Reveal your pet’s inner artist!


Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has just hidden his newest batch of mysterious items, and this week, it’s all about art! So to bring out your pet’s inner artist, and imagine him or her painting fabulous masterpieces, sign onto Pet Society now via Facebook and start searching Blue and Golden Mystery Boxes!




Brushes Decor (Blue Mystery Box)

Easel Decor (Golden Mystery Box)

Palette Decor (Golden Mystery Box)

There’s more going on with “?”, and more importantly the Mystery Boxes, Mystery Eggs and Magic Foods you buy from him, that you should know about though. Now, when you reveal the item inside a Mystery Box or Mystery Egg, or the effect of a Magic Food, you will see a new blue button to ‘Tell your friends!’ what you discovered! If you select that, you will be asked whether you would like to publish the story to your Facebook wall and home page (to do so simply click ‘Publish’). So whether you want to delight in your success at finding some new art equipment in the Blue and Golden Mystery Boxes, or just celebrate that Pink Donut your hungry pet received when opening Red Mystery Boxes, or anything in between, be sure to tell your friends about it!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

136 Responses to “Reveal your pet’s inner artist!”

  1. gkc3 Says:

    im so excited!!

  2. anz.:D Says:

    this items are great. i bought already 20 GMBs and I didnt get any of these things. now i’m out of money and i’m waitin’ for tommorow items. :O can’t wait.

  3. Tabbycat Says:

    Great I Looooove The Gmb Ones

  4. doublepeas Says:

    best ones so far!!!

  5. bubu Says:

    my game doesnot load since last night hikz, whats wrong????

  6. Quike Says:

    ii have all of them 😛

  7. Lilly Says:

    i got brushes&Palette cool!!!!

  8. Lilly Says:

    cant find easel

  9. Greta Says:

    I like it, i spend 6000$ but i dont get it :((

    • creatress Says:

      I spent about $500,000 total (selling everything I had) and didn’t get ANY art item either. I’m thinking there’s a problem from the maitenence? I’m NOT happy.

  10. Mozarilla Says:

    Got the “Palette Decor” .. XD

  11. creatress Says:

    I just bought about 500MGB and 1000MBB and didn’t get a single art item! What gives!? My other friends did the exact same thing and also didn’t get a single item. Is it broken from the “maintinence?” I would think it’s a hoax except for all the happy people here saying they got them. I’m now broke, mad and tempted to quit playing between this and all the never-ending glitches in the game.

    Why not just switch to a better server and then charge a small fee to play? I’m sure many users would rather pay a small fee than hit glitch after glitch?

  12. NellyK Says:

    i love its

  13. becks Says:

    the brushes are hard to get

  14. Someone Says:

    Whoa! I’ve got the Palette Decor! ♥ ♥
    I’d never been able to get the NEW mysterious items!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Always got the outdated ones x)))))

  15. Bah-Meow Says:

    everyday since monday i’ve been buying mystery box, too bad i didnt get any of it… i want i want i want…waaahhhh… why oh why…

  16. Lau Says:

    I love the new art items, but i´ve tried more than ten times and i could NOT GET THEM!!! i feel sad, i spend many, and was anxious to have them, but it was impossible. Can any body explain me what happend?

  17. evelyn vierra Says:

    hey, i’ve got Palette Decor

  18. xy Says:

    i got the palet..i wish i had d oder 2.:P

  19. roolithax Says:

    q bkn voy a comprar arto de esas cajas mystery para ganarme un art
    kero ganarme el million

    saludos pet society

  20. abdul razak Says:


  21. Kseniya Says:

    Love it =)

  22. yuleisy Says:


  23. Aaleen! Says:

    my friend and i buy the gold mystery box and some items we sell for 999 coins 🙂 you should try that but it only comes sometimes!

  24. HeHe Says:

    I got all 3 items they are great!!! ❤ pet society!!!

  25. pascal Says:

    y esas cosas hay cosas como del otro mundo

  26. mari dovn Says:


  27. mari dovn Says:


  28. Angelica Says:

    I want to start a new life in pet society but I can`t what can i DO

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