Puzzling Pieces!


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have now been hidden away in mystery boxes, so sign onto Pet Society now via Facebook to start hunting!

“?” was determined to not let any pictures get into the wrong hands this week, so to ensure they were safely disposed of, he shredded them after the order was finalised.

However, while sitting by the fountain, eating biscuits, and wearing a disguise (to avoid alerting “?” she was around), Sirius heard the paper shredder, so peaked through the door of the Mystery Store to see what was happening. As soon as “?” was out of sight, she snuck in and grabbed the strips.

Unfortunately, she’s had no time to piece them together as yet, but maybe they will give you an idea of what to look for anyway!


Now that Sirius has managed to put the strips in the correct order, here are the images!




Cookie Jar

Lifebuoy Deco

Panda Mask

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

74 Responses to “Puzzling Pieces!”

  1. Chino Says:

    Cooki Jar?

    Panda Mask?

    Floatation device?

  2. sexy Says:

    panda mask!!

  3. Pinky Says:

    well i see a jar with olives.

  4. Pinky Says:

    also I can see a lifesaver!!

  5. Hateie Says:

    and a mask!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Elettra Says:

    It seems to me cookies! not olives!

  7. Javier Says:

    I see a lifesaver, a port biscuit and a mask of a panda

  8. sexy Says:

    i got the mask!

  9. icarus08 Says:

    its a cookie jar, panda mask and a life saver…

  10. Amewsed Says:

    “…sitting by the fountain, eating biscuits, and wearing a disguise…”
    Must be a life saver, cookie jar (biscuit jar) and a panda mask.
    Squee! So cool!!

  11. DenzeL Says:

    i want all of them especially the panda mask and lifesaver!
    Yeah \m/! go pet society!!!

  12. gracexd Says:

    i got a cookie jar^^


  13. GingerPinky Says:

    so now we need a swimming pool! 🙂

    • Angel Says:

      lol.. yeah.. that’s what we’re thinking.. they should create a watery floor design.. lol.. that would be a great idea..

  14. Krakatuk Says:

    A jar of cookies (I’ve run out of shelfs and tables where to put these things, larger rooms please!), a lifesafer (wall deco I guess, doesn’t really match the general style but well…) and another mask (I’m a little fed up with these, sorry…).

    Thank you for the update 🙂

  15. Lula Says:

    i got them.. its a lifebuoy decor a panda mask and a jar.. 🙂

  16. saad Says:

    its a panda mask, a red and white life saver and a jar of umm…sumthing orange or brown

  17. magsy Says:

    I got all of em neat 😀

  18. Angel Says:

    we’ll i have them all already.. it’s a lifebuoy decor, a cookie jar and a panda mask.. 🙂

  19. Calman999 Says:

    wow they are kwl

  20. grace chua Says:

    ooh,.. i am just so excited to have one of these,.. =)

  21. PashmiNa Says:


  22. Pinky Says:

    one of my friends ; got the cookie jar and the Panda Mask !! I wish the same for me and the lifesaver too.they are so cool !!

  23. Maggie Neff Says:

    I got the panda mask … wow!!! Hope to find the glass cookie jar in the BMB 😀

  24. Claudia Says:

    the life saver is very pretty but a little small don’t you think?

  25. Kiddo Says:

    Weee.. Panda Bear Mask and a LifeSaver’s display..

  26. Vivian Says:

    its a cookie jar, a life saver deco, and a mask

  27. Panda King Says:

    The liftsaver is too small, Panda mask is so cooooooool~~~

  28. rskmc Says:

    I know!
    Panda mask, life saver floating thing, and a jar

  29. rob Says:

    visit the link to see the pics, but yup their answers are right, its a panda mask, a cookie jar and a lifesaver.

  30. Guishy Says:

    its like a cokie jar& panda mask:D….cant figure of other:D

  31. deej Says:

    life buoy decor and panda mask 🙂

  32. Lez Says:

    hope i can get the lifesaver and the panda mask!

  33. ♥-pet-society-but-hates-the-idea-of-cash-shop Says:

    I want the Cookie Jar!! And the Mask and The Lifesaver!!!!!!

  34. Orlando Says:

    there are a jar with cookies
    a lifesaver
    an a panda mask

  35. PhyscoPath Says:

    I got the lifeboay thingyy.Thankgod!Yayyyyyy!!
    be jealous guys, dont worry you guys will get one soon.very soon!

  36. adz.villa(Forum) Says:

    it is a lifebuoy, cookie jar and panda mask. I got it

  37. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    So,now I understand that ” ? ” is a female pet.

  38. DenzeL Says:


  39. audrey Says:

    i all ready figured out all the myterious items! :).. i put the strips together. .

  40. katren Says:

    soo cool but why we ned a mask wen i have a panda ? 😀

  41. Pinky Says:

    I got something call “blue luchador mask¨ very nice,and better than the Panda mask.has two fishes facing each other! Also has the ? for $333 if you sale it.but I guess I have to give it away,to one of my friends ,because is for a Male,and I Am a Female 😦

  42. Einav Says:

    i’ve got the two items from the gmb =)
    panda mask and a kind of life buoy deco! =))

  43. haneen Says:

    well still lookin’ for them but they look like a life bouy a buscuit jar mmmmmmmmmm……. 🙂 and a pandda mask i think i already have a bear and a flowery mask hah……… this is not realy nice i thought of a swimming pool or a car to drive i have 2 many ideas but no use iam not the 1 how made this game huh
    cheerfully i say bye
    p.s= 4rm where do u get the imotions (HEH)just curios

  44. purple-girl Says:

    a life saver
    cooki jar
    panda mask

  45. Ranna Says:

    hmmm i think it is a salbabibida a cookie jar and i dont know the other one hehehehe!

  46. Ranna Says:

    a panda mask??? and a life saver

    😀 :p 🙂 😉

  47. Blugeez Says:

    I really want that live saver in my pet’s room ! And we should say thanks to playfish because they let us to buy mystery boxes without the playfish cash !

  48. Ingrid Says:


  49. bobana Says:

    It’s really hard to get the things… I’m bored! Again!
    Playfish makes things harder and probably will loose me

  50. nonie Says:

    it so hard to get new mystery item inside the blue mystery box..i really want that surf board deco thingy! ive tried since last week..

  51. prince Says:

    add me royce_parco@yahoo.com my pet society is a trade house come trade with me new mystery items available

  52. sherwyn Says:

    is there a strategy to get these mystery items in the mystery box? =)

  53. PhyscoPath Says:

    The strategy is …
    Refresh after u buy one mystery box.Thn I think the percentage of getting better stuff is higher. : D

  54. calista Says:

    panda mask, cookie jar and life saver??

  55. Nadeshiko sakura Says:

    I Can See Goggles….Life Floaties And A Olive Jar I Guess…..

    Wanna Have One!!

    ->This Girl Is Zoooo……Addicted!!<-

  56. revizack Says:

    i think the items in the blue mystery box are always the hardest to get, for weeks i haven’t got the luck to get the items from the blue ones. hope it could be more easier!

  57. 13hoshinok1 Says:

    cant get them all
    only have lifeguard

  58. jessica Says:

    i see them all

  59. soffy Says:

    ben senin war yaa

  60. marianne Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa yo quieroo todoooo

  61. Shanty Says:

    cookie jar

  62. claraflo Says:

    im have cookie jar and Lifebuoy Deco

  63. ghady Says:


  64. Pandin Says:

    all beautiful things are in the cash shop. 😦

  65. Michelle Danford Says:

    especially the panda mask… love it!

  66. RoBByMyRaBBiT Says:

    Before I got in here by Clicking something I was sad about ACACIA’s Story It’s Really Sad that She wanted to help anyone but they coudn’t accept her.

    Hey, Is that a Cookie Jar? It’s so Cute I Love to eat Cookies
    Hey the only cookie jar make my day xD

  67. raul Says:

    deven ser mias ok bye

  68. raul Says:

    kiero ganar

  69. oxx3mmaxxo Says:

    I WON THE COOOKIE JAR!!!! yey:)

  70. LEO Says:


  71. martina Says:

    l got the panda mask!

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