Muttering Mysteries


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have been hidden away in boxes around the village, so sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook to start searching! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!)

Sirius tried to talk to “?” earlier to find out exactly what they were, but he does not like to give too much away, and just muttered a couple of words about each! So here’s what he said, we’ll let you figure out the rest!

  • Fermented Flavour! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Vineyard Reflections! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Autumn Masterpieces! (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images!




Wine Vinegar Bottle

Grape Mirror

Wood Framed Artworks

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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67 Responses to “Muttering Mysteries”

  1. Magdeline Says:

    Fermented flavour O.o

    Kimchi or Nattou?

    Hope to see some new dolls coming up please!

  2. Sheilla Says:

    Hurry Up!You Must Give The Picture!My Patient Level Is Empty! 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says: wood framed artworks (gmb)

  4. MC & Kanog Says:

    i wonder what they are……………………………..

  5. pei yee yeong Says:

    dunno what they are

  6. tritch Says:

    round grape mirror! i just got one
    the other is a set of wood frames with autumn leaves

    the other i have yet to see

  7. JoCat Says:

    I’ve got one of them lah! Really very beautiful… it should be Vineyard reflection i guess… Btw, i can’t find anything in the village…

  8. fugiwara Says:

    “Vineyard Reflections” – Grape Mirror, (a mirror surrounded by a vine of grapes)

  9. Groovyelisa Says:

    the third one is a wine bottle ;))))

    the mirror is superb!!!

  10. Fuzzy Says:

    got the painting

  11. tritch Says:

    i just saw the third one it’s vinegar in this little corked bottle that reminds me of potions

  12. GingerPinky Says:

    Hi guys,
    this is a sad post….not really yelling at anyone, but a simple complaint.
    my pet is almost one year old and during this time i noticed that things have been changing too much….sadly.

    1- new items are becoming too much expensive, and if you dont believe me then just go in the shops and compare old prices with the newest. I know the success of the game and all the rest is a good reason for you to modify strategies…but if you look in the web, its full of articles about your company and how it is growing and all the rest. i guess that success is changing your initial purpose: fun.
    Now, to have fun all I have to do is: pay with real money or wait for months to have enough money and then buy me some things. But if i chose the second option then I dont see all this fun….you put weekly items “tempting” us ( and that’s ok) but you dont really think about “maintaining” the game. I would like less expensive items, that would be more fun.
    You say that the “game industry trust” forces ppl to spend money while you want to change ” the way ppl play”….well i think now that you’re in the business your not so different….

    2- the cash shop. that is a very good idea, but i cannot spend real money, so i have to avoid furnishing my house? or i have to avoid visiting it…? hmmm…

    3- GMB…I noticed now its hard to get new mistery item, while in the past i just needed to buy few of them….that’s really a waste of money.

    in the end, i hope you take this as a complaint, not really as a “yelling” at you as I have seen around….and I am not going crazy for a game….you know…but I suggest you should change strategy…it’s impossible to have fun in a game where the purpose is to follow “weekly trends” and decorate, but you cannot do it because everything is expensive. you know, it’s funny, but is really a simple game: there is nothing to do apart from hangin’ around and buy….and I dont think that this is worth all this spending money!

    maybe you should give us something more……..

    thanks for the games and all the rest, i dont know if you will read this or consider this, but i hope if you will then you will take it for what it is, and consider the idea that many players are quitting to enjoy other games.

    • honeyy Says:

      I totally agree with you. Especially for the GMB….i’ve been playing for more than half year and i never…NEVER get anything myself from the box. My record is playing with 50 boxes and i still cant get the mystery item. And some items i got has the value less the the box (500 coins) and it is not fair. I know business is business but the sucess is mainly rely on us who actully play the game. If the changes cant keep us stay with the game, so you cant make business too.

  13. kjell Says:

    got the autumn wood framed artwork.. =)

  14. adam Says:


  15. watitiw Says:

    got the wood framed art can be found in the you tube . com if ur curious about the looks..:D

  16. Says:

    i am spending too much just to see that stuffs “?” are trying us to look for… haiszz… hahah!!! lol

  17. Elli Says:

    I got all of them!!!they rock!!!

  18. Vero Says:

    Here you can find all the stuff just are in shops, the new ones in mystery boxes and the next stuff to come!!!

  19. Billa Says:

    got the vineyard reflections. it’s grape mirror

    • Orlando Says:

      hi where did you find those things on the miistery boxes cause i bough lots of boxes and nothing

  20. wei Says:

  21. Teddy Says:

    hehehehehe these new items are really something 😀 🙂 O:)

  22. Teddy Says:

    PS should have CASH SHOP items in mystery boxes. WHO’S WITH ME??? 😛

  23. Vero Says:

    I´M WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  24. Dayne Says:

    I wish pet society was available on nokia phones… who’s w/ me?

  25. Teddy Says:

    TNX , enybody else… 😉

  26. Elie Says:

    I am with you

  27. cuzcuz Says:

    I agree with Gingerpinky and Teddy, week after week playing becomes kinda frustraiting cause there’s not enough coins to buy all the great new items and paying real money just changes the real fun ans spirit of the game… that’s where I agree with Teddy put “cash shop items” (ok not all but some) in mistery boxes and…. please, please, please give us more coins in daily lottery!!!! PLEASE MORE COINS IN DAILY LOTTERY!!!

  28. robby Says:

    where can you find these? around the ville or inside mysterious boxes?

  29. hitomibunny Says:

    I spent like half my fortune on mystery boxes and still got none of the items 😦
    Playfish should give us the statistics of getting the new items. Like 1 out of 30?

  30. kevin Says:

    where can i find those mystery items?

  31. SmiLe Says:

    Just super duper pretty, I’m in LOVE 😀

    • Sonya Says:


      • honeyy Says:

        Sonya, why u just reply to those who give compliment and never ever say something about the opposite……

      • Sonya Says:

        honeyy, I normally only respond to questions, as I don’t have time to respond to every single comment on here. However in this case, I noticed a very good friend of mine had posted, and hence decided to acknowledge her. 😉

  32. Orlando Says:

    how can i get those things? please

  33. martha Says:

    I can’t find them either. I’ve been all around town and the only new things I’ve found are the foods in the cafe shop. T_T

    and can I still get previous mystery box items from cinco de mayo in the blue and gold boxes?

  34. aBRAham Says:

    ..,,haisZzz… lookS likE i Am spEndiNG To muCh jusT to find the mystery items…haha!! lol

  35. robby Says:

    now i get it. it’s in the mystery boxes. i got the “fermented flavour ” aka wine vinegar

    PS hope there is a philippine or tropical themed items.

  36. geo Says:

    Hey Pet Society fans! The latest mysterious items have been hidden away in boxes around the village, so sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook to start searching! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!)

    what are those items????!!

  37. Orlando Says:

    i found two of them after buying lots and lots of mistery boxes

  38. Misho Jack Says:

    I did not know from where I start,,every time I go to the mystery shop to buy the golden box for $500 all I get very very sheap things like rubber duck..I am not think that is is like waisting money..or throw money in the air ..I wait for too long to get extra money to go to the mystrey shop.I am really upset….

  39. xpiiggii Says:

    omg….I’ve been through at least 50 bmb already and still no wine/vinegar! waaa >o:O huzzah! x.x

  40. armell Says:

    yes,I can’t afford to buy coins with real money. I just love this game so much, it relaxes me and while my husband plays on his xbox 360 i have finally something to do instead of just sitting and watching him play his games. In real life ,the cash is a problem and I can’t buy the stuff to fill my house so when I was introduced to this game it was like a dream come true, play money to buy play items what more could a girl ask for, but alas it’s getting to hard to collect money and I only look on as others are getting real cool stuff. I’m not complaining (too much) and I enjoy seeing what others have and believe it or not I am quite happy for what people have. I will never quit this game and no matter what happens I will be happy with what I get. Thank you for listening, my pets name is Sophie

  41. Roxas Says:

    wat does it mean by hidden away in boxes around the village?
    does it mean that we have to bang the trees and the boxes will pop out??
    or does it mean that there are new items in the mystery boxes which are sold in the mystery shop??

    • Sonya Says:

      As I replied to Orlando:
      “They can be found in blue and golden mystery boxes!” (which may be purchased in the Mystery Store.)

  42. Billa Says:

    also got all of them ^_^

  43. Marcela Says:

    it’s really disappointing to have spent all my coins in MB’s and I bought too many and I did not get a single new item! =[

  44. helena Says:

    i’ve got a question… why, when I buy a golden mistery box, does sometimes appear things like an ugly window, or something? I mean, why don’t you agree, and search the correct value for every box?

  45. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] Muttering Mysteries […]

  46. GoLDie Says:

    I’ve got all of them! I’m suprise u guys dont get them.. I guess I’m lucky coz I get the 999 items all the time ^_^

  47. katren Says:

    ssoo cool i wante all of them 😀

  48. AspenKay Says:

    I wish we could be told when Items will be taken out of stores and not save up coins for weeks or months only to be disappointed when we enter shops and items are suddenly gone…

    Also could we be able to connect to myspace Pet Society and send items back and forth like to other friends since items for sale are different on each site?

  49. Nadeshiko sakura Says:

    Yay….I Got The Framed Artworks…….
    But Just That…
    You Can See It On My First Room….
    And I Had It On First Try 🙂

  50. Robin Says:

    I agree with so many others!!! But PS keeps proving over and over, this game is all about the players that spend real money. There are repeated requests to help those of us that cannot afford to Pay to Play, for ways to earn more coins, but they are ignored. (But PS really doesn’t lose anything if those of us quit, that don’t PAY! So I’m sure that is why our complaints fall on deaf ears.) I don’t mind working for my coins but it’s an insult to run the trees and get 4 coins. It takes weeks sometimes months to save enough coins to get anything and I play every day. And the “Lottery ” 50 and 100 coins in this game is NOTHING when you compare the cost of items in the shop. I have played every day since Easter and have never gotten 1000 coins…and neither have any of my friends!)

    The 200 & 500 coin Mystery Boxes are a total rip off! PS should at least see to it that we NEVER get an item from a box that is less that half the cost of the box. That way we can at least sell stuff we don’t want and not take such a hit. Example: I bought a 200 box and got a stool that costs 75 coins in the shop and the sell back was really low (not exactly sure, but I think it was 9 coins).

    The Mystery toys should be able to be sold (at a fair price) or gifted. We shouldn’t be stuck with stuff we don’t want.

    In conclusion: PS..Please be more considerate with the amount of coins we have to spend to play. The coins are very hard to come by and get harder to come by, the longer you play…shouldn’t it be the other way around? Couldn’t there be levels with greater rewards the LONGER we play? Wouldn’t it be better for your game publicity if there were more compliments about the game instead of complaints!

  51. jessica Says:

    im with u

  52. gian Says:

    i got the frame but its nawala

  53. gian Says:

    I lOve playing pet society

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