Gone Fishing!



Hey Pet Society fans! Fishing is here! So sign onto Pet Society via Facebook now to throw your line in and see what you can catch! You never know what you could find in that pond, perhaps a Carp or Flounder, or maybe just an Old Boot or Bike Wheel! Just be aware that different baits may give you a better chance of catching that fish you are after, and some fish will only eat certain baits!

So how do you fish? First leave your house, walk slightly down and to the right and you will see the fish pond, simply click it to enter. You automatically begin with a twig rod, this cannot be sold, gifted or recycled so you will always have a rod! The food you currently have in your inventory will be shown, click the food you wish to use as bait (if you do not currently have any food, head to the Food Store to buy some for bait).

Once your rod is baited, simply click your pet to cast. When you receive a bite (you will be able to tell from your pets face changing with the surprise and a couple of splashes near the end of your line), click and hold on your pet to start reeling in.

If the fish struggles (which is shown by splashing at the end of your line), let go until it is calm again so that you don’t break your line! Once the fish has stopped struggling, click and hold to being reeling in once again. Continue doing this until the line is reeled in!

One last thing you need to know about fishing is that Aquariums, to put your best catches in, are now available to purchase in the Garden Store! 😉

Obviously, this new pond in the middle of town came as quite a surprise to all the residents, “?” was hurrying back to his Mystery Store with pictures of the new Mysterious Items (which are now available), and to try and be as quick as possible, walked as close as he could to the water’s edge while going around the pond. Unfortunately, a cheeky Puppyfish jumped right out of the water and hit the pictures out of “?”’s paws and into the pond. Sirius grabbed her rod as fast as she could and cast towards the pictures, and eventually (after much struggling) managed to reel them in. As they’d been in the water for awhile though, they weren’t very recognisable, but see if you can work out what they are:




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images that haven’t been in the pond!




Baby Tambourine Decor

Cat Baby Doll

Baby’s Wind Chime

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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782 Responses to “Gone Fishing!”

  1. joan Says:

    first one to comment!!!

    • Diana Mikels (Tuffie) Says:

      I love the added fishing game! I have already caught 2 star fish, a bluegill, sardine, 2 angel fish, and 2 other fish I have never heard of, 2 broken clay pots for the aquarium :), a conch, corral, a brown bottle, message in a bottle, and a couple of boots. Cool! Only thing is I wish we could make a little more profit on the items we catch more than once, and more recycle points on things that cannot be sold. Also, are we going to get fishing awards, a upgraded fishing poles? That would be extra nice. Loooovvvee this game!

    • anna Says:

      dove si trova lo stagno..???

  2. Kisara Says:

    Amazing!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!

  3. Mickenzie Says:


  4. becks Says:

    second 1 to comment! it is HARD TO FISH WITHOUT LETTING THE FIST GO AWAY WIF THE BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@.@”

    • ashley Says:

      i know it always happens to me to

    • Bee Ian Says:

      Follow my tips:

      1. Mouse click to choose any food as your bait, then click again on your pet to reel/(throw your bait with the fishing rod to the pond and wait.

      2. AFTER you see there’s a splash (it means your bait catch something), click and hold on your pet when the splash disappear/fade away. Let it go as soon as you see a splash.

      3. You’ll have to repeat 2. as long as you need till you see what you get at the end. Enjoy trying it.

      P/s: If you want to take picture, you’ll have to react FAST else your caught item will disappear in a few seconds.

    • Haide Says:

      You have to click and hold the pet, but release if the tread turns a little red, wait till its black gain and click and hold the pet, obviosly you repeat this until the tread is very near to you and voila!! you got a fish 😀
      Hope this helps!!!!

  5. lawls Says:

    i cant go in the fishing pond
    how do u do it?

  6. ella Says:

    love it but i cant catch a fish 😦

    • Kitty Katy Kent Says:

      I have tried fishing and nothing, I tried dog bicky, apple, bread all that happens is I loose the food. HELP me please. Would love to catch a fish please!!!!

    • avery Says:

      The catching fish is easy. Cast the line. (Click pet and let go) When the fish makes the first noise, click and hold on your pet. At the next sign of bubbles or noise, let go of your click. (The noise and bubbles don’t last long.) Then click and hold on your pet again. Usually have to do this 3-4 times. Hope this helps.

    • khaled Says:

      i catch 64978549849u8 one many

  7. cuti@ Says:

    waw! thanks playfish

  8. BoltAway Says:

    I can see Bolt’s going to be spending a lot of money for the next few days… 😀

  9. magekin Says:

    about time!!

  10. Chadsea Says:

    i caught a flounder, a conch, some broken vases, an old boot and 2 seaurchins… wow….

  11. Toshi Says:

    OMG….. It’s sooo hard to fishh… T^T

  12. pokejack2 Says:

    fun but hard

  13. asdsad Says:

    LOL preety unlucky there fishing is easy though

  14. Sam Says:

    fourth to comment!! it was really cool to have fishing in pet society!
    and of course i hope pet society would update more exciting and fun updates!!

  15. yumikoyy Says:

    ^^ yeah !!! just got a starfish n carp with seasheel … lovely ^^

  16. chloe Says:

    i cant get the fish out either!

  17. Chadsea Says:

    added to that, i have shrimp… 🙂 and a blue fish with a difficult name to remember… starts with S… 🙂

    • Alien Says:

      Hey!! Please tell me the secret to catch. I failed to catch any after some trials. Now my game doesn’t load again. This happen each time Pet Society add something new…

      • Sin Yi Says:

        well when u c ur string about 2 turn red u stop n wait til ur string goes black then u click on ur pet again keep doin tat till u catch ur fish over xD

      • tama Says:

        you just have to click your pet and HOLD onto the click. when there’s a signal (the line turns or a splash) let go of your hold. then when it no longer struggles, note that the fish is still on the hook, you click your pet and hold onto the click again to draw your line, and repeat this cycle until you draw your catch up the shore.

      • tama Says:

        i meant, when the line turns red*

    • kaori Says:

      are u sure it was a shrimp? i’ve been fishing all day and i haven’t seen a shrimp yet 😦

    • Hasan Says:

      Hi! PlzzZ can you teach me how to fish plzZ

    • Elyssia Says:

      Haha i keep catching clownfish!! So funny. And lots of sea urchins too… those cute little toy things

  18. Lilo Says:

    I caught NEMO!!! ha… little sardine, some sea urchins and shells… not forgetting some rubbish too… hey, no littering here… ha…

  19. baseem zatry Says:


  20. eibas Says:

    i can’t find the pond. =(

  21. rawrasaur Says:

    i can’t enter into ps ):

  22. CURRY Says:

    I FISHING!!!!!!!!!=]
    SO FUN!

  23. catziee Says:

    wow lucky u Chadsea, the fish always got away. errrrr, oh well, patience is a virtue as what they say ~.~

  24. Rich Says:

    I have one of the MB items. its a Cat baby doll!
    So cute!

  25. cande Says:

    this is great !!!!!!!!!! I GOT A FISHCLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Catu Says:

    This is lovely! The fish are gorgeous and it’s a fun little way to kill time.

    However, I must point out one thing and give a suggestion: I’ve caught too much rubbish. Why is the water so clean and blue if it’s full of bottles and cans? You should make a temporary game about getting rid of pollution in the pond, something to do with recycling, and after a certain point there would be no litter. It would be a nice message.

    • Leesie Lou Says:

      I agree! great idea. I hope the rubbish is recyclable on the game.

    • Sharon Says:

      I totally agree your suggestion…no more broken things, old shoes etc. in the pond…it should be a clean pond !!!!!!

    • cham Says:

      right.. =)

    • Barbara Says:

      U cant sell or gift but u can recycle any of your catches for 10 points.

    • sameira ZAHIR Says:




  27. s0ey Says:

    i’ve got star fish doll, sea weed, old broken pot and Silver Arowana

  28. jia Says:

    what can we do to the fish when we catch it? some asy they aren’t able to sell them.
    so we use it for….?

  29. ala Says:

    hard to fish…;(

  30. banju Says:


  31. wugi Says:

    i caught 3 fishes already!!!! and some other things.. 😉

    but my connection is always been cut…please do something about this,its a little bit annoying. thanks a bunch!

  32. jia Says:

    and ohhh, what food do u all choose as a bait to get those fishes?

    tips plssssss! >_<

  33. Fluffybutt Says:

    It’s a bummer that I catch fish that I can only sell for 4 coins when I’ve spent 5 to catch them. Granted it’s more recycling points, but if I want to recycle then I’ll start with my veggies at 1.000 points a pop. Thannnnnnnnx. But I probably wont be fishing all that much. At least until the fish start going for more than 4 coins per.

  34. Keagan Says:

    Second and fishing is Kool…

  35. Keagan Says:

    or not…

  36. Lewis Calvert Says:

    what bait do you use to fish with?

  37. 3stan Says:

    I got a soda can 2 time!!! I also got 2 fish, 2 sea urchins and a starfish!!!

  38. Naejean Says:

    ..’weee.! this could be fun.! ^______^

  39. Chadsea Says:

    correction, the blue fish is a frontosa… there are also crab, squid and carp… 🙂

  40. Raden Nizar Prakas Rachmana Says:

    arrgh, share please how to cacth a fish 😦
    haha WTF !!!

  41. Hateie Says:

    I can’t find the pond!!! T~T help me… 😦

    • Sonya Says:

      Have you reloaded your game since the update? You will need to! 😉

      Then just leave your house, so you are at the village map, and walk slightly down and to the right to find the pond! 😉

      • Alem22 Says:

        hi Sonya,
        Im from Peru, i have been trying to caught a fish but i couldnt do it… actually the instructions in spanish are incomplete in the game… so i expected to find the instruction of HOW TO FISH but i couldnt find it anywhere not in spanish or in english…anything!… can you fix this problem with the instruction in spanish?.. thanks for all.

    • khaled Says:

      hi did u see where is ur house and where is the mystery store in the town down the mystery store it will be there

  42. Ralph Says:

    Is there trophy’s in catching fish???If there’s not,make!!!plzzz

  43. Mai Says:

    i got a cute sea star baby doll x3

  44. Niña Says:


  45. Sue Says:

    I can’t get in!

  46. Niña Says:


  47. mikka Says:

    i cant put my fishies in the aquarium 😦

  48. Noob Says:


  49. Bubu Says:

    after put the fish into tank n save…now can not reload the game….so sad

    • raingrl2001 Says:

      I caught a bunch of fish and bought a big tank…I didn’t even get to save and I can’t get back in now!

  50. Ezzy & Kitty Says:

    My 4year old daughter has gone fishing mad lol, so far she has caught a stinky shoe a broken pot , two very pretty starfish and a puppy fish lol.
    All good stuff we love It sooooo much.

  51. insomnia Says:

    it’s really hard to catch a fish. my food was gone to waste…

  52. Alexander Says:

    How can i get a aquarium??? Pleas Help 😦

    • Sonya Says:

      From the blog post:
      “One last thing you need to know about fishing is that Aquariums, to put your best catches in, are now available to purchase in the Garden Store! ;)”

    • bella Says:

      you go to the garden store and get 1 ! you can get a small, a medium or a large one!

  53. countocram Says:

    wow! another exciting feature!

  54. QiJin Says:

    i have a starfish, a squid, frontosa, carp, seaweed, soda cans, old boots, conch shells, and a coral. but my screen keeps refreshing itself, luckily the items were retained.

  55. catziee Says:

    oh yeah. i got all what i need~ already :))

  56. QiJin Says:

    the aquarium is in the garden. i suggest you buy the medium or large one, because the small one was too small for my fishes D:
    the trick to catch the fishes is to watch out when the line starts to get red, or the fish starts to splash (whichever way is comfortable for you), then let go immediately. when it stops struggling you click and hold on our pet again quickly.

    hope it helps (:

  57. Chadsea Says:

    the aquarium is in the garden… 500, 1500 and 3000 ps coins…

    how to fish… read the instructions carefully…

    and you need to listen to the sound of the water to know when to unhold the mouse (when the fish is struggling) and hold again (when it finished struggling)…

    just be still… goodluck…

    btw, i caught a doll(?) (sea star baby doll or something) but i don’t know if it functions like other dolls…

  58. Grace Ong Says:

    I love the FISHING GAME! So nice to catch fish. I got 5 now… :):):):)

  59. Alexander Says:

    TYY!! (K)

  60. mystery man Says:

    i caught 2 broken pots,4 skeleton fish,2starfishes,3 normal fish.but where do u find the aquarium?

  61. windu Says:

    here’s the trick to fish … if the bait expensive as popcorn, u will get a better catch … i’ve got squid…. clownfish and a flounder fish.

    1st… choose ur bait to fish
    2nd … wait until the fish bite ur bait
    3rd … just hold the mouse to reel … when there’s a splash… just let go for a moment … then reel again … until the fish in ur pet hand…

    have a nice try 🙂

  62. Ynah Says:

    The new update is cool.B-)

  63. danny Says:

    omg yay! 😀

  64. Chiqui Dingcong Says:

    I caught a flounder but i dont k ow how to put it in the aquarium that i bought in the Graden Store. I tried dragging it into the room where my aquarium is but it wont come in. Help!

  65. KaRl Says:

    The neW updAte is SUPAH cOOL!!! lUV iT!!!

  66. majo Says:

    Why can’t you sell or gift the items we fish? This is so unfair!

  67. Alexandar Says:

    This is so cool! love it!

  68. Caroline Says:

    I got a coral, a crap, two Flounders and a Clownfish! This is so cool.. And its really easy… But the Acuariums are so big.. They fill the entire room..

  69. Ynah Says:

    I got a Cat Baby Doll in a GMB. 🙂

  70. Ezzie Says:

    Anyone know what the new mystery items are?? Fishing is SOO much fun!! cept now it won’t load… go figure…

  71. pupupupi Says:

    so awesome..^_^

  72. Pet Society 新增釣魚功能! « Play Hard, Work Harder Says:

    […] http://blog.petsociety.com/2009/07/24/gone-fishing/ Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)å–醉了 […]

  73. Olga Says:

    Some fish only eat certain bait.. do u guys know what are those ‘certain bait’ and what will we get from throwing those baits??
    I’ve got 2 Frontosa, Flounder, Starfish, Squid, Bluegill, Shell, and bike wheel.. LOL

    • schatze Says:

      The strawberry doughnut will get you a strawberry doughnut fish, a watermelon will get you a watermelon fish, a homegrown coconut will get you a coconut fish, most homegrown fruit will give you a squid, but sometimes you’ll get an applefish with the apple, the 100 coin bone will get you a puppyfish, and I’ve gotten clownfish with the rotten veggies.

    • michelle Says:

      its not true..anyfood is ok..i got all fishes like sardines crab,shrimp,blugil,carp,squid, and etc..

    • Barbara Says:

      they seem 2 like lemons leeks and onions.. I have heaps of fish of all different types like flounder, carp, some bluegill, frontasa and arrow fish, couple of others I dont know. I like the swordfish, clownfish and especially the applefish, it is so cute. I also have squid, shrimp crabs, urchins, starfish, seababys, coral, shells, old bottles, messages in a bottle, broken pots, old boots and wheels, fish bones, sea weed… i heard there is a puppyfish too…lol

  74. majo Says:

    I fished carpas, squib, starfish, sardine, this is fun! I need to get a bigger acquarium

  75. saloua Says:

    hey i tried to fish but all my baites were wasten appearntly the fish is much smartter then me or i just can fish!!! plz tell me some secrets of the game !!!!

  76. Aica Says:

    YAY!!! omg yay!!!! COOL!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. Aica Says:


  78. jia Says:

    i caught a sea urchin but now it’s no longer in my chest!!!

  79. Bubu Says:

    the other gmb is baby wind chime

  80. flo Says:

    i’ve got 5 fishes.. hooraay..
    the pond is in front of the cash shop..

  81. Amina Says:

    cool..am excited to check it out!

  82. Grinias Says:

    There are over 20 different catches, I think, along with the garbage!

    A quick question for Sonya or whomever knows:
    I noticed that when you save and reload, all your used baits are in the trunk again! Does this mean that we can fish with anything and get the food back or is it a temporary glitch?
    Because I am about to use rare food and I would not want to lose it for good!! 🙂

    • Sonya Says:

      It’s a glitch, and I’m sure it will be fixed shortly! So please do not expect to keep any food you throw into the pond!

      • Carolina Says:

        Uh oh… but for example, I sold all the baits that reappeared in the trunk to buy a bone, which I then used as a bait and got the Dog Fish… if it was only a glitch… then the Dog Fish will disappear since the food was only… a glitch? o.O

    • Barbara Says:

      the fish love your rotten vegies…

  83. Caroline Says:

    I dont know what ’certain bait’ means but I’m guessing expensive food…

    So far, I got a lot of garbage: old boots, broken vase, empty bottles, bottles with a message.. But I also got a sardine, a paddlefish and a Sea urchin…

    This update shloud includes an award for most fishing like they did with the gardens..

  84. Olga Says:

    Yeah, i guess u’re rite Grinias, I found my food are back there again.. seems strange, but the caught fish r there.. it’s ok, i’m not the one who’s unlucky anyway.. LOL

  85. Grinias Says:

    Thank God I did not use any rare!!!
    Thanks for the answer, Sonya!

  86. giney Says:

    got fish!!!! and lots of trash = =

  87. Star Says:

    this is so much fun!!!! pet society is the best game ever!!!! i love it, thanks playfish!

  88. Chadsea Says:

    i caught 2 silver arowanas c/o the food that returned… wow… (and a load of trash, too) so, that was a glitch… anyways, lucky us…

    time now for the mystery boxes… 🙂

  89. Star Says:

    bait suggestions please? thanks guys 🙂

    • mizuno Says:

      PIZZA!.. u can get Pink Squid on that and i tried to use CAKE LOL.. PINK SQUID TOO
      if you will use foods worth 5 coins, you can only get TRASH.. hahahahaha

    • Barbara Says:

      i get the best fish with leeks, onions and lemons. dont bother using expensive food bcause it makes no difference that i can see. they really like your rotton vegies from the garden. I got a clowfish with a pear and an applefish with an apple. leeks get me a lot of seadolls and starfish. u will get a big splash evertime with a leek…

  90. Tulcus Says:

    I like the idea of the only way to get rid of the trash is to recycle them! It comes straight into my mind right after I can’t sell them away though.

    It is a very good way to increase our awarness towards the 3R(s)! And I love fishes! It would be even better if we get to feed them 😀

    Or maybe the fishes can reproduce??? WOAAAA!

  91. aya Says:

    i can`t put the fish at the aquarium . what can i do?

  92. flor Says:


  93. bekkie Says:

    fix the freaking loading issues!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!

  94. mocha Says:

    OH WOW!!!!!i am soo excited i am loding pet society right now and tryin it out!!!

  95. Faye Says:

    ahehe it’s fun having caught a cute star fish..ahehe:)

  96. Faye Says:

    i just wished that pet soc never failed when you start to enjoy,,ahehe

  97. melissa Says:

    me gustaria jugar .. pero no se como

  98. geoggernaut Says:


  99. UnUn Says:

    Help!!! I can’t pull up…20 apple lost in fish pond T.T

  100. daniela Says:

    es muy lindo van a salir cosas nuevas y bacanas jaja que bien..!!!

  101. snooopy Says:

    anyone know about what stuff in the latest mystery boxes?
    cant load in to game….sad…: (

  102. Charlie Says:

    The pound is great, only… FIX THE GAME ONCE FOR GOOD !!! It broke at least 10 times in last hour…

  103. Gabby Says:

    The fish keeps gettign away -_-”

  104. Leidy Says:

    Hola, porfavor, necesito ayuda, todos los peces se me escapan, como hago para pescar alguno. Gracias

  105. stingerjes Says:

    Well i’ve been fishing a few times now and i am not noticing a pattern in what you use and what you get i used bread and got a paddlefish and used it again and got fish bones. similar things have happened with other food. ah well will still fill in my table with what i’ve got and see if there is a pattern yet to emerge

  106. Kitten Says:

    Wow this is just as easy as jump rope! Thank you so much for putting up this game, I’ve already caught a bunch of little critters. Now all I need is a tank *laughs*

  107. kitty Says:

    just cry i buy many food but never get fish

  108. rolynz Says:

    can someone tell me how to put the fish in a aquarium i caught a fish(paddlefish) and iam trying to put it in small aquarium but it says it cant be dragged in room but put in aquarium some help me PLZ!

  109. sands Says:

    my game still in maintance!!!

    i hate that u always take so long adding something and when it is “ready” it takes

    forever to load, or it just does NOT load!

    hope u can do something about it soon

  110. Mili Says:

    Acabo de pescar, sali del juego unos minutos y me dice que esta en mantenimiento!!! Los servidores de playfish son un asco!!

  111. yuha Says:

    i look around where they sell aquarium until i read it, i but it n put in @ my living room.. fyuh….. need a patient to catch a fish 🙂

  112. zahra Says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwww… sonya u rock girl….i’m seriously adicted to this game now..but my game is not loading…i’m trying hard..cabt wait to see new beatuttttttttttttttttiful features..thank u tahnk u thank u …sum1 tell me wats in blue Mystry box?

  113. lola Says:

    pleaz help, i’ve tried many times but i couldn’t fish

  114. AAA Says:

    Pet society is currently !! I dont´n like them.!! 😦

  115. Tami Says:

    me muero por pescar , nisiquiera he podido jugarlo ya que esta en mantenimiento! hasta cuando???????!!

  116. Jemka Says:

    cool!Thank you PlayFish!

  117. Tami Says:

    Sonya can you help me please?, i wanna play noow !

  118. Thais Says:

    I dont know how fishing… i cant…please, make a video in youtube for should!

  119. Chadsea Says:

    i’m on maintenance… 😦

    see you tomorrow, guys… hope i get the MI’s for this week…

    i still haven’t got the castle thingie yet and the table, and here’s another set of MI’s…


    btw, the new fishing feature of PS caught me hook, line and sinker… 😉

  120. ALVIN Says:

    sali un pocooo y yaa no pudee entraaaaar! :@

  121. Aury Says:

    Why pet is on maintenance now? I can’t belive it! I can’t fishing… 😦

  122. ahomira Says:

    whoa.. i wish i played earlier so that at least i could have played that new feature of PS.. huhu.. TT_TT

    i really wanna try that fishing but its currently under maintenance.. maybe bec. of the glitches.

  123. Jo Says:

    This is a great game once you get used to it and know how to play it.
    Its a shame about the glitch in what appears to be the WHOLE game right now, since the pond came on…..everytime i try to save the game it tells me that an error has occured and i have to click to rettry………then when you get back in to the game NOTHING has been saved!
    When will this be sorted???

  124. Daphne Says:

    hahaha..I got an applefish cuz i used an apple for my bait…hahahahahha SO COOL!!

  125. lise Says:

    What are the best foods to use???

  126. Taz Says:

    can u get trophies for catching fish?

    love this game!!!!

  127. MONICA Says:


  128. countocram Says:

    here’s what I’ve got:

    Loverootfish with Above Average Homegrown Sweetheart Root
    Puppyfish with Bone
    Conch Shell with Chocolate Soft Serve
    Silver Arowana with Apple

    IDK what bait I used:
    Clown Fish
    Star Fish
    Star Fish Doll
    Sea Urchin
    Sword Fish
    Sea Weed
    *IDK the name of the rest

    Broken Bicycle Wheel
    Message in a bottle
    Fish Bone
    Broken Pot

    • maix Says:

      tnx countorcram i hope the others will also put what bait they use for certain fishes 🙂

    • Barbara Says:

      i have everthing u have except the loverrootfish (wharever that is) and the puppyfish. I have an applefish (from an apple and he is fat and red, hee hee), flounder, carp, blugill, arrowana, old bottles, soda cans and shells as well… I only used 5coin vegies and rotten vegies..

  129. Ely Says:

    Ohh noo :(!
    i’m on maintenance *
    i cant fish too 😥

  130. suzie70809 Says:

    A lot of fun! Love the fishing idea.

  131. manuela Says:

    come si fà ad avere i pesci???

  132. manuela Says:

    chi mi aiuta a capire come si fà ad avere i pesci?

  133. KFreudy Says:

    I personally love the fishing pond! I have caught two star fish, a message in a bottle, a flouder, and fish bones. Great idea, PS!!

  134. Petlover Says:

    I caught a flounder, starfish, coconut fish, squid, sea urchin, sardine, conch, coral, seaweed, bluegill, angel fish, and shrimp.

    fishing = AWESOME

  135. Z.H.A Says:

    i cath some fishes but i dont know where can i put them … if anyone know plz say

  136. Anni Says:

    Does anyone else have difficulty loading Pet Society on Facebook? The frame loaded but my web browser takes forever to wait for http://apps.facebook.com/petsociety/?pf_ref=sb to load. After a few minutes, the browser returns a blank screen in the middle of the frame.

    Do I need to upgrade my flash player? or is Pet Society oversubscribed at the moment, and I should try back later? In the past, when I cannot get into Pet Society, I usually see the “oops, we’re still working out the kinks” or the trusted mayor will show up in a graphic. Now there is nothing.

    Sonya, do you have any insight?

  137. sky Says:

    i caught a sea star baby doll with a loaf of bread

  138. Jessica Says:

    how exciting! but haven’t tried yet ‘coz unfortunately, pet soc is under maintenance again:( oh, can’t wait to go fishing with my pet!

  139. Tetumo Says:

    can’t find the pond

  140. Jessica Says:


  141. J04C0 Says:

    I love this new feature!
    I will prefer that fish could be buy
    I will love that fish could reproduce each other
    please answer

  142. solcii Says:

    hi, I cant enter ‘cuz its undergoing mantenience! I hate this. all days and all day!

  143. ROMARIO Says:

    romario trujillo

  144. Koro Says:

    I think the pond is a great new addition! Also I’ve seen a few comments about all the junk that you catch, but honestly in my experience that’s part of almost all fishing mini-games. Plus in this case some of that stuff can be used around the house. Empty bottles would look great on the kitchen counter, and broken pots would add a nice touch to the larger aquariums…all in all I think it’s perfect the way it is. ^_^

  145. Anna Says:

    Sonya, di mana saya bisa mendapat aquarium untuk menaruh ikan, udang, kepeting???.

  146. Anni Says:

    I finally got in. Took me a while to figure out how to reel the fish in. 15 fish went away. Oh well. This is so much fun. I wish we can gift the fish to others. Will Pet Society considers enabling the gifting capability on other types of fish in the future?

  147. MJ Says:

    Keep getting booted out, everytime PS has fiiiiiiiiinally loaded. So haven’t really been able to do much fishing, only once or twice. Would be nice, if it were possible to play more than 4-5 times in 3 weeks! Grrrrr!

    It’s quite easy, actually, to do it without losing the bait – when a fish (or piece of trash) takes the bait, click on your pet and hold it to wheel in. As soon as the fish starts to put up a fight (bait goes under), let go of your mouse, until the water is calm again and the bait resurfaces. Repeat the whole thing until the fish (or trash) is out of the water, and you’re done.

  148. CUTE Says:


  149. Tara Says:

    Why do I keep getting worthless garbage? I don’t think I’ll keep playing if I can’t get any fish!!! I even spent 60 coins buying something different at the store and got ANOTHER broken piece of pot. Seems like a waste of time

  150. Darkedness Says:

    This was a great idea!!! but will there a be chance to update the fishing rod? like when you reach a new level will that update the fishing rod like it does sometimes with the brush, ball, frisbee, jump rope, and soap? Just wondering cause then you could have it reel the fish in faster or more likely to catch better fish. Just a thought.

  151. amy Says:

    I was excited about the fishing feature because I actually thought that I could place them in the ocean (floor & wall) setting I purchased a month ago and have been waiting and waiting to make it full with sea life. What is the point of buying an ocean and catching fish if they can’t be combined?

  152. zurisadai Says:

    alguien ya pudo pescar?? 😦 yo no puedo como lo hacen?? mantengo apretado y se van los peces :@

  153. ashley Says:

    i cant catch a fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  154. catine27 Says:

    i caught mostly junk… o.o but at least i caught a puupy fish and a saurdine! now… where is tht aquarium… no, rlly where in the world is this aquarium?!

  155. Darla Says:

    The only thing i didn’t like is that the unwanted items can’t be sold back to the shop, nor gifted. 😦

  156. Mariú Says:

    Me encantó la idea de ir de pesca, pero no he tenido éxito alguien me puede explicar mejor que hacer. Por favor

  157. Luke Says:

    Are there any new rods?
    If so shen and where do we get them?

  158. Luke Says:


  159. kamy Says:

    es demaciado dificil !!!!!!!!!!!!! por favor enseñen como se hace

  160. Lala Says:

    I really like the whole fishing thingy. so far i’ve caught a sardine, a crab, 2 sea weed, an old boot, a bottle, a sea urchin doll and a starfish doll. and i also got an aquarium. and now i’m broke and need a bigger aquarium =P

  161. Uchenna Says:

    Finally it is here… Long time coming! Ok, so let me try. Aquariums look good though…

  162. Vanessa Says:

    Will there be better rods coming soon? But oh dear God, do NOT put them in the cash shop. I will pitch a fit.

  163. Mahi Says:

    i have a lot of fish :)))))))))))))))))) shrimp and crap :D:D

  164. camila Says:

    i loveeeeee this fishing game!!!!!!!! it is superrr fun but really u should clean upp the pond just a tad!!!!! thnxx♥☺

  165. Jav Says:

    ha! i wasted like 10 fruits before i got the hang of it!!
    and now i have a bunch of starfish !!! >_<

  166. Amra Says:

    yay…i caught shrimp,frontosa,silver arowana,bluegill,starfish,sea urchin,squid and sea star baby doll….and lot of junk..XD

  167. Adele-face Says:

    i caught a carp. an angelfish, a sardine and some bones and boots and a tyre and a vase lol. it is so much fun ^_^ fish with coconuts!!! fishies love them! not as exciting as real fishing obviously but a good substitute on a shit day LOL

  168. babutsa Says:

    now I have tried fishing for the first time and come up with 2 fishes and dozens of useless things. The fact that it is not easy to earn money at Pet Society makes my fish lay in the chest and other crab things in the middle of the room. I can not afford an aquarium for my fishes.. does anybody know a quick way to earn money? i am really jealous with the people having millions of experience and money. How this could happen??

    another question: Is there any way that we could earn money by catching and selling fish? fishes wont be worth more than 4 coins.. I think lucky people could be able to catch a fish worth 400 so that one could earn money while enjoying fishin..

    any answer would be welcomed…
    Thanks 4 good game and fishing..

  169. Rizky Ikhsani Says:

    whoa I got a squid with a cabbage! lots of angelfish, a coconut fish with a coconut! also have 2 crabs, 2 sea urchins, arowana.

    wanna trade a shrimp with a crab?

    dammit fishes cannot be traded 😦

  170. kitty Says:

    i dont know i loost many fruts about 20

  171. Peter Says:

    I have already 14 different types of fish they r all amazing but the most beautiful is the puppyfish

  172. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Gone Fishing! Hey Pet Society fans! Fishing is here! So sign onto Pet Society via Facebook now to throw your line in and see what […] […]

  173. Rachel Says:

    Very fun…but hard 2 catch.

  174. Pamela McKain Says:

    I don’t think much of the fishing so far. I went out & bought the 3,000 coin tank & went fishing. So far, I have caught 2 message in a bottle, 1 empty bottle, 1 bike wheel & 1 old boot….oh yeah, I also caught sea weed. When do I catch a fish? Do I have to spend a fortune in food & spend all day trying to catch a fish? You can’t sell the junk or gift it, you can only recycle it for 10 coins. Big whoop! I don’t want recycle points, I want some fish to fill the huge empty tank! Is there a trick to catching fish instead of junk?

  175. andre Says:

    where can i buy rods? can anyone tell me? pls 🙂

    • cherrd Says:

      you cannot buy it, there is a twig rod automatically in your pet’s chest.

    • mimi Says:

      Rods? It’s automatically wif you alr, and you cnt “upgrade it” neither can you buy new ones, hope tis helps 😀

    • Misstiffk Says:

      hey andre!
      you don’t need to buy rods because when you get to the fishing pond you automatically just get a rod (:

  176. Lilly Says:

    Anyone pls tell me how to catch fish?????????

  177. sky7 Says:

    there’s… a puppyfish?! xD Thanks petsociety!
    the fish are cute!

  178. Claudia Says:

    soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee! I love this new thing of fishing! is really fun! hey Sonya!!!! It will be nice if u do different fish bowls every week or every 2 weeks….different styles…rounded…square, different colors! etc… you know…for the different houses… 🙂

    And…..it will be nice too… if the fishing lake could be as the “mistery box” to keep improving different fishes every week… so it won’t be boring once u got all.

    Isn’t a good idea????

  179. bhem Says:

    guys, is anybody how to get the GMB or BMB in that blur image??? is it in the mystery store or in the pond????

  180. yvonne Says:

    you can buy acuariums at the garden shop!! and try with the food that is on sale on the cafe, gives shrimps and grabs and stuff like that. !!

  181. Ruby Chua Says:

    i don’t know to catch fish…so i’m not happy & enjoyed with it but its cool 😦

  182. Vicki Says:

    I have caught nearly everything! yay! + I have been helping my mum get them too 🙂

  183. Siie Yiing Says:

    Hey there is apple fish too !! with apple haha the fish look like an apple !! COOL !!

  184. acaPAWN7 Says:

    Yeah, cool features ever! Now my pet loves to go fishing sometimes.. But different bait will catch different things in the pond.. The only underwater creature that I caught so far was a crab.. LOL..

    To catch a fish is not so hard, thou.. Put some food as a bait, press your pet to release the bait using the fishing rod into the water and wait for some reaction.. If you felt something was caught under it, press and hold your pet.. But if it struggling upon you (the fishing rod turns to red), do not press your pet or you will loose it..

    Thanks! 😀

  185. salgirl Says:

    The fishing is cool but all I get is CRAP! no matter what I use as bait. It is very frustrating to spend money on bait and end up with a bunch of broken tires and empty bottles. In total I’ve gotten the blue fish, squid, and shrimp but 3 sea urchins, 3 tires, 3 empty bottles, 3 message in a bottle, broken pot, and the list of junk goes on. I understand that different bait catches different fish, but I am using the same bait that has been listed and more. Is there really any rhyme or reason to this game? I’m giving up soon. 😦

  186. Siie Yiing Says:

    ANYWAY there is alot … there is also Bluegrill

  187. Someone Says:

    aww nice! love the idea <333 =DDD

  188. audrey Says:


  189. hya Says:

    lol i got a coconut fish!:))

  190. audrey Says:

    i got a conch shell and a bike wheel.. y is that??

  191. FisherZach Says:

    Sonya Where To Get New Fishing Rod?

  192. Siie Yiing Says:

    HEY HEY can anyone tell me use wat bait to get fishclown and shrimps ?? please

  193. Someone Says:

    cool! i’ve got a bluegill and a star urchin, soo cute!!! <33333333

  194. Siie Yiing Says:

    hey to get star urchin?

  195. Susana Rivas Says:

    hey… i tried to move my tank, put it in the chest with all my fishes and when I put it back half of the fishes are gone…. nowhere to be found…. why oh why me????… I want them back!…. has anyone experienced this?…

  196. Susana Rivas Says:

    and why don’t i ever get any current mystery items??????…..

  197. Diana Says:


  198. switchwiz Says:

    too fun!!

  199. Luffe! Says:

    i have a paddlefish, 2 squids, 3 frontosa, 2 sardines, 1 clownfish, 2 flounder, 4 crabs, 2 carps, 2 silver arowana, 1 bluegill, 2 starfish, 2 shrimps, 3 angelfish and a hell of a lot of garbage. i think like 9 old boots and 7 bike wheels xD

  200. Grace Says:

    how can i catch a fish???

  201. andre101 Says:

    if you want a good catch if you trow your bait there will be a splash right if its big it a good catch

  202. Sin Yi Says:

    wah i caught a some silver fish n a starfish xD but does any1 no how 2 get a aquarium

  203. hya Says:

    wee lots of stuff!:) i got an arowana, clownfish, carps, crab, squids, sardines, gazillions of message in a bottle, empty bottles, boots, wheels, seaweed, coral, and starfishes.

    so haaappppppyy!:))))

  204. Sin Yi Says:

    o nvm its in the garden lol xD

  205. Sin Yi Says:

    o.o god its expensive.. 500gd then 1.5gd n then 3000gd wtf -_-

  206. Lilly Says:

    hooray!!!! i got one

  207. Sometwo Says:

    Does different kinds of bait affect the different kinds of fishes you get?? ?.?

  208. jia Says:

    i recycled the 3 bike wheels (30 recycle points), but when i log in again, the recycle point return back to ZERO!!! D:<

  209. Oooo... Says:

    homegrown coconut it’s the perfect bait for coconutfish…

  210. Dee Says:

    I cant get any fish i try try and i got nothing

  211. Lilly Says:


  212. CUTE Says:

    I prefer that fish could be buy
    it will be bettar ..
    any way
    Finally i catch fish and alot of thing ..
    thanks it’s fun

  213. Pet Society Fishing « Fangirlisms Says:

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  214. iierma Says:

    Hmmm…sound interesting if it can be embedded to my blog, can’t it?


  215. Oooo... Says:

    are you sure???

  216. Adrianna Says:

    It would be GREAT if we could GIFT our catches…. and give away all the rubbish i got! im full of non alive things of the pod

  217. FisherZach Says:

    i got a seahorse and watermelon fish 😀

  218. vy Says:

    When i receive a bite, i click and hold on my pet to start reeling in but the fish still goes away 😦
    what must i do?

  219. Mursall Says:

    i got a lot of stuff and some cool garbage (which i can use for decorations in my aqurium) i caught a load of fish and the cutest ones were the pink starfish and the pink squid! :3

  220. kallyn Says:

    cant log in to ps…in facebook…..waiting~

  221. wongploy Says:

    help!!! i can’t fishing.

    i went to fish pond and click for enter but nothing happen.
    what’s happen? does it has ‘hand’ icon to show that can be enter?
    because it doesn’t show any sign that can be enter.

  222. Shin Says:

    i still havn’t got Blue Fish n Green Fish!!.. DUde! what does it eats?

  223. Fredlin Says:

    APPLEFISH?! :O i want! haha i got a Watermelon Fish

  224. kiss Says:

    i loooooooove this new idea! anyway even if i use an apple many times, it gives me different fishes and trashes to. lol

  225. Kevin Says:

    I want it..

  226. Emily( Cat Lover) Says:

    a got the baby cat and a puppyfish x)
    (I forgot the names cause PS is loading slow…:()

  227. Lyciia Says:

    They should make a shortcut for the pond (:

  228. Oooo... Says:

    i want to get another sword fish…(i think…)

  229. Neng neng Says:

    May I suggest that we have a “practice” section (like the one for the hurdle race) where we can practice our fishing skills? This would encourage more ppl to want to try-out the game.

  230. mike Says:

    i got an angelfish, arwona, starfish, a message in a bottle, sardines, corals, fish bones, and a SHARK!! yes!

  231. Erin Says:

    pet society isnt working for me now 😦
    everytime something new comes it doesnt work……. why ???

  232. monch Says:

    nice.. new feature.. hehehe.. its really hard to earn pawpoints a you increase your level. huhuhuh. ihave a lot of things at my chest for a bathroom and dining room but i dnt have enough rooms.,. huhuhuh

    i really love my pet “azucena”

    pls add me up.. i need more friends


  233. petsocietyanonymous Says:

    Hey Playfish,

    What about integrating some of the existing items into the pond, so that you could catch things like golden poo or the star beret that’s no longer available in the shops?

    Pet Society Anonymous

  234. litt kitt's owner Says:

    i caught a silver arwoch, a starfish, a sea urchen, a flounder, a crab, a bluegill, a strimp and so much more (i recycled alot of junks XD) I WANT A CARP T_T

  235. kafushik Says:

    wow i got a shrimp ,clown fish,a sword fish??not xure with its name,a baby starfish doll,starfish,squid,pirana??not xure with its name again..whahahha..there electryfyingly gorgeous..wowowowo

  236. schatze Says:

    Are the mystery boxes just a scam? Recently, I’ve bought several gold mystery boxes, and the only item I got that had a resale value of over 133 (one of the items had a resale value of 16 coins) was a frog. Out of over 10 GMB, shouldn’t the items actually be worth the price of the box? Better things have been in the 200 coin boxes. Are the gold ones just a rip off or have I just been extremely unlucky with them?

  237. Neve Says:

    Aun no puedo ver nada… esta en mantenimientoo 😦

  238. Starzhine Says:

    Can i suggest that flounder fish to be removed ? It scares me :X

  239. Shelley Says:


  240. cherrd Says:

    The best is to use meatballs as bait, they are rather cheap and you can fish good stuff, i got a sardine, clown fish, starfish, baby starfish doll, a squid, a crab, a sea urchin, a conch shell, a peice of seaweed, some coral. Although there is a chance of getting some broken pots and some soda cans, bicycle wheels. Overall it was great fun. 🙂

    Hope they don’t have to go on maintenance so many times.

  241. rieghland Says:

    hey! why is it pet society is always under maintenance..? nakakainis!

  242. mocha Says:

    hey….i love the new feature but….i think we should be able to sell/gift all the other things like coral,conch,message in a bottle,etc. for a decent price atleast 5 cins cause thets how much some of us spend on the bait.otherwise i really am havin fun with the new application.

  243. tabby Says:

    the fishing is cool ! i love it ! i caught a white arwowana . < i think is like that spell . 2 broken pots and one soda can . i recycled them . 😀
    ahahs . everybody should try this game !

  244. Charlotte Says:

    I caught a coconutfish using.. well it;s obvious isn’t? I caught tons of frontosas (just use corn) and a sardine strfish flounder and tons of trash :] wasted tons of money now broke.

  245. Oooo... Says:

    i mean paddlefish not swordfish….
    im so lucky to caught a crab by using pear as a bait…
    playfish sure giving weird name of fish..
    but the fish kinda cute..

  246. jaywii Says:

    WOW i’ve got a crab, shrimp, bluegill, silver aerowana, swordfish?, frontosa, squid and alot more. LOL what else are there?
    i’ve got too many similar stuff,
    but i can’t sell them away. =(

    my 3000 ps coins tank is too small for them.

  247. martina Says:

    i got nine fishes…yahoo!

  248. boyinblack Says:

    hey dudes did any of u try to fish on giant vegetables ….. its awesome …. 100% to catch a rare fish but its pretty hard to reel it in …. too much strugling …..and by the way how the heck do u catch a crab i hooked nice fish but never a crab

  249. A pesca con Pet Society ← brand:GNU · Italians Do It Better Says:

    […] è possibile sfruttare la nuova feature di Pet Society: anticipata a lungo, è stata introdotta con un intervento sul blog ufficiale. Il laghetto in cui si può pescare è raggiungibile dal centro della città – […]

  250. tRiA => Says:

    okokokokokokokokk…………..this is hard to got fish…..gift me fish in facebook….triaicha@yahoo.com……….please

  251. martina Says:

    I mean 11!

  252. SonicKidZzZzz Says:

    How come lot of rubbish inside the pool… Someone can help me clean it?? Thanks a lot XD

  253. nikko Says:

    I like it because I caught qite a dozen…okay maybe -2 of 12 but where can we get the aquarium???

  254. Battlestar Says:

    does anyone know what does the new mystery box have already? Pet Society’s on maintenance again ;(

  255. baseeem zatry Says:


  256. PS lover Says:

    what bait did you use to get an applefish?

  257. PS lover Says:

    if you caught too many starfish..
    they will tell you to throw it back without giving you back the food.
    sonya please change this..
    ive spent so much on bait and was unlucky to caught a starfish
    and just got thrown away

  258. Oooo... Says:

    i think everyone enjoying fishing huh?
    i’ve got 7 conh shells, 9 corals, 7 seaweeds, 8 sea urchins, 6 baby starfish, 5 squids, 1 paddle fishes, 2 sardines, 4 starfish, 1 loverootfish, 1 coconut fish, 2 arowarnas, 2 frosonta, 2 nemos, 4 anglefish, 1 bluegil, 3 carps, 2 flounders, and 2 puppy fishes.
    wow a lot food i buy…
    that’s all
    just enjoy fishing @ pet sos =D

  259. Caress Says:

    weeeeee im having sooooo much fun!!!! fishing is fun!!!

  260. Caress Says:

    i love playfish!!!

  261. PS addict Says:

    i got star baby doll using a pumpkin!

  262. PS addict Says:

    so far,i caught 16 fishes!!!yay!

  263. Kseniya Says:

    i caught a sardine 😀

  264. Lara Says:

    heeeeeeey!!! i love fishing!!! [in pet society, not in real life]
    just bought an aquarium… 😀

  265. laura Says:

    non conosco bene l’INGLESE mi piacerebbe che ci fosse la traduzione anche in ITALIANO

  266. JACKYLYN Says:


  267. Tidus Says:

    Wow Fishing is nice but…

    there are too many errors.. sigh

  268. angel Says:

    petsociety why are you putting maintenance?if you put maintenance give us 1500 when maintenance because that is only the one we will play in the internet…….pls give us 1500

  269. Oooo... Says:

    try using leek…

  270. JeseL Says:

    yeah, i think the things we ‘ve got from the pond should be able to sell/gift..

  271. mike Says:

    i got a SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yey!

  272. mica Says:

    i love u playfish!! mwah!

  273. PetSocietyAddict Says:

    Love catching Fishes =D …. i finally caught a flounder , sardine , an unknown fish , a seaweed , 2 old broken boot , empty bottle , broken wheel and a shell ….. wow wow wow !!

  274. SirBouleville Says:

    I’ve caught a crab, a sardine, a crab, a flounder (an ugly looking fish), and a bluefin. Others are just garbage. Oh and I got a cute starfish stuff toy too. Hope we could get a list of what we could catch. 😀

  275. saisi Says:

    waaaaaaaaa,I miss my pets sssssssssssss

  276. erin Says:

    sent back my pets ssssssssss

  277. Tony Chen Says:

    I don’t caugth any fish 😦 Tell me why I caught fish ?

  278. sara Says:

    please help me i cantz chatch a fish i dont know how fish always take my food asnd go 😦

  279. sara Says:

    help mee

  280. caihnz Says:

    why is playfish having maintenance all the time!!!???

  281. caihnz Says:

    i’m so bores and starting to hate playfish games just because of maitenance….

  282. Green Says:

    I caught too many things, but I can’t sell it, recycle it, nor even give it as a gift? so what should I do with all these extra things I don’t want?? Hope we can at least recycle those junk I caught, like the broken bike wheel, empty beer bottle, etc.

  283. Caitlin Says:

    I love this new fishing! I hav caught in a few min starfish, carp, frontosa and blue gill! The way to is pizza slices 😉

  284. saisi Says:

    its very nice and I loved it.

  285. sara Says:

    people help me i do everything that i need to do and fish always runaway 😦 is there something special thing what to do when i cast then when fish start moving than i click on pet and hold right? but when i hold fish escape

  286. sara Says:

    fish always escape there in the lake where is a blue circle

  287. sara Says:

    heeeeellllpppppp mee

  288. aleena Says:

    i cnt gt anythng help me

  289. mika Says:

    does anyone know already about mistery items what they are?

  290. sky Says:

    Baby Tambourine Decor
    Baby Cat Doll
    Baby’s Wind Chime
    are what they are

  291. sara Says:

    pleease will you help me how to catch a fish iu dont know how fish always escape help meeee 😦

  292. mika Says:

    oh what u…. 🙂

  293. Alex Says:

    😀 i love the new pond! ive caught so many fishes! i was dissapointed that you can’t sell bycicle wheels, old boots, soda cans and broken pots etc. but was happy when i accidentally dragged a boot to the recycle bin 😀 the fish recycle aswell!
    Thanks Playfish 😀

  294. dfhdfg Says:

    How do I catch fish

  295. the best Says:

    believe me i got every fish + shrimp squid and every other things bones wheels cans weeds….

  296. `jaj:] Says:


  297. Minh Anh Says:

    I just want to know how to buy the aquarium, I try to find it, but I can’t. :(( plz help me. :((

  298. Papachonga Says:

    I got a Crab, a borken Vase and a wonderful Angel FIsh! It’s soooo beautiful!!

  299. cantya Says:

    please i want it

  300. Papachonga Says:

    also 3 starfish and squid!!

  301. Papachonga Says:

    I just got a Coconut fish from my ho0megrown coconut.

  302. sara Says:

    what with that mystery items ?

  303. shelLy Says:

    i caught coconut fish using a coconut ?? haha

  304. jia Says:

    darn those rubbish, why can’t we sell those useless things away heh?

  305. SomeOneReplyMePlease Says:

    hi can anyone tell me use wat bait then can get Baby Tambourine Decor , Baby Cat Doll , Baby’s Wind Chime , clown fish,a sword fish please help me …

  306. -supectibol Says:

    hi wer cud i found aquarium?? ..

  307. Amina Says:

    Did anybody use their drinks yet? I lost 4 coconut juices, 2 strawberry milk botles so far:( and more stuffs I lost(due to my own negligence) but drinks didn’t seem to work for me!:(

    • StacyLee Says:

      oh yes, i used the red ice blended juice and got a shrimp

    • nanchook Says:

      amina,drinks work as well,too. i caught a carp with strawberry milk.

      i also caught puppyfish,coconutfish,watermelonfish. gonna try to get the other ‘rare’ fishies. 🙂

  308. Oooo... Says:

    are anyone know how to get apple fish??
    or maybe another kind of fish i’ve never got??
    please replay…

  309. the best Says:

    drinks r dummmmmmmmm!

  310. unknown fan Says:

    i had this baby cat doll in the Golden Mystery Box… and it can be sold for 999 coins !!!!! Anyway… like i always say… i have lots of rare mystery boxes items for trade… if so… just add me on MSN plzz 🙂 smileyomar@hotmail.com

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  311. Mike Says:

    Fishes cannot be sold or gift. what a piss! 😦

  312. Miketheboy Says:

    Fishes cannot be sold or gift! what a piss! 😦

  313. natalie Says:

    like the new game, but its difficult to catch the fish at first…..

  314. Miketheboy Says:

    consider the coins we spent on the baits, not much value except to display the fishes and rubbish caught from the pool in a ugly tank.

  315. monpi Says:

    i got a flounder, sardines, clownfish etc.. and some trash.. if you want to level up fast just go fishing buy a lemon as a bait then bwhala! everytime you got a fish or a trash it’s +10 to your exp points…

  316. Miranda Lee Says:

    I can’t got fishes & anythings, I try many many time……!! Always lost my bait, very disappointed!!

    If I can’t get any thing in these few days, I’ll sell this Aquarium.

  317. DaiseyBlossom13 Says:

    I took the fish and recycled them. you get so many in a tank you can’t see what you have…what else can you do with em’….but you really either need to make the fish ediable..look at the money we are spending on food…whole watermelons…75c donuts for things we can’t eat, sell or trade….and this doll..star babydoll…can’t play with it…you need to create a sea creature doll..that we can collect and save or swap or trade or sell!!! it can be the stinken fish…except we will be surprised instead of a fish it will be a doll…and we never know what kind of doll it will be because it will be random selection. let us sell, swap or trade them or let us eat em’……

  318. Brian Medina Says:

    Could you please fix the problem in logging in to facebook?
    Its been two days and I cant get in to my account in pet society come on guys whats wrong??????

  319. Fleur Says:

    I got 4 sea stars, 2 coconut fish, 1 espadon and 2 poulpes (sorry im french) and a blue fish with a difficult name.. ^^

  320. Shiyomi Says:

    I cant log in right now to Pet S! Im so addicted t th fishing!

  321. MuSiC lOvErZ Says:

    waaaw! the new games on pet society…
    but today i can’t fish anything! i’m so stuck and i lost 10 pear wkwkwk
    only 10 pear and go maintanance again.. why pet society always maintanance?

    i already read all the instrustions..but i can’t got anything! T_T

    (sorry 4 my languages be cause i am indonesian and i’m a child(11 y.o)~!~)

  322. darling Says:

    haha. i caught many things! there is a tactic to it.
    Anyway i dun understand the mystery box thingy that is mention in this page.
    anyone can clear my doubts?

  323. Jori Says:

    I haven’t even been able to login for the past week now…and I am very upset, because I would love to play the new games…but if this keeps up I think i will have to stop playing…

  324. dreamscape waif` Says:

    ive caught 4 crabs, 3 shrim, a boot, a purple starfishy, and a fish bone so far!
    the trick is after you get a bite….. when the fish is calm click on your pet, as soon as the water splashes let go till it gets calm again…. then click.
    keep doing this till you reel in your catch!

  325. dreamscape waif` Says:

    ooooo and i got the baby wind chime from the gold box!
    SO Cute!

  326. Shayna Says:

    can you go fishing if your using pet society with the bebo website?
    i’ve tried following the directions above.. and i can’t fish..

  327. Alex Says:

    hey, (unknown fan) do u have any cat dolls for trade? if so what would u want for it? thanks 🙂

  328. Shawnas Says:

    When you fish you have to stop clicking as soon as it starts flopping and wait. when you catch it wait till it starts flopping to reel. it takes awhile. don’t be impatient. and it really dosen’t matter what food you used b/c I used 12 different things and still managed to catch 5 starfish, and I got 2 a conch, 2 message in a bottle, 2 coral, 2 sea urchins, seaweed, a sardine, umm 2 silver things, 2 bluefish, 2 boots, 3 tires, 2 beer bottles, 4 cans, a puppy fish and 3 other fish I can’t remember b/c I was only in for 2 hours and haven’t been in since b/c i have only been able to LONG INTO PET SOCIETY ABOUT 5 HOURS OVER THE PAST 2 WEEKS, AND HAVE LOST ABOUT 10,000 COINS IN VISITS. thanks so much for that 1000 coins!



  329. chartyw Says:

    I love the new fish pond but having problem with fish tank. I bought 2 to put in dif rooms. Took out a fish to put in other tank and it won’t go in and won’t go back in original tank. Help

  330. alejandro Says:

    you nit to change a lot of things the fishhas a lot of problems when you put them in the acuariom

  331. duday Says:

    i suggest that whatever will be caught can be shared/ gifted and can be sold so we have other means of earning money.

  332. chartyw Says:

    Sorry its working now, I was trying to put them in the top and they went in the bottom

  333. Fuzzy Says:

    wots da best food to fish wiv

  334. ZULAWT Says:


  335. -283702309. Says:

    iiGot Many Fishes But iiDon’t Have Any Fish Points;How Come ?

  336. cote Says:

    yo no he pescado nada bueno, da lo mismo la comida ke uno ponga?? o mientras mejor comida mejor la pesca?

  337. Laura Says:

    Hola !! yo pesqué un pez estrella y dos sardinas !! 🙂 además de una botella, vasijas rotas y una bota… jajaja
    Me encanta pescar !!

    saludos !!!

  338. omarwishah Says:

    wow your the best

  339. Fuzzy Says:

    i got a puppyfish

  340. Manu Says:

    Excuse me but in the game, Is there Seahorse ?

  341. susy Says:

    well im on maintenance again so i cant try it!!! sucks!

  342. Pinky Says:

    Alien if you go to you tube.it has a trainning how to fish on pet society!! but my secret is, when you see the fish moving do not touch or hold your pet.let it go.then when the fish stop moving hold your pet until the fish is moving again and repeat!!good luck.so far I have the doll fish star ,some corals,a sardine, two differents fishes,squid,a soda can,a bottle,a shell,a fish bones.the fish loves the apples so do not use apples try something else like strawberries.also when you dont like what you get ,you can not sell it only they (pet society)let you recycle por 10 coins.bye.

  343. feli Says:

    no me anda el pet society

  344. lewis Says:

    its crap i fish in real life and it better that this could ever get all u do s give u free money to spend on good thins and then go and skank it bck off of us.pet soicety is cool but people earn their money and atually put effert into this game but ur lettin us down so i would make it eisier i i was u or u will lose ur custermers so think about what i just said and make pet society a succsess!!

  345. anaeugenia Says:

    Why everybody can play and get fishes and even crap and i cant get IN the game? what is going on? i really wanna try the new feature. does anyone have the same problem? since thursday i cant play 😦

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  346. Pio Says:

    i m wondering why in these days pet society is undergoing some maintenace for so long! we just can t play!

  347. jiawei Says:

    i’ve got a purple starfish with an orange! (:

  348. jorge luis Says:

    arreglen rapido el pet ya me estoy cansando de tanto que se daña arreglenlo rapido
    dioxxx rapido

  349. -283702309. Says:

    iiGot Many Fishes But iiDon’t Have Any Fish Points;How Come ?

  350. Daniel Says:

    I got boots and bike wheels… :~]
    What stupid pet will drop their bike and shoes into a lake that is open for less then a week?!?!

  351. Cindy Says:

    i had caught 1 sotong, 2 starfish & 1 bike wheel. I had 1 cheese and 1 apple eaten by the fish & get nth to return. So far i only tried using homegrown cupcake, cheese and apple.

  352. Cindy Says:

    what pinky said abt the way for fishing is right. once u see the line turning red, dun click on ur pet anymore. just let go, then click on it when u see there is no struggle on the line. repeat the whole step until u managed to get the item up.

  353. Karen Riddle Says:

    why can’t I get in – it keeps telling my my account is unavailable – its been unavailable for 3 days – I am starting to get upset

  354. Pippy Says:

    I got a Dogfish with the big white bone. A home grown coconut got a coconut fish and a pear got some coral.

  355. draks Says:

    solo una pregunta por que mi cuenta no puede entrar?
    alguien me podria desir por que?

    por favor denme una solusion y sobre al estanque no lo encuentro

  356. Kara Says:

    i caught an applefish…

  357. ???mystery??? Says:

    love it sooooooooo fun i caught 3 fish some coral and seaweed a tire bottle conch shell 2 old boots and some more stuff i recycled the rubbish

  358. Kara Says:

    what kind of bait do u need to catch a puppyfish? a bone?

  359. ??NOID?? Says:

    i can’t seem to catch a fish!!!! all of them get away


  360. sophie Says:

    okay guys! I’ve been fishing all day, and here is what I got:

    1 Clownfish
    2 Sardines
    1 Crab
    1 Starfish
    1 Shrimp
    1 Squid
    1 Flounder
    1 Frontosa
    1 Carp
    1 Arowana
    1 Paddlefish

    – And i bought the 3000,- aqarium for my collection! I am 100 % honest with this.. it took many hours, and i think i have all the fish that you can catch!! I’m really happy 😀

  361. cellolove Says:

    This is SUPER awesome, but we should really be able to gift or sell items! I have like 30 fish bones!! 😦

  362. victoria Says:


  363. J04C0 Says:

    Hey Sonya,

    Would you (Play fish team) like to make the pond like a store? I mean that it would be cool that the pond can be visited like a store, i hate walking.
    Please make it posible

  364. Tostada Says:

    I’d like to gift some of my fish to friends with aquariums. Have you considered this feature??

  365. Kareen Says:

    Hello! my name is Karen, wanted to know if someone got something of mysterious golden box. If someone was to ask please tell me what it is! Thank you very much!

  366. bushi Says:

    ooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmm ggggggggg i luv to fish its funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  367. Shannon Says:

    What bait are you guys using because all I have gotten is junk.

  368. gaby Says:

    how many types r fishes r there in the pond i need to know for i could collect them all
    please reply back love gaby

  369. rica Says:

    totoo ba yan pano sinubukan ko mag fishing ayaw naman

  370. Kristen Says:

    Not to be a downer but perhaps, before releasing a new feature, Playfish should ensure that their servers are working properly. I was in a 4 day maintenance earlier this week and just hit the 24 hour mark for this one, which was expected. Every single time something new is released PF/PS can’t handle the amount of users who log in to check it out. It’s getting ridiculous.

  371. rina Says:

    susah tau nangkepin nya!!

  372. amandrey Says:

    love this game

  373. izumi Says:

    where we can bought the aquarium??? my sist already have 1!

  374. michael Says:

    where do u duy the fish aquarium to put fishes that you caught?

  375. rhai Says:

    im on maintenance again!!!!! lucky i am!!! lol….

    i need to play to try fishing………………..

  376. rhai Says:

    plssssssssssssssssssss i need to play………………………….

  377. StacyLee Says:

    It really isn’t hard to catch–just let go the mouse when the fish struggles, then click to reel again when it stops…

    caught a baby seastar doll (is it what you call that?), shrimp, starfishes (i used homegrown bananas btw), swordfish, bottles, conch shell, corals, sardines, angelfish etc

    *complaints, there really is a lot of trash lol…i wasted my steak on bottles

    can we have a shark there?? that would be so cool….but it would have to be put in a separate tank of it’ll eat up the rest of the fish

  378. angel Says:

    pet society why my account will not play pet society?plssss.i need to play fishing this game is my fave of all pls………………………..

  379. Oooo... Says:

    i think someone just got blackforest fish???
    haaaah??? i dont belive in

  380. Princess Says:

    catch ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  381. Jessie Says:

    So I fished and caught a starfish doll and some sea urchin dolls. What’s the deal with the dolls? You can’t pick them up like other dolls and they don’t swim around in your tank like other fish. So…they do nothing? Am I missing something? What should I do with them?


  382. Princess Says:

    me too

    temporarily unavaillable

  383. ponk Says:

    maintenance again..
    i want fishing.. >_<

  384. Christian Says:

    I used the birthday cake but the fish got away with it because i forgot to stop pulling 😦

  385. natish_killer Says:

    i want to catch a fish i still cant i only get cans i wish u got out the cans and the wheel

  386. Fluffy Says:

    My account is unavailable 😦

  387. audrey Says:

    i got:

    3 sea urchins
    3 starfishes
    6 sea baby starfish dolls
    1 carp
    1 flounder
    1 altum angelfish
    2 silver arowana
    2 paddlefish
    1 flounder
    1 bluegill
    1 shrimp
    1 squid
    3 corals
    4 seaweeds
    5 fishbones

    (i think my pond is polluted!!!)

    1 message in a bottle
    3 empty bottles
    3 old boots
    2 broken pots
    4 soda cans
    5 bike wheels

    • nanchook Says:

      in between all those awesome fish,i think i caught way more junk than you did! *lol* well,it’s a good start to recycling if you haven’t start already 😉

    • Imahiru Says:

      how do you get an altum angelfish? please….XD

  388. Oooo... Says:

    i think that person was lie 😦
    if that true i already want to catch one

  389. Min Ho Lee Says:

    me to

  390. Oooo... Says:

    i already catch all kinds of fish @ pet society…
    lucky…lucky..lucky…. 🙂

  391. Fluffy Says:

    😮 😉 🙂 😦 :D!

  392. eXo Says:

    =.= im on maintenance too!!

  393. Tulcus Says:

    Ahhhh I need my drug!!! Pet Scoiety cannot log in!!! I WANT TO FISH!!!

  394. mireya Says:

    i can,t understand why i can do ,to go fishing

  395. me Says:

    where can i buy the bait?

  396. jorge luis Says:

    ponganle coomida en garden para los peces pon ganlen otras clases de peses como tiburones bebe mantarrallas bebes y y eso casi siempre pescando sale una bota ponganle unos acuarias mas grandes que cuenten como 5.500 y eso porfavor agan eso y mi cuenta se me pasa dañando

  397. Brittany Says:

    To all who can’t fish
    when the fish bites you can click your pet once then after click and hold until the fish struggles again. after it is done struggling click and hold again, repeat this process until you reel it all the way in. If you click and hold while the fish is struggling then the fish will take your bait and you get nothing!
    good luck fishing. I hope it helps!

  398. Kimmy Says:

    How do you get the aquarium?:D

  399. ruben alejandro Says:


  400. Misstiffk Says:

    Oh my goodness guys. I’m still waiting for my account to be available again!!! ok. so i’m too sure which baits I should use! someone said that they caught a clown fish! which bait did you use for that?
    I love the fish in the game though! but i had to spend another $3000 for the nice aqaurium because I can’t sell the the doubles of the fish for much.
    I think maybe the fish should be able to be sold for more. $4 just really isn’t worth it if i’m busting out $10 for a block of cheese to use as bait right?
    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE FISHING application! but it just sucks that I can’t make a nice profit off of it like i can with my garden (:

  401. Eldrida Says:

    yeah, this whole pond thing is great but i can’t access my acc! they say is tempoarily unavailable, grrr!!!!!!!! anybody know why?

  402. -peeepermint- Says:


  403. Aury Says:

    Tulcus I agree with You! ! want to fish too!

  404. Fabian Says:

    I got a Coconutfish with a coconut from my palm tree of my garden!

  405. Aury Says:

    I think that is because playfish is working to add more items… but I need my pet!!!!!!!!!

  406. Rai Says:

    Hi, I just started playing today and started fishing as well (soda can and a shrimp so far). I just wanted to ask if stuf you fish can be sold? Thanks in advance, good day everyone. 🙂

  407. Tulcus Says:

    I think there is a server problem. My acc is temporarily unavailable too. So guess, we just have to wait a while. Our pets are still ok though…

  408. narottama Says:

    I wanna go fishing, but my account is temporary unavailable for TWO DAYS!!
    hello mr.programmer…duh

  409. Hana Says:

    I have a fishing secret: My bait is Coconut Juice! Its caught me a lot of fishes like sliver arowana, frontosa, carp, starfish, bluegill, altum angelfish, flounder, coral, seaweed and sardine. To get the puppyfish, use a bone as bait and to get the coconut fish, use a Homegrown Coconut as bait. I used homegrown apples to catch squid, but there may be other bait too. I dont know how to catch the apple fish.

    I hope its satisfactory information. Others, can you tell us PS players how to catch other fish? Thanks!

  410. paul magdadaro Says:

    I want to go fishing now…. 😦 Too bad PS is still under maintenance… 😦

    I have 3 altum angelfishes, 2 flounder, 2 starfish, 1 clownfish, 1 sardine, 1 squid and one baby star doll… 🙂

    The rest are 3 conch, 1 broken vase, 1 seaweed… 🙂

  411. Hana Says:

    Silver Arowana*

  412. Purssypink Says:

    i saw a picture of a seahorse on a webside.Do any of u know how to catch it?it is yellow

  413. allisony Says:

    wow! yo levo horas pescando y ya tengo 24 peces en mi acuario!!!!! xD

  414. Mup u Says:

    Hi all, I got a problem and I dont know where to post my question. I have a friend and when I visit him, it said that his account is maintenance, cannot click on to visit? What is this?? And how can I pay a visit again??????????????

    SONYA, pls explain 😡

  415. jah ramziah Says:

    yay :> im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hapy

  416. christycia Says:

    Where to get that aquarium ?

  417. Diana Mikels (Tuffie) Says:

    I caught several things with corn, strawberries, and apples. Bananas don’t seem to work well. Love it! However, since we have to feed our pets, and care for our friends by feeding them too, we should be able to make a better profit off of extra fish we catch. Thanks though! Very cute! 🙂

  418. john kristoffer Says:

    where can i buy a an aquarium??

  419. erica Says:

    i cannot load pet society! ):
    it says my acocunt is temporary unavailable, please check back in few hours. ): i have gotten the same message lsat night!! help me!

  420. poroy Says:

    i caught:
    silver arowana

    but how can u change ur rod?..

  421. Eldrida Says:

    yeah i wanna cry i nEED TO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  422. Marvin Baluyot Says:

    can anybody help me catch sardines and/or arowanas :((

  423. stinky pants Says:

    I want Koi fish

  424. harmony Says:


  425. sweetheart lu Says:

    the fishing idea was fun
    i hope theres a lot more surprises!!!

  426. furqan Says:

    i want to play

  427. jowee jael Says:



  428. rachy Says:

    I caught the sea creatures but they were all missing when i move them around!!! What happened??

    I had a crab, 3 sea urchins, 2 bluegill, 2 paddlefish, 2 starfish and I lost one starfish one crab and a bluegill!!

  429. menna Says:

    i was travelling and when i returned i found my account is in maintenance ….how shall i activated again …this is since 10 days ago…..please help me !!!!

  430. sysy96 Says:

    Did anyone get a seahorse yet?? and how??

  431. Malek Says:

    hi i don’t know why when i catch a fish and i go back home i dont find it in my chest 😥 really that’s so injusctice a catch many fishs so beautiful but i don’t have them now they all gone ; pease playfish try to fix this problem because if it still the case i will lost all my food for nothing and i can’t no more fish 😥

  432. Oooo... Says:

    hei sonya??
    how long the maintenance on facebook??
    my sis can’t log in and it’s seems pretty angry about this…

  433. Oooo... Says:

    hey sonya
    how long the maintenance on pet society??
    my sis can’t log in for 2 days and its seems pretty angry about this….

  434. cofinel Says:

    wow fishing is fun to do but the getting a junk is not fun to do i spend my moneys for baiting a food for fish not for junks

  435. jack Says:

    ifta7oo yalaaa

  436. jack Says:

    i i’am jack

  437. fishyfred Says:

    does anyone what food you need to catch spechial fish?

  438. camille Says:

    I already got the item in the gold mystery box! hahaha 🙂

  439. fedeco Says:

    i hate it i always got bootsss and canssssssss and a fish bonessssssss

  440. martina Says:

    oh i hate garbage ):(

  441. cham Says:


  442. fritz Says:

    At first I tried fishing and every time, the fish would escape. Finally I did it and here’s a guide on how to do it for others who had the same dilemma I did. Hope this helps. http://fritzified.com/2009/07/26/noob-guide-how-to-catch-fish-in-pet-society/ Thanks for posting!

  443. lil girl :) Says:

    Oh my Gosh, It’s VERY hard to get FISH!

  444. the best Says:

    hi i have a question for sonya if we buy a bait that is expensive, the fish will be sold by more than 4 coins????

  445. anemorei Says:

    i have crabs, starfish and blugill i want to send as i gift but its not working i want to buy new bait also but its not coming!!! anybody can help?

  446. selene Says:

    hi there 🙂 I’m interested if anyone caught some rare fish except the applefish(caught it after I’ve used more than 30 apples from the store),coconut fish(caught it with the homegrown coconut),sea horse(caught it after I’ve spent more than 30 carrots from the store),puppyfish(easy to catch with the 100c bone from the store),melonfish(it took more than 10 whole melons to catch it),strawberry donutfish(after more than 20 pink donuts spent) and loverootfish(caught it with the homegrown sweeatheart root that was large,but people say you can catch it with the smaller ones,too)?..there’s also some kind of a bait list,so if you’re interested,take a look 🙂
    good luck to you all 🙂

  447. Wilz93 Says:

    I saw some new fishes in my friend’s house ………… strawberry fish , burger fish , cupcake fish ………… but i don’t get them …. it is really hard

  448. feli Says:

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡no anda el pet society y quiero que ande por que desde el viernes que esta asi y hoy a las 02:00 de la tarde quiero que ande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  449. PS lover Says:

    have anyone got lemonfish? strawberry fish?
    i saw a pictures of it im not sure wheteher the fish is already available or not..
    or is it very very rare

  450. Justine Loyus Says:

    i cant access my accout ! it says that my account is under maintainance ! :(( .. i cant go fishing ! haha ..

  451. nikkix Says:

    i caught a puppyfish 😀 you can catch it with a bone as a bait.

  452. Oooo... Says:

    wow i cannot belive..
    the future fish are more cooler than other fish
    just check out on pet society blog

  453. Aggie Says:

    I got 2 fish bones, a broken wheel, a conch, starfish, clownfish..
    and a message in a bottle

  454. Oooo... Says:

    sadly its not released now 😦

  455. jorge luis Says:


  456. andre Says:

    i got,,
    sardines- with any bait
    puppy fish- bone
    starfish- bread or something.. pastries
    shrimp-i caught with home grown cupcake
    squid- banana
    swordfish- rare steak
    silver arowana- i forgot what did i used..
    flounder- tiramisu
    altum angelfish- pizza
    clown fish – burger/hotdog

    and some miscellanous

    empty bottle
    soda cans
    broken pots
    old shoes
    bike wheels
    message in a bottle
    fish bones
    sea urchins
    and some dolls like sea baby starfish dolls

  457. Nancy Says:

    I can just cry!!!
    I finally had the Cat Baby Doll after buying more than 20 GMBs and the game goes in maintenance without any warning!
    I just hope I still have the Doll when it goes back online.

  458. Rayman Says:

    Happy that there is a fishing feature in this game. However, there are areas to be improved :

    1) Should have trophies for fishing

    2) Fish could be sold at a better price

    3) Fish could be sent as a gift

    4) Fish could be used for exchanging items that could not be purchased by using the normal coins or fish coins. Example 20 crabs to exchange for a dress.

    5) Should also have different types of rod.

  459. Petii Says:

    I love fishing thanks pf =D

  460. fishplayer:P Says:

    so,, i think the fishing thing is very funny but one bad thing is: that you can’t get rid of all the crap you once caught so,, its saying that the intem cannot be sold-are you working on it or,??? cause its ignoring, if example an old boot have to lie in my intems forever :S

  461. Ilse Says:

    I would like to go fishing with my pet but, as it turns out, Pet Society is under mainteinance again. I totally couldn’t believe it, since PS DID undergo a long mainteinance period a few days ago. I know Playfish programmers are working very hard and I’m very happy to hear about new features, but how come there are no news about this problem? It seems there are people that have experienced no problems at all. Some friends and I can’t access PS since Thursday. Does this has to do with me being in Mexico? Do some areas in the world need extra periods of mainteinance? Will Playfish give out some coins again? :S Does somebody know the answers to this questions?

    Peace & Love to you all

  462. tobi Says:

    or que no puedo jugar

  463. sıla Says:


  464. Fuzzy Says:

    what are the rarest fishes?

  465. khaled kammah Says:

    what’s that pet society dosent open :@

  466. yellowpandaaa Says:

    hi sonya
    will we be getting trophies for fishing as well? (:
    i’d love a new trophy for my trophy case!
    thank you pet society!!!!!!!

  467. auditt Says:


    but the fishing pond
    look a little isolated

    need a few villagers to watch me catch that “Golden Fish”


  468. aristotle Says:

    I do love the fishing feature, but it wd be better if we cd gift or sell the fishes or trash we caught. With so many fishes that I feel are wasted to merely recycle, and putting them all in aquariums wd take up too much space because the aquariums are ginormous, it’d be cool if we cd gift or sell the fish..


  469. lisbeth Says:

    quisiera jugarlo para ver
    q tal esta

  470. lucy Says:

    in the pond

  471. Bonny g Says:

    So far i got seaweed, conch shells, fish skeleton, starfish, empty bottles, broken tires, soda cans, message in a bottles, shrimp, old boots, broken pots, flounders, silver fishies, paddlefish, carbs, clownfish, pink squid,sardines, a purple fish, and this brown one.

  472. Manu Says:

    How change the fish pond ?

  473. Anseb Says:

    Wuaaa I like the new fishing feature!!!!! But I can’t play, my count is in maintenance T_T

  474. Rabit Says:

    It’s fun but the fish struggle TOO much and it often makes it more frustrating/annoying than it does relaxing or fun. Also, I’d love to have an aquarium, but after it’s full why would I want to fish.

    Making the fish sell for at least a little more than what I paid for bait would be nice.

    If the fish struggle a little less and had a slightly higher sell value this would be a NICE way to kill time and make some coins! As of right now, I’m out of bait and don’t think I’m going to buy anymore.

  475. Jordan Says:

    ive got a coconut fish and an applefishh 🙂

  476. Pinky Says:

    hey sonia I want to gift some my fishing to my friend but doesn´t let you to do that.why!!maybe you can work a little more hard to have the chance to do that anyways thank you!!

  477. Pancoula Says:

    I saw a picture with all the fish that we can get..
    there is also an octopus,seahorse and many other cute ones..but I have no idea what to use as bate to get them..plz if anyone knows how let me know..:/

  478. kren Says:

    quiero hacer competencias

  479. rury Says:

    hi friends, i can’t play pet society now because my account is temporarily unavailable whereas i want to fishing but i can’t play hiks..hiks

  480. rury Says:

    help me about my problem

  481. ana sáncez Says:

    como se compra el sebo para pescar

  482. Karla N. Says:

    Fishing is easy and owesome!! 😀

  483. gyjgiuyu Says:

    tonto juego

  484. Mia Says:

    can we sell or eat the fish??

  485. Kelly Says:

    i was fishing and found heaps of jsunk and only a few fish lol
    the pics look to be a purple lion, a cream pug and a golden something lol

  486. Mia Says:

    my shrimp’s missing!

  487. rara Says:

    how to fishing, please help me

    add me
    add me
    add me….

  488. alexia Says:

    i can`t….!!!!!!!

  489. Uni Says:

    I can’t catch a fish for some reason. I reel it in and stop when it’s struggling but when I stop, it gets away!!! What am I doing wrong??

  490. Uni Says:

    Oh don’t worry, I know now, I have to wait more!!!!!

  491. Prasti Vibrianty Says:

    plz help me to playing this….

    add me…add me…add me

  492. jao Says:

    i have rare fish like puppyfish , applefish , coconutfish and straberry donut fish

  493. kriz Says:

    i dont know where the aquarium is…..=(

  494. Eazah Says:

    i really need 10,000 later till next 2 months because my brother it new in pet society, so……. he wants some furniture in his house. T.Y. i will be waiting it!

  495. abbhie Says:

    shocks. i want to have a fish but. i cant catch it. im depressed.

  496. Oooo... Says:


  497. Alien Says:

    Has anyone used the “2000 coins Birthday Cake” as bait???? Hohoho…I hope that Playfish can give us a “shark” or “whale” if we fish with that!!!

  498. City Says:

    Yay! Now I know how to fish! *does happy dance* let’s see here, I got:

    1) 2 crabs
    2) 3 bike wheels
    3) 1 fish bone
    4) 2 Carps
    5) 1 Bluegill
    6) 1 Altum Angelfish (I LOVE IT! X3)
    7) 3 starfish ( I know which food gets this starfish..heehee..XD)
    8) 1 Conch Shell
    9) 1 Baby Star Fish Doll (o.O)
    10) 3 Corals
    11) 2 Message In A Bottle
    12) 1 Sea Urchin

    That’s all I get just now..I might buy more different baits and go fishing again! 😀

  499. City Says:

    Haha, I get a Starfish from using a Bone as a bait! XD

    I use Popcorn to get a Sardine! XP

    and..I get another Message In A Bottle…a fish bone..and another Carp! 😛

    I want rare fishes, how to get these? 😦

  500. MakaiPPL Says:

    i got a shark

  501. Jane Says:

    Heyy, does anyone know how many different fish and other objects there are in total to get?? thanks

  502. VearnSama Says:

    haha got Ariel the little mermaid F3F3

  503. jues Says:

    hey. i got an applefish, clownfish, puppyfish and a crab

  504. City Says:

    Yay! I get an Old Boot, a Flounder, a Paddlefish, and a Silver Arawana, a Soda Can, an Empty Bottle and some stuff that I’ve gotten before! (Yay, another Altum Angelfish..:D)

    So I need to get strawberry donut fish, coconut fish, shrimp, squid, apple fish, watermelon fish…and uh..any other rare fishes I didn’t catch? :O

    Sorry for posting more than two replies…I couldn’t find anyone else to talk to..T__T

  505. Yanie Says:

    i need a bigger aquarium! 😛

  506. diana Says:

    my account is under maintenance.how do i visit my pet?and fish?i think its not yet available in our group.anybody pls reply.thank you.

  507. Jane Says:

    heyy, what did u use to get the coconutfish?? Half coconut or coconut juice?

  508. SweetsKiki Says:

    1. Baby Tambourine
    2.Baby Cat Doll
    3.Baby’s Wind Chime

  509. Godsgirl♥ Says:

    heyy, what did you use to get the coconutfish? Half coconut or coconut juice?? thx

  510. Mutant Says:

    i got a cute puppy fish..a sea urchin..flounder..clown fish…frontosa…arowana..paddlefish..loverroot fish…a shrimp..crabs..carp..seaweeds..coral..conch shell..star fish..sea star baby doll…squid..:))
    sum damaged tiers…broken pots..used cans..empty bottles nd bottle with messages..:((
    and yes..DEAD FISH x_X…

  511. ashwin Says:

    ha ha ha…but no one risks costly baits…i just use the 5-coin fruits…

  512. sophie Says:

    Hey there. Can anybody tell me how to catch a Bluegill and an Angwlfish? 🙂
    do i need some special food to cath it, or what? 😀

  513. Bekah Anne Says:

    you should add trophies into it because otherwise we’re just spending money for fish that we can’t do anything with. Also you should add it so the oven does work so we can cook and eat the fish we get multiple numbers of.

  514. Bekah Anne Says:

    you should also let us sell the rubbish we get it’s not fair

  515. bella Says:

    it is really fun but you get more trash than good things, dont u think?

    i think it would be unlikley for playfish to give us as shark or a whale!

    if any one dosnt no u buy an aquarium from the gardening shop to put the stuff you got out of the pond in!!!!!!

  516. Chappy Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get Loverootfish,Puppyfish & Silver Arowana ??
    I’m despo for it !!

  517. Choupie Says:

    On peut pécher différents poissons par rapport à ce qu’on leur donne a manger.
    Avec quoi sa marche ?
    J’ai essayer et sa marche avec

    HomeGrown sweetheart root
    Pink Donut

  518. yipingsng Says:

    I caught some fish too..and a shrimp..and the starfish is absolutely cute and adorable…..but I really hate it when i fished the broken vase or tin can …

  519. yipingsng Says:

    what kind of bait is the most effective one?

  520. vidushi Says:

    :D.. 😉

  521. ryan Says:

    GUESS WHAT I MADE AN OCEAN PARK ~3ROOMS spend 20k though =.=
    and i got a tip so far i researched all bait and tried it best baits for me are BISCOTTI,MEATLOAF,CUPCAKES(NON HOMEGROWN), LEEK. BTW I TRIED A 2000 CAKE AND BOY I GOT A STARFISH HAD TO THROW IT CUZ 5 MAX FOR EACH FISH
    STARFISHES(PURPLE) OR THRASH BTW trust me on this-i got an ocean park in pet society lol ty

  522. pet lover Says:

    i ever used the 2000 birthday cake..!
    i got a satrfish..
    a stupid luck

  523. Olga Says:

    Does anybody know how we can get an altum angelfish? and crab too??

  524. claudia Says:

    it´s hard!!! I havent catch a thing yet!!

  525. Fuzzy Says:

    sonya, what’s the rarest fish that you can get?

  526. madeleine Says:


  527. tommy Says:

    i love my squid and starfish and starfishdoll!!! 🙂

  528. Agustin Says:

    It could be a little bit random but I’ve caught some fishes with these baits:

    Coconut fish – HOMEGROWN COCONUT

    Strawberry doughnut fish – STRAWBERRY DOUGHNUT




    Paddle fish – CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUT

    Puppyfish – BONE priced 100

    Watermelonfish – WATERMELON priced 50. But I need maaaaaaany watermelons just to get 1 of this fish

    Clownfish – WATERMELON priced 50

    Flounder – WATERMELON priced 50

    Sea urchin – WATERMELON priced 50

    Seastar – WATERMELON priced 50

    Carp – PINAPPLE

    Crab – LOAF OF BREAD

    Altum angelfish – LOAF OF BREAD

    Silver arwana – LOAF OF BREAD

    Sardine – LOAF OF BREAD

    Seastar Baby Doll – PUMPKIN

    Empty bottle – ROTTEN VEGETABLE

    Misc. like seaweed, fish bones, bike tire, soda can, coral, message in a bottle, broken pot, etc – CHEAP APPLE

  529. greta Says:

    to catch a seahorse, use a carrot.
    to get an applefish, use the 5 coin apples.
    to catch a puppyfish, use the 100 coin bone.
    to get the loverootfish, use a loveroot. (i don’t think it matters what size?)
    to get a strawberrydonutfish, use a strawberrydonut.
    to get a coconutfish, use a homegrown coconnut.
    but by the way, some of these can take a lot of tries, if not all (and a lot of wasted coins!) im pretty sure its based on luck, so dont think that they’ll pop up every time.
    it took me 40 apples to get an apple fish, and around 18 watermelons to get the watermelon. so basically, you might get junk, and you might get other fish, be patient.

  530. jessie Says:

    I CAUGHT SOO MANNY FISH!! I have alot of friut fish, coconutfish, applefish bananafish, soo cool

  531. GingerPinky Says:

    ok, so the more expensive the bait is, the more cute and rare the fish is! 🙂
    that’s what I experienced!

    And NEW STUFF is GR8!!! 🙂
    I want to tell you that it was a bit boring to have all that stuff about feasts or strange themes…Now, Harry Potter is good, and Medieval times are nice, but I would really like to decorate my house with REAL furniture! 🙂

    Maybe next time you should put a wooden wardrobe that would fit the wooden bed, or a series of colorful boxes, some new carpets, sofas or new wall pictures (Elvis face, Warhol art, or also something like a city view, a country view etc). And also a brown wall paper, would it be possible? 🙂
    My pet would really like to have a modern, feminine house! 😉

  532. Karin Says:

    Hi all,

    I have tried to catch a couple of fish with my baits and spend a lots of money but it end up my food got away by the fishes.


  533. Karin Says:

    Hi all,

    I used my money to buy baits to catch fishes.

    It end up my money left so little but no fishes and baits all used up.


  534. Micaela Says:

    I can not go to Pet Society so that I can not fish or go to the pond.

  535. kaman Says:

    does anybody know how i can catch the seahorse and fruit fish?

  536. Roberta Says:

    I have been trying to catch some fish, but apparently for me it’s impossible. I thought my computer was not working, but then I tried on other computers with no success. I followed the instructions carefully (for a person who has a Master’s degree should not be that hard), but…nothing!Now, in the forum I noticed that pretty much EVERYONE can catch something. Well, the other day, at my tenth attempt, I shut my computer off, and thought: it’s a game. That’s it, it is a game, and as a game it should not be all that difficult to catch some virtual fish, in a virtual pond, with a virtual bait, and as a game it should be fun and easy to use (by the way I play far more difficult games and don’t have problems, so if you are wondering, I am not stupid…), not frustrating…I am sort of losing interest…too bad because Pet society has been one of my favorite games (I am at level 44!)

  537. angel Says:

    aaaaaaaaaauuughghh i got crazy!!!! i cant catch anything. i wanna learn how to catch. What must i do? i will be contented even if i catch a rubbish. PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO CATCH?

  538. Ya-Ya Says:

    I’ve caught two messages in bottles. Can we open them and read them?? It’s driving me crazy. Also, it would be nice to gift more items from the fish pond. Why can’t we gift the nice fish?? It might be a bit naughty to gift the garbage items, but the fish would be good for our friends with aquariums. I’m loving the application, but am not sure what do do now, I’m running out of room in my second aquarium, and I’d hate to recycle the fish for lack of anything else to do with them. Also, for the money that we have to spend on food for bait, there is way too much trash that we can’t earn any money back on. Maybe offer a trophy for trash fished from the pond and recycled….. Thanks for the fun!

  539. ANA Says:

    He pescado un a llanta de bicicleta y un pez muerto…es una perdida de comida!

  540. el robin Says:

    q sea muy bacano y divertido

  541. sandra Says:

    no he podido pescar como puedo hacer?

  542. Megz Says:

    Actually i tried many times fishing but everytime wz no result i spend a lot of money on food wz no fish ,no shrimp ,no crab or even snail ;((( how can i click and hold togrther to catch the fish .plz help………!!!!!

  543. Godsgirl♥ Says:

    Does anyone know what coconut to use for the coconut fish?? thx

  544. Gabby Says:

    I have a hard time fishing :/
    I havent caught anything 😦
    And used a lot of ‘bait’ and coins .

    • Miranda Lee Says:


      As same as u, I spent more coin with nothing to get!
      Who help me, such as trailer ?

      I try many way for doing it.
      I don’t want to spare my time for doing again! I prefer for purchase furniture for decoration.

    • peebles Says:

      me too Gabby. I can’t catch anything : (

  545. saraps Says:

    Is there a list somewhere of all the fish in the pond with pictures of them? I love this game, but I don’t remember what some of the fish are and can’t tell whether they are freshwater or saltwater. I don’t want to mix fresh with saltwater in my aquariums–I know this is make believe but it would bother me just the same LOL

  546. Claudia Says:

    el que te viene en la caja de 200 es un instrumento musical (pandereta)
    el que te viene en la caja de 500 es un juguete (gato con globos de colores en la mano)
    el que te viene en la caja de 500 es un decorativo (una cosa en la que cuelgan conchas marinas)
    todo eso ya me ha tocado bueno me despido bye!

  547. Horo Says:

    O.O Ive caught 2 starfishes, paddlefish, silver arowana, coconut fish, 2 squids…. XD and 6 rubbish items

  548. A Petsociety fan Says:

    Does anybody know how to get a chocolate donut fish cause I always catch a strawberry donut fish not chocolate !!! 🙂

  549. Cammy Says:

    I love fishing !!! 🙂

    I have a short question for Sonya

    Why can I only have for example I have 5 puppyfishes and I caught another one, why is it that I can’t get that 6th puppyfish I caught ?

    I really wish to have more than 5 fishes !!! 😦

  550. lmina Says:

    i hope i can see my friends pet in the pond, fishin also.. like what
    we have at the cafe… fun fun fun

  551. lmina Says:

    i hope i can give some of my catch to my kids.. someday???? hehehe

  552. kolly Says:

    so cool!!!wasted a few baits,but now gettin hang of it!!!

  553. Arya Says:

    i want to catch frontosa and apple fish !!!!!!! but, that fish is what bait

  554. Dodoismypet Says:

    Fishing is so easy… i can do it with my eyes closed! just hear the sounds,and the line of the rod (and understand the instructions) i always get the fishes and junk I SWEAR!!!!

  555. earwin Says:

    i like one different fish in my aquarium.. so far, i absolutely love fishing!!!!!

  556. francine Says:

    im new here so my luck is just beggining wala man gyapon isda pero may ara lang ko na kuha na 2

  557. francine Says:

    yup naging 7 na ang kin kuha ko galing gamay nalang kwarta ko sayang lang

  558. Ralph Says:

    ive got:

    5 squids
    4 puppyfish
    5 paddlefish
    2 clownfish
    2 frontosa
    1 flounder
    4 watermelon fish
    2 strawberry donut fish
    4 sardine
    5 crab
    4 carp
    2 silver arowana
    2 coconut fish
    3 bluegill
    2 altum angelfish
    5 starfish
    3 shrimp
    9 sea urchin
    7 sea star baby doll
    8 bottle in a message
    5 conch shell
    6 empty bottle
    8 corals

    i recycle those like a garbage……

    gizmo_blitz@yahoo.com is my email in facebook …add me!!

  559. Ralph Says:


    Is there any kinds of Rods????

    Is there a Bananafish??

    This is my email in faceboook


  560. Ralph Says:


    what is your email in facebook???

    i want to see your house in pet society

  561. Victy Says:

    hey jessie, you’re such a lucky people!
    i hope i can do that. i still can’t fish any thing although i use a lot of coins.
    i think i’m in a really bad luck 😦

  562. belinda Says:

    it took me sometime before I caugh any fish and then I found that I had to buy a fish tank to put the fish in.

    I caugh fish and crab which are in my fish tank, most not living items I recycle.
    can the bottles with a message be opened. i wondering if they say you won 100 coins etc.

  563. kaman Says:

    They said that you can use a carrot from the foodshop for the seahorse, but i used 100 carrots and still didn’t catch the seahorse. Please help me

  564. Debbie Says:

    Yeah, I have caught lots of fish, shrimp, squid and the also can, bike wheel, broken vases, lots of message in a bottles, emty bottles, boots, coral and seaweed. Oh and a shell.

    It’s easy!!


  565. Debbie Says:

    hEY, and does anyone know how to earn more coins other than going to friends houses and playing with them and the daily lottery?

  566. lovy Says:

    i didnt catch enything 😦

  567. lovy Says:

    lallalalaalala so happy =-)

  568. xy Says:

    i got a lot of rubbish..put em on recycle..or sold dem..dey cost so low..but i admit gotta love em starfishes!!!:))

  569. HaWttMooFiNs Says:

    hi, fishing rocks! the fishing sometimes get a lot of rubbish, its a waste of bait. but, it is like real life! : ) nice one!

  570. Amz Says:

    where do you get bait from?? am i having a bonde moment? LOL

  571. J04C0 Says:

    Sonya, could you make that the pond fishes can be gifted?

  572. EVA Says:

    The kids and I really like fishing. Would like very much to be able to gift extra catches. Aquariums are expensive and I wanna hold out to buy a large on which will take me out of the shopping for furniture and keeping up my gardens, delema.

  573. haslynna Says:

    i tried to log in to pets society but it juz shows dat its loading but nvr appear the game.. keeps on loading but nothing came out.
    I tried to update flash player but still no use.. it still the same..
    tried this afew times… why is this so….

  574. Cammy Says:

    Here are some of the rare fishes that I know

    Strawberry donut fish

  575. fifi Says:

    i can’t caught any fish ..I’m realy so so so so sad ;( 😦

  576. lucas Says:

    i have more than five things 4 my aquarium

  577. jueru Says:

    hey!!!!can anyone teach how to catch the fishes??!!! i try a lot of time but everytime i fail to catch one!!!HELP!!!!!

  578. megan Says:

    guys pls helpp me out.after catching several times, my fish does eat the bait but its too hard to control. the bait just keeps floating away…..

  579. Taha Says:

    I’ve caught all sorts of fish except for Altum Angelfish. I have Carp,Bluegill,Sardine,Clown Fish,Squid,Crab,Shrimp,Silver Arowana,Flounder,Frontosa,Starfish and Paddlefish. and is there any puppy fish in the pond??????

  580. Ciney Says:

    or atleast sold for a good price like 100 coins??

  581. Barky Says:

    Oh deary! my friend asked me to come to their house n they cant catch a fish.They ask me to try and i caught a crab!!! I was sooooooo sad cause i was wanting to get one SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  582. Martina Branžovská Says:

    August 5,2008 at 14:50

  583. anna Says:

    yeah,please make them can be gifted.i have 3 same fish and i want to give one of them to my sister.
    or make a “mystery item”that we could buy and then sell 5 fish.
    please answer me…:)

  584. anna Says:

    olga i don`t know about crab and i also want to know
    but i used onions and get angelfish 3 times!
    a good bait is also broccoli,i caught so many different fish.
    i hope i helped 😉

  585. Jia Yi Says:

    I love the new fishing pond very much! I got a lot of fishes and corals/seaweeds and some weird things but I love them! But I think it will be better if we can get coins when we caught something, and I hope Those things can be gifted, and it will be perfect! Please answer me, thank you.

  586. elif güneş Says:


  587. Lil Miss C Says:

    i love the fishing its sooo easy just dont pull when the fish is struggling!! x

  588. cutey Says:

    what bait do you use to catch a clown fish

  589. matyrock Says:


  590. Ezara Says:

    I don’t know why are they under maniance. Today I got in but they say “Sorry, pet society is currently under maniance.” I don’t know why I wish to play! I wish to play I wish to play!

  591. rocio Says:

    no me anda el pet la verdad nose si es muy bueno me gusta pero no anda

  592. toa z Says:

    i’m a master of fishing on pet society i can catch a fish every time but if im distracted and look away from screen to long then the fish runs off with my bait

  593. RUCK PLEHN Says:

    HELLO PET SOCIETY FANS add me at ruck plehn on facebook if you are a big pet society fan . WOOT

  594. Mica Says:

    Why do I keep under repair? I want to go to my account please I want to win the races that make objects do good if we are not going to stop playing? please let me enter the game I lost many coins and I am not going to buy anything!

  595. ashley Says:

    what are all off the types of fish that you can gey because i have got loads and i can not find any more

  596. Lucky Says:

    wish we could gift our fish. I have too many star fish and my friend has none

  597. hiba Says:

    i have all kind of fishes but i don’t have starfish:(
    what can i do to get it??????
    and can we sell fishes by using any cheat????

  598. karen Says:

    i love fishing it so fun
    i have caught so much
    so far my favorite is the angelfish
    what i caught so far:
    sea urchins
    sea star baby doll
    silver arowana
    altum angelfish

    *for my bait: i used the donuts*
    i hope that helps.

  599. marisa Says:

    it’s just g-r-e-a-t!!! 😉 🙂 😛 :O 😀

  600. farah ahmed Says:

    what about the ningaaaaaa

  601. farah ahmed Says:


  602. Peachy Says:

    is there really a puppyfish that you can catch in the pond and if yes, what bait can we use to catch this fish???…

  603. cherry Says:

    tamnbien hay un pez perro , coco y manzana!!!

  604. Rachel Says:


    i’ve got 3 strawberry donut fish, 2 sea horse,2 apple fish and 2 watermelon fish, 2 dog fish and 1 coconut fish. did anyone knows any new fishes come out ?

    use whole watermelon for watermelon fish
    use garden grown coconut for coconut fish
    use apple for apple fish
    use strawberry donut for strawberry donut fish
    use carrot for sea horse
    use white bone for dog fish

    hope this can help all for lucky fish!!!

  605. yuha Says:

    sonya, could u tell me where i got another fishing rod???

  606. Junie Says:

    Hope you could add more different kinds of fishes 🙂

  607. valerio Says:

    wow i caught a silver arowana with a melon lol!!

  608. PETY Says:

    how do you catch puppy fish?
    and if there is new fishes please tell me how to catch.

  609. RAWR Says:

    I caught a flounder, baby starfish stufftoy,seaweed, broken pots, old boots,conch, coral,clown fish, 2 apple fishes, empty bottle, 5 bike wheels, 2 message in a bottle, frontosa fish, thats all =3 i’m not tellin the truth

  610. Cammy Says:

    I’ll try different kinds of food so that I can get more rare fishes and get you updated 🙂

    I hope I can get more 🙂

  611. tristan Says:

    you use homegrown eats are more better than store buys

  612. Bubu Says:

    i already caught all the rare fish,,applefish, watermelon fish,seahorse,puppyfish, donutfish,loverootfish,coconutfish

  613. majo Says:

    Bubu: So far I have only caught puppy fish and watermelon fish. What did you use as bait for the others?

  614. Kaki Says:

    I can’t wait for today’s MBIs

  615. nada dehni Says:

    i need a new room i am saving money till now i hve 4,ooo and something so i m beging u to give me a new room and the cloth are ugly

  616. Shelley Says:

    Pet Society, What is the Rarest fish in the Pond?

  617. kaman Says:

    Hey Jessie how did you get the bananafish?

  618. choi Says:

    i think catch fish is really eazy,u can try it..be patience
    i got a lot of souvenir from fishing.

  619. kaca Says:

    i have shrimp and applefish and much more but i want puppyfish i think you can use bone as bait

  620. nour Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyy its soooo cool but now the my pet is not opening whyyyyyyyy
    btw i got alot of them

  621. popo Says:

    heyy thats soo cool, me 2 i got alot of them , my mony is 15,000 and i need more but the game rocks its like all the world play it soo cool (love thes game) from popo

  622. Juan-Carlos Says:

    i found clownfish nnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooo

  623. bubu Says:

    its so hard…. and verry hard……………. 😦

  624. mia Says:

    i love fishing i’ve got 2 sea urchins , btw they are so cute, and alot of other stuff 😀

  625. Adam Says:

    i cought a puppy fish with a bone

  626. gracey Says:

    it’s so hard fishing somebody please teach me the right way on how to do fishing!!!!

  627. peebles Says:

    I cannot get the hang of fishing! Someone help me : ( I have lost so much food. I do everything eveyone says, but if I release my pet when it starts to struggle when the line is red, I still lose the fish, even if I release right away or wait a second. I have tried everything! Why won’t it work? Do you have to have a certain pole or be a certain level?

  628. Alien Says:



  629. Someone Says:

    yay! got the baby turbine decor!! =DDD

  630. mica Says:

    IS THAT TRUE??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plz open it!

  631. LaDy Says:

    i once bought 20 stuff of food … everything .. an apple a corn lemon bone cake milk … and more… i didn’t get not even ONE fish it really gets boring .. i mean really .. ugh .. i just get boots corals bike wheels soda cans starfish ( the orange ones ) … b-o-r-i-n-g .. i looove pet society and i starting collecting money because its to expensive so yeah i got to ten thousand coins so money isn’t the problem … but the fish are and the races i don’t falll not ONCE and they win me … not fair … but thats not going to stop me from playing .. darn their so good 🙂 … again a little help with the fishing would be GREAT !!!

  632. JOE'S PET Says:

    HEY Sonya

    i found this site when i was look for pix of pet society fish and i saw some stuff that was realy kool i saw fish i never seen or herd of in pet society on facebook and it showed some newer rods then the one we have now i was just wondering are we gana get new stuff for the pound


  633. JOE'S PET Says:


  634. anela Says:

    pleas iam playing pet…………

  635. angy Says:

    i cant get the fish….how to get it…i cant fishing it…help….me….

  636. Cammy Says:

    Hey it’s me again, I got new updates today 🙂

    I got a new rare fish:)

    It’s an OCTOPUS:)

    Good luck fishing for it 🙂

  637. Renee Says:

    i wish to know what is all the ‘special’ type of fish……i only know got bananafish,puppyfish,dogfish,strawberry donut fish,coconut fish and watermelon fish…tat all……can any body let me know….

  638. Cammy Says:

    Hey it’s me again 🙂

    I got another one 🙂

    It’s a Dogfish 🙂

    Good luck fishing for it 🙂

  639. Cammy Says:

    Hey guys it’s me again
    I got a lot of updates for you so here it is:

    Red Salmon
    Spotted Bass
    Blue Ram
    Golden Butterfly fish
    Green Discus
    Schooling bannerfish
    Chocolate Donut Fish

    Good luck fishing all of them 🙂

  640. katherinne Says:

    como se juegan esos juegos que salen ay x_X
    xfa quien me dice xx

  641. Mackenzie Says:

    How in the world, do you catch the fish? They keep gettin away, and i’m wasting my money on bait!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  642. Wondergirls Says:

    Yippee! i caught almost everything!!!!!!!!!!! I love the crab! its cute. to rachy that also happened to me and next time i got in the fish were scattered on the floor lol! i want to play to catch more fishies but its always MAINTAINANCE Restaurant City is also like that!!! AARGHH! PLAYFISH!!

  643. Amaretto Says:

    Do anyone know what bait can get us:
    Apple fish (which apple, the one bought at the store or the one grow on trees?)
    Bananafish (which one?)

  644. Ceffita Says:

    I Fishing!!!! and it’s so much fun. I caught a bone fish xDDDDDD, that was so funny. I need a room for all my fishes xD… I like this game, thank you ^^

  645. katkot Says:

    click on the food u have in ur chest then click on ur pet once 2 throw the bait in the water . after u notice the water splash then u got a fish so keep clicking on ur pet 2 pull the fish and dont remove ur finger untill u notice another splash so stop clicking . when the splash stops u can pull again and so on untill it become nearer 2 u then u will catch it . ( when the robe holding the bait becomes red its an alarm 2 stop clicking ) .

  646. Peebles Says:

    I finally learned how to fish!! The directions to fish are not good. You have to click to reel in, then when it starts struggling, lift your finger off the mouse and immediately click on pet again to LOWER YOUR POLE. Once fish stops struggling and your line goes slack, click pet again to continue reeling. (Repeat 3-4 times) Hope this helps anyone who was having trouble like me 🙂

    • Sophia Says:

      for the simple and easy step i mean veryyyyy easy step …….is………….if the rope goes red stop reeling in and if goes black again continue reeling in >.<

  647. diana Says:

    its not that hard stop realling in every time it splashes when its done splashing reel it in more just stop every time it splashes o and if u take a coconut from a palm tree u planted it gives u a coconut fish that looks really cool but it doesn’t work every time i have cause 5 sea urchins 4 starfish 2 bluegill 3 silver fish i forget the name a shrimp 5 crabs and cans and crap like that

  648. karen Says:

    esta muy bueno y me gusta

  649. Olga Says:

    thanks, Anna!
    I got angelfish by using a loaf of bread. but i’ll try brocolli.. ^^
    Thank you, u’re the only one who really reply my comment..

  650. Cammy Says:

    I forgot to tell you

    Twig rod, Bamboo rod, Basic rod and Pink basic rod 🙂

  651. Mimi Says:

    I CANT catch A SINGLE fish, wasted a lot of money since the fishing came up.just got bottle, broken vase, urchin. 😦

  652. david Says:

    fishing is great, ive caught, squid sardines clownfish dogfisn carp flounder crab starfish swordfish bluegill shrimp and more!

  653. marta irene perez ortiz Says:

    estoy aqui serquita tuyo

  654. gina Says:

    I want to know which food can I catch sea horse??

  655. megan Says:

    Wow! I got so many fishes! Let me list them:Shrimp, coconutfish, purple starfish,sardine,paddlefish,octopus, ‘frolick'(?),Crab,dogfish,blowfish,bluegill,carp and blue ram. You might not believe me but i also got alot of rubbish etc:message in a bottle, bicycle wheel,broken vase….’
    If you need any tips or which bait for what fish you can always e-mail me at
    megan_4698@yahoo.com.sg .
    i will try my best to help you as i used to be a rookie too….

  656. Miss Skitles Says:

    Hey awesome!! I LOVE the fishing pond!!! The tanks cost SOOOOOOOOOOO much though! Ive cost SO much but i have also recycled ALOT!!
    Here are the fish I have currently!

    1 Squid

    1 Octopus

    1 Shrimp

    1 Flounder

    1 Frontosa

    1 Clown fish



    1Golden Butterfly Fish

    1Blue Ram

    1Altum Angel Fish

    1Schooling Banner Fish!


  657. angela Says:

    really! wow you have a lots of fishes…….
    what is your favorite one of them?

  658. chinjung Says:

    yeaah i like fishing very much it’s cool and i have rarely fish in my pond

    4 sea horse
    2 love fish
    1 donut strawberry fish
    1 donut chocholate fish
    1 chocholate fish
    2 spotted bash
    1 piranha
    1 strawberry fish
    1 lemon fish
    1 watermelon fish
    1 orange fish
    1 pudding fish
    1 banana fish
    1 apple fish
    1 sheep fish

    and the other common fish

  659. Julia cl Says:

    Wow!!! i get this!:
    1.Choclate fish
    2.Cupcake fish
    3.Chesse fish
    4.Banana fish
    5.Strawberry fish
    6.Orange fish
    7.Lemon fish
    8.Coconut fish
    and i have so many of them!
    Minimum:40 :O
    Maksimal:65 🙂

  660. Agustin Says:

    The fishes I don’t have yet:


    Sea Horse

    Chocolate Donutfish

    My friend has a sea horse and Pirana, but I’ve never seen the rest I’ve mentioned above.

  661. joyce Says:

    I spend 50 apples but i catch only 2 fishes……huhuhuhuh

  662. Pikachu Says:

    how can i get a pink fishing rod in pet society?

  663. joan♥ Says:


    i still didnt catch the apple fish,,
    could you teach me how to??


    • P?E?T? Says:

      Is very hard to catch applefish I have tried to catch it with apple more than 50 times…but someday I got an applefish..is cute.:)

  664. Guppie Says:

    Hey Pet society why dont we make a new feature to like catch bugs with a net and why dont we get to buy newer better rods in the garden shop?

  665. Sophia Says:

    i have so many fish i have,sea star baby doll,sheep fish,dog fish,red salmon,sea urchin,frontosa,love fish,macaron fish and clown loach!!!!!!ohhhhh my aquaruim was full T_T if u want me feel free to add me up!: lozadasophia@yahoo.com character name:Snow White and my other games was:Restaurant City,Farm Ville,Poker Palace,Pet Society,Who Has The Biggest Brain?!?! and Country story
    im lvl.32 in restaurant city^^_<

  666. Kayla Says:

    I am very sad. I love to go fishing. I just go CoconutFish and SalmonFish. Then some trash like pearls, old shoe and broken-half pot. But when i tried again i got a strawberrydonutfish:) i just recycled it accidentally:(.

  667. george Says:

    hellooo i think this is tyipacal

    you no what i mean 🙂

  668. george woodbridge Says:

    any singles

  669. george woodbridge Says:

    i love girls

  670. ivan...person Says:

    i have currently caught a pink diamond…what am i supposed to do with it???

  671. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] introduced the Cash Shop and Garden Store, been there for the changes to visiting, sent you fishing, announced the winners of many competitions including the absolutely huge Pet Society Birthday […]

  672. wawa Says:

    what u used to catch the pink diamond fish!!!!????

    • P?E?T? Says:

      actually that’s not a fish…..but tha’t a decoration only and that thing is glowing inthe dark!

  673. Ultimate Guide to Sports and Games Says:

    Hi there! It’s a slow day today at work and I have time to browse around. I was just searching around on Google and found your internet site. I love it, it’s clarifying and I enjoy the way you write your articles. Definitely a pleasant surprise and I’m glad Google pointed into your direction. Take Care!

  674. Fangirlisms » Blog Archive » Pet Society Fishing – Fish and Bait List Says:

    […] Society has introduced a Fishing mini-game, and I’ve been trying out different bait to see what I can catch with them. Here’s a […]

  675. Alfreda Folkins Says:

    Love the post. Maybe fishing tackle resource might guide someone get better deals.

  676. Shollenberger Says:

    I like his answers but I have shortened them up a bit to my style and taste. I thought it was a good book as well.

  677. John Left Says:

    I really like bloggin and this blog has a lot of great ideas for my own personal site, thank you!

  678. P?E?T? Says:

    The pink diamond is glowing in the dark!!!!!!Anyway,did you heard about that new fish?the name is Tape Fish…I caught with a homegrown Pine Cone…And Emerald Fish
    You can got it with green foods such as courgette,apple soda drink,brocoli,pear…And a Bread Fish you can got it with small loaf of bread…..Or My favorite!!!Ice Fish and Romantic Ice Fish….You can got Ice Fish with cafe drink such as Latte or other things..And if the Romantic Ice Fish….You can got it with Homegrown Enchatted Cherry or any kind OF BAIT!

  679. Hilton Wrzesien Says:

    The lake fishing is ok in this region anyhow does anyone have some suggestions on any decent rivers to catch some fish,specially looking to locatea few muskie,a few other anglers have been catching some great sizes this last year.

  680. aldrin Says:

    i had 1700000 coins

  681. Freezing Warts Says:

    Freezing Warts…

    […]Gone Fishing! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

  682. Kasarnewe Says:

    I get a lettuce fish using a kanafeh
    new update!!!(for fi

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