Reveal your pet’s inner artist!


Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has just hidden his newest batch of mysterious items, and this week, it’s all about art! So to bring out your pet’s inner artist, and imagine him or her painting fabulous masterpieces, sign onto Pet Society now via Facebook and start searching Blue and Golden Mystery Boxes!




Brushes Decor (Blue Mystery Box)

Easel Decor (Golden Mystery Box)

Palette Decor (Golden Mystery Box)

There’s more going on with “?”, and more importantly the Mystery Boxes, Mystery Eggs and Magic Foods you buy from him, that you should know about though. Now, when you reveal the item inside a Mystery Box or Mystery Egg, or the effect of a Magic Food, you will see a new blue button to ‘Tell your friends!’ what you discovered! If you select that, you will be asked whether you would like to publish the story to your Facebook wall and home page (to do so simply click ‘Publish’). So whether you want to delight in your success at finding some new art equipment in the Blue and Golden Mystery Boxes, or just celebrate that Pink Donut your hungry pet received when opening Red Mystery Boxes, or anything in between, be sure to tell your friends about it!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

136 Responses to “Reveal your pet’s inner artist!”

  1. nanchook Says:

    yay! gonna work on them boxes NOW!

  2. Tami Says:

    Great items. Perfect for me. I think the Palette’s paint blobs look a lil weird though. They stick out too much. But nevertheless, I wanna collect all 3 items~!

  3. blacky/marwa Says:


  4. angelz90 Says:

    thanks~ it’s the first time i’m so front =D

  5. Jen Says:

    Thanks for showing us the items instead of making us guess them. Does the palette just sit on a table?

  6. jao Says:

    good things

  7. ME" Says:


  8. DyogZ Says:

    wow!!! very nice!

  9. pangit Says:

    wow!! my gosh!! its so beautiful!!!

  10. shereen Says:

    Wow!!! I like them all~

  11. ms.mocha Says:

    ooooh! LOVE IT! 🙂

  12. Isabelle Says:

    nice! but im poor…

  13. via oza zahra Says:

    i dont understand 😀 .please explain me ..:)

  14. Xisco Says:

    Let’s find it on GMB and BMB … YIppii!!!

  15. Greta Says:

    Just love this new items, i hope there will be more of it.

  16. Greta Says:

    I wondered, could I write to those pet society creators and suggest some ideas ?

  17. Lala Says:

    haha, yeah, i’m kinda poor right now too. i just got a golden mystery box and i got this armor wardrobe thing… and then i sold it and went back to get a blue mystery box, and i recieved a green mat (i put that one in my beach room).
    oh, yeah, and Pet Society People, (u guys who create everything), WE NEED BEACH MATS!!!!

  18. Guishy Says:

    ill buy mbs later:D

  19. saruwatari Says:


  20. purssypink Says:

    Easel Decor (Golden Mystery Box) Yeah i got it

  21. simon Says:

    i wan get it

    i spend $20000
    also dun hv

  22. Billa Says:

    why now so hard to find the newest mysterious items?

  23. antonius Says:

    i dont understand about under mbs info..?? any body want explain me/??

  24. Joe99 Says:

    OMG!! I love it! I’m buying BMB and GMBs now!

  25. Amewsed Says:

    First time I’ve loved all 3 items. Very cool guys!!

  26. hAjime Says:

    already got the 2 items upon buying 20gmb’s. what’s left is the brushes decor. the palette decor seems pretty big for the easel. its getting in the way but its cool though really! thanks for the updates!

  27. Chadsea Says:

    i’m excited to find these 3 new mysterious items… but i still have many MI’s to find… i just started to like buying mystery boxes lately… need to save save save… and need to be LUCKY… 🙂

  28. tashamumu Says:

    cute stuff, i’m definitely goin on anotha GMB-spree soon 😀 *sigh* it seems i’m destined 2stay poor 😦

  29. uchenna Says:

    How big are the items? MIs are really tough to find now.

  30. ale Says:


  31. wawa Says:

    bought so many boxes, still no new item =(

  32. mims Says:

    i really love the new items 🙂 great going guys!

  33. ditzy Says:

    I love the things you put in the misery boxes, but I usually waste too much money and never get the cool new stuff…….. a lot of wooden stools and magnolia wall paper etc.

  34. ZULAWT Says:


  35. siska Says:

    love all the paintings set, should go get them

  36. Tasha.jade Says:

    Wow, i LOVE ALL these items 🙂

  37. stella Says:

    wah . . …very nice ar!

  38. MiMo Says:

    nice items.. ^o^

  39. nink313 Says:

    I love it,just search for Brushes Decor 😛

  40. GingerPinky Says:

    great stuff! 🙂
    but cant find that easel…..! 😦

  41. Charisse Yap Says:

    Wow! If i had all of those ill be an artist! 😀 Coolie! 😛

  42. lol Says:

    I LOVE THEM!!they will match my gray coloured pet

  43. Kat Says:

    XD YESSS!!! i’m so happy! i love art and i always wished there were more art things on PS ❤ ❤ ❤ nice items!

  44. Gabby Says:

    I love them all! 😀
    If only i had that much of a luck to recieve them all

  45. jorge Says:

    i want the Brushes Decor for my office.. =(

  46. jorge Says:

    My game doesn’t load =(

  47. Anni Says:

    My game doesn’t load as well!

  48. blacky/marwa Says:

    i got it from the my first gmb try to opening it then it appear from the first gmb i bought today !!!!!!!!! yey me!!!

  49. Dawson Says:

    Hey everybody, I need/want friends, so invite me and we can make the best of it! Dawsonator

  50. Cerise Says:

    I traded for them… and keep on getting error messages so I can’t put them in the house! GRRR.

  51. Amina Says:

    lolz..nice msg- “we got the bank n playfish bank for extra coins” 😛

    I wonder when ya’ll will say…”playfish cash” is obtainable through game too:P

  52. Aim Says:

    I cant log in

  53. Aim Says:

    cant go to pet society it says: undergoing some maintenance

  54. ..pinkK.. Says:

    love the tiki bed!

  55. maix Says:

    is it just me or last night it was good to buy gmb because i got a lot of different expensive mystery items

  56. tisya Says:

    thank YOU i really like art

  57. tisya Says:


  58. kiss Says:


  59. nikki Says:

    items are good and i hav enough coins to buy dem but still i want somthin nic not des thingzzz….i mean to say smthin diffrnt!!!
    but still thes updates r sooooooooo…………COOL!!

  60. Sabrina Says:

    Woot! After going on a GMB frenzy yesterday i got both new GMB items :]! Didnt get the New BMB item tho :[

  61. GingerPinky Says:

    i found easel and brush, but today’s mantainance seems to be dangerous for new items….will I loose them?? I’ve heard some ppl did, and now I am quite worried: these items costed me a lot of search and money! 😦

    can you help me? thanks!

  62. divale Says:


  63. khaled Says:

    i know why pet society is undergoing some maintance it will bring a new shop called (“fish”) go to google images and write pet society new in the 1st or 2nd page there will be a image that has fishes in it ! and who needs help only add khaled al sayyed because i have the cheat i can spend on you !

  64. May Says:

    These items are very nice :).

  65. sara Says:

    Really love those items!
    Waiting for maintenance to stop to try to get them 😀

  66. Dhea Says:

    These item is good for artist pet.


  67. someone cool 706 Says:

    i love all the item but when is the maintenance done huh

  68. May Says:

    I cant log to pet society after maintance , please help. 😦

  69. Lulubell Says:


  70. Lulubell Says:


  71. Kalipsie Says:

    !!! I love these things!! if anyone gets any extra, please let me know!! and i can’t log on either…must mean for more maintenance later *sigh*

  72. bebe Says:

    i’ve tried it almost 8 times for golden box! still don’t get this items!! now i’m mad.. lol..

  73. slopey Says:


  74. moon Says:

    me 2 I cant log to pet society after maintance , please help

  75. moon Says:

    Error while loading page from Pet Society
    There are still a few kinks Facebook and the makers of Pet Society are trying to iron out. We appreciate your patience as we try to fix these issues. Your problem has been logged – if it persists, please come back in a few days. Thanks!
    😦 😦 😦 😦

  76. Isabelle Says:

    i have not been able to access, thus not being able to try for the MI’s. i have been trying for awhile now. and i definitely would need the money to try for MI’s. The previous time they said 1000 would be awarded because of the maintanence, i didnt get it.

  77. yoppie kun Says:

    i’ll try.,but the game does’nt load…

  78. Pinky Says:

    just why again??????????????????????????

  79. Bonnie Says:

    Always error while log to pet society! I try for a whole day but still can’t get in.
    Please solve the problem. Thanks!

  80. Moe Says:

    me too, i can’t seem to log. it’s not right to excite us when we can’t log in!

  81. Claudia Says:


  82. Bird Says:

    Why your server always like this,
    this dispoint all the players… 😦

  83. azarya Says:

    omG……………………. maintanance again?????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u petsociety guys are SSSSOOOOO RRRUUUDDDEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was in the middle of playing ….and…….. MAINTENANCE E E E E AGGGAAAAAIIIINNN!!!!! AAAAARRRRggggHghHgHHghHghhGH!!!! ask for MY PERMISSION FIRST BEFORE U GO ON WITH UR “”””KINKS”””” FIXING… OR WHATEVER!!! IM GONNA STOP PLAYING!!!! SERIOUSLY…. Everyday, its hard to log on…and now maintenance , maintenance,MAINTENANCE!!!!!!! WHY DONT YOU MAKE IT JUST ONE (1) DAY FOR MAINTENANCE AND LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT DAY AND HOW LONG AND IF ITS GOING TO BE CUT AGAIN OR START AGAIN!!! SO WE KNOW!!!! IM AN UNSATISFIED PETSOCIETY USER!!!! I WISH I COULD SUE!!!

  84. GingerPinky Says:

    cant log in…..and now I must go, so what about daily lottery money? and visiting friends? My pet Pepe needs money for new week’s items! And will I loose all GMB objects I found after all that searching?? I hope not!! 😦

    can you tell us for how much time this situation will be going on? thanks!

  85. Lanford Says:

    I can’t log in and all my vegetables are rotting 😦

  86. frosty Says:

    whats going on with the new bank? i got kicked off before seeing the gmb items and the bank stuff!

  87. Lilly Says:

    Yay! I got the Easel Decor~!!

  88. totico fron colombia Says:

    este hijueputa juego es una gonorrea esa mierda tan maluca de uno hijueputas chandosos de la mierda si eres hombre no lo jueges o si no eres una mariquita

  89. Felialala Says:

    in fact, I like to add more new items in mystery boxes,,but one more thing i want to say is that you company can add past “this week special” items into mystery boxes.
    say, half a year ago “this week speical” items.
    Because of lack of money, I missed the beautiful ribbon($2500), butterfly wind bells ($$), red-heart shaped cushions, those of the items i can see in my friends… but i cannot get them…very disappointed…
    so please also add past TWS into mystery boxes… thanks a lot.. and hope you can accept my opinions …

  90. jacque Says:

    wow! co0L items

  91. Biboy Says:


  92. circe Says:

    impossible to get them!!!! I have tried several times and I am only wasting my money in MB. So disappointed

  93. purssypink Says:

    Yeah i got everything in juz 3 days ^^oh and can ur add a clean overall and a paint sainted overall to the TWS next week?

  94. daffodil Says:

    i already got the easel and palette decor
    brushes decor all the way! woooohoooooo

  95. CURRY Says:

    I get all ? box thing

  96. paolo Says:

    i hjave got that all thanks

  97. simon Says:

    i use 999999 money to buy it

  98. paolo Says:

    i love you playfish

  99. sammmyyyy Says:

    look guys nice web but who is “?” ? email me plz!

  100. Antares89 Says:

    Hi guys… New items are so creative and beautiful… but i have a question… Why new items are only in blu and gold mistery box and never in red mistery box? XoXo

  101. gkc3 Says:

    im so excited!!

  102. anz.:D Says:

    this items are great. i bought already 20 GMBs and I didnt get any of these things. now i’m out of money and i’m waitin’ for tommorow items. :O can’t wait.

  103. Tabbycat Says:

    Great I Looooove The Gmb Ones

  104. doublepeas Says:

    best ones so far!!!

  105. bubu Says:

    my game doesnot load since last night hikz, whats wrong????

  106. Quike Says:

    ii have all of them 😛

  107. Lilly Says:

    i got brushes&Palette cool!!!!

  108. Lilly Says:

    cant find easel

  109. Greta Says:

    I like it, i spend 6000$ but i dont get it :((

    • creatress Says:

      I spent about $500,000 total (selling everything I had) and didn’t get ANY art item either. I’m thinking there’s a problem from the maitenence? I’m NOT happy.

  110. Mozarilla Says:

    Got the “Palette Decor” .. XD

  111. creatress Says:

    I just bought about 500MGB and 1000MBB and didn’t get a single art item! What gives!? My other friends did the exact same thing and also didn’t get a single item. Is it broken from the “maintinence?” I would think it’s a hoax except for all the happy people here saying they got them. I’m now broke, mad and tempted to quit playing between this and all the never-ending glitches in the game.

    Why not just switch to a better server and then charge a small fee to play? I’m sure many users would rather pay a small fee than hit glitch after glitch?

  112. NellyK Says:

    i love its

  113. becks Says:

    the brushes are hard to get

  114. Someone Says:

    Whoa! I’ve got the Palette Decor! ♥ ♥
    I’d never been able to get the NEW mysterious items!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Always got the outdated ones x)))))

  115. Bah-Meow Says:

    everyday since monday i’ve been buying mystery box, too bad i didnt get any of it… i want i want i want…waaahhhh… why oh why…

  116. Lau Says:

    I love the new art items, but i´ve tried more than ten times and i could NOT GET THEM!!! i feel sad, i spend many, and was anxious to have them, but it was impossible. Can any body explain me what happend?

  117. evelyn vierra Says:

    hey, i’ve got Palette Decor

  118. xy Says:

    i got the palet..i wish i had d oder 2.:P

  119. roolithax Says:

    q bkn voy a comprar arto de esas cajas mystery para ganarme un art
    kero ganarme el million

    saludos pet society

  120. abdul razak Says:


  121. Kseniya Says:

    Love it =)

  122. yuleisy Says:


  123. Aaleen! Says:

    my friend and i buy the gold mystery box and some items we sell for 999 coins 🙂 you should try that but it only comes sometimes!

  124. HeHe Says:

    I got all 3 items they are great!!! ❤ pet society!!!

  125. pascal Says:

    y esas cosas hay cosas como del otro mundo

  126. mari dovn Says:


  127. mari dovn Says:


  128. Angelica Says:

    I want to start a new life in pet society but I can`t what can i DO

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