Bundles of fun!


Hey Pet Society fans! The newest mysterious items have just been introduced in Pet Society on Facebook, so sign in now to see what you can find. As normal, “?” wasn’t giving too much away, but Sirius managed to get a few clues out of him, so see if you can work out what they are:

  • Tied up first! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Sweet on the inside! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Bundles of fun! (Golden Mystery Box)

If you are currently playing, make sure you save and quit, and then reload Pet Society to have a chance at finding these items!

Updated! Here are the images:




Golden Wall Ribbon

Candy Jar Decor

Doll Basket Decor

While Sirius was walking home from the Mystery Store, she noticed a duck by the fishing pond. Sirius has a love of ducks, so she decided to have a quick chat. Much to her surprise, the duck was significantly more talkative than “?”, and proceeded to quack about some seeing some brand new fish in the pond!

There’s one last thing that you should know, you will no longer need to reload at midnight GMT to reset your lottery, visits and races each day, or to see the new items in the stores each Monday at midnight GMT! If you are playing over midnight GMT, you will receive a message in game advising you when the new day has begun!

We hope you enjoy these updates!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

98 Responses to “Bundles of fun!”

  1. paul Says:


  2. Isabelle Says:


  3. giobear Says:

    wow.u can gift me plsss…

  4. giobear Says:


  5. Bubu Says:

    yey…maintenance is over now its time to fishing again n play

  6. jinko Says:

    i found the new fish! it’s a green discus!

  7. becks Says:

    damn!! im still in maintenance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Chadsea Says:

    i’m loading… water is rising slowly… (i’m keeping my fingers crossed…)

  9. ecko Says:

    whats the look of new items??

  10. ecko Says:

    me not maintenance

  11. talay Says:

    i want to play petsociety very..very..much.
    but i can’t login now

  12. Uglyboy Says:

    again on maintenancee!!! grrrrrr

  13. Uglyboy Says:

    the game just loaded for first time 2day but i didnt receive daily lottery… y??

  14. siska Says:

    great, lets play play

  15. mica Says:

    i found an octopus!

  16. carnutaurius Says:

    oh man,why never aren’t the images??

  17. diemm Says:

    one of them is candyjar

  18. jinko Says:

    also a dogfish (not puppyfish)_

  19. erika Says:


  20. Sil Says:

    i love pet society but i hate maintenance!!!

  21. anikrit Says:

    still under construction 😦 😥

  22. Rhenz Says:

    i only see the word loading but i cannot loading

  23. VearnSama Says:


  24. Twirly Says:

    I’ so excited, i think I just found the new fish, it’s called green discuss, does anyone know what the “!” on the meters means?, I’d think it would be if they were running low but it comes up on both empty and full bars.

  25. halloween Says:

    sweet on the inside is candy jar decor

  26. Pet Says:

    with wat baits?

  27. Edna and Nichole Says:


  28. halloween Says:

    and Bundles of fun is doll basket decor

  29. Sheilla Says:

    * Tied up first! (Blue Mystery Box) – Gold ribbon
    * Sweet on the inside! (Golden Mystery Box) – Candy jar
    * Bundles of fun! (Golden Mystery Box) – Basket with stuffed animals

  30. cherish Says:

    hi Sony, why some people can log in and play, some can’t and still be in mt? Thank you.

  31. Amina Says:

    wow…can’t wait to see the updates:) tnx PF!

  32. momo Says:

    Yay! 😀

    Thx PF :3


  33. mia Says:

    hurry maintenance is over !!!!!!!!! 😀

  34. farah ahmed Says:

    and noww pet socity icant play from you every day pet socity

  35. Joe99 Says:

    Cool! I get the basket decor and the candy decor! I love them

  36. nadeshiko is addicted to... Says:

    ive got a banana fish,green discus,dogfish,octopus,blowfish theyre new…i think…. 🙂

  37. Shelley Says:

    WOW!!! So you mean that there are more fish at the pond?

  38. CYndeLL Says:

    dOeS anYoNe kNOw…whAt are THe new fiSheS in tHe pOnd?!and hwAT BAiTS do i uSe!? tHAnkS…

  39. PS lover Says:

    OMG OMG!!!
    i saw some people got a shark i wonder wat is the bait

  40. nuhai Says:

    hihi.. the special items like the candy jar, those isit need to buy mystery box? thx.

  41. PS lover Says:

    what bait to use for the dogfish?

  42. Karekon Says:

    I caught a blowfish x3

  43. PS lover Says:

    ive got a dogfish that looks like a shark with any bat i guess… i used meatballs and blue ribon cupcake to get a dogfish.

    and yellow ribbon cupcake to get a green disscus
    and any bait to get an octopus..

    i saw a blue fish with pointy ends.. any idea wat it was? and wat bait?

  44. Amaretto Says:

    Which bait do you use to get dogfish & puppyfish? I tried bones but no dog/puppyfish 😦
    And which one for octopus? I really wanted one!!

  45. candela Says:

    paquete de divercion…=)

  46. nanchook Says:

    luv the idea of not having to reload on a new day anymore;especially on mondays! traffic will be so high that i usually manage to log-on roughly two hours later!
    thanx,team playfish,for this!
    & oh,luv the new mystery items – sweet!

  47. carnutaurius Says:

    How do I get these items?please answer me!

  48. Einav Says:

    candy jar and doll’s basket!
    i have both of them =)

  49. Alejandro Says:

    mi nombre es alejandro

  50. dalia Says:

    i got a sweeeeet candy jar yupiii

  51. juana Says:

    por que abeses no me deja entrar al juego?

  52. prissy Says:

    i think the sweet on the inside thing is a pinata

  53. Coke Says:

    Hi Everyone
    I got the new fishes
    they are a Blowfish (COOL) and a Octopus.

  54. unknown fan Says:

    niice !!!!!!
    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  55. Krystel Says:

    Really not liking the fact that it will reset without reloading!!! Sometimes, the fact that I have to reload to see the reset means I can grab something I forgot to buy or finish my last few visits before the day resets. Midnight GMT is 4 or 5pm for me here (depending on daylight savings) and depending on work, etc, sometimes I can’t get my visits started until half an hour before!

    But New fish!! Love THAT! 😀

  56. mika Says:

    I wonder whats inside.But nothing matters.But I love PET SOCIETY!

  57. kristine Says:

    Like it!

  58. Arvin Says:

    Why is there a ‘Red Punctuation Mark ‘ in the bars when im visiting at my friend’s pets?????

  59. Fourketa Says:

    why can’t i make my visits today??? :(((

  60. momo Says:

    hihi, i would like to ask why am i always open the old item? every1 can have a new and nice item but i just can’t 😦 even the mask.. sigh~ could u tell me why?

  61. wei jie Says:

    does anyone has a spare of the newest mysterious items ? can give me?

  62. wei jie Says:

    does anyone noes which bait to catch octopus?????

  63. ??? Says:

    i have the candy jar…its so cool
    i want the doll basket.. =(

  64. Someone Says:

    Tied up first is the golden wall ribbon!!

  65. Crystabel Says:

    WoW! The new fishing pond is full of surprizes! So Exciting & Fun! Can’t wait to catch another surprize fish! 😀

  66. VearnSama Says:

    another fcuking maintainence.. fcuuk you!

  67. Fluffy Says:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. KIWALA Says:


  69. zeecat Says:

    i love pet society, SO MUCH…!!!

  70. Ynah Says:

    I got a Candy Jar. It’s on the GMB. And i think, the other mystery items are a basket of stuffed toys and a ribbon.

  71. herna wahyuguccy Says:


  72. Shelley Says:

    Can Somebody list all the fish you have got and it’s bait?

  73. Jhenibeth Says:

    Yepeey no more MAINTENANCE! yay!

  74. irenka Says:

    Can someone tell me what that “!” sign by the health, happyness and hygiene bars means?? I thought that they appear when they are empty but now are full and they still show up.. its quite annoying :@

  75. sophie Says:

    I’ve got 3 new fish: A Green Discus, a Blue Ram and a really cute purple octupus 😀
    i have the doll basket.. not so cute! i don’t have the other items.. yet! 😀

  76. Ceffita Says:

    Cool, thanks

  77. daniel valle Says:

    Because always me a notice appears and I cannot connect in the game that happens(passes)

  78. katren Says:

    go too http://kogaweb.net/news.php and you well now everthing 😀

  79. Georgia Avgeri Says:

    Eιμαι 18 χρονων

  80. Georgia Avgeri Says:

    Ειμαι 18 χρονων ειμαι πολυ καλα

  81. Cyndi Says:

    Can I get gifts? Haven’t seen the candy jar yet… where’s that?

  82. valen Says:


  83. black diamond Says:

    damn im still in maintenance, i thought this was takin care of its like this every weekend. And if any one has been to the island of Saipan you all wood understand why PS is all i do day in and day out.

  84. milagro hernandez Says:

    hasta cuando en mantenimiento ya estoy fastidiada quiero jugar porfa areglen esto ya. quiero sabe algo yo tengo dos jardines y seis (6) habitaciones a que nivel numerico ó a que nivel del pet tengo que llegar para que me den otra habitacion? que ya la necesito y he comprado de todo y no se donde colocarlo, porfa areglen esto ya que quierojugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr y yo trabajo mucho y mi manera de desestresarme es con mi pet soy aficionada y fanatica de el porfa resuelvanlo ya.

  85. Maryam Says:

    I can’t even log in to see alll thoooose i’m always under maintenance why me always>>> and everyone can play???

  86. raul Says:

    me portare bien

  87. Ma Euge Says:

    hi, please help me i can`t go fishing!!! how do you do???????? i want to get fishes and stop loosing the food with the fish!!!!!!! PLEASEEE HELPPPPP

  88. Milkpedia Says:


  89. Ramanda Stegner Says:

    i got a candy jar decor,doll basket decor,and golden wall ribbon,its so cool

  90. marta irene perez ortiz Says:

    helloooooo, congratulations

  91. mave108 Says:

    what are they talking about

  92. Anis Says:

    happy birthsay have a nice year !! ( ineed a money plz )

  93. JESELLE Says:

    i keep on trying but i can’t get it.

  94. Sayuri Says:

    hi can i have a full list of fishes picture… many tks

  95. Kevin Says:

    Wednesday, I have the golden ribbon!!

  96. 88 67 19 56 Says:

    deseo la actualización de pet

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