Garden Competition Winners Announced!


Thank you to everyone who entered the recent Pet Society Garden Competition, there were many truly outstanding entries which blew us away! Before we get to the winners though, here are just a few of the other amazing pieces that you presented:


With such tremendous talent out there, it was very difficult to pick just a top few, but here they are!

In third place is Hasan, who took a fantastic photo of a local park in Abu Dhabi and recreated it in great detail in his Pet Society garden! Hasan wins 25,000 Pet Society Coins on Facebook for his remarkable efforts. The shelf work on the shelter is second to none. With two perfectly placed trees and similar pink flowers, Hasan really deserves this place in the top 3!


In second place is Grethe, who has won 50,000 Pet Society Coins on Facebook for this lovely photo of her back yard and almost identical Pet Society garden! The Elegant Swing Seat was a brilliant match for her garden arch and garden seat . The Tiki Fence represented her wooden fence well. But the attention to detail in the location of the greenery and Ceramic Pots was what was really set this entry apart. Well done Grethe!


Shinken is our first prize winner, and has won a massive 100,000 Pet Society Coins to spend on Facebook! He took this photo in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and achieved a striking resemblance with the gazebo in the Botanic Gardens portayed by the Classis White Dome in his Pet Society garden, plenty of trees and greenery (whoever knew broccoli was so versatile), and even a perfectly placed bench!


Congratulations to Shinken, Grethe and Hasan, Playfish will be contacting each of you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

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275 Responses to “Garden Competition Winners Announced!”

  1. destyana dewi Says:

    that’s so cutes

  2. shrouk Says:

    انا مفهمتش كلمه من اللك ده كله ممكن الصفحات ده تترجم

  3. sasori Says:


  4. sasori Says:


  5. sasori Says:

    tengo k ganar:)

  6. jhazel Says:

    woow!this is cool!congratz winerzz!and for d people dat did not win:
    beterrr luck next tym budzzz!
    tc tc ctc tc tc tc tc lol!!!!!!

  7. sharon Says:

    they are sooooooo cool

  8. momina Says:

    woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!great!!!this is so, like how can they do that, ithink that they r rich or something.By the way tahat’s rocking.lolllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. kyla Says:

    ang gaganda naman…

  10. Hysen Says:

    The first prize is very good!

  11. Chi Chow Says:

    Singapore botanical gardens is the best! I am here at SG, but i still haven’t got to it. heheh!!!

  12. Hasan Says:

    Hello ……. all PS players 🙂

    I just wanted to thank everyone who congratulate the winners 🙂
    and it was great challenge :))
    I’m proud of my pet (Liquid Snake( :))

    happy holiday and Merry Christmas everyone :))

  13. como atraer el dinero Says:

    Como andan, este blog es increible. Es lindo encontrar esto escrito. Sigan comentando con esta claridad. Abrazos

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