Sailing into the fiery sunrise!


Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has been up to his usual mischief and has just hidden some new mysterious items in his mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook to see if you can find anything new!

As normal, he was not giving away much, and was especially cryptic when questioned, so good luck working out these clues!

  • Sunrise ellipse (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Sailing on glassy seas (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Pacific fire (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images!




Oval Rug

Ship In A Bottle

Tiki Candle

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

111 Responses to “Sailing into the fiery sunrise!”

  1. zaid Says:

    i got them all they are cool

  2. shahzada Says:

    where are the images…and what are they

  3. halloween Says:

    what r they

  4. zaid Says:

    no i will not get them by your self keep buying

  5. minkoo Says:

    i cant get into the game!!!

  6. esk Says:

    I would love to buy and discover if only you finished that maintenance faster :-w So far, each time I try to play, I get errors >.<

  7. Sharon Says:

    What did they do during Maintenance? Now I’m getting stuck in the stadium. The only way I can leave is close down the game and then I lose my win and race is deducted. What’s going on?

  8. Mia Says:

    I can’t even log into the game…

  9. eduardo Says:

    i cant entrance into the game why ?

  10. unknown fan Says:

    wtf ??!

  11. miku Says:

    What’s going on? Still can’t get in! aRRRRRRRRRRgghh :________( I want to cry

  12. Kathia Says:

    OMG!pet society ROCKS!!!..

  13. Pinky Says:

    again!!how lond this time!!=(

  14. Pinky Says:

    sorry means long!!!

  15. Vero Says:

    I can´t log in 😦

  16. Sompeetalay Says:

    Can’t log in either. Have been trying almost 20 times in a row …

  17. Audrey Says:

    i got a tikki candle its very cool.. that must be Pacific fire,Sailing on glassy seas must be a boat in a bottle i recon??

  18. Angela Says:

    You can see new items here:

  19. STiKit Says:

    yay! finally the long awaited for beachy theme!

  20. MMMUA!! Says:


  21. cici Says:

    why i can’t log in???

  22. Nixie Says:

    I’ve been trying to play the whole day and it just don’t let me! Some of my friends can, so why am I having so much trouble to get in?

  23. honeyy Says:

    Again!!! I know tis will happen…….you cant log in after the so call maintenance… long hv to wait ……make a guess…..

  24. Megan Says:

    try logging in now :]

  25. ANNOYED Says:


  26. honeyy Says:

    oops! I got the under maintenance screen again….ask me to try other playfish game……no no no….i want my pet society……the vegetables will gone to trash…………….oh oh oh

  27. AndyGirl Says:

    buuu… I love Pet Society but this days the live its becoming more difficult at the Pet world. New stores, more things to buy, things you have to buy with regular money and now the maintenance its a normal thing! so whats next?

  28. Sharon Says:

    Maintenance again…………………………………………………..For how long????????

  29. Amina Says:

    no fair…all d golden n blue mystery boxes i bought contained similar pale floors carpets..

  30. shine Says:

    wats happening to pet soc? always doing mentainance.. and where is my 1000 coins others are saying.. i didnt even recv a newsletter.. why?

  31. Maru Says:


  32. karl ison Says:

    how long will the maintenance occur in all of our pet society?!?!?! we all want to PLAY!stop the too long maintenance NOW!

  33. karl ison Says:

    let us play NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE want to PLAY now ) :<

  34. ava Says:

    why every maintenacne take such a long time
    1day, 2 days, 3 days, coming 4 days again
    over 50% time in a week is under maintance
    then what is the hell going on
    designed this to play by yourself?
    very disappoint for this game quality control
    u still encourage ppl to join this game in your blog
    put the shame on you

  35. kitty Says:

    why not change name this game with “maintenance society”?

    • Camm Says:

      Wow,Payfish is going bad.First their name is PAYfish and then the game is Maintenance society..haha

  36. ... Says:

    lol. I cant get in.

  37. sandy3q Says:

    its taking so long…. i want to see how my garden is doing, and the new mystery stuff.

  38. tritch Says:

    its a ship in a bottle
    a tikki candle and a rug (uncertain about this last one)

  39. gabby Says:

    is there any hints how to get the MI ?

  40. kjell Says:

    got a tiki candle already, it so cute!

  41. Ranna Says:

    no idea whatare they by the way hehehehehehe

  42. petsocietyfan Says:

    Anybody knows wat the new items are?????

  43. beomie Says:

    level what up to?plzz..answer my question…

  44. beomie Says:

    level what up to?plzz..answer my question…plllzzzzzz

  45. saad shahid Says:

    i want a tiki candle!! fair!

  46. Elwing Says:

    The BMB is an Oval Rug, with orange and red, I like it ^^

  47. amber Says:

    okay.. haha..

  48. Someone Says:

    Actually can I get the outdated mysterious items in the mystery boxes? Cause I want that blue flower headband desperately. :'(((((

  49. amber Says:

    i think you can.. 🙂

  50. Gevin Says:

    it is???? 😦

  51. revizack Says:

    i got the tiki candle and the ship in the bottle! have no idea what’s in the blue one.

  52. Bahia Says:

    I got it yesterday. soo cute! that answers your question! bye!

  53. Anni Says:

    I just got a blue flower headband from a blue mystery box. It’s still there.

    I love the sun eclipse item!

  54. Elle Says:

    So what exactly is the sun eclipse item?

  55. ronnieno Says:

    i just got oval rug it is cooooooooool

  56. somebody Says:

    i think that in golden boxes they must to give some play fish cash, because is difficult to get some of this coins. i can t buy them via internet, and there is only one offer in trial pal’s page. so i want this coins!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Someone Says:

    Awww… How lucky you are!!! I wish I can have one, I’ll keep buying the blue mystery box. =]]

  58. Gehco Says:

    got a ship in a bottle.

  59. Elisa Says:

    i don’t know what green fingers iss!!! someone?? :S it appeared there, in my garden … it says “it grow 9 plants” … wtf … what iiss thaaatt!!! please.. someone?! , thanks

  60. PhyscoPath Says:

    I got the tiki candle already.Is pretty cool.I want the ship in the botle very badly.What oval rug is that?someone pls replyy.

  61. PhyscoPath Says:

    btw, what is sunrise eclispe?

  62. jan di Says:

    hey i will request to add some games cuase stadium is to slow to earn money,, unlike yoville they will gonna have a ouse for sale i wish it will be on petsociety too..

  63. deveh christine zafra Says:

    hey i would like to request too add the games in petsociety the easiest way to earn money …pls pls

  64. deveh christine zafra Says:

    i also like to request to faster each level too reach a new level and a new floor

  65. miku Says:

    Got the tiki candle! YEAAAAAAAAAAAH 😀

  66. Nathan Joe Says:

    I don’t know how to play this game .

    oh no !

  67. Elisa Says:

    yess!! i know, i did! i went to the garden centre, and i certanly bought seeds, what i’m saying is that when the maintenance stopped and i went to my garden it appeared like a prize… and “green fingers” ir said… and i don’t know how to use ¿? anyone??

    • reb Says:

      that’s a trophy, you got the prize for growing that many plants, just click to find the trophy in your chest – it can be used for decor.

    • Sonya Says:

      Could it have been a trophy you received? If you’ve grown plants before perhaps you were awarded the Green Fingers trophy which is awarded after growing 9 plants! You should find it in your chest near the rest of your trophies! 😉

  68. Shernis Says:

    I can’t get in!

  69. Vivian Says:

    oval rug-orange and red and yellow
    ship in a bottle and a tikki candle

  70. mroo Says:

    Wow! i have been waiting for this and i finally got it thnkx pet society for your new things i love them rock on!!!!!

  71. nikki Says:

    hey good news i got some items having this question mark – 1)CAFITERIA 2)CLOWN BALLOON……………….now what to do with them please help!!!

  72. Anni Says:

    Sunrise eclipse is the ornage oval rug from the blue mystery box. I love it! I bought more than 30 blue boxes and only found one so far.

  73. Camm Says:

    The blue flower headband is on the Blue Box or in the Golden one? I NEED THAT HEADBAND haha n.nUu

  74. Kevin Says:

    Ship in a Bottle,
    I got it!!

  75. Nadia Says:

    hej kan der ikke komme svømmeføder??

  76. alexander says Says:

    my pet to cool

    pet name:”DevilBatz”
    level : 36
    (NO CHEAT)

  77. jessica Says:

    were are imaginatoins

  78. eliza Says:

    pet society is fun!every day is a competition…………………………

  79. jose ignacio Says:


  80. Tuffie Says:

    I love the new candle and ship in the bottle. Now if I could only get them. The oval rug is cute too. 🙂

  81. cande Says:


  82. mauricio Says:

    this game is a fantastick i have so much things and have the all thing of the mistery,s box why is a beuatifful and very greats

    i have a tiki candle , ship in a bottle and oval rug

    pet name:coco

  83. rita Says:

    i love my mascot

  84. jennyfer Says:

    traduccion al español please!

  85. happy day Says:

    i still miss one –>Oval Rug

  86. marce Says:

    🙂 heiiiiiiiiiiit

  87. nelangely Says:

    por favir necesito esto en español!!

  88. ... Says:

    Ive tried logging in like 15 times and i still cant get in. is anyone else having this problem??

  89. erik rivera Says:


  90. Mimi Says:

    My pet is a girl and evri time she buys the blue mistery box she gets a shirt for a guy, whay?

  91. Rocio Says:

    I love Pet Society!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😉 😀 XD

  92. CATHY Says:

    hmm…..what are you thinking now…….i know!pet society!dah!

  93. sakura Says:


  94. TAMMY Says:

    hi, 4 real i’m the sakura and the cathy!pet society is very hard to load!

  95. TAMMY Says:

    i understand you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. pela vasiliou Says:

    i want to win 100.000 money please i need them …..or i want to win fairy’bed …..please i love you pet society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. mohammad Says:

    ilove pet society:::::::

  98. casey mclovely Says:

    uh huh! i got’em all

  99. meioko Says:

    who wan to buy tiki candle

  100. Best resveratrol Says:

    Really informative article ! waiting for more from you 🙂 going to sub.

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