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Hey Pet Society fans!

We hope you are all enjoying the new Garden Feature in Pet Society on Facebook!

To celebrate this fantastic new feature, we would love all of you to show us how green-fingered you are by participating in our latest forum contest, the Pet Society Garden Competition! 🙂

So here’s the idea. You take a photo of your garden (or if you don’t have a garden perhaps you could take a photo of your friend’s garden, or a local park, or something similar) and you try to make your Pet Society garden look as similar as possible. Then you show us both your photo and an image of your Pet Society garden in the forum.

Before entering, be sure to read the official details in the forum, located here: and read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, which are found here:

The top 3 most accurate, interesting and fun entries will be catapulted into stardom on! and will receive 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 Pet Society coins for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

We’ll be taking entries until July 10th, and reporting the winners shortly after, to give you all plenty of time to cultivate your gardens until they’re just right!

So put on your gardening gloves, pick up your plough, get planting, and be sure to have fun!

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2,212 Responses to “Pet Society Garden Competition”

  1. Franz Says:


  2. Adam says Says:

    What if u dont have a camera can u get a pic of a garden off of goggle

  3. sory Says:

    holaaa quiero mas plataaa

  4. clareisha Says:

    cool 100000 points hope could win that!

  5. ber Says:


  6. Ben Says:

    Hey, I don’t know where to send and who to send to. Please reply ASAP……..

  7. nat-chan Says:


  8. maferlpz Says:

    mm… i like the beattyy garden and the beatyy hausee pliss im like so win the garden competation… pliss –luckyy a mi coppetatioon — andd iam pett societyy fan i likee the gammeee:)

  9. Millybaybee Says:

    do we just need to decorate one garden like life like???

  10. bubblez Says:

    i want a lot of money

  11. SK Says:

    wish to win!!!!!!!!

  12. kiti Says:

    kiero puro ganar nu awanto mas

  13. Madeline Bauza Says:

    Hola como estan todos.

  14. eunice Says:


  15. nicole Says:

    well me too

  16. jayzar pimentel Says:

    i want many coins

  17. oscar Says:

    no entiendo como puedo iniciar el juego
    no m sale ningun likn o algo

  18. ling Says:

    wow how i wish i win so excited

  19. steffie lau Says:

    i wish i can win

  20. Jonathan Peck Says:

    I wish i had $100,000 in pet society…….

  21. kinita Says:

    hopin to win

  22. ryan luna Says:

    how to join

  23. lois Says:


  24. tania amadea Says:

    i wish i can be a winner and always paly pet society

  25. ylenia Says:

    scusate ma quali sono i termini del gioco nn ho capito come si svolgerĂ  se mi potete spiegare meglio magari in italiano………….! grazie

  26. adam Says:

    thank you will u send ,e some think on pet society becouse i neeed some plants plz thank yuh if u do my emial is nd my msn addie thank u

  27. adam Says:

    nd my facebook adiie is adam pike n my pic is me with a dog

  28. Sasha Says:


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