Garden Competition Winners Announced!


Thank you to everyone who entered the recent Pet Society Garden Competition, there were many truly outstanding entries which blew us away! Before we get to the winners though, here are just a few of the other amazing pieces that you presented:


With such tremendous talent out there, it was very difficult to pick just a top few, but here they are!

In third place is Hasan, who took a fantastic photo of a local park in Abu Dhabi and recreated it in great detail in his Pet Society garden! Hasan wins 25,000 Pet Society Coins on Facebook for his remarkable efforts. The shelf work on the shelter is second to none. With two perfectly placed trees and similar pink flowers, Hasan really deserves this place in the top 3!


In second place is Grethe, who has won 50,000 Pet Society Coins on Facebook for this lovely photo of her back yard and almost identical Pet Society garden! The Elegant Swing Seat was a brilliant match for her garden arch and garden seat . The Tiki Fence represented her wooden fence well. But the attention to detail in the location of the greenery and Ceramic Pots was what was really set this entry apart. Well done Grethe!


Shinken is our first prize winner, and has won a massive 100,000 Pet Society Coins to spend on Facebook! He took this photo in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and achieved a striking resemblance with the gazebo in the Botanic Gardens portayed by the Classis White Dome in his Pet Society garden, plenty of trees and greenery (whoever knew broccoli was so versatile), and even a perfectly placed bench!


Congratulations to Shinken, Grethe and Hasan, Playfish will be contacting each of you shortly so that you can claim your prize!

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275 Responses to “Garden Competition Winners Announced!”

  1. amktsy Says:

    really nice..
    lols..singapore botanic garden..
    i should have think of that as well.

  2. purple-girl Says:

    they are so nice

  3. Ain Says:

    Wao…the winner is my own country people. Well done it seems totally like botanical garden 😉

  4. Gilgil Says:

    They are very nice! Well done. I think the third one was the best out of the three!

  5. Amina Says:

    wow! immensely beautiful! 😀 WD winners and the participants:)

  6. nonie Says:

    Very nice and creative..Congrats to all the winners! Happy spending the coins! ^_^

  7. blue_skys Says:

    wow rlly awesome! very creative and awesomely done! congratulations to the ppl who won 😀

  8. Piiedy Says:

    beautifull… i love you.. jjijiji

  9. moon Says:

    Error while loading page from Pet Society
    There are still a few kinks Facebook and the makers of Pet Society are trying to iron out. We appreciate your patience as we try to fix these issues. Your problem has been logged – if it persists, please come back in a few days. Thanks!

  10. Maggie Neff Says:

    All of you did realy a gr8 job!!!! Cograts to you all!!! Well done!!! 😀

  11. juan pablo Says:

    ganee woow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

  12. Svea Says:

    I honestly think the third place is much better than the first and second place.

  13. jessie Says:

    Your account is temporarily unavailable, please check back in a few hours.
    Apologies for any inconvenience.
    This has been going on for 2 weeks, i didn’t get to get the lotto, what’s wrong?
    I really need to find out whats wrong i really wanna play it!!!

    Anyways, the gardens are great!! I entered this as well and i guess these are wayyy better. I had 10, 876 coins andwell, now i only have 203 when i logged in, what happened to it?? I needed the money to log in!

  14. jessie Says:

    well, i got to enter the competition- it would have won, except it wouldn’t let me log in for 2 weeks

  15. jessie Says:

    well, i got to enter the competition- it would have won, except it wouldn’t let me log in.

  16. javier Says:


  17. maira Says:

    is very kiut very good!

  18. stella Says:

    very nice gardens

  19. Kiddo Says:


  20. ale Says:


  21. Chandra Says:

    awesome gardens! congratulations to the winners!! 🙂

  22. Sybil Says:

    Congrats to all the winners. 😀 I really liked Grethe’s garden.

  23. ardydelrosario Says:

    Great entries . Third Place looks very much like the original photo! Awesome job!

  24. Billa Says:


  25. Pepeng Says:

    Great Job to all of the winners.. Congratulation to all of you! like all the design…simple but very similar to the real garden

  26. Hideko Ri Says:

    AMAZING, Singapore Botanic Gardens! Assuming that you didn’t take a flight to Singapore just to take a picture of the Gardens… Well done, fellow Singaporean! You’re amazing~

    P.S. Any of your accounts are suspended due to maintenance?

    I don’t know why mine’s under maintenance? ): Luckily I bought all the TWS for this week already O_O!

  27. rica Says:

    sana marami akog pera

  28. uchenna.uchi Says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

    The 1st prize is well deserving, very nice recreation, and very pleasing to the senses. Love the bench and the gazebo!

  29. Momo Says:

    AMAZING! Congrats to the winners 😉 I didn’t enter, but my friend did 🙂 To bad she didn’t win 😦

    Congrats again to the winner x Have fun spending 😀

  30. PS addict Says:

    OMG!THAT KID FROM SINGAPORE!IM FROM SINGAPORE!Omg!should have tought of that!I’ve been to the botanic garden but i kinda forgot how i looks lyk…

  31. GingerPinky Says:

    I still cant log in……..where is the problem??? two days mantainance and i cant log in……!!!

  32. bellbell Says:

    Wow! All the entries looks cool! esp the one from Singapore!!! Congrats to everyone… (i’m from Singapore)

  33. Ren Says:

    wow. nice gardens. can you make me one of those? :p

  34. omfg Says:

    wow. that’s quite a pretty garden.


  35. antonius Says:

    good luckk..congaratulation for all winners..and i really sad,,huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh
    i need the money..hhuhuhuhu..ahhahhahah…i think u must gift all people for your victory..add me yah..if u wanna want gift me

  36. Viviana Says:

    Congrats for the winners!!

  37. Lau Ra Says:

    Awesome gardens! congratulations to the winners!! very creative 🙂 I really love all winners job, but the third was the better in my opinion 🙂

  38. Pinky Says:

    you posted this messagge ´´your account is temporarily unavailable ,please chech back in a few hours´´it been a whole day,I didn´t have my chance to play today and I´ll not get points for today why???

  39. Pinky Says:

    you posted this messagge ´´your account is temporarily unavailable ,please check back in a few hours´´it been a whole day,I didn´t have my chance to play today and I´ll not get points for today why???

  40. Chadsea Says:

    congratulations to the winners…

  41. maix Says:

    help i can’t go to pet society 😥
    it says my account is temporarily unavailable

    • Sonya Says:

      Currently some groups of users are in maintenance mode, if you are in one of those groups you will receive a message advising that your account is temporarily unavailable when you try and load Pet Society. Your account is fine, but the team are currently completing some work on the servers you are assigned to. Once this work is complete, you will be able to play with your pet as normal. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as the team work to complete this maintenance.

      • maix Says:

        i see it’s good to hear my account is fine i thought something happen because the notice is not like the usual when pet society’s doing some maintenance’ ;0

  42. Tulcus Says:

    Thanks Sonya! I was wondering why I couldn’t log in…


    Gratz to the winners of the Garden Competition! The gardens are so nice and pretty! Now, I have new inspirations to create a Garden for my pet!

  43. sad girl Says:

    😦 oh am really sad because pet society doesn’t work they tell me that my account i don’t know what but it really make me feel saad 😥

  44. sad girl Says:

    when it work give us gifts and extra coin 😦

  45. kentaro kojima Says:

    my garden is empty 🙂 😛 😦 :(( :)) :d

  46. kentaro kojima Says:


  47. kentaro kojima Says:


  48. trax Says:

    wow .. they suck . ;))

  49. mocha Says:

    WOW!!all of the gardens look so awesome!!congrats to all the people who participated i didnt but i really wanted to but alas no garden or park near my house boohoo!!

  50. Χρύσα Says:

    wow it was reaally nice 🙂 well done 🙂 happy spending

  51. burgundy! Says:

    SINGAPORE BOTANICAL GARDENS! Singapore pride haha.
    congrats Shinken! =)

  52. Furhanjinh Says:

    Hey, pet society team, make a new competition please, i want join the others competition!!!

  53. Miku Says:

    Maintenance again?! Oh my God… >.<

  54. nany Says:


  55. Derence Says:

    Yay singapore win !!! three cheers to her /him !!
    good job to other ppl who participate too

  56. Buller Egekvist Says:

    Jeg elsker Pet Society men jeg har aldrig nogle penge så min pet har det ikke så godt så jeg vil vildt gerne have de penge de kunne hjælpe mega meget!!

  57. kevinghetto Says:

    Winners, congratz!

  58. anz.:D Says:

    today maintenace again for the 100th time. Please pet society do something about it. you will lose ur players. and please do something about cash shop. don’t put there the best items. its lousy and everyone cant afford it. so. please. help.

    Btw. This gardens are so cute. Aww. *.* 🙂

  59. merge Says:

    its all amazing garden… the 3 of us congratulations!… ^_^

  60. miku Says:

    Maintenance finished, but the message ‘your acount is temporarily unavailable…’ still appears on the screen… please, stop right now! I want to play with my pet :_______( I want to cry :(I

  61. ebba Says:

    nise stuff

  62. September Boy Says:

    Well done to all participants and winners!

    – September Boy 🙂 (Playfish Forum)

  63. Amewsed Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! You guys did a phenomenal job! 🙂

  64. mayosha swetty Says:

    this is lying i have win the 500 price and my garden look sooooooooo greatt why why why didnt i win a single coin snappppppp

  65. abdelraoufmahmoud Says:

    how i get the 100,000coins in pet socity

  66. abdelraoufmahmoud Says:

    how i get the 100,000 coins in pet socity

  67. Pepo0O Says:

    online shopping in my shop (my house)

    I send you 5 gold boxes and I want to send items

  68. HaWttMo0FiiNs Says:

    wow!!! the winner is a singaporean, my country!! haha. spore botanical gardens… WOW. nice. CLEVER!!

  69. josefa shibar Says:

    como puedo competir para garden competition

  70. sofie/skumfiguren Says:

    this is nice (:

  71. Rach Says:

    did they use paint?? i tough we could not do that…

  72. naiara Says:

    y en donde se juega la competencia

  73. Agusttina Says:

    Hola , me encantaria ganar esa Competencia!!! Serìa extraordinario tener monedas y lucir ese jardìn…


  74. carla Says:

    i hate you

  75. nina Says:

    very nice thanx you ^ _ ^

  76. rocio Says:

    guau genial esos jardines son los mas parecidos q vi

  77. flor! Says:

    sorry i amnot speak ingles por favor pueden traducirr algo???

  78. mai Says:

    aaii, mi jardin es el mas feos, como voi a hacer.. esos jardines??:S

  79. ACACA Says:

    COOOOL I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! THNX PET SOCIETY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  80. PELU Says:


  81. angpol Says:

    ang gara grabe its nice tlaga im toch

  82. elizahanum Says:

    oh my gad im no winner!! 😦

  83. qwerty Says:

    wow that’s so smart to take a pic of the spore botanical gardens…. they never cease to amaze me… i’m so proud that a fellow singaporean won haha

  84. MeRcYz Says:

    yes i won wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo

  85. sofi Says:

    this is very boring jijiji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Jacelyn Says:

    I am impressed

  87. Emily Says:

    Congrats for the winner!! >w<

  88. Joyciie Says:

    Wow,congrats to all winners!And yay,Singapore’s pride!Im from Singapore!

  89. Aaron Says:

    some of those stuff used cant b bought in shops rite? O.o

  90. mary judelyn h. rey Says:

    i thought i will win?? huhuhu i’m crying because my pet don’t have any money..

  91. mary judelyn h. rey Says:

    mayor can you give my pet 5,000 $ please.

  92. paul ballard Says:

    it like have own gade the pet game is geat way to used money i love i love pet and the game thank you make a game that i know how to play me and my siter are spical needs and we have a hard lean thank you love paul

  93. peiqi Says:

    the pict..
    so amazing…
    wish i had those coins….
    then dun need 2 go stadium and run le

  94. zeus Says:

    hi 2 all let me win the 100million pls i need it!!!!!!!!!!

  95. zeus Says:

    😀 HEHEHE

  96. susi Says:

    yo quiero ganarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tengo que ganarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. :p :O 🙂

  97. danya Says:

    congrats their very good and smart y does foreigners have 2 b the winners i think not a foreigner

  98. CARLOS Says:


  99. letty Says:

    well done to all the winners

  100. saliha Says:


  101. Arianne Says:

    wow! they are very beautiful, i guess you guys work very hard to make it… 😀 gud luck!

  102. irem Says:

    wow ıt is amazing who knows how minutes in work

  103. Wei wei Says:

    Cool !! Congrates….

  104. miluniqa Says:

    huuu……. i will win but i dont know how to send a photo and photo the garden…. 😦
    im make is so good but im not the winner 😦

  105. Nina Murad Says:

    July 17,2009

  106. GivenchyGirl Says:

    omg yes!!!!!!!!! im singaporean and i sae that dome in the botanic gardens! never expected it to end up here! :)))

  107. X jessica X Says:

    well done winner i wish i won 😥

    X jessica X

  108. chloe Says:

    very big congragulations whoever won well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. pluf ori Says:

    sn malati questi !!!hanno una vita sociale????

  110. katherine Says:

    αγαπω πολυ το site σας αλλα ακομα περισσοτερο το pet μου

  111. TOOBA AHMED Says:


  112. joli jef Says:

    i will winning too , greetz regina .ameele

  113. sol Says:

    no se

  114. sol Says:

    congrats for the winner!!

  115. cbeal15 Says:

    Awwwwwww……….I so wish I had a 100,000 coins right now……..:(. Oh well…….good job Grethe Hansen and Shinken! 😀 😀 😀

  116. cbeal15 Says:

    No wait a second, Awwwwwwww…….I so wish I had a 100,000 coins right now……… 😦 . Oh well……….good job Greth Hansen and Shinken! 😀 😀 😀 Much better!!!!

  117. Dani Says:

    wow hwemosoooo

  118. nancy Says:

    el facebook es lo mejor

  119. ezequiel Says:


  120. Missy Says:

    The 3rd picture is so niceeeee especially the shed. how in the world did he arrange that DIY plank of woods. very creative! well done to all the winners.

  121. caro Says:

    quiero uno de esos jardines son hermosos felicidades por el cumpleaños

  122. daniela rachel Says:

    ayuda nose como copetir estooooooooooooo

  123. sarah Says:

    whoa,, so awesome

  124. Ada Says:

    their garden is really good!!^^

  125. tisya Says:

    so cool 😀

  126. tisya Says:

    :/ 3>

  127. dash Says:

    so nice,how much coin he/she gets??

  128. Julian Says:

    I think we just need to publish the garden in PS, sigh

  129. samuel Says:

    whoo yehey

  130. diego pascua Says:

    yo quiero entran pero no se como hacer !! ayudame y te regalo 10.000 coins

  131. sofia Says:

    how i can get million in pet sciety

  132. Bente Joergensen Says:

    Yes I Hope

  133. ajhdhxdh Says:

    no entiendo ni una puta letra

  134. Erika Says:

    Hello, I ask Them please to do some site for the players of latinoamérica, since it is tedious to be translating, I not éntendí that the competition was that way, but it had realized it this way … I made it different, I have seen that there is a nuva competition and want to take part but I do not deal much what he says. I wait bear in mind this. Thank you, and I wait me solve it of the coins that I never bought and, they delivered me.

  135. antonella Says:

    como hago para jugar?? no puedo subir mi cuento

  136. aaaaaaaaa Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaja y esto? todo en ingles guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaguaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  137. Bĕŋŧ Ěŀ Ŝųłtăŋ Says:

    Your account is temporarily unavailable, please check back in a few hours.
    Apologies for any inconvenience.


  138. rebeca Says:

    very nice job

  139. isa Says:

    mine was better game sucks

  140. Hasan Comrade Says:

    what a decision… the winner for me should be Hasan… His work is really identical… but maybe pet society choose shinken’s work because it has an item that can only be bought by playfish coins…. what an unfair judgement….

  141. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Garden Competition Winners Announced! Thank you to everyone who entered the recent Pet Society Garden Competition, there were many truly outstanding entries […] […]

  142. jasmin Says:

    wooow!! que bueno.

  143. pop corn Says:

    ommg sorry but the first is so ordinary well i don’t like it

  144. karla Says:

    cool and fenoo..!! 🙂

  145. karla Says:

    😀 😮

  146. karla Says:


  147. Niki Says:

    Well done everyone your gardens are sooo beautuful !!

  148. Princesa Says:

    Congratulations to the winners, I’m amazed of all the creative work from all of you… and I also think the third place is so much better than the other 2 gardens =D but… is over…anyway!!… we’ll see what happen with the birthday competition…

  149. georgia Says:

    i honestly think all of them are not THAT nice…

  150. tricia Says:

    wow its soooo coool !!! 😀

  151. jena Says:

    u shall have enough coins to spend for winning. those for the shelves, trees, etc. XD

  152. kichitha Says:


  153. KaTTY Says:

    Cool!!!! XD there talented!

  154. gabriela garcia Says:

    wow theres tomuch originaly gardens !! they are so beatiful! THATS MINE!

  155. gabriela garcia Says:


  156. Says:

    this is great i would want to joint

  157. Says:

    iwould want to be the pro

  158. Says:

  159. grace lo Says:

    Is really creative . I love it so much.

  160. jia rui Says:

    hi hi i love you guys congrates hahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahhahhahaahhahahahahahahhahahaha

    byb byb byb byb byb hhhhheeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooo

  161. jia rui Says:

    congrates congates congrates congrates
    i am so x happy :):D:8 )…………(.)(.) brass
    hope this cheers you up if you r unhappy 😀

  162. jia rui Says:


  163. jia rui Says:


  164. chris nah Says:

    congratulation to all winners..!! yr all are the best…

  165. xy Says:


  166. KAMII Says:

    porqe yo no gane malditos wnes conxadesumdre!

  167. oriana Says:

    geniall q realll $$$$$$$$$$$$

  168. Ravi Says:


  169. Nicole Says:

    wow that was AWSOME

  170. clara Says:

    hola xd

  171. Bushra Says:

    awsum…….comgrates 2 winners

  172. Julie Says:


  173. matt Says:

    oh cool

  174. matt Says:

    cool cool cool

  175. emmanuelle Says:

    hello pet society

  176. MARA Says:


  177. MARA Says:



  178. loly Says:

    nooo i lose!!!!! :[

  179. loly Says:


  180. danitsa Says:

    `porfavor diganme como compittooo 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  181. jesica Says:

    ok va a estar bueno

  182. roolithax Says:

    uuu q bkn los diseños le qedan casi iguales siii ia po qero ganarme ese millooon
    plisssss q mi monita le faltan artas cosas para decorarle su casita

    saludosvpet society

  183. Vanessa Says:

    They have wonderful brain!!!

  184. lauresss Says:

    hola yo quisiera jugar pero nose donde dar clip

  185. Flor Says:

    Congratulations for all the winners. But the third place is the best! He should be the winner in the first place . This is my opinion 🙂

  186. andres Says:

    por que no pude ganar estaba too lindo asta con la cama de ramas i too

  187. andres Says:


  188. erbi Says:

    me siento como una mierda 😦 me voy a matar

  189. esti aditya Says:

    they are cool,, very creative!!!

  190. esti aditya Says:

    i want to visit grethe ( n also the others winners) house anyway,, how can i do that??

  191. shahi Says:

    Its really amazing, I wanted my daughter to join the competition but here in Egypt we dont have many gardens available. Anyway congratulations 2 all who won.

  192. steffany Says:


  193. abdul razak Says:


  194. raquel Says:

    kiero ganar los 1000000 monedas aki e pet society para compera muchas cosas y hacert obsequios a mis amigos…como le hago síp?

  195. lucy Says:

    congrats guys theyre brill !!!! i really wanna win the bday comp i hope i do xxx

  196. Sandra Says:

    Those are all so fantastic! I am glad I didn’t have to be a judge!

  197. fernanda Says:

    hola kiero participar como se hace

  198. lalaland Says:

    shala sicka tu a in tudo el munde jai amoureux tu

  199. milena Says:

    como puedo jugar??

  200. Sofia Says:

    es imposible tener esos garden piensen un poco tontos !!! 😦

  201. Sam Says:

    so nice……….

    they are so artistic lol

  202. jasmine Says:

    cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool this is wonderful

  203. Valencia Says:

    so lovely i mean the flowers

  204. EMILY Says:


  205. fatima Says:


  206. Hugo Says:


  207. jollygurl Says:

    great job everyone and i love every single garden

  208. vivi Says:


  209. Owin Says:

    I hope i won it


    this play are veri good

  211. Inga Says:

    😉 🙂 😀 :p

  212. Pinkygirl Says:

    Nice , cool , beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

  213. carolina Says:

    mega genial

  214. raul Says:

    is my love

  215. vania Says:

    me kererme inscribition OK nkitOO

  216. vania Says:

    PERoo cOOmoo pliss dimee

  217. vania Says:

    100,000 coins tenkiu

  218. vania Says:

    bYee….. tkm

  219. dariel Says:

    quiero ganar ese guaton ojala pueda jijiji

  220. michael Says:

    wow soooo…. nice

  221. cecile Says:

    well done.. they really deserved to win 😉

  222. Ben Says:

    niceee! i wish i could do that!

  223. juli y delfi Says:


  224. Lili Says:

    WOWWW i think they were some wat creative and very nice

  225. maky Says:

    no alcancé yo hice un mono de nieve

  226. cristian Says:

    estoy de acuerdo ..

  227. leslie Says:

    sana ako manalo:)

  228. leslie Says:

    pano ba sumali

  229. leslie Says:

    pano ba sumali?.

  230. Ceffita Says:

    wooooooow, I’m impressed. They really have talent. Congratulation ^^

  231. minina Says:

    alguien que sepa español digame que significa eso

  232. yasser Says:


  233. mara Says:

    son realmente hermosos 🙂

  234. Emem Says:

    woah!!!! these are unbelievably great! they deserve to win! cheers guys!!!

  235. Medallion Says:

    mine was better than their gardens

  236. jose Says:

    is beri cool and beatiful

  237. $t3ffi3 Says:

    wooooow its amazing how you have done your pet siciety garden the same way you done your garden wish i can do that…… :-0

  238. Gabriella Says:

    Wao!!! there is lot of botanic garden,It is very nice…
    I love thats garden…

  239. Karl Says:

    I wish my comment will not be the I will discualified ….
    This is an only not – related to the others above…
    I’ve just visited the cash shop
    And i was amazingly look to the low prices of the wonderful and lokks expensive appliances…
    My question are…
    1). Why in Cash shops only has low prices asides from todays clearance sale?
    2). What is the difference between the other stores(exept bank) and cash shops , why in the other shops cannot like cash shops that has low prices?,aside for paying Playfish for cash money pls. give us all a reason and send it to the people who play pet society so that they knew the real reson of my questions.

    I hope you will u

  240. juxshean Says:

    very beautiful!!lov it very mush!!

  241. michela Says:

    perchè pet society non viene tradotto anche in italiano? sarebbe davvero fantastico

  242. Javiera Stephanie Says:

    Wow, that so beautiful! I should make my garden be like that to

  243. valentina Says:

    hola yo ablo en es pañol pero quiro competir en pet society en el garden grasias.

  244. valentina Says:

    hola ablo en español yo quiero competir en el garde era para aver si me dejan competir grasias.

  245. santiago Says:

    ee como ago para poder jugar i ganar monedas con este happy berdey pet society digamen

  246. Czarina Isabelle S. Estavillo Says:

    i realy want 2 win but i did’nt win im sosooo sad whuhuhuh….

  247. Czarina Isabelle S. Estavillo Says:

    want want 2 win win 2 have a money in pet society because i have not enough money i want only 2 buy a dress of my pet and buy for food of my pet in pet society in facebook…….

  248. Aaleen! Says:

    omg those were so cool and im watching sponge bob i love him 😀

  249. Teri Says:

    WOW! I don’t know how you could choose. These are beautiful!

  250. galletita Says:

    kiero ganar estas carrera asi k despidanse lusers 🙂

  251. destyana dewi Says:

    that’s so cutes

  252. shrouk Says:

    انا مفهمتش كلمه من اللك ده كله ممكن الصفحات ده تترجم

  253. sasori Says:


  254. sasori Says:


  255. sasori Says:

    tengo k ganar:)

  256. jhazel Says:

    woow!this is cool!congratz winerzz!and for d people dat did not win:
    beterrr luck next tym budzzz!
    tc tc ctc tc tc tc tc lol!!!!!!

  257. sharon Says:

    they are sooooooo cool

  258. momina Says:

    woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!great!!!this is so, like how can they do that, ithink that they r rich or something.By the way tahat’s rocking.lolllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. kyla Says:

    ang gaganda naman…

  260. Hysen Says:

    The first prize is very good!

  261. Chi Chow Says:

    Singapore botanical gardens is the best! I am here at SG, but i still haven’t got to it. heheh!!!

  262. Hasan Says:

    Hello ……. all PS players 🙂

    I just wanted to thank everyone who congratulate the winners 🙂
    and it was great challenge :))
    I’m proud of my pet (Liquid Snake( :))

    happy holiday and Merry Christmas everyone :))

  263. como atraer el dinero Says:

    Como andan, este blog es increible. Es lindo encontrar esto escrito. Sigan comentando con esta claridad. Abrazos

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