PerPETual Summer


Hey Pet Society fans! It’s that time of week again, some hot new items have been added to the stores, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to go shopping! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 13th of July, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

A little birdie, also known as the Red Parrot, has been continuously chattering about how great the beach theme was, and how spectacular it would be to have even more beach items! So this week, expand your beach paradise with: some fabulous new tropical clothes (Lily has been working overtime on these); the carefully crafted Tiki Bed, Gate, Door and Window; some large, colourful beach umbrellas; the Sand Shovel Decor (how else would you build a sand castle?); some very yummy sorbet and ice cream; and finally, so you don’t forget the time while sun baking, the Tropic Clock.




Frangipani Hair Clip (Clothes)

Tiki Mask (Clothes)

Tiki Outfit (Clothes)



Tiki Bed (Luxury)

Tiki Gate (Furniture)



Yellow Beach Umbrella (Furniture)

Blue Beach Umbrella (Furniture) (TWS)




Sorbet Paradise (Food)

Sand Shovel Decor (Furniture)

Ice Cream Paradise (Food)




Tiki Door (D.I.Y.)

Tropic Clock (Luxury)

Tiki Window (D.I.Y.)

The summer feeling continues in the Cash Shop, with this sensational summer furniture collection!


Summer Sofa



Summer Armchair

Summer Chair



Summer Bed

Summer Side Table

Since the release of the garden feature, there have been some amazing gardens springing up all over Pet Society! If you are looking for that little something to add to make your pet’s garden stand out, consider one of these fantastic scarecrows (please note, the Red Parrot disagrees, and suggests that these scarecrows are most definitely not fantastic), or perhaps purchase a watering can to show everyone how much you love to tend your garden, or install a classy Rock Fountain to make your garden the talk of the village!



Watering Can (Furniture)

Classic Scarecrow (Furniture)



Cute Scarecrow (Cash Shop)

Rock Fountain (Cash Shop)




Black Cute Iron Railing (D.I.Y.)

White Cute Iron Railing (D.I.Y.)

Pink Cute Iron Railing (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

In case it’s a bit hot in your pet’s office this summer, E.M.I.L.I.A has this White Tall Fan in the Gadget Store to cool you down, plus an Ink Jet Printer to ensure your pet completes its work on time!



White Tall Fan

Ink Jet Printer

For those pets that wish to one day be good enough cooks to open their own restaurant, the Cash Shop has some fantastic additions for your kitchen (I’ve heard the cookbook contains some recipes that your visitors will love)!




Cookbook Decor

Vintage Kitchen Stove Unit


Lily has the perfect shoes to go with your blue soccer outfit in the Clothes Store this week! And, for all those pets with delicious looking confectionary rooms, this Gingerbread Hairband will make your pet feel even more at home! 😉



Blue Soccer Shoes

Gingerbread Hairband

And finally, this liquid soap will be a perfect addition to any bathroom!


Aqua Liquid Soap (Furniture)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Once upon a time… in store this week!

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85 Responses to “PerPETual Summer”

  1. Panda :) Says:

    Yay! New items! Few TWS, though 😀
    Anyway, Great job Playfish! 🙂

  2. fred Says:


  3. fred Says:

  4. Ingrid Says:

    I wanted the fountain 😦

  5. zaid Says:


  6. Misaki Says:

    I wanted the fountain too >_> Boo at the cash shop, but I guess its okay =)

  7. Marioh Says:

    I like them!

  8. UCHENNA Says:

    Nice items! Love the railings! Sorbet, ice cream and umbrellas are really nice too. I just wish items at the Cash Shop would be available to ordinary players. Cash shop boooo…

  9. Chandra Says:

    awesome! i can’t wait to go shopping but unfortunately, it’s saying error! 😦 hopefully, i’ll be able to get on soon!

  10. Adil Says:

    few tws but cool…..and i totally love the rock fountain!!!

  11. Martina Says:

    Major efforts for cash shop…a bit disappointed

  12. vicky Says:

    yea!!! the new items are fabulous but I think that our pets can wear some cute swimming suits, it will be a great job for pet fish!!!!!!!any way I liked!!!!

  13. RoRo Says:

    very nice items 😉 thaaaaaaaanx 🙂

  14. sebastiantjsie Says:

    what? only 2 TWS items?? btw cool items, but PS shouldn’t stick to the same theme again, i mean 2 weeks ago PS already released lot of beach themed items..

  15. Saad Says:

    pathetic items except for tropic clock n rock fountain!

  16. Magdeline Says:

    T.T where’s the sheep doll?

  17. angie Says:


  18. Vale Says:

    Dejen de vender lo mejor en cash shop :@ ¬¬ no fue para nada una buena idea hacer esa tienda deberian sacarla del juego!! no todos tenemos dinero para comprar esas cosas, en realidad son muy pocos los que tienen esa oportunidad.

  19. zelciia Says:

    really pretty items! love them!

  20. kuzronk Says:

    Because of the Blue Soccer Shoes
    They should bring back the Shrit and Pants From June

  21. Unknownzxczxczcxzxcxzc Says:

    Yawns… 2 tws items? work harder!

  22. Someone Says:

    Whoa cool!!! Super love the watering feature! =DD
    Everything is just awesome! <3<333

  23. `ochii Says:

    There’s only 2 TWS?

  24. msik Says:

    cool…but i wuz thinking that wif pet society would give 5 Cash Coins…it would be fun…other than spending our money on just an online game!so i think that will be nice if we had some cash coins!
    now whose with me?!haha…just wishing…=P

  25. anna Says:

    Cool! 🙂
    Ty Playfish for the work! (:

  26. May Says:

    The nicest items are again in cash shop. 😦

  27. gloria Says:


  28. nikki Says:

    just tkin a look at des items i start praying mayor f having some more chances to ahve big money!!!:-((

  29. Prince Says:

    looks like the tiki outfit is for girls only .. or is it?
    the mask can be for both boys and girls .. but the outfit? too bad, i loved the mask ..

    the fountain is just awesome! it sucks that they put it in the cash shop ..

  30. arnel rapsing Says:

    i wish that they are selling the rock fountain on luxury instead on the cash shop

  31. Mikhail Delfin Says:

    Nice job Playfish! I don’t like this week’s theme but atleast I can save some money buy buying those TWS! Thanks! 🙂

  32. Joe Rachid Says:

    Fred, please, you were not first to comment this time or last time and no Playfish will not give you anything! 😦 anyway, i love the rock fountain but too bad it is not available in my area because i cannot buy cash items, so i was hoping if we could trade! This is my facebook url so that we can trade it for the liberty statue and 1 blue cool lava lamp. So i will give this person 1 blue lava lamp and 1 liberty statue for the rock fountain and the cute scarecrow from the cash shop, and the the pet statue from the cash shop is optional if you want an electric guitar, if you are interested in this trade, add me as a friend with the message : “Playfish Trade” in it so i can confirm you, and so you dont think i am a liar or scammer, i will send you the stuff first! Thanks
    Facebook URL;

  33. saad Says:

    there is gonna be a fishing feature in pet society via facebook……so thats why there are some accounts under maintanance……..from 4 of july(saturday)…to 6 of july (monday)….yay for playfish!!!

  34. Gabby Says:


  35. ryan Says:

    at least let us pay something like 1000 for i playfish point i mean come on… i know you need to make a profit to but its crap.

  36. Mae Says:

    Great items and the ice cream is not a TWS yey! Now, if only I can log-in. I can’t wait for the maintenance to end. Thanks for working so hard Pet Society team.

  37. lou Says:

    ..umbrellas without shadows??

  38. laura Says:

    the fonain i so beautiful but is of the cash shop (i hate the cash shop) 😦

  39. AAA Says:

    buenos items !!!!

  40. Uglyboy Says:

    It would be nice if there were clothes for male pets too… thx anw… and more dolls pls

  41. khaled Says:

    cool items and very nice good job play fish but i can’t wait till the fish shop open thats coming soon i saw that fish shop in the news of pet society i know the things what are they ! hope it open today !

  42. antonius Says:

    horey, now i can use set of soccer u playfish..but why the fountain in CS..why not, in luxury maybe for 2500 or 3000, because,This Week is few of TWS item..and i hate!! why now the gate for garden is available..its 3 days again..huhuhuhuh..i must change it but no money..please help me..give the pink one..i make the gate with villa patricia window and now has the real gate ..huhhhu..please trade with my item : follow this: and we trade ..i need the pink gateeeee~~~~~

  43. Dhea Says:

    It’s nice, actually.

  44. Rosa Says:

    what is tws?

  45. maya Says:

    i dont have money for buy every thing

  46. maya Says:


  47. Berglind Says:

    i hate the cash shop.. boooooo… 😦

    • ryan Says:

      boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I HATE THAT THING YOU CALL A STORE WHATS NEXT 10 DOLLERS FOR A RACE/BET >____<

  48. Karin Says:

    Pet society was great game….I love it……But the stuffs was expensive (‘^_^ it’s oke)

  49. Karin Says:

    At Pet Society….please……up the lottery into 100 until 5000…..It’s good for other? (Sorry my English spell was bad because I’m from Indonesian)

    • Joana Says:

      You are right… We need more then a 100? I mean, kick it up more!!!

    • Sharon Says:

      Ever since they gave the coins for compensation for not getting on, I’ve gotten 100 coins twice and 50 the rest of the time. Guess they have to make up for being generous. Oh, and where’s the fountain for people who can’t do cash shop?

  50. Cj Says:

    I cannot wait for Autumn Theme 🙂

  51. -mishiLov17* Says:

    Im soooo there but this stuff better NOT be expensive. im the type of owner that likes to save there money so u can buy stuff later on

  52. Amy.. Says:

    veri nice items!! 🙂 🙂

  53. martina Says:

    ey chandra if it says error try and try and try again thats what i do. 😉

  54. martina Says:

    TWS is this weeks special.

  55. TimothyEds Says:

    Why Summer/Tiki items again?

  56. lala Says:

    tws mean it is only goin to stay in stores for a limited time only

  57. Felialala Says:

    I want more new flowers, vegetables and tree items…for planting

  58. Felialala Says:

    More unique items for mystery boxes,, i often draw them but many old items …very disappointed!

  59. Felialala Says:

    I want more precious dinner long table in furniture shop, not only in the cash shop…
    the tables in those shops are not elegant enough…
    i hope the style of table is alike the ornate framed folding screen and orate bedside table etc…
    moreover , any bigger table for faerie series?

  60. kiss Says:

    i love the tiki stuffs!!!=))

  61. Camm Says:


  62. AndyGirl Says:

    Hey guys from Pet Society,

    your Cash Shop items are amazing 🙂 but sadly they aren’t affordable for many people (including myself) 😦 We love this game, we are in love of our pets and we love it because here we can express our creativity freely. But its so annoying and frustrating to know there are things we CANT get. We can just watch them, dream about but never have. Please, make a way so we can get PlayFish Cash with Pet Coins or something! I don’t mind if they were so expensive (like 1 for 2000 coins for example!) but that we can get them. Please, don’t make us feel excluded.


  63. Astrocat Says:

    I loove PS!
    Don’t care much for the cash shop though, seems a bit capitalistic! =D

    I would like more interesting themes, beach and summer is fun, but lets face it summerclothes are boring! Why don’t you have themes like the fifties, the seventies, the eighties and so on.. (who wouldn’t wanna have like a Michel Jackson shiny glove, or a hippie hairband, or a fifties dress?) both in clothes and decorating! Also it would be fun to have some of the more (or less) modern urban styles in the stores if you know what i mean.. like goths, hip hopers, skaters, punks, and whatever the kids call themselves today! haha!

    Keep on the good work you folks at playfish! And remember us, the poor people – but still hardcore fans that cannot afford the cash shop!

    love, Astrocat!

  64. ryan Says:

    2 ways to make pet society better 1have a contest on who ever can make the best mayors office and 2 if you win shove the other mayor out of the way and make the winner the mayor

  65. ..pinkK.. Says:


  66. Lisa Says:

    So what if they compensate 50 coins for not being able to get on FOR TWO DAYS!?!?! I had three rotten veggies in my garden! Like it’s MY fault I could not get there to pick them?
    Always like the new stuff but will never use the cash shop. Ever. But I always enjoy seeing new things even if I do not always buy them.Thanks PS!
    But PLEASE make allowances when PS is down so our gardens do not rot. THX!

  67. panda Says:

    why…………..why i cant taste summer 😦

  68. hana Says:

    yey new itens.
    but, can you make some items cheaper
    cause they are too expensive
    by the way i love the mistery boxes
    and the fareies egg

  69. hana Says:

    🙂 i really love pet society! 🙂 😉 😛

  70. anz.:D Says:

    I totally agree with AndyGirl.. you know its sad to watch all these things and you can’t afford it. so. i agree with this 1 cash coin for 2000 coins. i was thinking about this before i read it. so. tnx anyway.
    btw. love the game *.*

  71. Pixie Says:


  72. steph! Says:

    visit me plizzzz!! ♥ 😀


  73. roolithax Says:

    tan vcacanes las cosas para el verano
    las comprare de a poco a poco

  74. abdul razak Says:


  75. Jessica Says:

    we should be able to use the kitchen stuff to make new foods!!!

  76. mics Says:


  77. HeHe Says:

    I want allll items from Cash Shop!!!!!!But the problem is………….I dont have that Money!!!!!!!! 😦 I want to Playfish give everybody a little that money becouse the half of people who is playing pet society cant aford that money…… PLAYFISH please give us a little that money!!! Thanks…… 🙂

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