Pets hit the waves!


Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly item release has just gone live, so rush into the Pet Society stores on Facebook to explore this week’s new arrivals! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 22nd of June, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st in Pet Society, so there are some great gifts in store for Dad this week!




Father’s Day Card (Furniture) (TWS)

Father’s Day Gift Mug (Furniture) (TWS)

Electric Shaver (Gadget) (TWS)

This summer, transform a room (or two) into a tropical island beach, with the incredible Tiki collection, plus the Sandy Floor, Blue Ocean Wallpaper, Sand Castle and Bucket, and some fantastic beach fashion!



Sand Castle (Furniture)

Sand Bucket (Furniture)




Tiki Welcome Sign (Furniture)

Tiki Torch (Furniture)

Tiki Chair (Furniture)



Tiki Bench (Furniture)

Tiki Folding Screen (Furniture)


Tiki Bar (Luxury)




Coconut Juice (Food)

Oceanic Parrot Decor (Luxury) (TWS)

Tiki Lamp (Gadget)



Hula Dress (Clothes)

Blue Beach Trunks (Clothes)



Blue Flip-Flops (Clothes)

Red Flip-Flops (Clothes)




Light Tiki Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)

Tiki Fence (D.I.Y.)

Dark Tiki Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (TWS)



Blue Ocean Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)

Sandy Floor (D.I.Y.)

Terrence has avoided a beach holiday for now, and instead has been working tirelessly in the Cash Shop (no thanks to the Red Parrot who keeps chattering ever since he brought him in to ensure he never rests) to bring you the previously mentioned Red Parrot, as well as the stunning Classic White Dome; in addition to more options for creating your own oak kitchen and a gorgeous Brass Chandelier to light up any area; and finally, for those who love the Imperial range, but also love pink, Terrence introduces the Pink Imperial Bed, Sofa and Dressing Table!



Red Parrot

Classic White Dome



Brass Chandelier

Dark Oak Oven Unit


Dark Oak Kitchen Counter



Dark Oak Wall Cabinet

Dark Oak Kitchen Shelf



Pink Imperial Dressing Table

Pink Imperial Sofa


Pink Imperial Bed

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Bunnies here, there and everywhere! in store this week!

183 Responses to “Pets hit the waves!”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Love the items!!

  2. jorge Says:

    cool items!

  3. Sc Says:

    Omg pink imperial bed 😮

  4. miku Says:

    O_O Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job Play Fish!!!!!!!! ^^

  5. jk12324 Says:

    Not much TWS I see. Means more money for next week!

  6. Gabby Says:

    ^0^ Awsome items i almost maxed out my money heheh (:

  7. STiKit Says:

    LOL the fathers day items made me panic for a second…. then i remembered we celebrate fathers day in september here >.<

  8. Chandra Says:

    I love the Tiki stuff!! I’m gonna have to visit alot of friends to buy it all…lol! I’ll have a beach in my back yard! 🙂

  9. Ingrid Says:

    Red Parrot ♥

  10. Magdeline Says:

    Love the Oceanic Parrot Decor…

    Hope we get to see some dolls coming up soon or maybe some old Hollywood theme? I would love to see my pet dressed up as Audrey Hepburn XD

  11. sherwyn Says:

    love the items..wee =) im going to buy them all..yey!!

  12. danaa Says:

    i like Blue Ocean Wallpaper 😀

  13. hannah Says:

    i wish the stuff didnt have to fall on the ground, if i put it in my garden it covers my plants 😦

  14. miku Says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night I was making my new ‘BEACHroom’, and I went to my garden to remove my lovely palm-tree to put it on the beach, and when I remove it, suddenly it desappear!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Why I can’t put my palm trees from my garden to another room? Ohhh Im so disappointed :__(

  15. Claudia Says:

    Please, make the Pink Imperial Sofa match with the Pink Imperial bed!!All pink is horrible put the brown in the structure like you did with the blue version

  16. Someone Says:

    ♥♥Oceanic Parrot Decor<3<3

  17. Tasha.jade Says:

    I like. 🙂

  18. xavimas53 Says:

    the most part of items are in cash shop T_T
    I only like the dad day’s items.
    And the parrots


  19. DenzeL Says:

    love everything!!! my dream of having a beach bash on my house came true! Thanks playfish! u rock!!! \m/!!!

  20. andre Says:

    nice items now i dont have money anymore :)) add me pls give me items pls im poor

  21. Queentina Says:

    the new item is so cool~love it…

  22. zaid Says:

    **** you cash shop

  23. RoRo Says:

    Very nice items, good job playfish 🙂

  24. jaishree Says:

    good but how to join the cmpetition

  25. Gilgil Says:

    I love the cash shop items, but I can’t buy them!! 😦

  26. woolfvirign Says:

    hate cash shop…; really

  27. viro Says:

    al the things that are in the cash shop u can put it in the luxury but expensive like 20000 or 30000 coins and things that makes magic 4000,5000,6000

  28. petsocietyRlz Says:

    Love pet society, cool game!
    The cash shop items are very cool, but i cant seem to buy them…??
    I tried so hard to join payypal, but i just cant… 😥

  29. maya Says:

    love the items so much :o!!!!!!!!!!!! thx pet society :-D!!!!

  30. maya Says:

    love all the items sooooooo much :o!!!!!!!!!!!! thx pet society :d!!!!!!!!!

  31. Vero Says:

    I want the new stuff from the cash shop!!!!!!!! but I can´t buy them 😦

  32. angie Says:

    hey!!!! i love the new things but i want it to come rice in the food shop pleaseeee it is my favourite food and came one time but i want it another time to come

  33. Someone Says:

    The classic white dome (The dome of the rock!? XD) is awesome ~ but I won’t spend real cash to buy it, and there are no more spaces in my garden, I used them up buy planting trees xdd

  34. Someone Says:

    I ♥ Dad =DDD

  35. Nancy Jayjow Says:

    good job ps… 😉

  36. MusicaZ Says:

    Wooow….. Awesome……

  37. MusicaZ Says:

    That….. Awesome…..

  38. SMILEY Says:


  39. daniela Says:

    hey!!I can buy things from hte cash shop, just pay from your mobile phone!!!its great, but the bad thing is that they only give you three chasp tingie!!that is so unfair!!anyway i think they should put their prices lower!!! well i dunno!!! good job playfish!!

  40. maria victoria Says:

    me encanta

  41. Star Says:

    I LOVE the Tiki “beach” stuff, they’re the first items that have had me excited in a while! I will have to save up for a looong time to get them though… LOL.

  42. cristina del carmen Says:

    al ambiente debemos de cuidar no contaminarlo y a los arboles no debemos maltratarlos por que el arbol es el que nos trasmite la rrespirasion sin los arboles no podemos vivir por que sin rrespirasion no vivimos cuando contaminamos el anbiente nuestro cuerpo se contamina y nos probacan enfermedades las contaminasiones cuidemos el anbiente porfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no hay nada como cuidar el ambiente ha si prebenimos enfermedades cuidemos el anbiente poema a Dios doy grasias por ser mi padre por sus reproches y consejos por el bien que me enseñastes cuidemos el ambiente para prebenir enfermedades. Cristina Vargas Morillo tema del ambiente cuidemos el ambiente

  43. jessica Says:

    i need money because i am poor

  44. angela maria Says:

    hello!!!, i want win the competition of the garden !!!

  45. Micaela Says:

    holaaa una preguntaaa como me insicro para este concursooo??? ychauuu besosss

  46. bairon muñoz Says:

    Lo que mas me encanta de este sitio web es la aplicacion Pet Society

  47. angee Says:

    oMg CoOL ItEmS

  48. Brainy Guy Says:

    I like it all!!!!!!!!!

  49. Angela Says:

    Love the new Beach items.. I need some Clouds and a Sun to put up.. and I also need a beach towel.. and beach ball. A big Sail Boat too

  50. renytha Says:


  51. valkyrie Says:

    love beach items..

  52. clive Says:

    love the new items…can you put back the tents so that we can put it on the beach…huhuh to bad…

  53. xyla Says:

    OMG!!! the Pink imperial bed is so cute!! 😀

  54. zainab Says:

    cool stiff i love it XD XD 😀

  55. neus Says:


  56. Luciana Says:

    i Like pink imperial bed… soo cuteee thisss beeeddddddd…

  57. mika Says:

    can we convert PS coins into PS cash..? i really want a lot of items from the cash shop..:(

  58. Fido Says:

    amo este jueo jejeje nada mas que no tengo plata
    solo 1 peso jeje bueno me voy chau fanaticos del PET SOSIETY 🙂 jeje

  59. Fido Says:

    capooos lo que crearon este juego y quiero unos de esos muebles

  60. Fido Says:

    🙂 me gustaron los patios tengo unos dos arbolees eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)

  61. Fido Says:


  62. omar Says:

    I’m wing!!!!the coins§§§

  63. omar Says:

    good job!!!! I’t’s amazing!!!!!§§§§§§§******

  64. grace Says:

    quiero participar

  65. FRANCIS Says:


  66. daniel Says:


  67. jannia Says:


  68. maxi Says:


  69. nemogurl Says:

    I love the beach theme so cool!

  70. mik Says:

    hola qeria saver mas sobre el pet society porqe yo no se qe hay en las cajas secretas pero me pueden regalar un animal gracias mikaelhi
    p.d: mi animal se llama “goldoni-17” chau bye ciao besos kiss mikaelhi

  71. stephanie Says:

    i wish we have a 100,000 coins plzzzzzzzz

  72. dark oak owenunit Says:

    dark oak owenunit
    dark oak wall cablnot
    derk oak oal nichan shelf

  73. tracy Says:

    Dark Oak Oven Unit

  74. silvia Says:

    I had a beach BEFORE you came out with the sand floor and ocean wallpaper made with normal items and fantasy and I still prefer it! Come and see it!
    I wouldnt mind a nice boat thou…..:)!

  75. silvia Says:

    I had a beach BEFORE you came out with the sand floor and ocean wallpaper made with normal items and fantasy and I still prefer it! Come and see it!
    I wouldnt mind a nice boat thou…..:)!

  76. Amina Says:

    all items are cool. Pls playfish quit tempting us with Cashshop.

  77. beverly Says:

    ummmm … what can I say ??? beautiful and cute …

  78. beverly Says:

    ummmm .. what can I say ??? it’s beautiful and gorgeous !!!

  79. audrey Says:

    y is it da pet soc. often have maintenance?

  80. celine Says:

    nice items…i want to have those..

  81. magdalena Says:

    esta buenicimo le mando un beso a nicolas te amo del paotti

  82. magdalena Says:

    me encanta le mando un beso a nicolas del pallotti sos hermoso

  83. NUNNASIKO Says:


  84. cecii mota ramos Says:

    this competicion its realy fun
    i have to know more!
    i love pet society!
    weell im not the best of the records
    but is realy fun and beutiful!
    my pet name’s is susu!
    its realy buetiful and impressiive
    well i love at the person who made this game!
    atte:cecii mO..!

  85. carlo Says:

    hei hei hei!!!quante belle monetine

  86. ibrahim Says:

    hola bien

  87. cesar Says:

    who can trade me a sorcerer hat you know the one that comes out in the GMB

  88. Karissa Says:

    It’s so cute

  89. Miryam Says:

    Thanks for the wallpaper and the sand, I had a beach with a camufleged sea, now

  90. Miryam Says:

    Thanks for the wallpaper and the sand, I had a beach with a camouflaged sea, now Mishi has a real se, and coconuts, an a Tiki Bar!
    Very cool items.

  91. happy day Says:

    i like all the item…very very nice

  92. Lance Says:

    hope that there’s a new shop again

  93. honeyy Says:

    can anyone tell us when the new mystery item will come. Normally today but no post to advise when it will be available….

  94. kote Says:

    Hello My likes Fooos

  95. marce Says:

    woooooww… esto es genial me encanta

  96. kayleigh Says:

    hey how do u earn or get the playfish cash..???

  97. paulina Says:


  98. nelangely Says:

    sera que aki no se puede poner esta paguina en español es que no entiendooooo nadaaaa

  99. zeina Says:

    the items are great but i dont have the money to buy them hehe llooll
    oh and i dont under stand how can i win money from the garden ?

  100. zeina Says:

    why dont you put thoose i dont know cash shop ? in the trees i mean 1 or 2 in a mmmmmmmmmmmm couple of days
    ok…………………………………………… there are no one will buy thoose maybe a few
    pleas ok think about it …….
    i”m i right ????????????????????????

  101. zeina Says:

    add me my name is zeina wael ok

  102. sabrii Says:

    hello i love you…
    bye bye

  103. sabrii Says:

  104. domenik Says:

    i want it

  105. Adriana Says:

    hola me gustaria poder entender lo que dice la pagina pero nose ingles…estaria bueno que pongan diferentes idiomas para que todo el mundo pueda entender la pagina…espero una respues en castellano!!!…por otro lado esta muy bueno el pet society…tambien las cartas del alcalde no las entiendo…jajaja. gracias y espero que alguien solucione este problema de idiomas asi mas gente puede enterarse de las cosas.

  106. rucia Says:

    terrible de pulento el pet society

  107. Asami Says:

    I sent my mom the Mother’s Day presents, and I was hoping to send my step-father the Father’s Day items, (they both play) but I guess MySpace doesn’t get to celebrate Father’s Day. These things are going to be really out of place in two months. 😦

  108. danielle Says:

    how do u get on?

  109. aleziita Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  110. Mika Says:

    OMG!!!! Every week you put some cool new items in Cash shop and i can not get them!!!! That is so disappoint for your biggest fan and i know people who thinking in the same way…….:(((((((((((((((

  111. Juan Esteban Franco Says:

    necesitamos un casino.

  112. dar oakoven unit Says:

    xfa lo nesecito me va a orrar mucho dinero xfa ayudenme xfavor demen el dinero o el accesorio

  113. frankie Says:

    OMG i love those items i want them so much they are so cool !!
    but iso can not afford them !!

  114. frankie/babyface Says:

    i really want to get the fathers day thing and send it to my dad he plays on this so it would be nice if i could get it for himm:)

  115. violets (ivy vega) Says:

    cool ! love the imperial items there are so cute and perfect for my room but the problem is i dnt have cash huhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!! (crying)

  116. buse Says:

    bence bu balık paralarını bize de vermeleri gerekiyo yhani internetten parayla alınmaması gerekiyo:)

  117. Pipe Says:

    Ohhh Grears Items

  118. Yvonne Says:

    Bullen loves the new Items,He try to visit all his friends at least 1 times/day,and he goes to the café to find more friends to pet, feed, help them be clean,,Visit him,HEs SOO cute

  119. maria ygnacia Says:


  120. valentina Says:

    la guestion mariconcia , no es para lo que lo leeen si es para la guea del pet ya que avia juntado la guestion azul y me compre 2 guestiones aora tiran guestiones mas nuevas y mas bonitas ajajjajjaja chaooooooo!!!!!!!!

  121. shei Says:

    XD hi .. would you add me please i need more friends for the coins

  122. marte Says:

    quiero jugar carera y ganal

  123. giorgia Says:

    scusate, come faccio ad avere le playfish per comprare le cose nel negozio????? grazie 1000 se mi rispondete

  124. bar2o2a Says:

    all things to7fa moooooooooooooot

  125. Tay Says:

    regalen monedas azuless
    xq son tan maloos

  126. tania Says:

    Pink Imperial Dressing Table

  127. tania Says:

    Pink Imperial Dressing Table is cool

  128. vera thea Says:

    hello can you add me on facebook pet society just for friends there add me there , someone reply me please for how to join in the garden competition??? please!!!

  129. Amber Louise Harris Says:

    playfish u should make a competion for who has the best beach

  130. JoJO Says:

    Hey can anyone give a gift?

  131. Monia Says:

    è possibile abbassare i prezzi degli oggetti ? GRAZIE

  132. karen aldana Says:

    kiero esa camaaaaa

  133. diego Says:

    hello how are you

  134. diego Says:

    Love the new Beach items.. I need some Clouds and a Sun to put up.. and I also need a beach towel.. and beach ball. A big Sail Boat too.
    Can anyone tell us when the new mystery item will come. Normally today but no post to advise when it will be available….

  135. kiki maru Says:

    like it

  136. lixth Says:

    i loveee my pet ♥

  137. maki Says:

    io love is bed imperial

  138. daniela Says:

    nesecito urgente el trabajo se hacer de todo…

  139. Andrea carolina rico hoyos Says:


  140. andres felipe Says:

    yooooooo quierooooooooooo elllllllllll dinerooooooooooooooo

  141. Cornelia Says:

    Gotta buy this items! really cute !especially the pink cute imperial princess bed♥!
    I really love it!♥♥♥

  142. nina Says:


  143. tamara Says:

    esto es inaceptable no se entiende nada de lo que escriben creen que todos hablamos en ingles que orror

  144. johnots Says:

    pet society is a cool game with cool features and i like it since i am a new pet

  145. johnots Says:


  146. johnots Says:


  147. GENIAL Says:

    The game in the future stay good and fantastic

  148. nathaniel Says:

    can you play with pet society thank you

  149. Coriselle Says:

    Im going to win the 1,000000000000000 quarters because my family saids that Im a winer

  150. tefa juarez Says:

    como se juegapara ganar las monedas y
    mas informcion por favor,

  151. aya Says:

    how to put the photo in this web site

  152. Vanessa Says:

    I am new ,teach me how to play ,oh come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. ariadne Says:

    i haven’y understand how will we stend to you the picture of oour gardens but if i find it i will win because my gardens which are two are perfect.So be careful gays i’m the winner and you have alreadt lost lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  154. ariadne Says:

    i hahe not understand how will we stend to you our gardens but if i find you will lost because my garden is perfect so i’m already the winner and i can’t help enjoying my winn .Be careful the winner is coming to make you be lost

  155. Maoyama Says:

    I really like Bird ❤ (in love with them o.O)

  156. Maoyama Says:

    Birds* (sry)

  157. tres Says:

    wow i like pet society 🙂

  158. tres Says:

    how can i play the garden competition? :l

  159. tres Says:

    i love pet society

  160. tres Says:

    how can i join the garden competition? :]

  161. Diana Eina Tolinero Says:

    omg i have no cash coins can everyone give me plss…

  162. cami Says:

    hi,i am cami and i love pet society

  163. snowganda Says:


  164. tails Says:

    i love pet society

  165. wackquee Says:

    i love those stuff in my house!-wackquee

  166. stella Says:

    the new items is so hot and cool

  167. loz Says:

    love this game

  168. loz Says:

    first time ive ever played this game

  169. hornplayer Says:


  170. pooky Says:

    i wish i had enough money 2 buy this stuff

  171. jhon angel uson Says:

    hi, i love lots of item muahx.,

    and i wish i had many money to buy this many stuff,.

    I HoPe!

  172. jhon angel uson Says:

    i love playing pet society.,

  173. daizy Says:

    i both plenty of them:)

  174. leyla günsoy Says:

    bence o tws olanlar tekrar gelebılır cunku yenı gelen arkadaslarımıs da bunlardan almak ıster

  175. bianca Says:

    buenisimo el juego me gane de todo un monton de cosas y plata para mi pet

  176. tomas Says:

    soy argentino me gusta todo, me gusta el football y me encanto el juego a pesar de que no gane nada, hablo ingles, pero no se escribir todas las palabras, entonces cuando me preguntan algo del idioma, directamente no digo nada.besos.tomy.

  177. fernando alvarenga Says:

    hola megustan los animales

  178. digna Says:

    hola me gusta pets

  179. MARIO Says:

    me gusta

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