Pet Society is back up and we’re working hard to keep it that way


Pet Society has experienced maintenance issues in the past few days which has made it hard for you to access the game. We have resolved those issues and Pet Society is now back up and running smoothly.

Here’s what has been going on: The number of people playing Pet Society has grown incredibly quickly. We knew we had a great game on our hands, and we knew you were going to enjoy it, but we had no idea just how much. Take yesterday for example: 3.6 million of you played Pet Society. That’s a phenomenal number of people to all be playing at roughly the same time, and we’re thrilled to see so many of you loving our game.

But there’s a flipside to all this incredible growth. As the number of players rapidly expands, the infrastructure behind the scenes has to be constantly reconfigured to keep up. It’s a bit like running a huge city with a population of many millions, but every day hundreds of thousands more people move in. The whole infrastructure of the city needs to be constantly improved to accomodate the increasing numbers of people.


The good news is that our engineers have been working tirelessly around the clock to make sure that the game runs more smoothly. We have fixed the issues and taken Pet Society out of maintenance mode, and you should find that it’s running more smoothly than before. It’s enormously important to us that the wait is as little time as possible so we’re doing everything we can to make make sure these maintenance periods become shorter and less frequent.

Thank you for all your patience over the last few days. To show our gratitude, we’re giving you all 1,500 coins to spend. Also, we have some new features and surprises on the way very soon so stay tuned. We think you’re going to love what we’ve got planned. Have fun!

note: this post is relevant for those that play Pet Society on Facebook only.

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468 Responses to “Pet Society is back up and we’re working hard to keep it that way”

  1. nanchook Says:

    great job,team playfish! appreciate all your hard work & effort!

  2. stella Says:


  3. Veronica Says:

    You are certainly working hard and we can see the results of your hard work. Pet society is getting better and better every day! Thank u for everything, we appreciate what you do and we certainly understand the problems you may go through as you get improving and the game gets expanding!! Keep it up, playfish team!

  4. Degurlls Says:

    OMG the mayor expression is priceless! hahaha thanks playfish!

  5. Amnart Says:

    Thanks, i want to grow up my level you helped me thanks:)

  6. Tani Says:

    More power Team Pet Society! 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  7. Tutu Lizzie Says:

    Thank you so much Playfish! Pet Society is a graet game, i am not surprised you have so many new players! And thank you so much for the free coins! I have actually recieved them for the first time! 🙂 🙂

  8. chloe Says:

    yeah! that’s what i like about playfish! they tend to be fair!

  9. Yvonne Says:

    We love the game anyway …. and your explanation makes it more understandable to take the maintenance …..

    You guys must be working very hard, and thank you for that!!

    Alltough we hope you understand our concerns about all the maintenances tough!

    thanks for everything …

  10. Mona Johansen Says:

    I will looking forward to play every day again…I love to play and make my pets house nice.

  11. martina Says:

    YAY! No more probs!…

  12. kenneth Says:

    wOw, how nice!! kepp up the gOod work!! I really love pet society

  13. Anca Says:

    Thanks guys , you’re doing a great job !!!!

  14. martina Says:

    hey pet society thanks for the 2000 coins 🙂

  15. antonius Says:

    i just get 100 coins..please give me more

  16. stella Says:

    great! thank you playfish team.

  17. antonius Says:

    sorry 1000 coins

  18. Tasneem Says:

    I’m glad the game is working properly now 😀
    Only got 100 coins though lol

  19. narottama Says:

    thank’s playfish..
    btw the playfish cash it’s so annoying..

  20. Mojo Says:

    thank you for the hard work, guys! looking forward to the new features and surprises.

  21. Bah-Meow Says:

    i love surprises yey… cant wait for it… c”,) pet society rocks \m/ yeah…

  22. zahra Says:

    way to go ppl…u hav done a g8 g8 job playfish…huge thanx 2 u n all ur engineers..i jus cant wait 4 ur surprisez…luv playfish…thanx a million….n yea 4 da xpression of mayor…he’s soo cute…

  23. Coral_Starz Says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!! u guys r great… keep up the gud wrk playfish(and give us more coins :p)

  24. m4tr1x35 Says:

    haha the pic of the mayor on his laptop is priceles.. XD

    yay 1500 coins! thx…

  25. sophie Says:

    thanks for the coins (LLLLLLLL)

  26. ivan Says:

    I got a 5 coins now but i got a ear whit one guy he gut 419 000 ,and i got a 412 090
    but i want to every day all peoples got 1000 coins every day

  27. Amewsed Says:

    Thank you for the explanation. I think it tends makes people a bit more understanding about all the down time lately.

    Great job guys! *hugs*

  28. aileen goodrum Says:

    thankyou for all of your hard work i know we complained im sure you understand why its such a brill game i love as im sure do all of us p/s fans ty ty ty keep up the good work

  29. Angela Says:

    thank you so much playfish team for all your hard work! I can understand better now what all this was about! thank you for the 1500 coins and yeah the expression of the mayor is priceless!!! eheheheehh 🙂

  30. spiff Says:

    i didnt get any 1500 coin!!!! hmph

  31. Sela Says:

    Thank you for keeping this game on Facebook running as smoothly as you can 🙂 Hope the infrastructure continues to hold up as more players join the game, especially for Pet Society’s birthday coming up 🙂

  32. danny Says:

    thanks for all the effort you put on making the game better for us!

  33. Gilgil Says:

    Thanks a lot! Love you always!

  34. alex Says:

    when is the fishtank stuffcoming out??

  35. ??? Says:

    i was blaming the mayor for this… sorry mayor thank very much for the 1500 coins

  36. Amina Says:

    ILY Mayor:D

    Great job, Playfish!:) tnx a ton!

  37. Imahiru Says:

    The truth it is a bit frustrating when you can not go to the pet but I am very calm because there is a great team working to solve the problems.,

    Thank you for all of your hard work……XD

  38. Sybil Says:

    TYSM. I was pretty ticked off at first because I had no idea WHY there was such a long maintenance. Now I know and I feel pretty bad for what I did. :/ I was being naive and it’s just maintenance; you guys are doing this to make the game better. 😀 I’m really glad about the compensation. THANK YOU, PLAYFISH. ♥

  39. suzysues Says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, but I still can’t get in! 😦

  40. Kisara Says:

    Thank you all very much for your hard work!!!!
    Thank you for the things you do and will do!!!
    Thank you for taking care of us!!!

  41. Daniela Says:

    I haven’t received any coins yet 😦

  42. Janice Says:

    thanks…for the effort of making the game better…:D ^_^

  43. Shawnas Says:

    I did not get any coins, and I play every day, and I earn at least 1500 a day visiting and I spend at least that much 😦

  44. duygu Says:

    ı didnt take 1500 coins yet

  45. tanem Says:

    ı didn’t take my 1500 coins yet, too.

  46. selma Says:

    where is my 1500 coins ı didnt take

  47. guadalupe Says:

    how can I get 1500 coins

  48. cindi Says:

    Thank you for working so hard to make the game better… I want to let you know though, that mine is still down… ???

  49. kimono54 Says:

    thank you so much for your hard work!

  50. Amanda Says:

    Thanks for the update on the maintenance! I am definitely addicted to this game 😀

    So how/when do these $1,500 coins show up? Are they coming in the daily lottery or was it just defaulted to everyone’s account?

    I ask because I don’t remember the amount of coins I had yesterday and I’m not sure I got the coins…

  51. Mocha Says:

    I was wondering why I got 1500 coins XD
    Thanks for making the game better ^_^

  52. Laura Says:

    Thank you… we love PET SOCIETY! I even buy coins… something I never did before!

  53. Lumei Says:

    I thought I didn’t leave it the night before with so many coins. So I was right that PF has given us some coins. Thanx! 😉

    However, I’m having trouble loading PS again now?! Sigh…

  54. Joanne Says:

    I didnt get my 1500 coins.. boo

  55. GingerPinky Says:

    ehi…maintenance again?? I just read the message bout maintenance being over and what I got??….oh plz PS team….do something!! 😦

  56. sue Says:

    thanks for the explanation about ps problem and why maintenence had to be done for so long now i understand better!
    i didnt get 1,500 coins yet, when will we recieve them and how?
    thanks agin for the great game os…..



  58. tanjiTza Says:


  59. tanjiTza Says:


  60. Katie Says:

    Love it! And LOVE PLAYFISH! Unfortunately, I did not get the 1,500 coins? Is it coming tonight?

    Is there a way to find out beforehand about the maintenance?


  61. ariel Says:

    I sory

  62. a Says:

    I love the pet is the best of the world 😎
    but I want money but do not want to buy this is my perfect opportunity jajaja! because if I won all that money my house will be pretty good I have to add that my dream is to see that house and I would like to have but what I lack is money ¬ ¬
    jajaja ps add me and my house because envidenme are all that is to win! okey understand lost!
    JAJAJAJA (evil laugh) just kidding friends and win the best right?
    las quiero ♥
    and wish them the best in us life
    and for his win as the best =)


  63. sofia Says:

    iam fan the pet society

  64. Agusttina Says:

    Que cash Mamee ajajaja Sobe

  65. jennifer Says:

    hiolavynycnytn knyvnyf

  66. NICOLE Says:





  67. rr6 Says:

    hola nada mas es una sugerencia.

    Que los pets se puedan enfermar y que halla como que una clinica en donde se puedan comprar medicinas para que se curen.



  68. knky Says:

    ola quiero dinero en pet plisss

    gracias bye

  69. agustina Says:

    quiero competir en esta competensi pero no se como si alguien sabe españos escribalo y q me diga

  70. Cuca Says:

    I never received my 1.500 free coins…waiting for three entirely days and nights…Regards…and keeping doing a great game…. I enjoy it very much

  71. yamileth Says:

    amo sociedad mascota pero me robaron todas mis cosas estoy triste!

  72. sthefania Says:

    cm hago para inscribirme quiero participar

  73. arenito Says:


  74. BIG BOSS Says:

    i 100000 coins in pet society

  75. Danielle Says:

    i didnt get the free 1,500 coins!!!! not fairrrr

  76. fernando Says:

    I want to win millions of coins

  77. glazel Says:


  78. DoDo Says:

    I love pet secioty so mush

  79. amanda Says:

    How can i get 1500 coins

  80. nicko Says:

    how can I get 1500 coins

  81. Lavender Says:

    Thanks!! for all the hardwork you guys are doing! I love this game and so does my owner! 🙂

  82. Rosemary Says:

    I didn’t get any coins……

  83. belmary Says:

    hola como estas quiero aser una pregunta como es esto

  84. belmary Says:

    hola como estas le mando un cordial saludos a todos pero quiero preguntar como es esto

  85. belmary Says:

    y me pueden mandar 1600 coin

  86. maxi Says:

    1.000.000 de monedas yo soñe eso(no es broma) aunque las ganaba automaticamente espero ganar pet society manda wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  87. lucas Says:

    me gusta el Pet Society

  88. lucas Says:

    dhe bred saw cice gha cuabs bokas

  89. Miffer Says:

    I am glad you have gotten the issue resolved BUT I am still missing real cash had five came back on with 1. Any comments with that. Don’t think I will do the real cash thing again if it is going to be missing after a maintenance. Also what about the Rest. City I can only get on there between 3 to 4 pm no morning or early afternoon hours. hummmm

  90. Ryan Says:

    can you add more coins to the lottery

  91. Ryan Says:

    i realy love pet society and all playfish games

  92. Christian Says:

    thank you very much for your hard work of making pet society a better game and thank you very much for the always adding new item thanks.

  93. Christian Says:

    I was very gloomy because their is always a maintenace in pet society but i could live with it because their is always great items in pet society D: ^_^

  94. SUZANNE Says:

    I didnt receive my 100 coins how come?? alot of m friends did but not me 😦 I love this game n I,m a very active player..i play all day n night.. n u said were suppose toget 1000 coins but my kIKi didnt get her 1000 coins… please fiix this so kiki can get them too.. suzanne arsenault pets name kiki level 26 thank u

  95. raiyan Says:

    I want to play this game….

  96. lolly Says:

    I’m so proud of pet society after knowing it’s events,the birthday bash and the growing plants challenge seriously got pet societeers’ perked up!

  97. shanely Says:

    hola a todos como se ase esto por fabor no se aserlo como se ace esto
    cosa ayudenme por fabor

  98. felix Says:

    plis 10000 coins

  99. kaitlyn Says:

    Pet socity is so cool i’ve told all my friends about it!! more free coins =] lolz THANK YOU SO MUCH

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love pet socity =] xx

  100. kaitlyn Says:


  101. ally Says:

    yeah keep hearing about coins given away for our headaches but i have yet to recieve any..not the 2,000 last week or the 1,500 today …..i’m by no means impressed

  102. Jonathan Says:

    TYSM. I was pretty ticked off at first because I had no idea WHY there was such a long maintenance. Now I know and I feel pretty bad for what I did. I was being naive and it’s just maintenance; you guys are doing this to make the game better. I’m really glad about the compensation. THANK YOU, PLAYFISH. ♥

  103. francisca Says:

    hola yo soy una de las miles
    de fanaticas adictas al pet sosiety
    yo encuentro ke es muy bueno
    y yo creo ke debemos darle grasias al
    facebook por ke si no estubiera yo no estaria escribiendo esto

  104. steven Says:

    pet society es lo mejor y si yo ganara haria una piscina de monedas y yo nadaria tambien daria regalos a todos mis amigos que son muy muy importantes para mi vida ojala ganara
    gracias PET SOCIETY son lo mejor

  105. juanita triplett Says:

    i did not get 1500 coins.thank you for a wonderful game.

  106. eme24 Says:

    so that was that
    thanks playfish people!

  107. victoria Says:

    mi cumpleaños es el 12 de agosto
    in english:my birthday is on 12/8

  108. Debbie Says:

    I was so excited to here that the bugs had been worked out and that Pet Society was back up and running!! And then tonight I can’t get into the game! I didn’t realze there were so many people playing. Please get it fixed and back up and running soon!!

  109. Fika Mutiara Gustya Says:

    I love you Pet Society……….

  110. Fika Mutiara Gustya Says:


  111. Fika Mutiara Gustya Says:

    I love playfish….:-) <:

  112. happy girl Says:

    Woooooooow ThanQ pet society i love you so much

  113. farida wan Says:

    Sorry to say that I am still experiencing problems with loading into Pet Society!…I wonder why because reading all those comments above does not echo the problems I have been going through. It is the same with Restaurant City…always problem of loading…..

    I really hope this problem will be solved soon…I understand that you are doing all you can to improve the game but I just don’t understand why some people are not experiencing the problems and some are…are you doing it in stages?…according to the regions in the world or what?

  114. Audrey Says:

    Thank you for working so fast, and so hard for was so hard to not be able to see my pet! haha! Thanks for the coins..a suggestion tho, maybe you could make it even easier for us to make coins faster by growing more than one fruit every couple of days, and making the trees grow faster..its an idea. Thanks again!

  115. Mardwin Says:

    Mardwin/s Birthday In Pet Society Birthday Competition in the Pet Society July 31 2009 at 8;00

  116. Holly Says:

    OMG, I love the mayor with his computer!!! he looks adorable, but is funny at the same time… lol 😛

  117. Marlene Says:

    Thank you for you hard work but I am still having the same problems as I did before you did the maintenance.

  118. melly Says:

    hla ne gustaria jugar

  119. joe chong Says:

    Thank you playfish people your did a good job….. ^^ 🙂

  120. Yu lOngkE Says:

    Wazzuupp mgaa Broo!!

  121. Lorena Says:

    I did not get the 1500 coins…. How do I get it? Thank you

  122. fatima Says:


  123. hebbaP Says:

    AT NO point has myself or anyone I know received the 1500 coins Playfish says they credited.

  124. veronika takacova Says:

    stastne narodenony prajem a 1 000 000 coins je velmi super bola by som velmi rada keby ste mi to poslali pa,pa…

  125. nicholas Says:

    Thank you for taking care of the maintenance problems although I didn’t get the coins.

  126. Shalow Says:

    Guys you are Marvellous. Not only because of the gifts you gave us this week, but for all the smiles you brought me.

    Because of you i’m feeling alot better inside of me since i begin to play Pet Society”s game. When i’m with my pet, i forget all the bad stuff oof my day or my life… I love this game “cause without knowing, we are all working togeter in sharing, helping, loving, helping nature to grow,

    This pet is now a real member of the family. My husband and my daughter talk alot about the growing pet in our life…. lolll

    Something sure, this week i have seen how much we all depends of our loving pets….

    Love U Pet….. U”R” the best xxxx

  127. eman othman Says:

    i whant to join the pirthday competition

  128. eman othman Says:

    how i get a cash coins

  129. miley cyrus Says:

    wooooooooow,i play pet society too,sooo cool,i can wait because i don’t play all the time,sometimes my sister noah does,i have to go to my t.v. show,oh well love u all my fans!

  130. gizem Says:

    septembe 23,2009 at 13:30

  131. Clara Says:

    I was really annoyed that I was not able to access the game. But now that we can, I’m ticked off that I cant see any amount of coins being added to my account! =.=

  132. Lea Says:

    ahhhhhhhh,is it realy u miley?

  133. Emily Says:

    wow,this is all,gr8,i’ll go get my 1,500,who,I LOVE U PLAYFISH,and i love my pet Emilyania

  134. niniko sarishvili Says:

    vici ra vici

  135. szzesz Says:

    um mayor.. my pet society account did undergo some maintenance but.. i did not receive the 1500 coins. but there WAS a notification..

  136. Michi Says:

    Great job :X I love this game! Thank you for working so hard >:D<

  137. paul linabog Says:

    hello to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i can have a million coins in pet society because im very poor and if ill have a million coins i will sent a gift to everyone!!!!!!
    so plz………. ms or mrs. sonya for your kindness please give me money even 1000 or more!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks

  138. JP1995 Says:

    Thanks ! Love the game a lot ! Lol and I like also the picture of the mayor !

  139. paul linabog Says:

    hello to all!!!!!!

    plz. add me

    my e-mail is!


  140. simona Says:

    sorry, but I did’nt get 1,500 coins, why?

  141. paul linabog Says:

    its good to have a mayor like our mayor!!!!!!!!!!

  142. paul linabog Says:

    thank u very very very very very very very very much mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. paul linabog Says:

    in pet society

  144. paul linabog Says:

    i love pet society very much!

  145. JP1995 Says:

    by the way when does the fishing feature come out?

  146. dandoon Says:

    soo good,keep it up!!!

  147. erin + dawid Says:

    i want 2 but a good house sennd gifts and make new friends by makeing there house look brillannt thx u …………………….. and help pet soiety by giving money to make pet socity look better and more popular

  148. erin + dawid Says:

    ok …………………

  149. jojina lopez Says:

    i’m too sad..i wasn’t able to receive my pet JLo’s free coins…eventhough i’ve received the notification…my hubby received his pet toti’s 1,500 coins though…my pet is also sad..’coz during the maintenance she wasn’t able to earn points and coins…huhu…

  150. basse Says:

    how can I get 1500 coins

  151. clara Says:

    pourquoi pas on peu rêver

  152. sarry Says:

    honey and pet of death thank u so much

  153. Rosana Says:

    I didn´t receive any coins !!!!!!! I want 1.500 coins !!! snif snif…

  154. RAQUEL!!! Says:


  155. scooby Says:

    hoa no entiendo mucho ingles me dirian de que se trata y como ago para ganar la competicion?? agradesco su respuesta

  156. Cindy Chevalier Says:

    Well it is good to hear that the maintence has been completed, but trying to access this game is becoming harder. Everyday is a battle to get into Pet Society, I am using a new computer, uploaded the latest Flash program, cleaned my cache, re-sarted the computer and nothing. Not being able to access is much more frequent than accessing it. Please try and do something about this.

  157. flibbertigibbet Says:

    Great job you guys! I love this game! Life would be very dull indeed without pet society!

  158. pavlina Says:

    when we will have the room number 10?

  159. Maryjo Says:

    It’s nice you’re back up & running. How about the coins we were promised? Haven’t received any from the last time either.

  160. Mara Says:

    Dear Petsociety,
    I didn’t receive the amount of 1,500 coins you said, I don’t know why, also if in the days of maintenance I tried to enter in the game some hundred times.
    Can you explain this? Thank you!
    You’re great!!!

  161. chatty95321 Says:

    I would love to see my pet involved in some kind of sport. I would like to be able to buy him some sporting equipment. He enjoys the races, but wants more…like baseball orsoccer.

  162. chatty95321 Says:

    Also, I bought a scarecrow for my yard and the next day it was gone, so I had to buy another one….is there a thief in the neighborhood?

  163. wendy duty Says:

    i love the game and enjoy all the things you guys do…one problem please make it easier to get rooms i have alot of time and money invested but keep getting rid of things to get new things because i do not have the room if i had room would keep all the stuff.i have alot invested in this game…. also people that have alot less points than i do have same amount of rooms and i keep getting pointd but no rooms please help and check into this…

  164. lucy Says:


  165. mariona Says:

    how can I get 1500 coins

  166. Cecilia De Leon Says:

    I did not receive the 1500 coins on Friday or the 1000 coins given on 7-11??? Wish it could be fair for everyone…

  167. mojgan saghafi Says:

    i love you

  168. Taylor Says:

    i did not get the coins and i never do help me!!!

  169. Kimora Says:

    I didn’t get any coins though . . .

  170. bernardita Says:

    que extraño como juegooooooooooooo

  171. bernardita Says:

    cccccoooooommmmmmmmooooooo jeugo

  172. Vicki Slack-McLean Says:

    I never received the free coins, what is up with that and I am still having loading problems

  173. Barbi Says:

    i cant enter now!!!!!
    dont know why , but it doesnt load

  174. SunShine1 Says:

    that is totally unbelieveable and can’t fathom that many people first in this world right now nor could I fathom that many people playing one game around the same time it is incredible.

  175. sara elizabeth Says:

    hey i only got 1500 but i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but you did a very great job because i cant played in pet society for 2 days!!
    great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. lautaro Says:

    ta mortal jajajajajajajajjaja REGALEN $2000

  177. mj Says:

    after the maintenance, a plant and a window went missing…

  178. bubbles Says:

    omg i love this game so so much and i try to play every day i deffo know i go on it every tuesday lol cant wait to c wats instore =] =] =] xx

  179. Carolyn Says:

    Wow. I know Pet Society’s popular, but THAT POPULAR??! (Whopping 3+ million at any 1 time!!) Woahhh…..Grats to Playfish. 😉
    Good thing you let players know about why the maintenance is needed so badly. Not everyone can understand how difficult it is to handle the technology of it. (I can sympathise ’cause I’m a budding animator) Love the Mayor’s look; it fitfully describes the situation for both players and Playfish employees. Total frustration & stress! Haha =D

  180. Peggy Rhodes Says:

    I never got my 1500 coins and several of my things have disappered. And mine is not working again. Please let me know something.


  181. Glenn Says:

    No, you have NOT solved the issue. Don’t say that when the problems keep occurring!
    Yet ANOTHER maintenenace – again and again and again.
    Sure, the increase of people playing naturallt takes its toll on the system and server, but surely thisw can’t continue.
    You can’t just keep shutting down the game every third day because more people are playing! It’s just ridiculous, and frankly other gamne constructors can cope with this without closing down their game on a regular bais.

    Surely you must see that this can not go on and that you need a more PERMANENT solution.

    I have to give you a pat on the back, though, for keeping your word. many seem to complain that they haven’t received their compensation coins but at least I have always received them everytime. So for that I thank you.

    Just some advice: do NOT bother about designing new features until you have gotten rid of the technical problems once and for all!!! I think most players would prefer that you keep it running as it should beforen you create new bugs in the program by experimenting with new stuff. Learn to walk before you can run!

    All the best

  182. Wendy Says:

    The Maintenance wasn’t a success? It is down again now without any notice & warning.

  183. Marissa Says:

    Wow! That many people? Phew….sad to see it’s down again today though.

  184. paula Says:

    Espero que sea cada ves mas corto y mas rapido el mantenimiento.
    El juego es muy bueno. Deberian quitar a las personas que no usan o dejaron de usar el juego para no tener qe hacer tanto mantenimiento.

  185. Mew Mew Kitty Says:

    I was so sad when I didn’t play with Ashley! But you didn’t need to give us coins to make it up to us! You know we will always forgive u guys! 😉 😀

  186. Rinoa Says:

    Fuck it, it’s down again!!!

  187. charlie Says:

    Thankyou for a very good explanation of the problems, I am so glad to be part of this fantastic game

  188. mafer Says:

    i didnt get 1500 coins like u said

  189. nathalie Says:

    ma petite pinkie est super hereuse dans le monde de pet society
    j’espere gagner le concour pour remplir sa maison de belles choses
    car il y a beaucoup d’accessoires que je voudrais pour elle

  190. fronsacq cedric Says:

    you said “To show our gratitude, we’re giving you all 1,500 coins to spend. ”
    i havent received this
    thank you to give me those coins… reparing this mistake

  191. NIIQO Says:


  192. martha Says:

    FeLiZ CuMpLeªñºs….tE amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººººº

  193. gigi Says:

    sorry i never get ANY of these coins, for any maintenance or even the ones promised for the garden. i am not 1,500 coins richer today, yesterday & neither are any of my friends!
    from thursday-sunday we have not received 1,500 coins at all in lotto i got a total of 50 on fri, 50 on sat. where r my coins?
    i think they should put them into our accts in those little money bags & not via lotto that is kinda cheap of a company that makes 17 mill a year off us.
    give us the coins along w/our daily lotto. not all of us can afford 100$ a week to buy coins for regular or cash shops.

  194. gigi Says:


  195. ruben rojas Says:


  196. ruben rojas Says:


  197. toby Says:

    thanks play fish

  198. cristhian Says:

    esto se trata de un concurso que tu tienes que mostrar tu talento foto,video ,texto etc esto lo escribo para los que no saben leer ingles 🙂

  199. cristhian Says:

    toi aburrio 😦 pero esto me alegro:)

  200. flor Says:

    se nota q trbajan todos muy duro para q todos podamos jugar a este juego increible de pet society . se los agradesco un monos y se q muchos se los agradecen tambien 🙂

  201. madeline Says:

    heyy i didn’t ever get my 1500 coins so unfair!!!!!!!!!

  202. kevin jesus Says:

    hola todos mis amigos

  203. kevin jesus Says:

    que paso

  204. Ingriid Says:

    espero que gane yo

  205. Ingriid Says:

    espero que gane

  206. ♥♥♥ Says:

    I was super happy to read this, but now it hasn’t only NOT gotten better but in fact gotten worse – many times (since two days ago) that I have been able to get in with no problem in the past are now flooded with mayors and errors. It’s not that I want to whine but the stuff your moderators say and the blog is contradicting – they claimed it’s not because of too many people playing but because of bugs. Well, now you guys are saying otherwise.
    We really believed you guys when we saw this post, but seems like it’s all the same thing again – I won’t be surprised when more and more people try to access and the game has to be taken down again.

    Thank you.

  207. marizol Says:

    a ganaar!

  208. kaitlyn Says:

    i didn’t get my money 😦

  209. marta muñoz Says:

    😮 😀 🙂 😦 😉 :/ :* 😛

  210. panda Says:

    YAY 😀

  211. Robert Bear Says:

    Thank you all for your patience during todays maintenance and those for the past few days.
    Well as always you have managed to screw up today and the loading procedure. Over two hours to try and load the game after countless tries. YOU PEOPLE need to do much better, the way it is STILL BLOWS.
    ALso abolixh the trading forum and you wouldn’t have the coin hackers, the scammers and the cloners either.

  212. Someone Says:

    erm… maintenance again? cause i was racing with my pet in the stadium and suddenly it had an error and i clicked retry but it said Error while loading page from Pet Society =(((

  213. HUGO Says:

    Quiero jugar !

  214. HUGO Says:

    Quiero jugar !!!

  215. Pauline Says:

    Great!!! I want 1 million!!!pls..

  216. Vivithy Says:

    Yes, I hate when my pet society doesn`t work, because I am an adict to my pet.

  217. fronsacq cedric Says:

    you said “To show our gratitude, we’re giving you all 1,500 coins to spend. ”
    I went to the game but i saw that i had always the same number of coins.
    Thanks to repare this mistake.

  218. bibi Says:

    you said “To show our gratitude, we’re giving you all 1,500 coins to spend. ”
    I went to the game but i saw that i had always the same number of coins.
    Thanks to repare this mistake.

  219. gisela orellana Says:

    gracias por mejorar pero aun se observan problemas

  220. Malak el kerdany Says:

    great work team it’s O.K to do efforts

  221. anna Says:

    gracias pero eso cuando sera

  222. anna Says:

    in de agostt on juny
    mi nino se llam palala i se como see haces hijos

  223. mohammad kofahi Says:

    plz plz

  224. hilal Says:


  225. nicole Says:

    if we could get more mony it will be AWESOME

  226. donna (maggie) Says:

    hi guys i just read tat playfish gave everyone 1500.00 coins for spending on what ever you want i didnt get them why????? my daughter and her pet lil saint didnt get them.did anyone get them???? wheres my coins?????????????

  227. sena Says:

    oleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you pet society

  228. minno Says:

    para istiyorum

  229. Panda Says:

    I think that the pet owners of the stores , well, they should interact more… so that we could go inside talk with them and they ll ask us for doing stuff… like plant a carrot so that we could give them and earn money in this way… i also think that in the stadio it should exist at list one more game… because in my opinion the train and the bets its no so fun … Anddd pleaseee can you come up with a bed and a wallpaper to match with the black and cream furniture in the luxury shop?

  230. xandra lim Says:

    Erm…still have maintenance in my account?
    i was playing pet society a while and turn off..then after that i reopen again and had an error and i clicked retry but still ERROR while loading page from pet society..
    IT happen often~~pls help me!!

  231. joseph joe Says:

    great!!good work playfish’s team…hope to see more great stuffs and suprises…upgrading is good….true fans will surely wait….bravo….

  232. JACKYLYN Says:

    i think it’s broke again…i can’t acess…i want to see my pet so badly

  233. Brittany Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  234. Brittany Says:

    play on petsholit………………………….. 🙂

  235. ness Says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pet societyy 😉

  236. Lily Says:

    1500 coins ??? i only got 50 coins everytime after maintenance … its really UNFAIR !!!

  237. salma ahmed Says:

    i cant belive million coins

  238. salma ahmed Says:

    thank u pet society 4 your great ofer

  239. Miffer Says:

    I tried again this morning I cannot get on to either Rest City or Pet Society. I even tried in three different browsers error error error. I did not receive the 1500 coins either so all of you that think you got only 50 or less I didnt get anything. This is getting not only annoying but the question WHY CANT THEY FIX THIS PROBLEM. I have complained due to money cash money missing on pet society I have not gotten a response at all, also Rest City no entry to that same thing I have my cash real cash money there I will today file a complaint with paypal….they can take care of it…

  240. Debi Simas Says:

    keep up the hard work, I know that all the “down time” is to make Pet Society even better….considerate of Pet S to offer the 1,500 coins to help make up for our lost opportunities of makeing our pets “”spending momey”……………..It’s Monday morning in Calif. My Pet still has not recieved the coins yet…………..I believe there was another time a couple of months ago that we were promised 1000 coins…My pet never got that either…if fact I have never gotten exta coins at anytime, (besides lottery)….Is it just me????????????? Please make this right..It is so exciting to hear about these extra coins, and then i plan on how I want to spend them, And then **Nothing** “Is it jut me?” :0/

  241. Glenn Says:

    I got my 1500 coins, as I also received the 1000 coins after the previous maintenenace before that.
    50 coins? Are you sure you’re not talking about the usual 50 coins your pet “wins” in a raffle on a regular basis?

  242. nik Says:

    me to!i only got 50 coins evrey time!i wont to win 1.000 000 000

  243. paola Says:

    no se pero
    traduscan al español
    como en el mismo juego
    que te dan opsiones de ponerlo en diferentes
    me pregunto
    por eso
    no se puede jugar pet society???
    yo see que podre hacer algo mejor para los pet’s
    yo soy alguien muy entusiasta

  244. HERNAN Says:

    agregenme al facebook heernii jorge

  245. mariela Says:

    bueniiiisiiiimo el juego, pero por favor traduscan estas páginas por que no podemos entender todo el juego.gracias

  246. GELAN Says:


  247. Beatriz buenos aires, argentina Says:

    Gracias, pero creo entender que el problema es que ya son millones los usuarios , yo soy una abuela de 68 años y mi mascota Petun es parte de mi vida diaria, no se como pero espero que esto se resuelva pronto.Y si ganara le enviaria regalos a mis nietas y a los amigos que tengo por todo el mundo!!!resuelvanlo pronto!!!

  248. nidia Says:

    hii thank

  249. shannon Says:

    im joining

  250. Van Says:

    I never saw those 1.500 coins…

  251. luis felipe Says:

    09 de agosto 1982

  252. ferny Says:

    no lo se como funciona

  253. ferny Says:

    no se como funciona

  254. Karina Says:

    kiero $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ xD

  255. sariam Says:

    somebody can help me!!!
    how can i enter to this competition???

  256. javi Says:

    puras weeeeaas som mas fome las cagasss jajajajajjajajajajjajaajajaa
    vayeces a la mierdaaaa jajajajajajajajajjaja

  257. karen Says:

    hola alguien habla espanol 😦

  258. nikki Says:

    Hey playfish! Thanks for working on ps its alot of fun. It’d be pretty cool if you went to the races and instantly wore a tracksuit and if the vacuum cleaner worked like were your pet actually vacuums the floor! So fun anyways just a few suggestions! thanks playfish!!

  259. renata Says:

    Why there is an under maintenance???????????!!

  260. renata Says:

    why there is an under maintenance?

  261. abdullah Says:

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood but the money!!

  262. Kumiko Says:

    why i do not have the 1,500 coins?.?

  263. moon Says:

    ‎pet society maintenance forever T_T i cant log in

  264. lariz Says:

    maintenance AGAIN. haaii.

  265. clydie Says:

    how do you play the came or create it then but i really want the million pounds
    oue cant wait

  266. ali Says:

    how can i win a million coin?

  267. 2bu 3isheh Says:

    wesh hoe elhex elgded
    wat is the new hex
    ايش هي الكلمة الجديدة ل CHEAT engine 5.5

  268. iLee Princess Says:

    Esta bien comprendo lo que paso, hace unos 7 meses que juego petsociety en Facebook y vaya que me encanto yo crei que me habian borrado mi juego o que lo ivan a cnacelar pero que bueno que siga, espero y recibir las sorpresas y dinero, jajajaja adiioz.

  269. Ravi Says:

    I hope it can accomadate lots and maby more stores . i cant do with out pet sociaty

  270. Ravi Says:

    i the lottery we only get 50coins can it be more

  271. FIONA LEE Says:

    why can not rec’d 1,500 conis???? only got 50/ days…

  272. cristina Says:

    I really need of money!!

  273. cristina Says:

    I really need of money!!!

  274. carmen Says:

    10x mayor:P

  275. joel Says:


  276. jona Says:

    nesesito dinero

  277. ciny Says:

    I hope I will win

  278. julka Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  279. Barb Says:

    I have not been able to get into the game yesterday and today. will I get anything to reinburse me for my plants going rotton or for the money I will miss out on? Its not fair. I am alway having maintence on my pets page. 😦

  280. me Says:

    but my account is still under maintenance

  281. mikelle Says:

    graziee! xD ! ! !

  282. bhumika makker Says:

    how to do it????

  283. paola Says:

    ablen en español ash no se les entiende tontos

  284. Olja Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 I just get 100 cions plzzz give me moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………….:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  285. missy davila Says:

    i wish we could have more money without selling any thing

  286. JT Says:

    erm it says my account is unavailable

  287. Ravi Says:


  288. Ravi Says:


  289. yamil Says:

    como mierda caca hago para jugar
    la recalcada concha del alcalde jeje 😀

  290. yamil Says:

    como hago ehhhhhhhhh??

  291. tiffany Says:

    i never got 1500 coins after maintenance either!

  292. Nena T Says:

    Gracias,por el mantenimiento deseo segir jugando y recibiendo monedas es un juego padrisimo me encanta!!! ITS REALLY SO FUN THANKS

  293. jhonexy Says:

    holaaaaaaaa soy nueva en esto

  294. Sela Says:

    I’m not saying Facebook Pet Society players don’t deserve the coins..but I’ve got one point to make and I’m going to make it…
    What about MySpace Pet Society players patience for putting up with rewind #2? There is no incentive for those players to stay around or stay loyal.

  295. Mitzu Says:

    Hi… well my account is blocked since 5 days ago!! i dont know if this is normal it says that it’s unavailable temporaly why is that?? Hope someone can help me… thanks

  296. Tami Says:

    I’m still down…. it told me that my account was temporarly unavalible and to check back in a few hours….. that was a few days ago…. i keep checking back but nada!!!!!

  297. pipe Says:

    jajajajjajajajaajaj paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaltaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  298. hilda Says:

    tengo que ganar mas dinero quiero que mi pet tenga los muebles y la ropa de la tienda mas cara plis monei

  299. hilda Says:

    eeeey que pasa por que no sirve el juego de pet ya tengo 4 dias esperando que lo arregen ya yaaaaaaaaa pliiissss

  300. Amy Says:

    My dearest playfish pet society team, please help me. I have been so sad for these 3 days. I could not access my pet society account for 3 days until now. I am so sad. I really wish to play with my pet and enjoy all the nice things that you guys have prepared for all of us. I could not even feed and bath my pet now. Please help me. It keep asking me to come back a few hours later and saying my account is under maintenance. Thanks a lot.

  301. Mallory Says:

    What can we hear in response to those whose accounts are still unavailable?

  302. gloria Says:

    my pet society accounts has been under mantainance since 21 july till today 23 july. Please let me know why only my account not able to access??

  303. SOL Says:

    I´am no speak english, please ALGO EN CASTELLANO thanks

  304. Sally Says:

    thanks the playfish ppl!!!

  305. pablo sweid Says:

    i have a big problem every day i have maintenance………. i am very sad….

  306. diana leen Says:

    i didn’t received any.. 😦

  307. federico Says:

    se avessi 1 milione di coins sarei felicissimo comprerei tutto cio che trovo mi divertirei un mondo per favore datemeli

  308. federico Says:

    1.000.000 di coins è il mio sogno me llllllllliiiiiiiiiidddddddddaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeee pppppppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaavore farei dei regali ha tutti

  309. sohaila Says:

    pet socity rwls

  310. özge Says:


  311. thomas Says:

    como se hace para jugar???

  312. sebastián Says:


  313. amanda Says:

    muy bueno me gusta mucho este juego

  314. lucinda Says:

    my pet society is running slower than ever now:(

  315. Maria Says:


  316. cloie chedee Says:

    wow…pet society is so awesome…..great……!!!!!!!!!!1

  317. cloie chedee Says:

    pet society completed my day……………………………………..

  318. devan Says:

    semoga aku menang

  319. ashley Says:

    please i relley want to play it

  320. lito Says:

    its greattttttt

  321. hira madni Says:

    i need 200000 coins please send me

  322. christian Says:

    at last, its about time!!!!!.JOKE

  323. Moonttszee :) Says:

    qee GenneeaaL…. 🙂

  324. montse Says:

    i want to win the 1 million coins ! and i want to say that pet society is the best game of playfish thank you for exist and please i want to be a millionary of pet society i love you playfish
    thank you .

  325. montse Says:

    i want to win the 1 million coins ! and i want to say that pet society is the best game of playfish thank you for exist and please i want to be a millionary of pet society, i love you playfish
    thank you.

  326. erbi Says:

    agan otro concurso pero que no concursen los que ganaron :D:)

  327. candela Says:

    no se entiende nada en ingles!! :(,anda mal el pet!:(

  328. Ryan Says:

    i like the way you put a pond and i have an idea what if theres a pet store like a minipet store so that your pat has its own pet ok ps please reply^_^

  329. tamara Says:

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  330. gabejavier Says:

    how do you get more money in a faster way?

  331. gabejavier Says:

    🙂 i love pet society i cant wait to play it again and i like the pond 🙂

  332. mimi Says:


  333. dure says: Says:

    what is your name when is yr birthy

  334. Gonzalo Says:

    Yes, we have experienced many problems….. it´s really frustrating…. my son of 5 does not understand what to wait means….
    Thanks anyway…. We love the game!

  335. omarwishah Says:

    you really are working very hard your the best game in the world but one thing to say dont give up

  336. totto Says:

    necesito monedassssss

  337. estefani Says:


  338. caca Says:

    hey putos hablen en español<!!!!!!!!!!!

  339. Alberte Says:

    kom nu jeg vil med

  340. ravi lakhan Says:

    u all are working very hard we can see that keep it up

  341. fernanda Says:

    porque nadie habla español osea jjajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaakajaajlajlajaa

  342. esnupi Says:


  343. israel Says:

    mostly it does not go and that I have everything updated but not for criticizing the truth

  344. israel Says:

    but is good the game xD

  345. Emily chau Says:

    Good Play

  346. Crystal Says:


  347. john frederick batang Says:

    hai i want to ah millioner

  348. -- Says:

    Thanks for the hard work…
    But today, I wanted to play Pet society, and I clicked on the shortcut icon.
    It was loading, and when the loading was complete, it said: ‘Your account is temporarily unavailable, please check back in a few hours …’
    I checked back after a few hours but it still didn’t work.
    I wonder what caused that annoying error… 0.0″

  349. Ilean Kiara Says:

    i appreciate all your effort. team playfish. 🙂 i know you work hard that’s my gift back.. 🙂

  350. kieran Says:

    petsoictey is the best game ever i should live as a pet and what pet is it dog or cat

  351. danya Says:

    goooood jobb but i just get 50 coins..please give me more and more like 50000 :P:P:P ………………..XDXD

  352. andres Says:

    se lo agradesco mucho esta es una opurtunidad no se ven todos los dias

  353. becky Says:

    i love pet societyi think its a good game to play on !!

  354. nicole valencia Says:

    thanks for every thing i couldent possebly have more

  355. yoismar Says:

    hola soy de otro lado del mundo x lo tanto hablo en español quisiera k puesieran ua pagina en español

  356. carolina Says:

    se ria genial si ganaramos todos

  357. leonie Says:

    porq hablan todos en ingles!

  358. mariana Says:

    son todos feos los del pet societti ademas esas cosas q se hacen tienen mas cabeza q cuerpo

  359. raul Says:

    facebook the 1.000.000 ais my

  360. raul Says:

    good bye my 1.000.000 ok

  361. mila Says:

    muy bueno esto jajaja

  362. sergio Says:

    hola me llamo sergiio

  363. gonzalow Says:

    pleae give my money i buy play fish money

  364. patricia lópez Says:

    yo amo este juego, es el mejor que he jugado en toda mi vida jeje……soy fans!!!!

  365. cecille Says:

    i wasn’t able to receive the 1500 coins… and now it is under maintenance again…
    how come before we get 30 coins for visiting active friends but now, what i got are just 20-15 coins? pls. update me. thanks!

  366. Cammy Says:

    Thanks for making the game better 🙂

    But can you speed it up a little bit (I’m not saying that you’re too slow but can you speed it up more, I mean a little bit)

    Sorry if my message hurt you but I like what your doing. (TO IMPROVE THE PROGRESS OF PET SOCIETY) :))

    Thank you (If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have anything to do for my lazy much & tiredly days or so much depression, so THANKS :))

  367. kello Says:

    i want 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and more…

  368. kello Says:


  369. kello Says:

    if you gave me more thane tenmillion you’ll found me awsome ill be so rich and all they will love me couz now im not rich im trying to have more coins but i cant couz only 1 race and the trees is given me coins maby less thane 3 coins ok i wanna grow up but i am28 and its so hard time to win and the ball and frisbe bal with jumping row its so easy from first but whene i wana win i lose if i win i lose if i lose again i will lose and the bank mom and dad sasy no way all the time even sister and brothe and they dont wana buy me mobile so this is my life inpet society its so crazy yh??

  370. smiler Says:

    hyaaa x per soicety is betta now nd i relli enjoyed spending the coins nd giving presents away to my friends the playfish people have worked extremly hard nd every1 sud appreciate tht .u all work hard every day so we can play our game and £.6 million thats alot of people and it all comes back to yr work thanks playfish team the game is betta nd im nt the only one who thinks so …. x

  371. smiler Says:

    i meant 3.6 million lol

  372. kello Says:

    if you gave me more thane tenmillion you’ll found me awsome ill be so rich and all they will love me couz now im not rich im trying to have more coins but i cant couz only 1 race and the trees is given me coins maby less thane 3 coins ok i wanna grow up but i am28 and its so hard time to win and the ball and frisbe bal with jumping row its so easy from first but whene i wana win i lose if i win i lose if i lose again i will lose and the bank mom and dad sasy no way all the time even sister and brothe and they dont wana buy me mobile so this is my life inpet society its so crazy yh??

    Leave a Reply

  373. zoOzy Says:

    if you gave me more thane tenmillion you’ll found me awsome ill be so rich and all they will love me couz now im not rich im trying to have more coins but i cant couz only 1 race and the trees is given me coins maby less thane 3 coins ok i wanna grow up but i am28 and its so hard time to win and the ball and frisbe bal with jumping row its so easy from first but whene i wana win i lose if i win i lose if i lose again i will lose and the bank mom and dad sasy no way all the time even sister and brothe and they dont wana buy me mobile so this is my life inpet society its so crazy yh??

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  374. geraldine Says:

    bueno si yo tuviera un millon de monedas lo primero q haria seria ir por el parque diciendo me gane un millon de monedas gritandolo lo mas fuerte posible luego busco el internet mas cercano que consiga y les digo ha todos mis amigos de FACEBOOK y MY SPACES me gane un millon de monedas en pet society luego voy corriendo y le presumo a mi mama y le digo jajajajaja me lo gane y usted no jajajajajajajaja


    porfa eliganme me esmere mucho=)

  375. antonia Says:

    tan vacano¡¡¡

  376. antonia Says:

    pss esta super chevere

  377. lusi12345 Says:


  378. lusi12345 Says:

    helo mi name is lusi12345

  379. Karla Oyarce Says:

    lo mejor es pet si yo tendria un millon le daria un regalo a todo los de pet

  380. bethany panter Says:

    i need money guys if you let me win next time you can signn up for it and not me i promise so please let me win please xx

  381. bethany panter Says:

    pleaes yeah xx

  382. pati Says:

    1.000.000 coins

  383. laura Says:

    ma come si gioca??

  384. Shauneen Fitzy . Says:

    I need money now plz help me plz help help??????????????

  385. mia Says:

    yes good job fixing it 😀 and i could use more money 😉

  386. vale Says:

    de todo!

  387. martina Says:

    remaldaria mi casa recuperaria mis cosas y regaliria a mis amigos

  388. Fiona Says:

    go go go you are the best game in the hole hole worlth and hueray you can douet

  389. martin Says:

    i´m wins the millon coins

  390. fabiola Says:

    quiero conocer el jueguo

  391. mody Says:

    i need money guys if you let me win next time you can signn up for it and not me i promise so please let me win please xx

  392. ana Says:

    i love pet society

  393. agustina Says:

    me encanta el pet y quiero registrarme Pet Society is back up and we’re working hard to keep it that way

  394. agustina Says:

    me encanta el pet society

  395. agustina Says:

    hello may name is agustina may favorite is a pet society

  396. jade Says:

    hola este como puedo inscribirme

  397. Nebraska Denise D. Sulibit Says:

    Thanks for the hard work and thanks for the 1500 coins that I receive when I played after maintenance go go go.

  398. lusa Says:

    my birthday was in 22 july ,i realy dream of that gift ,1,000,000,000 coins is a big prise

  399. LuLu Says:


  400. butch jr Says:

    please give me coins!!At least 100 000

  401. butch jr Says:

    if you give me 1 000 000 next time everyday im play pet soceity

  402. butch jr Says:

    if you give me 1 000 000 next time everyday im play pet society ineed money i dont have a money

  403. Ceffita Says:

    Thank you for make Pet Society a fun game. And thanks for the money ^^

  404. amer madanat Says:

    pet society is so biotifol

  405. lewis Says:


  406. gonzalo Says:


  407. Dakota Says:

    i think team playfash is gay.

  408. paulina Says:

    io hablo español como se ase para ganar millones

  409. patricia angel moya Says:

    I wish that I could have a millions of money.. please let me win please…..

  410. zevaco Says:

    c moi la meilleure

  411. leah xx Says:

    yes please

    i need some coins xxxx

  412. leah xx Says:

    i will join to get some coins

  413. Oopsi e Woops Says:

    I didnt get the coins?

  414. jose Says:

    i ned moni pleas pleas 🙂

  415. jose Says:


  416. Jeovanni Jonson Says:

    good luck to pet society!!

  417. jtierra101 Says:

    give us 500000 coinns

  418. franatic Says:

    nesesito ese millon denmenlo


  419. catalina Says:

    porfa no tengo nada necesito esa plata

  420. miggy21 Says:

    give me all your money

  421. mika Says:

    hola quera saber como hacer para ganar plata en el pet society==?

  422. babebliss Says:

    i sooooooooooooooooooooo will love to win the prize my house in petsociety looks really rubbish and i would luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv to win this would have been the first prize i have won in my life….

  423. yasleidy Says:

    alcalde necesito mucho dinero mi casa es un desastre

  424. rommel Says:

    why i didn’t receive 1,500 coins on my account?

  425. jony Says:

    i need money guys if you let me win next time you can signn up for it and not me i promise so please let me win please xx

  426. marta irene perez ortiz Says:


  427. nouran Says:

    when is it coming out

  428. shadowblackfire Says:

    esta way

  429. shadowblackfire Says:

    esta super solo que no puedo abrir y ver a mi pets pobresita deve de aver muerto

    ( l ) ( l )

    – – –
    – – –
    —- – —-
    — —


  430. Ravi Says:

    u all are working hard keep it up

  431. dianita castillp Says:


  432. Phang Kai Jie Says:

    this is unfair

  433. Phang Kai Jie Says:

    This is unfair to say that
    we can’t win the million coins

  434. lizi Says:

    i love weri mach

  435. jonas iversen Says:

    I LOVE

  436. Allison Says:

    hey pet society if you didn’t create it not a lot of people would be on facebook it’s fun and great so thanks

  437. milagros Says:




  438. destyana dewi Says:

    working hard is good

  439. christina Says:

    let me win guys if you let me win next time you can signn up for it and not me i promise so please let me win please xx

  440. nanazzzzz Says:

    help i can’t play

  441. carlo Says:


  442. medina Says:


  443. Astrid Egekvist Says:

    YES im so happy :DDDD

  444. jean Says:

    please win a millon coins yesssssss

  445. Joanna Says:


  446. daneery Says:

    thankyou very much for working hard & your the first game 4 me

  447. madlen tabari Says:

    i am so happy

  448. Miffer Says:

    I have nothing else to say BUT hummmmmmmmmmmm

  449. momina Says:

    ohh!! thats remarkable!!!!keep going on and on!!!good!good!the assertion of the mayor is incomparable.thats a positive broadcast.uuuhuuu!!!!.i will win soon so just wait and watch!!!

  450. mariosha Says:


  451. mariosha Says:

    ah ktfbersad maregfyu

  452. mariosha Says:

    iam so happy

  453. mariosha Says:


  454. eilea Says:

    100000 or more please please !!!

  455. eilea Says:

    please100000000or more

  456. taty Says:


  457. Miffer Says:

    Until next week same time same reply

  458. simona Says:

    didn’t get 1,500 coins why????????

  459. TeEfIiTaA Says:

    Te rre super amo — ss lo mas te amo y siempre te voy a tener en mi corazon t am !! =)

  460. TeEfIiTaA Says:

    q mal no me entra !!! =(

  461. Arle Says:

    yes, it runs faster, but a lot of my items disappeared and i get no answer from support, so sad…

  462. Miffer Says:

    Keep working on it thankx…I didnt get extra coins though’o( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HALLOWEEN STUFF

  463. Miffer Says:

    More everyday clothes would be good, like sweaters, little tiny sweat pants, little coats, boots for the winter months that some of us have!! MOST OF ALL HALLOWEENIE STUFF PLEASE PLEASE

  464. QVCpets Says:

    It’s a beautiful pet site.

  465. arief Says:

    waw aku mau

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