Underwater ‘Tails’!


Hey Pet Society fans!

“?” was walking a much safer distance away from the water’s edge when hurrying back to his store with the pictures of his newly ordered mystery items this week, as he didn’t want any Puppyfish causing him issues again! 😉 Today though, he should have been paying less attention to the water, and more to the sky, as the Red Parrot was circling, and while “?” was looking down at the water, swooped down to once again grab the pictures out of his paws.

The Red Parrot seemingly hadn’t learnt much since his last encounter with “?” though, as just two seconds later, he let out a victory squawk and the pictures went tumbling into the pond.

Sirius, as usual paying attention to everything “?” does around this time of week, saw the whole incident, unfortunately she had left her rod at home, so just dived into the pond to try and retrieve the pictures.

While searching the murky waters, she spotted some strange fish she hadn’t seen before, who swam away from her startled, luckily she had an underwater camera with her (very prepared, isn’t she?) and took a couple of snaps, but who knows what else may be in there!



Spotted Bass

Chocolate Fish

Eventually, she found the pictures the Red Parrot dropped, and brought them up to the surface. By that time though, they’d been in the water for quite awhile, so they may be a bit hard to make out.




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

To try and discover what these newest mysterious items are, or to go fishing and see what you could possible catch in the pond, sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now! If you are currently playing, make sure you save and quit, and then reload Pet Society to have a chance at finding the latest mysterious items or catching some new fish.

Updated! Here are the images of the mysterious items:




Shell Pot

Shell Picture

Shell Tea Light

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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135 Responses to “Underwater ‘Tails’!”

  1. G Says:

    Wow… chocolate fish??? COOL!!

  2. YEH Says:


  3. Sanny Says:

    the second one is that an aquarium GMB
    is last week item still in the box?

  4. carr Says:

    I got a golden butterfly fish.

  5. lia fresca Says:

    cool 😉

  6. Bubu Says:

    wow new fish n mb

  7. siska Says:

    oh yes……. oh no…….. oh yes……….

  8. wei Says:

    i have Chocolate Fish already ^_^

  9. aristotle Says:

    OMG!! I just got the first new GMB item!!

    It’s a clam-shaped 2-candlestick holder – nice! 😀


  10. unknown fan Says:

    KEWLLLLL !!! i mean COOLLLLLL !!!!!

  11. wei Says:

    i got new GMB item also …
    >shell tea light<

  12. wei Says:

    another 1 …is

  13. wei Says:

    shell picture

  14. yersi Says:


  15. Brent Says:

    I got the shell picture, its worth 3000. Looking for the shell lamp now. If anyone knows the lamps worth please post it here for me. Thanks

  16. aristotle Says:

    Cooooool!! we need more pictures for our walls!!


  17. Lexie Says:

    Awww, this is so sad! I bought a chocolate yesterday & didn’t get this kind of fish, lol 😦

    I’m still struggling & trying to get a clown one XP

  18. Claire Says:

    Woulkd be lovely to catch some of these treasures! Pet Society is great fun to play! Thank you!

  19. Florencia Says:

    I Can’t log in! Been under maintenance for 4 days now!!!!!!

  20. SARA Says:


  21. nicol Says:

    hello everyone!!!can i ask something?how we catch the chocolate fish?

  22. sssofi Says:

    cuando vuelve el pet???
    por favor respondan lo necesito con mis amigas estamos enloqecidas porqe vuelvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, VOLVE PET! please

  23. Mae Says:

    I got the Spotted Bass already!

  24. nicol Says:

    ok, i catch the fish with the chocolate heart but i have one more question, it counts if our pet is in a low level?because every time i’m truying to buy the mysterious items i don’t get what it shows here….(sorry for my English, i’m from Greece)

  25. martina Says:

    my dad got a spotted bass!

  26. jek Says:

    cool =P

  27. nanchook Says:

    i got the shell tealight,too!
    & the sheepfish,orangefish & cupcakefish! woohoo! 🙂

  28. khaled Says:

    i got the chocolate and the other i swaear

  29. Johann Says:

    my sister get a sheep fish
    |\___/| (_YEAH!!!!_)
    \ o o / | /
    O= =O
    | |
    | | |

  30. verona Says:


  31. Joseph Rice Says:

    I got a Lovefish

  32. rroyiin!! Says:

    why the hell i can’t fish new fishes??? i always fish the same ones and i’ve tried all food in the food store!!!!! i”ve been fishing for 2 hours everyday since the pond was on and i cant fish new fishes!!!!!!! i’ve seen sea horses, orange fish, watermelon fish donut fish and i can’t have those, why????

  33. zahra Says:

    hi evr1…well my question is to sonya…y in da world i dunt get good items in GMB ..its not fair…i alwayz get scrap items..i have 2 spend more than 7000 coins to get 1 nice new item in GMB…dats not fair sonya…how am i suppose to collect soo much coins again…cant u make dat only mystr items can b found in GMB…OR atlest make it only worth 500 or more items can b found????plz plz plz..i tryied soo hard to get basket of dolls…which i found…but i’m still trying to find artist itmes in GMB..only one od dat i found…yyyyyyyy i cant find good items…sonya dis is not fair….do sumthing…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Tasmia Tasin Says:

      Are you a facebook user?If you are I can help you to know when GMB items are disappearing.

      • Ling Says:

        Hi Tasmin I ‘d like to know abt the items disappearing and I’m a FB user. Pls help. I’m looking for the Yellow Guitar and Owl and basket of toys

      • yse Says:

        How to know when can get special items in FB ps?

      • zahra Says:

        hi tasmia tasin…well yes i am facebook user..plz tell me whn da items r dissapering…thanx…n sonyaaaaaaa plzzzzzzzz reply me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Katrina Says:

        goblok goblok goblok goblok goblok

      • Tasmia Tasin Says:

        To Ling:
        These are the items that are disappearing :-

        * Colourful Guitar
        * Gold Royal Chandelier
        * Lucky Rug
        * Ornate Framed Bed
        * Owl Doll
        * Piano
        * Princess Pink Rug
        * Red Chili Ristra
        * Royal Dining Table
        * Shamrock Chair
        * Shamrock Hairband

        * White Fox Mask
        I sorry but won`t in the in the GMB and if you want them you have to trade it with someone or getting it as a gift.That`s all I can tell you nad sorry for the late reply.

    • Tasmia Tasin Says:

      Mysterious Items can disappear as Mysteriously as they appear, there is no guarantee for how long a Mysterious Item will be available in any of the Mystery Boxes, and Playfish will not be informing about removals of Mysterious Items in advance,maybe that`s why they`re are removing the GMB items.
      Hope this helps.

  34. Amina Says:

    awesome updates.tnx

  35. daniela Says:

    veriiiiiiiiii nice hahaha IO KIERO TODOO ……….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. pompomchita Says:

    porque tienen que serrar la pagina porque siempre esta en arreglo no soporto quiero empesar todo otra vez

  37. Guadalupe Says:

    la primer caja contiene una maceta la del medio una pecera y la tercera una lampara

  38. daniela Says:


  39. Veronica Says:

    it’s a pity i can get them because i’ve in maintenance SINCE MONDAY

    when are we going to be able to play again??????

  40. jinko Says:

    one of them is the shell picture!

  41. matt Says:


  42. dean Says:

    kk aku mau mian

  43. Nguyễn Thái Anh Says:

    this fishing thing are so cool! and, I am thinking about it a lot.You should make something new about it such as new fish .And I got something that might interesting in it: fish store, in here you can buy fish food to feed them.You can buy some stone to put in you fish tank or you can buy some clam to decoration you fish tank. Or maybe you can buy and you can also buy alga to grow it like a tiny garden.


    Guadalupe… your wrong! second its not a fishtank

  45. llawliet Says:

    can i ask
    what bait is used for catching :
    ..SHEEP FISH..

  46. PS addict Says:

    hey!i know what bait is used to catch the chocolate fish.You must use the heart chocolate

  47. Shelley Says:

    I got a Spotted Bass with a Loaf of bread!!!

  48. Claudia Says:

    got the chocolate fish and also sheep fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. wei jie Says:

    guys is there a pineapplefish?? and by the way what is the bait for sheepfish???

  50. moon Says:

    hi peti can’t log in in my face book i take this page in my friend can you help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    if i write my passward
    Account Unavailable
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    if i click forget my password i get this
    Your password could not be reset.
    You have reached the limit of password reset requests. If you haven’t received the reset email within a few minutes, or are still having trouble accessing your account, please contact us for assistance.
    if my friend open his filed and search my name he take
    Profile Unavailable
    Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.
    helllllllllllllllp me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  51. rica Says:


  52. Zoot Says:

    I’d like to be able to gift fish. And it would be nice if the fish tank went behind furniture and stuff, because it takes up a lot of space. Thanks.


    :)bd 🙂

  54. llawliet Says:

    hey guys i catch a
    choco fish…..heart chocolate
    love fish….grapes
    sheep fish…..cauliflower
    clown loach….apple
    golden butterfly fish….lemon
    chocolate donutfish….chocolate donut
    orange fish….orange
    cupcake fish….cupcake


  55. Momo Says:

    Thanks Sonya!

    Wow, can’t wait to get opening MBs! 😉

  56. yoyo Says:

    I love the Chocolate Fish

  57. Cloe Says:

    Pet Society is gettin better and better!!

  58. pjamesgodfrey Says:

    hey guys I’ve catch



    spotted bass
    🙂 🙂 :))

  59. pjamesgodfrey Says:

    hey guys I’ve catch



    spotted bass
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  60. yoyo Says:

    What food can get sheep fish??

  61. fyrora Says:

    whee!!!! i got a love fish!!! i love pet society!

  62. yoyo Says:

    can any one tell me what food can get heep fish??? thankyou

  63. yoyo Says:

    sheep fish

  64. yoyo Says:

    yes !!! I have got the sheep fish…..

  65. jennylyn Says:

    what bait should i used to get love fish????

  66. jennylyn Says:

    hi there???what bait would i use to get love fish???

  67. awyy Says:

    can i ask hw to get all those fish T_T i catch so much all same geh~i wan apple,lemon,choc,spotted,watermelon,lemon …etc fish T_T i use all fruit try oso cant

  68. kristine Says:

    (\___/) (=”= )

  69. Malek Says:

    hi Sonia i think you are my last hope i try all the things to contact pet society but they always give me wrong answers that can do nothing to resolve my problem witch is every time i go to fish i really know how to fish and i have a lot of pools with a lot of fishs but the problem is not here because since 2 weeks i can’t fish any more only the new fishes and once no more
    because when catch many fishes i go back home and i don’t fund any thing in my chest they desepear i don’t know what to do i allready lost a lot of food and i really want to fish egain as all the players and have this types of fish 😥 😥
    please Sonia help me

  70. Aim Says:

    why i cant log

  71. dang Says:

    cool site!!

  72. VearnSama Says:

    PS is really CCb

  73. amber Says:

    what bait will i use to catch the lovefish? and the sheepfish?

  74. kristianna Says:

    what’s the bait to use for the spotted bass?

  75. Nora Lizeth Says:

    Me encanta todo esto esta muy lindo yo apenas hace como dos meses empece pero estoy muy contenta felicidades por el primer año….!

  76. Star Says:

    help please…whats the bait for lovefish and sheepfish? thank you

    • maix Says:

      i used a lemon bait hoping to catch a lemon fish. but i got a love fish and also the golden butterfly fish im happy even tho i didnt get the lemon fish 🙂

  77. maria jose Says:

    me gustaria ganar

  78. Nora Lizeth Says:

    Quiciera saber porque en los ultimos dias es dificil entrar a la aplicación antes no era tan dificil pero ahora cada vez que trato entrar no funciona solo funciona en el dia o en el horario de trabajo pero en mi tiempo libre no puedo acceder porque porfa solucionar el problema…!

  79. Tammy Says:

    I caught the sheepfish with cheese.

  80. Tammy Says:

    Oh, and my lad caught a lovefish with rare steak.

  81. waly Says:


  82. Kee Rae Says:

  83. talay Says:

    lovefish and sheepfish use donut

  84. Minda Says:

    hey,,what bait to catch spotted bass..and all that mb?? pleasee tell me..thankss

  85. michelle Says:

    i got chocolate fish and orange fish….wanted to get the others but went to maintanance for whole night…huh…:(

  86. siska Says:

    sheepfish is so cute, i got it with use bait a carrot from shop (only 7coin) yay happy 😀

  87. bebe Says:

    why this fishes cannot be gifted to other friends? hope this would be fun to shared the fishes with the others 😀

  88. ivan Says:

    pet deverIa tener mejores cosas para vender

  89. Bea Gómez C. Says:

    I appreciate all your improving that you do on Pet Society! but I’m not able to play because it all the time is in “MAINTENANCE”, for instance I wanted to participate in “Win A Million Coins!”, I could not do that because of the maintenance, so I could not take any photograph and play with it to participate in that event. Now I love this opportunity when you ask: SHARE YOUR LOVE, but I could not enter to this special game again because of the MAINTENANCE AGAIN! SO PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I’m from Venezuela and this game only works in the middle night. I have two days without sleeping and I coud not finish to visiting all my friends. SOS!

  90. MC Says:

    PS dosen’t work since monday..!!!!! I’m so angry..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I lost a lot of coins….!!!!

    I hate when it’s happen!!!!

  91. Bea Gómez C. Says:

    HI SONYA! =) What about you do an Indigenous Resitance Day. It will be comming to next October twelve =) You should do something about Venezuela too. I love this game and it would be a great idea to have it in Pet Society! =)

  92. Nora Lizeth Says:

    How to fish in the lake is not how or where not to get bait, someone please guide me …
    Thanks …

    Como hago para pescar en el lago no se como ni donde ni que cebo conseguir, alguien porfavor que me guie…

  93. Astrid Egekvist Says:

    i need thats

  94. ARI Says:


  95. leilani Says:

    all i got was 2 dogfish one squid a carp and some others i cant remember

  96. Felialala Says:

    I have caught many strange and beautiful fish today,,,,really cannot catch them all right now.. .I caught clown loach, seahorse, and schooling bannerfish…
    very great..i love them all…
    thanks pet society staff for their great job….

  97. Ceffita Says:

    woooooooo, a chocolate fish… mmmmm…. I want one….. go fishing ^_^

  98. Gabby Says:

    Yay fishy :]

  99. yoyo Says:

    how can I get golden butterfly fish???

  100. Lez Says:

    got the sheepfish and orangefish!!!! i hope i can get the latest mystery boxezzzz

  101. Lez Says:

    yes!!! woot! i finally got the shell picture!!! but now i have few coins left…

  102. AFFINITY~ Says:

    yeah ! ~ i gt de chocolate fish ! use wad bait to catch spotted bass ah?

  103. Kevin Says:

    I want it I want it!!
    BTW, I have idea for next week. No new items, but all items (including luxury) in a big discount!

  104. Katrina Says:


  105. Ynah Says:

    I got a Shell Picture from a GMB! Yay! 🙂

  106. Punks Says:

    clown loach, schooling bannerfish, golden butterflyfish i caught using noly the 5 coin apples.. the sheepfish i caught with a strawberry..

  107. Ingrid Says:

    Im so sad because i cant play for the last 5 days and so i couldnt earn money, and im going to loose the week items.- Is this a happy birthday? im not sure of that…

  108. Jaeda Says:

    i already got the chocolatefish 🙂 you use chocolate as bait 🙂

  109. Olga Says:

    I got Sheepfish by using Rare Steak. I’ve got Schooling Bannerfish, too. But I forgot what’s the bait.

    SONYA, How can we obtain the new fishing poles? And please don’t make us have to feed the fish we caught, it’ll be very hard for me to buy fish food everyday.. T_T

  110. amber Says:

    ooh.. so i can use any bait to catch the sheepfish.. thanks!

  111. Cookie Kelly Says:

    CHOCOLATEFISH!!!!! I already have TWO!!!! Include a Chocolate donutifsh. Weird, but it has such a sweet name n look!

  112. fyrora Says:

    i got piranha, strawberry fish, orange fish, lemon fish, schooling bannerfish, melon fish, cheesefish, seahorse, and pink donut fish!!!!!!!

  113. Elly Says:

    I love the shell pot!

  114. I ROCK Says:

    How do you buy fish for the fish tanks you can get at the garden shop?/???:|

  115. carpfishing Says:

    Excellent blog Thanks and keep posting valuable info.

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