Arise, Sir Pet!


Hey Pet Society fans! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to take a trip back in time with your pet this week and explore the medieval era! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 27th of July, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Grumble has the basics to start making your very own castle room in the D.I.Y. Depot this week. Your floors, walls and windows will definitely be in the right age after you’ve paid him a visit!




Cloister Wall

Cloister Window

Cloister Floor



Castle Drape

Golden Light Switch

Every castle needs a throne, so Felicity introduces the exquisite King’s Throne to the Luxury Store.


King’s Throne

Preston has some fantastic decorations for your castle in the Furniture Store, to ensure all visitors know that a great pet lives there! The Stronghold Wall Candle and Candle Chandelier will give the feel of Middle Ages lighting, and the Shield Decor and Jousting Lance Decor will show how grand a warrior resides! There is also a Horsey doll available, as where would a knight be without his noble steed? And the Golden Cup and Pet’s Orb Decor will help bring that royal touch to your castle!




Stronghold Wall Candle


Shield Decor




Candle Chandelier

Queen’s Throne (TWS)

Jousting Lance Decor



Golden Cup (TWS)

Pet’s Orb Decor (TWS)

If your pet wishes to sleep and dine like the Lords and Ladies, and Dukes and Duchesses of the time, ensure you visit Terrence in the Cash Shop to check out the Noble’s Bed and Table. Also, if you are looking for some more elaborate decoration for your castle, the Plate Armour Decor and Sword and Shield Decor are a must! Plus, the Magic Stone Decor will help with the illusion that your pet is living in the times of King Arthur!



Noble’s Bed

Noble’s Table



Plate Armour Decor

Sword and Shield Decor


Magic Stone Decor

Lily has been hard at work to make certain your pet can fit the part when walking the hallways of the castles around the Pet Society kingdom this week, with this amazing King’s outfit and purple outfit in the Clothes Store.




King’s Tunic

King’s Crown

King’s Boots




Purple Gown

Purple Headdress

Purple Slippers

Moving away from the medieval times, Truffles introduces the Coconut Half to the Food Store and Perry begins serving this delicious Cherry Cheesecake in the Café.



Coconut Half (Food)

Cherry Cheesecake (Café)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from From Egypt with love in store this week!

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313 Responses to “Arise, Sir Pet!”

  1. daniel flores Says:

    del señor

  2. karol tatiana Says:

    hola pet society fans creo que si me ganara esos 1000000 monedas si seria muchisima feliz pero como estoy cuidando el pet society de mi hermano pues soy karol y seria genial tener ese castillo junto a las 100000 seri el paraiso solo queria aser otra cosa por ganar el castillo y las monedas mas que no sea pagando com plata dde verdad por mis padres no quiero gastarle nd si tansolo una opurtunidad calera del cielo plissssssssssssssss creadores de pet society diganme o envieme por mi correo que devo aser nomas en pet society para ganarme esas monedas y el castillo yo ya tengo la ropa y los coquitos por favor diganme como aserlo yo se quebustedews son muy bueno a y otra cosa sus juegos son exelentes ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡… especial por pet society saludo alos fans y a ustedes yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no soy patetica_____________ jejejejejejejejejeje cuidense chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♥♥♥ love pet society ♥♥♥

  3. Kya Says:

    Please do a rubber ducky theme one week =D I want a rubber ducky themed bathroom haha

  4. petli Says:

    yeni moda bunlar mı yani??? 😀

  5. Niña Says:

    ganda naman!

  6. omfg Says:

    my game also won’t load.

  7. Aica Says:


  8. Panda Says:

    Too expensive…..

  9. angelito Says:

    oie no se pork como k se me bloqeoooo el pèt k fome jijiji

  10. camila Says:

    i need more rmzz cuz i only have 6 and i dnt want 2 get ridd of my thingz!!!!!!

  11. juliana Says:

    juliana la mejor osea

  12. k torres Says:

    nearly every flipping day this page is not working ,it is in maintenence or problems with bugs,getting really fed up with you people,also you should be more interactive

  13. Tonii Says:

    umm i was just wondering if i could somehow use the same pet thingy for bebo as well as facebOoKk … ??? so that way i wont have to start all over again on facebook …

  14. Tonii Says:

    umm i was just wondering if i could somehow use the same pet thingy for bebo as well as facebOoKk … ??? so that way i wont have to start all over again on facebook …

  15. afn zafn Says:

    🙂 😦 :/ 😀 😛 ❤

  16. Mae Says:

    i like the bed but as always cant have it..

  17. jeronimo Says:

    por que no entra a pet society

  18. Shawnas Says:

    I want windows that go from floor to ceiling, and the choice of day or night scenes. and once that you can put next to each other without them looking stupid. And what happened to the whole layering question link? When will we be able to put things around the floor in more than one spot??

  19. miguel pernia Says:


  20. miguel pernia Says:

    yosoi miguel pernia kiero jugar

  21. miguel pernia Says:

    soi miguel yokiero jugar juegos i como no puedo ke ago en esto ake tengo ke meterme ablemen kenesesito jugar lllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa si agaaaaaaaanme quaso yamelo miguel toreto

  22. bryana Says:


  23. Prince Says:

    Hello PlayFish … Can You All make more activities in pet society… Its so boring … fishing and racing is fun but out money is not enough…. and can you all make some more activites like skiding,fighting,swimming or sports games.. because its so boring… and if can , give me 2k every end of the week. Please Note My Advice.


  24. Dream Says:

    my game cant load!!!!!!!!

  25. EILEEN LEE Says:

    very wonderful!

  26. athena Says:

    ardh. my pet in my another account is on maintenance. hope they’ll give free coins. 😀

  27. badet Says:

    don’t like the stuffs

  28. missy Says:

    e bellissimo wooooo

  29. saff Says:

    i have tried loadsa times to get my pet scociety up but it just isn’t working but it is for my mate! kim

  30. Dheee Says:

    what a very nice bed.. too bad it’s only sold in the cash shop..

    isn’t there any way for us to get the goods on the cash shop by using a lot of coins??

  31. petsocietyrocks Says:

    what is the trick to the fishing? i normally use corn or bread, i start reelling in when i get a bit, and i get so close and the i lose the fish=[ does anyone know the trick?

  32. George Says:

    Medieval era is great. thanks.
    But what about mooving a little bit earlier – to thr Empire Era, Rome e.g.

  33. bubblegwummi Says:

    hmph… the clothes are not good

  34. mia Says:

    i hate these items but the only good thing is the horse, he is so cute

  35. I need My Rest Says:

    I tried the whole night until my eyes were half-closed! by the time i was in, I logged out of my account immediately and just switched my pc off!

  36. Ceffita Says:

    I love Medieval Era, but I don’t have the money T^T. Nice items ^^

  37. marta irene perez ortiz Says:


  38. maria ygnacia alvarez Says:

    los felicito es super bkn el pet societi pero lo unico fome es q abeses no esta para usarlo asi q los felicito es bkn el pet societi xaooooooooooooooooooo…

  39. benito gongora jr Says:

    hello sir Im a very big fan of pet society in short pet so addict…….i really
    love this you know sir im spending money to play pet society in computer shop..but sad to say i cant afford the playfish im begging you to give me some money..or some playfish cash…if you do i would really appreciate this and i would never forget this in my whole entire childhood pls…im begging all of the games pet society is my favorite there are other games but pet society is the one i like,,thank you..pls give my request,,pls….

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