Vote for your Favourite I Play Here entry!


Thank you all for your amazing entries to our competition where we asked where YOU play! With the entry period now closed it’s time for you to tell us whose entry you liked the most!

I PLay Here Image

After much thought and sifting through all the many many amazing entries to the competition we chose the 50 finalists who we thought most deserved a place in the finals. Thank you to all of you who entered and a huge congratulations to the 50 contestants who made the final cut.

Now the voting is up to you. Which entry is your favourite? Which one makes you smile the most? Or laugh the most? Maybe you just like the way the photo was taken, or you wish you could play there too? Every vote counts, and with such amazing prizes up for grabs may the best entry win!

Vote for your favourite here!

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16 Responses to “Vote for your Favourite I Play Here entry!”

  1. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    its 01:26 am in london and i am very tired but i cant go to sleep 😦
    Fi Fi says hi and flowertot is asleepi cant believe it she usually goes to beddie after me anyway cheerio

  2. isis Says:

    🙂 😦 :] :[ TT-TT u.u ¬¬

  3. Kevin Says:


  4. Chrissie Says:

    Extremely interesting!!! I shall vote if I can…

  5. yeraldin Says:

    xuper cool

  6. Joey Efron Says:

    thats my playfish

  7. Pinky Says:

    nice pics.

  8. luiyi Says:


  9. kristina Says:


    how can i add pet society in facebook?
    i can’t play it

    pls. help me!!!!

  10. Deryl Says:

    When is the next new update?

  11. Kim Says:

    I will miss everyone

  12. Rachel Says:

    I would really appreciate it if I can count on your vote today for Playfish “I Play Here” Competition .
    vote for my entry: Rachel Wash. DC/ USA. Every vote counts!

  13. Bin Says:


  14. busenur erel Says:

    please Im play to the comment.I love you facebook!

  15. Святослав Says:

    Занимательная статья, кстати автору хочу предложить установить от яндекс.денег полезную фишку на сайт “Дай рубль”. Я бы дал, так сказать на поддержание. 😉

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