And the winners are…


We sincerely thank you for all for your great contributions to Playfish’s I Play Here! competition. Once again, we were overwhelmed by your talent, passion and creativity, and touched by your continuing enthusiasm for what we do!

We asked you to take a photo of yourself holding up a Playfish logo. Exactly where you took the photo and what you were doing at the time was entirely down to you, and we had a lot of fun looking through all your entries to see all your fantastic and inspired ideas!

From all the amazing submissions, we chose our 50 favourites to become finalists. With prizes on offer for the top 10, we let YOU vote for the photos you liked the best, and here are the results!

So, let’s see who you voted for shall we?

The winner and proud owner of a shiny new Apple MacBook (making us all very jealous here at Playfish) is Paula from France, who took a spectacular picture of herself and a friend standing on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. At least, we think it’s Paula behind that cute Pet Society mask! Congratulations from Playfish, Paula!

1st place

Second place goes to Minerva from the Phillipines who seems to have been interrupted at an awkward moment while playing Pet Society. It’s a good thing she keeps a print of the Playfish logo with her wherever she goes or that could have been embarrassing! Minerva wins an 8GB Apple iPod Touch, which she’ll also be able to take wherever she goes. Congratulations, Minerva!

2nd Place

3rd place goes to Hathairat from Thailand. Hathairat wins a Playfish T-shirt, a Pet Society figurine, 25,000 Pet Society coins on Facebook and Pro Pack expansions for the Facebook versions of Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Word Challenge and Geo Challenge. Hathairat’s photo was taken underwater, which we think might be an artistic metaphor for the aquatic nature of the name Playfish, or it might just have seemed like a cool idea at the time. Either way, the prizes are yours! Well done, Hathairat!

Additionally, Jermaine from the Phillipines and Angela from Mexico win a Playfish T-shirt, a Pet Society figurine, 20,000 Pet Society coins on Facebook and Pro Pack expansions for the Facebook versions of Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Word Challenge and Geo Challenge. Well done to you both!

3rd, 4th and 5th place

Finally, Laszlo from Hungary, Pirun from Switzerland, Annelies from Belgium, Enita from the USA, and Ario from Indonesia each win a Playfish T-shirt, 20,000 Pet Society coins on Facebook and Pro pack expansions for the Facebook versions of Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Word Challenge and Geo Challenge!

Playfish congratulates everyone who participated in I Play Here!, and we thank you for your continued support. We hope you love playing each of our games as much as we love creating them for you!

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place

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30 Responses to “And the winners are…”

  1. Keagan Says:

    Awsome you guys! You won fair and square…

    Keagan and his paet Professor Kelfie!

  2. Tasha.jade Says:

    Woo! 🙂
    They were good prizes, and alot of them. 🙂 🙂
    Well done to you all. xx

  3. Pinky Says:

    Congrats !!!!!

  4. Ranna Says:

    I like it very nice! whoa!

  5. Ranna Says:

    say i like those cool prizes i think they are beutiful hehehehhehehe sana lang nga no cheeeeeeeeeee maganda!

  6. Angela Says:

    Wow they are all so pretty !!

  7. fred Says:


  8. Ingrid Says:


  9. Guishy Says:

    wow pilipino:D:D

  10. sherwyn Says:

    wow!! go philippines!! =)

  11. nik Says:

    congratz everyone!

  12. grüni Says:

    Wow. Congratulation guys!! 😀

  13. raquel Says:

    congratulations to all the winners especially from the Philippines…i’ve voted you guys…’balato naman dyan”….proud to be filipino…mabuhay philippines!!!!

  14. amber Says:

    filipinos are really creative.. ahaha.. great job..

  15. langdon Says:

    woow…congratulation u all ^^
    khususnya yg perwakilan indonesia itu hehe….

  16. Beryl Says:

    Nice one, Minerva!!! I voted for you!!

  17. mark Says:

    Yan ang Filipino!!. Minerva Caught in the act.. tsk tsk tsk

  18. Christina Says:

    The 2 guys who were dressed up like pets were from Hungary, where I live! 🙂
    The picture was made in the Heroes Square, which is one of the most famous places in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Nice job ^^

  19. mamakukokihandal Says:

    I ENvY Themmmm…. *LOL* COngratulationssss!!!

  20. jessica Says:


  21. :)) Says:

    how can u get more coins???

  22. Anime Says:

    kewl……….. wish i could do it guys 🙂

  23. marce Says:


  24. lolwut Says:

    um, why does minerva look like she’s playing restaurant city, not pet society?

  25. jose Says:

    is veri cool (: 🙂

  26. Arvina Says:

    hahaha, Paula, where she can make that mask? it very cute! and Minerva, wow… she is in toilet when she playing pet society (who opened the door?). and Hathairat, Jermaine, and Angela was make great idea to combine the playfish logo when they swimming, good!

  27. noah Says:

    when is the new things are coming in

  28. KERfy (martina) Says:

    Go! Philippines!

  29. win a netbook Says:

    Amazing, that is extremely good info, appreciated.

  30. aiss Says:

    the 2nd one is nice..keep it goin yeah..

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