How does your garden grow?


New garden feature

Well folks, we’ve been working hard on the latest feature for Pet Society, and just in time for summer we’re really proud to show you around your very own gardens!

You should find that you already have one garden, and if you’ve been playing for at least a few days you should have two. You’ll notice two little extra cells in your map which you can click on to find them. Go see!

If you take a stroll down to the Pet Society high street you should also see  a new gardening store. Allow us to introduce Mrs. Appleblossom. We’re sure you’ll love her, she’s a very kind old lady and an excellent gardener. You’ll be able to buy seeds from Mrs. Appleblossom and that’s where things get really interesting.

You’ll notice that you have mounds of earth in your garden. These are seed beds where you can plant flower, tree and vegetable seeds. Seeds are a little like Mystery Boxes — you buy a flower, tree or vegetable seed, but you have no idea what will grow out of it. You may even find they grow into rare Mysterious Plants!

Here’s how all the seeds work:

Flower seeds

Flower seeds take about 24 hours to grow into all kinds of colorful flowers. These can be pulled up from the ground and used to decorate your house (they look great in a vase), given to your friends as a exclusive gift which they won’t find in the shops, or just sold to earn you some coins.

Tree seeds

Tree seeds take 72 hours to grow. Once a tree is fully grown it will start to bear fruit, so it’s worth checking back daily to see what it’s produced. You can give fruit to your pet, send it as a gift to your friends, or sell it on for a steady coin income. The fruit which the tree bears depends on what type of tree it is. You could even create an orchard in your garden!

Vegetable seeds

Vegetables grow larger and larger the longer you leave them in the ground, although after 9 days the vegetable won’t grow any more. The larger a vegetable is the more valuable it is, but leaving them to grow for too long can be risky because the longer you wait the greater the chance you might find the vegetable has rotted away by the time you pull it up! If you can create a steady flow of large vegetables you may be able to turn a tidy profit, or perhaps you’d just like to share lots of vegetables with your friends? Perhaps you could arrange a competition to see who can grow the largest vegetable? It’s really up to you!

We hope you all enjoy your new gardens as much as we’ve enjoyed making them. We’d love to talk about what we’ve got planned next but it’s just too secret… check back soon for some nice surprises!

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429 Responses to “How does your garden grow?”

  1. Billa Says:

    i want it

  2. Pepeng Says:

    Welcome to mr appleblosson….GO GREEN Spirit in Pet Society..i like this idea much !!

  3. purple-girl Says:

    nice idea i love it 🙂

  4. honeyy Says:

    i am still unable to log in while some of my friends can…..pls advise what’s happening…even at home, my other family memeber’s account can sign in while mine is still not working…even on same laptop…..what happen…omg omg omg

    • nicky Says:

      hi honeyy i have the same problem!! it is so infuriating as i keep getting notifications from my other pet pals……….. ahhhhhh! grrrrrr!….. just want to be able to log on and start this new garden, i have been away from pets for 48 HOURS!!!!!!!!! ‘FAY’ will be sooooo grumpy !

  5. Ebbes Says:

    hopefully this is not too expensive. :3

  6. kjell Says:

    we’ll surely love this idea!

  7. Amewsed Says:

    I haven’t noticed a garden yet, but I will look tonight! Love the idea!!

  8. Pinky Says:

    good idea,but connection,Ican´t play!!!

  9. Li Wen Says:

    I like this idea but I still can’t log in. Pls help!!

  10. Elli Says:

    can’t log in….
    do sth but don’t put the game under maintence….again..!

  11. An Says:

    hmmm ….. great feature ! ^o^ but still cannot log in …. so nervous ❤

  12. Leafywhimpy Says:

    EXCELENT!!! =D
    thanks so much Playfish!

  13. Leafywhimpy Says:

    thanks so much Playfish!

  14. Gene Says:

    This is awesome!

  15. rebecca Says:

    Still can’t get in, very excited….hope snags are gone soon!!!! Please sort it out good people, love the idea and want badly to start!!! Thanks so much for your hard work, Rebecca Vancouver Canada

  16. Lucky Says:

    This one is very cool, I like it!Not going to try log in today, save myself some energy and give you all a slightly better chance to log in.XD

  17. Vero Says:

    can´t log in

  18. kjell Says:

    still can’t get in.. sad coz i’ve been waiting for many hours now.. argh!

  19. Amewsed Says:

    Also, how will we know which plants are rare? Will there be a list at some point?

  20. GingerPinky Says:

    i cant get iiinnnnn……..what’s wrong now?? hmmmm…..why all today??

  21. hany Says:

    still can’t play..have been trying for hours..!

  22. GingerPinky Says:

    guys….whats going on??? this thing is taking too much time….! hope the game wont be like RS where its impossible to visit friends! 😉

    cmooooonnnn! 😀

  23. amber Says:

    i can’t play too.. how sad..

  24. john Says:

    10+ hrs of maintenance and we still cant log in? HELLO can playfish actually hear us telling them that the maintenance failed??

  25. PhyscoPath Says:

    Tooo many ppl playing today cuz of the new feature is also tht reason y u guys cant login.I cant login too.pfft

  26. PhyscoPath Says:


  27. GingerPinky Says:

    grrrr i was playing and suddenly the game went off……! 😦
    bad day in ps!

  28. Roxas Says:

    I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but still, i can’t log in to pet society yet……..

  29. john Says:

    my lottery of the day is gonna be gone. bye lottery~
    seriously, i thought the purpose of the cash shop was to let playfish earn some money and better their game? doesnt seem the case to me.

  30. Jocat Says:

    Still can’t log in ah… T_T…

  31. Regina Says:

    If only we can rearrange the holes dug… then i can throw in some nice garden furnitures without minding the potholes. can’t till i see the flowers and veg tmr!!!

  32. Lez Says:

    Can’t log in…. love the feature.. but can’t log in… u have to double our lottery.. 50 coins is so nonesense… with new stores opening… we have to have lots of money…

  33. mademoizell3 Says:

    fiuh, so hard to log in T^T
    but yay I can see now ^^

  34. MiYon Says:

    Sounds soooooo awesome but STILL CANNOT LOG IN.

  35. GingerPinky Says:

    wow just logged in….I dont know how long I will be able to play, because of the connection or some server’s issues, but I really LOVE the new features and items!

    The new garden enables me to have more rooms that my pet can decorate and as she prefers! 🙂

    But, only one thing: can i change my plants once i put the seed? I tried to put them with an order, but maybe in the future i will prefer a garden only full of flowers.
    So, can i change the plants?

    thank you guys, been waiting A LOOOOOT, but it’s worth the time! 😉

  36. Asami Says:

    I love the sound of this feature, but I don’t know if I can last another 10 weeks for the MySpace Rewind to end. PS is pretty boring without anything new.

  37. sherwyn Says:

    mrs.appleblossom is so cute.. i hope i can meet her but my ps wont log in.. too sad..

  38. marie Says:

    welcome mrs. appleblosso!
    wonderful idea, i like this! but im one of those who can’t log in. it always says “error while loading page.” can’t wait to play!

  39. marie Says:

    *appleblossom i mean.

  40. marwa Says:


  41. Teddy Says:

    awesome! 😀

  42. sherwyn Says:

    its already 3:24 am (GMT + 8:00) and i still cant log in to pet society.. =(

  43. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    I Love It Mwah Ty Playfish I Am So Exited About My Lovely Garden And Flowertot Is Too She Is Growing Flowers And Trees And Lovely Vegetable Plants Anyway A Big Welcome To Mrs.Blossom She Is Soo Sweet And Cute Ty Again Ppl

  44. Lilly Says:

    totally cute and awesome

  45. unknown fan Says:

    vryyyyy guuuuuddd ^^ especially Mrs. AppleBlossom xP

  46. unknown fan Says:

    its true.. why cnt we log in to ps ??!

  47. Tasha.jade Says:

    Im so excited to see, and soooo gutted i cant yet 😦

    But i LOVE this idea. Very Very Good. Yey!!!!! Hooray for playfish.

  48. Gabby Says:

    Once u pull out the seeds there gone? 0-o
    Thats what happen to me D:

  49. Pinky Says:

    ok playfish,don´t you think that if enough time to be patience with you about the login in to the game already.for me it been a whole day waiting and waiting.I´m a little mad with you.if I was you, Don´t show any new stuff until you fix the problem.yes the garden is a wonderful idea.but why we can´t log in to the game? please do something!!!!!patience How long???????? 😦 😦

  50. Grace Says:

    god, you guys, give them a break – even the intrawebz breaks now and then!!!! Remember there is MAN POWER behind all our lovely electronic amenities, not ROBOTS. They are working on it! I love PS, but to all the whiners out there: get a life!

    • Magdeline Says:

      Totally agree with Grace.

      First it’s the endless compains about the cash shop, then it’s the logging issue.

      Personally, I don’t blame Playfish, I blame my service provider. They are really causing me problems not just with PS but with other games too.

    • Bwee Says:

      YES. THIS.

  51. honeyy Says:

    I still cant log into ps……can anyone tell me what happen…..why some people can and some people cant……

  52. Ingrid Says:

    I cannot enter to the game 😦

  53. Mooni Says:

    i caaaaaaaaaaaaan’t login since morning why is thaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!

  54. moon Says:

    the game not loading 😦

  55. fia Says:

    i cant open tooo

  56. belle Says:

    when will the game start back again?

  57. Rose Hall Says:

    Did someone cut a server line digging the gardens, one thing seem to have effected sign in . Havent been able to get in since last evening so now I am out a day of coins. not fair not fair.

  58. Ingrid Says:

    Is game in maintenance? :@ 😦

  59. Mooni Says:

    i hate maintenance 😦

  60. ruth Says:

    : (I can not go dying to see my garden had no time to play the game again but now

  61. ruth Says:

    and want to play reparenlo porfavor saludos bye

  62. ruth Says:

    get the error loading the page

  63. ruth Says:

    that there are people available to them and not other

  64. ruth Says:

    I go crazy

  65. Pinky Says:

    for me it been 2 long days ,And still can´t log in to the game.

  66. belle Says:

    YES, able to log in finally. woo!

  67. Sharon Says:

    Got on for 4 min. and got kicked off. I think PS should give everyone 1,000 coins in tomorrow’s lottery as compensation for the aggravation many of us are experiencing. Of course, we’d have to be able to get on to collect. Ha Ha

  68. An Says:

    it took already too long guys. Make us wait so much =.=

    some can, some cannot? so what is the answer ? >”<

  69. teefernee Says:

    i can’t log in! but my friend right in front of me can. 😦

    so sad.

  70. moon Says:

    Error while loading page from Pet Society
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  71. Jen Says:

    i still can’t log in after a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! playfish do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Nicolas Says:

    I can’t play pet society, it doesn’t log in.

  73. Kathia Says:

    OMG!!pet society is a FREAKIN GENIUS!!..

  74. An Says:

    seems to be the account with fewer furniture can be logged in, the more furniture cost longer and could not connect.

    Please do something. I wanna try new feature so bad. cost me 2 days :((

  75. devil bats Says:

    i want it!! how i can play garden??

  76. kjell Says:

    still can’t log in, been trying for 12 hours now, playfish, do something!!!

  77. amktsy Says:

    cool new feature…but sad to say i still can’t got in. 😦

  78. Connie Cheung Says:

    why??? still can’t login????????? please do more……………

  79. sherwyn Says:

    when will the systems be ok?

  80. Lynn Says:

    so what now we are getting punished for buying furniture and because we buy lots of it and keep it insetead of selling it we r being punished? how fair is that? 26 hrs now and nothing, i even tried removing friends from my ps list and nothing, didnt get me any closer to getting in. Nice PLAYFISH, way to go! This is not nice to do to those who supoort u financially in the hard economic times

  81. sherwyn Says:

    pet society is undergoing maintenance again..

  82. Lu Lu Says:

    I still cannot log in……. I have tried 24 hours already…..

  83. Ally Says:

    I can’t go on either. I haven’t be able to since yesterday night! AHHH I’M GOING INSANE!!!!

  84. Oli Says:

    Pet Society has been closed for over 24 hours… When could we start playing with our new garden?????

  85. adit tiairawan Says:

    wow so the perfect, i like it….

  86. Joey Says:

    I tried playing yesterday, and Pet Society was undergoing maintenance. And it’s still undergoing maintenance now…… I WANT TO PLAY !!! T__T

  87. Joey Says:

    Be fasterrrrrrrrr I need to buy ‘this week only’ furniture. A garden would be great, but it’s taking too long… 😦

  88. Jessie Koo Says:

    So what created such wonderful features, Pet Society is always down and under constuction. I lost so much of coins if unable to access to Pet Society in a day! What a dissapointment.

  89. Cindy Says:

    I think The White Stripes wrote a song about her: “Hey Mrs. Appleblossom, what seems to be the problem……” can’t wait to garden!

  90. shine Says:

    this is such a nice idea.. but wen can i start playing? im running out of time. i’ll be bak to skul soon and i wont be able to visit pet society daily or as often as i want to. i wanna grow lots of flowers and trees before i get busy..i’m so excited to play!

  91. Jane Says:

    OMG I LOVE the new Gardens … But I cant log in into PS I hope it will be fixed soon.
    I remember PS staff advice us about the maintenance a few days ago.
    😀 I can’t waaait !

  92. kokaki Says:

    can’t get in since Mon. June 8 help wanna play look forward to gardening!

  93. STiKit Says:

    Dear Playfish.

    I love you.

    From, Me.

  94. babyfishball Says:

    I can’t log-in already 2 days!…please help!

  95. ella Says:

    wat happen wit PS???why cant log in yesterday until today?????so sad n mad…………

  96. xueting Says:

    The fucking maintenance still havent fix yet?It been ytd since you says need a few hrs till now??!LMAO

  97. Jen Says:

    I love the garden idea.. I’m excited to log in. 😐

  98. simon Says:

    maitance so long time fuck

  99. grand mom Says:

    ya … what happen with PS
    undergoing maintenance again … so intent

    this game start bothering me

    fix it please …

  100. Jocat Says:

    still can’t log in… for over 24 hrs lah… my pet should be very lonely and hungry… -_-

  101. andreana Says:

    please advise for prolonged under maintenance? can’t wait to play

  102. Truffle Says:

    It’s been 2 days, I can’t meet with my pet… Where can I report? The Troubleshoot website ain’t helpin’

  103. catdog Says:


    2 days and still can´t log in!!!!

    come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Jade Says:

    Durrr!!!! why still maintenance? how long? can you please tell us. i wait to buy the cash items!!!!

  105. kisetsu Says:

    You know. Enticing us with all the new stuff and yet for the last 2days (and now), we still cannot log in. So what’s the point? Maybe PS should do something abt the maintenance rather than new features?

  106. Cindy Says:

    I love Pet Society very much!
    And I like the new garden feature!!!!!^^

  107. Nahla Says:

    It’s very good idea I’d love it, but why we can’t log on to see the gardens
    I can’t wait

  108. panina Says:

    how come we still can’t play ??
    at least I can’t =( !!

  109. wei Says:

    WOW .. WHAT happen ? still cant log in now ???maintenance is finish ??

  110. Antonio Says:

    it would be way better if i could actually log in and see it!!!!! GRRRRRRRlol

  111. jim Says:

    it is more than 24 hours that I cant login ~~~~~

    i need to earn coins everyday in order to buy new stuff every Monday … so are you going to give me back those coins ?????

  112. honeyy Says:

    still unable to log in…sometimes the maintenance screen and sometimes the mayor ask u to retry…..pls playfish people, pls keep us inform what’s going on… least a time frame when this maintenance thing will finish……..

  113. RoRo Says:

    I miss my pet 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  114. Chandra Says:

    I can’t wait to see the garden area! Seriously, it’s been way too long for maintenance! I know you guys are doing your best but I miss my pet! 😦

  115. grand mom Says:

    same … I miss my pet too

  116. mia Says:


  117. shazryz Says:

    why i cannot log in……..always maintenance and retry…..whyyyyyyy

  118. Ally Says:

    still… can’t… log… in…
    *dies slowly*

  119. honeyy Says:

    it drive me crazy when i watch other family member deocrating their new garden while i’m still got the retry message……can playfish people tell me more abt this…..why some ppl can and why some ppl cant log in….depend on their level? their join day or ……..

  120. Cerise Says:

    fffffffffff i was buying seeds and got kicked out! UGHH!

  121. john Says:

    still unable to log in. anyone else same as me? i thought the maintenance is over! my patience is running thin.

  122. grand mom Says:

    agree with sharon. PS must give everyone more on lotery as compensation coz a maintenance is too long for waiting.

    I miss my pet 😦 😦 😦

  123. Crizstina Says:

    me neither. :] this logging in thingy is getting on my nerves. ugh.

  124. amber Says:

    some people are just so lucky.. i’m not.. 😦

  125. Maggie Neff Says:

    Still no reply Sonya???? Don’t you have the decency to say sorry … there is still a problem we are trying to fix??? So disappointed in you!!! First learn how to run and upgrade before you published it!!! 😦

  126. cutie Says:

    Still cannot connect… but my friend can go in… hiks..

  127. Lucky Says:

    I was able to log in but keep getting error. I didn’t save so…redo all the things I did. Anyone face this problem?

  128. amber Says:

    i hope playfish is reading our posts.. 🙂

  129. moon Says:

    playfish, do something!!! the gamr not loading

  130. Hersheys Says:

    But my pet society is undergoing maintenance!

  131. nicola Says:

    game still not loading…its time someone sorted it….extra coins please in our daily lotterys to make up for what we couldn’t get yesterday

  132. liz Says:

    Why i can’t log in ???!! already tried since yesterday

  133. Ferby Fheneas Says:

    mine is not loading!! my nephew & i not plan to buy after i got my mystery box good item…. sometimes….. can we gift our friends?

  134. Ferby Fheneas Says:

    cant play! goin’ maintenance !

  135. bunbun Says:

    can not login again and again and again…please help, miss my pet so much :((

  136. Daniel Danton Says:

    Awesome idea! 🙂
    But I am still could not login to PS.

  137. FRED Says:


  138. Cutie Says:

    Same happen to me… my friend can log in but i can’t.. please do something on it…
    is it my own will dissapear??

  139. honeyy Says:

    hours has passed still cant log in…..Can Sonya tell us what is the team up to. I think this has happen before, should Playfish has more preparetion before they start the maintenance. I prefer they completely close it down, get every bit and pieces ready before they release it again. Better than now we dont know what’s going on as some can log in and some cant…….Playfish team….keep us post pls…….we got the rite to know…afterall, i buy cash coins….you should take care your customers

  140. leslie rubiiiiii Says:

    pleaseeeeee pleeaaasseeeee pet society pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  141. amber Says:

    i agree with honeyy..

  142. geo Says:


    still unable to log in.
    whats going on???
    we need some answers, i have 2 days in this situation 😦


  143. geo Says:

    playfish, WE ARE LOOSING COINS!! 😦

    please do something!!
    i miss my pet and i want to see my garden 😦
    you have to double our lottery

  144. amber Says:

    doubling our lottery is a good idea geo.. haha..

  145. honeyy Says:

    not only double….should pay us a fair amount as to compensate our lost……

  146. GingerPinky Says:

    there are some connection and log in issues, and they display a few words about some “little problems ps and fb are having”. even after you log in they can pull you out without notification.
    my browser is ok, and my connection is working….so maybe it’s a problem af “ps and fb”, as the message say.

    By the way, the arden is great and i cant wait to see the new plants! 😀

  147. Guishy Says:

    the nicest feature everrr

  148. Donna Says:

    thx for the new features…
    but i couldn’t log in to see the new items in store and the new shop…2 days trying and no chance to log in till now…i wish u solve this problem very soon…
    thx in advance…

  149. leida mancinotti Says:

    Your idea to create a garden was very very beautiful!
    I have two gardens and I love them!!!
    Thanks a lot. Leida Mancinotti- ITALY

  150. maudita anadya Says:

    nice, but i can’t log in!!

  151. amber Says:

    aha.. i think that’s imposible honeyy..

  152. Marta Says:

    I don’t mind the gardens at all…I just wanted to play like every morning in my coffee time : (

  153. Mel Says:

    This sounds cool but, who cares, I can’t log to the game… so angry

  154. adam Says:

    BIGA TIME!!!!!!!!!

  155. jade_m Says:

    Wow…great feature..but it’s been two days already and I still can’t log in.

    I was able to log in for a few minutes but then the error notifications kept coming and I didn’t get to save my pet’s progress. I hope this will be fixed real soon. 😦

  156. Panda King Says:

    Two days cannot login, maintenance again…
    we need compensationssssss, how can we have coins to buy the seeds.

  157. xEzh Says:

    OMG… i really hate what’s going on with PS.. it’s been 2days already and the maintenance is still not so over… grrr.. i should have earn so much money for that time.. my pet must be hungry and stinky this time.. i sooo love the new features but if it makes the maintenance last longer.. i am sooo gonna hate it..

  158. Sisi Says:

    Well, since yesterday morning, I cannot get in to pet society..

    I really wanna know the new future.. It sounds crazy, but I think there is something missing in my daily routine, because I cannot play with my pet..

    Please, I hope in a few hours I can log in to PS..

  159. Jen Says:

    this is so pathetic already. how come playfish cannot solve this issue. the new thing about the seeds is great which is more like farm town. but i hope they would fix pet society soon. even if they do maintenance always there are still a lot of people who cheats so BOOOO for that!

  160. merly Says:

    How does your garden grow?

    How would I know?

  161. grrrr Says:

    oh come on, playfish!!
    f***!!! booo.. it’s been two days!
    i hate ya~!

  162. Manou Cheikh Says:

    This is great job but there are a problem :why pet society isn’t load or they do maintenance.

  163. cheska Says:

    i hope that will be not like the stupid cash shop…urgh. i’m still experiencing some maintenance…:(

  164. sherwyn Says:

    2 days and still can’t log in. sonya is there any update?

  165. emeline Says:

    nice idea!!! but……………………………PET SOCIETY CAN”T LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. jah ramziah Says:

    wow i cant belive it on sunday i should go gardening but if they wont grow i will sell all my seeds.actually my pet is named cutie if you wanna add me its

  167. blueberrybagel Says:

    i like the new gardening feature. but i hate the maintenance part!

  168. Hamdani Says:

    i like the idea but i cant log in since yesterday…what happen?

  169. purssypink Says:

    lol after 2 days i finally got in but puff it became maintenence

  170. Dyogz Says:

    Double the lottery and extend TWS!!!!

  171. Lulubell Says:

    how u noe de ? um , wad kind of flowers / vege / fruits will it grow ? got d picture ? 😮

  172. mimz Says:

    will there be a list of flowers trees and vegetables?? i planted seeds last night and cant wait to see the outcome.

  173. Kathy Lopez Says:

    2 days of maintenance? how come? i need my lottery :(( on the other side, the new feature is great 🙂

  174. Dorothea Says:

    Good idea,but connection,Ican´t play 2 days !!!

  175. daniela Says:

    i like the idea but i cannot log in for two days please solve it soon . im losing money 😦 😦 😦

  176. Dorothea Says:

    Good idea,but Ican´t play 2 days !!!

  177. nash Says:

    huhu.. i also can’t log in since yesterday until today.. what’s wrong?? my lil’sister can log her account.. even when i’m using her laptop, i still get the same error..

  178. Someone Says:

    I like the idea of growing plants in our own garden(s), but I just can’t bear it when it has been a long maintenance, plz kindly fix it ASAP, thx a lot! =]]]]]]]

  179. orang Says:

    where does it??????

  180. Christine Says:

    I still cant log in after 2 days 😦

  181. countocram Says:

    exciting feature! PS is really the best!

  182. Jillian Says:

    it’s been a long maintenance…
    my pet is so dead now…

  183. May Says:

    Garden is very nice but my pet society cant turn on!

  184. WEI Says:


  185. sherwyn Says:

    still cant log in,.. oh no! =(

  186. schoolgirl Says:

    Thank god for RC, I’m getting impatient for the two days I’ve been Pet Society-less. My sister saw the garden and bought TWS already!!! I’m so jealous!!! I want to grow trees!

  187. paolo Says:

    i can log but it dissconnect its so beautiful
    to see the new feature and new items
    visit this

  188. Fluffy Says:


  189. Melcsi Says:

    my boyfriend could log in but i cant.

  190. feintfalling Says:

    maintenance for 2 days already. this is the first time i’ve heard of such a thing. nice job. pet society is a genius… not. the maximum time for maintenance is 24 hours by ANY standards. pet society is beyond pathetic now.

  191. helein Says:

    2 days without log in!! what happens?

  192. adam Says:

    this is where i say

    PET SOCIETY LLOAD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. ella Says:

    wtf PS cant log in many times bullsit

  194. Hana Says:

    Cant log in wats de matter ?? is it because of de preasure dat almost all de people on pet society r playing now or wat ??

  195. Lula Says:

    love it 🙂

  196. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    YES! I`ve been thinking like this might come from the past 1 month and now it did.I`m so happy about it.

  197. kjell Says:

    i made it, but after a few minutes a msg appeared that they will conduct maintenance so be sure to save.. omg, 2 days of no petso made my day so blue.. =(

  198. res Says:

    I like the idea, but please, I’ve been trying to log in for TWO DAYS, I’ve just logged in for 5 minutes and again I can’t!!!!!!! What’s happening?

  199. iyam chua Says:

    oohh,.. i so love it,.. im reaally excited with what i can do with my garden,..i cant wait to grow my flowers and arrange them,.. Pet society is soo cool,..=)

  200. Hannah Says:

    It wont let me log on, it keeps saying that there are stil a few problems between facebook and pat society, but yet my mates are able to log on, also i have gone on to the FAQ and done what it said on there and still didn’t work. :S. help please.

  201. Lin Says:

    omg,i love that game but yesterday till now cannot play the game(pet society)feeling very excited!wish someone will solve the loading thing for us >.<

  202. Eremita Says:

    Pet Society sucks these days!!! even the great idea of the garden…

  203. pandika Says:

    The garden is very exciting 🙂 I’ve been only alble to see it for like 5 minutes in total, but I still like it… I bought some seeds and started planting some vegetebles, flowers and trees… I can’t wait for the game to be back and running aganin 🙂 so I can see how the plants grow! Garden is a great idea 🙂 I’m looking forward to more pleasant suprises ;))

  204. SILK Says:

    What the hell is happening with Pet Society? Its been under maintenance for 2 days now. You shouldn’t have added this garden if you can’t keep up with it.

  205. Lin Says:

    wat the hell(hack)!!THE GAME SAY IT STILL NEED TO RETRY!wat the hell!!playfish,if u want to ungrade dont make this kind of ass things happen!AND SOME CANT LOGIN!plus our money gone!BOO HOO HOO!:(((((( >.<

  206. Dhea Osiris Pheonix Victory Says:

    I want make a garden for my pet. But, I must using cheat for add more money for buy them!!!!!!!!!!

  207. Irene Says:

    …And I can’t log in since 2 days because of MRS. APPLEBLOSSOM and her seeds????????????????????????????????????????? DAAAAAAAAMN IT!!!! XD

  208. Enrique Says:

    We all have to understand that if there was a problem, the people at PlayFish are working very hard to fix it as soon as possible.

    They have built a great game, with so many great features. They are human and make mistakes.

    Lets all be a little patient on this and wait for the solution.

    Great Job people!!

  209. Peach Says:

    Woohooo a garden! I’m sure it will be worth the waiting 🙂 I understand a lot of people are dissapointed. This game is so addictive and every week we all look forward to the new stuff, but like i said I sure it will be worth the waiting.

    Ps: I do think the cash shop is a rip off…

  210. maya Says:

    thanks pet society! now when we plant seeds we will have fun with this activity:D .

  211. maya Says:

    thanks alot P.S :D! now pet society is more fun than ever :D!

  212. Maggie Neff Says:

    Ha ha ha … thanx for nothing … 2 day’s???? Now come on … what joy do we have to not be able to log in???? This sucks big time … and the cherry on top of it all … is that Sonya don’t make any effort to reply to the post or at least try to explain there is still a problem … If i were in her shoes … the least they can do is to let people know there is still a problem and they really try hard to fix it!!! Very disappointed in the way you have handled this matter!!! 😦 😦 😦

  213. Ruben Diaz Says:

    Well, well, didn’t I say there was a problem going on that the PS developers were neglecting to let us know about? Same as Maggie, it’s been 2 days I cannot log on to the application, and couldn’t agree with her more on the fact PS devs have actually failed to explain about the issue. The only response I ever got was “take a look at the FAQ suggestions”…I know my pc is perfectly fine as well as my internet connection and everything, the fact they hide behind a computer makes it easy for them to actually ignore the many users they have…what a huge disappointment!! :(:(:(

  214. amber Says:

    at last! mwahahahaha.. i finally got in.. 🙂

  215. Bwee Says:

    “Compensation”? Heebedy jeebedy, some people are really entitled. The plants are not going to run anywhere – they’re not mandrakes!

    With that being said, it’s nice to see the rumoured garden come to fruition – the feature will remain beyond summer, won’t it? I want to shift all my pet’s potted plants out onto some real grass. XD Another contact says she saw the ‘maintenance coming, please save’ message while she was visiting me, so kudos for getting that system up too!

  216. Lucky Says:

    I just drop by to say: My Pet Society finally loaded (and saved too, of course).
    Spend some money on those seeds, I hope it will be worth it.

  217. Mel Says:

    I was so thrilled!! i loged right onto myspace to buy pants and get started, only to find out you didnt mention that myspace would not be enjoying gardens yet…thx for getting my hopes up. plz add a note in the post that myspace does not get gardens, thx.

  218. lita septianti Says:

    i love u pet society,,,,,why maintenance????
    i miss u pet,,i miss u pet.

  219. nicola Says:

    happy with my extra 1000 coins, thanks playfish 🙂

  220. sherwyn Says:

    yey!! its already 12:45 am (GMT + 8:00) hahaha.. and im still awake.. playing with my pet..hahaha =) i really need to reward myself for this

  221. bee Says:

    yay! my flower has grown,its it!

  222. w Says:

    This sounds really interesting! Got to check it out soon 😉

  223. guillermo Says:

    deberian dar toas las semenas almenos 1 play cach

  224. honeyy Says:

    receive a newsletter saying there will be a credit of 1000 coins…..but seems i didnt receive it… what happen? there is or isnt……..

  225. ella Says:

    yup never see coins………PS liar………..

  226. amber Says:

    is there? i didn’t seem to feel it.. haha..

  227. Maggie Neff Says:

    With all our complains … we just like to thank you pet society … really a gr8 job you have done … i guess after all … it was worth getting stressed up … we all smile now with all the new things you have added and the 1000 coins you gave to us … sorry for we were not patience!!! Have a gr8 day all pets and we really do appreciate what you have done and accomplished!!! xox 🙂

  228. sherwyn Says:

    it was worth the wait =)

  229. kiwi mango Says:

    pet society finally load! i was sooo scared it won’t load today! Thank god Pet Society! phew~ >.<

  230. Ashe Says:

    I LOVE this new feature!

    Question: will we be able to pull up and pot or move our trees once they are fully grown? Like if we want our gardens to be in a certain order (since the types of trees are random)?

  231. Barbie Says:

    I have a beautiful orchid 🙂 thank you much Pet society

  232. don giovanni Says:

    love the plant idea! so interactive and creative ^^ thank you so much for this wonderful upgrade!! (and that 1000 coins too XD ) HAHA

  233. Lin Says:

    YAY,i can login now

  234. Lala Says:

    THANKUTHANKUTHANKUTHANKU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH PET SOCIETY!!!!!!! i just LOVVVVE the new garden idea, and slling them really gets u A LOT of coins. yesterday i sold a small plant for 244 coins!!!

  235. Fuwagi yamatash Says:

    I have 2 gardens, it so cool! I bought the beautiful glass vase!

  236. countocram Says:

    I just grew my first flowers! cool!

  237. :D Says:

    Yeah! I love this soooooo much!
    I get a Homegrown Sunflower! : )
    love pet society FOREVER!

  238. Ying Says:

    I did not get my 1000 coins 😦

  239. Fran Says:

    I never received the 1000 coins you were talking about.

    Also we need some insructions for the gardens. If you don’t pick the flowers, do they wilt? What about the veggies/ What about the trees?


  240. Candy Says:

    Thank you so much for making gardens for my pet..I got sunflowers and carrot..not sure how many kinds of plant seeds are there because they are still growing.
    I would love to have some decorations for the garden, like fences, ladder(like the pet will climb up the tree)..or know..hope you can see my opinion

  241. AndyGirl Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the new features they are awesome! and also thanks for the extra coins!

  242. =) Says:

    Please let the MySpace players know if and when this will take place. We are waiting patiently.

  243. Demi Says:

    This is such a cute feature, will it be coming to myspace pet society anytime soon? I’d love a retty garden fr both my facebook and myspace pet

  244. Gene Says:

    I got a sunflower too!

  245. MissReD Says:

    I bought in cash shop floor moon and does not work, it is assumed that there should be less grabedad and nothing happens for nothing

  246. ???mystery??? Says:

    you know i thought things were going to fall down hill when the new shop came. But i think this garden idea makes it up i mean you do not have to pay real money for the seeds. and if you grow a good vegetaple/ flower/tree you can sell for more then you paided for it. :0). I love the idea sooo much that i already have pulled up 9 and got my first award for it. So once my trees are fully grown and i have some fruit sell then sell the tree to make some bucks.

  247. betching Says:

    To: the staffers of PET SOCIETY;
    Thanks for giving me an information regarding gardening….

  248. shine Says:

    what about 1000 coins? why i ddnt even receive a newsletter!?

  249. Pepeng Says:

    Geeee… my pet already pick her first flower…!!.. then in a second, she hurry go to Garden store again buy more flower seeds…. seems Mrs Appleblossom will meet Pepeng everyday… 😀

  250. honeyy Says:

    Is there new rules again that cash item no longer send as gift….i want to send a cash item as gift and was kick out automatically….5 times in a row…

  251. maybes Says:

    what are the differet flowers, trees and vegetables? anyone got a list?

  252. Lucky Says:

    I pulled out the flowers that I grow, but it turned blank in the chest box. Only after a while it showed up. Anyone face this problem?

  253. purssypink Says:

    wow my pet got 6 flowers and 6 vegie

  254. MANDI Says:

    why does pet society doesnt load ???????????

  255. honeyy Says:

    Oh! I forgot to say thank you to playfish….I won 1000 coins in the daily lottery.. hooray!!!!

  256. Inuchan Says:

    Hey Playfish!
    Could you give us a list of the Homegrown flowers, trees and vegetables??

  257. vandez Says:

    i got a question.. do we still have d plant if we already pulled the fruits/veggue/flowers up?? plzz reply

  258. nikki Says:

    HELP!! i m so lucky that i got some items from mystery box which have a question mark beside it i dont know wat r dey 4 please tell me …………….its a caffetiria and a balloon in a clown shape…………IS IT RELATED TO MAYOR??

  259. nikki Says:


  260. Felicia Says:

    i love pet society always come up with great things! love you pet society

  261. haneen Says:

    oh so a waited 1 day and the result i got 2 flowers each costs 208 ! and for the tree i waited longer even longer for my big fat vegies wats the point of all of this every one is tring to be paitient but cant any way thnx playfish 😀 😛

  262. Gabriela Says:

    I love Playfish and pet society 😀
    I adore the garden but I only got 4different kinds of flowers, and I would like to know how many kinds are there?

  263. jenjen Says:

    hi i have 25 vegetable

  264. christen Says:

    pet society is the best it comes with new things everyday i hope it will come up with a new store or club i shure would like that soon it will be a crowded town but i love it keep us informed

  265. sherwyn Says:

    will the flowers wither if we keep them in our homes?

    • Bwee Says:

      I have a pair of sunflowers that have been sitting, potless, in an indoor garden for 24 hours plus. They’re doing quite well. 🙂

  266. AndyGirl Says:

    My vegetables are not growing any more! Its that normal? I dont understand what do I have to do to have large vegetables 😦

  267. ryan Says:

    I thought when the new cash shop came in i thought pet society would fall down hill. Then this new shop came in and i think it really makes up for it. I mean you do not have to pay real money for the seeds. Better than that when they are fully grown then you can sell or recycle them and get more then you paided for it like i said. Thank you so much sonya you really came through to us and hopefully people will start playing pet society more. So add more stuff and i swear you will have the best game on the web. Welcome ms appleblossem hope you get some fruit seeds if you do then i will be byeing them like mad. 1 more thing can you put some of the old items back in the stores we would like that im sure. 1 more thing in the lux/mystery you should make a luxery box and we could get any item in the luxery box.

  268. Mia Says:

    My game won’t load… is anybody else having this problem today? I never tend to have connection or loading issues…

  269. Mia Says:

    Nevermind! It just worked 😉

  270. Vero Says:

    I have my first tree!!!!!!! it´s a cupcake tree, but I don´t know how to take the fruit, does anyone know???….. ´couse the option Pet says it´s to cut the tree.

  271. roro Says:

    i love this idea wooow

  272. sandy Says:

    I see there are trophies available for the garden… but the seeds that I’ve already bought and planted aren’t being counted? Is there a way this can be updated? My pet loves trophies! Thanks for everything!

  273. Ashalani Says:

    I can’t find my garden or the new store! Please tell me. Where can I find them?

  274. Chandra Says:

    Great job guys! I love the new gardens! It was worth the wait! lol

    Cool Vero…I want a cupcake tree!

  275. Anggita Says:

    Hey Playfish!
    My tree will grown soon! And i’ve got Cattleya! 🙂

  276. Someone Says:


  277. Sompeetalay Says:

    1.000 coins in the lottery is a great reward but I haven’t received it yet 😦 I have one banana & a coconut tree. I expect another one to bloom in a few hours 🙂

  278. katren Says:

    that is soo cool i was dreaming abute it 😀

  279. katren Says:


  280. wsp Says:

    I cannot view my trees and flowers….XD
    Why always Maintenance …..

  281. yarden Says:

    ho my gud!
    i plant many flowers and trees and vegtebals and its so great!!
    i like it!
    i sold one flower for 233 $ !!
    and i buy the seeds in 200 $ ~
    great (:
    i wait to see all my plant grow and gow and grow!!

  282. May Says:

    My fruit can’t grow , but my tree grow before 2 days ? When my fruit will grow ? Please tell me. 🙂

  283. agry bitch Says:

    WTF !! better change your name to MAINTENANCE SOCIETY !

  284. Lin Says:

    yay,i love the trees and flower and veggie, i got orchid sunflower and red rose (flowers),turnips,carrot(veggie)but my treess havent finish growing

  285. XXX Says:

    What happen to Pet Society?? Alot of maintenance. Is so sucks….. Useless….. Can’t you just maintenance on some other time….. Midnight perhaps?? Always can’t log in!! NOOB!!

  286. name Says:

    fuck u ass holers

  287. kjell Says:

    i wonder when will they change pet society into maintenance society…

  288. Liz Says:

    How do you get this feature!!!??? My friend and I want this so badly!!!

  289. Bwee.snark Says:

    Oh goodness gracious, the game’s being made better, cleaner, faster, shinier. For me and you, and people like us. And we don’t have to pay anything unless we want to. How very terrible. You must be *shattered*. Woe.

    …Right, I think I’ve piled that on thick enough. Would those of you protesting rather have a laggy game full of ancient bugs and no hope of new items?

  290. askher Says:

    great idea!!!!! but how do i pick the fruit from my trees? please reply..thanks

  291. ella Says:

    i agree wit agry bitch WTF SOCIETY

  292. renesmee Says:

    the garden was nice….but ever since the garden was installed at PS,,,,everyday is a maintenance day… 😦

  293. john Says:

    day in day out is maintenance. every other day is maintenance day. i appreciate the work but still customer satisfaction is on a all-time low! how long is maintenance gonna be this time round? 1day? 1 wk? 1 month?

  294. katren Says:


  295. Camille Says:

    When will the game be available ?

  296. ryan Says:

    well sorry to say john at least till 5:00 pm you have 1 dang good point every day maintenance

  297. sarah Elmoctar Says:

    I love the idea

  298. macarena pacheco Says:

    no me usta

  299. johan Says:

    definitivamente esto que esta colocando en pet esta demaciado sigan asi

  300. kattya Says:

    anyone has fruit from the trees? I’ve been waitin 2 days already 😦

  301. juddie Says:

    on monday i think i bought some seeds (one of each) and then went home and i put them on the ground where they have to be. and u know the effect they do, but i waited a few days and nothing… i had to give up and bought more -.-“

  302. juddie Says:

    I miss old Pet Society.. Christmas’ one… It was better =) .. also that’s why I left PS.. ( I log in, pick lottery, buy TWS.. then log in next week.. and like this once a week, I’m still curious about items).. cuz you add TOO MUCH items!! I hate itttt =S

  303. arnel rapsing Says:

    wow its great to have a garden in your house and planting plants in your garden yeah its really really good idea but i can`t log in to pet society because of this garden it takes so many maintenance and error thanks for that garden now i cant get my coins from visiting on my friends, my pet is so so poor now he have no coins

  304. arnel rapsing Says:

    i`m getting mad now

  305. Sugar Says:

    Erm, hate to ask but…Something wierd happened!!!
    I went into my garden and I plucked out a “Homegrown sweetheart thing”,
    I accidently drag it and dropped it to soil (where we suppose to grow it).
    And then it dissappeared!!!
    It could have been hidden away in the soil and it is unclickable which means the once I click it, it will state sumthing else!

  306. Ranna Says:

    very cute growing plants i mean it heheheheehehheheehehehehehhehe

  307. Someone Says:

    Will the soil become more fertile if my pet pooed on it? LOL!

  308. Someone Says:

    Seems that there are only 4 kinds of flower: pink orchid, the blue-coloured one, white lily and sunflower……

  309. arda Says:

    this game sucks assholes and beacches

  310. Someone Says:

    Oh btw there are red roses too, that means 5 different kinds of flower?

  311. hellsbells Says:

    where is this garden with mounds of earth to plant because the garden ive got is the shop to bye the plants but dont know where to plant then, can some one help and tell me

  312. ... Says:

    In facebook it said you can get free seeds if you sign up for the news letter and I did

  313. Yeecall Says:

    I have got a green fingers, but I duno how to use it? can someone tell?

  314. sheila remoquillo Says:

    i can’t drag the flowers into my room that i got from my garden. why is that so happen? pls reply me…

  315. Anni Says:

    I got red tulips.

  316. jing Says:

    i bought 2 tree seeds, 3 flower seeds and 3 vegetable seeds. after one or two days, the flower grew and when i pulled it, it automatically go into my chest. So the next day, I saw that the trees have grown…I thought that just like the flowers, you can pull it and decorate it in other part of your pet’s house…but after I pulled it, the tree disappeared…I looked for it everywhere…in my chest and all my rooms but it was lost…where is my tree?

    • aj_cute_18 Says:

      hmmm you mean you pull the tree and it dissapear it will really dissapear
      becuase .the tree have a roots so if you pulled it its really posible to dissapear
      ………… and before i forget ……..

      ….. pls. add me and just searh my email add:
      and just add me ..

  317. cassipia Says:

    blue pansies too

  318. Terri Says:

    My tree and some of my friends’ trees have no fruit on them! I thought all the trees have fruit on them. Mine is a cupcake tree with dots on it, but no fruits! What’s up with that?

  319. cassipia Says:

    would like a list of plants available, so I know what I am missing…and if they add new plants would like to be informed of this too.

  320. cassipia Says:

    so far I have seen a coconut tree, an orange tree, an apple tree, a cupcake tree, a banana tree…am I missing any?

  321. Sarah Says:

    🙂 Love the gardening

  322. Blugeez Says:

    Can we get carrots ? I HOPE I CAN GET MANY CARROTS ^^

  323. Roz Says:

    well i think there are 5 different kinds of flower. n 3 diff kinds of tree maybe?, i hope they’ll add another flowers n trees

  324. Near Says:

    How to get the fruits from the tree? I have banana tree…

  325. Mandy Says:

    What do you do when it might rot??

  326. kat Says:

    im still waiting for my trees to grow some fruit do anyone has fruits already?

  327. bunbun Says:

    i have alredy grown a coconut tree in my back yard, but i wanted to move it to the front yard, so i open the chest and try to put it on the chest, and there was a question “do you want to remove the tree” i click yes, and another question “are you sure” and i click yes, but after that i tree is gone:(( please help me find my tree…:-S…

  328. Mack Leonard, Philippines Says:

    Banana PLANTS(not trees) are of the family Musaceae. They are cultivated primarily for their fruit, and to a lesser extent for the production of fibre and as ornamental plants. As the banana plants are normally tall and fairly sturdy they are often mistaken for trees, but their main or upright stem is actually a pseudostem (literally “fake stem”). For some species this pseudostem can reach a height of up to 2–8 m, with leaves of up to 3.5 m in length. Each pseudostem can produce a bunch of yellow, green or even red bananas before dying and being replaced by another pseudostem.
    Just wanted to clear it out that there are no banana trees that exist…

  329. lussi Says:

    no fruits…ufff

  330. buster Says:

    my trees have grown, but so far only my banana tree has grown bananas, and only 2. how long does it take til fruit grows?

    what are the different kinds of trees?
    so far i’ve had apple, coconut, banana, cupcake, and an orange tree.
    what are the other hybrid ones?

    i wonder what new features will be in tonight… can’t wait 🙂

  331. Luis Roberto Says:

    I cant get in pet society it said something of maintenance
    all the time
    but I already see the garthen I Plant some trees.

    For you purssypink it cant if you removed it goes trash!!!;)

  332. nanchuk Says:

    got an apple tree & it gave me three apples so far 🙂

  333. BB the great Says:

    I’ve moved the mature tree from the garden and intended to place it in the room, however, it’s gone!!! What’s happening? Where’s my tree? It seems that it couldn’t be placed in room, right? So, where’s the removed tree? Just gone? Can I re-plant it back to the garden? It costs 500 coins, anyway.

  334. kirstine Says:


  335. michou Says:

    what a can have a garden????

  336. rafty Says:

    holA ke fome el juego

  337. anne-marie fallesen Says:


  338. minkoo Says:

    hey can some1 tell me how long should we leave our vegetable. my carrot got large in size today but when i pulled it out it was rotten so we shunt wait for the veg to get large and pull it out while being medium?

  339. jessica Says:

    with silver bells and cockle shells and pretty mades all in a row

  340. WiWi Says: veg gotten rotten..WTF!!..will pulled it immediately when they become large

  341. enrique Says:

    is not like playing in this competition or inscrivirme someone esplica me?

  342. ELIZITA Says:


  343. Minnie Says:

    Hey, how long will take my cupcake tree to give me cup cakes? It has been more than 3 days and nothing.. can someone help me?

  344. Jade Says:

    Yes, i have the same problem. My large veggetable gone from my cheast and only root in my chest. My Large vegetable disappear too? so I should pull out when it medium? I don’t understand. If have the root, my large veggie should still there or disappear?

  345. kate Says:

    The risky of leaving Large vegetable has the rooten, means Large vegetable gone and become rooten? so we should not wait until it large or what should we do? i wait too long for nothing? so sad!

  346. kathy Says:

    I can not remove flowers fom my garden..what is going wrong??

  347. maria fernanda Says:

    hla, es muy dificl el programa, poregunta, cuanto tiempoo, tiene q pasar , para q pase del estado, pekeño??

  348. Las Says:

    What will happen if i remove the tree? i wanted to MOVE the trees to organise it but afraid that I might not be able to plant it back, juz like the flowers and veggies. Anyone knows?

  349. Azkha Says:

    I have 4 tree, but i don\’t get any fruit from my tree. when my tree will bear fruits

  350. maryrose Says:


  351. maryrose Says:


  352. megan Says:

    i have no idea on how to grow my garden,

  353. aj_cute_18 Says:

    hmm _how can i join the contest ?

  354. aj_cute_18 Says:

    🙂 :p 😦 .^)

  355. NANCY Says:

    Who knows the selling price of each size of vegetables?
    I know the “Large” is 214 coins.

    Anyone knows gigantic?

    And can you sell the tree?

  356. mostafa Says:

    PLZ TAKE ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!§§§§!!!§§§!!!

  357. omar Says:

    I’t’s amazing!!!!!§§§!!!§§!!§§!!§§!!§§!!§§**********

  358. luckymr Says:

    congratulations, is an excelent idea, i´m so happy with my garden, thanks playfish

  359. monica Says:

    i don’t understand how i get on the contest?

  360. minkoo Says:

    how many sizes of veg r thr?

  361. simba Says:

    How are we suppose to copy a garden when we can’t move the trees around?????

  362. une femme Says:

    I’ve just pulled my cabbage..the size is very large, and when I checked the price, it’s about 265 coins..

    Is it called gigantic??

    U can check out my cabbage at my pet house (dazzle)

  363. Tuffie/Diana Says:

    This is an awesome idea! I already made a profit of 141.00 on one large carrot. Cool! However, I am still waiting for my sow and grow 9 plants award. I have 19 plants altogether. 2 trees, 5 fully grown flowers in ground, 2 young growing, 1 potted, and 9 veggies in the back garden. Oh where, oh where is my little trophy…oh where, oh where can it be… 🙂

  364. Play Palace Says:

    I can’t seem to get in either,i kept trying till i got in!and guess what,i got 500 strike in the lottery phew lucky i got in or bye bye 500 coins…..

  365. bintang Says:

    yiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiii my cabbage… the size is very large and my tree very long

  366. rxch0zZz Says:


  367. maira Says:

    soo cool i get money 🙂

  368. valentina Says:

    bueno yo creo que pet society es lo mejor pero deverian vender las cosas mas baratas o dar mas dinero.
    ojala lo tomen en cuenta de valentina para pet society la comunidad.

  369. GG Says:

    Go Mrs. Applebottom jeans

  370. cristian Says:


  371. marce Says:


  372. indra Says:

    0o0o0o it´s a great idea i will be enchanted too participate!!!

  373. Gabby Says:

    My vegetables are still “small” they arent growing o-o
    like to medium large etc

  374. constanza Says:

    porfabor me pueden esplicar lo que decia es que no ablo ingles ablo español y no le pego a otros idiomas

  375. malcolm Says:

  376. flavia Says:


  377. Wayne Russell Says:

    Hi I was wondering why Pet Society runs slow on myspace. I have 2 accounts and it runs slow on both. When I move my cursor my pet is able to do stuff ok but when I don’t move my cursor he stops moving. It worked fine a few weeks and now it does this. Please let me no the reason. Thank you.

  378. salsa madina Says:

    oh my gosh!!!!!!!! pet society, why my garden grow so slow?

  379. irenka Says:

    Hi! I have this problem.. I bought the tree the day u add the feature and I waited 3 days to grow (its apple tree) but the apples never grew… what should I do?? DOes anyone else have this problem?? Please reply

    • Mel Says:

      Yup i did the same thing, sep mine is an orange tree. Still no fruit, we must be the most unlucky people 😛

  380. cami cute Says:

    oigan,como aqui solo hablan english casi no entiendo pero la pregunta es

    como me inscribo en la competencia del mejor jardin?

  381. Harkmyhart Says:

    I am having the same problem with my fruit trees. I have had them since the beginning and the are not bearing fruit either….

  382. Mimi Says:

    I have the same problem (but my tree is a cupcake tree)I wated for 10 days.And stil nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  383. Christie Says:

    Twice I have bought seeds (small vegetable) and planted them and then the next day they totally disappear. Anyone else have this problem? I wasted all my money on the seeds too.

  384. Tabian Says:

    :C My vege rotten.

  385. chelsea jones Says:

    hi i love pet scoity my orange tree wont ber frut and i love

  386. Lauren Says:

    For all the trees, you guys have to wait a few days for maybe one fruit to show up. It takes a long time but be patient! Eventually, you guys will get fruits maybe every 2 or 3 days.
    The cupcake tree is the cutest thing in the world!

    • mel Says:

      heh…No we waited weeks

      I just got my first orange today.
      2 weeks 4days.
      that is not a few days lol

  387. Mandy Says:

    How many types of trees are there?

  388. stephy Says:

    🙂 😮 🙂

  389. unknown Says:

    why is it that when i pull a tree,i cant sell it anyomore!?how i hate it!

  390. nikki Says:

    how come when i go on myspace i don’t see it?

  391. nikki Says:

    I mean no garden or seed store!!!!

  392. nikki Says:

    awww HELPPPPP I want A GARdEn

  393. mel Says:

    Myspace is in rewind, so we don’t get them >_>

  394. Fate Dagoco Says:

    pls. tell me how to join the competition….
    and pls. let me WIN i beg you i need money….

  395. Irma Says:

    i have 3 cupcake tree.. but they didn’t bare cupcake.. it’s been a long time..
    and i delete my banana tree.. coz it can’t bear any fruit..
    what’s wrong with my garde?

  396. myle Says:

    where do i plant my seeds ,,, just leave them on the floor , or what./???? can sb help me….pls

  397. Eli Says:

    Mayor : we want to open the Kob shop
    Kob is my pet

  398. steph lake Says:

    I went all over my map and can’t seem to find the holes for the gardening? I hope you can help I have a few seeds and I’m anxious to plant them!

    thank you

  399. steph lake Says:

    duh, i just figured out i have more than one room and one of them is my garden! silly me, thanks though

  400. juank Says:

    my garden its well, i have 2 coconut tree 2 cup cake tree some seeds of tree that i dont know what they are, and many vegetables

  401. sasori Says:


  402. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] to the Mystery and Gadget Stores, had some fun with April Fool’s, introduced the Cash Shop and Garden Store, been there for the changes to visiting, sent you fishing, announced the winners of many […]

  403. Bryant Doehring (Bike Games) Says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome piece of kit. I can tell I’ll be getting minimal sleep until I best the game!!

  404. Uni Says:

    My tree of spirit fruits aren’t growing! its been weeks and i have been waiting for so looonnngggg

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