Enhance your shopping experience!


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest update for our Facebook version of the game has just gone live, so sign onto Pet Society now to check out what’s new!

You can now purchase multiple items from any of the Pet Society stores (excluding the Cash Shop). Simply select the item you wish to purchase, and then adjust the number (which begins at one) using the blue plus and minus buttons! The total purchase cost will be displayed for the number of items you have selected, and then just select the green tick to confirm! Similarly, if you are selling items you own back to the store, you can now sell them in multiples as well.

Before you run to the shops to check out that feature, you should also know that now when you are purchasing an item of clothing, you will see a preview of your pet wearing that item prior to buying it on the right hand side of the purchase dialogue box! This may help you work out exactly what you would like your pet to wear before spending your coins! If you would like to buy a hat to match with a particular dress or shirt for example, be sure to dress your pet in the dress/shirt before going to buy the hat to use this feature to its full advantage!

Finally, “?” has been hunting far and wide for some new products to hide in his mystery boxes, according to the last news from him, he has found some interesting items (which are now available), but has hidden them away very well, and only left a few clues:

  • Float to the heavens! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • See stars without bumping your head! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Flaunt your Canadian pride! (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images!




Gold Star Balloon

Star Shades

Maple Ribbon

We hope you enjoy these updates!

Please note that these updates are for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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67 Responses to “Enhance your shopping experience!”

  1. Miss Glamorous Says:

    I think i will be broke 😀

  2. Mister Glamorous Says:

    New GMBs and BMBs again! Time to be broke again! lol 😀
    Thanks for the updates~~

  3. nanchook Says:

    luv the fitting room idea! at least i won’t spend on something i wouldn’t like.
    gonna work on those mystery boxes now! 🙂

  4. antonius Says:

    omg..so, we can buy cash shop item if we dont have CC????
    ..but, if som1 use cheat he/she can buy it

  5. Mikhail Delfin Says:

    2nd! (I think)

  6. Panda :) Says:

    Cool updates 😀
    Job well done. Thanks~

  7. Mup u Says:

    Playfish rocks! Love the new function.

    I got the new BMB item. So lucky! :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. antonius Says:

    yeah..i dont like this..because som1 who use cheat can buy all..and i like this if no one use cheat..and i think playfish must make new feature like jail..in there who they use cheat..and we can go to their house and steal their items..bump! rare!

  9. antonius Says:

    what the item??

  10. Joanne Wilson Says:

    This is soooooooooo fabulous!! 🙂 Thanks so much Playfish. I really appreciate this change. This makes the maintenance so much more worthy XD

  11. piffisis Says:

    I got starry glasses, blue stars for the lenses

  12. angelz90 Says:

    thanks for the updates~ i like the idea of fitting room very much ;D

  13. Johanna Says:

    wow, love the new features! now if we could only send more than 1 item to people at a time. that would be FABULOUS!!

  14. antonius Says:

    thx to piffisis

  15. antonius Says:

    ooowh..i think wrong

  16. antonius Says:

    negative thinking~..hhhaaaaa

  17. laura Says:

    love the update! however, i can’t see my pet’s preview when buying clothing yet. I see the space for it tho!

    • Someone Says:

      So am I, I don’t see any preview of my pet wearing the clothing, is this supposed to be a bug? Plz fix it as soon as possible, thx a lot!

      • Pet Society Anonymous Says:

        I’m on a P.C. and the clothing previewer does not seem to work in Firefox. But it does work beautifully in Internet Explorer so try that. I’m not sure if it works in Safari for a Mac.

  18. amber Says:

    yey! i love the update.. 🙂

  19. sherwyn Says:

    wow!! i got the canadian ribbon..sooo cool!! 🙂

  20. PashmiNa Says:

    simply amazing!!! love the new clothes feature!!! xD

  21. Changmin Says:

    really like this new feature.. thank u so much playfish.. double thumbs up for u all..=)

  22. GingerPinky Says:

    HI there! Lovely new items and features too! (now my pet knows how she looks like w/ new dresses! 🙂

    can you release some MICEAL JACKSON STYLE items next week? It would be a great tribute and also a bit of music temptation for our pets!

    He is really the king of pop, and will always be!

  23. dora Says:

    well i got same old cheap clothes from 500 coin mb huh!

  24. brenda Says:

    ieeei i just love the new features

    pet society rockks! 🙂

  25. brenda Says:

    why does the celebration cake cost 3 cc rather thann 1 wooo

  26. floppyj10 Says:

    This update is very cool. Thanks! 🙂

  27. Cerise Says:

    i agree with GingerPinky, some mj commemoration items would be really awesome 😀

  28. laura Says:


  29. Kim Lloyd Says:

    What is the new BMB item?

  30. yonaiquel Says:


  31. aristotle Says:

    Is the new BMB item the gold star-shaped balloon? Since the new GMB item are star-shaped sunglasses… The clue said “float to the clouds”, I was half expecting a flying carpet, heh.


  32. Ynah Says:

    I got a Maple Ribbon. 🙂

  33. Twinky Says:

    what is the new blue mystery box item?

  34. Rey Says:

    i know the See stars without bumping your head!…………. it is a white sunglasses that is a star shape

  35. Amina Says:

    Anybody got extra black cat dolls, pls contact- facebook.com/amina.salam1

  36. Amina Says:

    Anybody got extra black cat dolls, pls contact- facebook.com/amina.salam1 tnx

  37. Amina Says:

    Anybody got extra black cat dolls, pls contact- facebook.com/amina.salam1 TY!!

  38. Dawn W Says:

    Thank you so much for these improvements, there is one more that would make everything even more perfect. How about a quantity box for when you gift someone? Say you want to send some one 3 of the same type of chairs or food items etc and instead of having to send one, then go back send another, and repeat over and over, you could gift them whatever quantity you are looking to send in one shot. Really a quantity box could show under each item in your chest all at once and you could click send 3 apples, 1 chair, 1 table, click send and it sends the quantities of the various items you selected at one time..gifting fast and easy 🙂


    Pet: Clove
    Level: 33

  39. stella Says:

    what is the new blue mystery item? is it gold star star-shaped balloon? i’ve got it, but i know don’t it is a new item.

  40. Angela_hwuiyean Says:

    i like this really much.. I don’t have to click for 50 times on the apple if I need 50 of it.. great!! yay!!

  41. Joyce Says:

    I love the clothing preview! Really cool and useful too!
    I want the Canadian Symbol!!!Darn.

  42. sharon Says:

    I got gold star bollon, star glasses, and Maple Ribbon.

  43. Anoosh Says:

    i cant find the blue & golden mystery box i only can c the expensive & cheap, or r they the same ?! anyone .. help ? thank u

  44. Someone Says:

    lol The other day I bought 99 apples and my pet finished them in a month! xD

  45. fifi pet Says:

    i found the star glasses.and the canadian pride too..awesome…

  46. vitagen Says:

    can i ask maple ribbon is from which box?thanks(:

  47. constanza Says:

    Quick question
    I got an hat from the mistery box and once in my chest it shows the hat but with an interrogation mark on the upper right corner. What does it mean?

  48. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Enhance your shopping experience! Hey Pet Society fans! The latest update for our Facebook version of the game has just gone live, so sign onto Pet […] […]

  49. Elaine Says:

    so many new items better be ready to spend all my hard earned kept

  50. Kevin Says:

    Fun! Buy 99 apples won’t be so long!

    Next week:

  51. mr. Greñitas Says:

    I dressed my pet like Michael Jackson, but I would like an oficial outfit plis!!!!! love the new things you did!!!!

  52. Amewsed Says:

    Sonya…I’m sorry if the post on the other link was inappropriate. I understand why it was removed. : /

  53. twittwit paguinto Says:

    whooo I’ve got maple ribbon!!!…it’s so cool

  54. ZAi Says:

    cool updates, i just have the Maple Ribbon, y so so beautiful !!!


  55. xy Says:

    i lyk d star shades so bad..:'(

  56. federico Says:


  57. abdul razak Says:


  58. Matthias-Edelgard Says:

    I cannot believe this will work!

  59. HeHe Says:

    I GOT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😀 😀 😀

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