On your marks, get set, GO!!!


Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly release has just gone live, so sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook to explore the new additions this week! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) or Weekly Collectible will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 1st of June, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

The Dragon Boat Festival occurs on May 28 this year (the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar year), so celebrate with East Asia with the very colourful Dragon Boat Bench, Red Drum Deco and Dragon Flag Deco to have you off and racing! Also, tasting some Zongzi is a must to truly get into the festival spirit! The fragrant sachets are cute additions for any room to mark this occasion. And Lily brings her own unique style to the celebration with the Dodou Halterneck, Gat Hat and Hanbok clothing. Plus Terrence’s first Weekly Collectible, the Koinobori, will be sure to attract the attention of all visitors during this festival!


Dragon Boat Bench (Luxury) (TWS)




Panda Fragrant Sachet (Furniture) (TWS)

Red Drum Deco (Furniture) (TWS)

Rabbit Fragrant Sachet (Furniture) (TWS)




Zongzi (Food) (TWS)

Dragon Flag Deco (Furniture) (TWS)

Dodou Halterneck (Clothes) (TWS)




Hanbok Top (Clothes)

Gat Hat (Clothes)

Hanbok Pants (Clothes)


Koinobori (Cash Shop) (Weekly Collectible)

If dragon boat racing is not quite your thing, you may wish to pretend your pet is a racer in the Grand Prix instead!




Racer Jacket (Clothes)

Racer Helmet (Clothes)

Racer Pants (Clothes)



Racer Bed (Luxury)

Racer Deco (Furniture)

E.M.I.L.I.A had been noticing crinkled clothes across the Pet Society village lately, so she took it upon herself to try and turn that around, and therefore now brings you ironing equipment in the Gadget Store, to ensure your pet is always looking its best!


White Electric Iron



Green Ironing Board

Pink Ironing Board (TWS)

Looking for a little more ‘outside’ your home? The D.I.Y. store has some fantastic new window canopies in store this week, perfect for those ‘outdoor’ rooms. Also, what better welcome mat for any pet than the Big Bone Door Mat? 😉




Green Window Canopy

Big Bone Door Mat

Pink Window Canopy (TWS)

Perry snuck in some new additions to his Café a few days ago, who knows what “special secret ingredient” was used to make these, so consume at your own risk! 😉



Ice Blended Coffee

Ice Blended Juice

And last, but certainly not least, Terrence has a bright new kitchen, some pink winged ballet shoes and some cool new floors which alter the gravity of a room (which makes it interesting playing ball or frisbee) as new additions to his Cash Shop this week!



Deluxe Cream Kitchen Set

Winged Ballet Shoes



Moon Floor

High-Gravity Floor

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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154 Responses to “On your marks, get set, GO!!!”

  1. Tan Hui Xiong Says:


  2. melisi Says:

    nice work

  3. sara Says:

    awesome items!!!

  4. joshua Says:

    the items are really beautiful

  5. Valerieyan Says:

    NICE! dumpling my fav ❤
    but too bad alot nice things need to use cash buy…. =(

  6. cutevina Says:

    oh wow! this is so aweeesome!
    especially the draGon boat bench. HUHU!
    loveeeee it! =D =D
    thanks much (:

  7. ange Says:

    yay awesome!!!

  8. Vero Says:

    Best things are in the cash shop 😦 nothing to buy in the other shops this week!

    Las mejores cosas están en la tienda que hay que pagar, lo que sale en las otras no hay nada bueno para comprar y decorar la casa, me parece que este juego le veo corta vida para mi, no pienso pagar por los muebles…

  9. cris Says:

    i’d love to have that deluxe cream kitchen set but i would never spend real money on that 😦 wish there was another way to afford that stuff without having to spend money on it.

  10. Anthony Says:

    I did not like any thing at all !! Everything was very ugly to me even the things at the cash shop !! Next week will be better I hope !!! =\

  11. razutro Says:

    well i’ve been a pet society superfan since almost 8 months or so… and I guess this is coming to an end…

    all the nice stuff is on the cash store, nothing impressive on the other ones…

    to bad playfish ! 😦

  12. Gabby Says:

    Why the cash shop? D:

  13. Vero Says:

    the kitchen of the cash shop is great, but i won´t pay for it…. and in the other shops there ar nothing to decorate the house…. i think pet society is over for me….

  14. Ruth Says:

    You to store cash playfish should be placed elsewhere within the purchase of text messages to send to get these coins because there are some people who have no credit card or bank account in dollars so if you, if you put that type of purchase it is for all countries including latin america venezuela colombia ecuador mexico china inter alia United States Italy, for which text messaging if I copraria a lot of playfish hope to take this suggestion please I also want things in the store here you can also put in other shops for what I hope for others to think that if they are not as expensive goodbye messages


  15. hate playfish Says:

    item in cash shop is the ugliest thing on earth, hate playfish, they should think of some activites to earn some cash

  16. Catu Says:

    Do everyone a favour and remove the cash shop – or at least try a little bit more. It looks like you aren’t even putting the slightest effort into the normal shops since you made the darn thing.

    What I loved about Pet Society before this was that it didn’t matter how much money you had in real life, and the only thing that had anything to do with buying stuff was playing (unlike the other Playfish games). If you don’t want to come off as greedy, selfish and elitist, I suggest that you get rid of the cash shop now, or come up with some sort of difficult but free new game as the only way to earn cash, if you still want it to be exclusive.

  17. hate playfish Says:

    let’s stop playing Playfish games for one day to show how much we hate playfish

  18. Ruth Says:

    I know that playfish worked very hard for these games is aumque but they have to win some money but the method can be used for text messages

  19. morning sun Says:

    Too Bad…good items in Cash Shop =(
    But of course,we won’t pay even a penny for that THING!! =D
    And I’m sure most of us players here won’t too XD

  20. Vero Says:

    yes, lets do that

  21. bea Says:

    I’m disappointed!

  22. gabriellecorinne Says:

    Well I dont hate Playfish, I love it! But I hate the Cash Shop and that annoying guy in it, its like I wanna burn the Cash Shop if thats possible. Heheh

  23. esther lee Says:

    hw much the Deluxe Cream Kitchen Set..??i love it!!last friday i juz buy the cash…but nw i cant play,coz me laptop got problem….haiz……..

  24. TUCS Says:

    I don’t understand why they put that Cash shop on there. I would of gotten that Deluxe Cream Kitchen Set but I’m so not paying a dime for something I can’t even touch! Put that kitchen set in the luxury shop!!!!!!

  25. Abby Says:

    For me living in China, I’m very happy to see the Dragon Boat items!
    About the Cash Shop, I like the items as well and although I understand that the game designers need to make money with the game, I regret that many nice items can only be bought with cash.

    How about a poll asking players what they think?

  26. Pinky Says:

    Well I was thinking that it will be better if at the pet society they add an extra place like bowling, so all my friends and I can play bowling. The stadium is ok, but we need something else to make more coins!! Don’t you think?

  27. Terrence Says:

    to tell the truth, i don’t know why playfish offered me the job! I will burn the cash shop!! XD

    • Catu Says:

      Haha, brilliant!

      Burn it, Terry. Or come up with a game to earn cash. We want everyone in Pet Society to be equal again.

  28. Vero Says:

    more coins? what for??? if there aren´t any good stuff to buy!!!… did you see the new things today?????!

  29. Guishy Says:

    😦 cant reach the prizes of cash shop):

  30. whizky Says:

    omg briliant items
    i wish i could afford those cash shop items!

  31. izzy Says:

    i just wish there are more ways of earning money because prices are high and haven’t got enough stuff to put into rooms. the daily lottery only gives 50 everyday. i don’t know if it is just my pet.

  32. PashmiNa Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I can’t wait to earn more money because I want that IRON!!! hahahahahaha … ehm but i have a question: will you add more dresses for girls? cause I don’t like the ones there, I’d like you to add variety

    Thanks a lot!!



    Florencia, my pet xD

  33. Magdeline Says:

    I love the sachet, it’s so cute!!! The hanbok is lovely too but too bad my pet Sarang is a girl… I hope to see hanbok for female pets coming up soon!

    PS: Sonya… this is sorta random but will playfish come up with more dolls of various dog breeds? Like Japanese Spitz, Samoyed, Huskies and Golden Retriver? It would be lovely to see playfish come up with items dedicated to our best friends… (but if possible please don’t put them in the cash shop ^^;)

  34. playfish sucks Says:

    i agree w/ ‘hate playfish’ .. maybe we really should stop playing PS for a day or maybe for a decade! . this way we can show how much we loathe PS . argh! curses for pet society.!

  35. Pepeng Says:

    I agree with Pinky… our pet need more job & activity to earn more coins rather than just skipping rope all day and just drooling for all great items

  36. SoleP Says:

    this week new items sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. hate playfish Says:

    stop playing Playfish games for one day! !!
    coins is not important now
    cash is the things we need
    think about that, Playfish could make the cash shop, they will find more way to earn profit, maybe one day, the whole game will need to use money


    I think they are running out of ideas ! omg I wait all week and when its sunday I log in very curious and ohhhhh surprise! everything is veryyyy simpleee just 2 or 3 items when a month ago they used to publish more than 6 items per store please pet society you should care more about us !

    you should be as creative as the payfish odd store is.

    put more effort and everyone will be happy


    • Calm Says:

      Well….they do kinda care for you…else they wont make anything each week…! Anyway the market is changing nowadays too….they need more money…but I dont think many people would go to cash shop though…

    • Camm Says:

      Nice idea,Its not Playfish is PAYfish.

  39. hate playfish Says:

    no matter how we work hard on earning coins, we still cant get cash

  40. hate playfish Says:

    for those who buy cash, of course you don’t think there is a problem about cash shop, but for us, looking at that beautiful and magical item, did you guys know how we feel?? so, please don’t said that we are bitxx\ . /

    • honeyy Says:

      although i buy coins as well as shop at the cash shop I wont say you are bitxxxx. I can understand how it feel when you look at an item u wont to buy and that’s where I start buying coins and now i am addicted. I been trading on the forum where ppl asking for sky high price for any old/rare items where I hv to buy coins to support again. I even try to trade with real money as i dont need to click so many time to buy coins, buy item and send to trader and u know you can do it only once at a time when they ask for 17 x 4999 for something……but i was being banned from the forum. I was surprise as playfish encourage cash in PS why not on the forum……….at least save my energy to click and click and click, but banned from the forum is good to me as i can save my real money……..yes…all the good things is in the cash shop i think playfish is getting more greedy in making money iso nice item for their fans……..

  41. Audrey Says:

    Well I can understand why Playfish needs a cash shop.

    Imagine, all these people who are designing the items and all, they need income to feed themselves… they can’t be doing all this for free everyday. Who is going to pay for their bills? Some might even have kids to feed.

    Well they have items who do not need cash and it’s a option if you want or not to buy the items in the cash shop. You can choose not to. Or another alternative is to trade in forums. They are not forcing anyone to buy. I don’t think they would make everything “buyable via cash only” because that would totally defeat the purpose of the whole game.

    But I do agree with Pinky that playfish perhaps should have more mini games for us to earn more coins…

  42. mariel ong Says:

    playfish suckkkkks very much…… Please let us earn more coins when we are level ups & brushing those silly pets of others. please more beautiful items.Those old items should be bargained. Mistery boxs all items are very sucksss…Pls.Pls Sale those octopus doll .

  43. Jhoii Says:

    Pet Society is going boring.. We need more fun activities where we can earn playfish cash.. People are starting to hate pet society.. Not all people can afford the playfish cash..duh!! Maybe you should give playfish cash in daily lottery.. and one more thing.. 50 coins in daily lottery is nonsense.. we can’t buy good items in just 50 coins only..

  44. Lez Says:

    Pet society takes forever to load!!! I wish they can “upgrade” their capacity. I only like the dragon boat bench today. the other items kind of sucks… especially at the cash shop! super sucky! I’m starting to hate playfish!

  45. marge Says:

    i love what you made! i think those are gret ideas, i really like the bone rug, the kitchen set, the ping wings shoe, the iron, the checered bed, the fragrent sachets, and the drinks , and that apron dress. make sure to have more cool ideas next time too! 🙂

  46. Caroline Says:

    As expected, all good items in the cash shop, i love the dream kitchen set so much :(((

  47. Rico Says:

    I agree with Pinky very much! Playfish should think more ways for us to earn cash except betting and using the bank!

  48. Liz Says:

    I do not play Playfish games anymore because of the Cash Shop thingy! But today, I went to this blog and saw a new items. STILL, there is Cash Shop!!!


    ANSWER ME!!!!!

  49. NEXX Says:


  50. jasmine Says:

    Dear Playfish,

    I hope you will consider to implement an option for players to exchange their pet society coins to Playfish cash. Never mind if you gonna charge say 5,000 ps coins for 1 playfish cash but at least it gives players of all ages a chance to own to awesome items in the cash shop. Hope you still remember that pet society is a game for all ages.


  51. Keng Wai Says:

    Please move this game out of facebook.
    I feel abit scared to know my pet society account is still under facebook.
    Which means if my facebook account gets banned, i also lose my pet society.

    I’ve got disabled by facebook for a stupid reason before.
    Therefore i don’t feel save paying the game when its still under facebook.


  52. amber Says:

    don’t mind the cash shop.. let’s just thank playfish for letting us play pet society for free.. haha.. 🙂

  53. sarah Says:

    I saw previously this week’s items and I thought ther would have been italian stuff like the window with the Colosseum, the venetian boat (“gondola” ihihih i see them often! :-)) the spaghetti plate and the clothes! Yeah the clothes were great! The italian t-shirt and the red roman dress…..And what I get? NOTHING!

    Just few things, with no real connection….where I put my pet if I can wear her as a racer but she doesnt have a bike?? I really thought the Vespa would have been there! 😦

    As for the rest, you always put Oriental stuff….always! But there are so many cultures! think about ITALIAN (ihihih) and also AFRICAN, or JEWISH, why didn’t you put a Menorah? Only a few bread during Easter time…..this is not so good.
    Moreover, this week’s best thibgs are all in the cash shop…..and this is UNFAIR! You have s many fans you can’t consider only thise who can spend money!!!!

    I am quite disappointed with this week’s items, there are only few things, and not so good…!!

  54. Ivy Says:

    come on. Like Amber says:
    “Don’t mind the cash shop.. let’s just thank playfish for letting us play pet society for free.. haha.. :)”

    ANWs, it’s not Playfish’s fault that you need REAL money to buy.
    I mean, it isn’t easy making Pet Society, and they need money for a living too!
    No, I didn’t Buy ANY coins OR Cash from the bank.

    ♥ ~ I v y ~ ♥

  55. sarah Says:

    oh….and yes…I think you are all running out of ideas! And this is crazy because you guys are great and there are PLENTY of style out there you cannot even imangine!

  56. Grace Says:

    whatever, I like the idea of picking global festivals as inspirations for TWS items.. I like it all 🙂

  57. Ivy Says:

    I know!
    got an IDEA!
    how bout this, PS..
    Helloween Is Coming (Not So) soon!
    that means.. TRICK OR TREATING!
    So, each Pet Society player gets a Pumpkin Bag to fill their candy by trick or treating. Just Go outside ur house, walk through the neighbourhood to ur friend’s houses, visit them, and get CANDY & COINS!

    Oh, and the people in the shop will give out candy too!

  58. Ivy Says:

    If the player doesn’t have much friends, they get to visit other people’s houses at the CAFE!! We Should be like this.
    As soon as everyone in the cafe is finished visiting, they will refresh and new players will appear. and so on.
    The players with the most candy gets prizes!
    1st prize: pet society 100 cash, 50000 coins, RARE luxury items.. etc.
    2nd prize: …
    3rd prize: …

    Runner ups:

    Hope you like my idea!

  59. Gia Says:

    really????!!! this is all we got this week??/ i want different furniture and wallpaper…i always look forward to TWS and Just Arrived…Im super dissapointed the last weeks : (

  60. sarah Says:

    Pinky and Pepeng are right: my pet is tired of hanging around visiting friends! instead of spending money we should spend time running a activity, swimming in a pool, racig with cars or anything else!

  61. Nick Chew Says:

    This is just some of my suggestions. I hope our pets can each own a car to travel around the town. Secondly, I hope that pets will be able to propose and get married and giving birth to kids (similar to Harvest Moon). And what about having a mine where we can dig for gold, diamonds and etc and sell them for coins? And hopefully, our pets will be able to own pet dogs, rabbits and etc.

    Do consider these ideas.

  62. sinegmax Says:

    No cash-no fun.I am very dissapointed.I agree stop play pet society.The people without credit card have no choice,petsociety try to pressurize the player!Pay cash or buy trash(with coins).It is such a shame!

  63. Nick Chew Says:

    And what about having a change in season. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. And how about having a farm for each pet where we can grow crops, rear chicken, ducks and etc and sell them for coins? And I hope we can really have a hands on on the furnitures that we’ve bought and not just for display. And I would suggest having a competition where pets can whip up a dish or two and compete against one another.

  64. irenka Says:

    Whats with the new items ?!?! I dont like them at all…. thats first, and second… why did u released few items… the previous weeks shops were full with new items and this one… this started to suck…

  65. Tasha.jade Says:

    I was really excited this week… but hphmph. it’s really dissapointed me 😦
    I dont actually want a thing.

  66. rachy Says:

    There is a new cash shop as playfish wants to earn money. They are currently earning money now too, as long as people are playing this game, they are earning money, through advertising. See those advertisments beside the game? They are paying playfish for advertising. Nothing is free in this world. No one wants to spend time doing things that doesn’t benefits them. This is the reality. This is just a game. Nobody is asking you to buy items in cash. You don’t have to if you don’t want. I wouldn’t pay to play a game as a game is a game. It is not worth to pay. The items in the cash shop is nice, but who cares? You have to pay for it. If one day we need to pay to play the game, just stop playing it and play some other games, however I doubt so, many people will stop playing.

    • Sonya Says:

      Actually, Pet Society has no ads (the ads on the far right are Facebook ads, where all revenue goes solely to Facebook, not Playfish).

  67. Francesca Says:


  68. Janice Says:

    i hate cash shop, those good items are there.i won’t spend any real money in pet society.
    i think most of the players like pt society because they can buy things by effort.This is the world where we can run out from the reality, but nox, i am very disappointed.
    Besides, i understand that dragon boat festical is coming soon and pet society should celebrate and promote some related products. but not all people like those products, this festical. Can pet society promote more useful item?

  69. KW Says:

    Awesome stuff, but too bad the Moon Floor is for cash. 😦

  70. poor Says:

    hates cash shop

  71. Lucky Says:

    First I saw Koinobori which look very good, but when I saw it for cash shop, I wonder why should I still play pet society? The only thing I’m happy about is nothing. This might be the week I spend more money on mystery boxes which I can get new items, not on TWS item.

  72. pussy Says:

    why playfish??????? cash shop is bad i hate it

  73. Bwee Says:

    While I am as bummed as anyone that the really cool, spacy stuff is in the cash shop, let’s consider a few things.

    1. Of COURSE the cash shop stuff is pretty. You are Paying For The Pretty. Nobody would buy butt-ugly cash items.

    2. You will not die without cash shop items. Personally, I’m thrilled that I can buy ‘chang’–what PS is calling zongzi–in the shops just for laughs.

    3. Playfish is a business. A business that sells cute casual games on social networks, but still a business.

    4. We are all getting constipated over a bunch of points, mapped to vector paths, driven by programming.

    Now, go get a long cool drink of your favourite PS beverage and go give your pet some skritchies.

  74. penny Says:

    love the stuff hope there is more good stuff next week

  75. Gene Says:

    I know that Playfish needs to make money, but the cash shop makes the game less fun for players who don’t pay. I wonder if they really anticipated this big of a negative reaction.

  76. Anthony Says:

    I Loved Everything !! And I Bought The Kitchen Loved It But What I Hate Is All That Talk About People Hating The Cash Shop It Is Annoying !

  77. anti cash shopper Says:

    the cash shop items are ugly! so obviously i won’t even think abt paying a single cent to playfish. i prefer the non cash items, more creativity rather than cramming all the kitchen items to one deluxe set.love this weeks items with the dragonboat bench!!!!!!!!!gonna buy loads of them

  78. Fia Says:

    i like any items so much..

    anyway, how i can to buy pay cash?
    i dont have credits card and i am from malaysia so that there’s no place to buy pay cash in my country…

  79. rinaaaaaaaaaaaaa Says:

    huh, cash shop!

  80. emzzy Says:

    all guy clothes with one rubbosh girl top!!!!!! no good stuff in the furniture shop again…… and no dolls again….. WHAT ARE YOU DOING PET SOCIETY!!!

  81. DenzeL Says:

    Love the new items. I’m just sad though dat the kitchen cream deluxe is on the cash shop! do hope they find ways for us to earn cash except buying it.

  82. Li Says:

    Definitely like this week items ^^, the Dodou is so cutteee. My pet loves it, hehe

  83. francois Says:

    i like that kitchen pls make it whit cash not whit real money

  84. francois Says:

    remove the cash shop and make it whit not real money pls becouse i like that kitchen

  85. AAA Says:

    I Love the deluxe cream kitchen , but i haven’t pay by cash

  86. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    these are great well done playfish and thank you

  87. Pixie Says:

    I used to love pet society cuz you didnt need money to buy furniture but now you put really cool things in the cash shop and that a lot of us cant afford or something like that

    You also stopped putting girl clothes, dolls and girly furniture! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

  88. Anni Says:

    I love the dragon boat bench, flag and zongzi! Thank you Playfish for celebrating the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival (this Thursday)! I love all the items this week!

    Although I am not a big fan of the cash shop but the items are gorgeous! One day I hope to get enough money to get some cash items. Please keep up with your good work!

    I would really love to see a cat doll again. Hope you will take this under consideration.

  89. eleysha Says:

    im a little dissopointed with the new items,but sevral items i liked .But the theme wasnt good i think they should do like a girly week and a boyish week where you can get everything.I certainly dont agree with the new cash shop i like the creme kitchen but everything else i think looks as if it is cheap.However it may be better if it was just normal money and there would be much more variety ,but people like us dont have a bank account or credit cards to get the money to pay for items in the shop.Please take this into consideration and make shops like a gym,girly shop,boyish shop,toy shop,a gift shop and a flower shop etc.!! tell me what you think ??

  90. katie and lil chunk Says:

    i agree with people who say we need something new to earn coins! i earn the 300 coins a day from the stadium races but get a quite bored doing it! our pets need something new and athletic to do!

    new stuff…how about wall paper that looks like the outside of a house! with siding and brick on the bottom…i think things like that would be neat! more rugs in different colors…themed kitchen items…cherry themed for me instead of apples! and i think that since its so hard to get a lot of coins…un less you have tons of friends on here…maybe having a half off sale day in order to attract more people to spend money! just a thought…

    items this week were great…just nothing that i would want to use! keep up the good work, i look forward to sunday nights when i can check the shops for new items!! 🙂

  91. eleysha Says:

    how do you get the money for the cash shop ??

    • agnes aka purple passion Says:

      use the machine in the cash shop. need a credit card, or maybe paypal. the items in the cash shop are not actual dollar amounts. you pay something like 9 bucks and get a bunch of cash shop coins. you’re not actually paying $5 for stuff, or whatever it calls for. i also play yoville, as many of my pet friends do. they did this cash stuff also. they put in a race thing and mystery items – well they just basically were copying pet society. when they brought in yoville cash, i berated them also and told them they were just coyping pet society and shame on them for using that yoville cash stuff. they’re probablhy laughing their butts off now. most all browser based games are doing this cash stuff. if u don’t want the stuff – don’t buy it. most of the suggestions i’ve read here today sounds like the sims. if u all want that kind of animation, buy sims 2 cuz that just isn’t gonna happen with this simple browser based game. so just relax with ur pet and that margurita and be thankful that u r at least online with time to play. hope i didn’t tick anyone off.

  92. dotewens Says:

    I agree with one of the previous comments – it would be nice if the ‘pets’ could have pets of their own to take for a walk around town. Sad that I missed the ‘cheap’ bbq.

  93. fatgal Says:

    great stuff as always!!! 😀 erm btw can u plz make the cash coins item tradeable…coz what if we get bored of it later ? 😮

  94. tamara cvijanovic Says:


  95. ruthruth Says:

    the only thing is that the store owner has been a fiasco for all orrible not going to spend your money at least as long as bank account or credit card I do not buy a thing that is quite clear that ok shop is an ok shit shit I do not hate playfish just something I should be using that brain to see the whole world as he complains that stupid store

  96. ruthruth Says:


  97. camila Says:

    quiero saber como se registra en pet socyety

  98. petsocietyanonymous Says:

    Hi Sonya,

    I was excited to see a hanbok and blogged about it today. However, this is a man’s style hanbok and it’s rather drab. Can you ask the designers there to create more fashionable hanboks for girls? Thanks.

    Pet Society Anonymous

    • Bwee Says:

      …It’s a manbok*? Ohhhhhh, awesome. My pet might not be so averse to wearing it now. *goes to rustle up some coins*

      * With great apologies to any Korean fans. The pun was just too good to resist.

  99. mel Says:

    I personally think the Dragon Boat Bench, is very lovely :3

    but i have to wait for myspace to catch up T-T

    I visited my pet on facebook today, and the first time i tried there was an error, and right now im stuck trying to go to the cafe…it has not moved this whole time i spent reading the post, and all the comments. This is why i do not play pet society on facebook.

    Please fix the problem with Myspace, and get us back up to were Facebook is!!!

    All those cool new items, that have come out in the past 2 weeks!!!

    If the myspace “rewind” never catches up it will be months before we get to see the new items 😦

    and how will that go for upcoming holidays?

  100. pimiento Says:

    The cash store sucks!!!

  101. katie and lil chunk Says:

    ugh! so pissed right now…i dont think that if you buy a mystery box that any of the items you receive in there should be less in value that the box itself…i got a fricken 50 coin hyacinth flower and lost 150 coins on that…i could have bought 4 of them! waste of money and so not worth spending large amounts of money in order to get the 1 good secret item!

  102. macarena Says:

  103. Asami Says:

    The MySpace Rewind sucks. I wish these items were available to us. I doubt I’ll still be playing in 2 months when we finally start getting new items again. 😦

  104. Chrissie Says:

    I live in China, and I’m really excited to see the dragon boat items! Though it will be better if all of the nice things are put back equally in the other shops, not in the Cash Shop, because people would prefer not to use real money on games. Perhaps if you used the real money for buying cash to donate it to needless people and organizations, it will be more populated.

  105. ohio Says:

    jhoii’s idea is nice. PS should give us cash.


    i love the items in cash shop…

  106. akitzzz Says:

    I need to have that Rabbit Fragrant Sachet!

  107. Amewsed Says:

    I was actually quite disappointed with this week’s items as well. : /
    The only things I bought were the Dodou Halterneck and the Dragon boat. The colors of the dragon boat are just sooo pretty!

    I think the moon floor is really cool, but it doesn’t go with my decor and I already have my kitchen the way I like it, so I won’t be buying the deluxe cream kitchen set. Again, I’m okay that playfish is offering things in a cash shop. Employees, game servers (upkeep and maintenance), advertisements and general overhead do not pay for themselves you know.

  108. man Says:

    Hey, No Cash to Purchase the Items shows above, How i wish to have the awesome items

    PS pls let us have some Cash point., may win in 3 Race in a roll for 1 Cash point that will be great.

  109. Sharon Says:

    It’s very sad the way Playfish seems to be oblivious to the majority of fans’ objections to the cash shop and the many good ideas suggested. If they wanted to make money, the cash shop should have been included from the beginning. I’m sure they have overhead to meet, but is it more now than before? Why suddenly incorporate this new money making scheme? They were so proud a few weeks back on the success of the game. Did that success go to their heads. Please acknowledge the many fans you have and address the discontent you’ve created. Remember, you can’t be No. 1 if you alienate your fans. You once had a good thing going. Bring it back along with a response to all your fans.

  110. Play boy Says:

    very well playfish.. make item purcase with cash..
    very nice playfish… design ” beautiful item” this week…
    very good playfish.. open a cash shop…
    playfish are good… making more and more people loving u???…
    well done!!!

  111. cherry jill delos santos Says:

    nice items!!! i like them all……keep loading new items!!

  112. Gabby Says:

    well at least not all the items are “cash” tho the best ones are “cash” but hey at least you can still play (:

  113. mani Says:


  114. tsukihime Says:

    i like the ballet shoes from the cash shop.. but i don’t have cash!! that’s totally unfair.. it should have the cash – coin equivalent price… like 3 cash to 3000 coins.. 🙂

  115. rousong Says:

    tisThe Dragon Boat Festival item is very meaningfull….

  116. STiKit Says:

    I’ve just gotten a credit card, and shall buy a few playfish cash! yay!!!

  117. vanessa Says:


    yeah….. ilove this things

  118. GingerPinky Says:

    Hi! Been reading some posts and posted a couple too.
    The forum is full of ppl that are going “to quit” asap, disappointed, sad, angry etc etc
    I was quite disappointed with the new items too….but I find crazy this yelling and blaming ps team….really!
    I wrote a message in the forum and idscovered that there are many angry players that would do anything to but all the items and have house with all rare items, luxurious and so on.
    I wish I could have some cash and rare items too, and I trade and sometimes I buy coins…but when I cant, then its ok!

    I think that this weeks items are not so good, and that all items are becoming a little much expensive for me. So I would like Ps to be more fun and less cash! 🙂
    But cannot quit the game…no….luv me pet 2 much! 😀

    maybe we should all take it as a game…? should we? 🙂

  119. amber Says:

    gingerpinky’s right.. we should take it as a game.. 🙂

  120. amber Says:

    and another thing, playfish is not forcing you to buy in the cash shop.. they’re just tempting you.. haha.. so, don’t get tempted.. better to not visit the cash shop so that we don’t get angry.. 🙂

  121. Ryan Says:

    Playfish is not trying to make you waste your money. There not forcing yu to buy them either. They are trying to eanr some money for all the hardwork thay have put in for this game

  122. ray ashley gonzalez Says:

    can u make a racer bed 2 .. PLEASE! a bed that looks like a race car.. 🙂 😀

  123. ray ashley gonzalez Says:

    uhh. how do you earn playfish cash? do you buy them or you can just earn them?

  124. audrey Says:

    hey. nice items! 🙂

  125. Vero Says:

    Ryan, Playfish earns a lot of money already without the cash shop, so it´s unnecessary… search in the web and you will find a lot of articles about the $17 million PLayfish earns last year, just in ONE YEAR $17 MILLION!!!

    • agnes aka purple passion Says:

      hey – practically everyone has been affected by this recession – accept for netflix. should’ve had stock in netflix!! you know the cost of living is going up, while the value of the dollar is going down and u don’t know how they will be affected by this recession. this all reminds me of the gov. of california and the bs that was going on about legalizing marajuana. he said something like and i’m paraphrazing ‘good grief people, it’s just a plant!’ well, good grief people, it’s just a game!

  126. lia Says:

    i hate cash shop >_<

  127. Vero Says:

    and you write for all the hardwork thay have put in for this game like if Playfish were just 2 poor guys! hahahahaha PLayfish is a COMPANY!! with

  128. Camm Says:

    I really want the Koinobori but Its so unfair that Ill have to pay for it ):


  129. Cikulala Says:

    I love pet society and restaurant city but the play fish coins are a burden not only for me but to everybody I know in my life.This week has some good stuff but I don’t have any money right now. Try not to make things complicated in pet society. Its painful to say. But Get A Grip!!!!!!!!!!!! You Guys Just Add The Cash Shop Because You Are Greedy For Cash!!!!!!!!!!!Cash From Cash Shop Means That You Need Cash To Buy What you Want. ITS PAINFUL Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Puih

  130. Roslina Says:

    Playfish, u suck! Wow! im only a little girl and whats making me be a bad girl and say all the bad words? IT’S PLAYFISH!!!

  131. amber Says:

    guys, don’t get too affected.. stay cool.. 🙂

  132. Champinu Says:

    I just ignore the cash shop.. Just don’t look into it. But we really need more mini games to collect money and 50 coins in the daily lottery is not enough. I can’t remember when I got more than 100.

  133. emeline Says:

    pet society can”t load!!!!!!!………………………………

  134. dhea Says:

    give me DOGGIE things!!
    I want it!!

  135. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] On your marks, get set, GO!!! […]

  136. klutz70 Says:

    how about adding a playground in town for the pets…swings, slides, merry-go-round, sand box…etc.

  137. Chibi Chariss Says:

    1st? Where? When? 😐

  138. dinosaur Says:

    aww, i really wan’t the ballet shoes in cash shop! too bad i can’t get them.

  139. Jo Says:

    Will it be possible that these items will be available for the Dragon Boat Festival again this year?

  140. alejandra cecilia Says:

    yo quisiera jugar a pet socyety el que lea este mensaje porfabor unase a mi reg y conboqueme mi nombre es alejandra cecilia mi mesinller es adivi2121@hotmail.com

  141. Joziane Skaf Says:

    To Pet Society:If u thnk da cash shop will get u any REAL money,it won’t!You’ll just drive people away,& end up wid no money!Da least u could do is :
    1.add an exchange shop where u could exchange coins for cash(even if it will cost 7000 coins for a PlayFish Cash)
    2.add PlayFish cash 2 da daily lottery instead of coins (or along wid coins)
    3.Delete da 100 coins u get every time u complete a Paw Point ,& replace it wid PlayFish Cash(even1!)
    4.Put some of da nicest stuff found in da Cash Shop 2 the normal shops available
    I have the money to buy it,in fact I’m rich,but I won’t buy it even if it costs a grain of rice!& us people who don’t have PlayFish Cash have a lot of ideas for u Pet Society,but we won’t tell u what they r b-cause of ur greedyness!I BET U DON”T CARE ABOUT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Joziane Skaf Says:

    Am I RIGHT?

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