Flavours of France


Hey Pet Society fans! July 14th is Bastille Day, so sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook to enjoy the French inspired items filling the stores for you this week! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 20th of July, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Lily brings a taste of French royalty to the Clothes Store this week with the Marie Antoinette outfit and Versailles outfit! If your pet favours a French party over a royal high tea, Lily hasn’t forgotten about you with the fantastic Cancan outfit or Arty Beret and Sailor Shirt.




Marie Antoinette Hat

Marie Antoinette Dress

Marie Antoinette Shoes



Versailles Wig

Versailles Coat



Versailles Pants

Versailles Shoes




Cancan Headdress (TWS)

Cancan Dress (TWS)

Cancan Shoes (TWS)



Arty Beret (TWS)

Sailor Shirt (TWS)

If dressing like French royalty wasn’t enough, your pet can pretend to live in the Palace of Versailles with this fantastic furniture collection!



Blue Versailles Chair (Furniture)

Blue Versailles Table (Furniture)


Blue Versailles Chaise Lounge (Furniture)


Blue Versailles Bed (Luxury)



Blue Versailles Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)

Versailles Parquet (D.I.Y.)

Whether a hero or a villain, the cuteness of the Napoleon Bear will ensure your pet loves him!


Napoleon Bear (Furniture) (TWS)

If you want to experience some Parisian culture, put up a Pet Noir Poster, install a Paris View Window, or marvel at a Moulin Rouge Miniature!




Moulin Rouge Miniature (Gadget) (TWS)

Pet Noir Poster (Furniture) (TWS)

Paris View Window (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

What better way to celebrate France though, than with some amazing French cuisine?




Crepe (Food) (TWS)

Baguette (Food) (TWS)

Croissant (Cafe)

While eating some delicious Crepe, your pet may wish to buy a Crepe Stand, so that you can trick visiting friends into thinking your pet is the fabulous French chef who made the Crepes! And to round out the French theme, this Pet Ballerina Painting will bring some elegance into any room!



Crepe Stand (Cash Shop)

Pet Ballerina Painting (Cash Shop)

Terrence has obviously come into contact with some interesting trade merchants this week, as he introduces the Bouncy Mochi, Bouncy Star and Bouncy Hairball to the Cash Shop! It must be assumed that he decided these would be a great addition to his store simply because they are nothing like anything the Pet Society village has ever seen before. Start one of these bouncing in a room, and it will just keep on bouncing! Plus it’s rumoured the Moon Floor and High-Gravity Floor affect these bouncy wonders!




Bouncy Mochi

Bouncy Star

Bouncy Hairball

Also new to the Cash Shop this week is this delicately carved Classic Garden Fountain, the Bright Blue Ocean Floor (which is sure to make a splash), and the Scroll Iron Bed to help complete your scroll iron furniture collection!



Classic Garden Fountain

Bright Blue Ocean Floor


Scroll Iron Bed

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Una enorme fiesta de Pets! (One enormous Pets’ party!) in store this week!

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139 Responses to “Flavours of France”

  1. irving Says:

    first ? ilove

  2. DyogZ Says:

    grrrr…. more cash shop.. i hate it!

  3. fred Says:


  4. Claudia Says:

    I hate cash shop tooO! that’s not fair! I’m trying to collect all art works, and this time I won’t going to be able to have that one! it’s really awful that cash shop always got the best things!

  5. Anni Says:

    I can’t sign on.

  6. DyogZ Says:

    yeah.. I dunno what I’m gonna do if a doll will be on the cash shop.. ‘m gonna dieeee!!!!

  7. lyn Says:

    love it!

  8. fred Says:

    waahhhhh cash shop items are coollllll…..

  9. Mimi Says:

    Love the items!!Specially the Versailles theme bedroom!!:)

  10. Vero Says:

    I can´t log in

  11. Uchenna Says:

    Hey Petsoc, thanks for the nice items. At least the bed this week at the luxury store is nice, and usable! And the versailles chair, table and chaise longue are not in the cash shop! Thank God for that!!!

    I haven’t checked out the cash shop because it just makes me mad that we have to use real money for that. Oh well.

  12. C :) Says:

    I cant get on!Is is just me or more maintenence, because i could get on before the new items and now it says “Error while loading page from Pet Society
    There are still a few kinks Facebook and the makers of Pet Society are trying to iron out. We appreciate your patience as we try to fix these issues. Your problem has been logged – if it persists, please come back in a few days. Thanks!”Does nayone know whats going on?

  13. danny Says:

    ugh! why does the cool stuff go to the cash shop!

  14. aevlanus Says:


  15. C Says:

    yay, finally got on, love the new items especially the Cancan outfit!

  16. Sasha Says:

    I LOVE the new clothes!!!!!!
    They are so CUTE!!!! I am going to try to buy it ALL! LOL
    Great job!!!!

  17. rochelimit Says:

    That Pet Ballerina painting thing, dribble dribble

  18. Cassie Says:

    I really like everything, I have already bought the new fourniture to make a “Gallery” in my house!I LOVE the CanCan outfit so much too!

  19. bubu Says:

    hi! nice stuff…but i need some new clothes in the cash shop. can you make special designer cloth for sale in the cash shop? thanks

  20. rhai Says:

    love the new items!!!!

  21. farrahlicious Says:

    waaah! i cant log in! 😦 i waited for this but i cant get in. 😦

  22. Camm Says:

    As always,payfish. In Maintenance society every cool stuff is in the CS!

  23. Dodo Says:

    I’ve recived a notification saying Pet Soc. will give us 1000 coins because of de login problem last day, but I didn’t get it..

    • Sonya Says:

      The 1000 coins were added directly into everyone’s accounts via the database during one of the most recent maintenance periods. There was no notice in game, everyone’s total coins were just 1000 higher. The Facebook notification came out later than when the coins were actually added as well (not at the same time). So you probably just didn’t notice the extra coins! 😉

      • Dodo Says:

        No, that’s the problem.. Today I had 13 coins (because last day I spent all my money in boxes) and the lottery was 50 coins.. I didn’t have the extra 1000 coins :o(

      • Sonya Says:

        But the coins were added on Saturday, so you very possibly spent them on Saturday or Sunday.

      • Dodo Says:

        It’s really strange, I didn’t notice 1000 extra coins..
        But thanks anyway.. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. Thank you for answer me.

      • Shaon Says:

        I did not get 1000 coins either. I am always very aware of what my coins were and they were not increased. The only thing I’ve gotten is my usual 50 coins a day for weeks.

  24. Camm Says:

    PSD: I can’t log in.

  25. Jacks Cheshire Says:

    My … my this week I had 9000 cois now, I have 0 coins…
    But it is because the las week i didn´t spend a single penny, and now i see wonders int he shops

  26. laura Says:

    i hate the cash shop i hate it…. =(

  27. Agustín Says:

    I HATE CASH SHOP no one ever will buy something in cash shop, they should remove it and add the things to furniture or luxury

  28. JAVI Says:

    ahh!! this has been my favorite !!! i love the french culture !!!
    eekk im soo happy ive saving up my money ! i pretty much got all the french stuff !! i just wish i had more rooms =(

  29. fabi Says:

    nobody can`t log in AGAIN!!!

  30. Magdeline Says:

    Love the French theme this week!!!

    Hmm what happened to the sheep doll? Someone mentioned about it’s release in the forum two weeks ago…

    Anywayz, the versailles items this week is love. Thanks for keeping them away from the cash shop.

  31. G Says:

    Yes, I hate cash shop too… 😦 😦 it has robbed the joy of earning, playing and shopping because the stuffs in cash shop are always (obviously) the better ones.

  32. mel Says:

    i love these stuff and also love cash shop once a week i buy something and don’t have any complain about it XD

  33. baby Says:

    i love the new items this week! great things and not all of it is in cash shop so i can actually buy it. but i have been having a hard time all day getting into the game. it is not letting me log on. seriously, pet society needs to get better servers! i do pay cash to play this game as i do buy cash items. i think others do too so it is very disheartening to not be able to log on esp when the new items come out!

  34. Chadsea Says:

    I can’t log in… what seems to be the problem? huhuhu…

    I’m excited to complete the Versaille Room…

    Need to start collecting coins because there are too many TWS…

  35. Ireland Says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr I HATE cash shop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Samantha Says:

    Thanks for making them affordable =). I love the new items!

  37. Joe99 Says:

    This week the stuff is expensive! And I have the cash shop! I want the crepe station, artwork and the fountain!

  38. Biboy Says:

    i JUST CAN’T LOG iN!

  39. Jemka Says:

    DyogZ Says:

    July 13, 2009 at 12:05 am | Reply
    grrrr…. more cash shop.. i hate it

    I am too..!

  40. zahra Says:

    wow dese items r really cool..but i hate da cash shop y do they hav to add fountain in CS…i luv da bed thanks guys g8 job jus plz stop loading new items in CS..i hate dat shop i cnt buy it..n da most imptnt those bouncy items …y….y…y…….. in CASH SHOP!!!!!!!!!!i luv dat plz shift it to sumothr plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…i’m dieing to hav it…n guys did n e 1 of u got dat painting stuff 4rm MB..I SPENT MORE THAN 5000 COINS but dint got it yet…its anyyoing man..

  41. madyarini Says:

    I REALLY HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot buy the cash!!!

  42. khaled Says:

    cash shop come back to me waaaaaaaaa iam crying at least one thing themmove it to the furniture ……………. crying ! …..””””” but love the items !

  43. passerby Says:

    haha, i came back from france like 3 weeks ago and isn’t the sailor shirt supposed to be in venice, italy?

    • PS addict Says:

      so true!I mean,i always seeing men in those outfits rowing a boat,and i know that the outfit was originally from italy…But it looks cute tough…

  44. Gilgil Says:

    Love the items, but as usual I can’t get cash shop items! 😦

  45. Tenyom Says:

    i hate cash shop..it’s unfair..!!!!

  46. samuelcao03 Says:

    plzz add me on facebook….

    i also hate cash shop…

    the items there are so beautiful!!!!

  47. Haidar Says:


  48. shahd Says:

    hi i really loved the new things please put more before next monday

    your friend:shahd

  49. tutti fruity Says:

    what’s the meaning of ‘TWS’
    i don’t get it ..

    • angelz90 Says:

      it means this week special, meaning that it is only available for one week and after that, they may or may not be out for sale. So if you want to have those items, you have to buy they within this week. =)

  50. sherwyn Says:

    lovely items! 🙂

  51. Alexander Says:

    I hate cash shop!!!

  52. moon Says:

    i hate shop cash
    the diffrent and nice iteam in cash shop
    why you dont Do we switch from coins in cash
    i have coins i buy coins for the pet and you give me cash
    1000 coins changed in 50 cash 🙂
    this idea what the pet say 🙂

  53. xavimas53 Says:

    I love the items 🙂
    But I prefer normal items
    no more countries…
    the more exciting items were the normal items like coffe maker, fan, toaster, and more stuff like these.

    The item I love the most of this week is the man clothes
    and the doll 🙂

  54. arnel rapsing Says:

    yehey because of the new items i can`t log in in the pet society and in the restaurant too!

  55. amber Says:

    i love them all! 🙂

  56. arnel rapsing Says:

    error error error i hate error so many error error so many error can`t log in so many errors

  57. PS addict Says:

    the items are so cool!but i hate the fact that the stuff in the cash shop are always the nicest.They look so cool!And the garden fountain is so lovely!but well,life is unfair…:(

  58. mia Says:

    why do they have to put a lot of items in the cash shop..?!
    nobody won’t even buy those craps.


  59. ZULAWT Says:

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them all:) i actually have them all except of course for the male’s clothes and cash shop items. damn! ho i hate them. can’t playfish make the ordinary items prettier and more useful? I HATE CASH SHOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!

  60. :( Says:


  61. hey Says:

    i want all three bouncy iteams im sad now:(

  62. moe Says:

    i can’t seem to log in again!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. rohan kapoor Says:

    wow! awesome

  64. rohan kapoor Says:

    its not working????

  65. rohan kapoor Says:

    I’m so sad…..its not working>..

  66. Barbie Says:

    omg error while loading the page ? is it possible???? every day a have problems whith starting the game … can you fix it definitely ?????

  67. RAQUEL!!! Says:


  68. Gabby Says:

    ^-^ Awsome items!
    DD: Oh noes the mochis are Cash items ._.

  69. melissa Says:

    love the new items!!!!

  70. Alex Says:

    ITS NOT FAIR!!! i can’t get on!!!! 😦

    i love the new items (Y) 😀

  71. Amina Says:

    wonderful…I like the entrire stuffs…I’m gonna buy all except 4 the clothes/the furniture…I wish to have those bouncy stuffs..Umm, playfish no other way except real money for the CC?

    Thanks one & all.

    P.S- I was in the race and my PS shuts down with the reason of kinks FB & PS’s always after!:)

  72. Alex Says:

    under maintenance, AGAIN!!! playfish, u need to sort this out or u might lose lots of customers/players!!!

  73. zahra Says:

    well mr. moon gave a wonder full idea…plz petS cant we actually do dat ..its a vry gud idea atlest we’ll hav does bouncy stuff..i luv dat plz let me hav it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…i’m dieing to hav it its so dam cute…aawwwww 😦

  74. nanchook Says:

    luv all the items! bought them all! cash shop,as always,always brings in that extra joy. the bouncy things are delightful!! keep up the good stuff! 🙂

  75. Tabbycat Says:

    too many cute cah shop items …. but i spent all mine on other stuff oh well

  76. anz.:D Says:

    i can’t sign in. every day some maintenance. hate it. -.-‘

  77. mili Says:

    hola! ademas de odiar la tienda de dinero, qiero decir que hoy no puedo entrar a pet society denuevo! esto es un asco, soy fan de pet socity pero siempre hay algun problema para entrar! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ¬¬

  78. Bird Says:

    What’s going on Pet Society? Everyday cannot logon and cannot play!!!

  79. Bird Says:

    There are still a few kinks Facebook and the makers of Pet Society are trying to iron out. We appreciate your patience as we try to fix these issues. Your problem has been logged – if it persists, please come back in a few days. Thanks!

    What are you going to compensate us for these few days??

  80. paulina Says:

    falta lo de mistery

  81. unknown fan Says:

    i like these french items.. especialy.. the bonapart doll.. it’s soooooo cute.. i have to buy it

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  82. unknown fan Says:

    Ohh and the bouncy balls.. + the CROISSANT 😛

  83. lucas Says:

    no me gustoo mucho las cosas que pusieron!!!

  84. gigo Says:

    I cant login why? please playfish all the people want to log in please please and give money because all the people was wating for pet society :(:)

  85. blanca vazquez Says:

    yo no se como comprar fish coins no puedo por celular
    y es la unica manera que puedo 😦

  86. IZEL Says:


  87. sandra Says:

    oh bad bad but ok ik or hug

  88. sandra Says:

    jaja i cant login whyyyy ah ah ah mt god waths up with the world ash ah

  89. Janice Says:

    gr…..more playfish cash…gr…i hate it….

  90. Anni Says:

    Sonya, what does it mean by “account is under maintenance?” How come I can’t send gifts to a friend whose account is under maintenance? Are all accounts going to undergo maintenance in the next few days?

    • Sonya Says:

      Some groups of users currently have their accounts under maintenance while the team work on some of the connection issues that have been experienced recently. You cannot send gifts to a friend while their account is under maintenance, but once their account comes out of maintenance you will be able to gift that friend again! 😉

      I’m not sure what will be happening in the next few days at this point, for now the team is focused on working on the issues they can with the current maintenance.

      • Anni Says:

        Thank you for answering my questions so promptly. Thank you so much! I really enjoy being on Pet Society! I am hoping to buy more things from the Cash Shop in the future. Thank you!

  91. Dhea Says:

    It’s very very French items!!!

  92. Bubu Says:

    please design special dress n shirt for the cash shop. I love many stuffs from cash shop. no pain no gain. right???

  93. Bubu Says:

    thanks God my game can running again. I have reset my lap top n everything goes well.

  94. martina Says:

    awww…wish i could get the ballerina painting….

  95. Kalipsie Says:

    This stuff is so cute!!! i love everything…i’m still looking for the art stuff, anyone got any extra stuff they would trade me?

  96. Elisa Says:

    hello 🙂 … anyone could tell me .. what are the items in the mystey box?? ayone knows?? please… the new items … and if it is a new item in the fairy eggs … please .. thanks

  97. khaled Says:

    yes there are new items in the mystery box there are pencile’s and paint in a bottle and a board of paint ! and also a paper with a draw on it and in the fairy egg there is nothoing new i love the items ! and cool i have the playfish cash i bought the bouncing items yaaaya! thanks god !

  98. CAGADA Says:


  99. Mia Says:

    My account has been temporarily unavailable for 2 days now… what’s up??? 😦

  100. reen96 Says:

    lols…it’s new cash shop items again! I’m so dying to have those cash items….It’s so unfair that only people who have cash can buy!….well…the new french items is really cool too though…love it!….by the way..I heard many people dun received their 1000 coins..I haven’t checked mine but I think I didn’t receive it too…

  101. reen96 Says:

    I was hoping ps can make trading feature like rc cus many of my friends trading in the forum was scam by some people..

  102. dorothea Says:

    I can`t log 2 DAYS in so many errors

  103. elz catz Says:

    how do i get s0me cAsh?

  104. nikki Says:

    pet society under goin in some mintence….:-((

  105. narottama Says:

    so bored, I can’t log in in two days too, my account temporary not available..some maintenance..some errors.. I hate it. 😦

    But, thank’s for 1000 extra coins. I hope pet society give us more 1000 again for these 2 days maintenance..

  106. sara Says:

    lol…people seem to hate cash shop so…
    I understand it maybe has to be that way, but I admit that me and my friends do get very-dreany-when we see the items. Lol, sometimes even a little mad. I wish we could have a gift of some playfish cash to have a feel of it 😉

  107. Helena Says:

    I love these speciel week teams!

    Last week it was a Beach team and now we have a French team.
    I hope soon we get a Pirate team… I have a thing for pirates.

  108. Someone Says:


  109. mahmoud Says:

    what a nice items had been added from pet society group thank you much pet society for the cool things that you bring it to the stores every week really really thank you much

  110. dumbo Says:

    I dont know what’s happended in the website cos i cant log in for 2-3 days, I always get errors….. it’s too bad cos i cant continue to make more coins from the game so i might be miss some items for this week’s collection….to bad,eh?

  111. mili Says:

    quiero que pongan mas peluches!!

  112. ??? Says:

    they didn’t give me a recompesation of the maintenance…

    Cool items, i shoped them all
    i want that bouncy dolls =(

  113. sofie/skumfiguren Says:

    pretty ;i

  114. grace 0.18 Says:

    how can i earn fish coins??

  115. christinelala Says:

    cash shop is so unfair the only people who can buy from there is the peole livin in the us how bout other countries who don’t have dollars as their currency??so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. meygan Says:

    suite things are so cool and my stuff in my second floor is sweet pink
    but cash shops are too important why
    did they ever make them!!!!!

  117. evelyn vierra Says:

    i hate cash shop, cause i can’t buy anything there…………
    please make all of the things in cash shop can we buy by coins…..!!!!!!!!!!!
    if not i’ll ask all of my friends to do not play pet society anymore………

  118. X jessica X Says:

    init there so call im gonna buy them well try lol 🙂

  119. mafer Says:

    i hate cash shop

  120. Vanessa Says:

    Can we get free cash? So we can buy some stuff because I’m not allowed to buy cash anyway. SO CAN WE GET FREE CASH for a start? Like 10Playfish Cash?

  121. Tuslac Says:

    i got this error for 2days already & i can’t login!!! What should i do? i don’t want this to happen!!! Help… 😦
    “Your account is temporarily unavailable, please check back in a few hours”

  122. Sidney Says:

    can someone give me gifts from the cash shop pls? my email is hiphopsidney3@hotmail.com pls give me somethin’ or i will kill u 3:)

  123. roolithax Says:

    uuuyyy son demasiado lindas las convinaciones y las decoraciones puxa ooo m da tanta envidia por q es tam lindo y io no tengo la plata para comnprarlas

    me qero ganar el millonnnnnnnnnnn

    saludos pet society

  124. abdul razak Says:


  125. Liana Says:

    i would use the 100 thousand coins to buy gifts for all the poor and hunger pets and some to the happy and not so rich ones.
    i would finish putting furniture in my home and help other pets

  126. rocio Says:

    que ropa tan linda podrias Sonia hacer ropa de demi lovato si o de los jonas brothers?

  127. demi Says:

    it`s beatifull

  128. destyana dewi Says:

    i like that

  129. FABIAN Says:

    qero ser un hombre

  130. Annisa Riany Says:

    I Like Thia so much…!!!

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