Pet Society does an Italian Job


Hey Pet Society fans! An Italian merchant was in town this past week secretly securing deals with most of the village shop keepers in preparation for Festa della Repubblica! So sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook and head to your favourite store to see what Italian inspired pieces your pet might enjoy! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 8th of June, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

In the Luxury Store, Felicity introduces the fine Mandolino, as well as a model of a Retro Car and the carefully crafted Roman Couch!




Retro Car Deco (TWS)


Roman Couch

Terrence, not wanting to be left behind in the Cash Shop, brings you this fantastic life-size Retro Scooter Deco; the Pet Statue to commemorate the influential pets of days past; the Traditional Wood Fire Oven and Cooking Pot With Spaghetti to bring some Italian flavour to your pet’s kitchen; plus the Gondola Bench which will allow your pet to imagine it is peacefully rowing through Venice!



Retro Scooter Deco

Cooking Pot With Spaghetti



Pet Statue

Traditional Woodfire Oven


Gondola Bench

If your pet wishes to decorate in the style of an Italian restaurant, Preston has some great Red Checker items and a Condiment Set to assist in the Furniture Store! Or, for a more classic look, check out the Roman Side Table.




Red Checker Utensil Set (TWS)

Red Checker Dining Table (TWS)

Red Checker Kitchen Towel (TWS)



Condiment Set

Roman Side Table

Lily is sure to impress this week in the Clothes Store, with Italian inspired outfits ranging from the Blue Soccer Shirt and Pants that are similar to what you might find Italian soccer supporters wearing today; to the Empress Dress, Gold Wreath and Legion Armour, drawing inspiration from the time of the Roman Empire!



Blue Soccer Shirt (TWS)

Blue Soccer Pants (TWS)




Empress Dress

Gold Wreath

Legion Armour

For the homely touch, ensure you visit Grumble in the D.I.Y. Depot. He has some Italian Villa selections; plus install the Colosseum View Window in any room for a great outlook.



Villa Patrizia Wallpaper

Villa Drape



Villa Patrizia Window

Colosseum View Window (TWS)

Truffles is delighted to bring an Italian feast to the Food Store this week, so ensure you try some before Truffles eats it all himself!




Bruschetta (TWS)

Parmigiano (TWS)

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro (TWS)

The flavour of Italy even extends to the Café, with Tiramisu and Biscotti the newest additions!





Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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96 Responses to “Pet Society does an Italian Job”

  1. sherwyn Says:

    woohoo!! love em all!! =) great work!

  2. Camm Says:

    Nice! (:

  3. Camm Says:

    Hey,Where Can I see The points I need for pass to the next level?

  4. Margaret Says:

    VIVA ITALIA! I love it! =)

  5. Francesca Says:

    pffft… no new stuff toys?? puh lease.. T_T…the only one i liked is the retro car deco… bummer…:(…CASH SHOP SUCKS! 😦

  6. LadyRain Says:

    ,,wiww. . . .sweet !!

  7. ange Says:

    if you dont like the cash shopdont buy from the cash shop!!! im sick of people complaining!!!

    • Roxas Says:

      u got money then buy for us la
      u have no right to criticize us!!

      • ange Says:

        i do have a right to say what i feel, a few post’s about the cash shop is ok if you dont like it but, every freaking post is always complaining about how they cant aford anything,

        i could understand if you were complaining because you had to pay to play the whole game, but it’s only 1 store and everybody goes overboard,

        i cant afford anything but i dont complain about it, some people have to realise that this is just a game

  8. Fer Says:

    It’s such a shame that the oven is just being sold at the cash shop 😦
    hope it get to regular stores soon 😀

  9. Gabby Says:

    Wow! Aswome 😀

  10. xpiiggii Says:

    sweeet! xD I can’t wait to decorate my new room with the italian items! wooo! xD

  11. Magdeline Says:

    Awesome! Love the food this week as well as the retro car.

    Pity the oven is in the cash shop.

    I agree with Ange, it’s understandable if people might complain about the cash shop but I think it’s about time you guys stop it. I believe you can always trade with someone in the forum for these items if you don’t have a credit card to purchase the items in Terrence’s shop.

  12. purssypink Says:

    wow!!But i can’t seem to get in pet society wonder y

  13. Alien Says:

    This week’s items are really attractive. Well done, Playfish! Thanks!

  14. Kate Says:

    Hi.I am new to facebook but i can’t get into facebook’s Pet Society but it keeps telling me <

  15. Mikhail Delfin Says:

    Bravo! This is one of the best items I have seen so far! The only thing I hated about the past few weeks is that it is themed to much to specific countries. Good thing for this week, they don’t seem to be just the favorite of the Italians but of all countries. I really like the Oven (Cash Shop T_T), I am gonna check the price of it in trading. I also like the new Kitchen Set and the new Car Deco. The New Shop must be a Gardening Center or Plant Shop. 🙂

    Very well! 🙂

  16. DenzeL Says:

    I love all the items in the D.I.Y. shop!

  17. purssypink Says:

    Fininally I can get into facebook!!I have got everything in the shop except for the cashshop items they are fantastic

  18. Serena Says:

    I love it ~~~~~

  19. amber Says:

    whoa.. i love them all! 🙂

  20. Tasha.jade Says:

    i found the caf items late last night so my buddle got nidnight snack but nothin else was/did coming/come till 1? :/ anywho, the items are deffinaely better than last week.

    Car, Scooter and Empress dress. 🙂

  21. GingerPinky Says:

    this stuff is too expensive: 1ooo coins for a wallpaper??? And everything is in the cash shop!

    No guys…the game’s losing its fun…sorrry….you’ve changed too many things.

  22. GingerPinky Says:

    and…nothing in the gadget shop! 😦

  23. penny Says:

    loving the new stuff trying to save for the car now 🙂

  24. dhea Says:

    I LOVE ALL!!!

  25. KW Says:

    Cool items, but too bad the Traditional Woodfire Oven’s in the Cash Shop.

  26. zaid Says:

    pet society items geting stuped …..:(

  27. unknown fan Says:

    CoOoOoOoLLLLLLL 😀 😀

  28. pet-society-holic Says:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING! thanks playfish

  29. Lola Says:

    Why was there mexican items for Cinco de Mayo and now italian stuff for festa della repubblica, but there was nothing for memorial day? Is there gonna be any red, white and blue stuff for 4th of July or is the USA gonna be completely excluded? I think playfish should celebrate every contry.

    Other thatn that I love everything that came out today! Except that there was nothing in the gadget store and when you click on the shopkeepers bubble it tells you to go buy his stuff @ the cash shop, nice move playfish! (enphasizing sarcastic tone)

  30. Amewsed Says:

    Lola, I sincerely doubt that Playfish (a British company) would put out things celebrating OUR independence from THEIR Country. It would be awkward to say the least.

    Besides, Independence day and Memorial day are celebrations specific to our Country, whereas a lot of the others as celebrated worldwide. I would be extremely surprised to see American items around the 4th and honestly, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they weren’t in the store. *shrug*

    • Lola Says:

      Festa della repubblica is not celebrated worldwide, i never heard of it until today.
      And if you are american and can care less if they come out with red, white and blue items to decorate pets houses, you should be ashamed, oh wait, you are ashamed, just remember that those colors don’t represent politics, or you believes, it represents the people, a nation.

    • Tasha.jade Says:

      Im not realy sure when memorial day is or whatever but if they are a british company, how come they celebrated the american mothers day and not the british?? Or did they do both. I cant remember, but i dont think so. :/

      So anyway…. they might… who knows?

      • Amewsed Says:

        There are about 75 countries, that celebrate Mother’s Day on the second
        Sunday of May, which includes Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, People’s
        Republic of China, Italy, Japan, Singapore, etc…

        It’s not strictly an American celebration.

  31. jenny Says:

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE evrything, its all gorgeos this week, nice one playfish!
    A DEDICATED PS PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. katren Says:

    i wender if we can dreive the car if it was that well be so cool 😀

  33. Elli Says:

    We need at least three more rooms please!!!!!!!!!!you bring awesome stuff every week but we also like our old ones so we need more space to put them…pleaseeee

  34. nelson Says:

    it s like a kindergarden … here and in forum too.
    quarrel, quarrel, quarrel.

    ppl are different, thanks heaven. some loves the items, and some dont.
    some loves cash shop, and some dont.
    thats the nature of human!

    playfish must not create new items every week .. but they do!
    so – be happy and have fun with pet society.

    and never forget: its a game, only a game!

  35. GingerPinky Says:

    @LOLA i guess they are celebrating all national feasts…they put many things for thanksgiving day too….dont you remember? USA arent excluded, they just keep feasts randomly. Two things more: this is the VERY first ITALIAN celebration! And, as you know the “italian Job” movie was not really italian, and infact this week’s items are inspired by the movie and by traditional images like the country villas or the antique roman empire…nothing to do with REAL italian contemporary habits.
    If you look at it, they simply take important feast that sgould be recognized by all the players (no matter their nationality).

    And yes, you’re right: the cash shop is unfair, especially if all items are there!

    @ELLI: yeah….we need more space….and more items! 😦

  36. NikkISavella Says:

    -sigh- I wish we had pet jobs so we could earn coins….

  37. Physcopath Says:

    Love all the stuffs this week but is too expensive and I cant afford it.Is like u visit one friend only get 20 coins.So lil.Not enough.They should reduce the price and give more if we visit.Like tht more ppl will start playing. and is also hard to get mystery box stuffs.SUPER DUPER.I hate it when I buy 500 coins I get 66 coins stuffs.Is super annoying rite?Anybody agree wif me?

    One wod to decribe, I;m BROKE!
    I pity my pet, rainbow!

  38. Amewsed Says:


    I am not ashamed of my Country at all and it’s a bit rude of you to assume that I am ashamed of my Country, just because it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I didn’t see red, white and blue items in a few weeks. Those colors (in that order) represent ONE Nation and that’s where I (personally) see the problem. Of the items that PF has put out, I don’t see any that use nationalistic colors and there is a reason for it.

    The items they have out in celebration of Festa della repubblica are generic Italian items. If PF would like to celebrate Independence Day with traditional 4th of July items, like fireworks (which are originally from China btw), hot dogs and hamburgers (which we already have in the food store), apple pie, baseball themed items, or anything else that generically represents Americana then by all means, I say they should go for it.

    Otherwise, they would be opening a divisive can of worms by throwing out the colors of our Nation. Not at all what I think a game that’s intended to bring together people of all nationalities should do.

    I hold firm to my opinion, as this is clearly my opinion, while respecting the right of your opinion….

    • Bwee Says:

      Not American.

      Well said.

    • Lola Says:

      ok… red white and blue is not from one nation in that order… google it. My mother is from The republic of Panama and those are her colors in that order and yes she would like to decorate her pets house too for november, obviosly they wont have anything for Panama.

      • Amewsed Says:

        Yes, you are correct and I was incorrect in making a blanket statement that red, white and blue represents one Nation, as there are clearly multiple nations that use those colors. My apologies to you.

        Be that as it may, the main point of my original comment to begin with is that Playfish will do whatever Playfish will do and I won’t complain about it, because I see it as just a game and it’s no skin off MY nose. I understand your point of view and I respect it, I was merely voicing my opinion as to why I don’t think they will put our red, white and blue items around the time of our celebration of Independence from their Country. That’s it.

      • Amewsed Says:

        And that should be “I don’t think they will put OUT red, white and blue items….” Not “OUR”.
        Wish I could edit….. *shrug*

  39. marisa Says:

    the cash shop is soo unfair,all the grat stuf is there 😦 i loved those ballet shoes 😦

  40. laura Says:

    i hate the cash shop its so unfair the best thing are there i ting i never going to play pet society it sucks 😦

  41. Ramakien Says:

    The new food selection alone is making my mouth water. I like this week’s theme.

    @ everyone who’s complaining about the cash shop:
    Please stop it already! Every business has to make money otherwise, why exist. BTW, not all the cool stuff are in the cash shop. I know. I’ve visited a several pets’ homes and they seem to have a lot a cool stuff. If you are going to complain, then complain about the cheaters who hack into the system and ruin it for everyone. Yes, I’m talking about the losers who buy 10 items of everything with the coins they didn’t earn and boast about it over their stupid blog.

  42. abigail Says:

    hola q hacen??

  43. Anthony Says:

    Lola ,I Agree I Think That We Should Get Red White And Blue Items For Our Homes On Independence Day Because If They Have Other Countries They Should Also Have Ours !

    Loved Everything !

  44. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] Tags: facebook, festa della repubblica, italian job, pet society, roman empire Posted in News | 39 Comments » […]

  45. audrey Says:

    love it all..! ♥

  46. Bernice Says:

    I so love the new stuff.
    PS is getting better and better, even if it’s already the best. 🙂

  47. sozy Says:

    ilove you pet society

  48. Layla Says:

    Pet Society.. best game ever.. ;].
    Loved new stuff..

  49. Sharon Says:

    As I suspected, my opinion is that many of the nicer items are in the “Cash Shop”. Here’s a suggestion. Have an additional lottery payout for those “SPECIAL CASH SHOP COINS” like the regular lottery. Then people who can’t afford to buy coins will be back on more even ground and will have cash coins to buy the better items. I must say though, with two weeks of disappointment with the new items, at least this week’s items are somewhat better. I would really have loved to get the speghetti cooking in the pot. Unfortunately, I need real pasta in my real pot for my real family. Happy playing everyone.

  50. nancy Says:

    Does the treadmill in cash shop really helps with the hurdle race?

    • julie Says:

      @nancy, yes the treadmill helps you win hurdle races.
      it makes the other 2 pets trip over the bananas and hurdles

  51. takataka Says:

    how can i win the gold poo???

  52. shina Says:

    plz give us free items 😦 and give us cash the cash shop is so unfair:( but the new items its cool tnxx:)

  53. Chandra Says:

    I would love to get items out of the Cash Shop but w/ the economy I can’t! 😦 The best thing to do though is just not even go in there! Why tease yourself? There are plenty of other great items in the other shops to buy!

    In response to ppl talking about July 4th items, they probably will have stuff out that relate to that holiday. Since I’ve been playing, Pet Society has had items for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Chinese items and now Italian items. And, considering that not everyone celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sure there will be items for July 4th.

  54. Pepeng Says:

    Hi i found something new yesterday…My Pet ..Pepeng can kick the ball like a soccer player after she wear the blue football tshirt…its awesome… !!

  55. lucas Says:

    i want buy Retro Scooter Deco @ cash shop but i dont have real money for buy iy.
    maybe someday all things @ cash shop can sell @ D.I.Y/FUNITURE??

  56. Ashley Says:

    I agree with Sharon.

    (As I suspected, my opinion is that many of the nicer items are in the “Cash Shop”. Here’s a suggestion. Have an additional lottery payout for those “SPECIAL CASH SHOP COINS” like the regular lottery. Then people who can’t afford to buy coins will be back on more even ground and will have cash coins to buy the better items. I must say though, with two weeks of disappointment with the new items, at least this week’s items are somewhat better. I would really have loved to get the speghetti cooking in the pot. Unfortunately, I need real pasta in my real pot for my real family. Happy playing everyone.)

  57. Ranna Says:

    I love to get the things in the cash shop because it is very amazing powers in it and guess what i like italian it is so great the style is so stylish ang very nice food i like it 😀

  58. crn_cham Says:

    I have an opinion on cash shop,,,

    why dont they sell old items on the regular shops? maybe after 2+ weeks of selling… i think players can wait…

  59. little miss murder machine Says:

    the new items are really great. so cute. only problem is, the items from cash shop, NO WAY I CAN GET THOSE. i think that playfish, has made a mistake in putting that up. not everyone will be willing to pay real money for just a game. no matter how much we love it. i myself, have not played that much since that “cash shop” was put up. i only play like twice a week only. sometimes i just log on for the daily lotterry. i was disappointed when all the good stuff was in the cash shop…

  60. sherwyn Says:

    dear sonya:

    when are the weekly winners posted? is there a specific day in the week theyll post the winners? ty =)


  61. Fadie Shkokani Says:

    alright i love this

  62. Fadie Shkokani Says:

    i love the new stuff i love buying it all the time im happy i play everyday i can afford any of the new stuff

  63. Fadie Shkokani Says:

    i know everyone loves new stuff in pet society including me

  64. Jowe Says:

    wow let me try. i like all.

  65. Blugeez Says:

    I REALLY REALLY want that retro car

  66. Kylie Says:

    i’d rather say the cash shop items are completely suckish .



  68. DyogZ Says:

    excited for the new items this week.. cant sleep.

  69. jessica Says:

    i want to win

  70. jessica Says:

    i love everything about petsociety

  71. soffy Says:

    Je suis tombé en amour avec cette Superrr oynuna .. mon numéro de 55 fois et de l’argent chaque fois que je joue sayısıda 1.000.000 est le nombre de vêtements à tous les………..:D

  72. nino Says:


  73. WaterB Says:

    I want to buy that Italian clothes… but now, it is not available in the shop…
    How can I buy it?? 😦

  74. geidy Says:

    pero como hp me escribo en esta competencia

  75. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Says:


  76. Charisse Yap Says:

    I really love playfish game and the one i always open PET SOCIETY! 😀 and i have a big lvl 😀 but im not rich 😦

  77. arabian.princess Says:

    i want some old items willing to trade with any thing from the shops thank you

  78. cris* Says:

    amo a pet pero me cai gordo que este en mantenimiento :c

  79. Queen Says:

    Plzzz can anyone tell me whats (tws)
    thank u

  80. carmela joyce celestino Says:

    hmmm….some times angry in pet society y?

  81. carmela joyce celestino Says:

    angy with it so im so very angry hmm? 😦

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