Friendly, but mysterious, transactions!


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest update for our Facebook version of the game has just gone live, so sign onto Pet Society now to check out what’s new!

Firstly, with all the beaches around Pet Society this week, it was hard to walk around the neighbourhood without venturing into one, so not surprisingly, “?” passed a few when returning to his store after going mysterious places for awhile to organise his next mysterious items (which are now available)! Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, while passing through one beach, a Red Parrot swooped down and plucked the pictures “?” was holding right out of his paws. Obviously though, the Red Parrot loves to chatter, so it wasn’t long before he opened his beak to let out a few squawks, and the pictures went tumbling into the ocean. Sirius dived into the sea as fast as she could, and eventually dragged out the saturated images, really, all that was left though, was coloured blobs on the page, see:




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

Secondly, the coins for visits have been restructured; due to this, you will now be able to earn more coins from some visits. If a friend has been active in Pet Society within the last 24 hours, you will get an additional 10 coins for visiting that friend (for example, if you visit them in your first 50 friend visits, you will receive 30 coins instead of 20 for visiting them)! 🙂

Thirdly, you will notice that there have been some updates to your Friends Bar! You now have three friends lists to choose from: ‘All’ – this list includes all of your friends, and is nearly the same as the list we used to have; ‘Active’ – this list includes those friends who have played Pet Society in the last 24 hours; and ‘Visits’ – this list is a list of everyone who you can still earn coins from for visiting today, as soon as you make the visit, that friend is removed from the list! 😉

In conjunction with the new Friends Bar, you will notice a new red pet icon on the left of some of your friends’ avatars on the Friends Bar. The red pet icon indicates friends that have been active in Pet Society in the last 24 hours, and hence those who you will receive the bonus 10 coins for visiting! Also, you can now tell who you have already visited today from the colour of the background behind each friend on the Friends Bar; the initial grey background behind each will change to a much lighter grey after you have received coins from visiting that friend today.

Using the new lists, the new icon, and the background colours, you now have more information about how many coins you will earn from any given visit, and you could even decide who you wish to visit first to maximise your coin earning!

We hope you enjoy these updates!

Updated! Here are the pictures of the mysterious items!




Blue Checkered Rug

Little Frog Doll

Vintage Shades

Please note that these updates are for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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214 Responses to “Friendly, but mysterious, transactions!”

  1. Shanty Says:

    it’s a blue

  2. elizabeth Says:

    Great!! I wanna play right now

  3. Mia Says:

    Excellent! Good job, I couldn’t always visit all my friends on the same round and had to remember who I visited last! This helps a ton!

    Thanks! 😉

  4. Amy Says:

    yay new mb items!!!!!!!

  5. cathy Says:


  6. kate:D Says:

    yey! i’m the first one to comment! nice job,playfish!!!! 😀

  7. malala Says:

    … and because of all this, the game has became soooo slow…

  8. kate:D Says:

    :)) i’m the second to comment after all :))

  9. nyaa69 Says:

    COOL!!! 2 thumbs up for you !! the new features help a lot!
    and of course, i love more coins per visit!!! lol

  10. Jumbb Says:

    woooooow thnak you soo much playfish!! yhis is a greaat idea!! More money fo rme! haha thank u!!

  11. Lucky Says:

    Cool, now I can earn more money! Thanks a lot!

  12. Sheilla Says:

    This Game is Cool!

  13. Purssypink Says:

    wow thks i have 35k now

  14. Sonia Says:

    tat will be muct more convenient

  15. sandy3q Says:

    all i can see is that blue flower headband, blob of green stuff, and black glasses… or sunglasses…

  16. fifi bonefacia Says:

    many many tks

  17. STiKit Says:

    The friends addition is a really great improvement! Also i got the middle mystery item in a gmb i opened a little while ago ^.^ SO CUTE!

  18. simran sisodia Says:

    this game is sooooo cool i love this game

  19. YUN ZHEN! Says:

    i think it’s a new rug. the blue thing.

  20. Pepeng Says:

    Good job for new feature and additional coins…that’s good idea to earn more coins.. how about diving stuff like Oksigen tank, mask, fin etc for next new items or mistery box item..that would be a great arent they…

  21. Patty Somocurcio Says:

    Well, I have been visiting active friends, but I still get 20 coins… why? There is something wrong with this…

  22. christina Says:

    this game is cool you can go fishing if you have a rod. you can explor the world and change your clohes even you can change your hair-style.

  23. Asami Says:

    This friend update sounds really useful, especially for when I forget whom I’ve already visited. Too bad MySpace doesn’t get any updates or new stuff though. 😦

  24. Oumsker Says:

    I’m loving these features so far! Great job!

  25. Kristina Says:

    I got “Vintage shades” 🙂 Sunglasses.

  26. Nic Says:

    This is so cool. 🙂

  27. Clucille Says:

    wow! so COOL! I really HOPE that i’ll be the winner to this contest.

  28. Yan Yan Says:

    Ha!Ha! I get it,,is sunglasses & Small Green “FROG”

  29. Bahia Says:

    Im glad you have new features… just when I thought Pet Society couldn’t get any better! For the mystery items I see aviator sunglasses, a blue rooftop, and some kind of beret…

  30. Dinky Says:

    I cant acess my pet…….. T_T help me!

  31. Kristina Says:

    I also got a little frog doll 🙂

  32. Amaranta Says:

    As usual i have to congratulate u guys for the constant changes in the game, wich are always awesome. Truly you make an amazing game. Thanks for keeping us enjoying every day ps.

  33. mai Says:

    i got the 2 new items, its a vintage glasses, frog doll and the rmb item is checkered rug 😀

  34. yasmin hesham Says:

    excuze me didnt anderstand somethng what suppost to do wth the three unkown pictures

  35. Sohja Says:

    Awesome changes! Really useful. 🙂 Thanks alot. 🙂

  36. Chandra Says:

    Cool update! I thought the little icon meant they were at the Stadium…lol! Do you think for the next update we can visit eachother in real time? That would be so cool! 🙂

  37. Dominic Says:

    This is an awesome game and the changes are great too. Every week on a different subject. The new friend update was totally useful to me as I forgot 3 friends.

  38. Jowee Says:

    The new features are great. And I got the frog in the Mystery Box! It’s cute hahah!

  39. sis Says:

    nowwey I nont I know pet society so facebook donky.. :@ (kızgın):(

  40. Μπάμπης Says:


  41. Ben Jr Says:

    Little Frog is in the gold and so is vintage sunglasses.
    Both are cool!
    Not sure about blue..
    anyone know?

  42. wetrsgtjs Says:


  43. ange Says:

    i love it i just got a cute little green frog in the GMB

  44. Lily Says:

    Is total fantastic! Lets do Pet Society better! It take times, days, hours, minutes and year could i believing… You sure you can do it???

  45. Lily Says:

    Im sure i wanna do it 😉
    The question is just: Wanna other :O I cannot wait 😀

  46. bobana Says:

    Vintage eyeglasses and Froggg in GMB!!!

  47. PS Fan Says:

    cool frog and vintage glases im not sire about the BMB item is tho

  48. lola Says:

    Blue Checkered Rug from BMB! Loved it!

  49. jao Says:

    i think i got the one thing on the gmb and its a eye glasses

  50. Vero Says:

    I´ve visited the friends with the red icon on their avatars but I did´nt get any extra coin 😦

  51. Ynah Says:

    I got the green thingy from the gmb, and it was a frog. 🙂

  52. Alex Says:

    the last one is sunglasses and the middle one is a frog

  53. tiara tambunan Says:

    i love pet society so can you put new item every 3 days not weeks

  54. Marul Says:

    Great!!! I get so much extra coins!!!!

  55. aleziita Says:

    Hahahhahhaha —> them win 🙂

  56. claudia Says:

    parece q van hacer muy buenas!

  57. Anni Says:

    I love the litte frog!

  58. Katerina Says:

    Love the new additions!!
    The middle item is a small frog doll!! Vey cute!!!

  59. Jodi Says:

    Great new features for PS! This will help us a lot to keep tabs on whose pets we’ve already visited and who has visited ours. So glad you upped the coin bonuses for the visits. 😀

    I’m also excited about the MBs…not too sure about the RMB and BMB (a blue mat and a green something..although I see in the forums people selling a little green frog), but the GMB is a pair of dark glasses, John Lennon style. :O)

    Hope you come up with more cool stuff. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  60. Magdeline Says:

    I was just thinking the other day if P.S would have a frog doll because my friend is so into them. It’s really very cute!!!

    I totally adore the new feature… it’s easier to know who we have forgotten to visit. Thanks!

  61. chiara Says:

    a mi me gusta eso
    qe la pasen bmmm

  62. chiara Says:

    me gusta el pet y me re visie
    y esta buenisimo

  63. chiara Says:

    chau 🙂
    les dejo un monton de iconos
    😀 😉 🙂 (A) :@ 😎

    muchos no van a salir
    qe la pasen bn en el día
    del padre!

  64. unknown fan Says:

    does anyone knw how to get all the MBs items ??! 😦

  65. Luna Says:

    hola miren yo tengo algunas cositas pero como ago???????

  66. moon Says:

    Who buy in shop cash ????????????
    add me is buyying for me in cash i buy for him in coins what they want 🙂 🙂 🙂

  67. moon Says:

    add me in 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  68. sara Says:

    gold mystery boxes are a small frog doll and vintage sun glasses. other one looks like water? or waves?

  69. Mae Says:

    Thank you very much for the Friends Bar update! That’s a lifesaver and a timesaver too. I double click friends sometimes to be sure I already visited them ^^;;; now I don’t have to do that. Yey! Hoorah to Pet Society Team!

  70. magda Says:

    como se hace para ganar 100.000 coins

  71. Patty Somocurcio Says:

    Ok… this is what is happening: The friends with the red avatar give me 20 pawpoints; and those who do not have it give me 10. So, you are not giving me anything extra at all, actually, you give me away pawpoints, cause I don’t have 50 friends with red avatar.

    Thank you very, very much, Pet Society!!

  72. kaori Says:

    I checked out the blue mystery box…and I got a simple bracelet!!! how do those mystery boxes work??

  73. nadya Says:

    i love pet society

  74. Me0w Says:

    Thanks! But ermmm, can u make a competition or something else to win CASH ? =)

  75. nadya Says:

    pet society………………hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes yes

  76. jessie koo Says:

    the green stuff is a little green frog doll. just nice for my garden ecosystem!

  77. jorge Says:

    now i can get more coins.

    mysterious items
    blue mystery box:looks like a blue picnic mat
    golden mystery box:sunglasses
    i dont know what it is the other item.

  78. reshina Says:

    emmmmm……I hope on the mistery box..have some cherry blossom seeds…

  79. presi Says:

    hola quiero ir a competir para ganar monedas

  80. eme24 Says:

    i dont get it…
    those friends with the red pet icon, i still get 20 coins instead of supposedly 30 :c

  81. robertito Says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!now i can have coins . plase can you inscribe a mi this coins pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. robertito Says:

    please!!!! i do not have coins i`m suplicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. salsa madia Says:

    i have it! the blue one!

  84. whizky Says:

    i got blue checkered rug from BMB and little frog doll from GMB
    feel its getting harder to get new mystery item from the boxes

  85. salsa madina Says:

    I WANNA PROTEST! why in petsociety we dont have any playfish cash?? why sont same like coins? like we’ve got coins 2.500 and playfish cash 30 or 20 cash??

  86. salsa madina Says:

    i know!
    blue mystery box: blue flower hairband
    gloden mystery box: vintage shades!

  87. kat Says:

    OMG I love the third item!!! 🙂

  88. Yomahubi Takashi Says:

    i love all the items!! please fix the item ya… 🙂

  89. Juanita Lin Says:

    just can’t wait for the new items…. ^o^ add me please…..

  90. Farhan Says:

    I know the second picture! I have that items (I have two but I sell one) that is Little Frog Doll!

  91. Farhan Says:

    and the first picture is blue flower hairband (on bmb) and the third is sunglasses or blackglasses

  92. GingerPinky Says:

    anyone selling the frog?? i cannot find it! 😦

  93. Someone Says:


  94. Nick Chew Says:

    May I know why has the weekly draw gone disappearing out of a sudden?

  95. Nick Chew Says:

    Hmm, sorry but to say I don’t feel this is being transparent enough. We should be informed of the weekly winners.

  96. Billa Says:

    love the blue checkered rug! ❤

  97. nini Says:


  98. nicoletta Says:

    hello a like

  99. The Purple[JA]m Says:

    hi Sonya! I love the changes 🙂 and you are so great at this! thank you for the updates!

    — Ja & Edward Cullen ^_~

  100. katren Says:

    1.picnice seter
    2.a froge
    3.hobo glasess

  101. angelik arango Says:

    cool, esto era lo que me faltaba para poder conseguir mas objetos ´para mi casa pues me hacn falta muchas cosas
    chau 😛

  102. Rodrigo Says:

    quiero ser socio de pet

  103. tita Says:

    thanks!!!!!!!! 😉

  104. Camm Says:

    omg,I can’t log in into maintenance society…

  105. daniel Says:

    i think the first one is a pool and the second is a watermelon and the final one is glasses

  106. Pinky Says:

    I hate PS! Its a REALLY DAMN game!

  107. aevlanus Says:


  108. aevlanus Says:

    administrator can not go to pet society

  109. teresa Says:

    i love the new updates!!! but i still have many problem loading the game

  110. javier alejandro Says:


  111. javier alejandro Says:

    dinero mas

  112. fyrora Says:

    hai, i am short of coins…. how come some people without buying coins can have so much? their pets are well fed, their rooms are bursting with goodies, and their gardens are beautifully jungle-like… aw, i am so envious.

  113. Karina Lee Says:

    Thank’s for all the fun i have to play Pet Society.Do you have French version???
    Thank You so Much!!

  114. maybe ismar Says:

    yo quiero saber como sacar una tarjeta de credito

  115. maybe ismar Says:


  116. Cucuru.. Says:

    I love the second item!! 😀

  117. myrzas Says:

    second item = Little Frog Doll. yeaaaay I got it !

  118. haneen Says:

    well i liked all the new futures but i cant get extra money when the red pet is there so what will i do and it seems every one likes the frog in the middle
    keep it up 😀 🙂 :#

  119. adabel Says:

    quiero partticipar porq me gusta las flores.

  120. rivia dwi nurmania (via) Says:

    i have a frog doll from expensive mystery boxes 😛 .i love it 🙂

  121. revizack Says:

    BMB: Blue Checkered Rug
    GMB: Little Frog Doll
    GMB: Vintage Shades

  122. amber Says:

    i love it!!

  123. DyogZ Says:

    i super love the frog, so cute!

  124. Mario! Says:

    Hi this game is very cool becouse all his furniture are new and her clothes are very goods
    Good Job!

  125. hara Says:


  126. hara Says:

    i love the dogi, so sweet

  127. Amina Says:

    anybody need friends for PS? add me up-

  128. Rocio Says:


  129. adriana hasbun Says:

    what do i do with the photos???

  130. Lai Says:

    I got the vintage shades and also the frog doll in 1 time!!!It’s so fantastic!!!!!
    The shades makes my pet feel very traditional and interesting=]!!!!!!
    But however up to now I still cannot get the ornate folded screen…=[

  131. Michelle Danford Says:

    tq playfish!! active will get 30 coins!! good job then!! 😉

  132. Veronica Says:

    hi this game is very cool but i have a little coins

  133. vicky Says:

    ponganlo en epañol, no entiendo nada
    por favor

  134. jeff hardy Says:

    i am winner 🙂

  135. mau Says:

    wooo 5 cupkake tree

  136. salome Says:

    puedo estar en el concurso

  137. franco Says:


  138. danna Says:


  139. carlos alarcon Says:

    I sell jukcs red (I AM OF CHILE)
    yo vendo una rocola roja (yo soy de chile)

  140. audrey Says:


  141. audrey Says:

    why can i visit all of my pet’s friends 2 times in 1 day w/ coins??? COOL!!

  142. 13hoshinok1 Says:

    BMB:Blue checkered rug
    GMB:Little frog doll
    GMB:Vintage shades

  143. aldelia Says:

    seru bgt yahhhhhhhhhhh

  144. terrie Says:

    hi ppl n pet friends
    this app was my first game i added n it will be my last game above all others .
    bluey is my pet n i look after another pet tash who belongs to my daughter but she doesnt have access to pc now so i take care of her tash that is
    please visit both if we r friends thx.

  145. florencia Says:


  146. erika Says:

    kiero participar

  147. mauricio Says:

    i have all this

  148. lalaine Says:


  149. Chelsea Says:

    aw, I want those vintage glasses~ XD

  150. mj Says:

    thats GREAT!!!!

  151. Vladimir Anevski Says:

    my stuff mysteriously disappear from the house. every time you buy something and put in the house the next day there is nothing in the rooms. no me gifts that we send to friend. my house is now empty and there is nothing there to please me to answer because really there is no sense thank you

  152. Sasha Nonny Says:

    That is SOO cool i can’t wait to buy them,but apparently i have to wait like 3 months cuz of the rewind!!UUH!!

  153. alina Says:

    i can’t find the frog

  154. alina Says:

    i found it!!!!YUPYYYYY

  155. simek virginie Says:

    en francais ce serai mieux

  156. veronica alejandra Says:

    I’m loving these features so far! Great job!

  157. veronica alejandra Says:


  158. nanchook Says:

    i got all three! yay!

  159. Someone Says:

    Woo hoo! I’ve got a pair of vintage shades! ……doesn’t fit my pet though. XD

  160. carman Says:

    The Trees uprooted after Species a three-day , but whether it will disappear?? Can recover it??

  161. sama achour Says:

    hi i love the games of the petsociety

    thank you

  162. mallak Says:

    i love this
    i like you guys

  163. jhodel Says:

    hi to all

  164. jhodel Says:


  165. daniel Says:

  166. daniel Says:

    I WANT THE earn 100,000 coins

  167. Clarita Says:

    Hello I want to win….

  168. inna marie Says:


  169. nina Says:

    i want the earn 100.000 coins, I love pet s. :))))))))))))))

  170. alecxie Says:

    i wiish that i would win in this competition………
    wish me lllluuuccckkk!!!!!!!!

  171. Jessica Says:

    I have all items. It’s Very nice

  172. isabel Says:

    i lill love to win and make a beutiful place for my pet

  173. nabila Says:

    td saya di pemberitahuan kata’a saya dpet 100rb coin tp kok blom dapat ya..??

  174. angie Says:

    a mi tambien me salio eso de las cajas 😀 me encanta

  175. mariana Says:


  176. kirtana Says:

    hey people!!!!!!!! im kirtana!!!!!!!!!! i’ve on pet socitey since 2008!
    it s just AMASING!!!!
    now its become even cooler since the garden came in!!!!!!!
    so jus wanna say PET SOCIETY ROX!!!!!!!

  177. Emily Says:

    i have 12.000 extra coins !! Yeah

  178. bethany panter Says:

    i am so goin to win the best garden all i need to do is put a hottub in there and if i dont win i know they are to shy to tell me that my garden is the best LOL ❤

  179. bethany panter Says:

    please let me win i really want to because i want the money for my baby sisters room and it is empty so please let me win please and i am beggen you pls LOL 😛

  180. bethany panter Says:

    i will be so proud of you if u let me win the money for my little baby sister and if you let me win i would be so proud of you

  181. VALERIA Says:

    i biutiful day

  182. heavenly Williams Says:

    HOW CAN I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. dennis Says:

    hello i want pet society i like it because pet society is great and many clothes so im happy to create this games

    email im!!!!!!!!!!!!! so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. sean Says:

    this rools

    by seanm616

    we roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. sean Says:

    ebdjhfdjgdjsgfdsfghdfjzfdyusgfsduyafjksryh uoz hopxguidy jyfgzd sukdysltufiodyugidgoidugjoizsyfotsdkocit ituz

  186. sandra Says:

    the mystery boxes will drive me crazyyyyyyyyyyyy
    ilove this game plz keep on becuz i cant live without this amazing game :)))

  187. dumbo Says:

    I never ever got many good thing from the box, i always get the balloon, chair, door which the price is too cheap…. unlucky me,ei?

  188. Elena Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! it’s nice to play to pet society……I’d like buy everything but….I need to much moneyyyyyyyy………..eeheheeheh……..:-D

  189. sandra Says:

    it is so wonderfullllll

  190. kamatoo Says:

    million coins able me to bye thousands of expensive things

  191. kamatoo Says:

    how can i win million coins?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. liam Says:

    please give me the i million dollars please i am sink

  193. batel bitton Says:

    my miko should have a million coins because when i first met him he was in a lot of truble in his house and in school,now he is a very good pet and does all his homework!
    and helps in the house’cleans up his room’and helps me to cook! his a very good pet and i love him so much!!!

  194. hila hassin Says:

    oh man..i really should win that money..we never get any thing!and my pet,nuli is really a great pet..she has 10 brothers and sisters and she always takes very good care of them and she never goes out with her friends not even to drink just a coffee and i think that with the money she can finally raise them well and meybe help other poor people like her family so please help me to help her!!!!

  195. jerrielle Says:

    I wish I have a million coins cause I only have 200 :((

  196. Cristian_poke19 Says:

    ola quiero ganar las monedas soy pobre toy pato nito comida y la kero ganar

  197. yuha Says:

    many thanks i ve just know bout that after read it!!

  198. sha Says:

    hey is any one of you know to post in the birthday competition i ‘m so lost
    plzzzzzzzzzz teach me

  199. Maggu Says:

    I don’t have alot of things im just poor in pet society i only have a tv and an armchair and my items are only like 66 coin i only go and buy at the mystery shop but its the cheap one i don’t have many coins only like one hundred 😦

  200. merlyng Says:

    It She is super entertained because I consent to my pet and condition the house since like want I gainearn coins and visit my friends it he is super

  201. roberta Says:

    kak da si q ka4a ?
    molq vi kajete ?

  202. daniel holman Says:

    super :))))))))))))))))))))))

  203. HeHe Says:

    I HAVE ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😀 😀 😀





  206. Damon Griseta Says:


  207. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] had some fun with April Fool’s, introduced the Cash Shop and Garden Store, been there for the changes to visiting, sent you fishing, announced the winners of many competitions including the absolutely huge Pet […]

  208. Brianna Swank Says:

    I gotta say, while searching through dozens and dozens of blogs every week, the theme of your blog stands apart (for all the right reasons). If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the name of this theme or could it be a tailor made affair? It’s better than the themes I personally use for many of my blogs 😉

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