The mayor cordially invites you…


…to join us as we celebrate the 4th of July and Canada Day this week!

This update is for Facebook only. Remember that any items labeled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 6th of July, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Here in the Pet Society village we love any old excuse for a party. Whether it be Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, Carnival… there’s nothing we enjoy more than bringing all the millions of Pet Society pets from all over the world together for a little celebration.

So this week with the 4th of July and Canada Day both coming up we thought it might be fun to stock the shops with all kinds of American and Canadian goodies like popcorn, maple syrup and of course plenty of cake. Because let’s face it, what’s a party without cake?

Appe Pie Popcorn
Apple Pie
Popcorn (Food)
Maple Syrup Maple Cake
Maple Syrup (Food) Maple Cake (Food)
Blueberry Red Velvet Cake
Blueberry Red Velvet
Cake (Food) (TWS)

There’s confetti cannons and sparklers to really get the party going with a bang and a party marquee so you can hold some amazing parties in your garden.

Liberty Pet Statue Balloon Arch
Liberty Pet Statue
(Luxury) (TWS)
Balloon Arch
Party Marquee Confetti Cannon
Party Marquee
Confetti Cannon

We’ve also ensured that Lily has stocked up on some amazing costumes for your pet to wear on the special day!

Colonial Tricorne Hat Colonial Coat
Colonial Tricorne
Hat (Clothes)
Colonial Coat
Colonial Pants Colonial Boots
Pants (Clothes)
Colonial Boots
Colonial Ladys Hat Colonial Lady´s Dress
Lady’s Hat (Clothes)
Lady’s Dress (Clothes)
Liberty Pet Crown Liberty Pet Top
Liberty Pet Crown
(Clothes) (TWS)
Liberty Pet Top
(Clothes) (TWS)

And for those who celebrate Canada Day there’s a special new toy to be found in the Furniture Store, it’s also This Weeks Special, so make sure you get yours this week!

Mounted Police Doll
Mounted Police Doll

But it’s not all red white blue and, er, maple leaf shaped. We’ve also added a range of iron scroll furniture to add an elegant touch to your homes. A lot of it wouldn’t look out of place in your garden either. The perfect centerpiece to a Victorian themed garden perhaps?

The Iron Scroll furniture can be found in the Cash Shop.

Scroll Iron Ceiling Lamp Scroll Iron Shelf
Scroll Iron Ceiling
Scroll Iron Shelf
Scroll Iron Stool Scroll Iron Table Lamp
Scroll Iron Stool Scroll Iron Table
Scroll Iron Bench Scroll Iron Hall Table
Scroll Iron Bench Scroll Iron Hall
Iron Scroll Dressing Table Scroll Iron Chair
Scroll Iron Dressing
Scroll Iron Chair
Scroll Iron Side Table Scroll Iron Flower Stand
Scroll Iron Side
Scroll Iron Flower

And for those of you who want to create a little night time ambience in your home, try the night time wallpaper!

Mounted Police Doll
Darkest Night

Meanwhile “?” has been busy working on all kinds of weird and wonderful new stock for his Mystery Shop, like the new Faerie Mystery Egg vending machine where you’ll find all kinds of amazing faerie related items like beds, doors and windows. These are a little different to previous Mystery Eggs, by the way – firstly you can gift them just like any other item, and secondly they’re all full size rather than toys! “?”‘s also put a mysterious new potion on the shelves. In “?”‘s own words: “Give this potion a try, you’ll light up the sky!”. We’re not 100% what he’s talking about but it sure sounds exciting!


So come along and celebrate with us. There’s balloons and cake and fireworks and costumes for your pet to wear and really look the part. There’s even vintage popcorn machines!

Vintage Popcorn Machine Firework Potion
Vintage Popcorn
Firework Potion
Star Sparkler Blue Star Balloon
Star Sparkler
Blue Star Balloon
Red Star Balloon White Star Balloon
Red Star Balloon
White Star Balloon

Oh and did we mention the cake?

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Bee Tribal! in store this week!

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144 Responses to “The mayor cordially invites you…”

  1. fred Says:


  2. jorge Says:

    cool items!

  3. Roxy - Novalee Says:

    very awesome!!

  4. jasmine Says:

    this is awesome wow.. magic fod made my day ..
    from egypt .. happy 4th ofjuly and canada day

  5. shadya el otta Says:

    this is awesome wow.. magic fod made my day ..
    from egypt .. happy 4th ofjuly and canada day:)))))))))))

  6. anniie Says:

    the petsociety trying clothes new feature doesnt work for me. on the right side of the dialogue box i see a white space. but on my sisters computer it works. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. zaid Says:

    i love thim

  8. cherry Says:

    many great items this week! have to work extra hard again! 😉 thanks playfish!

  9. Gabriel Says:

    So all the furniture items can only be bought in the cash shop??? there’s no furniture in the furniture store??!??!?!

    I think I’m not that in love with this game anymore…it’s getting sad to know that the only way you can decorate you home with new furniture is by spending real money in a few pixels… SHAME ON YOU PLAYFISH, SHAME ON YOU!!!

    • Lala Says:

      u know what? gabriel is right! SHAME ON U PLAY FISH!!!!! really, it’s not like we’re all able to give away real money for an internet thing, i mean, some of us might have financhial problems, or maybe our parents don’t trust the ppl who sponser these things because they [our parents] enter their cred card number and all and that’s really dangerous, or maybe we live in a country where it’s not safe at all to use a credit card. playfish, how do u think the rest of us who can’t buy these things feel?

  10. thu Says:

    please make something tribute to Michael Jackson.

  11. Sela Says:

    Ooohh! Canadian stuffs! Must have! 🙂

  12. Clarissa Says:

    I’m loving all the faerie stuff!!!!!!!! I got a lovely hairband and shoes!!! wow!!

  13. lolly pop Says:

    nice!! thanks a lot! ^^

  14. Cerise Says:

    i have all the fairy stuff! they’re so cute 🙂 my pet looks like a real fairy in the new things 😀

    good job playfish! 🙂

  15. Berglind Says:

    I love the new fairy stuff!! don´t have it all yet thow.. but love love love! grate job!

  16. Claudia Says:

    Hi there!!!! I just love the new fairy items!!!!!!!!!!! I got 2 eggs now and got one green wonderful wallpaper and one accorn lamp! aweeeeeeeeeesome!!!!!!!

  17. Pepeng Says:

    Cool stuff… ! love the colours and all cakes..looks very tempting and make my pet drooling…

    Hopefull PF will make Red & White theme in August.. its Indonesian Independence Day !!

    • Chalisa Says:

      yes, i hope playfish can celebrate indonesian independence day too…please…
      Because there are not many peoples who doesn’t want to celebrate our independence day, i hope playfish will hear us…

      it’s on 17th August…Thank you Playfish, if you read what we post here…

      Great items playfish! love it!!!

  18. JJFiddle Says:

    This looks like a fun week!!

  19. G.E.L. Says:


    I love it!!

    you have creat a lot of thing, that let me enjoy the pet society very much!!

  20. cande Says:

    the new mistery eggs are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. kuzronk Says:

    This Is cool and a giftable Mystery Toys

  22. Chandra Says:

    OMG….I love it all! And, for the first time, I really want the items from the Cash Shop!! All the new items this week are soooooooooo pretty! 🙂

  23. Asami Says:

    I wish MySpace could celebrate the 4th of July too. 😦

  24. Gabby Says:

    Awwh these items are to die for! (:
    Rawr still have somethings to buy but i fished out all my $$ T-T

  25. doublepeas Says:

    what a treat this week!! very impressed, keep it up.

  26. Stella Says:

    I love all the new items… by the way, do anyone know all items from the eggs???

  27. Samantha Says:

    I love the new items! Especially the faerie items!

  28. Mel Says:

    On the Myspace thing,

    Any idea when we will be out of are rewind?
    would be really nice for an update >_>

  29. RoRo Says:

    very nice & wonderful items in Faerie Mystery Eggs, I got too many things:

    (Faerie bed + Faerie window + Faerie lamp + Faerie table + Faerie carpet + Faerie bottles + Faerie ring + Faerie shoes … )

    I like them allllll, but I don’t know if there are more items ?? You mentioned that there is a door, I didn’t get it yet ..

    Anybody get a different thing ??

  30. RoRo Says:

    yessssssssssss, I got 2 more items in Faerie Mystery Eggs:

    (Faerie hairband + Faerie wallpaper) .. veeeeeeeeeery nice 🙂

  31. RoRo Says:

    loooooooooooooooool … I got the door 🙂 but NOW I have 0 coins 😀 😀 😀

  32. Nick Chew Says:

    Where can we get the popcorn machine?

  33. Nick Chew Says:

    Ignore my post. I just saw the popcorn machine.

  34. Mia Says:

    I got a faerie door and faerie acorn lamps! And faerie bottles too!

  35. Veronica Says:

    I’ve just bought some popcorn for my pet to party.

  36. Veronica Says:

    i’ve just bought some popcorn for my pet to party on July 4, 2009

  37. Stella Says:

    Nick, the popcorn machine is at Furniture’s room!

    Oh, i need the door…..go go go

  38. Maru Says:

    The faerie things are sooo cute!!!

  39. yinggs Says:

    can somebody upload the pictures of the fairy stuffs? i wanttt to seeee!!! ^^

  40. Kien Says:

    I love stars … =)

  41. nicole Says:

    wow this idea is perfect…. hahaha

  42. nolasco Says:

    ang ganda ngayon ng mga bago

  43. pinklover Says:

    pet society rocks

  44. Tasha.jade Says:

    I love the items 🙂
    And ysy! a TWS doll 🙂

  45. MAYA Says:


  46. Panda :) Says:

    Cool!! 😀 😀

  47. amber Says:

    very nice items..

  48. yinggs Says:

    does anyone get the fairy dress/ top?

  49. Hoda Says:

    It is good items
    But let me say it not fare
    We in Lebanon can’t buy any of the Cash Shop items
    Its make us depressed
    Can you help us please?
    Thanks in advance fore your replay.

  50. Stella Says:

    i got the dress, is so cute!!

  51. May Says:

    These items are very nice :). But i can’t log to pet society ! 😦

  52. wormik Says:

    again not fair to those without real cash 😦 cash shop items available only for money. other stuff available both ways (money or coins)) why wont you make the cash shop stuff available some other way also to the people who cant/dont want to pay with real money? and you call this Democracy?

    • Gabby Says:

      They need to make a living so if you cant buy than dont buy it.
      If they dont have money to run the game than no one would be able to play.
      They have “democracy” to install the Cash shop.

    • Bwee Says:

      Honestly? You’ll live. There’s no need to be such a drama llama.

  53. shirley Says:

    I want the faerie bed…. awh.. so lovely.. hehe..

  54. sherwyn Says:

    my pet got all of the faerie! 🙂

  55. Amnart Says:

    hello I love USA and this items are so best, american army uniform and statue of liberty nice

  56. nanchook Says:

    the only thing i’m still working on is the faerie dress *sigh* 😦

  57. sherwyn Says:

    i got faeire dress, hairband, ring, door, window, carpet, faerie bed, faerie table, acorn lamps, faerie shoes, faerie bottles

  58. Rin Says:

    did the popcorn machine makes popcorn that our pet can eat it??

  59. Anna Says:

    i got them all… faeire dress, hairband, ring, shoes, faerie door, window, carpet, faerie bed, faerie table, acorn lamps, faerie bottles

  60. Dhea Says:

    I love Faerie!!!

  61. start Says:

    OMG!!!!! I love stars!!!!! wtg pet society!!!!!

  62. rania Says:

    i love it

  63. erica Says:

    i want a faerie dress and faerie bed 😦

  64. kate Says:


    1. when PS said TWS items – may be available again at some point in the future. – it should not as you must create new ones. If black cat or mummy going to be in shelves again, will be nightmair!

    2. Cash items this week not cool – i don’t like them
    3. Faery items are so great. I love all of them ;D

  65. Bwee Says:

    Oh ye gads, more long formal clothing? My pet is going to be very pleased. 😀 The velvet cake looks gorgeous, and the even-darker-night wallpaper is most welcome.

    (Since PS loves any excuse for a party, perhaps I should mention that Malaysia’s National Day is August 31st? >D)

  66. Chalisa Says:

    wow…i love all the items…but onfortunately, i can’t afford the cash shop items….. 😦

    But i still like the items…i just bought the liberty statuette! i must buy everything before all of my money has gone…haha…

    glad i have lots of money ^^

    Playfish, you are the best…

  67. JiMMyInThai Says:

    คนสร้างเก่งจัง ขอบพระคุณมากครับ

  68. GingerPinky Says:

    great things! love them all! 🙂

  69. myleen Says:

    im an addict player of pet society!! haha!

  70. Dodo Says:

    In Argentine we’ll celebrate Independence Day this 9th of July.. It will be great to have a “mate” or an “asado” in the food shop next week.

  71. Estercita Says:

    Please, don´t forget, other countries also celebrate independence day in July. Here in Argentina we celebrate it on 9th July. we usually eat empanadas, locro and have a parade as well. We decorate with light blue and white ballons. Try to put some items for our Argentine pets, please!!!!

  72. AquaFlower Says:

    Great job and funny thing…. I have an idea…. Why couldn’t our pets have their own pets like little dogs, cats, fishes or birds…. It would be more fun… Kisses

  73. Magdeline Says:

    I thought I saw someone mentioned about a sheep doll this week… hmmm…

    Love the fairy items ^^

    Everyone seems to be talking about National Day… how about having a Merlion doll on Augest 9? It’s Singapore’s National Day by the way. ^^

  74. angie Says:


  75. eduardo Says:

    the new items rockz!

  76. Claudia Says:

    Me encanta lo nuevo q ha salido excepto lo de cash shop osea… lo q no tenemos tarjeta de credito no podemos comprar lo de ahi.. yo creo q tambien debe a ver para comprar con monedas!
    bueno me gusta todo pero creo eso deberian cambar

  77. irenka Says:


  78. el gato volador Says:

    nice ! mystery 🙂

  79. aevlanus Says:

    tiene razon claudia

  80. AuRy Says:

    I like the the new items!!!! Faerie mitery eggs are amazing, I love it!!! I hope playfish can celebrate Venezuela Independence Day too.. please.. please.. It’s on July 5th… I love play with my pet everyday..

  81. mario Says:


  82. andre Says:

    urgggg the items in the cash shop is awsome and i cant buy them because i dont have play fish cash
    add me
    who ever give me a cash shop items will be rewarded
    1.cookie jar
    2.complete set of farie items
    3.complete set of clothes (TWS)
    4.complete set of ornate items
    5.swirl googles glasses
    7.canadian ribbon
    8.tree frog
    9.tiki candle
    10.complete set of food for christmas (holiday special)
    who ever give me items in the cash shop will have this items 🙂

  83. honeyy Says:

    Where is the ram/sheep doll as show on the Pet Society Friends blog? and where are all the fishes……..

  84. blacksatin Says:

    i want koinobori can you sell it again? in furniture shop if possible haha

  85. vivi Says:

  86. fia chan Says:

    indonesian celebration day at 17 august…
    in my country in indonesian independenca day all id red and white..
    and any people have any custom and traditional in each regional..
    may be playfish can make balinese clothes…
    i will like it very much

  87. outjay Says:


  88. Johnny Says:

    please i want things about michael jackson!!!! clothes or something!!!!

  89. Pinky Says:

    I love the fairy things,really cute I have the bed,the lamp and the shoes =)

  90. bryant.kum Says:

    i hope mayor also can celebrate the MALAYSIA day on 31th of august………
    thank you…………….

  91. unknown fan Says:

    PET SOCIETY ROCKS !!!!!!! x)

  92. Top Posts « Says:

    […] The mayor cordially invites you… …to join us as we celebrate the 4th of July and Canada Day this week! This update is for Facebook only. Remember […] […]

  93. Tania Says:

    I have an idea, it would me great if in the bank would exists a count like in the real life, in where you can save your money and earn more coins the more time you had it.

    and reduce the probabilities to win a prize for be lucky in the races, I eman, it’s far from probable to win the racer in the bets MORE THAT 500 TIMES!!!

  94. Felicia Says:

    COOL LOVE THE lady girl thing

  95. Chloe Says:

    Yeah!The shoes are adorable…if the stuff in pet society were cheaper,i’d play everyday!

  96. susana Says:

    I have the whole fairy collection love it, I also had 20, took allot of money but it was a must everyone that sees it loves it, now where can we buy extra rooms or vacation villa.

  97. johnny Says:


  98. johnny Says:

    is anyone on

  99. johnny Says:


  100. johnny Says:


  101. johnny Says:


  102. johnny Says:

    🙂 f,ngkf

  103. johnny Says:

  104. Katy Says:

    I like Liberty Clothes And Colonial Lady’s Dress,Faeries (Mystery) 🙂

  105. Kylie Says:

    Me too 🙂 Realy Beautifull!!

  106. kaori Says:

    i got every faerie stuff except the dress arrrgggghh

  107. Melissa Says:

    Ok im trying to make sure i have all the fairy stuff is this all: bed, window, door, wallpaper, rug, bottles, acorn lamp, headband, dress, bracelet (ring), and shoes

  108. Louie Lapig Says:

    i like the new mystery eggs since i love nature..

  109. sebastian Says:


  110. ertyw Says:


  111. sana Says:

    how i can win 100,000coin.

  112. sana Says:

    nice game.but collect coins very diffucult so please play compition for us then we earn coins

  113. Asami Says:

    I wish my MySpace pet could have a 4th of July party. 🙂

  114. Rachel Says:

    🙂 i have all of them 😀

  115. Francesca Says:

    I got it all…:

    -Faerie Dress
    -Faerie Headband
    -Faerie Shoes
    -Faerie Ring
    -Faerie Bed(OMG THIS ONE’S SO LOVELY.)
    -Faerie Bottles
    -Faerie Leaf Carpet
    -Faerie Wallpaper
    -Acorn Lamp


  116. Francesca Says:



  117. jaycee Says:

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………………………………………….

  118. Martyna Says:

    I don’t understand

  119. Nadya Says:


  120. haneen Says:

    why wont we get spechail gift from mayor on speachal hholidays and why wont we enter our birthdays for gifts or money its not fair in real life i didnt have a birthday party nor in ps whats the point of a birthday tell me ppl 😦 but in the brigth side cool items this week
    ( P.S=why wont pet society do somthn’ for summer holidays and we all need jobs for a living or all of us will start cheat engins and get banned so you need to do somthin’or we will quit this) whos with me n_n T_T 😀 did that work with begging pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease this one have to work pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease beat that
    reply pls this is my e-mail = ;D

  121. doris schroeder Says:

    i would be flattered to join

  122. Raina Says:

    i like the cash shop items but i cant get playfish cash beacuse i need real money.
    there was a newsletter but i did not reed it so if you guys could reply the newsletter please???????

  123. velizara Says:


  124. lali Says:

    pets vacancies is the metense pets and are going to see things from another world so aste fan and love my pets laliiiii

  125. khaled Says:

    the news letter was that in every playfish game if u had the playfish coins in the other games you will have them ! ( nice items and cool, ! 🙂 🙂

  126. haley Says:

    i got a fairy door fairy bed fairy wall paper fairy hair band fairy dress fairy talble fairy bottle fairy light fairy shoes fairy carpet fairy ring

  127. milena Says:

    I think we should celebrate the day of the carabinieri, all … etc, well I hope to take into account my comment!

  128. mariel sosa Says:

    la top

  129. mariel sosa Says:

    la top total

  130. soja Says:

    wow i wish that could be on again!!!!!!! 🙂 😦 😥

  131. Denizci Says:

    thank you for this information. I hope u ll go on helping us to learn this kind of important issues Eğlence ve hüznün bir arada yaşandığı bir dünya.!!!

  132. Rbd video Says:

    That guy @3:30 , why would he jump like that? ? It’s not like he slipped, he just….swings his legs up and…falls. Cracks me up every time =)

  133. Stefany Sanzo Says:

    Michael Jackson have lived-up to be the best pop artist of the history, i really admire his talent in singing and dancing “*:

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