Pet Society is back up and we’re working hard to keep it that way


Pet Society has experienced maintenance issues in the past few days which has made it hard for you to access the game. We have resolved those issues and Pet Society is now back up and running smoothly.

Here’s what has been going on: The number of people playing Pet Society has grown incredibly quickly. We knew we had a great game on our hands, and we knew you were going to enjoy it, but we had no idea just how much. Take yesterday for example: 3.6 million of you played Pet Society. That’s a phenomenal number of people to all be playing at roughly the same time, and we’re thrilled to see so many of you loving our game.

But there’s a flipside to all this incredible growth. As the number of players rapidly expands, the infrastructure behind the scenes has to be constantly reconfigured to keep up. It’s a bit like running a huge city with a population of many millions, but every day hundreds of thousands more people move in. The whole infrastructure of the city needs to be constantly improved to accomodate the increasing numbers of people.


The good news is that our engineers have been working tirelessly around the clock to make sure that the game runs more smoothly. We have fixed the issues and taken Pet Society out of maintenance mode, and you should find that it’s running more smoothly than before. It’s enormously important to us that the wait is as little time as possible so we’re doing everything we can to make make sure these maintenance periods become shorter and less frequent.

Thank you for all your patience over the last few days. To show our gratitude, we’re giving you all 1,500 coins to spend. Also, we have some new features and surprises on the way very soon so stay tuned. We think you’re going to love what we’ve got planned. Have fun!

note: this post is relevant for those that play Pet Society on Facebook only.

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468 Responses to “Pet Society is back up and we’re working hard to keep it that way”

  1. mariosha Says:

    ah ktfbersad maregfyu

  2. mariosha Says:

    iam so happy

  3. mariosha Says:


  4. eilea Says:

    100000 or more please please !!!

  5. eilea Says:

    please100000000or more

  6. taty Says:


  7. Miffer Says:

    Until next week same time same reply

  8. simona Says:

    didn’t get 1,500 coins why????????

  9. TeEfIiTaA Says:

    Te rre super amo — ss lo mas te amo y siempre te voy a tener en mi corazon t am !! =)

  10. TeEfIiTaA Says:

    q mal no me entra !!! =(

  11. Arle Says:

    yes, it runs faster, but a lot of my items disappeared and i get no answer from support, so sad…

  12. Miffer Says:

    Keep working on it thankx…I didnt get extra coins though’o( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HALLOWEEN STUFF

  13. Miffer Says:

    More everyday clothes would be good, like sweaters, little tiny sweat pants, little coats, boots for the winter months that some of us have!! MOST OF ALL HALLOWEENIE STUFF PLEASE PLEASE

  14. QVCpets Says:

    It’s a beautiful pet site.

  15. arief Says:

    waw aku mau

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