Midsummer sweetness!


Hey Pet Society fans! Our newest items have now arrived, so head to the stores with your pet on Facebook to see what you would like to add to your pet’s home this week! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 29th of June, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Celebrate midsummer in Scandinavian style! Choose to sail in your very own Viking Ship, or place a model Viking Ship on your mantel! Do a frog dance (you could even do this in a frog costume) around the Midsummer Pole, or dress in a traditional Sverigedrakten outfit! And taste some Prinskorv, Herring with Rye Bread and New Potatoes!



Viking Ship (Cash Shop)

Viking Ship Decor (Furniture)




Sverigedrakten Dress (Clothes) (TWS)

Midsummer Pole (Luxury) (TWS)

Sverigedrakten Shirt (Clothes) (TWS)



Wildflower Wreath (Clothes)

Little Frog Hat (Clothes)




Little Frog Glove (Clothes)

Little Frog Shirt (Clothes)

Little Frog Boots (Clothes)




Prinskorv (Food) (TWS)

Herring With Rye Bread (Food) (TWS)

New Potatoes (Food) (TWS)



Yellow Checkered Dining Table (Furniture) (TWS)

Yellow Heat Pillow (Furniture) (TWS)

Sweeten up your pet’s home this week, as Preston, Grumble and Truffles have combined together to bake this fantastic, yet hunger inducing, collection!



Chocolate Biscuit Table (Furniture)

Gingerbread Mirror (Furniture)




Strawberry Cupcake (Food)

Silver Cake Rack (Furniture)

Blueberry Cupcake (Food)




Red Ribbon Cupcake (Food)

Yellow Ribbon Cupcake (Food)

Blue Ribbon Cupcake (Food)



Gingerbread Door (D.I.Y.)

Chocolate Floor (D.I.Y.)



Chocolate Biscuit Shelf (D.I.Y.)

Strawberry Biscuit Shelf (D.I.Y.) (TWS)



Cherry Syrup (Food) (TWS)

Peach Syrup (Food) (TWS)

If you are looking for an ocean to sail your Viking Ship on (or perhaps your Dragon Boat Bench or Gondola Bench), Grumble delivers with the Ocean Floor new to the D.I.Y. Depot! And if you need something to sit your prize cupcake on (or meatball, whatever happens to be your pet’s favourite food), Preston introduces the White Saucer to the Furniture Store! Also, ensure you head outside and enjoy your new garden with the gorgeous tree swings that are in store this week!




Ocean Floor (D.I.Y.)

White Saucer (Furniture)

Small Glass (Furniture)



Blue Ribbon Tree Swing (Luxury)

Wildflower Tree Swing (Cash Shop)

Finally, Terrence will have your pet living like a king or queen with these new additions to the Cash Store!




Regal Long Mirror

Roman Numeral Clock

Royal Cake Rack



Regal Chair

Regal Hall Chest



Regal Sofa

Royal Jacuzzi

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from *bzzt* E.M.I.L.I.A’s been busy! *bleep* in store this week!

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145 Responses to “Midsummer sweetness!”

  1. fred Says:


  2. fred Says:


  3. flor Says:

    as usual now all the good items are in the cash shop…im getting tire of it cause i cant buy cash coins…(dont have a credit card and the others options are not very reliable)…i think finally im gettin over my obsession whit PS…

  4. martha Says:

    omg so many tws items!!!

  5. Rossana Says:

    i love everything on there, i might get myself so stuff from the cash shop hihihi xD

  6. STiKit Says:


  7. flor Says:

    me too!!

  8. GG Says:

    I don’t like the cupcake colours. They’re all blue red and white. The rest of the food looks awesome.

  9. Jenny Says:

    I love all the new itms of the cash shop, specially the sofa and jacuzzi but I can´t afford them, what unfair!

  10. Winona Says:

    I notice the items which are nicer are always on the cash shop..I want to buy but I don’t have a credit card T-T

  11. Elisa Says:

    Winona you can also but theese items with your mobile phone!

  12. JOHN Says:


  13. Linka Says:

    Wow cool! The swings look awsome. Thanks for all the hard work!

  14. JOHN Says:


  15. RoRo Says:

    Thaaaaaanx, very nice items, but I need more rooms :$
    I have 8 rooms & 2 gardens, but I need moooooooore, I have a lot of furniture..
    when you will add one more room (room no.9)? at which score?

  16. RoRo Says:

    oh ya, I agree with “Winona”, I like the items in cash shop, but I haven’t credit card 😦
    please, try to find for us another way to buy from it 😉

  17. jorge Says:

    maybe if they put a feature that you can sell normal items for playfish cash.

  18. sandy3q Says:

    i want the wildflower tree swing 😦 the blue ribbon swing is nice but the wildflower tree swing is so pretty and it would match my pet’s garden ( jungle under construction )

  19. mmmm Says:

    i cant log in!

  20. Vitamina Says:

    Hey what happen with the parrot in the luxury store??? I was saving for it!!!!:(

  21. Caleb Vega Says:

    i think this item are just wonderful, but… whats going on with emm the fishes picture that u uploaded at the pet society facebook account?

  22. mitsi&Risa Says:

    the new accesories is very beutiful!!! but i want a wildflower tree swing & i don have playfish cach ):

  23. Chandra Says:

    i fall more and more in love w/ pet society every week! awesome items! 🙂

  24. marie Says:

    I’m growing rather bored of the myspace rewind. Mind you I have both myspace and facebook, but still. I hope that the myspace rewind ends soon.

  25. Chandra Says:

    the biscuit shelves remind me of pocky…lol

  26. Asami Says:

    MySpace is so dull now.

  27. Leisabel Says:

    hahaha Chandra you’re right! that’s the first thing I thought when I saw those! XD

  28. Mark Says:

    Beautiful new items! Thank you Pet Society Team!

    I would love to see more Asian-themed objects, like from Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. 😀

  29. Pepeng Says:

    hiks the wildflower tree swing looks so gorgeous..but it’s in cash shop item..why oh why…. *counting my buttons…buy…no…buy..no…buy..no*

  30. maya Says:

    i love these new items :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thx petsociety:D!!

  31. MMMUA!! Says:


  32. Sompeetalay Says:

    Nice items! Unfortunately there are also some great items in the Cash Shop … 😦

  33. Dhea Says:

    I ❤ buying This Week Special Item @ Pet Society!!!!!

  34. Bim HD Says:

    Just screaming!!! And the Swedendrakt for midsummer… as sweet as sweetiest..- But some trouble… Midsummer in Sweden ARE gone – it was the weekend that past!!! But – when to were it now? It’s to late!!! Or maybe it will be a celebration in other country – but with Swedendrakt???
    Have good day and let’s go Pet Society – now!!! lol

  35. Tasha.jade Says:

    I love ALL these items.
    And even thoguh i cant buy the Cash shop items, they’re lovely.

    My fave monday for a long time 🙂

  36. Yvonne Says:

    looving the food items this week!
    which is a first haha

  37. Francesca Says:


  38. May Says:

    Best items are in cash shop 😥 . Oh no. 😦

  39. blueberry Says:


  40. Ranna Says:

    very unfair e kasi yang wala akong mabibili sa cash shop or should i say i cant buy in the cash shop very rediculouse! 😦

  41. DyogZ Says:

    *sigh* beautiful… but, they’re all in the cash shop. *sigh*
    (copy & paste at your facebook search bar) lolz0_o@yahoo.com, click “ADD as FRIEND”. thnx

  42. Dorothea Says:

    I like very much these items, but there are also some great items in the Cash Shop….very unfair :(((

  43. zarquito Says:




  44. Felialala Says:

    I love the items in this week very much..especially the cake and chocolate door and table….but can you create any chocolate chairs for us to buy?

  45. nolasco Says:

    41,00 my money

  46. Cicci Says:

    The new items are so cozy!! but i need more rooms, i dont play more because my rooms are FULL…where i will put the new items??

    by the way this game is so nice!

  47. dodo Says:

    hi i want to goin to garden competition but i cant know how please help me that is the only problem

  48. Doroteo Says:

    Maybe you can open a Debit Card account at your local bank, and link it up with your PayPal account… That way, you can use PayPal to buy Playfish Coins and buy the cool stuff from the Cash Shop… 🙂

    I guess it’s okay to use real cash in Pet Society… After all, we also spend a lot of money on Starbucks coffee and other luxuries… ;P

  49. Bwee Says:

    Pocky shelves!

    Yeah, that’s all I wanted to say.

  50. star Says:

    I love everything this week! Job well done! thanks so much playfish!!! *hugs*

  51. star Says:

    I love everything this week! job well done! Thanks playfish 🙂 *hugs*

  52. Sasha Says:

    Beautiful! Love the cupcakes!

  53. Vero Says:

    I can´t log in!!! 😦

  54. iman izzati Says:

    my wish list:

    bubble chair
    cup cake tree

  55. Carrine Says:

    I love all the new items…if i can actually buy them cz i cant log in!!! It’s been 3 days already and i really wanna start playing T_T

  56. ashlina Says:

    this week items are fabulous…
    love them…
    just that all the really nice items are all in the cash shop…and i can’t buy them as i don’t have any playfish cash plus i can’t buy the cash too… -.-
    maybe you’ll can add a feature like using COINS in exchange for playfish cash….

  57. NeptoROS Says:


    I agreed with that…
    I think it might be better if Playfish just set the cost of the things in Cash Shop to be higher but affordable by coins…
    I understand that Playfish team need to make profit
    but this is NOT fair…
    At least, the things should be the same but different functions are okay…
    But every items look so delightful and I’m just only a student
    How can I afford this?
    Of course, my parents wouldn’t allowed me to pay fee for games
    But you know,
    I still want to play Playfish’s game as long as I can
    They’re so good
    At least, Petsociety have brighten my day!!!

  58. pandika Says:

    wooow :DD new items are so adorable 🙂 I love the frig costume…I just had to budy that for my Pandika :-* the cash shop items are sooo beautiful, bud I can’t buz those ;):D and Pandika also likes new cupcakes 😀 she is looking forward to taste all od them :))

  59. justadesigner Says:

    Just wanted to say my hat’s off to the artist that knocked out the Regal furniture, it stands out. The pillow on the sofa in particular is a brilliant touch, full of detail.

    I hope we’ll see more furniture in that line hit the regular shops (Furniture, Deluxe, etc) so that we can match them with the coin shop ones. It’s what I think was lacking in the rest of the Royal pieces of the coin shop, but was fairly well addressed in the Dark Oak / Country series.

    I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have more ornate pieces of a series in the coin shop, it’s a common marketing strategy without question, but the style should definitely carry over to the other shops with more furniture. Otherwise we’re left with beautiful furniture that many of us don’t purchase from the coin shop simply because there’s nothing else in the other shops to match them with.

    That aside, keep up the good work!

  60. NellyK Says:

    wow so cool

  61. Amewsed Says:

    I love all of the new items, but Amewsed sits on the Regal Hall Chest like it’s a chair….hmmm…

  62. Amina Says:


  63. irenka Says:

    As usual… i asked question but no1 from pet society to answer… I will ask here even the topic isnt that… I have an apple tree since the day they added this feature… but the apples wont grow… Does this same thing happened to some1 else too? And what should I do?? Also.. I have to propose something.. I have so meny things stuffed in the chest that I cant put in my rooms but I still like them and I dont wanna sell them coz I wanna use them in the future ( I know I dont speek only for myself) so since there are 10 rooms and 2 gardens and I dont know where possibly can add more rooms why dont u guys(from PS) make something like tresor in a bank where we can put our items there and we can see them.. Because if i buy something new it takes forever to find it in the chest and its annoying if I happen to forget the name so I can search in the search box… Well just a proppose.. 😀 but I thing that would be nice and many people will like that. 😀

    • Sonya Says:

      Each tree has a chance of producing fruit each day. 😉

      From the Pet Society Newsletter: “Each day, roughly one in five of your trees will bear fruit.”

    • Little Bit Says:

      I too have had an apple tree since day one and it has yet to produce any apples… maybe wrong time of year. haha

  64. paola Says:

    wow! las cosas nuevas esthan mui padres pero no puedo comprar monedas a traves de mi celular porke la lada 961 no aparece. . . . solo aparece la de mexicoo que es 52 creo XD .. porfavor agan algo al respectho . . . . . 😀 soi de chiapas , mexico

  65. Gemma Says:

    It happens to me irenka my fruit grows sooo slowly all my friends get like 10 a day and they have less trees than me ?!! i get 1 or 2 every 3 days! and my vegetables dont grow bigger than small even if i leave them for a few days.
    i also have all my items in my chest as i have no room and i dont like stuffing my house full so it looks messy!

  66. Gabediw Says:

    Hi, I have a question. Why Playfish has removed the curtains from italian week? it wasn’t a special week item. I have searched everywhere and I could’t find it. Anyone knows why it was removed?

  67. Revanence Says:

    The new items look wonderful, however I noticed one thing:
    Roman Numeral Clocks do not list 4 as ‘IV’. Instead, it uses the (improper) ‘IIII’ to prevent confusion with ‘VI’, or 6. This has been the case ever since the start, although interestingly was also overlooked with the feature of the clock tower in the Back to the Future movies. Go fig, eh?

  68. ???mystery??? Says:

    i love all the items i HATE!!!!! the cash shop i mean come on people. Heres a better i have a idea that will make us all happier just give us a play fish coins everyday like the daliy lottery i dont care if you shorten the money in the regular lotto a lot of us just love the items its just cr** that you have to pay real money.

    help me fight for this and we have a chance

  69. jasmine Says:

    hey, you guys are not being fair, all the playfish staff have to have a salary, right? and if you can’t afford the items in the cash shop, just don’t buy them! i mean, there’s such a wide range of other items on sale for playfish coins. and if you really are soooo in love with cash shop items, why don’t you buy them instead of complaining that ‘it’s not fair’? it IS fair, what may not be fair is that playfish has came up with a fabulous game for us to play for FREE and we are still complaining.

  70. bon Says:


  71. lia fresca Says:

    love those new items so soo sooo soooo much 🙂
    but how come we must buy d playfish cash wit real munii? it’s so soo sooo soooo expensive for me and my becks o(>.<)o

  72. lia fresca Says:

    i’m not complaining but it’s true.. there are sooo many people who don’t have a job yet, and are not capable of earning their own munii, playing this game (including me).. and it’s really make us sad when we look at the beautiful items at d cash shop but we know we can’t afford to buy it :s

  73. cindy Says:

    can you bring back a grand piano – any look would do coz i just recently joined pet spciety and i saw some of my friends have a grand piano. I hope i could get one

  74. Kunal Says:

    Cool items! But all the good ones are in the Cash Shop and I don’t have a credit catd!

  75. anima51 Says:

    To buy from Cash Shop you don’t have to own a credit card / PayPal account, if you have a cell phone, you can buy Cash Shop items with your cell phone credit.

    • Chelsea Says:

      how can I buy Cash Shop Items through my cellphone? ^^
      hoping you’d reply. thanks~ ^^

      • Sonya Says:

        Cell phone payments are only available to certain regions and providers. But from the ATM in the Cash Shop, select Paymo (if available), and then you should be able to find out if your provider is one of those that enables you to purchase using your phone.

  76. anima51 Says:

    To buy from Cash Shop you don’t have to own a credit card / PayPal account, if you have a cell phone, you can buy Cash Shop items with your cell phone credit (Onebip)

  77. Someone Says:

    ❤ The swings, can our pet actually sit on them?? :/

  78. harini Says:

    love d P.s game.. m gettin mad on dis game day by day !!

  79. harini Says:

    best items are evrywhr… all time updatin new cute thingsz are crazy fun !!

  80. Jasmine Says:

    Är Pet society’s grundare svenska? väldigt bra med nypotatisen och sillamackan 🙂 Synd bara att midsommar var förra veckan XD

  81. Winona Says:

    Guys I know we are all ridicolous..I guess playfish is making us pay for the cash shop..I know they want to sell us that items with real money we need to understand that they are not using the money for their gain….there will come a time that those items would be on sale..lets just wait..sonya can you make just one week items on regular shops awesome,just like in the cash shop..we really appreciate that….thanks I hope you make this as a consideration and our apology….

  82. karla Says:

    its not fair tha all the coolest thing are in the cash shop, it a game, cheaters.

  83. soufi Says:


  84. joanne Says:

    luv the cupcakes !!! bought them already, it’s all in my kitchen !!!

  85. Felicia Says:

    i LOVE the New Potatoes,Yellow Checkered Dining Table,Silver Cake Rack,Blue Ribbon Tree Swing and Royal Jacuzzi but i can’t buy the Royal Jacuzzi i like the item in cash shop i wish i can buy it:(

  86. shahd Says:

    i really love the cup cakes do more cool things in food,furniture,clothes………………and also other stores

  87. maria fabiana Says:

    como me creo un pet society ya

  88. ran Says:

    how can i get more money ? plz help me

  89. florencia Says:

    todo eso esta re bueno

  90. irenka Says:

    I just got a briliant idea! Why dont u guys make TOY FACTORY 😀 where we can buy ingridients and mix them so we get one of a kind dolls 😀 or maybe like a spellbook 😀 buy this buy that mix it and PUFF!! u have some intresting doll 😀 what do u think ?

  91. junkiest Says:


  92. honeyy Says:

    I need help….could Sonya look into this matter for me,……hv already email support@playfish.com for my problem with payment for the cash coins…….payment been make thru paypal and money is deducted from my account but i havent receive the coins yet and only the acknowledge email receive……..what am i going to do…just wait?????

    • Sonya Says:

      I’m not sure how you paid, but if you paid by eCheck, the transaction can take anywhere from 5-14 days to complete. Even once the money has cleared your account, it does not mean PayPal have made the money available to Playfish yet, and notified Playfish. If it has been over 14 days (and you paid via eCheck), you should contact support, please include ‘Billing’ in the title of your e-mail, and be sure to include as much detail about the transaction as possible (including the date, receipt number(s), the e-mail you used with PayPal and your Facebook ID), and from there Support will work through it with you!

      If using another payment method, please advise which payment method you used and I can try and advise what would be the best thing to do at this point.

      • honeyy Says:

        Yes i was indeed paid by echeque and the transaction should take 3-5 days as per paypal info when i process the transaction. Received email that payment been clear and deposit to playfish. I hv made payment at the same time to others and they adv me payment received. and actually the money has been deducted few days ago from my account before i receive the clear email this morning………I want my coins…..and pls hv more paying option with the same value….i know i can choose other option at the monent but they are much dearer than paypal so i still use paypal………..pls pls ask yr support team to look into this matter….been waiting for my coins since processing on 19 Jun …..please!!!! 7 days already…….

  93. honeyy Says:

    and forget to say THANK YOU!!! Thank you Sonya for your quick response. I know this shouldnt be the rite place to discuss this matter, but hope you can understand my worry………

  94. Chelsea Says:

    aww, so sweet items~ ^^

  95. Luca Says:

    aw there is thing that i want to buy in cash shop but i do not have any =(

  96. henry Says:


  97. henry Says:


  98. fla Says:

    why all nice new thiings are on cash shop??
    it’s not fair…

  99. alejandro Says:

    hello, I want to give you advice, it would be nice to put on clothing such as shirts that are being used, tables or anything that I say this as a parent who take items in stores. Thank you

  100. maiam Says:

    en donde vnden los cintillos pra pet?

  101. STiKit Says:

    It’s not even necessary that you use real money to pay for playfish cash. Try the forums! There are dozens of people willing to sell their coins for rares or in store coins, or this week specials items in bulk.
    So… Before complaining more, just have a quick peek and try getting cash shop items through a third party buyer first?

  102. haha Says:

    i had to buy all of the TWS hahaha (proud)

  103. eme24 Says:

    i lurv the frog hat and the wildflower wreath and the pillow
    i drained all of my money..haha

  104. Princess Says:

    i wish pet society have a mayor’s office and jobs for my pet so i can i earn more coins


  105. Princess Says:

    who’s with me?!

  106. Princess Says:


  107. margaret Says:

    can anybody tell me about the items of the mystery boxes?

  108. nanchook Says:

    i’m loving all the items this week,especially the viking ship! my pet nyum nyum enjoys rowing it,not to mention his friends,too!
    & yea..i do wonder why my pet could actually sit on that regal hall chest like a chair. hmm..
    now i so look forward to mondays. can’t wait!

  109. Suggestion Says:

    Hi there.
    I just wanted to make a suggestion.
    It seems like alot of people are complaining on the cash shop, which I truly understand. I think that a good idea for the cash shop would be that you still have the paying option, and cash coins. But you also have a regular coin price, which can be really expensive(if you want to). So that people who can’t afford to pay for a computer game still can enjoy it fully.
    It’s just a suggestion and I don’t even know if it would be possible. But at least consider making some changes to that store. Please. 🙂

  110. saad Says:

    why can playfish allow us to exchange 200 or 300 coins for 2 or 3 playfish coins….that would be more convienient you know!

  111. love always pet society Says:

    all people are complaining about the cash shop so i suggested that the pet society would give a 5000 coins for the cash shop because of that all people would not be a member example the people that do not have those requirements you want to do so you will give them a pet society cash so i request that they will give a 5000 playfish cash! thats all the people wants!!

  112. Michelle Says:

    There are too many pretty things in the cash shop. I am getting really tired of doing those loooong surveys to gain coins.
    There has to be an easier way.

  113. Nikki Says:

    i can’t stand to not spend 1000 coins, or even only like, 500 coins.So once I saw those things, I started buying them all and now I only have 2 coins 😦 I’m soo addicted at this game

  114. Nikki Says:

    i can’t stand to not spend 1000 coins, or even only like, 500 coins.So once I saw those things, I started buying them all and now I only have 2 coins 😦 I’m soo addicted at this game!!!
    PS: Can anyone tell me how 2 gain playfish cash

  115. Pavlina Says:

    when you will add one more room (room no.9)?

  116. Pavlina Says:

    when you will add one more room (room no.10)?

  117. Midsummer sweetness! Pet Society's Blog | PET HELP Says:

    […] A nice web master added an interesting post today on Midsummer sweetness! Pet Society's BlogHere’s a small readingkilled scorpions that are upwards of six inches long (counting tail) They DO glow in the dark! Dogs Zodiac Super-Sized Coat 3-6-9, each of which is available in powder-form, chewable. DINO DOT DRAGON LRG 54853 Product Use: FOR LARGE DOGS TO PLAY WITH AND CHEW ON. a large pot on the stove, add fresh water to cover by 2 inches and Matzo Ball Soup. He told us that he never doubted that it happened. Shop for Powzer Glow Ball for Dogs Large 3.25 Inches and Toys at. bitmap file, suitable for large format (up to 36 inches wide) quality printing, cuddly glow, for the “function” applied succeeds in disarming such distraction. 5 Individuals featured in the controversy 3. HASH 06/26/2003 GO WITH THE GLOW 11/25/2003 HOLIDAY FOOD HELP LINES 11/04/2003 3. the Tahiti Nui for more Mai Tais and a large ham, pineapple and jalapeno by 6 inches and 3 feet long […] […]

  118. facu Says:


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