Arise, Sir Pet!


Hey Pet Society fans! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to take a trip back in time with your pet this week and explore the medieval era! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 27th of July, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Grumble has the basics to start making your very own castle room in the D.I.Y. Depot this week. Your floors, walls and windows will definitely be in the right age after you’ve paid him a visit!




Cloister Wall

Cloister Window

Cloister Floor



Castle Drape

Golden Light Switch

Every castle needs a throne, so Felicity introduces the exquisite King’s Throne to the Luxury Store.


King’s Throne

Preston has some fantastic decorations for your castle in the Furniture Store, to ensure all visitors know that a great pet lives there! The Stronghold Wall Candle and Candle Chandelier will give the feel of Middle Ages lighting, and the Shield Decor and Jousting Lance Decor will show how grand a warrior resides! There is also a Horsey doll available, as where would a knight be without his noble steed? And the Golden Cup and Pet’s Orb Decor will help bring that royal touch to your castle!




Stronghold Wall Candle


Shield Decor




Candle Chandelier

Queen’s Throne (TWS)

Jousting Lance Decor



Golden Cup (TWS)

Pet’s Orb Decor (TWS)

If your pet wishes to sleep and dine like the Lords and Ladies, and Dukes and Duchesses of the time, ensure you visit Terrence in the Cash Shop to check out the Noble’s Bed and Table. Also, if you are looking for some more elaborate decoration for your castle, the Plate Armour Decor and Sword and Shield Decor are a must! Plus, the Magic Stone Decor will help with the illusion that your pet is living in the times of King Arthur!



Noble’s Bed

Noble’s Table



Plate Armour Decor

Sword and Shield Decor


Magic Stone Decor

Lily has been hard at work to make certain your pet can fit the part when walking the hallways of the castles around the Pet Society kingdom this week, with this amazing King’s outfit and purple outfit in the Clothes Store.




King’s Tunic

King’s Crown

King’s Boots




Purple Gown

Purple Headdress

Purple Slippers

Moving away from the medieval times, Truffles introduces the Coconut Half to the Food Store and Perry begins serving this delicious Cherry Cheesecake in the Café.



Coconut Half (Food)

Cherry Cheesecake (Café)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from From Egypt with love in store this week!

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313 Responses to “Arise, Sir Pet!”

  1. bee Says:

    first xD

  2. bee Says:

    dont like the stuff this week =/

  3. Mikee. Says:

    They are not so good _(

  4. farrahlicious Says:

    i hate it when they put the BEST items in the Cash Shop!!! =/

  5. ALE Says:


  6. delilah Says:


  7. sedatedluka Says:

    whaaaa! love the horsie

  8. LittleKawaii (Huong) Says:

    The Magic Stone Decor is in the wrong store (possibly) Lol

  9. imahiru Says:

    i hate it too

  10. Catu Says:

    a guh, a guh, a GRAIL!

  11. Claudia Says:

    I love the clothes and the food! 😀 hehehe so cute…

    thanks God this time I really don’t like a lot the cash shop items, except for the armor deco… but … I hope u don’t get all the best in the cash shop as usual!

  12. hermosawruth Says:

    =( no entraa 😦

  13. Jenny Says:

    Where is the magic stone decor in the luxury shop? I see one in the cash shop but it doesn’t say TWS by it.

  14. hermosawruth Says:

    should make a contest to win cash playfish

  15. Nicolas Says:

    I like the objects, but last week they were better.

  16. Khari Says:

    hate it!!!!

    its not good!
    i dont buy it

  17. Nevine Says:

    Nothing good this week :S:S

  18. Cake Says:

    Why does Cash Shop always has to have more items like always!>?

  19. Ximena Says:

    Hello I love pet society .. ,
    That come in boxes misterys “?”
    Thanks hope to see pictures!

  20. Mariana Says:

    I agree with farrahlicious & Mike D:

  21. Keisha Says:

    Why can’t I find the stonhe in the luxury shop?

  22. fan Says:

    i am so disappointment with this weeks items.. was looking forward for better items 😦 when will you let us decide what items do we want again like last time?

  23. Uchenna Says:

    The items this week are not so good. Very dreary, oh well, it is the medieval era after all.

  24. RL Says:

    love the horsie but the rest?? hmm not so much 🙂

  25. Pet Society Girl Says:

    The Magic Stone Decor is listed above as being in the Luxury shop, but it’s actually in the Cash Shop. 😦

  26. Claudia Says:

    ohhh for some week, as you add some painting things on the mistery items, you should do some “art” theme…. like… more paintings, art supplies… stained walls… I don’t know….it could be fun!

  27. Yvonne Says:

    Isn’t the Magic Stone Decor in cash shop? (I hope it is in Luxury though….)

  28. fan Says:

    and how come the Magic Stone Decor was moved from Luxury to Cash shop?? 😦

  29. Daniiela Says:

    Hey! I’ll be waiting for more this week.. but its ok.. :l

  30. danny Says:

    i love that purple gown!

  31. Uchenna Says:

    Yvonne, you are right! Magic Stone Decor is in good ol’ exclusive cash shop.

  32. ??? Says:

    i want tu buy the new items, but MY GAME DOESN’T LOAD !!! =(


    Person named ‘Bee’ , ur a MORON!

  34. Elena Says:

    ugly items this week. it’s all brown and gray, not a bit of color if not in the dresses which are not amazing. i was expecting some more pets in the cash shop, or interactive features, not just brownish items. i only like the cherry cheesecake, everything else is pretty lame

  35. Lujan Maria Says:


  36. Camm Says:

    The unic good stuff was the horsie and coconut

  37. ??? Says:


  38. gemini1906 Says:

    hmm, not so well but… still ok.

  39. Christian Says:

    i just want that sword and stone thingy on luxury…and every monday my game can’t load….so sad…:'(

  40. Manuel Says:


  41. Cuti@ Says:

    sooo? i don’t really like this week thing, but playfish work hard for it.
    so….THANK YOU……

  42. sandy3q Says:

    its not very awsome to have the game like this -_- i mean if they were adding the FISH THING with the medevil era stuff then ITS WORTH WAITING FOR 😀 lol but if its not … boo hoo…

  43. Bubu Says:

    this time the stuffs are so boring, old n not fancy….why dont you create something like harry potters thing????? be more creative!!!!

  44. Elena Says:

    i used playfish direct link to log in and it worked, while i couldn’t access from facebook. as for the game always down, have you noticed that fruits on trees stop growing when they take the server down for maintenance? that means less fruits for us in a week, and less cash. all is delayed and the growing process restarts from 0 when the server comes up again. THAT SUCKS

  45. Mary Says:

    Wish I could get in to buy all these fabulous items!

  46. Angela Says:

    It’s okay

  47. Jimmy Says:

    Too bad no one can get IN to play.

  48. sony24dah Says:

    dont like the new stuff. Can’t you make it next week like futerish?

  49. Sharon Says:

    Again, can’t get in the game tho after seeing the new items, I’m not as upset as I was. Very disappointed. I would however, like to get in and get my visiting coins.

  50. Jnette Says:

    oooh I love Medieval times! Will be buying most of those items hee hee 😀

    Only thing I wish that dress wasn’t in purple but green 😀

  51. Debi Simas Says:

    :0( Waited all day to see the new stuff…but my game will not load!!! :0? :0/

  52. miChes Says:

    viva la vida from ColdPlay is playing in my head now, for some reason . . .

  53. lily Says:

    the items this week is okay i loved the clothes very much .. i’ll be buying dresses and pants 😀 because i don’t have one i’m new by the way 😛 Hehehe 😀

  54. marta muñoz Says:

    me encanta ese conjunto de las cosas mosradas el vestido y esas cosas pero no me funcione el pet ? 😛 :/ 🙂 😦 😀 😉 😮

  55. Reed Says:

    I so love the wallpaper and window! But it’s a shame that bed and table are avaiable only for cash.

    Love the outfits and the horsey, I already have ‘him’ in my room 😀

  56. Cheese Says:

    Haha sorry not the best :/ I like the food the best lol

  57. Via Says:

    The queen throne and the king throne are ok but why the medieval table is in the cashshop? I think here are many people and also children ,who can t afford to spend real money for a virtual game, but want to have a great medieval castle wih table thrones etc…

  58. Steel Says:

    Hopefully, we can get the plate armour decor on the luxury shop.

  59. missgothika Says:

    I can’t log in either! This is so disgusting, taking into account all the times the game has had maintenance.. i mean, has no sense.

  60. Mary Says:

    i really hate it when good stuffs r in the Cash Shop. cudn’t ppl frm Pet Society think of having a money exchange except we exchange coins & playfish cash

  61. eliza Says:

    Oooh, love the new items!! They are very pretty, and I would love to have a medieval room, but the most important (and best) stuff is in the CASH SHOP! Playfish, I understand you need to make money but this is not the way to do it. 😦

  62. jmtaej Says:

    seriosly..u guys should get something cooler..i mean midevil times are kind of boring to me….try getting something like back to school stuff…i mean some of us are about to go back anyways…please think about it…

  63. Sozalina Says:

    Cool. I love the wallpaper alot ^^

  64. Alien Says:

    I love this week’s items, gorgeous!!! Thanks Pet Society for the wonderful design!! But the biggest problem is… I can’t load the game… seems that every monday when new items are out, people rush to play the game, so some of us face errors in loading the game…

  65. Gen Gonzalez Says:

    This week’s theme is cute but I still love the Paris week. 😀

  66. antonius Says:

    why the magic sone decor said in luxury..but the real in cash shop and was said tws..but the real not tws??!!!

    • Sonya Says:

      I am currently trying to confirm which store this item is supposed to be in. Once I have confirmation, I will update the blog appropriately if required. For now, I assume what has been placed in game is what Playfish intended, which is with the Magic Stone Decor in the Cash Shop as a Just Arrived item.

    • Sonya Says:

      Just confirming that the Magic Stone Decor is supposed to be in the Cash Shop, as shown in game. Sorry for the confusion.

  67. Mary Says:

    that Magic Stone Decor isnt in Luxury, its in the Cash Shop

  68. Tina Says:

    Quite good. The game doesn’t load!!!!!

  69. antonius Says:

    magic stone decor..not tws and in cash shop..not in luxury..playfish a liar..hiks.huiiks

  70. antonius Says:

    i dissapointed for this week items..

  71. Vanessa Sosa Says:

    I am so disappointed with the new stuff, they are so boring.

  72. antonius Says:

    the table in dislike..we need bed and table too..also the magic stone decor..

  73. antonius Says:

    why not, king and queen doll and horsie will be 3 dolls..and new GMB=sheep doll..cute, but i not yet get it

  74. Lilly Says:

    LUV the stuff this week!

  75. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t like that, because the Magic Stone Decor and Plate Armour Decor is on Cash Shop! I don’t like Cash Shop! And, why the Magic Stone Decor said in Luxury and was said TWS, very bad :p

  76. Someone Says:

    Wow the items are so cool!!! :-* *rush to the shops*

  77. Violinzaa Says:

    Nice pet society!!
    I love the purple!!

  78. mirta teresa barboza Says:

    Me gustaria participar de este juego

  79. mirta teresa barboza Says:

    Me pareceria interesante participar de este juego

  80. jah ramziah Says:

    its barely stupid

  81. raindance Says:

    i can’t get on either….seems to be doing this alot lately

  82. sparkle Says:

    all the best items are just in the cash shop, and l can´t play. the game doesn´t load again… like every single weekend…. what´s happening???

  83. carla Says:

    i dont like some of the stuffs but its okay!

  84. fritz Says:

    Thanks for the update Sonya! W00t! You gusy came up with great items this week!

  85. anima51 Says:

    I love this week them, now I can be a knight…all I have to do now is find a princess to rescue from the evil dragon…Charge!! 😀

  86. anima51 Says:

    I love this week ITEM 😛

  87. jinko Says:

    Magic Stone Decor is this week’s special?

  88. TheGeneral Says:

    I cannot believe this! Did you think about the fact that not ONE single bed is available for non-purchasers who wish to make a male pet’s bedroom look good? I was so waiting for a new bed and now – cash shop. So lame. Really. Bravo! Congrats!

    You just disappointed me very much and trust me – I barely like something if it disappoints me.

  89. luciano Says:


  90. mariangem22 Says:

    what’s up for the mystery boxes? is there anything new this week?

  91. Vivithy Says:

    I want plate armour decor it`s beautiful!!!
    I love all items, but they should built a door, because my door doesn`t combine with my door. xD

  92. ChocolateMilk Says:

    Fun new items. Seems like these items will make some of the male Pet Society players happy. And I love the Horsie!

  93. vannila cream Says:

    i only liked the cheesecake..

  94. Amnart Says:

    WOW I love middle ages and this is my best week during i play pet society, thanks really nice items thanks for all

  95. baby love Says:

    as i spend lots of time in PS, i do enjoy myself a lot. I enjoy shoppin the most and visiting people, at times its hard to race and jump rope cus im always gettin stuck maybe its my computer but i tried other computers as well..

    it would be nice if we could be able to decorate not jus the inside but the outside too.
    I mean what else can we do with the inside of the house after all majority of the other stuffs are so expensive it would be nice if they lower the price on the guitar and the other things.
    the mystery box jus gifs me the same thing over and over it gets borin havin to purchase it hopin for something new. And hopefully they add new stores.
    or allow us to put our clothes in a closet, i tried to do the laundry room by buyin one but it was stale what is a laundry room with out a basket and laundry soap or cloths hangin on a hanger or things like that i hope all agree

  96. PS addict Says:

    HEY!The items were so cool!But its been a long time new shops never come out.I hope you make shops like a toy shop or restaurant or maybe a painting shop or something…

  97. PS addict Says:

    those stuff at the furniture store are so cool!But i did not know light switches during the olden times.LOL

  98. Bah-Meow Says:

    Im gonna buy it all later, except cash shop items hehe… c”,)

  99. quyvietnam Says:

    Fighting !

  100. Katrina Says:

    WOW! (makes pierre curie’s monocle break)

  101. Katrina Says:

    but pierre curie have zero playfish cash, weks

  102. Tina Says:

    hate cash shop

  103. Katrina Says:

    What to do to my foyer???

  104. John Michael Says:

    …………Everyday I am playing pet society makes me happy……………
    … i thought that it is made for making people happy and giving fun to its followers………
    ……..but why pet society develop a store known as cash shop?…………………
    ……I thought it is only made for fun………………
    ……..but as the days,years and months past buy, it is now used just for money………….

  105. aljibe Says:

    Awesome stuff BUT I need more rooms 😦

  106. vasso Says:


  107. vasso Says:

    eina uperoxa ;]

  108. faith yeppun Says:

    i like horsei

  109. Rizky Says:

    REMOVE THE CASH SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. mahmoud Says:


  111. mahmoud Says:

    nice and very cool

  112. mahmoud Says:

    i will buy
    of corse i will do

  113. Amina Says:

    i like this week items! Thanks playfish!

  114. Gino Fagnano Says:

    I Like so much this week items! I will buy of couse. Nice and cool…

  115. Catu Says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks all of this is a Monty Python reference, can I? The golden cup is the Holy Grail, the orb decor is the Holy Hand Grenade, the coconut was carried by a swallow…

  116. anna Says:

    i agree with claudia…i also wanted to make a room with paintings,things for painting…you know.there were some items like that at mystery boxes but i bought ten blue boxes and couldn`t find them.please add them in a store:)
    and it would be perfect if you say for how long we can buy the boxes and still find those items.could you do it?

  117. Terri Says:

    The game is not loading today. However, the new items are not attractive this week. Hope to have better items next week. Thanks.

  118. Sara :) Says:

    ok i thought the problem with loading on facebook was fixed!!!!!!!! mine ‘s still having lots of trouble loading !!my cousin logged in normally but mine’s messed up!!!! HELP i need to log on i have to do my visits and buy some of this cool medievil stuff…the dress is gorgeous and some accesories are awesome :S:S:S:S why is my game messed up?????

  119. karla Says:


  120. karlitax Says:

    asunto: pet society

  121. mike Says:

    i like that..

  122. katarina Says:

    i don’t like the new items u.u I WANT NEW THINGS! BUT REALLY REALLY GOOD U.U

  123. agustin Says:


  124. agustin Says:


  125. TAREQ Says:

    well i like somthings but that doesnt mean i will be happy the game does not work AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

  126. Fleur Says:

    I don’t like the stuff this week…I’m really disappointed =(

  127. Mary Says:

    Me encanta este juego, pero una sugerencia, creo que tantas cosas estan poniendo el juego muy lento, seria mucho mejor que de las cosas que salen cada semana solo se quedara una por tienda, en mi caso ya es raro cuando puedo juegar porq el juego nunca abre, entonces de nada sirven tantas cosas bonitas sino las podemos usar (todavia no he podido ingresar desde el sabado…)

  128. Stella Says:


  129. gladys Says:

    I like the items.. but i don’t think it is fair to put the best to the Cash Shop… and besides I CANT GET TO SEE MY PET.. you should give like a another way to get point for the cash shop

  130. mamyn Says:

    my pet needs friends.. pls. add..

  131. unknown fan Says:

    Ohh… Pet Society can create better items :S but there is some lovely stuff 🙂
    anyway… AGAIN… if anyone want to trade with me for some CASH SHOP items or anything else… i have a lot of rare items x) just add me on MSN : … HAVE A NICE DAY 🙂

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  132. Su Says:

    Love this weeks theme, it’s the best one so far. Thanks Playfish!

  133. mark Says:

    i know playfish puts a lot of work into each weeks items and i love them for that. i can’t say their items this week are terrible. some are really great! however i did like last week’s items better 🙂

  134. mark Says:

    This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 27th of July, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

    this never makes much sense to me at all…..if it’s this week’s special…it should darn well be for that week only. i don’t like how playfish tries to make everyone happy but in the process they bring old items down the line that people traded for and took a lot of time into earning enough to trade for whatever.

    like when the fireman’s hat etc was put back up….all hell broke loose….not a good idea.

  135. maria Says:



    =) xD =D

  136. knight green Says:

    the game fantastic although and is not played it

  137. Pure Says:

    You cannot always have maintainence in the HK night time, how should we play then? Always cannot play when back to home!!

  138. Alex Says:

    i had a sneek peek this morning but when i try to get on again it won’t let me 😦
    i like the items this week, but there needs to be more of them. i prefered the items last week and the cash shop always has the best stuff :/

    playfish, this is a suggestion for the cash shop. u could trade 1000 coins or another number for 35 playfish coins (or another number) thnx

  139. natalia Says:

    could bring good things and new plants

  140. diego Says:


  141. ninozka Says:

    I want to know for that the page of pet in facebook does not work I her(it) have put several times but it me does not work

  142. PETA Says:

    can u add some integral and science symbols to any shops? thnx

  143. Judy Says:

    Ok…I assume it is standard affair now to not be able to play the game AT ALL since the changes in the shops come about. Thanks for the little preview on this site. What a tease. Last week it was Wednesday before I could play. One of the reasons I get miffed about that, is that when I finally DO get on…my pet is almost dead! And then there’s the issue of time sensitive goodies…lest we also forget loads of coins lost by not being able to go see friends…Can ya tell I a huge fanatical fan? A sniveling fanatic fan!

  144. Star Says:

    Is anyone else having a problem logging in? The game will load but I simply get “Your account is temporarily unavailable, please check back in a few hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

    I’m really annoyed, Playfish said all the problems were sorted out. I have waited all day to get on the computer, a few hours ago I finally to get on and this is what I get?

    • miku Says:

      Me too, all my friends can play but my account is ‘temporarily unavailable’ since 2 o’clock PM ¬¬’ I also read about that problems with the servers were sorted out… but now I wonder if its true… One disappointed player from spain :_(

      • bebe Says:

        me too.. i have waited this since yesterday to see these new things..but still can’t login it, now my life not completed without playing this games!

    • Val Says:

      My account has been on maintanace all day too, I get a day off work, and it’s rainning and to top it all Pet society is temporarily “unavailable” UGHhhhh

  145. luis Says:


  146. luis Says:

    quiero tener una cuenta

  147. Me Says:

    I never got the Monty Python obsession. The one time I tried watching the movies, I fell asleep.

  148. calina Says:


  149. catalina Says:


  150. annais Says:

    su juego es muy bueno pero aganlo funcionar en el facebook de mi mami k es el pero para hoy en la noche porfa yaa chaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  151. annais Says:

    y para todos los dias porfa

  152. mariana Says:


  153. Mermeladee Says:

    aloh… no he podido entrar al juego! otra vez con fallas 😦 me enoja la tienda de efectivo… me encanta el columpio con flores… las fuentes de agua son tan hermosas! deben poner unas fuentes en DIY . . no puedo comprarlas y ya tengo todo en mi casa pet… m sta empezando a cansar esto… y me gusta mucho petSociety… :(… pero deberian poner cosas tambien de lindas en DIY, LUXURY.. etc…

  154. Mermeladee Says:

    quiero entrar a visitar amigos! quiero comprar! quiero jugar pet pet pet!

    si esto no sirve para mañana me hartare! desde ña mañana estoy revisando 😦

  155. bushi Says:

    yeah same here my pet society is not working i tried all my friends can play but not me pls solve the f problem fasst

  156. jutonio Says:

  157. ??? Says:

    oh no!

  158. ??? Says:


  159. dreamscape waif` Says:

    i agree it is hugely unfair to have the best stuff in the cash shop.
    I am on disability and cant afford to spend mega bucks to buy tokens for an online game.
    When you do the so called “free offers” to no great surprise they demand that you spend the EXACT same amount as you would via paypal for tokens!
    EVERY SINGLE OFFER charges you $14.95 or MORE for stuff you really dont want or need just so you can get the tokens promised!
    how does that make them FREE?
    this game creates a society of haves and have nots and is vastly unfair to everyone.

  160. Mursall Says:

    wow, i would love to make a medieval room but i so do not have enough money for that. it would be soo amazing if u guys gave us 1000 coins instead of 50 or a 100 everyday, u can hardly ever buy anything with it! 😡

  161. flor Says:


  162. moon Says:

    Error while loading page from Pet Society
    There are still a few kinks Facebook and the makers of Pet Society are trying to iron out. We appreciate your patience as we try to fix these issues. Your problem has been logged – if it persists, please come back in a few days. Thanks!

  163. ?????¿¿¿¿¿¿????? Says:


  164. ..sarla.. Says:

    *there’s maintenance everyday! hope 2 fix d problem soon! ahw! ='(
    *n about d items, i would be happier if all of dem are displayed in d luxury shop^^.

  165. Juan Diego Says:

    Esta bastante bueno pero seria bueno un poco menos costoso los articulos… y tambien seria bueno poder visitar a todos nuestros amigos con un solo clic es que lo que mas aburre es visitar a cada persona para poder ganar dinero….

  166. natalia Says:

    es lo mas!!!!!

  167. elena Says:

    no supe donde escribirles pero ya pongan en español todo please
    todos los juegos tambien, y las cartas que envian a las mascotas tambien

  168. vivi Says:

    sera osible q siempre cuando hay coss nuevas me dice q no se puede acceder y q esta en mantenimiento que bajon!!!! arreglenlo por favor siempr es lo mismo

  169. Fuzzball Says:

    I don’t care what all you negative people say. I love this era and I have enjoyed decking out a room with it. I do believe the ladies costume could have been better. It does not seem to suit any pet I have seen.

  170. shinnand Says:

    can i have a request that next week it wil be a princesses items…

  171. andyta Says:

    me gustaria saber como puedo obtener ese dinero en forma de pez creo que es el efectivo por fa expliquenlo, desde gracias

  172. khaled Says:

    i like this week items 😛

  173. mariangem22 Says:

    until when should we expect this maintenance?

  174. Astrocat Says:

    Love love love this weeks items! =)

    ONE important thing is missing though, Mylady Astrocat wants to be a knight of the round table, but doesn’t have a round table! ;D

  175. mickel Says:

    how do we get playfish cash?

  176. fadhilia ariefantika Says:


  177. caihnz Says:

    😦 why are you always having maintenance???
    it’s so boring….

  178. caihnz Says:

    when will you show your new mystery items ???

  179. Bjork Says:

    Boring!!!! I need to change all my house to buy this things….

  180. jovelle Says:

    It’s beautiful:) golden light switch and horsey and queen’s throne and wallpaper sa cash shop i don’t have any money there 😦

  181. jovelle Says: facebook do you know my favorite in facebook is yoville 🙂

  182. Angelica Says:

    i like the new stuff in clothes and food……suggestion next new stuff can be school outfits plsss 🙂

  183. e.j Says:

    how come the coolest item in cash shop!!!
    i want that noble’s bed!!!huhuuhuh

  184. Catherine Says:

    pet society rockz!

  185. curl zuarez Says:


  186. kbr Says:

    Harika oLmuş. teşekkürler playfish(:

  187. Alex Says:

    “Your account is temporarily unavailable, please check back in a few hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

    it won’t let me on 😦 my friend said that my account has disapeared and that playfish have deleted me off the game ;@ as much as i love the game, im not going to worry about it. playfish is losing me as a customer if they don’t sort this out soon 😦

    • Sonya Says:

      Your account is under maintenance, not deleted. If your friend scrolls right to the end of his/her friends list they will see you with ‘Maintenance’ written under your avatar. Playfish are working hard to solve the issues which caused this maintenance as soon as they can, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

      • Star Says:

        I guess this is what’s happening to me too? I’ll try and log on again in a minute.

      • Star Says:

        OK, it’s working now, but I still don’t understand. Why was my account under maintenance? Nothing’s changed.

      • gaye Says:

        hi sonya good day to you. my account is under maintenance for 3 days now. i cant play with my pet. u said that playfish are working hard to solve this issues. how long i will wait for them to fixed it? i really missed my pet now. how could i enjoy this weeks items if they cant’t fix this. how could i catch their attention regarding this matter? thank you!

      • susy Says:

        Sonya, my accout hasnt been working since sunday
        Whats going on!!!

      • crn_cham Says:

        please solve the problem faster… my sister is excited to play but her account is under maintenance…

  188. Alex Says:

    thank you 🙂

  189. arnel Says:

    i wish that i can log in so that i can buy all of this except the items on cash shop

  190. Daniel Jimenez Says:

    Bueno no se mucho ingles pero quiero participar necesito muchos coins soy nuevo

  191. aliki Says:

    My friend has looked ALL over their friends list and MY pet doesn’t seem to be there. Although this may not be your fault I wish for you to get this problem sorted out as soon as possible. All the best in getting pet society back to normal as it brightens up my day when i play on it. Please could you consider giving everyone whom has had this problem an amount of coins as we havn’t got our lottery yet! thanks 🙂

  192. farida wan Says:

    I am extremely upset because I am still experiencing problems of loading into PS. I can load for a day and them for the next 3 days I cannot!…I don’t know what’s the problem with Playfish because I am also experiencing the same problem with RC.

    This is not the first time I am complaining and I wonder if there is anybody out there experiencing the same problem.

  193. Luz Marina Castrillon V. Says:

    deseo participar … ayudar a unos mas nuevos…son muchas habitaciones para amoblar jajaja…y las quiero bien lindas …

  194. Chani Says:

    I wish that in petsociety pets could get jobs, and have weekly pay! could you make this happen sonya???

    plz reply,


  195. Kevin Says:

    I don’t know, this week’s item wasn’t so good.

  196. liam Says:

    please i am poor

  197. johanna Says:

    esto estaa todooh en ingles

  198. gaye Says:

    star we have the same problem… my account is still under maintenance i can play with my pet. what will i do now? pls help me coz i really missed my pet already. thank’s a lot!!!

  199. zahra Says:

    hi evry1..well the items dis week is not sooo gus.. they r fine..i like da horsy doll a lot…its really cute..also da kings tunic and crown..they luk so gud…but i really xpect g8 thinf in mystry dis week..hhm lets see wat on???

  200. zahra Says:

    hi evry1..well the items dis week is not sooo gus.. they r fine..i like da horsy doll a lot…its really cute..also da kings tunic and crown..they luk so gud…but i really xpect g8 thinf in mystry dis week..hhm lets see wat on???

  201. Misty Princess Says:

    I already got the purple gown cause it is very cute and also the horsey .

  202. natalia Says:

    thi is love

  203. natalia Says:


  204. fanny Says:

    Your account is temporarily unavailable, please check back in a few hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.”
    i can’t belive that every weekend i have the same problem with pet society i am very sad because i want my money for visitin my friends and i can’t get it 😦 so please playfish i want to play in pet society !!!
    oh!and i love the new items 🙂

  205. Susy Says:

    mu accopunt hasnt work for two days now, why!!!!!

  206. daniel Says:

    these things are great! my library could use some of the items!

  207. gina Says:

    Its already the 22nd and i still cant get through pet society. always under maintenance or my account is temporarily unavailable. also i bought playfish cash last week and am supposed to be giving gifts to my daughter everyday. now i cant do that. help me.

  208. Bah-Meow Says:

    Queen’s Throne Not nice, its Not compatible with the King’s Throne

  209. Helpless Says:

    On the last two days, Playfish tell me that Pet Soiety is on maintenance. Today, maintenance is over but they tell me that my account is temporarily unavailable. I can’t log in for three days…. WHAT’S UP?????

    • Helpless Says:

      My account has been said to be ” temporarily unavailable” since monday PM!! Would Pet Society please find a solution for that?????

  210. gaye Says:

    my account still unavailable!!!! what should i do now? can u pls. help me regarding this matter. i really missed my pet. thanks!

  211. yoyo Says:

    I love last week item more

  212. yoyo Says:

    the sheep doll and the banner is cute and beautiful

  213. samantha-audrey Says:

    very disappointed with this weeks things

  214. RoBByMyRaBBiT Says:

    I Just Bought a Purple Headress,Gown,and some Slippers xD
    Im Still Poor Cause Im a Beginner!!

    Oh yah….
    My Auntie Gives me some Gifts!

  215. RoBByMyRaBBiT Says:

    Oh yah, I fogat 2 sey….

    Hey Sonya Are You the GM of the game or are their Other GMs On the Game?
    ahahaha Pls reply me that!!

  216. Mew Mew Kitty Says:

    Hmmmm i need some stuff for Ashley and i think i owe one of my friends a gift… hmmm… I only 200 coins. HELP!

  217. XiaoRiu Says:

    i onli like the shirt and the horsey… ^_^

  218. john ace Says:

    i wish on monday there will be all about superheroes

  219. elena Says:

    i do not like the clothes and furnitures this week.. they are not realistic..

  220. swynrek Says:

    ..your account is temporarily unavailable…

    i cant log in for 2 days.. and this note still comes out. i want to know what happened to my account

  221. Princess Peaches Says:

    thnx for the great items this week!!! 😀 i think they r cool!!!

    i wish i could log on though :/ it says my account is unavailable, i couldn’t get on yesterday :/ maybe playfish could give us 1500 coins because some people can’t get on 😉 good luck in getting these problems fixed playfish

    i love pet society (Y)

  222. Mirna Says:

    how to win a million of coins, i want to win,i want to wiiin !!

  223. MARTIN Says:

    HEJ PLZZZZZZZZZZ alle tingne jeg elsker pet så maget at jeg vil give næsten alt for de ting

  224. ??? Says:

    all the items are OK
    but why dont add a couch and armchair for the medieval era

  225. franco Says:

    hola jente

  226. CRISD Says:

    POR MI

  227. gina Says:

    why am i still under maintenance? almost all my friends are ok and playing already> Why????

  228. Says:

    i want to be queen

  229. ROC Says:

    Comments in English:
    Why does my account say they are in maintenance and not available since last Sunday? That is, three days and those who can not access the game.
    When can I play? Why my own and not those of my friends? What happens? Anyway, I need some kind of explanation, because it is too long …
    If Monday is removed medieval items, I will not give me time to get …

    Comentario en español:
    ¿Por qué mi cuenta dice estar en mantenimiento y no disponible desde el pasado domingo? Es decir, son ya tres días los que no puedo acceder al juego.
    ¿Cuándo podré volver a jugar? ¿Porqué mi cuenta y no la de mis amigos? ¿Qué es lo que ocurre? En fin, necesito algún tipo de explicación, porque es demasiado tiempo…
    Si el lunes se quita los artículos medievales, a mi no me va a dar tiempo conseguirlo…

  230. Rizky Says:

    why do everybody said the week’s item is not so good. ITS AWESOMEOMSOEMOSMEOSME. Kill the Cash Shop!!!

  231. Princess Says:

    Sonya… my pet is ‘under maintenance’
    i want to see her…
    actually why only my pet doen’t want to load??

  232. Terrence Says:

    Those items are perfect for this day because Im the king at our home today because its my birthday! happy birthday to me! XD

  233. rhai Says:

    my account is still on maintenance…. why?

    i need to play to get the new items… pls….

  234. rhai Says:

    pls help to renew my account…. what should i do???

  235. chris nah Says:

    i cant open my acount untill how i can sad..

  236. chris nah Says:

    why my acount in maintanance…i wan play la..4day cant play d…

  237. Sana Mehmood Says:

    In my garden, the new trees haven’t bore fruits for even the first time. The older tree produced just one coconut and it has finished. This is really annoying. What can I do to prevent this, or solve this problem? My pet has to waste half her money on buying eatables. When will my trees start growing fruits again?

  238. Kika Says:

    Very nice and cool
    i dont have the money though, but…i’m lookin’ forward for next week’s items…

  239. crn_cham Says:

    I HATE THE DRESS! the items is NOT SO GOOD unlike the past weeks… pls. add some new COOL ITEMS at the mystery store and gadgets.. =D STILL GOOD WORK PLAYFISH!! ( please update the restaurant city… )

  240. King's Throne Says:

    This site is an excellent ..:)))

  241. koolkat Says:

    Please add better items and have better ways to earn money!!!!!!!!! it’s so boring cause u have nothing to do to get the money

  242. markypotter Says:

    I like the item yet i wondered if the noble table would be on the furniture or even in the luxury shop instead of the cash shop. And, I was wondering how to mount the king’s throne and put it somewhat higher coz when i bought the white-stair-like item it doesnt mount the chair. any idea how to raise the king’s throne up?

  243. markypotter Says:

    all nice except the noble table problem for its placed @ the cash shop.

  244. sherwyn Says:

    my brother’s pet is still under maintenance for 4 days.. whats wrong with his account? should we be bothered? when can he play pet society back?

  245. ryle Says:

    uhHhmm items r n0t so gud..
    y don’t u try 2 p0st some items dat fits 2 our generation??
    modern type,..

  246. rochelle Says:

    I think pet society furniture store should sell these theme like items: Fantisy, modern and victorian. it would be a good laugh. x

  247. Isabelle Says:

    good job petsociety!

  248. Marija Says:

    … thank you =) … ❤

  249. mayra Says:

    i love pet society!!!! continue like this i looooovveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!! i can’t stop of play it!! (L) good job!

  250. Nanna Says:

    LOVE LOLA (:

  251. daniel flores Says:

    del señor

  252. karol tatiana Says:

    hola pet society fans creo que si me ganara esos 1000000 monedas si seria muchisima feliz pero como estoy cuidando el pet society de mi hermano pues soy karol y seria genial tener ese castillo junto a las 100000 seri el paraiso solo queria aser otra cosa por ganar el castillo y las monedas mas que no sea pagando com plata dde verdad por mis padres no quiero gastarle nd si tansolo una opurtunidad calera del cielo plissssssssssssssss creadores de pet society diganme o envieme por mi correo que devo aser nomas en pet society para ganarme esas monedas y el castillo yo ya tengo la ropa y los coquitos por favor diganme como aserlo yo se quebustedews son muy bueno a y otra cosa sus juegos son exelentes ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡… especial por pet society saludo alos fans y a ustedes yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no soy patetica_____________ jejejejejejejejejeje cuidense chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♥♥♥ love pet society ♥♥♥

  253. Kya Says:

    Please do a rubber ducky theme one week =D I want a rubber ducky themed bathroom haha

  254. petli Says:

    yeni moda bunlar mı yani??? 😀

  255. Niña Says:

    ganda naman!

  256. omfg Says:

    my game also won’t load.

  257. Aica Says:


  258. Panda Says:

    Too expensive…..

  259. angelito Says:

    oie no se pork como k se me bloqeoooo el pèt k fome jijiji

  260. camila Says:

    i need more rmzz cuz i only have 6 and i dnt want 2 get ridd of my thingz!!!!!!

  261. juliana Says:

    juliana la mejor osea

  262. k torres Says:

    nearly every flipping day this page is not working ,it is in maintenence or problems with bugs,getting really fed up with you people,also you should be more interactive

  263. Tonii Says:

    umm i was just wondering if i could somehow use the same pet thingy for bebo as well as facebOoKk … ??? so that way i wont have to start all over again on facebook …

  264. Tonii Says:

    umm i was just wondering if i could somehow use the same pet thingy for bebo as well as facebOoKk … ??? so that way i wont have to start all over again on facebook …

  265. afn zafn Says:

    🙂 😦 :/ 😀 😛 ❤

  266. Mae Says:

    i like the bed but as always cant have it..

  267. jeronimo Says:

    por que no entra a pet society

  268. Shawnas Says:

    I want windows that go from floor to ceiling, and the choice of day or night scenes. and once that you can put next to each other without them looking stupid. And what happened to the whole layering question link? When will we be able to put things around the floor in more than one spot??

  269. miguel pernia Says:


  270. miguel pernia Says:

    yosoi miguel pernia kiero jugar

  271. miguel pernia Says:

    soi miguel yokiero jugar juegos i como no puedo ke ago en esto ake tengo ke meterme ablemen kenesesito jugar lllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa si agaaaaaaaanme quaso yamelo miguel toreto

  272. bryana Says:


  273. Prince Says:

    Hello PlayFish … Can You All make more activities in pet society… Its so boring … fishing and racing is fun but out money is not enough…. and can you all make some more activites like skiding,fighting,swimming or sports games.. because its so boring… and if can , give me 2k every end of the week. Please Note My Advice.


  274. Dream Says:

    my game cant load!!!!!!!!

  275. EILEEN LEE Says:

    very wonderful!

  276. athena Says:

    ardh. my pet in my another account is on maintenance. hope they’ll give free coins. 😀

  277. badet Says:

    don’t like the stuffs

  278. missy Says:

    e bellissimo wooooo

  279. saff Says:

    i have tried loadsa times to get my pet scociety up but it just isn’t working but it is for my mate! kim

  280. Dheee Says:

    what a very nice bed.. too bad it’s only sold in the cash shop..

    isn’t there any way for us to get the goods on the cash shop by using a lot of coins??

  281. petsocietyrocks Says:

    what is the trick to the fishing? i normally use corn or bread, i start reelling in when i get a bit, and i get so close and the i lose the fish=[ does anyone know the trick?

  282. George Says:

    Medieval era is great. thanks.
    But what about mooving a little bit earlier – to thr Empire Era, Rome e.g.

  283. bubblegwummi Says:

    hmph… the clothes are not good

  284. mia Says:

    i hate these items but the only good thing is the horse, he is so cute

  285. I need My Rest Says:

    I tried the whole night until my eyes were half-closed! by the time i was in, I logged out of my account immediately and just switched my pc off!

  286. Ceffita Says:

    I love Medieval Era, but I don’t have the money T^T. Nice items ^^

  287. marta irene perez ortiz Says:


  288. maria ygnacia alvarez Says:

    los felicito es super bkn el pet societi pero lo unico fome es q abeses no esta para usarlo asi q los felicito es bkn el pet societi xaooooooooooooooooooo…

  289. benito gongora jr Says:

    hello sir Im a very big fan of pet society in short pet so addict…….i really
    love this you know sir im spending money to play pet society in computer shop..but sad to say i cant afford the playfish im begging you to give me some money..or some playfish cash…if you do i would really appreciate this and i would never forget this in my whole entire childhood pls…im begging all of the games pet society is my favorite there are other games but pet society is the one i like,,thank you..pls give my request,,pls….

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