Pet Society Garden Competition



Hey Pet Society fans!

We hope you are all enjoying the new Garden Feature in Pet Society on Facebook!

To celebrate this fantastic new feature, we would love all of you to show us how green-fingered you are by participating in our latest forum contest, the Pet Society Garden Competition! 🙂

So here’s the idea. You take a photo of your garden (or if you don’t have a garden perhaps you could take a photo of your friend’s garden, or a local park, or something similar) and you try to make your Pet Society garden look as similar as possible. Then you show us both your photo and an image of your Pet Society garden in the forum.

Before entering, be sure to read the official details in the forum, located here: and read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, which are found here:

The top 3 most accurate, interesting and fun entries will be catapulted into stardom on! and will receive 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 Pet Society coins for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

We’ll be taking entries until July 10th, and reporting the winners shortly after, to give you all plenty of time to cultivate your gardens until they’re just right!

So put on your gardening gloves, pick up your plough, get planting, and be sure to have fun!

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2,212 Responses to “Pet Society Garden Competition”

  1. hannah Says:

    help!!! were am i going to find a cupcake tree in real life!!! hahahaha guess i need to visit strawberry shortcake 🙂

  2. Mikee. Says:

    HELP I DIDN’T UNDERSTUND THIS PART:ou take a photo of your garden (or if you don’t have a garden perhaps you could take a photo of your friend’s garden, or a local park, or something similar) and you try to make your Pet Society garden look as similar as possible. EXPLAIN TO ME PLEASE !

    • Annette Says:

      if you have garden in your real home you have to take a picture, if you don’t you take a picture of one of your friends garden, not pet society garden is your real garden.

      • Annette Says:

        then you try to make your pet society garden look like the real garden… the picture you took…

    • mira Says:

      it means take a photo of your REAL LIFE garden next to your house, or your neighbors etc… then try to make a virtual garden of it in your petsociety that will look almost exactly the same. then you might win 🙂

    • Alejandra Says:

      If your Pet Society Garden looks alike the one in the picture you post, you are right in to the competition!!!!!!!

    • Alicia Says:

      That Means If Have A Garden You Take Pictures of it if you don’t have u go to your friend house and takes pictures of her/him garden..

  3. michel Says:

    ok , i m ready !!! to win!!!100000

  4. Ingrid Says:

    And how do I take part? 😀

  5. jessie Says:

    0oooooooooooooooo! 100,000 coins!!! Nice…

  6. Sheilla Says:

    I must join this competition!But…… Pet Society camere or real-life camera?

  7. andre Says:

    how can i give it to playfish??

  8. kun-kun Says:

    i want to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaikzzzzzzzz

  9. Thomas Says:

    I have two trees growing side by side, and the other one is hiding the other where the fruit is supposed to show up. Am I not going to get the fruit now? :/

    • Someone Says:

      I think your trees haven’t yet bear fruits, cause there are always enough spaces for the trees to grow. 😉
      Try to check your trees later. ;DD

      • Cherry Says:

        I think it’s completly stupid just put a vegetable or a fruit infront ovem and they say it’ll grow faster (that’s what i did) :d

  10. Rumaisa Says:


  11. Jason chow Says:

    I will win this compeition

  12. tommi Says:

    Does the garden you’re going to copy have to be your garden? Or can it be just any garden?

    • Sonya Says:

      The real life garden you include needs to be one that you have taken a photo of. So it can be yours, or a friends or a public garden nearby, as long as you personally took the photo. Check the Terms and Conditions for more details! 😉

  13. aicha Says:

    how can i get mony to buy things please???

  14. ayesha Says:

    can i not pluck my cupcake frm my tree…???

  15. sofie Says:

    when there will be fruit on my tree?

  16. katlyne Says:

    i want to play in this competition how to put a photo of our garden? 😮

  17. ..... Says:

    Maybe I won’t win….again….. I’m a loser…..

  18. Lilly Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!! i want to join it but how can i give to playfish????

  19. Carolina Says:

    I want have a nice house!
    i will bli popular

  20. Vasia Says:

    I have flowers and trees!

  21. omayma Says:

    when will be fruit on my tree i have 6 days

  22. Cherry Says:

    OMG hope I gonna win xD

  23. Frog Prince Says:

    What are the empty pots in the store for? I tried putting seeds in them but they fall out…

  24. hagar Says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ..i want tyo join it

  25. nicole Says:

    HEy we have to give them our real garden or pet society garden?

  26. angela Says:

    will my fruits grow

  27. jolian sabbah Says:

    i want to many in pet society

  28. Nini Says:

    YAY! I know just the photo!

  29. adrienne Says:

    how can i join this competition?!!…i need help.. 😀

  30. dalila Says:


  31. ralph nasserdine Says:

    hehe lol paly this game it’s vary simpel

    ralph by

  32. jaime Says:

    i love pet society

  33. laura Says:

    hello , my name is laura i am italian i can speak english but i can t traslate … please traslate this page in italian please…thanks !

    • lemuel Says:

      ..hi……is….kuyote….and…ma pet’…is….naruto/dory/m-po…../nemo..tht’s’ name…hahahahaha

    • Honey Says:
      This will translate most languages and full paragraphs.

    • Daniela Says:

      Ciao Laura, in pratica la gara consiste nel copiare nella pet society un giardino che esiste in realtà e di cui devi fare una fotografia. Devi fare il giardino nella pet il più possibile simile a quello reale. Ok? Ciao

  34. marie-ange katra Says:

    oni want to win garden competion

  35. tobias Says:

    when there will fruit on my tree?????????????????????????????

  36. Avinarsh Says:

    my garden has no vegetables… is it ok if i post my garden picture without my vege… but i do have vege in my pet society garden… is it ok if i post it like that?

  37. nadia Says:

    I want to join pet society garden competition
    but,I dont understand how to join

    • Marietta Says:

      nadia???is that you frm temasek primary school????anw,its very simple…
      if you have a garden,you use a cmaera and take a picture of it,if you dont…then you take a picture of any other garden…like your friends garden or a park garden…then,when you have matched your pet society garden with the real lif e garden, you take a picture of your pet society garden and send both real life
      garden picture and pet society garden picture to playfish!!!!thats all!!!

  38. nesrine mgdy Says:

    what can i do if i want to participate in this competition and i don’t have a garden in the real life?

    • Sonya Says:

      As it says in the post:
      (or if you don’t have a garden perhaps you could take a photo of your friend’s garden, or a local park, or something similar)

  39. nesrine mgdy Says:

    please i need an answer

  40. aya abd el aty Says:

    i don’t know if i should take the photo by pet society camera or by real camera and how should i send it ti play fish because i really need coins…….:(

    • Sonya Says:

      You need to take a photo of your garden (or a friends garden, etc) with a real camera, you then need to try and make your Pet Society garden look as similar as possible to the real garden, and take a photo of that with the Pet Society camera.

      You then need to post both photos in a thread in the Pet Society Garden Competition sub-forum, which is located here:

      Please ensure you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to entering! 😉

  41. fredy Says:


  42. Julia Says:


  43. lili Says:


  44. Failing Gardener Says:

    but if i do not have any friends or neighbours with their own gardens? what should i do? can i draw out my dream garden and then make my virtual garden look similar?

  45. Alice Says:

    It’s very rare to have a garden in Hong Kong, unless you are the very very very very very rich people……

  46. thiani Says:

    i need a swing!!!!

  47. fredy Says:

    Hello to all the this very good competition but not not as(like) not where to raise the photo

  48. Lily Says:

    Hr. Bunny (Is his name on the foto?) are a good boy. I believe he love gardens becaeuse theres he´s favorite fruit!?! 😀 :O

  49. keti Says:

    i need this coins because i don’t have a beautiful house and i don’t like it!!

  50. fajer Says:

    i love pet society

  51. Xell Says:


  52. fajer Says:

    it is my bast

  53. Elisa Says:

    i don’t have any fruits in all my trees… :S when it will start to growww???! :@

  54. JORGE Says:

    You need to make a thread in the Pet Society Garden Competition sub-forum ( and include both of your pictures! Ensure you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to entering!

  55. julio ariel Says:

    i don’t have any fruits in all my trees… :S when it will start to growww???! :@

  56. alon Says:

    oh shoot!!! i’ve read this news a while ago and i’m too late to send my entry. tsk. im so interested. tsk hope the deadline will be extended. i’m ready to win 100,000.

  57. Ashleigh Martin Says:

    im ready to win

  58. sanjam bindra Says:

    can leave a photo of my friends garden which is empty and mine too.LOL

  59. Martina Says:

    Hello boys and girls in society pet would like to say that I want to record in the jurisdiction of the garden is nice but what I understood, but I scored?

  60. Mala Harradan Says:

    i pull up my tree and it did not go in my chest. it just diappear not fear.

  61. Mala Harradan Says:

    wow i want to win this competition. need those coins.

  62. jordan Says:

    ok im gona win so dont try to win because youwill not looser

  63. Lilly Says:


  64. sandra Says:

    pet society i lovbe║ “^ı§

  65. Gabriela Says:

    Hola!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!

  66. wanda Says:

    i like that game aewsome!



  68. saad Says:

    oh man!!…every one seems so confused!!!!!

  69. luluu Says:

    i have many trees in my first garden(:
    chek please pet society!

  70. May Says:

    How I can post a picture with my garden?

  71. olivia Says:

    i love luke w

  72. Sk Says:

    I dont have fruits in my trees. what’s supposed can I do?
    do I have to remove the trees? and if I remove them where go?
    I need to know.

  73. lAURA Says:

    i need friends to can help me..
    my pet doesn´t have anything…
    i Need Money!

  74. lee Says:

    i hope you all good luck

  75. fluffles Says:

    i would like to join please this looks awesome!!!

  76. ella Says:

    wOoHoo i won the first place<<<it true!!!!!

  77. David Says:

    I´ll win this contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Princess Says:

    100 000 Here I come 😀

  79. Princess Says:

    Please remember that you need to include 2 pictures in your entry thread, a photo that you have taken of your real life garden (or a friend’s or local park, etc) AND a picture of your Pet Society garden, which you should try and make look as similar as possible to the real life garden!

  80. kat Says:

    LOVE iT! :))

  81. nicole Says:


  82. francisco Says:

    help me I need win

  83. heidi silfver junk Says:

    i can t ereally read the competition rdles in enlish im finnish and i have taken all clovers inside how to partisipeid,thanks

  84. amelia Says:

    where should i grow it??? in my house?? or outside my house?? thx

  85. Mentia Says:

    I cant send a foto of the local park sooo I was wondering if I could still enter????

  86. lionel Says:

    I really need the money for my pet…so i will try my best 😀

  87. janrick Says:

    i want many coin like 100000 coins to buy

  88. grace Says:

    it is amazing that we have as well gardens. im a truly fan of pet society

  89. Sharon Says:

    hello! i don’t understand all..because is english.. in italian nothing?

  90. hossam Says:

    i like Pet Society THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME

  91. kyel Says:

    help r u gonna picture a garden or ur pets garden

  92. jade Says:

    mine is so cool i want 2 win lol

  93. Lili Says:

    Help me! I don’t have enough money to buy seeds and stuff. How to earn money(besides racing and trees)?

  94. Silje Mølnå Says:

    unfortunately that is not allowed in this contest. You can go out and take a photo of whatever garden or park though, as long as you have taken the photo yourself.

  95. wee Says:

    Tell you I be rich I have 3000 money and lv 22 Big garden also

  96. synne Says:


  97. Cucut Says: Pet Society… Can i play with my handphone??

  98. carla gurunian Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loooooooooovvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet sosiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiettttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyy

  99. Thomas Says:

    the competition was a bit too hard.better if the competition is take a photo of petsociety garden.

  100. ruofan Says:

    O….o ahh~ i dun think …..,………

  101. Thomas Says:

    oh one more.if you all need some money,visit your friends pet,then do something like dance,hug or whatever.then money will comes up(20 coins).this can be done for one people each(once a day)

  102. ana da ele Says:

    i wint 100000 coins and i have very,very good garden and i love my pet and facebook very much!

  103. Gaëlle Says:

    yes yes… 100’000 argent… je participe volontier…

  104. Astrid Egekvist Says:

    i love Pet Society and am will willy good has 100.000 coints

  105. Astrid Egekvist Says:

    i so happy…
    thads my bodstiy

  106. Buller Egekvist Says:

    i will has more flaoweres and more trees

  107. kyn-kyn Says:

    i want to join but i don’t no ☺☻ but i have pet level 31 but i take pictures

  108. kyn-kyn/angel Says:

    hello playfish it’s nice to play your games like pet and resturant city

  109. Lynn Ripley Says:

    Cool I can’t wait. Took me ages to find out where I enter and everything though.

  110. souly Says:

    I’am Italian, e non ci sto più a capì un tubo!! ah 🙂 and my pet is the best!!!!!!

  111. souly Says:

    🙂 I love italia!!!! I am italian, I am Sicilian! I’m from Sicilia, I’m from Messine!!!! Je parle française, je suis italienne, je suis siçilienne!!!! je suis très Heureuxe!!! ma come si parla l’inglese??? preperisco il francese !!!! anzi l’italiano!!!!!!!!!

  112. souly Says:


  113. souly Says:


    • VRONICA Says:


  114. jahanna Says:

    why is my tree has’nt produce any suppose to be having apples…its been 4 days already..dear sonya please answer..

  115. bernardo Says:

    garden is cute

  116. Hamizul Says:

    Hi this is for the PET SOCIETY BLOG people…. I’m steel sec1 hehe.And i dont understand…..i really one to get the 100000 coins but how??? Dont understand….And i dont have a real garden seyy,how?ooookkkkkk i can take at the park???but than what to do,i need n example like, u put a garden picure and show the example…please……please…i really one it pls..pls..pls..and btw i dont have many coins to buy the can u guys help me????

  117. Helen Says:

    I think i can surely win

  118. jelena Says:

    were we have to post that pictures

  119. fabrizia Says:

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pettttttttttttttttttttt societyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  120. vanesa Says:

    soy muy hermoxa

  121. vanesa Says:

    el concurso lo gano yo garden cuts yupi

  122. rossana sturaro Says:

    And well-kept garden full of fruits

  123. Sweety Says:

    wow thats a lot of coins but pet society dont have the things i need for my garden 😦

  124. khoe Says:

    how join the new Garden Feature in pet society??

  125. khoe Says:

    how join the new Garden Feature in pet society?? dear sonya please answer

  126. daniels Says:

    yes yes yes

  127. diego andres Says:

    me gusta la gardineria

  128. diego andres Says:

    me encanta

  129. noemi Says:

  130. Nina Faye Says:

    What font are you using in Pet So?

  131. ARSLAN Says:

    i will win

  132. linoy Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee petttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt societyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. jeronimo Says:


  134. jeronimo Says:

    quiero ganar

  135. lucrecia Says:

    I dont like it win, but, when I win I am very happy and I say: thank you got for the nice competition… and I like the game win or not win ……..

  136. lucrecia Says:

    I think I can win, when I not win I am very happy at the same…….

  137. lucrecia Says:

    pet society it’s a nice game IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee this game!!!!!!

  138. Daniel Says:

    but my garden is a dump

  139. jESSikAA ESPiNOSA Says:


  140. Contest playfish: crea il tuo giardino! — “PET FRIENDS” Says:

    […] Con l’apertura del nuovo negozio “Garden shop” e l’inserimento dei giardini all’interno delle case, la playfish ha deciso di lanciare un c0ntest davvero interessante, come viene riportato sul blog ufficiale: […]

  141. jad haidamous Says:

    jad is winner

  142. Trisyia Says:

    i woouls ❤ to join this Pet Society competition!! I NEED THE MONEY!! 😛

  143. harris Says:

    ive got lots of stuff

  144. Lucio Says:

    Pueden hablar en castellanoo !!!!!!

  145. valeria rodriguez villarroel Says:

    quiero los 100,000 por favor

  146. Phena Says:

    count me in!

  147. valeria rodriguez villarroel Says:

    los quiero quiero lo 100,000 por favor yo tengo mucha confiansa espero que gane

  148. valeria rodriguez villarroel Says:

    amo a pet societyyyyyy

  149. matias Says:


  150. miguel Says:

    where i need to put my garde photo for paricipate in the competition
    i need that somebody tell me

  151. alessia Says:


  152. talia Says:

    hello pet society….love!!!!

  153. Jazmin Cesari Says:


  154. Jazmin Cesari Says:

    Che me pueden decir estooo sobreee la competenciaaaa? ,, , no entiendo el ingles 😦

  155. jelena Says:


  156. angie osorio ibarra Says:

    yo kiero participar komo le hago donde mando mi foto

  157. Mailen Says:

    Me unoo!

  158. antonella Says:

    ma cm si gioca non ho capito è tutto in inglese!!!!!! help qualkuno italiano me lo può spiegare???

  159. nicole Says:

    to who do i send it to?????plz answer

    • floppyj10 Says:

      Like Sonya said, you post it at the forum.

    • Sonya Says:

      You need to post both pictures (the photo you took in real life and the picture of your Pet Society garden) in a new thread in the Pet Society Garden Competition sub-forum which is located here:

      • White24 Says:

        photo in the real life?
        So you mean we need to take the “Real picture” in our “Real garden” using the “Real camera”, than save it on the computer, and send it to the forum?

        After that we need to take the picture in the pet society garden, and make it as same as to the “Real garden”?

  160. ahmed galal taha Says:

    i love pet socitey

  161. Claire Says:

    erm…can i use the room (graden) for the competition ?

  162. batoul.d Says:

    hi how did i get 100 000 coins jut my groing up my garden??!!

  163. batoul.d Says:

    and if i taked a pictures for my garden to who will i send it ??!! plllzz inswer me 😦

  164. Yaisquel Says:

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee petttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt societyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  165. Yaisquel Says:

    yo amo a mi mama y a mi papa sigan en pet society

  166. Yaisquel Says:

    🙂 yeah

  167. Yaisquel Says:

    (love)pet society

  168. Yaisquel Says:


  169. Yaisquel Says:


  170. Yaisquel Says:


  171. Yaisquel Says:


  172. ivethsita Says:

    hello speak spanish ¿?

  173. simran Says:

    k how do i plant n where ??

  174. zohaadshah Says:

    hey i cant get it u have to decorate given gardens wat we have to do just put the seeds or sumthing else plz sow sum picture to se wat to do in gardens thatnxx

  175. carolina Says:

    no entiendo lo de competition garden porque lo explican en ingles lo dirian de que se trata en español.gracias

  176. carmen alici ramos fonsea Says:


  177. Says:

    oooooookkkkk lets go!!!!

    ok sono pronta XD voglio i 100 000 moneteeee xD

  178. carmen alici ramos fonsea Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiii loveeeeeeeeee pettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt societyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy an ffaaaaaaaan jjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajjaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  179. Cpqueen Says:

    Ok i dont see my post so i will ask again does a drawing count because no one i know or me has a garden

  180. marie Says:

    I love this new activity, I have 2 flowers, 1 Tree, and 3 other plant are growing up in the garden.
    I have some cake fruits of my beautiful tree.

  181. mik Says:

    hello! i’m mik in america in argentina. i love you pet society love love and love
    bye mikaelahi

  182. nini Says:


  183. mik Says:

    hello i’m mikaelhi di america tatatan wact is you telephone number?
    wact is you address? sorry i’m mikaelhi, my address is 5203 juliet escobit st. and my telephone number is 4234506

  184. nini Says:

    I LOVE pet society…:*

  185. delfuu Says:


  186. delfuu Says:


  187. maya Says:

    i love pet soiciety

  188. nito peres Says:

    quiero jugar el juego

  189. Meaghan Says:

    sounds like a great contest! can’t wait to see the entries!

  190. ezequiel Says:

    wee que kpo es como una competencia que cheto obio que gano ♠♦♦♠♠

  191. ana Says:

    k padre

  192. daniela Says:

    i need money pliiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssss XD i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pet societyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  193. ezequiel Says:

    nesesito 100000 porn que estoy plantado platas y quiero aser un avitasion tiki

  194. desy Says:

    ke bello

  195. baron Says:

    I´ve got apple three and coconaut three is very delicious!
    No just kiding!!
    Nice to meet you, give me your e-mail adresse we can talk about it I could give you a coconaut tree andaplle three on pet society if you want i’ve got plenty
    i f we are friends on facebook of course
    See you bye ❤

  196. NAZARENA Says:

    hello, my name is Nazarena, I have pet society 1 years ago. and my computer is old. I wondered if I could give any object, or some surprise furniture.Cuando buy a box of $ 500 brings me to a T-shirt $ 100.Y fellow touched my stuff very good value, I could change that if the objects that bring the boxes sorpresa. Thanks

  197. Camila Says:



  198. alexandra Says:


  199. priscilla Says:

    I think i can surely win

  200. marwan mostafa Says:

    oh man,the garden idea is soooo cool i started planting since the first day,i hope that it will win 🙂

  201. **** **** Says:

    i don’t understand…

  202. ElenaW Says:

    its going to be incredible! ♥

  203. aya moniem Says:

    how to be in the compition eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ouf

  204. jessica Says:

    i will win

  205. wassim zeroual Says:

    hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooocccccccccccccccccccccccciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  206. jo/kittylove Says:

    i love this game – but i would like more opportunities to do surveys and win coins… i did the one survey but now it just says “you already did this” = surely other market research people would jump at the chance?
    Like the others i am impatient to see fruit on my tree… after all i did not choose to have orange tree and not coconut – its not fair that people who were lucky and got coconuts can sell their produce before me, i paid 500 coins too!

    i have some friends who play this game, it would be cool if our pets could interact with each other when we’re all online :o)

  207. floppyj10 Says:

    Cool blog! I love the game Pet Society on Facebook. My friend invited me and I just started today and I absolutely love it! I’ll try hard to work on my garden! 😉

  208. valeria Says:

    mmm no ablo ingles pero quiero participar en la competicion del el jardin como se hace

  209. carolina Says:

    mmmm en realidad kreo ke pet es fabuloso!!!! pero me da rabia no entender todo, ya ke la informacion solo esta en ingles, y hay muxos ke los cuesta entender….

    porfavor pongan la infoo en españolll

  210. sabedra Says:

    qe wea

  211. Ailen Nair Anna Says:

    Coomo hago para participar del concurso de 100.000 monedas de premio de GARDEN?

  212. sabedra Says:

    sarnosos kuliaos conxetumara valen cayampa

  213. adrian Says:


  214. coti Says:

    hola soi coti de argentina como se daran cuenta .. i am not spik english ..kiss ..i love they .. are you special in my life (L .. you are much .. i am yourr

  215. Andrés Eduardo Says:


  216. Andrés Eduardo Says:

    andres eduardo

  217. LoL Says:

    hi , mi name is fallo , I speak English , French and Spanish.

    how can I get the money for a park? ,
    I do not have much money in the game as if you do

  218. luana Says:

    to who send it to???? plz answer….. 🙂

    • White24 Says:

      The rule said we need to send the picture to the forum and send it to the thread…

    • White24 Says:

      Here is the explanation..

      How to post a picture in a thread!

      Use the Camera function to take a photo of your garden.

      Find that photo in your Pet Society album, and right click and select ‘Properties’ or similar.

      Look for the image location that ends in ‘.jpg’ and post that address in your thread with [img] tags either side, i.e.:
      HTML Code:


      For your real life photo, upload that to an external website such as or and take the code from there that has the [img] tags and paste that into your thread.

    • punky Says:

      hi! seems like you’re growing a lot of big vegetables. ive been waiting for my veggies to grow, i planted it 3 days ago. do u think it will still get bigger? need advice please. Thanks in advance! =D

  219. pet society Says:


  220. pet society Says:

    soy geneal asi q soy su dios adorenme jajajajaajajajajajajajaja
    1. adora a tu dios osea yo todo el tiempo jejejejejejjeje
    2. tendran q darme sacrificio muajajajajaja
    3. honrrame todo el tiempo q te cuido jijijijijiji
    4.eres una persona sin importancia
    5. yo soy el unico q importa

  221. alanis Says:


  222. panxithaw Says:

    hola kiero ganar komo sew inkrive

  223. danita Says:

    me encantan

  224. Merrchuu ♥ Says:

    But.. if I dont take the picture of my garden.. I cant win?


  225. Merrchuu ♥ Says:

    But.. if I dont take the picture of my garden.. I cant win?


  226. Merrchuu ♥ Says:

    I Didnt Understand anything.. haha.. Im from argentina.. and.. i dont speak english very well.. hehe.. can somebody help me?

  227. Rafael antonio Says:

    quiero ser el ganador de el concurso

  228. martin Says:

    im not going to join this competition, coz i dont wanna win 100000 coinz!!!! 😛

  229. Diana Alejandra Vega Medero Says:

    nesesito las 100,000 cois please

  230. lunitha6 Says:

    pet is fun and love pet society create new fiend thank a love

  231. BRENDA RUIZ Says:

    voy a ganar

  232. MARCOS RUBEN Says:

    suerte mi jardin es fino 🙂

  233. katya paty Says:

    esta genial

  234. juliana Says:

    i am a winner

  235. MUFASA Says:

    Pet society is fantastic, the garden’s competition too, but. What about people who don’t understand English. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase. Translate it in several languages.

  236. manuel Says:

    como me incribo

  237. valeria Says:


  238. carlii Says:

    woooww i love pet societyy como hago para inscribirmee

  239. maria lujan lopez Says:

    quiero que me dejen jugar en garden competionnnnnnnnnn…..

    maria lujan

  240. Paulii XD Says:


  241. Paulii XD Says:

    🙂 =)

  242. Paulii XD Says:

    🙂 🙂 =) =)

  243. Java Says:

    o.o Help ! Help was sent a picture of real life and try to make it more like the picture?

  244. koraima Says:


  245. Maria Says:

    how long untill my coconut tree bears fruit? i have for 3 days now…i think

  246. lia Says:

    me liam.

  247. bluri Says:

    holaaa lgien me pudiera explicar lo de la competencia de los 100.000..porfavorrrrrrrr

  248. Nicole Says:

    Quiero ganar la competencia

  249. YazMin Says:

    im winerrr!!!

  250. Hillary Says:

    How do i enter the competition? Please help…PLS

  251. perrita Says:

    hola quiero ganar porque me gustan las plantas y quiero ganar los 100000 coins asique porfavor agame ganar tratare de tener el mejor jardin posible

  252. antonella , pet = pezziinii& Says:


  253. xabela Says:

    ola me llamo kata y me dicen xabela x mi 2º nombre

  254. diego Says:

    ke bacan haunke nunca me e metido

  255. silvia mora Says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 100,000 coiiiinnnssss
    I like

  256. nat Says:

    me encanta el pet en todos los idiomas!!!

  257. lolipopz Says:

    wat if i use two pet sociality pictures and take part in the competition?
    will it be a penaty?

  258. dino Says:

    hello I love to Pet Society, Garden is beatiful, Is fantastic and is very good, I want” writte always say the Pet Societe is enterteiment, I”am venezolana, I need more money, this is my favoryte game.

  259. gustavo Says:

    I love pet society

  260. Leyha Says:

    Oh wow

    is so cool

    i loved the pet society and
    I hope to win !!!! 🙂

    Thanks pet society
    you are the best 🙂

  261. Leyha Says:


    could put the instructions
    in Spanish, is that despite
    I know I do not understand English
    some parts …

    please, yes??

    bye 🙂

  262. dhe-la Says:

    i think, i can’t win in this competition…….. ;(

  263. Putri Says:

    Hello there , i really dun understand .. if i already take the picture of my garden then i nid to the samething as in picture i took right ? then where should i do the garden ?

    please answer … 🙂

  264. marion Says:

    i relly need that mony to my pet

  265. marion Says:

    i want to win the mony please

  266. Yenzz Says:

    Can I consume the vegetable I plant ?
    How to take care of the flower, vegetable, n tree ?
    Should just leave them grow themself ?
    Can I get the fruits on my tree ? How ?

  267. Adam Says:

    yeee asiik

  268. Louise Says:

    Where do I send the picture after capturing it?…..

  269. Adam Says:

    yeeee asikkkkkkkkk aku dapet

  270. Adam Says:


  271. daniel g. Says:

    quiero ganar los 100000 coins

  272. TeriJo Says:

    I think this contest needs to be simplified. First thing I bought 2 flower bushes, but couldn’t find a way to put them in my yard.
    So, I assume I am to plant my garden inside???

  273. adam Says:

    to who send it to???? plz answer…..

  274. elettra Says:

    help me!!!!!!!! why my apple tree don’ t havr any fuit?????

  275. White24 Says:

    I have a questions…
    we should take 2 pictures or just one?

  276. White24 Says:

    Is there anybody could explain to me what does it mean??

    Please remember that you need to include 2 pictures in your entry thread, a photo that you have taken of your real life garden (or a friend’s or local park, etc) AND a picture of your Pet Society garden, which you should try and make look as similar as possible to the real life garden!

    I’m so confused..
    I’ll waiting for your reply..

  277. Christie Says:

    So, we have look a like contest huh??? Me n my pet have 2 be look similar in real world and in pet soc world???

  278. AjNite Says:

    OMGs i totaly screwed up my garden
    Luna i think u post them on that website

  279. xyla Says:

    100.000 im coming!!! 8)

  280. rida Says:

    OMG…..i want to win ……

  281. Tan Poh Keng Says:

    i like Pet Society THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME

  282. Tan Poh Keng Says:

    I will try my best

  283. princessa Says:

    Ill will win 100000 coins

  284. princessa Says:


  285. NOOR Says:


  286. Sandya Sekar Murti Says:

    send to who?how much photo and trees?

  287. 100,000 !!!!! Says:

    i don\’t really get it…. pls teach me!! i wanna win 100,00 pet society coins 4 my pet … even if i didn\’t win I know that i still did my best but how will you publish the picture who or where are you gonna give the photo…. pls. answer!!!

  288. zainab Says:

    i love pet society

  289. julyen Says:

    is the cupcake tree bear…??????????????????????? ans…..plz…….

  290. Angela Says:

    I do not know where to put the photos you could explain me?

  291. sharfa dhamin Says:

    how do i upload the pictures to the forum ?

  292. Elaine Villados Says:

    how can i join the compitition? 🙂

  293. zhi zhuan Says:

    \’\’GARDENING\’\’ is good

  294. Danize Says:

    i love pet society and i always online!!!

  295. U-Know Says:


  296. sharon oiga Says:

    hi there i am maily andi love story,s

  297. Hans Says:

    Aww!! I don’t have enough money to buy things for my garden!!!

  298. nicole a. avila Says:

    wanna go in garden copition

  299. Melina Says:

    rats!?!?!?!?!?!i live in saudi araibia. no body has a garden in this country!?!??!?!?!
    before it was a desert !?!?!?!?!?!? i have no garden and the parks here suck!?!?!?!?!?
    well,my grandma in greece has a nice garden i suppose i will take a picture of it.
    but, i dont know how to enter the competition and how to the photos to playfish
    (pet society):(

  300. Melina Says:

    i need a reply plz!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  301. Melina Says:

    i also need those coins to fix my house in pet society.

  302. huiboon Says:


  303. XiaO Says:

    how can I show my photo ?
    ..100,000.. i’m ready to win u.

  304. Henry Says:

    WHAT???!!!!!!!! YOU gave us such short time! I really need the money AND this competitions is emotionally and physically diffficult. i am bankrupt and how can i make my garden into a dream garden???!! help me get money in a shrt time, please. and i would like to find a job and earn coins like my frienfd. i want to get incharge of the lottery.

  305. Neil Says:

    100000 coins!
    I think i will win that!

  306. carla Says:


  307. sisi Says:

    i love Pet Society champions i love lol love (L) =D

  308. lusi Says:

    me encanta lo amo pet society es mi sueño ganar y tener 100000 lo amo pet society

    i love Pet Society champions i love lol love (L) 😀

  309. lusi Says:


  310. lusi Says:


  311. chesca Says:

    just a question:

    Can you make your own garden with one of you rooms instead of the room where you grow the plants?

  312. ruda Says:

    hey i dont understand the that says “make sure your garden look simillar”
    look simillar to what can any body answer me

  313. matias Says:

    I am winer

  314. ruda Says:

    do you have to make our garden look simillar to the garden in the picture???

  315. lana Says:

    hi my favorit hobby is reading when i have a break i read and with out reading you will be loser and if you have commptition they will late you read sometimes not everytime and they will tail to them we don’t talk with losers that what will happen if will not read also or maybe you will connot write too

  316. Anna Says:

    i love flowers and i love you

  317. zeina Says:

    im sure illwin the 100,000 hehehehe:)

  318. zeina Says:

    khara 3ala eli befose cause i love petsociety enshallah ill be the winner

  319. justin Says:

    how to sell fruits &vegetables?

    pls comment

  320. pietro Says:

    this idea is beautiful

  321. luis Says:


  322. luis Says:


  323. aea Says:

    sccsdvv fvdvdsw

  324. Plurrr Says:

    seriously why have i got no fruit?? sooo annoying!
    is there something wrong with my trees?

  325. Lucyana Barbieri Says:

    i want play!!

  326. Cheryl Says:


  327. amina elmufti Says:

    100000 coins plzz

  328. amina elmufti Says:


  329. amina elmufti Says:


  330. amina elmufti Says:

    et society haaaaaaaaa

  331. michelle Says:

    wala nman maganda

  332. lynn massez Says:

    hoop dat ik die 100.000 coins win

  333. Loreto Says:

    Link de la foto de mi jardiny de mi pet en su jardin.

  334. zaid alaskary Says:

    send the pic to whooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  335. Giselle Barría Saldaño Says:

    competencia de jardines participare

  336. Luchy Says:

    Yo necesito que lo digan en español porque no entendi muy bien!!! por favor!!!!

  337. horseandpig Says:

    how do u participate in this competition ?
    where do i send the pictures ?

  338. Kareen Says:

    por favor diganme como hago para participar

  339. kjell massez Says:

    ik wil da en da nodig

  340. Iracema Says:


  341. Ezo Says:

    lahza ana min lebnen w min beirout fa ma 2anna wala gardeh min 2awwal beirout la 2e5era php ha jarrib le2eh tari2a I LOVE U MY LOVELY PET EZO MWAA…

  342. antonija Says:

    nice stuf

  343. melody Says:

    what?I’m from turkey.okey

  344. melody Says:

    what?I’m from turkey.okey:)

  345. Reynicienta Says:

    I would like that the information about pet society, spcialy this information it be in spanish too.
    Becouse my english is not good….
    I speak spanish.

  346. ryan lidgad Says:

  347. Star Says:

    I LOVE this new feature!! I am making a ton of money from vegetables, I got 345 coins today from one very large sweetheart root! In total today I made over 2,500 coins and only 2 veggies were rotten, even though they were all large or very large!

    I won’t be entering this contest, but I love the garden feature.


    *goes off to buy more vegetable seeds*… Heh. =)

  348. sanad Says:

    comment ont jouent sur pet society competition

  349. ryan lidgad Says:

    y dus is gugufv

  350. rayann Says:

    cool i love this i hope i win good luck to everyone who signed in this contest

  351. omar Says:


  352. Nicky Pagouradki Says:


  353. Niko Says:

    como les paso a playfish las fotos de mi jardin? solo las pongo en el albun o que?

  354. Victoria Iman Sayogo Says:

    I still don’t understand how to follow this competition. Just simply take a picture of my garden or what?

  355. Aldana Says:

    Pet society de mierda estupido feo tarado no entiendo nada de esooo pelotudo

  356. nicole Says:

    how do we give both of the pics?

  357. julieta Says:

    hola este re copado la nueva tienda!!!!!!!! esta buenisima todos los dias entro para controlar los vegetales,flores y arboles q planto besos bye!!

  358. jad Says:

    i love my pet

  359. mili Says:

    bue.. mi jardin tiene un arbol, es cuadrado y tiene muchas plantas iguales! no se como hacerlo igual!! porfa alguien responda en español!! buee me voy

  360. aguzz Says:

    voiia aganar???


  361. friida Says:

    cada cuanto los arboles dan frutos ?

  362. margot Says:


  363. margot Says:


  364. margot Says:


  365. jesseca Says:

    how do you enter this competition

  366. antonella Says:

    10000 wow

  367. karina Says:

    ola podrian poner esto en español?? eske no le entiendo jeje


  368. Marcela Sanchez Says:

    I wanna know if the garden of pet society have to be excatly like the garden real or can be similar…XD

  369. Gilda Says:

    es un juego divino

  370. Naidy Says:

    oie y si no tengo un jardin, y ni amigos que lo tengan puedo buscar una foto por internet y hacerlo parecido??

  371. abraham Says:

    tu sabes quue

  372. abraham Says:

  373. raisa Says:

    i loved pet soicety

  374. sol Says:

    holaa! podrian poner la pagina en español tambien? gracias!

  375. Lolitaki Says:

    i want to take part in the garden competition!
    but i don’t know how:(
    could anyone help me please?

  376. maria Says:

    te podes comprar todo con esa plata jajajaja

  377. javiera Says:


  378. Daniela Says:

    jaja ojala que gane para comprarme hartas cosa jeje

  379. lisa jenkins Says:

    I think Im in for a good chance of winning as you just cant keep me off pet society 24-7 Im on it. good luck everyone yeah xxx

  380. rommel Says:

    es muy bonito tener un jardin empezando por todos los arboles que ponemos la
    naturaleza y todo eso es bien bonito

  381. milagros Says:


  382. anahi Says:

    woow tengo ya un rabano mediano y quiero participar en el concurso y no se como alguno me diria como?

  383. anahi Says:

    mmm yapo diganme o k me llague un e-mail…

  384. malave botavan yeidy cairelis Says:

    yo quiero aprender a jugar

  385. ALEXIS Says:

    i love petsociety. go team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. ALEXIS Says:

    alexis says…

    go petsoicty

  387. estrellita Says:

    hola quiero ganar ese premio… =)

  388. estrellita Says:

    quiero ganar

  389. yoana Says:

    quero ganar

  390. leti Says:

    nO es justo porque no hay en español u.u

  391. montse Says:

    como se consiguen las 100000 monedas

  392. tomas Says:

    esto sera muy divertido

  393. mariana Says:

    me encanta este concurso

  394. andjela Says:

    pet society

  395. andjela Says:


  396. ioio Says:


  397. julia arenas Says:

    pueden colocar todas las indicaciones en español porfavorrrrrrrr

  398. Mauro espinoza Says:

    a mi me gustaria participar en este juego de pet society.

  399. Vee Says:

    no entendi nada jej

  400. Julieta Says:

    Holaa! me quiero sumar a esta competencia pero no comprendo de que se trata..
    Por favor si alguien me puede explicar 😀

  401. BinOmiia Says:

    Y los que no sabemos Ingles? 😦

  402. juan pablo Says:

    im going to win all you

  403. juan pablo Says:

    im goin to win all you

  404. maria jose Says:

    How is it the photo that it is necessary to try to imitate?

  405. Blues Says:

    changed names

  406. Blues Says:

    i am will changed name from Fadzar Bagas A. to Blues

  407. Blues Says:

    i will changed name from fadzar bagas a. to blues

  408. konejo Says:

    hola yo kro ganar

  409. tania Says:

    hola…queria saber si existe alguna posibilidad de que el sitio sea en español??, o los terminos y condiciones del concurso del jardin??
    bueno y felicitarlos por pet society es realmente muy bueno me encanta y me divierto mucho, adios

  410. camilaaasoledad Says:

    la pagina y el juego pet society tendria mucho mas exito en el resto del mundo si hubieran versiones disponibles en otros idiomas como español, aleman… es mucho mas comodo para nosotros, que no manejamos como expertos el idioma mas hablado del mundo. gracias por considerarlo. camila, chile.

    is important considerate to publish the site and the game in other languages too, like spanish, german and other very diferent to english, for more participity in the page and the game too. thanks for considerate that. camila, chile

  411. alicia Says:

    como ago para participar en el concurso??????????

  412. krishna Says:

    porfabor diganme como lo puedo hacer necesito esos coins porfabor digan como

  413. alicia Says:

    daleeeeeee conteste alguno que hable spanishh

  414. valentina fernanda olivares sanso Says:

    kiero ganar esta competencia

  415. valentina fernanda olivares sanso Says:

  416. Shirley96 Says:

    hw can I participate on that Gardening Contest? I wanna take part in the contest..

  417. natu Says:

    i`m gonna winnn!!! 🙂 .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.

  418. natu Says:


  419. natu Says:

    😦 :`(

  420. allison Says:

    adoro la naturaezaaa.sin ella no podriamos vivir.debemos cuidarla y hermosa.haria cualquier cosa para protegerla

  421. sofia Says:

    hola soy sofia bueno me en can to el petsociety por que es buy lindo y tierno

  422. akshat verma Says:

    its cool!!!!! the garden competition!!!!

  423. sofia Says:

    el petsociety es muy tierno y dibertido

  424. Tracy Says:

    After we took the photo how do we inform?

  425. paula Says:

    voy a ganar perdedorea

  426. Heyler Says:

    Where i have to send the photo ?? Donde tengo que enviar la foto ??

  427. Heyler Says:

    Where i have to send the photo ?? Donde tengo que enviar la foto ??

  428. Rashmy Says:

    i badly wanna participate in this compet…. bt don have ma own garden’s pic…. is any gov property’s pic valied? i really wanna win this tym……… i have the exact garden pic and both luks kinda same… i basdly wanna upload those…… my fate… i don think i’ll win

  429. Zidely Says:

    Wiiiiiiiiiii, this is funny XD in fact, I´m pretty proud of my real life garden, let´s see if I can bring him to Pet Society!!!

  430. Lady Eon Says:



  431. Trisya monita Says:

    Yess,, I Can Realy Love PET SOCIETY

  432. suha sameer alasheh Says:

    h want 10000

  433. Brainchallengerboyz Says:


    how bout it:


  434. Christopher Lim Says:

    Its simple, take your camera and take a picture of a park/garden, in real life!

  435. cindy Says:

    how do we show it to pet society??

  436. POOHtrie Says:

    how can i get much money in petsociety ?

  437. frah Says:


  438. iraafable Says:

    ok but i need money 100,000 pesos in competition pls give me 100,000 i need funitures in my house

  439. wiwid Says:

    How to join garden competition?
    I’m confused.

  440. stara Says:

    i have tree but i cant to take the fruit how can its do??

  441. Amina Says:

    In Kuwait you don’t really find gardens flourishing @ every place but I’ll try my best getting one..

    Competition is cool and might make others recognize the creative talent in them.tnx a ton.

  442. pet society lovers Says:

    how i can give my pet society garden?????

  443. Suhailla Says:

    love to play pet society…but tried to buy coins using the paypal but couldn’t get through.

  444. morena Says:

    i love pet society

  445. sherwyn Says:

    hey..pS is under maintenance

  446. leonardo Says:

    quiero partisipar

  447. Ashlee Says:

    how do you get to send it to plaYfish??

  448. marrriiiiii Says:



    I WANT IT!!!


  449. Aubrey Says:

    hi Pet Spciety addicts! Just wanna ask, if i enter pics of my pet’s garden and that of a pet neighbor, it should both be taken by the PS camera ayt?
    Thanks for creating Pet Society! I sooo love it! =)

  450. --- Says:

    how I can paticipate?, I dont understood.
    Is so simple?

  451. Alma Says:

    Hola a todos,espero que me entiendan,no se ingles y quiero saber como hacer para publicar mi foto del jardin para participar en el concurso.Desde ya muchas gracias

  452. dolores valentina Says:


  453. Juli Says:

    hi i am going to win this! my garden will be the best!

    i think that pet society is an excellent game and this competition too!


  454. Sharine Says:

    It’s so cool & cute… all the pet have their ideal of decoration.. I’m so enjoy 4 the game. Hope can be one of the winner 2 win 4 the grand prize….. if I got the change… once againg thank’s 4 being so creactive Pet Society.. the only problem that buzz me is always under maintenance & need 2 wait 4 quite sometime 2 recover!.. Keep in up…..!!

  455. majo Says:

    hola todo ok.

  456. Beli Says:

    yo nose si gane pero me inscribo porsicaso

  457. ale Says:


  458. ale Says:

    pls go to my garden

  459. fonza hesham Says:

    i wish to win because its my best game and i want to be perfect in it

  460. sebastian Says:

    esta buenisimo esto pero el pet no anda casi nunca tengo una computadora pantaya plana es o kilometro maldicion

  461. KK Says:


  462. celine Says:


  463. busenur erel Says:

    please I play to the garden competition!

  464. b b b bb Says:

    hi i love cupcakes

  465. giannina Says:

    not like the vegetables are as big of mine some are very small jajajajaja

  466. ananelle Says:

    Hello I do not know how to join has the competition

  467. Flopy Says:

    can you speek spanish pleasy????

  468. ThInK pInK Says:

    hiii!!! i loved the competition i love to be 1 of the winners i always play pet socity i set all the day for making my garden i love that i got 4 trees 2 banana and 2 apple tree i have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun and i love that 🙂 i always buy mystry boxes and get somethings i can sell them with 999 but i sell little of them and i keep little and i put my things in my INVENTORY i dont love to put them because if i put them my friends well say please give me thise and thise then what i well do???????????? :@ lolzzzzzzzzz

  469. fernanda Says:

    esta muy padfre

  470. Fatima Doumer Says:

    I would like to participate in the competition for gardening. I would also buy coins for DAOPAY because I live in Morocco.
    Cordial greetings

  471. Maria Says:

    soy nueva coMo es esto

  472. Micaela Says:

    Hola soy Micaela de Argentina Buenos Aires. Yo estoy aca mirando la página y no entiendo nada porque esta todo en Ingles.

  473. sebastian Says:


  474. mario Says:

    salve vorrei sapere come si vincono i 1000000 per il fatto del giardino qui è tutto in inglese e nn capisco grazie

  475. keith Says:

    como ago para incribirme en pet societi garden

  476. sofia Says:

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE pettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  477. vick Says:

    hola pasen las condiciones y eso en español 😉

  478. Callum Says:

    would any 1 go out wiv me plz and + help me to win luv u girls plz x comment

  479. lulu Says:

    i didn’t understand anything….what must i do to win this game?????

  480. johana Says:

    seria muy buena idea que nos dieran esas monedas porque realmente es muy moroso tener tanto dinero informeme como obtener eso 100000 monedas gracias

  481. emilie Says:

    i don’t think that a have a hope to win in this competition !!! 😥

  482. emilie Says:

    i don’t think that i have a hope to win in this competition 😥

  483. karen Says:

    quiero entrar a la comion

  484. karen Says:

    jlhdlhs<jh hskjhd

  485. karen Says:


  486. CARMEN JULIA Says:

    Que chevere

  487. merlina Says:

    anyone here speak Spanish? or go anime

  488. muñek Says:

    Yo nO TeNgO PlAtA AsI Q Lo nEcEsItO Pr dOnDe pOnGo lAs fOtOs dEl jArDiN???????????????

  489. muñek Says:

    DONDE PONGO MIS FOTOS¡????????????????????????????

  490. emily Says:

    yo creo k ese es el mejor estado de mi vida americanos i love u.s.a but im domicain

  491. Noelia Says:

    ¿ como subo la FOTO??????



  492. Guido Says:

    Ojala que pueda ganar

  493. jose alejandro Says:

    yo res pondo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppppeteeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  494. xtermineytor x Says:

    si quiero unirme ¿pero donde me inscribo?
    🙂 😀 ¬¬ o.O

  495. paulina Says:

    quero ganar

  496. Jozeluiz Fernandez Says:

    Hey all !

    i really really really love Pet Society.I’m Peruvian.And i would like to participate in the competition for the picture Jardin.I have just not what else to do.

    Thank you so much.

  497. daniela Says:

    quiero saber como mierda poner los juegos de pet society en el facebook respondan

  498. sombra Says:

    voi a ganar

  499. Demi Says:

    This Is So Cool Get Ready People I Am About To TRY To Win 100,000 Gl Evry1 Though

  500. alessia Says:

    sorry! But how can i enter in the garden competition??? Can you help me????
    who can help me , please????
    and i want to now another thing, the competition will be with your friends that you have in the game or with other people?????????

  501. gogo Says:


  502. karina Says:

    que interesante es bueno que existan este tipo de concursos.. esto hace mucho mas entretenido el juego…..

  503. goonzaalooh Says:

    hello one competition make every you pease
    gardens creative and me, thank you bye bye
    good morning

  504. nolasco Says:

    hellow my garden is beutyfull

  505. nolasco Says:


  506. nolasco Says:

    hellow my garden

  507. joselin Says:

    queropuro ganar y es terrible bkn pet society jajajaja

  508. Verito de la Torre Says:

    Hi! I dont have a real garden 😦 And I dont think my friend wants to plant a coconut into him or her 😦
    Regards from Peru

  509. alexx fade Says:

    did i just enter by writing a comment

  510. puk Says:

    my garden is the best

  511. alexx fade Says:


  512. Danilo Says:

    hola soy Danilo de chile

  513. Coriselle Says:

    Quiero q esto sea exitoso ok !!!!!!!!!!!! entendieron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  514. ivanna Says:

    me parece muy bueno esto del concurso ,ademas el alcalde se poto de 10 al agregarnos 1000 coins a nuestras mascotas pet society .
    Voy a partisipar.

  515. Fererico Says:

    donde hay que mandar la doto de tu jardin?

  516. jenifer Says:

    quiero ganar

  517. hugherid Says:

    vamos a ganar la competencia !!!!!!!!!!!! Siiiiiiiiiiiiii

  518. Daswer Says:

    ah qe chiste tiene si hay muchos hacker qe van a ganr igual la plata!!

  519. agustina Says:

    por favor hablen en castellano porque no los entiendooooo jajaja

  520. MUFASA Says:

    Someone can read me???

  521. yuyin Says:

    yo no entiendo nada
    hay en algun lugar una opcion para cambiar en idioma de esta pagina????

  522. jose francisco gallegos beltran Says:

    q bien etencia exselent

  523. CYC Says:

    my target is to win atleast 25k!!!

  524. alejandra Says:

    donde se puede saber cuando ganaron y si se puede enviar informacion al mail

  525. lucas montenegro Says:

    me gustan los jardines

  526. marianne Says:

    k pedoooo no entiendoo como se juegaa???

  527. nixon Says:

    como mando las fotos

  528. enrique Says:

    quiero partisipar

  529. Esther Says:

    its on my real life garden right? not on my pet society garden right???
    but how do you exactly now if this is for my pet society? and do i have to upload it here? or at my facebook?????
    if its here, how do i upload it?

  530. Leoni Says:

    I don’t understand how to give our photo to pet society garden competition.

  531. Shab Says:

    Where is the forum!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!to submit our garden picture!!!!!!!

  532. Sonia Says:

    Will oranges grow on my orange tree? Can one kind soul reply me? ty!

  533. Martin Says:

    well im ready to win but i don’t care if i lose the only thing is only have fun and to all good luck !

  534. akshat verma Says:

    i know everything about this competition!!!!!! 🙂

  535. andra Says:

    hello there… how to join the competition?? take a photo in my garden?? or what? thankz

  536. jerold Says:

    yo kiero concursar como hago aki esta el link de una de mis foto del jardin

  537. Nida Says:

    I do not understand where we have to post the pictures that we take. Also my orange tree isn’t bearing any fruits yet, why?

  538. frozenzz Says:

    yo~~ i want to win 100000

  539. samantha Says:

    excuse me but how do you join the contest?????

  540. samantha Says:

    i want to join pet soicety cntest garden contest i’ll join meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  541. Shanty Says:


  542. roger Says:

    where do i upload my pic at??

  543. Sarah Says:

    Itz a lill bit difficult but…..will try to win!

  544. yasmine toshka Says:

    i like this comment

  545. Joshua Says:

    Ooo this is the first time i have been in a internet contest, its gonna be so fun 🙂

  546. yam musni Says:

    i love it.
    that’s it

  547. jessica Says:

    could i take a garden pic from other websites?

  548. Noe servin Says:

    oh yay

  549. Noe servin Says:


  550. Noe servin Says:


  551. laila hatem Says:

    how do i start the competion

  552. Hasan Says:

    How many Paw POints Will we get :-/

  553. hudson Says:


  554. chai peisan Says:

    i want to join !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  555. chai peisan Says:


  556. chai peisan Says:


  557. Emily Says:

    Help how do I give you the picture help 🙂

  558. Jasnoor Says:

    I hope I can make a good garden

  559. nancy Says:

    i wont to participate in this conpetition help me plz

  560. foo Says:

    shall i shift the tree in garden? my tree was missing when i shifted it!

  561. Danielyne Joy Nicolas Says:

    ok i’m ready to join the cometition in pet society garden

  562. dondon Says:

    i just have one question how can i show you my pictures??????????????????

  563. Lawrence Says:

    this is crazy things to do! It ”kills”!!

  564. elisa Says:


  565. tania Says:

    hola quiero ser parte de garden

  566. Lorenza roasa Says:

    i want to join the garden compitition

  567. elisa Says:


  568. elisa Says:

  569. Vix Says:

    …..hmmmmmm there’s no chance I can win this cause I’m not quite better at gardening so good luck to the three winners… ^^,

  570. annie Says:

    do u have 2 take pic of 2 gardens or jus 1???(in P.S.)

  571. andrea Says:


  572. b.a. Says:

    umm.. how are we s’posed to show a pic. of a garden & our garden?

  573. shaheer alam khan Says:

    pet scociety is the bomb

  574. aboudyo Says:

    comment gagne

  575. ARIANNA Says:

    ciao… posso sapere come si gioca??? in italiano però, qui non capisco proprio nulla. aiutooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  576. sitala Says:

    how can i sent the pic ?

  577. sassikurmassikur Says:

    but it’s unfair for the one who cheats ! with cheat engine ! no fair !

  578. SyIkiN Says:

    we can sell the fruits? i thought we can just plant it

  579. lilatko Says:

    i don t know how i can join ..i don t know make a photo of my garden 😦 plsss help

  580. marhiuri Says:

    se tiene que pagar para entrar a esta competencia ? y como les mando las fotos del jardin??? a donde??? please respondanme!

  581. didi Says:

    napravih si snimki sa kude da gi ka4a

  582. dale Says:

    😀 🙂 i WILL RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  583. barbara Says:

    me gustaria mucho ganar tengo todo el jardin lleno de plantas

  584. cindy Says:

    i wanna join the competition…how should i upload the photos???

  585. lala vale Says:


  586. janice ho Says:

    how to play?

  587. janice ho Says:

    very good but how to go in?

  588. rhio Says:

    im so so so so thinking ,,, nervous ,,chilling about this competition

  589. roberta grosso Says:


  590. danett Says:

    june 20 ,2009 at 12.01 pm reply

  591. katherine Says:

    hello, you can explain to me please in Spanish.

  592. lucas Says:

    hola a todos

  593. kristia Says:

    i wis i win 🙂 😛

  594. kristia Says:


  595. kristia Says:


  596. ALINA KHAN Says:

    i don,t know that where to submitt the photos…plz help me…..plz plz plz.

  597. alejandra Says:


  598. rayane mrad Says:

    au liban il ya baucoup de jardin et la nature est grande jaime la nature
    merci pour vous…..

  599. rayane mrad Says:

    june 19 .2009 at 6:05pm reply
    jaime les jardins

  600. Areeba Qazi Says:

    the competition is cool and some people will win and some people will lose so competitione is a competition what shell we do so best of luck

  601. franco ignacio Says:


  602. Mohsin kamal ansari Says:

    the competition is cool and every body is in tention that who will win and evry body
    is exited all the best

  603. franco ignacio Says:


  604. FLO Says:


  605. FLO Says:


  606. mariifer Says:

    algluien sabe komo se suben las fotos de los jardines?? no lo se k LOSER

  607. lu Says:

    hii,, i think it´s a good idea,, i want win 🙂

  608. lu Says:

    plase PLAYFISH can put more tres and more things ??

  609. lu Says:

    :S 😀 🙂 😦 😐

  610. carlos Says:

    quiero meterme en la competencia

  611. lakor Says:

    bnde yarışmaya katılmak istiom

  612. pilar Says:

    hi !! i don`t understand …. who speak espanish ???

  613. ivan Says:

    voy a ganaaaaaar locooooos todos

  614. valentina Says:

    🙂 quiero 2.000 coins

  615. susan garcia Says:

    tiene que ser identico?

  616. valentina Says:

    quiero 10.000 coin :(:(:(

  617. marce Says:

    🙂 hola =)

  618. aniita Says:

    eii 🙂 al alguien de todos esos que hablan que porfavor HABLE ESPAÑOL(CASTELLANO) jaa no entiendo nada, baah en realidad si entiendo pro por que voy a ingles, beeso:)

  619. mette knudsen Says:

    i love my garden and my pet

  620. mette knudsen Says:

    i love my garden and my pet she´s name is nikki

  621. princesa Says:


  622. daniela Says:

    este noc es extraño no entiendo nada xq todo esta ingles no lo entiendo ni pio

  623. Laura Says:

    Cómo es éste concurso ..porqué no lo traducen en varios solamente el inglés…

  624. gloria Says:

    io nn ho cpt nnt

  625. jordan traboni Says:

    where they must be made once the photo shoot?

  626. cata Says:

    hi , pet so city is very good

  627. wen Says:

    porfavor traduzcan las condiciones del concurso pet 100.000 coin ya que no entiendo nada gracias

  628. Do Dog Says:

    I have an orange tree but it has not beared any fruit yet. Does this take more than a week?

  629. wasay Says:


  630. wasay Says:


  631. Ryan Says:

    i dind’nt Under stand My Real Garden Or Pet Society Garden :S

  632. karina Says:

    me gusta este jueve de pet society y cuidar mi mascota, pero no puedo entender nada de los juegos pues todo está en ingles. por favor den opción en español.gracias

  633. Bárbara Says:

    como se juega? No dice nadaaaa!!!! poque esta en ingles!!!! ya xaooo!! y cambienlo a ESPAÑOL!!!!!

  634. miriam berennice sanchez ramos Says:

    espero ke todo se unan

  635. ana Says:


  636. seba Says:

    esto es genial, y ahora me expresare con puras letras sin rason:ugsdbcsdilhfoduhjhhwslkjsmjskjxusdhfuchsuhcuxshduhduhxcusdhcoehfñoicdhojchocohoshoiudhuhu

  637. Agustin Alonso Says:

    Today is friday……….
    were are the new things on the mystery box ????? this forum did not post any news,

  638. Audrey Says:

    Cool! @}>-‘—

  639. paulina Says:

    me encantaria tener 10000 pesos en el juego

  640. paulina Says:


  641. paulina Says:


  642. paulina Says:


  643. paulina Says:


  644. paulina Says:


  645. paulina Says:


  646. ximena Says:

    ta weno ph x ke gane las 100000 omnedas en el pet Societe en facebook

  647. carolina Says:

    Hola de la cosa de pet societi no entiendo nada por qe nose ni idea jejeje

  648. alejandra Says:

    loco no entiendo como se hace ?? que alguien me explique

  649. shezzie Says:

    can i put my trees in pots when they have grown and if so well i still get fruit and cupcakes off them

  650. domania Says:

    Today is friday……….
    were are the new things on the mystery box ????? this forum did not post any news,

  651. waldo Says:

    es super buenooooooo

  652. brittany Says:

    How do you enter the contest ? How do you post pictures up please help

  653. estefania garcia Says:

    que genial

  654. estefany Says:

    me facina esta pagina no la cambien nunca y espero q nos conoscamoos binen

  655. daiana salcedo Says:

    quisiera ganar el campionato pero 250 plantas son muchas yo llege alas 50 nada mas:) pero les dejo saludos y esta buenisimo el juego

  656. luis ramirez Says:

  657. jackelin Says:

    como se concursa

  658. deren Says:

    How to enter the competition?

  659. Debora Says:

    Me encanta pet society y me encantaria participar en este concurso

    y no estaria nada de mal ganarse esos coins juju
    ojala pueda concursar aunq sea quedar en 3° lugar jiji

  660. Debora Says:

    ojala gene jiji 😀 =D 🙂 😉

  661. cata Says:


  662. Cristina Says:

    que fino

  663. cam Says:

    quiero entrar a la competencia! como entro??

  664. heider david tobias barrios Says:

    es mi pagina favorita

  665. leopoldo Says:

    i just wanna now, ¿how do I enter the competition?

  666. zeina Says:

    if i drew a garden is it ok ?

  667. Katherine Says:

    Pet Society’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!! no its not its better than great its AWESOME!!!

  668. susana Says:

    hola me encanta pet society soy una mujer de 44 años y pet society me cautivo me encanto esa mascota virtual me encantaría ganar ese premio por favor aganlo realidad

  669. susana Says:

    soy de argentina y me llamo susana

  670. Katherine Says:

    How do i enter the competition 😦

  671. Emilio Elizondo Aguilar Says:

    kk aya comoo carros para andarr en carroo en la calle

  672. Aleziitah Says:

    WoOlass hahhaha

  673. Aleziitah Says:


  674. Evelyn Says:

    Cool i need to join that garden competition

  675. Aleziitah Says:


  676. luciana Says:

    yes yes,que bueno 100.000 mucho pero sirben partisipo

  677. amely Says:

    thfgnbvbvnm gfjn

  678. sthefany Says:

    yo quiero participar

  679. gema Says:

    why.. i not to coin pet society 100.000 no andesten

  680. astri Says:


  681. carlos van grieken Says:


  682. cami Says:

    no se como me inscribo al concurso??
    me ayudan.

  683. akshat verma Says:

    yeah!!!!! i got a cupcake tree!!!!!!

  684. star Says:

    Where shall I send my photos? We are talking about the garden of our pets here, right? thanks 😀

  685. Pamela Says:

    where is the garden competition form?

  686. luluu Says:

    hello pet society
    chek my garden please

  687. luluu Says:

    hey pet society i have in my garden trees its cool(:
    chek please pet society:D

  688. mINNIE Says:


  689. leyla wicki Says:

    deberian traducir esta pagina al español por fis

  690. Rebecca Says:

    i would like to join the garden competition but i have no money to get some seeds for the garden!! If you could, can i pleases have some extra funds for my garden??

  691. Ramy Says:

    My Apple tree Was fully grown for over 9 days ago and it didn’t bear any fruit till now !!!
    Why that ???!!
    also my orange tree every 5 days bear only one fruit!!!!!! please fix that !!!
    also please decrease the time the vegetable takes to increase in size .

  692. Ximena Says:

    Hola…me cuesta mucho comprender el concurso ya que no entiendo completamente el inglés, podrían traducir la página o permitir que todos podamos acceder en nuestros respectivos idiomas??Con respecto al concurso hay que sacar una foto a tu jardín?Yo tengo mi jardín desde antes que tengan en Pet el Garden y quería transplantar los árboles pero no se puede…me pueden comentar como es el sistema…???Gracias….me encanta su juego…

  693. arlene antonio Says:

    I want to join in the garden competition. I am willing to take the challenge!

  694. pinky Says:

    if i decorate my garden through my imagine can…?
    the place i stay is a small village…
    all the house din hv any garden…
    if need take photo…
    i think i cant join this contest already…

  695. Evelyn Says:

    I have complete trees in pet society. I have all kind of trees .
    is that in interesting for you pet society
    but not in one garden

  696. jonathan tancueco Says:

    pede ba ako makisali sa garden compitition

  697. hw Says:

    help me win this competition
    for 100.000 coins
    hahaha 😀

  698. k=] Says:

    How to show photo and an image of the Pet Society garden in the forum..?

  699. KANWAR Says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😦

  700. TJ Says:

    How do I plant seeds???

  701. ettore Says:

    plis spiagazioni in italiano

  702. malak ghamloush Says:

    please pet society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just help me to win the 100000 that if you love god pet society because i am very poor i do not have coins and i have more points so pleaze let me win those 100000

  703. ettore Says:

    bel gioco

  704. ettore Says:

    my garden?

  705. nicole Says:


    • Sonya Says:

      You need to post both pictures (the photo you have taken of your real life garden and the picture of your Pet Society garden) in a new thread in the Pet Society Garden Competition sub-forum which is located here:

      Please ensure you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the competition prior to entering.

  706. JENAL Says:

    ikut pet yang garden gimana

  707. JENAL Says:

    ikut pet garden gimana

  708. Rikke Kofoed Says:

    I will win this competition!!
    I love pet society:)
    I will do my garden to the best garden ever:D

  709. Anne Jensen Says:

    I’m in

  710. khittey Says:

    wow thats alot of MONEY

  711. Lilia Anggraini Says:

    Why my trees have no fruit yet? 😦 i plent it since two weeks ago.

  712. Jesica Says:

    this should be pips cuz theres hardly any thing in ma garden…..x

  713. Sara Says:

    How do we put images for our garden !! 😥 PLEASE HELP !!!

  714. ┼┼┼ Says:

    WOW! 100 000 COINS? YAY!

  715. babas Says:

    hello you stupit

  716. Carina Says:

    great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! time to put my gardening gloves on!!!!!!! wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!

  717. emma Says:

    i really want to enter except i dont have a garden or a camera…… what can i do!

  718. niikka :) Says:

    hey how to join here message me on my account

  719. salem Says:

    i need 100000

  720. susy749 Says:

    please where i put my garden pictures?

  721. simran Says:

    how do i enter myda contest name in ??

  722. nicole Says:

    annwer me please i begg you

  723. xavier Says:

    plz check my garden and what is the link to upload the pictures answer me please

  724. jose Says:

    please revise my garden… I want to win….

  725. mafe jona Says:

    ohh my gosh i need that money!

  726. Dolores Says:

    HOla! me encantaría que suministren las instrucciones para este concurso en español. Gracias

  727. hounaida Says:

    t love pet society

  728. melani Says:

    i love pet society

  729. ELIZABETH Says:

    Saludos, tratando de entender el procesimiento para entrar en la competencia

  730. David mladenovski Says:

    Hello pet society
    chek my garden please
    love david

  731. marely soto Says:

    wena onda

  732. marely soto Says:


  733. dipsy Says:

    i have the cupcake tree but how to eat the fruits it bears?

  734. Paulyn Mae S. Santos Says:

    Is that true we can win 100,000 coins in pet society and
    where will i send the photos?………

  735. orel Says:

    love it

  736. amed Says:

    como estoy en la competicion que debo hacer?

  737. aleziita Says:

    Hahahhahhahaaa hahhahhaahahha 🙂

  738. yoyo Says:

    hello, pet pet!

  739. claudia Says:

    yo quiero participar pero no se como hacer para participar!!!!
    quiero ganar ese dinero!!!

  740. fabiana Says:

    very good exelent pets societyyyyyyyyy…. 😉 :):):)

  741. ma.fer Says:

    que bello me encantes tejuejgo (@) me en canta esel mejo jajaajjaja chaucreador de este juego me encanta ;););) 🙂 🙂

  742. ma.fer Says:

    me alusina es el mejor ajajajaja gracias porcrearlo9 soy la mads grnde fan de pets society meencanta jugar aca 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  743. fErNaNdA Says:


  744. youssef itani Says:

    i will شريk

  745. jasonhoyek Says:


  746. Azul Says:

    They might not put the rules in Castilian(Spanish)

  747. judie Says:

    How do i sell my vegetables? where should i click?

  748. stacitah Says:

    podrian colocarlo en español por favor
    no entiendo nada

  749. lex4e Says:

    hello pet society
    chek my garden please

  750. lex4e Says:

    hello pet society
    chek my garden please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  751. gabriela Says:

    Since I register to the contest and order the photo

  752. gabriela Says:

    I wait for a response

  753. gabriela Says:

    I do not speak Englishman speak Spanish

  754. gabriela Says:

    amoooo a pet society es el mejor y megustaria la respuesta en español

  755. Roxanne Papadopoulou Says:

    how do i sign for the garden competition?

  756. alejyta Says:

    hello… do from take part…???

  757. despo Says:

    nicole i have the same question… how do we give the photos of our gardens for the competition??? :S

  758. aristides Says:

    hello how are you i happy for the garden compettition

  759. bea Says:

    i´m sure that my garden is the best. I have got 5 threes, flowers an vegetables. But my vegetables are the biggest in the town. That is because i put them music and i speak them with love.

    sorry, but my english isn´t very good, because i am from spain.

  760. benadis Says:

    mmmm hey y just want to know when it is

  761. Katherine Says:

    can someone answer my question

  762. Milii Says:

    yo me quiero incribir en la competencia de jardin por que tengo un monton de plantas y quisiera ganarmelo…Bueno besos

  763. laaxcotiithaah Says:

    no caasho ni weea de lo qe se traata xd

  764. Mayerling Says:

    Como hago para participar en el concurso de Jardines!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????

  765. Katherine Says:

    WTH????????????? I planted flower and i checked on it this morning and its Disappeared

  766. anandapro Says:

    What is to send garden photo ?

  767. carolina Says:

    ¡¡¡Ohh por dios!!! quiero ganar pero mi jardin no es tan bonito T-T.
    Más me vale ganar…

  768. jolina Says:


  769. samantha bruce Says:

    i want alot of money

  770. Florencia Says:

    help!! it is very difficult is enlish
    noce ablar ni escrivir en ingless
    alquien abla en español

  771. fadhilah putri ramadhanti Says:

    i like pet society

  772. fadhilah putri ramadhanti Says:

    okay i like pet society but this is funny

  773. fadhilah putri ramadhanti Says:

    hello pet society chek my garden please

  774. CariithO Says:


  775. CariithO Says:

    🙂 nice

  776. salsa madina Says:

    what??i think the owner of pet society will open our petsociety and see who are the greatest garden!! huahahahahaha!

  777. Robbie Esguerra Says:

    Ill try to make my Garden Beautiful as soon as possible Don’t worry PET sOCIETY i WILL win this competition or not the important part is you make your Garden Beautiful

  778. daniel g. Says:

    kiero ganar los 100000 coins

  779. salsa madina Says:

    i’ve really wanna join it! but how?

  780. Rachel Says:

    come add me in pe!tsociety

  781. aqsa Says:

    i dont understand…how to show u the picture?

  782. tawan Says:

    im ready i think i win for sure!

  783. tawan Says:

    just press the word gift

  784. anna Says:

    what if i don’t have a real garden picture to send? can i still join the contest? do i really have to compare my pet society garden to a real garden?

  785. kai Says:


  786. lalala Says:

    all plz shut up!!!! jking

  787. lalala Says:

    how much money u guys earn in each day?

  788. jessa mae rentuma Says:

    what will i do to win??

  789. Anonimo Says:

    Hola…. Vamos a ver, Pet society, para los españoles es una mierda. Porque, no hay version española. No podemos aprender, no podemos leer lo que dicen los personajes. Porfavor, pongan version española.

  790. Andreina Says:

    hablo español como hago para ganarme los 100000????

  791. büşra_asa Says:

    ı am turkh ı have 25 level but ı havent coins ?

  792. pierpaolo Says:


  793. sara Says:

    igrica je extra…

  794. nadia jørgensen Says:

    im ready i will got the coins LOL

  795. Tatyerna Says:

    ui would like to play this pet society… thank you…

  796. mariel Says:

    help. my banana tree is not bearing any fruit. it has been planted for already more than a week.

  797. amelia says Says:


  798. amelia says Says:

    pet society is love

  799. PinKBillA Says:

    Go to doing shopping for the garden!! =)

  800. Nanna Says:

    Hi, someone who have pink kitchen stuffs, the would sell?

  801. pucci Says:

    vincerò io!!!!!!!!!!

  802. jessamae16 Says:

    only 100,000 coins i have 300,000 coins

  803. miryam Says:

    hi pet society i love this compition and you are the best . Ilove you.

  804. Angeles Rico Says:

    no entiendo EN ESPAÑOL

  805. atakan Says:

    lütfen pet socıety de görev yapmada olabilir mi ???

  806. KMILO Says:

    yo kiero entrar

  807. herbi Says:

    nice to meet u all 🙂

  808. clarisse gwen Says:


  809. siddharth Says:

    hey pls tell how to win it i m not understanding !

  810. ricky Says:

    please help me
    i didn’t understand at all

  811. siddharth Says:

    ya correct even i want to know how to give pics nicole

  812. nevena Says:

    zdravo ja sam nevena

  813. nevena Says:

    hay my name is Nevena

  814. roni Says:


  815. Sarahq Says:

    Hey do you need to send a subscription or somein

  816. roni Says:

    100 000 it my!!!!!!!!!!1

  817. roni Says:


  818. Katie Says:

    Okay…but I don’t know of ANYONE who’s garden is a straight line with one carrot, one tree, one cabbage, etc.

  819. farah Says:

    .< KNladCFdjs

  820. Aliyah Ahmed Says:

    UMMMMM how pretty does have to look????

  821. ale Says:


  822. Kath Says:

    Don’t people here READ previous posts before asking questions? All the info you need has been posted by Sonya REPEATEDLY. I salute her for being so patient! Please give her a break now…..stop being so annoying.

  823. nicoletta Says:


  824. pami Says:

    guuuuuuu ya estoy jugando k bkn ¡¡¡¡¡

  825. violets (ivy vega) Says:

    wow !!!! i love doing contests i hope ill win!!!!! but if i dnt its okay theres a lot of contests coming u knw hehehe!!! 🙂

  826. aleja Says:

    buena linda

  827. aleja Says:


  828. lily Says:

    i think mine will grow the best

  829. romina Says:


  830. romina Says:

    hi how are you nicole

  831. mina Says:

    hola mi nombre mina mi jardin tien un arbol de manzanas y de naranjas estan buenas os mando una foto de mi jardin

  832. ....Jovenah.... Says:

    hi heler

  833. azul Says:


  834. sophie Says:

    me 2

  835. candy Says:

    cool i wish 2 get money

  836. bossy Says:

    wooow nyc money nyc game 2

  837. mina Says:


  838. Gobbo Franca Says:

    io sono Italiana!!! come posso capire tutto ciò che scrivete se lo fate sempre e solo in inglese? Per esmpio non ho capito dove si deve creare il giardino: in pet society o nel forum? Per favore se qualcuno può chiarirmi le idee gliene sarò grata. By

  839. Gobbo Franca Says:

    Ah dimenticavo!!! Le piante per creare il giardino simile al mio dove le trovo? Sicuramente non nel garden di pet dove non ci sono ( vedi azalee, pini, mughetti, calicanto,ortensie ecc) Anche questo è un problema che non so come risolvere. AIUTOOOOO!!!!!

  840. Frederikke Says:


  841. Asheeka Says:

    I understand that we can sell our fruit and veg at the MARKET.. where is this Market???

  842. Paola Says:

    cool i think im in ok so i right now im goin get started 😀

  843. stiven Says:

    boy a ganar jajajajajaja

  844. Paola Says:

    but wait,if your garden’s small,is that ok?

  845. oriana Says:

    quiero ganaarrrr

  846. lolina Says:

    chek my garden

  847. vicky Says:

    so cool!! idk how to put the picture of my garden in pet society… please help me!!

  848. jens Says:

    jeg er fattiig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  849. maria de los angeles Says:

    quiero que en pet se puedan cazar los muñequitos puedan adoctar verce y hablarce todos al mismo tiempo

  850. may Says:


  851. may Says:

    love it so much

  852. may Says:

    i want 2 win

  853. martin pells Says:

    necesito ganar

  854. crista Says:

    when u recycle it says click the boxs to cash out. where does the money go to?

  855. lolina Says:

    chek me

  856. devi Says:

    kiero jugar

  857. crista Says:

    can someone anwser my question?

  858. MARCOS RUBEN Says:

    tengo muchos arboles!!!!!:)

  859. Khristine Says:

    ummmm…where could i find a garden i do not know anyone with a garden in their house…

  860. abdulla almedfy Says:

    how do they see my garden ???

  861. Diana Says:


  862. Diana Says:

    it’s beautifull and cool!!!

  863. abdulla almedfy Says:

  864. Agustina Says:

    i didnt understand what do we have to do to win this competition.

  865. nahara torres reyes Says:

    wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 100.000 monedas

  866. aldii! :) Says:

    en ingles no entiendo.. 😦

  867. nanoosh Says:

    How Can I Do that ?!!

  868. jodin yesid Says:


  869. clari Says:

    no entendo nadaaaaaa

  870. paula Says:

    money pliss money pliss ♥♥♥ , ☻☻☻

  871. maria jose mejias huenun Says:

    hola mireen yo entro a, concurso

  872. luis everardo Says:

    give much money

  873. alan Says:

    es lo mejor re piola aguante pet society

  874. andrea Says:

    wills coin andons usters moud andware sentri nmoudens worls a coins chundons an dor mains ohah plis tenquiu

  875. alan Says:

    ta ree pero re piola

  876. miron Says:

    is it acceptable to search for and use garden pictures from internet ?

  877. javiera arroyo Says:

    xd 🙂

  878. liliana Says:


  879. javiera arroyo Says:


  880. diannys Says:

    please, help me my pet is a man and i want to change him to woman, how can i change him?

  881. deymarilis Says:


  882. javiera arroyo Says:


  883. javiera arroyo Says:

    XD 😉 🙂 :d

  884. Boosh Says:

    I Said Help Me Shu @nkopm 5ryat?!!?!!

  885. mayrelis Says:

    amo pet socity es lo maximo♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  886. catalina reyes Says:

    i like competeitions

  887. jeri Says:

    very nice i do like this website it is brilliant

  888. jeri Says:

    hello check my garden it has a tree and another few trees ii only have one thou

  889. Nikola Hudkova Says:


  890. jagooo Says:

    I have a cupcake tree too :_D.

  891. arii Says:

    en español!
    por favor =)

  892. avea Says:


  893. Rimzy Says:

    i cant do vis, its bare difficult!!!!!!
    but i need 100000 coins so i will do this………

  894. Julieta Says:

    no entiendo como se participa:P

  895. Lily Says:

    SWEET IDEA 😀 😉 🙂

  896. kitty Says:

    wow its lot of money 😮

  897. miley cyrus Says:


  898. CAMILA Says:



  899. sara Says:

    Que tengo que aser pare ganar los 100000 coins en pet sosiety

  900. lol Says:

    How to win money?

  901. stella Says:

    when the competition is..?

  902. viktoria Says:

    i dont understund:my real garden or my pet societys garden ???? HELP!!!!!!!!

  903. wilkerma Says:


  904. dayana Says:

    hello pet society
    chet my garden please


  905. meli Says:

    lllooosss ooodddiiiooo

  906. Farouk Says:

    When is this competition?

  907. margarita Says:

    quiero entrar a su concurso por favor

  908. javier alejandro Says:

    hojala gane

  909. javier alejandro Says:


  910. ecem kayar Says:

    hani para

  911. Snow Says:

    i got a cupcake tree but it wont bear any cupcakes… i got an orange tree and it wont bear any oranges…??? add me on pet society plz plz plz

  912. Snow Says:

    who set up my picture???

  913. ahmed Says:

    i agree with amina gardens in kuwait r rare! but don’t try this prize will be mine! 😛
    😉 i’m joking do ur best evry1 !

  914. Santiago Says:

    Eso 100.000monedas seran mias

  915. ilaria Says:


  916. madison Says:

    im going to win sorry guys i just will

  917. Nicole Says:

    i will start now

  918. Laura! Says:

    yo quiiero concursar!!!

  919. santy! Says:

    pitchssss faker mother!! ajajaj i’m going to win

  920. sylvio sarkis Says:

    it’s fantastic

  921. vivian Says:

    a mi me gusta mucho petsociety porque en la mayoria de cosas que haces es muy educativo, y me gusta gastar bastante dinero es divertido

  922. vivian Says:

    me gusta el estadio , me gusta la nueva tienda garden quiero que todo mi jjardin este bonito y con muchas plantas

  923. vivian Says:

    me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  924. vivian Says:

    me gusta el mistery

  925. fernanda Says:

    hola yo soy fer y me encantan los pet society blog en este momento estaba tratando de entrar a los pet pero no me deja no se por que hase dos dias me cree el pet y ya tengo un monton de cosas espero que ustedes tanbien tengan pet con cariño y un beso fer

  926. flor Says:

    i love pet society (L):)

  927. valentina Says:

    me encanta !! 😉

  928. Berenice Says:

    sweet idea

  929. itiel Says:

    sweet idea

  930. camaila Says:


  931. Maria de la Paz Says:

    sweet idea 🙂
    hello pet society chek my garden please

  932. Jenny Says:

    Heeeeey !
    magnificaa idea!
    pero porque no la ponen en ESPAÑOL??
    amoo pet societyy lo maaaaxiiimoooo mejor juegoo de facebook (Y)!
    Felicitacionees de verass de veritaas pero una pregunta si mi jardin tiene zanahorias y lechugas (muy bonitas porcierto) como cultivo zanahorias y lechugas si la verduga que sale es diferente y no sabemos cual es ? ¬¬

    exelentee concursooo!

    Plis PUTS the SITE IN SPANISH !! 🙂

    Graciaaaas exelente juego (y)

  933. Claau.!* Says:

    muy buen aidesa xd

  934. karen heredia Says:

    quiero ganar :)jajajja

  935. olof Says:

    How do i send i t to you?

  936. karen heredia Says:

    me saco mucha plata vamos todavia jajajaj

    🙂 🙂 🙂 (L) (L) (L) =D =D =D :O :O :O

  937. zohra Says:

    its amazing

  938. ludwika dorbecker Says:

    hi i have a question does your garden needs to be pratty ? and can you come out on the pix of your garden ? bye hope you answer me ok bye

  939. camila Says:

    quiero plata please

  940. angely Says:

    how do we enter the competion tho

  941. fernanda Says:

    quiero partisipar

  942. juancho Says:


  943. fernanda Says:


  944. juancho Says:


  945. emma Says:

    whtas your neme?
    this daye your playing cookin

  946. choe Says:

    if anyones gonna win it’s gonna be me got that me me me me me me me me me me

  947. keir Says:


  948. angie alejandra garavito ossa Says:

    tengo mucha curiosidad y quiero participar en este concurso

  949. keir Says:

    I want to win and i like gardening

  950. m7mad kofahi Says:

    plz give me coins

  951. nicole Says:


  952. mayckel Says:

    hola me llamo mayckel y nesrcito esos 100000 monedas

  953. CAMILA Says:


  954. maria graciela mora lagos Says:

    me encanta

  955. Bailey Says:


  956. patricia Says:

    que buena idea…..a jardinear virtualmente….¿ podrian dar las instrucciones en español ? acuerdense de los latinos y sudamericanos….somos muchos….gracias

  957. shezzie Says:

    dose any1 know can put trees in pots if so well i get fruit still plz help

  958. alba Says:


  959. campeon Says:


  960. ainara Says:

    hello pet society I wanted to ask him to review my garden planted 30 plants please Go over it

  961. nicolas Says:

    como se hace para unirse?

  962. dyan Says:

    hello, i just wanna ask if theirs a need to register inorder to join this contest?? pls reply thanks..

  963. nicole matamala Says:

    soy de chile =) buena su idea no entiendo lo que dice pero……..saludos chao

  964. carmen Says:

    sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo awsome! I would lov to have all that money. :-}

  965. leonel Says:

    esto es genial ademas en bes de comprar la comida compro las semillas y las planto y cresen vegetales

  966. juan cruz Says:

    hello ¿how are you?

  967. ainara Says:

    I will earn that money for my animal is the most beautiful

  968. juan cruz Says:

    hello ¿how are you?

  969. ainara Says:

    hold this contest

  970. ecce Says:


  971. MoGraDa Says:

    Por que siempre aparece todo en ingles? como se hace para que aparezca en castellano? Al final los de habla hispana siempre quedamos sin entender las cartas del alcalde y ni hablar de las reglas del concurso de jardineria.
    Si hay respuesta por favor en castellano……
    Recuerden ” el sur tambien existe”

  972. carmen Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON THAT MONEY! I’ve been needing some new furniture anyways. :-}

  973. zthefanni Says:


  974. Marianela Says:

    las plantas estas re buenas jeje a mi una se me pudrio

  975. andrea Says:

    i like the plants

  976. panxoo12 Says:

    yo me llamo panxo espero qe gane el mejor ia xau

  977. Camila Says:

    me encantaria ganar 100.000 monedas porque tengo 2

  978. Camila Says:

    quiero ganar 100.000 monedas porque tengo solo 2

  979. Camila Says:

    plis quiero ganar plata tengo solo dos pesos

  980. andrea Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa donde me suscribo

  981. robert matar Says:


  982. mau Says:

    woooo i have all ready 3 cupcake trees wo

  983. hernan zuñiga diaz Says:

    me gusta pet society

  984. Giirl Piink The Pet Society Says:

    Geniial loo deel cooncursoo lees deeceeo suuertee a toodoos..! Y No haii algeen qeee hablee eespaañool..?

  985. robert matar Says:

    i love this game every day i played about 3 hours or more

  986. jimena garrido Says:

    quiero jugar y divertirme

  987. skan Says:


  988. skan Says:


  989. phillips Says:


  990. Andrea Says:

    when the competition ends??..

  991. phillips Says:


  992. francisca Says:


  993. ari Says:

    buenA IDEA

  994. rocio Says:


  995. monica Says:

    pero como???yo no se ingles,bueno no mucho…

  996. milagros Says:

    como quiero ganar

  997. clara Says:


  998. clara Says:

    hola esta bueno

  999. milagros Says:


  1000. valentina Says:

    jajajajj que buena la cuestion no me toma el pet aora que tengo tiempo me lo echan a perder cuandono la g….. esta toda toda cochina y la cuestion son enteros chatos g……nes ajaja chao

  1001. javiera Says:

    genial participare en ese comcurso

  1002. Dana Says:

    hola cxomo andan esto me parece un buena idea besos

  1003. Alejandra Says:

    Me gustó mucho la idea

  1004. Laila Alansary Says:


  1005. zainab Says:

    alot of money

  1006. Carmen Says:

    I need for more stuff to be sold in order to be able to participate.
    Stuff such as:
    water fountains
    tropical flowers
    tropical plants
    garden benches
    small bridges

    please help! 😦

  1007. pilar Says:


  1008. xochitl lizette Says:


  1009. estefania Says:

    playfish as I get that cash must be paid with silver?

  1010. Katy Says:

    aahhh?? ta todo en ingles

  1011. osmely Says:

    NEcesito hacerlo dentro de mi ksa
    o en el

  1012. javiera Says:

    no comprendou lo que dicen :s

  1013. youssef wael Says:

    i aldeady have 100000 with out haking i swear

  1014. Hanna Maggý Says:

    Hi this is just lovely idea

    i just love it love it love it

  1015. natacha Says:

    hi i’m french and i undertand a littel if you like it to help me because I do not know how to take part
    thank you to answer me as fast as possible
    (j’utilise un traducteur lol )

  1016. maria jose muños Says:

    hola llo nesesito estas coins para invertirlas en plantas para mi garden ox 😀 😀 :D:D

  1017. gabriel romo Says:


  1018. amanda gonsalez sanches Says:

    well wath can i say is very col this and i am so chore that many persons will ente because od the money. they can bey many thing (i want it)

  1019. carolina Says:

    bucha yo no tengo jardin 😦

  1020. patricia Says:

    que rico …..ojala les guste mi jardin….vivo en departamento asique me realizo al poder diseñar mi jardin….nuevamente solicito que hagan estoen varios idiomas hay modismos que no entiendo….mas es por ensayo y herror…..please in spanisch……by

  1021. ronald Says:

    son mamaguevo ingluyendome a mi jajajajajaajajajaa XD =D =) =( =/ =O =8 C=) U_U T_T T.T =S .i. .t. CVB

  1022. joaquin Says:

    se puesde en el idioma español

  1023. lula Says:

    quiero ganar!!!!

  1024. valentina Says:

    quiero participar estoy en la lona!!!!

  1025. gaby Says:

    es una muy buena idea pero mejor seria l los dieran gratis =9

  1026. gonzalo Says:

    quiero entrar como se entra

  1027. sckarito Says:

    🙂 me gusta su idea espero ke gane

  1028. sckarito Says:

    me encanta deime coneko ahhh

  1029. marco Says:

    no se ningun comentario

  1030. marco Says:


  1031. brian Says:

    hola quiero ser parte de esta competencia porque quisas gane

  1032. Mathias Says:

    good idea 🙂

  1033. boilly veronique Says:

    je ne comprend rien

  1034. gaby Says:

    hey you are ready to win 100000 coins????????????
    because im redy 🙂 😀 😉

  1035. tomas Says:

    yo me quiesiera inscrivir eb este campeonato

  1036. kevin Says:

    hola como estan

  1037. kevin Says:


  1038. angie Says:


  1039. ahiru1 Says:

    rjdestfuyki n074284yw

  1040. belu Says:

    wauu qe bueno me muero por competirr

  1041. Maartha Says:

    :)hoola me encanta el petsociety huuuy ariba
    jiji Ok espero salgan cosas nuevas… :B

  1042. Maria Says:

    Por favor alguien podria explicarme como funciona esta competencia?? gracias

  1043. jilms Says:

    yehi!! i love the idea!!

  1044. esther Says:


  1045. nicolas curin Says:

    soy Chileno coloquen las cosas en Español

  1046. carlaa Says:

    mmmm … alguien que hable español por aqui o no ?

  1047. melina Says:


  1048. Xi Wen Says:

    How 2 find plant that look like plant in life??

  1049. Camilla Says:

    Hi , I´m Chile!
    I so happy for this competention!
    I want win 🙂
    Kisses! Bye

  1050. luis Says:

    aburido aburido

  1051. Camilla Says:

    Hi , I so happy for Competention, I want 100.000 Coins , please
    Love , Camila

  1052. Camilla Says:

    Hi I love Pet Society
    Please , I want Win 100,000 pet society coins!

  1053. Camilla Says:

    Give money from Camilla!

  1054. jorge alfredo Says:

    es el jeugo de la monda

  1055. Nelsy Says:

    hola me llamo nelsy mariam, me jaquearon el facebook y por su uesto el msn tambien… ayudenme… el mail que me jaquearon es este yo me hice ese fue por hacermelo… me lo jaquearon ayuda… denme ayuda y me lo contestan al mail por favor que hago?????

  1056. jorge alfredo Says:

    quiero culiaaaaaa

  1057. Rina Says:

    i love you mayor !!

  1058. venny Says:

    ingin ikutan

  1059. barbie Says:

    oh great

  1060. luis rafael Says:

    100000 coins 😀

  1061. iilse veronica demis eliseo Says:


  1062. iilse veronica demis eliseo Says:


  1063. Juan Cruz Says:

    Va a hacer dificil ganar la competencia

  1064. bastian Says:

    yo quiero ser el ganadot gugjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  1065. carmen Says:

    yah. lots of money.

  1066. luana Says:

    esta genial el pet soaciety me encanta porque es muy divertido

  1067. ara Says:

    muy lindo la verdad


  1068. lalalala Says:

    i love this page;)

  1069. camil portela salido of moreno gallego Says:

    my mail is

  1070. Sophia Says:

    A very pretty idea for pet soiety. for pets to plant and have trees. a very ecofriendly idea too!

  1071. Loreto Sánchez Says:

    spanish please

  1072. maria francisca Says:

    ojalas qe me gane el premio pa comprarle artas cosas a mi mascota

  1073. solana Says:


  1074. DaniEla Says:

    aqi nadie habla español??
    I love pet Society!!!

  1075. AussieFans Says:

    Wow THankyou For Comgoma Yabbariiii

  1076. lester Says:

    i like idea, But i want to say that have 1st,2nd,3rd have prize also …. 🙂

  1077. ignacio says Says:

    mi pet se llama chicho y quiero que me visiten mi garden pliss xd

  1078. MAR-V- Says:


  1079. marcos Says:

    esta buenoo

  1080. MAR-V- Says:


  1081. pieri Says:

    great we all need money!!

  1082. shey Says:

    Por favor traduzca esto a español…. para poder entender mejor

  1083. stephanie Says:

    i ♥ Pet Society

    i want money please give me someting add me please

  1084. Jaqiiiiiiii♥ Says:

    I ♥ Pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1085. lala Says:


  1086. mariana Says:

    ¿Como puedo conseguir las reglas en Idioma Español?

  1087. stephy Says:


  1088. littleghostboo Says:

    Oh dear, my garden isn’t nice but I have a room in the house just like a garden with the plants I bought in the stores and my own homegrown plants. Does that count? It’s really nice and I really put in a lot of effort!

  1089. emmxean Says:

    how can i can submit here a photo of my garden?? tnx..^_^

  1090. girl girl Says:

    What?? you tink you will win????? Dream on!!!! only LOSERS like you will tink of winning!

  1091. adenline Says:

    Hahas!!! I also want to join but I dunno if can win or not 😀

  1092. anastasia Says:

    wow, is great idea.. 🙂

  1093. yunsheng Says:

    wow let me win please

  1094. Jolin Says:

    I wonder where they get the 100,000 coins from. Did they rob?

  1095. mino Says:

    you can put a booton in facebook and when they clik they will join the competishion

  1096. pandita Says:


  1097. pandita Says:

    jajajajajjajajajja nononoonnonnon estasdieta estas muy gorda como miaguela comiendo abena entnre cola y cola con cocacola paz y amor ermano

  1098. Magali Says:

    Estaria bueno que la pagina pueda traducirse…

  1099. linda Says:


  1100. jane abigale Says:

    i love pet society rule

  1101. urte Says:

    labas as noriu gauti ks kaip ta priza gal padiesit

  1102. dada Says:

    dude awsome prize but planting not my side but ill do it for the money

  1103. JoYcEy Says:


    I’ve got 3 nos. of banana tree, they grew up already but still no banana from it??

  1104. mikel Says:


  1105. Bonnie Says:

    How do you make coins on the vegies? You eat them?

  1106. gaby bola Says:

    ok ! bagus

  1107. gaby bola Says:


  1108. noni Says:

    where can i put my picture ((the real garden )) ??

  1109. didde Says:

    hallo i am from denmark

  1110. ammar Says:


  1111. ryan Says:

    ang hirap q nmn

  1112. white_list Says:

    hey is a good idea but … where Loading photos ?

  1113. nour Says:

    big house

  1114. bar2o2a Says:

    i need 100000 coins

  1115. DannieWonderland Says:

    Who Can Help ME ?!
    Who can Traduce Me aLL ? pleASE : )!
    spanish : )!

  1116. LADZ Says:


  1117. brigita Says:

    petsoc is good

  1118. cherry Says:


    lots of money!!!!

    yahoooo! 🙂

  1119. Lou Beverly Says:

    I wan’t to join in the competition………….

  1120. hassan Says:

    i wish i win!!!!!!!!

    i will be rich

  1121. Hsm Lover Says:

    nah,. Very Hard. T_T Free Coins Please not competition.And One more thing how do i Get Cash points?

  1122. johnny Says:

    cool 😀

  1123. thalia rinanda rilham Says:

    a good idea……I hope…ican win the competition…….

  1124. yassmine Says:

    That’s a lot of MONEY!
    How am I gonna win this????????!!!!!!!!!

  1125. christy Says:

    How many hours to grow my plant???????

  1126. lilyan Says:


  1127. bilja Says:

    Great game. I hope i will win because my pet really need money…

  1128. samanta Says:

    hy =)

  1129. GiGi Says:

    I still don’t get the conditions of the competition; i mean how should we exactly do it . .

  1130. princess daphne/rose Says:

    pls come to my house after 5 days for seeing my garden

  1131. cady Says:

    my pet vannesa she”s like opening mystery boxes 🙂

  1132. Samuel Says:

    wow that`s really cool

  1133. oOWaFfLeSOo Says:

    aw too bad

    is there really a cupcake tree?

    i don’t have one


    help me please!

  1134. oOWaFfLeSOo Says:

    soo tired planting and waiting


    need rest


    i’m off everyone!

    need to harvest my vegetables!

    *harvesting vegetables*


  1135. naughty Says:

    a game for everyone, with great ideas,will win all of that money because i can use it so much,for recreation of my garden hihi.

  1136. stellina Says:

    I need the money……xaxaxaxaxa

  1137. katrina Says:

    its so great hehe!

  1138. mira saleh Says:

    i want 1ooooocoins

  1139. arin Says:

    aku seneng main pet society keren bgt tapi mau pake cheat nggak bisa nggak ngerti susah udh berusaha nanya2 temen jg pada nggak tau

  1140. arin Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  1141. anna Says:


  1142. ornella Says:

    hola,me llam ornella y no entiendo porque ablo español y yo quiero paraticipar pero no puedo porque no tengo la menor idea de lo que dice contestenme a mi imail que
    gracias besos

  1143. Pet Society Says:

    i love petsociety it is the best game in the world i play it all the time

  1144. hunter Says:

    how am i gonna win this game if i dont know how to do the competition? do i have to picture the garden in real life or in pet society ?

  1145. natz Says:


  1146. Euge Says:


  1147. Euge Says:

    Iva ti si Lily? hh a sto ti e sweet idea-ta?

  1148. ely lassman Says:

    i want to win because my brothers birthday is coming up so i want him to be happy with 100000, 50000 or 25000.

  1149. dodo Says:

    sorry.i dont have any website sorry again

  1150. Gaia Says:

    I hope I’ll ENJOY this game!:-)

  1151. michael jun Says:

    i want win 100,000 I am ready I am ready oh yes I m gonna win these

  1152. rawa Says:

    well maybe i would be one of the winners

  1153. daniele charasse Says:

    Pourquoi (why) ne faites vous pas un site en français (french) my english is very limited et je n’y comprend rien ( i do not understand) I have 63 years ago! Merci (thanks) de ce que vous pourrez faire! j’aime beaucoup ce jeu!

  1154. princessfluffy Says:

    i want to do a very nice thing to chat not only msgs

  1155. poon Says:


  1156. maxine Says:

    i LOVE GARDENS!!! 🙂

  1157. ALI-ZX50 Says:

    it.s relly good!!!1

  1158. Gibson Says:

    hello everybody

  1159. zEYNEP Says:

    sweet idea

  1160. d.prinzest Says:

    why i never get a rose flower??? 😥

  1161. Rin Inamoto Says:

    chek my garden please

  1162. gessy Says:


  1163. charles khoury Says:

    i’m here to win 100000 coins

  1164. charles khoury Says:

    my name is Charles Khoury my pet’s name is Patti

  1165. lolo Says:


  1166. charles khoury Says:


  1167. charles khoury Says:

    my name is charles khoury i love playing pet society my pet’s name is patti
    i wonna win in pet society competition

  1168. charles khoury Says:

    your comment is awaiting moderation

  1169. chacona Says:

    lallal pongan las intrucciones en ingles porfiiiis mi pet se llama guatona en estos momentos pero parese qe le voi a cambiar el nombre ahora me quiero meter i no puedo sieempre tengo problemas para inicciar secion con el pet society iiiiiiii ahora me interesa mucho concursar i parese qe no podre si las intrucciones no estan en español…. xdee :9

  1170. amanda Says:


  1171. mateo Says:


  1172. Signe Says:

    super sjovt prøv det/very funny try it

  1173. Joycelyn Says:

    I am so gonna win

  1174. Joycelyn Says:

    I am so gonna win

  1175. Signe Says:


  1176. ESMA Says:

    çok güzel bir oyun

  1177. diana Says:


  1178. ESMA Says:


  1179. layla Says:

    🙂 🙂

  1180. Tay Says:

    deberian dar mas dineroo!
    no por la jardineria
    si no es q es dificil concegir plata!

  1181. Moon Says:

    100,000… i want also…

  1182. chen Says:


  1183. desi Says:


  1184. ^Shemuel^ Says:

    good thinks…….but went this idea in the real world……This Idea can make the world and ican say:’the World can save from GLOBAL WARMING….!!!!”that great….^

  1185. maria Says:

    il mio giardino è bellissimo!!!!!!

  1186. gaia Says:

    il mio giardino è il + bello di tt!!!

  1187. roxana Says:

    ja ja ja

  1188. roxana Says:

    ja ja ja xd

  1189. ?????? Says:

    wow u get well loads os coins if u win!! its like a dream amount

  1190. Blanquita Says:

    el jardin complementa la casa fue lo mejor que agregaron a la casas los felicito pet society es una mascota original y entretenida por favor pongan los terminos de la competencia en español

  1191. aminoo Says:

    very beautiful idea

  1192. buse Says:

    ne dionuz hiç bişi anlamıom

  1193. nilian Says:


  1194. luis felipe madrid monsalvo Says:


  1195. Mimi Says:

    Da li zna neko kako se skupljaju owi plawi nowcici????molim was da mi odgoworite!!!!!! 🙂

  1196. flofli Says:

  1197. jodie Says:

    zo weinig prijzen pfff ksal der toch nie bij zijn

  1198. Karan azad Says:


  1199. bachrouna Says:

    wawwwwww i love it!!!!!

  1200. Karan azad Says:

    It is going to be cooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  1201. Nina Says:

    i need help!!! i have not money
    help meeeeee!!!!!!!:-(

  1202. carlos Says:

    hola cuando es la competencia solo quiero saber asi que chauuu y diganme y rapido asi gano!!! jajajaja

  1203. Nina Says:

    and this is a god idea

  1204. carlos Says:

    hola diganme cuando es el concurso adioss

  1205. paulbaldwincoreymadsen Says:

    i really need this money 😦

  1206. david Says:

    dejenme ganar

  1207. lourdes Says:

    jaja quiere ganar y dejer espectacular mi casa

  1208. lourdes Says:

    quiero ganar jaja

  1209. lourdes Says:

    mi mascota es linda y agil es lo mas se llama la pulga

  1210. Mary Says:

    I want to take part

  1211. rikke Says:

    annwer me please i begg you


  1212. mary Says:

    please in spanis tancks you. por favor en español me interesa todo esto pero no entiendo. good bye bye

  1213. mary Says:


  1214. Kate Says:

    annwer me please i begg you

    SWEET IDEA 😀 ;D 🙂

  1215. Francesca Febo Says:

    Ciao..vorrei partecipare al concorso!! 🙂 Come si può fare??

  1216. William Says:

    wow this is a good idea

  1217. safawi Says:

    i did not understand how to join in this competition??plz hellp meeee 😦

  1218. Oriana Says:

    necesito esa plata soy pobreeeeeeeeee

  1219. SOPHIE Says:

    i would like to be in the contest

  1220. mori Says:


  1221. rishabh malik Says:

    its a cool idea really cool

  1222. lejla Says:

    hy!!i understand everything!!thanks i know that but thenks!!i like my garden i need more flowers and 2 more trees i have three oranges,one apple and one cookies!!its so fun!!i wanna win 1# place because i have not money and friends!=(=(=((=(( sooooooo please ad ME!!!!!=)=)=)=)

  1223. waed Says:

    mmmmmmm bam bam bam

  1224. lejla Says:

    hyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love pet society ADD ME

  1225. lejla Says:

    ADD ME

  1226. MARITA Says:


  1227. Patty Says:

    Ohhhhh great idea to make clear that what I expect jajaja beautiful summer garden and to create good jajaja I hope to win something for my pet vicente xD
    I love pet socety

  1228. ashwin Says:

    i always win i am a winner i will win

  1229. ANAS Says:


  1230. PAmela Says:


  1231. tianna Says:

    cool cute idea and thats a lot of money

  1232. enes isler Says:

    i want to join. im turkish.

  1233. javiera Says:

    hello nose ingles

  1234. andrea Says:


  1235. Mimi Says:

    My cupcake trea dos not grow, whay ?

  1236. hans aron Says:


  1237. FREDDY Says:


  1238. genesis Says:

    no joda no entiendo ni pepino todo esta en ingles

  1239. Jordana Says:

    hi, i want to know, how can i send you the photo, and i need to put in the e-mail, for example, my name my adress, which things? please reply me.

  1240. Mimi Says:

    I think it will be cool if we can water our plants.Can you add this please?

  1241. Skitty Says:

    Io non capisco bene l’inglese quindi ritengo che la playfish debba tenere conto anche dei concorrenti come me che vorrebbero partecipare a tutti i giochi che riguardano pet society ma non possono partecipare perchè non ne capiscono il regolamento in quanto appunto scritto in inglese!!! Non sarebbe più corretto dare a tutti con chiarezza la possibilità di partecipare alle stesse condizioni? Spero che la play fish possa darmi una risposta esauriente anche perchè non è la prima volta che mi sento tagliata fuori dai vari giochini ormai terminati!!!!!

  1242. caca pipi Says:

    stupide idea:P

  1243. Vikitha Says:

    hmm nice! 🙂

  1244. caca pipi Says:

    gdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd idea:D

  1245. nevena Says:


  1246. DIANA Says:


  1247. ariel Says:


  1248. Jennifer "Artemis" Says:


  1249. joshua palmer Says:

    july 10th 2009 at 10 30 pm i hope i will win 100000 coins for house improvement on pet society

  1250. Cami Says:

    i want to join!!!!!!!!!!!! quiero 100.000.000 pesos

  1251. FARFOURA Says:

    hope i win 100,000 COINS MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  1252. christina Says:

    love this idea but we can’t get it 😦

  1253. nachita Says:

    yo quiero ganar seria bkn yademas son 10000 coins:)

  1254. JAY Says:

    nice idea but y so original

  1255. valee Says:

    chaan no entiendo naa para q son todos estos comentarioss?
    q alguien me expliquee

  1256. joseph Says:

    this is so cool win 100,000 coins WOW COOL MY BEST THINGS IN PET SOCITY

  1257. Ludivine Says:

    I have a problem: my tree don’t make fruit…:( WHY??

  1258. ken Says:

    i need money pleas give me money my name is kenny and my pets name is søren im from denmark my age is 13 i have 50 coins

  1259. stacy Says:

    Heey =)
    Help me plz.
    My Banana tree doesn’t make bananas :/
    what should i do???

  1260. karen toplak Says:

    a garden competition,nice! where can i send to the pet society tem the picture of my garden?? ahh other thing,people add me plz!!! 😉 love this game! ❤ =)

  1261. karen toplak Says:

    hey how can i do to take a picture of a real life garden if i dont have one,i only can send the picture of my pet society garden because is the only one that i have…tell me what to do? thanks. ZKAT

  1262. shadow Says:

    interesting proposal

  1263. gakala Says:


  1264. bette Says:

    hello evrybody

  1265. Tania Says:

    How do I upload photos?
    I can not explain please?
    in Spanish or English!

  1266. Danniee Says:

    WOOOW great ideaa but I don´t already take the rea gardenn pictuure :S

  1267. cabezon Says:

    alguien meloexplica enespañol

  1268. gene Says:

    bn …

  1269. melanie Says:

    woow thats alot of money im going too win 😀

  1270. Bloom Says:

    es genial !!!

  1271. ariel Says:

    quiero inscribirme en el concurso de jardin

  1272. tania Says:

    wow thats alot of MONEY

  1273. santiago Says:

    esta muy bueno pero como me gano las 100.000 monedas

  1274. lissette Says:

    x fa nesesito esas monedas plizz ia xfabor las nesesito

  1275. barbara Says:

    como se partisipa en esta competicion

  1276. Dia Says:

    Have no hope 🙂

  1277. caro Says:

    hola a todos

  1278. zoe Says:

    wow.. es un fantastico concurso y el premio es genial

  1279. sadie Says:

    hey! how do i put my picture of my garden on her? how do i send u the pics of the gardens?

  1280. sara Says:

    yah its pretty good

  1281. irina Says:

    ola soy española como se pone en español, que no lo se me gusta mucho ete juego jjijij es impresionante jajaja puedes conocer a mucha gente

  1282. male Says:

    you word on the stiki 🙂

  1283. aless alber Says:


  1284. gonza Says:

    i’am gonzalo i’m congratulation 100.000 old thw word go to your home

  1285. catalina Says:

    yo estoy concursando a qui porque me encantaria ganar po

  1286. ami Says:

    que idea tan genial echa por playfish,ya comence a hacer mi jardin (L)

  1287. terry Says:

    Me encantaria competir

  1288. juliana Says:

    Hola a todos mi nombre es juliana

  1289. lili Says:

    hello baby , god bey

  1290. lili Says:

    Sorry, hello chikis les mando mucho besito muak los adoro bey!!!

    PD:todos son unos perdedores(joda)

  1291. Ceil Says:

    hey! where exacly I upload my photos??? please help me!

  1292. anthox Says:

    buen por aqui pase pofafor no cobren

  1293. lili Says:

    CHIKIS un cosejito:not sean tan i LOVE pet socit no da

    PD : ya somos GRANDES maduren GODIS muakkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BeSiToS

  1294. roha ali Says:

    hi this is very nice

  1295. zerafina Says:

    buena idea me encanto

  1296. paula Says:

    mi sueño es te arta como unos 100.000.000

  1297. daniel castillo Says:

    im ready

  1298. Cynthiiaa! looz extraññare" Says:

    noo lee eentiendo pongan instrucciones en espaañool!!! ii ganare las monedas 😀

  1299. CRISTINA Says:


  1300. alix paoloa Says:

    me facina el jardin de pet society quisiera ganar creo que es genial sembrar naturaleza para el futuro

  1301. gabrielito Says:

    good idea

  1302. marina Says:


  1303. javiera Says:

    me gusta la vegetasion y adema la comida chinajajja xD

  1304. andrea Says:


  1305. Brunoo !! Says:

    xD it’s a great concurse !! 😉

  1306. Julieta Says:

    Esta muy bueno!!!!!!!!!!!

  1307. flor Says:

    podrian poner algo en castellanoo??? no entiendooo

  1308. hannah Says:


  1309. sergio Says:

    hola se puede en español

  1310. peca Says:

    creo q pet society es genial la paso super bien con mi mascota!

  1311. Pako Says:

    sopres pos espero ganar los 100000 verdad pa ver k acer jeje

    sopres ay se ven

  1312. sarah Says:

    i love pet society

  1313. gaston Says:

    porque no hablan en el mejor idioma del mundo i d i o t a s
    usen el castellano
    el español (para los ignorantes

  1314. melanie Says:

    amo pet society soy de chile

  1315. lucas Says:

    este concurso es la rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa¡¡¡¡¡¡

  1316. sarah Says:

    i love my family like pet society

  1317. julieta Says:

    ehhh. alguien sabe ingles y español… para poder explicarme.. lo del concurso…. dejo mi e-mail.. para comunicarnos

  1318. damelis pulgar riera Says:

    me encanta pet society y la nueva tienda que saquaron garden

  1319. nona Says:

    ana mesh fahma elcompetion 3n eh plz ……..some one help me.

  1320. saulinchi Says:

    yo quiero jugar en esta competencia

  1321. martina zabala Says:


  1322. ayelen Says:

    is realy cool

  1323. javiera(ashlye) Says:

    yo quiero

  1324. LILUSCA Says:

    good idea

  1325. ivan Says:

    me podrian mandar os mensajes en español xq no los entiendo ??

  1326. ivan Says:

    quiero saber como se compite !!

  1327. mdlv Says:

    como hago para tener un cocotero¿=?

  1328. NATALIA Says:


  1329. mariana Says:

    he iam mariana

  1330. Dalia Says:

    ENJOY THE PET SOCIETY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YEAHHHHHHH SIPPPP QUE BIEN JJAJAJAJAJAJAJA ESTO LA verdad animaaa wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  1331. gabriela Says:


  1332. gerardo0o mendez Says:

    kiero ganar ese concurso000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  1333. ignacio Says:

    wena la competicion

  1334. Julieta Says:

    como hago para participar de la competicion?
    alguien me puede explicar por favor?

  1335. paula Says:

    wooooow que chevere

  1336. Andii Says:

    ok this idea is very interesting…good luck everybody 😉

  1337. Andii Says:

    xD hack con eso! jajajajaja

  1338. syauqi Says:

    plese i masuk

  1339. syauqi Says:

    oki punya

  1340. syauqi Says:

    awaiting moderation

  1341. lovely Says:

    wow..thats alot of money.sweet!!!

  1342. dubraska Says:


  1343. arlette Says:

    estoy terrible aburriiiiia y no se que mas escribir chauuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

  1344. angelo Says:

    !! por fabor quiero ganar !!

  1345. diana Says:

    fasted money

  1346. laura Says:

    i better start planting many things!

  1347. laura Says:

    i better start planting many things if i want to win this becuase that is a lot of money they are going to give.

  1348. camila Says:

    por favor acéptenme y espero ganar no tengo tanta plata así que por favor acéptenme
    gracias con cariño Camila o o como me coloque en pet society catalina

  1349. camila Says:

    es la pagina mas super del mundo

  1350. shannier Says:

    my trees don’t grows!!!why???

  1351. diane carolina nuñez sanchez Says:

    hello grils como estan espero q ganen en esta competencia

  1352. diane carolina nuñez sanchez Says:


  1353. mirella Says:

    i want in…….

  1354. kote Says:

    qbkn esel pet sociey

  1355. veronica Says:

    help I don’t know how to show you my photo of my garden!!!!!

  1356. valeria Says:

    what is competition in pet society

  1357. shaurya singh Says:

    I want to take part in garden competition

  1358. soenia lee Says:

    i want to jion

  1359. veronica Says:

    i mean this progame good… but why only 3 series?

  1360. ANGEL FINGERS Says:


  1361. Stansya Says:

    How to play Pet society Garden Competition?????????

  1362. salma Says:

    i need some coins to pet pleassssse give some coins:)

  1363. Hannah Says:

    im sorry wat did u say all i heard was 100000 coins!?!

  1364. CAROL Says:


  1365. eve Says:

    olaaa me encanta los pets los amooooo! son mas tiernos jaja..XD

  1366. Ashley Says:

    WOW , i can’t be

  1367. gregorius.brian.respati Says:


  1368. ice hutchinson Says:

    where we will submmit the photos?

  1369. jiahui Says:

    i accidentaly left a shelf behind a tree. how am i supposed to get it out??

  1370. Eleni Says:

    cool i want to send a pic but how do i do it

  1371. tooba Says:

    i wan to join d compitition

  1372. chloe Says:

    hi hi hi

  1373. chloe Says:


  1374. chloe Says:


  1375. laith hani Says:

    i have 10000 plezz

  1376. marmar Says:

    pet society it’s ago game

  1377. marmar Says:

    pet society it’s agood game

  1378. laith hani Says:

    i have 10000 pleez

  1379. zhemaska Says:

    pls…how can i be one of the winners…and how it would be the garden be on the contest…

  1380. Widya Says:

    I don’t understand!!!!
    Please, explain with indonesian language!!!!!

  1381. CATHY Says:


  1382. kennix Says:

    how join the competition

  1383. clara Says:

    yesss good ideaaa …. (=

  1384. jessicale Says:

    hey how do i enter the competition..?

  1385. LollipopElise Says:

    How to win?? 😦

  1386. andrew Says:

    WOW 100.000 COINS

  1387. maelle Says:

    i’m french donc i don’t understand the conditions!!!

  1388. justine Says:

    want to join

  1389. Princess Peach Says:

    Coolness 😉

  1390. pixiiii Says:

    why do the trees dnt get me out the apples, cupcakes, bannaswhy plzz somebody tell me how 2 fix this

  1391. Mmaa98 Says:

    I like ths contest as it will be a challengeing contest as we want to win ths contest so I wish every one n myself Good LucK

  1392. nini Says:

    i am the best!!!!!

  1393. nabila Says:

    mksd’a gmna buat dpetin uang 100.000 saya tidak mngerti langkah slanjutnya seperti apa…??/tanks..?

  1394. nini Says:

    wow it is super,i’ll be richhhh!!! yeahhhhhhhh 🙂

  1395. eleutheria Says:

    very good idea

  1396. pakize Says:


  1397. tijana Says:


  1398. tijana Says:

    its very good

  1399. simone Says:

    lets get it on..!

  1400. lyli Says:

    let’s try

  1401. vasw Says:

    i want to win!!!!!!!!!!!

  1402. samriddhi Says:

    nice 100,ooo coin!! ❤ it!!
    😀 🙂 :p

  1403. Alifia Says:

    how to show our photos in Pet Society Garden forum?

  1404. lea Says:


  1405. ceren Says:

    türk yok mu

  1406. Rut Says:

    I need a garden

  1407. andr3 Says:


  1408. yoong yiit Says:


  1409. Akanksha Says:

    select me please i am in pet society please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1410. alex daniel Says:

    gdc ythhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  1411. Akanksha Says:

    i am broke please i begging you !!!!!!! 😦

  1412. jhonna Says:

    me encanta quiero ganar

  1413. jhonna Says:

    ilove pet society

  1414. Davin Says:

    Help don’t really understand THIS PART:ou take a photo of your garden (or if you don’t have a garden perhaps you could take a photo of your friend’s garden, or a local park, or something similar) and you try to make your Pet Society garden look as similar as possible. EXPLAIN TO ME PLEASE !

  1415. arin Says:

    I LOVE PET SOCIETY 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1416. apich Says:

    uhhh… but am i suppose to win 100 000 since theres so many people playing this ?

  1417. shiv Says:


  1418. nada Says:

    nice idea but play fish r going to see our garden ? can anyone answer me plz

  1419. shiv Says:

    can i join you

  1420. shiv Says:


  1421. imanmasood Says:

    bajnsghswrtavb at stbagtya aqstgz AREA ha agq gyan awsty s asg shndjjd wBHHSM,W

  1422. magaly Says:

    i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1423. Noelia Luna Says:

    0o ! :O:O
    Buena idea !
    por qomo participaar^^?
    qien m expliqaa^^??

  1424. Zdeňka Says:

    Please someone know where you inserted the photos?

  1425. gabriel chodakowsky Says:

    como sabes en que puesto de la competencia estas?

  1426. lolita Says:


  1427. lolita Says:

    🙂 😀 😛 :*

  1428. lolita Says:


  1429. Maria Says:

    I have a big vegetable, can be made bigger?

  1430. inma gutierrz Says:


  1431. inma gutierrz Says:


  1432. inma gutierrez Says:


  1433. Andrea Says:

    hola me gustaria saber como puedo hacer para tomar la foto de mi jardin y publicarla aca?

  1434. paw Says:

    how can i join the contest? help me pls

  1435. david espinoso hurtado Says:


  1436. Mercedes Giorgio Says:

    Yo escribo para decir que no se entiende nada en ingles, que tampoco voy a saber quien gana los 100.000 coins

  1437. Zeinab Akhdar Says:

    i love plants

  1438. princess Says:

    i don’t talk english is talk español hola mucho gusto soy kathy tengo 12 y soy muy fan de pet society soy de chile y toy sana po lo seguro 🙂 🙂 🙂 bueno keria decir qe a un amiga la aestan jakeando ayudenme plizzzzzzz

  1439. Miku brandoni Says:

    ayudenme kiero ganar las moneda para poder hacerme un jardin hermoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! los kiero besos (L)

  1440. gaurav Says:

    plz add me in this compettion

  1441. kubar Says:

    good haha

  1442. estefaniaaaa Says:

    no entiendo nda en igles :S

  1443. Candy Jo Says:

    Can you sell your fruit and veg like?

  1444. CRISTINA Says:

    hola que tal a todos? esto es un poco complicado respecto al dinero y puntos no creeis

  1445. jenade Says:

    that a lot of money i hope i win the 100.000 and i will be buying everyone pressys

  1446. nicole Says:

    hellllooo???????????????????????????sara help me!!!!!!!!!!

  1447. nicole Says:

    heelllooooo???????????????????????sonya help me!!!!!!!!

  1448. adaeze Says:

    hey guys

  1449. popi Says:

    pleace help me!!! I don´t know how to send the garden´s pictures of my pet.

  1450. popi Says:

    the competition it´s over???

  1451. alice cullen Says:

    hola tienen que ver mi jardin es re lindo

  1452. alice cullen Says:

    queria decirles que soynaacha

  1453. Mimi Says:

    Please help

  1454. raul Says:

    como se ase

  1455. alice cullen Says:

    hi my name’s natacha
    what’s your name

  1456. seba Says:

    ke bkn

  1457. danyka Says:


  1458. danyka Says:


  1459. la_vaititah Says:


  1460. la_vaititah Says:


  1461. Manu Says:


  1462. menna Says:

    i love pet socitey but i hate it also

  1463. cata Says:

    qro gnar lo

  1464. cata valck Says:

    helow lo qero ganar plisssssssssss me q dan 2 dias para vivir pliss

  1465. leighanne Says:

    im going to win

  1466. adriana duran ernandez Says:


  1467. adriana duran ernandez Says:

  1468. yasna Says:


  1469. ali ismail Says:

    how i will inter the condition of this shalenge

  1470. igna Says:

    todos son capos

  1471. Anna Says:

    Errmmmm wat if uve got nah mony on ere???

  1472. emiliano Says:

    plisssss helpppp!!!!!

  1473. emiliano Says:


  1474. Chrysann Says:

    i m ready !!!! to win tht money

  1475. taura Says:

    hi my garden is growin up nd would like 2 visit all of urs garden too

  1476. velizara Says:

    look i am bulgarian and i dont understand everything from your language so woughd you explain me how to put the photo of my garden in this competition please tell me and i ll send you some expensive present in pet society in facebook and thn a lot again

  1477. luisa Says:

    hi here in colombia have very nice gardens and we have much differnts plants in old tthe country

  1478. melissa Says:

    wiiiii super wiiii vacano wiii

  1479. kevin Says:

    plissssssss helpppppp””

  1480. kevin Says:


  1481. asma Says:

    salut !!!!!!!!!!!

  1482. nacho Says:

    pet society me quiero ganar 100.000 coins por favor les desea nacho

  1483. Yomna Says:

    hello , i was wondering if someone can help be out . see i’m facing some trouble find a real garden that i can actually recreat in pet society coz my own garden is a little bit wild and nothing in pet society can picture it,however i have this really cool idea of a garden that can be easily applied in the PS. So is it important to have a picture of a real one ,can’t i just draw one that looks close to the one i have in mind??
    HELP PlzZzZzzzzzzzzzz

  1484. kerem Says:

    thank you facebook

  1485. ruben Says:

    tengo una pregunta si yo partisipo en elvconcurso y no tengo ningun ardin o si no se parecen pierdo pero si no tengo jardin en mi casa real ?

  1486. maryiam tarek Says:


  1487. BARBIE Says:


  1488. keitsy Says:

    cuando se hara la competencia???
    como veran los jardines O.o

  1489. sofia Says:

    mas finooooo 100 .000 waoooooooooo lo quiero

  1490. Marcos Says:

    “a ganar”

  1491. David mladenovski Says:

    help pls ???????????????????

  1492. anonimo Says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes 100.000 coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes

  1493. karlenys Says:

    hello, I not speak english.. plis writen spanish

  1494. dax Says:


  1495. mafe Says:

    thank!! por dejarme participar

  1496. mari Says:

    yo ganee siiiiiiiii , yo ganee siii sii

  1497. arianna Says:


  1498. renato Says:

    es el mas bkn porque si ganas te dan 100.000

  1499. daniela Says:

    can someone help i need to no how do u atully get on to the garden?

  1500. sebastian Says:

    this exelent

  1501. juan Says:

    thats so hard¡¡¡¡¡
    hehehe i search some men from 12 to 15 years old…

  1502. bubble Says:

    me gustan las competencias!!!!!!!

  1503. How to make house bigger? Says:

    xO Its Easy but, I really don’t wanna take a picture of the garden in front of my house, becaue If I take a picture, people would know where I live, and what my house looks like.. and my park has no pretty trees. How do you make your Pet Society house bigger? Mine is REALLY tiny, and I want to have another room or something, maybe a house next to it if I have to.

  1504. How to make house bigger? Says:

    and even if I did particilate my house would look dumb because it would be just a garden inside..

  1505. alessio Says:


  1506. dulce Says:


  1507. emma Says:

    help plsssssssssss…………………………….

  1508. How to make house bigger? Says:

    I found out how. never mind

  1509. malak Says:

    ohh!! i live in egypt we dont have any amazing parts!! so i will try to take a picture of our villa !!! its 2222 hard .

  1510. alex Says:

    no entiendo que hacer

  1511. martina Says:


  1512. micaela Says:


  1513. yaren Says:


  1514. help me Says:

    no hablo bien ingles hablo español spanish y esque casi la mayoria no tiene dinero y para comprar plantas y todo…. por que no nos colaboran un poco esque aveces nos queda muy complicado por fabor plis………………………….:)

    t. q. m.

  1515. agustina Says:


  1516. agustina Says:


  1517. valentina Says:

    cuando entregaran el dinero . gracias por escucharme y amo el pet society … (L)(K)(L)(K)(L)(K) good beyy

  1518. andree Says:

    hey very good =D

  1519. valentina Says:

    haa y otra cosita si no me entendieron… q dia entregaran el dinero osea las 100.000 coins.. haora si good bayy and sorry…

    posdata :soy de argentina!!!!!!!:) y fan del pet societyy … como dicen en E.E.U.U …. I LOVE THE PETT SOCIETY JAJAJAJAJ

  1520. alejandro Says:

    ojala pueda ganar el concurso pasence x mi casa y vean todas las plantas mi petsociety se llama dairon buscenme y vean

  1521. Jozeluiz Fernandez Says:

    i wanna PARTICIPATE in the Garden Competetion

    how i do that ?

    i’M Peruuviann xD

    ii really loove PetSociety.

  1522. popi Says:

    hellow????? can you answer pleace?????!!!

  1523. ale'torrez Says:

    io quiero concursar en la competencia y mi jardin esta hermoso peero en donde subo la foto de mi jardin????
    plizzzzz alguine que me dija MI MNS ES ALE_GONZAALEZ@HOTMAIL.COM AGREGENMEN.!!!!!!!!!!

  1524. micaela Says:

    holaa ayudaaa, como hago para registrarme en el concurso del jardin???? por favor ayudaaa respondanme a mi mail graciass


  1525. Melissa Says:

    quiero entrar como hago?????

  1526. vashie Says:

    love this game!

  1527. kristell Says:

    holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa es muy entrenido el pet

  1528. Luza Garcia Says:

    boy a participar en el ebento espero k usdedes hablen español

  1529. Chloe Says:

    im gonna win this with a simple but so absolutly cool garden pic and on my pet society

  1530. alex Says:

    hi to one i will new starten but i can not newstarten what it is the problem plisss help my when he zna problem

  1531. coni Says:

    eeeeeee no entiendo =(

  1532. katitax Says:

    This one very good the contest and I wait to win

  1533. coni Says:

    ayuda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1534. natyx Says:

    respondan por favor necesito su ayuda

  1535. Luza Garcia Says:

    help I donw have coins

  1536. Luza Garcia Says:

    I’m poor

  1537. javixx Says:

    plis give me the prime ,money,etc..

  1538. mribet Says:

    the life is the energie for boy. live life

  1539. diana Says:


  1540. santiago Says:

    should I register? bah I sack the photo, please respondanme kisses to all fans of pet society place in which I register?
    Can anybody help me here I need to publish

  1541. isabel Says:

    hola quiero entrar al concurso pero no se como hacerlo si alguien me puede ayudar se lo agradeceria.

  1542. franco Says:

    soy el mejor

  1543. franco Says:

    soy lo mejorrrrrrrr

  1544. ivan Says:

    quiero participar

  1545. rubi Says:

    plissssss porfavo plisssss helppp

  1546. franco Says:

    3 palmeras 1 arbol de naranja y miles de cosas 100.000 $$$

  1547. la mejor Says:

    kiero decir que no entiendo naaaaaaaaa

  1548. johan Says:


  1549. maria belen Says:

    ok si me encanta pet society

  1550. cookie Says:

    i wanna win

  1551. maria jose Says:

    deverian agrandar las piezas

  1552. Regan grimes Says:

    i realy need money please

  1553. Regan grimes Says:


  1554. luluisashdud Says:

    olaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa de verdaddd es muy bknnnn pett

  1555. catalina Says:

    quiero ganar este concurso por que no tengo nada de plata y es orrible por que ves a mis amigas con un monton y yocon 100
    lo quiero ganar

  1556. viviana Says:

    ganar demasiado dinero

  1557. solcito Says:

    necesito que alguien me diga como hacer crecer una planta!!! engo las semillas y la maceta pero no tengo idea como se hace!!!!

  1558. lacho Says:

    te quiero

  1559. xunxita Says:

    spanish please

  1560. yesenia Says:

    esto es aburrido * q esta en ingles

  1561. cami diaz Says:

    lily sos la mejor y te queda re bien esa vincha

    la nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnumero1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    te adoro cami diaz besos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1562. sasha Says:

    hola!! esto rs genial!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………

  1563. melanie Says:

    el concurso es super bkn y yo kiero puro ganarlo olaa a todos

  1564. Marisa Says:

    Alguien me puede explicar en español como es la competencia que no se entiende nada??? gracias

  1565. AyLin Says:


  1566. AyLin Says:


  1567. veruska Says:

    veruska beltran

  1568. putri Says:

    it’s ok

  1569. putri Says:


  1570. kto Says:


  1571. santiago Says:

    yo soy pobre

  1572. santiago Says:

    soy mui pobre

  1573. santiago Says:


  1574. camila Says:


  1575. victor Says:


  1576. yelda Says:

    helppp I didnt start this game and ı dont understand =)

  1577. Kat Says:

    Pet Pet

  1578. kimberli Says:


  1579. Jordan (cowgirl) Says:

    okay, so what if the plants you need to make your garden work arent yet in the garden shop? what do you do? I live in a very small town, no park 😦 and all the gardens around are veggies just like mine…and the flower garden i have in real life, well I can find anything close to what my flowers are 😦 Help!

  1580. paula salinas Says:

    help mee pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iy don´t jaf money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1581. Jordan (cowgirl) Says:

    well I *can’t* find

  1582. Kiss Says:

    Me encanta el Jardin es muy relajante y tienes la oportunidad de sembrar tus propias flores para adornar tu casa, asi como cultivar tus propios vegetales para consumirlos o compartirlos con tus amigos. Pero lo mejor es el arbol que da los ponques…

  1583. emilio Says:

    los pet son lo mejor en juegosss wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jajajajajjajajajajajjaja

  1584. miriel Says:


  1585. yoselin Says:


  1586. maria paz Says:

    pacita se me dice

  1587. niko rodriguez mejias Says:

    qe buena

  1588. pekitha* Says:


  1589. Talopo Says:


  1590. Camila Says:

    Wow 100.000 coins !!

  1591. yulia Says:

    im so excited!

  1592. Elaine Says:

    Hey!!! what about if we just share the prize 2 everybody if we win so that it is all fair enough right???!!!

  1593. dafne Says:




  1594. terimalvar Says:


  1595. asjh Says:


  1596. muhammad Says:


  1597. cesar Says:


  1598. Lucia Says:

    I am ready to join this contest!!

  1599. andrea vanessa Says:

    plizzz help mee to find a garden beautiful please !!! help me

  1600. andrea vanessa Says:

    pilzzz help mee

  1601. MARTA GARRIDO Says:

    Hello! Im from Argentina, South America, now here is winter!!!
    There is no flowers…….
    I have a beautiful garden, but now is all green…

  1602. vash Says:

    de pelos yo quiero ese dinero para ser el pet mas ñoño yuuupi

  1603. paytoe! Says:

    i dont get it and i dont know what to do someone help me!!!!

  1604. mary Says:

    i lovet pet……………………………………..

  1605. LYZMARIE Says:

    realy I do not ENTIENDO NADA

  1606. mary Says:


  1607. mar Says:


  1608. mary Says:

    i lovet pet…………………………………………

  1609. Lil K Says:

    My stuff

  1610. Lil K Says:

    Thanf you

  1611. eliza Says:

    hey…send me the winners!!

  1612. Says:

    nothing please i dont have a comment

  1613. sebastian Says:


  1614. sebastian Says:


  1615. sebastian Says:

    comer muche jugar a la pelota

  1616. sebastian Says:

    comer mucho jugar a la pelota

  1617. Pily Says:

    Can you put this text in Spanish? Please!

  1618. rona Says:

    please help me how to play this game…i have no idea

  1619. KotoKoo Says:

    how i can JoiN ???

    Can someone tell me??

  1620. althea Says:

    i hate real garden is hard>.<

  1621. diaNe Says:

    hi!!!!ang ganda talagang magfacebook!!!

  1622. hafiz hero Says:

    pls tell me how to get the coins

  1623. hafiz hero Says:

    pls tell me how to get this dumb coins

  1624. Roxen Says:

    I want to get 100 000 so I can buy many things hahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahaha

  1625. Broke Says:

    i’m so going to win….

  1626. jao Says:

    i wish i can win :O because i always playing pet society

  1627. Clarisse Says:

    i want to win….

  1628. John Says:

    Hello people Will i eed to copy the garden of our to pet society?

    How will we give the picture?

  1629. raven Says:

    i hope that i can win in this of game.

  1630. bukang Says:


  1631. Cookie Says:

    Is there any mango tree in pet society? cause i have mango in real life.

  1632. nikky!!... Says:

    hii, i really, really, really, really, really love pet societyy!! me encanta 😉 !!

  1633. agent lelouch Says:

    o please make me win because i like my pet to be happy and it’s so special to win this contest

  1634. demi lovato Says:

    hello dear horrible mm

  1635. Cookie Says:

    what can i do?
    1. we dont have coconut tree and orange tree.
    2. my friends dont have garden still young to go to a local garden
    4.i cant ask my parents =o=

  1636. if you vant to win that much ofcours you will win Says:

    i wish to win because i oll wais plaing pet sciety

  1637. joshua Says:

    i think i will win in this competition!

  1638. Cookie Says:

    all i can do is drawing and painting D:

  1639. Priscilla Tan Jia Ying Says:

    i hope that i could win this competitions!!!!!

  1640. deepashikha Says:

    hey !!!!!!! which garden should we make similar to which garden??????????

  1641. CHAMMY Says:

    HELLO GUYS!!!!

  1642. vivien Says:

    I`m ready
    I will try to win with the pictures

  1643. meow.... Says:

    y my carrot will rotten my carrot just medium size i though the carrot will be big!!!!!!!!TT TT

  1644. zein_the_pain Says:

    i hope i can win cuse i always play pet socity

  1645. irene Says:

    i want i00 cfgthjk,

  1646. bianca galicia Says:


  1647. Tran Says:

    i want to know how do we show them the pic of our garden and pet society garden
    plssssssssssssssss tell meeee

  1648. yatz bhe Says:

    I want to join in the garden competition…….But I don’t no how….. 😦

  1649. louli saad Says:

    hey cool

  1650. chubb Says:

    oh oh oh i hope i will win…………….

  1651. hiba Says:

    i like to play this game to much b/c its nice

  1652. visheshta malhotra Says:

    icould win

  1653. ystel Says:

    uh oh having a hard time earning money….what should i do…..i want to buy lot of things and it hurts that you cant buy it ….

    somebody help…..

  1654. Antun Says:

    I’m in

  1655. whitney Says:

    I wish that I can win because I was poor in pet society…….
    I am also the fans of you!

  1656. cazias Says:

    how to have 100000?

  1657. MANUELA Says:


  1658. MANUELA Says:


  1659. nawaf alkhaldi Says:

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog 100 000 i w

  1660. Lexi Says:

    Hey….I can take pic of my own garden at my house….haha
    easy..i won’t have to find one!

  1661. Huai Xing Says:


  1662. Huai Xing Says:

    hi baby

  1663. Jajajavi Says:


  1664. irene Says:

    i wish i can win more coins because i always play pet society

  1665. Gobbo Franca Says:

    perchè nessuno ha risposto alla mia richiesta di chiarire in ITALIANOOOOOO!!!!!
    Proprio non siamo considerati!!!!!Sono molto arrabbiata

  1666. Joy Says:

    I planted 1 seed at my garden and the next day I checked it, it was gone. So i thought it was in my bin or something, but nothing was there. Why does this happen?

  1667. ivan Says:

    hallo,guys i think maybe i can win because i am very love to play pet society and i everyday alwys play i love to play it because it was fun for everyone hasn’t play pet society you have to try and play now you because it was fun.sorry i just can write this i will very thanks to my friends who invite me to play pet society

  1668. Acel Says:

    Aww. I dunno if I’m deserving to join. ROTFLOL.

  1669. NuNu Says:

    hey! when’s the deadline? is there any?

  1670. kani Says:


  1671. huan says Says:

    how i go to the garden competition

  1672. kani Says:


  1673. Cooco Says:

    `how do we take picture of the gardens?

  1674. bianca Says:


  1675. halidjah Says:

    i like garden at pet society,,, make lots of money, thankz

  1676. angela Says:

    Pleeeeease give me the reward!!!!!!!!
    I adore this game!!!!!

  1677. chelsea Says:

    this is my first time playing petsociety

  1678. Hani Says:

    aku siap untuk memenangkan uang sebesar 100000 yeah !!!!!!!!!
    (i’m redy for winner 100000 yeah woohoo !!!

  1679. lujain Says:

    i didnt understand wat you said about showing you my picture and my gardens picture but hpw can i show you ?

  1680. lujain Says:

    help meeee i need to winn

  1681. zybee Says:

    i hope i get that coins huhuhu

  1682. zybee Says:

    so nice

  1683. nahla tj mustafa Says:

    ya baby 100,000 coins thts awsome

  1684. star Says:

    hi i would love to enter the garden competition!!!

  1685. joey heng Says:

    i love to play pet society too and i want to win the money

  1686. michela Says:

    jeg har kun 2 kr og vil vilt gerne heve 100000 kr

  1687. youssef nagy Says:

    i want to win

  1688. ivka Says:


  1689. zaher jawad Says:

    i have in :100000 coins with pet society blog

  1690. zaher jawad Says:

    i have :100000 coins (pet society) .
    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  1691. zaher jawad Says:

    But you need to post both pictures (the photo you have taken of a real life garden, and a picture of your Pet Society garden) into a new thread in the Pet Society Garden Competition sub-forum which is located here:

  1692. patrick Says:

    I need money so im gonna win these!!!!

  1693. Amna Says:

    how kn i take part!

  1694. DAVID Says:


  1695. Banana - Pip owner Says:

    OMG! My garden has a lot of trees so I have to buy a lot of seeds for Pip. I don’t have enough coins :[[

  1696. Mercedes Says:

    What is the meaning of active pet? They give us 30 coin if we visit active pets but if we visit the others we earn 20 coins!!!

  1697. kiki Says:

    what is pet society garden?

  1698. Amna Says:

    n how to post picture of a a garden?!?!

  1699. kiki Says:

    i wish i would win because i have less money and i want to my make my home nicer and invite my friends there!

  1700. sabrina masino Says:


  1701. ilaria marocco Says:

    mi piace

  1702. jandy'jaena Says:

    wish,i enjoy this

  1703. Monia Says:

    Mi piacerebbe che le piante facessero un pò di più frutta !!!!!

  1704. shir Says:

    עיברית כולםםםםםם

  1705. rania amirah jannah Says:


  1706. Mae Says:

    Awww……………… Help me please someone

  1707. mauricio says Says:

    hi im from mexico please help me i dont find the forum for publish the photo please send me a mail with the information

  1708. Nay Says:

    eeemmm…como tengo que hacer para participar ?? u.u

  1709. marten Says:


  1710. marten Says:


  1711. Aquiles Says:

    The best of the garden is almost ready pet society in facebook user seeking Aquiles Jhonas my pet is named Leo and his garden is the best striker

  1712. julia Says:


  1713. Missy Says:

    Wow, I enjoy playing pet society and enjoying making the house and gardens pretty.. Cross my fingers, hope i win

  1714. dafne Says:

    hola q ro saber si gane

  1715. rawan al rikabi Says:

    i wish that i can win, because i play this game always

    i love this game soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

  1716. kevin fabian Says:

    eh viva

  1717. Tatoul Says:

    “i had 1500000000 coins,when i opened the game yesterday i found only 10 coins,plise can you give it me my money?(my

  1718. Tatoul Says:

    “i had 1500000000 coins,when i opened the game yesterday i found only 10 coins,plise can you give it me my money?”

  1719. Tatoul Says:

    i wish my money become!!!if it did’n came i will never play “pet society” again!!!

  1720. silvia Says:

    que bueno

  1721. aj Says:


  1722. ashley Says:

    i know to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1723. luna Says:


  1724. juan sebastian davila Says:

    tengo todos los espacios llenos

  1725. Maria J. Gomez Says:

    kiero tener mucho dinero en el pet society.. para poder comprarle cosas a mi mascota…

  1726. alessia barontini Says:

    i love pet society

  1727. alessia barontini Says:

    i love pet society io amo pet society e vorrei vincere questa gara con la mia gattina Mary

  1728. Valentina Says:

    Hoolaa yo no se ingles me pueden mandar todo en espaniol?) al mail?=

  1729. reymar Says:

    ..i GeT iT..


  1730. julian Says:

    no entiendo nada que deberia hacerpara ganar esa suma de dinero

  1731. julian Says:

    que deberia hacer para ganar esa suma de dinero

  1732. Princesa Says:

    Soy española me lo explican en español porfa?¿

  1733. milica Says:

    Volim da igram Pet Society!

  1734. tefi Says:

    is a good idea

  1735. tefi Says:

    is a good idea because yes

  1736. valentina Says:

    oigan como se hace para conseguir esas 100.000 monedas para pet society?
    porfa el que sepa digame!!!!

  1737. tefi Says:


  1738. joaquin Says:

    My orange tree gives very much fruit but not as it of the contest can someone help me? I speak Spanish but I can with a web site put it in English they can help me?

  1739. tefi Says:

    i wish i can win: because i always playing pet society

  1740. alex Says:

    deseo ganar

  1741. loly Says:

    hi i wont new frient because i playing pet

  1742. Soja Says:

    Help! i planted a whole bunch of flowers and trees yesterday and theyre gone now???what happened???

  1743. andrea`rivas Says:

    amo a troy bolton zac efron hahahahahahahahahahaha¡¡¡¡¡¡ es guapisimo

  1744. juanpablo Says:

    quiero jugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1745. lucila Says:

    i don`t understend

  1746. tango Says:

    hola porfavor pueden poner todo este escrito tamien en español para saber de que se trata esta competencia

  1747. julian Says:

    i wish i can win :O because i always playing pet society

  1748. Netalula Says:

    So do u need 2 sign up for thecompetition? or it’s jst the player who has the bst gardn?

  1749. Eyðrið Says:

    HI … Should I take a photo of my real life garden and not on Pet Society

  1750. josegregorio Says:


  1751. samantha johnston Says:

    i wish i could win because i have a beautiful garden i and i have put in alot of efort to do this garden.

    i have used up all my money trying to make my gardin the best soo please pick me too win.

    thankyou xxx lv sam xxxx <3<3 🙂

  1752. abiiita Says:

    hello…. no entiendo bien lo de la compentencia! … pero estoy haciendo mi jardin 🙂 …

  1753. Skipan Says:

    porfavor soy pobre, quiero tener dinero; por eso gaste todo lo que e tenido en mi jardin

  1754. sofii Says:

    But as I show my photo?

  1755. Andrea Says:


  1756. michela Says:


  1757. georgia-may Says:

    heeyyyyy cooooollllll

    i want them coins !

  1758. SALOME Says:

    quiero desiurles que este juego es una mierda que no se metan con pelotudeses que no vale la pena¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡:(((((((((:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:

  1759. Eugenia Says:


  1760. SALOME Says:

    hom,a gomu8 umyk yu ar es ti you vi davel diw at y icu u arbo jarden u uguada fuerti u 546 by id 123456789 esa es mi contraseña el pet quien lo quiere tomelo no lo quieo ubydjjud9cmh umh juer you in the tube luve two

  1761. maria fabiola Says:

    ¿ Xq pet society sera tan bueno?? Tal vez xq me gusta

  1762. rosa aimara Says:


  1763. rosa aimara Says:


  1764. rosa aimara Says:

    my garden is critic …!!! helpppppppppppppp

  1765. jenny Says:

    hi wish you all good luck

  1766. jenny Says:

    i wish i would win my sister has just started and i want to help her

  1767. gabriel alberto Says:


  1768. Joud Says:

    i which i can win
    i love pet societyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    so much

  1769. principe Says:

    hola me esforsare para ganar 100.000 coins en pet society

  1770. pedro Says:

    hey kien abla español??

  1771. pedro Says:


  1772. gggggff Says:

    jajjajjaa es más fome es bkn el farm town

  1773. gggggff Says:

    jajajajajjaaaaaaaaaaaaa fome fome 😉

  1774. antonia isidora Says:

    pliiiiiiiiiisss helpp¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  1775. Desislava Says:


  1776. tefi Says:

    I find it very interesting to have a sort of virtual garden competition is also a good idea alluda pq us worrying about our jrardin. we want to participate

  1777. ayhamalqaiesi Says:

    hiiii im ayham live in jordan you win sprize

  1778. mateo Says:


  1779. ayhamalqaiesi Says:

    hiiiiiii im ayham live in jordan win sprize

  1780. mateo Says:

    que les balla muy bn y los pise un tren

  1781. majd jooda rammal Says:

    pliz pick me i made my house empty just to make a garden and win prizes plizzz let me win 😦 mm i love my pet !!!!!!

    i love pet society it’s the best game in my entire life ;( i am 8 years old kid and i want to enjoy the game so….. plizzz let me win 🙂 yes or no

  1782. mateo Says:

    That they balla well and that them treads on a train

  1783. ayhamalqaiesi Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im ayham live in jordan win sprize because playing pet society

  1784. sarah Sr. Says:

    i worked hard to have the sweetest garden, so….plizzz let me join this competion and make it for 2 winners, me and majd jooda rammal cause he gave me have my garden and half my house. let us win cause we are poor :$

  1785. arelis villalobos Says:

    ooaaa!! poh ta muy genial
    el concurso ohala lo gane…
    xfa necesito los puntitos de experiencia…

    xau !!

  1786. Pingodini Says:

    I really need this money(really much) becouse I love pet society and I want to have a nice house like my friends and I want to take care of my pet!So please give me the money and I promise I will take care of my pet real good!
    I love pet society!!!!!!!I hope you pick me!

  1787. liam Says:

    my pet got 3 trees and vegtables growing and barbcue and some other cool stuff

    and i wish i can win so i can do my place up so it raelly cool

  1788. sthefany Says:

    io kieroo ganarr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1789. KELLY Says:

    bueno tengo de dinero 40 coins nose que es eso de garden competition pero se que dice algo de 100000 coins no se que hacer que es eso diganme yo quiero dinero si encuentra alguien algo me dicen x mi msn

  1790. MiGeL4! Says:

    Qxiero todas esas monedas estoy mxy pobre se lo jxro 😦

  1791. melina Says:


  1792. iñaki Says:

    please in spanish!!!

  1793. kiara tyler Says:

    This a great way to express a girls way through out the time that we girls play this fun and exciteing game.

  1794. wilben Says:

    i have a cupcake,,,, hahahahahahaha

  1795. ignacia andrea Says:

    yo quero ser parte de esto porfavor

  1796. henchitow Says:

    i need the money

  1797. victoria alvial Says:

    yo quero inscribirme en este concurso porque quero ganar

  1798. luciana Says:

    100,000 muchisimo yesyyesyeesyeyesss,, genial

  1799. liam Says:

    hi there was up liam ere wish i can win plz

  1800. diego Says: