On your marks, get set, GO!!!


Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly release has just gone live, so sign on to Pet Society now via Facebook to explore the new additions this week! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) or Weekly Collectible will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 1st of June, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

The Dragon Boat Festival occurs on May 28 this year (the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar year), so celebrate with East Asia with the very colourful Dragon Boat Bench, Red Drum Deco and Dragon Flag Deco to have you off and racing! Also, tasting some Zongzi is a must to truly get into the festival spirit! The fragrant sachets are cute additions for any room to mark this occasion. And Lily brings her own unique style to the celebration with the Dodou Halterneck, Gat Hat and Hanbok clothing. Plus Terrence’s first Weekly Collectible, the Koinobori, will be sure to attract the attention of all visitors during this festival!


Dragon Boat Bench (Luxury) (TWS)




Panda Fragrant Sachet (Furniture) (TWS)

Red Drum Deco (Furniture) (TWS)

Rabbit Fragrant Sachet (Furniture) (TWS)




Zongzi (Food) (TWS)

Dragon Flag Deco (Furniture) (TWS)

Dodou Halterneck (Clothes) (TWS)




Hanbok Top (Clothes)

Gat Hat (Clothes)

Hanbok Pants (Clothes)


Koinobori (Cash Shop) (Weekly Collectible)

If dragon boat racing is not quite your thing, you may wish to pretend your pet is a racer in the Grand Prix instead!




Racer Jacket (Clothes)

Racer Helmet (Clothes)

Racer Pants (Clothes)



Racer Bed (Luxury)

Racer Deco (Furniture)

E.M.I.L.I.A had been noticing crinkled clothes across the Pet Society village lately, so she took it upon herself to try and turn that around, and therefore now brings you ironing equipment in the Gadget Store, to ensure your pet is always looking its best!


White Electric Iron



Green Ironing Board

Pink Ironing Board (TWS)

Looking for a little more ‘outside’ your home? The D.I.Y. store has some fantastic new window canopies in store this week, perfect for those ‘outdoor’ rooms. Also, what better welcome mat for any pet than the Big Bone Door Mat? 😉




Green Window Canopy

Big Bone Door Mat

Pink Window Canopy (TWS)

Perry snuck in some new additions to his Café a few days ago, who knows what “special secret ingredient” was used to make these, so consume at your own risk! 😉



Ice Blended Coffee

Ice Blended Juice

And last, but certainly not least, Terrence has a bright new kitchen, some pink winged ballet shoes and some cool new floors which alter the gravity of a room (which makes it interesting playing ball or frisbee) as new additions to his Cash Shop this week!



Deluxe Cream Kitchen Set

Winged Ballet Shoes



Moon Floor

High-Gravity Floor

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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154 Responses to “On your marks, get set, GO!!!”

  1. katie and lil chunk Says:

    ugh! so pissed right now…i dont think that if you buy a mystery box that any of the items you receive in there should be less in value that the box itself…i got a fricken 50 coin hyacinth flower and lost 150 coins on that…i could have bought 4 of them! waste of money and so not worth spending large amounts of money in order to get the 1 good secret item!

  2. macarena Says:

  3. Asami Says:

    The MySpace Rewind sucks. I wish these items were available to us. I doubt I’ll still be playing in 2 months when we finally start getting new items again. 😦

  4. Chrissie Says:

    I live in China, and I’m really excited to see the dragon boat items! Though it will be better if all of the nice things are put back equally in the other shops, not in the Cash Shop, because people would prefer not to use real money on games. Perhaps if you used the real money for buying cash to donate it to needless people and organizations, it will be more populated.

  5. ohio Says:

    jhoii’s idea is nice. PS should give us cash.


    i love the items in cash shop…

  6. akitzzz Says:

    I need to have that Rabbit Fragrant Sachet!

  7. Amewsed Says:

    I was actually quite disappointed with this week’s items as well. : /
    The only things I bought were the Dodou Halterneck and the Dragon boat. The colors of the dragon boat are just sooo pretty!

    I think the moon floor is really cool, but it doesn’t go with my decor and I already have my kitchen the way I like it, so I won’t be buying the deluxe cream kitchen set. Again, I’m okay that playfish is offering things in a cash shop. Employees, game servers (upkeep and maintenance), advertisements and general overhead do not pay for themselves you know.

  8. man Says:

    Hey, No Cash to Purchase the Items shows above, How i wish to have the awesome items

    PS pls let us have some Cash point., may win in 3 Race in a roll for 1 Cash point that will be great.

  9. Sharon Says:

    It’s very sad the way Playfish seems to be oblivious to the majority of fans’ objections to the cash shop and the many good ideas suggested. If they wanted to make money, the cash shop should have been included from the beginning. I’m sure they have overhead to meet, but is it more now than before? Why suddenly incorporate this new money making scheme? They were so proud a few weeks back on the success of the game. Did that success go to their heads. Please acknowledge the many fans you have and address the discontent you’ve created. Remember, you can’t be No. 1 if you alienate your fans. You once had a good thing going. Bring it back along with a response to all your fans.

  10. Play boy Says:

    very well playfish.. make item purcase with cash..
    very nice playfish… design ” beautiful item” this week…
    very good playfish.. open a cash shop…
    playfish are good… making more and more people loving u???…
    well done!!!

  11. cherry jill delos santos Says:

    nice items!!! i like them all……keep loading new items!!

  12. Gabby Says:

    well at least not all the items are “cash” tho the best ones are “cash” but hey at least you can still play (:

  13. mani Says:


  14. tsukihime Says:

    i like the ballet shoes from the cash shop.. but i don’t have cash!! that’s totally unfair.. it should have the cash – coin equivalent price… like 3 cash to 3000 coins.. 🙂

  15. rousong Says:

    tisThe Dragon Boat Festival item is very meaningfull….

  16. STiKit Says:

    I’ve just gotten a credit card, and shall buy a few playfish cash! yay!!!

  17. vanessa Says:


    yeah….. ilove this things

  18. GingerPinky Says:

    Hi! Been reading some posts and posted a couple too.
    The forum is full of ppl that are going “to quit” asap, disappointed, sad, angry etc etc
    I was quite disappointed with the new items too….but I find crazy this yelling and blaming ps team….really!
    I wrote a message in the forum and idscovered that there are many angry players that would do anything to but all the items and have house with all rare items, luxurious and so on.
    I wish I could have some cash and rare items too, and I trade and sometimes I buy coins…but when I cant, then its ok!

    I think that this weeks items are not so good, and that all items are becoming a little much expensive for me. So I would like Ps to be more fun and less cash! 🙂
    But cannot quit the game…no….luv me pet 2 much! 😀

    maybe we should all take it as a game…? should we? 🙂

  19. amber Says:

    gingerpinky’s right.. we should take it as a game.. 🙂

  20. amber Says:

    and another thing, playfish is not forcing you to buy in the cash shop.. they’re just tempting you.. haha.. so, don’t get tempted.. better to not visit the cash shop so that we don’t get angry.. 🙂

  21. Ryan Says:

    Playfish is not trying to make you waste your money. There not forcing yu to buy them either. They are trying to eanr some money for all the hardwork thay have put in for this game

  22. ray ashley gonzalez Says:

    can u make a racer bed 2 .. PLEASE! a bed that looks like a race car.. 🙂 😀

  23. ray ashley gonzalez Says:

    uhh. how do you earn playfish cash? do you buy them or you can just earn them?

  24. audrey Says:

    hey. nice items! 🙂

  25. Vero Says:

    Ryan, Playfish earns a lot of money already without the cash shop, so it´s unnecessary… search in the web and you will find a lot of articles about the $17 million PLayfish earns last year, just in ONE YEAR $17 MILLION!!!

    • agnes aka purple passion Says:

      hey – practically everyone has been affected by this recession – accept for netflix. should’ve had stock in netflix!! you know the cost of living is going up, while the value of the dollar is going down and u don’t know how they will be affected by this recession. this all reminds me of the gov. of california and the bs that was going on about legalizing marajuana. he said something like and i’m paraphrazing ‘good grief people, it’s just a plant!’ well, good grief people, it’s just a game!

  26. lia Says:

    i hate cash shop >_<

  27. Vero Says:

    and you write for all the hardwork thay have put in for this game like if Playfish were just 2 poor guys! hahahahaha PLayfish is a COMPANY!! with

  28. Camm Says:

    I really want the Koinobori but Its so unfair that Ill have to pay for it ):


  29. Cikulala Says:

    I love pet society and restaurant city but the play fish coins are a burden not only for me but to everybody I know in my life.This week has some good stuff but I don’t have any money right now. Try not to make things complicated in pet society. Its painful to say. But Get A Grip!!!!!!!!!!!! You Guys Just Add The Cash Shop Because You Are Greedy For Cash!!!!!!!!!!!Cash From Cash Shop Means That You Need Cash To Buy What you Want. ITS PAINFUL Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Puih

  30. Roslina Says:

    Playfish, u suck! Wow! im only a little girl and whats making me be a bad girl and say all the bad words? IT’S PLAYFISH!!!

  31. amber Says:

    guys, don’t get too affected.. stay cool.. 🙂

  32. Champinu Says:

    I just ignore the cash shop.. Just don’t look into it. But we really need more mini games to collect money and 50 coins in the daily lottery is not enough. I can’t remember when I got more than 100.

  33. emeline Says:

    pet society can”t load!!!!!!!………………………………

  34. dhea Says:

    give me DOGGIE things!!
    I want it!!

  35. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] On your marks, get set, GO!!! […]

  36. klutz70 Says:

    how about adding a playground in town for the pets…swings, slides, merry-go-round, sand box…etc.

  37. Chibi Chariss Says:

    1st? Where? When? 😐

  38. dinosaur Says:

    aww, i really wan’t the ballet shoes in cash shop! too bad i can’t get them.

  39. Jo Says:

    Will it be possible that these items will be available for the Dragon Boat Festival again this year?

  40. alejandra cecilia Says:

    yo quisiera jugar a pet socyety el que lea este mensaje porfabor unase a mi reg y conboqueme mi nombre es alejandra cecilia mi mesinller es adivi2121@hotmail.com

  41. Joziane Skaf Says:

    To Pet Society:If u thnk da cash shop will get u any REAL money,it won’t!You’ll just drive people away,& end up wid no money!Da least u could do is :
    1.add an exchange shop where u could exchange coins for cash(even if it will cost 7000 coins for a PlayFish Cash)
    2.add PlayFish cash 2 da daily lottery instead of coins (or along wid coins)
    3.Delete da 100 coins u get every time u complete a Paw Point ,& replace it wid PlayFish Cash(even1!)
    4.Put some of da nicest stuff found in da Cash Shop 2 the normal shops available
    I have the money to buy it,in fact I’m rich,but I won’t buy it even if it costs a grain of rice!& us people who don’t have PlayFish Cash have a lot of ideas for u Pet Society,but we won’t tell u what they r b-cause of ur greedyness!I BET U DON”T CARE ABOUT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Joziane Skaf Says:

    Am I RIGHT?

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