Birthday Competition – Best Use of Technology


Logan’s Evil Plans, despite being slightly evil, has won the award for Best Use of Technology, and 100,000 coins! We trust that the 100,000, as opposed to a million, will not be enough to allow the evil plan to complete, and hence our current Mayor should remain safe! Ardy’s video has been put together very skilfully, with everything in perfect sync. And it’s also a lot of fun, which is fine as long as it never actually eventuates, otherwise many pets may be arrested for “illegal cuteness”, and we wouldn’t want that! Congratulations Ardy, Playfish will contact you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

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77 Responses to “Birthday Competition – Best Use of Technology”

  1. ChocolateMilk Says:

    Congrats! Funny and a little creepy. Good job!

  2. ardydelrosario Says:

    Yay! 100,100!!! I love it! Thanks!

  3. chandra Says:

    cute…congrats! 🙂

    • LoL Time Says:

      NOT THE PET SOCIETY !!!!!!
      MO – HA – HA – HA …….. JUST KIDING …….
      LOVE IT GREAT JOB !!!!

  4. Esey12 Says:

    wOw..where’s my prize??…mine’s cute too…haha

  5. Tami Says:

    Lmao GJ!

  6. Ivy Says:

    This is my favorite! LOL!

  7. Isabelle Says:

    i knew he would win!

  8. ayoosh Says:

    Congrats Ardy 🙂

  9. Sanny Says:


  10. Lucy Says:

    This is soooo good! 🙂 Well done!

  11. Joshua Says:

    Whoo!! hahaha! very funny…… 😀

    He’s very deserving……

  12. sherwyn Says:

    hahah.. bloopers were very funny..hahaha

  13. alvin20 Says:

    aw…. that was really funny. “Illegal cuteness” hahaha. Congrats for the 100,000 coins.

    *hides in a corner, cries sentimentally*

  14. Michael_Fie Says:

    Really love this!! Great kind of humour… esp. the bloopers 😀

  15. Paulina Says:

    “wait wait we already have that” 😀
    That´s so funny 😀
    Great job!

  16. María Laura Says:

    It´s great!!!

  17. Fuschia Says:

    LOL This is so funny! Good job and congratulations! ^_^

  18. May Says:

    LOL Illeagle cuteness!!!

  19. Amaranta Says:

    Lol this one is really funny!!! i loved it, wish you had won. Congratulations, u made me laugh so much!!!

  20. ardydelrosario Says:

    thanks guys!

  21. grüni Says:

    hahaha good job 😀

  22. txgirl Says:

    So funny…very creative…loved the bloopers…cuuuut, cuuuut!!


  23. Harleyblues Says:

    Congrats I like all the bloopers best 🙂


  24. luna_love13 Says:

    Ahahahaha!!! This was the best of all the winners. Cracked me up – especially the bloopers. Fantastic work! Congratulations. 😀

  25. Jessica Ng Says:

    It’s funny 😀

  26. danusia Says:

    LOL xD he’s so evil, love it! congratulations!!!!!

  27. Chris Says:

    That was just amazingly awesome.
    I would have given you the prizes in
    Best Use of Technology
    Most Humorous
    Most Creative and

    Simply Brilliant and very enjoyable

    Well Done

  28. vanessa Says:

    great job..i love it^^V

  29. Adhyayan Says:

    cool you did a brilliant job

  30. camila Says:

    i love it!! the best!!!

  31. Puffy Says:

    “you’re under arrest for illegal cuteness”

    great job!
    the voice’s great!!

  32. Ines Says:

    Awsome!! ROFLMAO!!! I really enjoyed it! congrats! thumbs up for this one!!!

  33. Raven Says:


  34. Angelica Says:

    The best of all! You made me laugh so much!

  35. karla Moreno Says:

    jajajaja I LOVED IT!!

    Did U used FLASH??


    jejeje congrats!!!

    share some! hahah or Add me n_n

  36. Crabbypatty Says:

    I personally think that this should have won 1st place…awesome job and very funny : )

  37. Stephanie + Shazamm Says:

    Awesome! Trees bearing coins would be fantastic. I would vote for you!

  38. Tes Says:

    cut! cut! …hahaha… very entertaining! very creative! Congrats, Logan! Cheers!

  39. JuanKa de Chile Says:

    Hey… that was a lot of work you did !

    I loved it ! very funny 2

    And Logan have such a sexy voice !


    hugs and enjoy your prize !

  40. Beigie-Girl Says:

    Congratulations! That was very well-done and so creative and funny.

  41. fernanda Says:

    congrats, I love this 😀

  42. patrisha Says:

    what’s a bubble chair can anyone tell me?

  43. patrisha Says:


  44. Nesia Says:

    LOLZZ…the NG’s part xD

  45. Nona Says:

    Very funny 😀 Congratulations

  46. Papi Says:


  47. fina Says:

    This lips are made for sitting.
    hahahaha. hilarious.
    good job ardy and logan. 🙂

  48. Bianca Says:

    First one that got me to laugh!

  49. Naomi Says:

    “YOu’re under arrest for illegal cuteness” HAHAHAH x’D it made LOL. Congrats my friend =3

  50. markus Says:

    ta le meme habit que moi et ta la chaise que je veus!!! X(

  51. Kajsa Says:

    He just sits there! Boring that.

  52. MaCe Says:

    This is great!! 😀 really enjoyed watching it!!

  53. Christy Says:

    wow that was weird and boring

  54. Rosie Says:

    Luv it!!!!!

  55. Sarah Blueberrypie Says:

    good job!!! congrats on winning ❤

  56. hiedi Says:

    argh that was extremely creepy…. *shudders*

  57. Sara Says:

    “pet society police, you’re arrested for illegal cuteness” looooool sooo funny 😀 Congrats

  58. kristine Says:

    Wow! But scary and weird!But cute and congrats 😀

  59. Christine Sim Says:

    wow.. Bravo!!

  60. Alina Says:

    I love it, so fun and original 😉

  61. Ana Beatrix Says:

    I loveddddd it!!!!!!! soooooo asweme i am proud that you won!! those lips are made for sitting!! hillarios!!!!!! soo cool!!

  62. ardydelrosario Says:

    well, ya can’t please verybody but thenagain this also happened when i won the song comptition… Bleh!

  63. ardydelrosario Says:

    I meant…

    Ya can’t please everybody, but then again this also happened when i won the song competition…bleh!

  64. Ivy :) Says:

    lol at the end!!!

  65. amby Says:

    too funny!!!the evil laughter hahaha!!!too good man!!!

  66. JiaZhi Says:

    evil lol

  67. Emem Says:

    i love it! very very cool! good job, man!

  68. janne depp Says:

    that’s so cute……

    not so much animations…

    but still, Luv watching it!

    Luv u Logan…. !

  69. Audra N Says:

    Such EVIL plans !!!!!

  70. Arvina Says:

    wow! good idea! Ardy and Logan was a genius (although, genius in Pet society), it very cute! congrats to you two!

  71. Via Says:

    It’s kinda EVIL, but… sure you’ll win this

  72. Roxstar Says:

    I like it! The bloopers were also cool =D

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