natt Says:

    A really good entry. I keep singing it ;D Its so funny how everyone keeps asking you to give them coins LOOOOOL

  35. karlee Says:

    it was ok i guess

  36. Benedict Says:

    wew..nice work..^ ^

  37. lea Says:

    that was so cool i love the song congrats!

  38. Nuzhat Says:

    WOW,WOW,WOW,,hey brett u don’t deserve only one million coins,but u also deserve a million billion WOWS!!!!!!!!!!!It was mindblowing video n the song?It is constantly echoing in my mind.It was so so sooooooooooooooo way cool

  39. Leira Says:

    wow.. you really desrve it.. haha… good tune and kyrics… very creative…

  40. KcWong Says:

    Wow…It was the best video among all…You really deserve it, Brett and Bubble!
    Hope u will enjoy the 1 Million Coin gift! Enjoy!

  41. m7amd9 Says:

    i want to my coins form 3000 to 40.000.000

  42. Bella Cullen Says:


  43. ryan clifford Says:

    hahah! nyc video.. he really deserves it! i can still here the music in my ears.. LoL!

  44. elie chammas Says:

    it’s amazing the song and i like to listen it all the day i love it it’s the best and u you are the best and u deserve this price of money plz reply to me and add me ok? bye and congratulation

  45. mariapereira Says:

    como ser millonario en pet society?

  46. Amir Thompson Says:

    That music is amazing, and I’m not really into that genre!

  47. sportsbetting Says:

    Could not be written much better. Reading this post jogs my memory of my old room partner! He constantly kept discussing this.

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