Winners of the Weekly Draw – Week 21


Hey all Pet Society Fans!

As you know there is now a weekly draw for those who are Fans of Playfish on Facebook.

Currently the draw is exclusive to our Pet Society Players. All you have to do to enter the weekly draw is to be a Fan of Playfish on Facebook.

Help us congratulate our winners for Week 21!

  • Silvia and her pet nikita
  • Carina and her pet iva
  • Martin and his pet kaktusak
  • Desi and her pet bunga
  • Katie and her pet Chibi

They all received a nice sum of 10.000 Pet Society coins to spend however they wish!

Good luck to everyone else next week, the only thing you need to do to participate in the next weekly draw is to be a Fan of Playfish on Facebook.

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41 Responses to “Winners of the Weekly Draw – Week 21”

  1. Bwee Says:

    Eee, congrats to all the winners! I hope the draw strikes closer to home next week…XD

  2. Pinky Says:

    congrats,nice prize,I will cross my fingers to get next time.

  3. Teddy Says:

    I hope I get the prize next time.I need to buy cool stuff… 😀

  4. Teddy Says:

    …oh and congrats to all lucky winners 😉 …

  5. Debra B Says:


  6. mai Says:

    there should also be a weekly draw for playfish coins and you should add more winners 🙂

  7. pamimoo Says:

    happy for u guys!
    spend ur 10,000 coins wisely:)

  8. Camm Says:

    It was close!..again xD

  9. noob Says:

    i hope i win

  10. wayner Says:


  11. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    Congratz to the winners im sure they will be happy with the money and i’m always hopefull so bye

  12. Thomas Says:

    Congrats to the winners!

    A suggestion for Pet Society: perhaps there could be draws for those who purchased something from the Cash Shop? Regular coins would be fine as a prize.

  13. Asti Says:

    congrats, you guys … 🙂

  14. fiona and chuncheona Says:

    Congrats!! (^.~)**

  15. raquel dela peña Says:

    wee…congratulations…hope me too win the weekly draw of 10,000 so i can buy a new gadget in my house….

  16. *Unenclosed Real Name* Says:

    I love PS! I am currently saving up Coins to buy weekly items. :3 Congrats to all winners!

  17. Gigacom Says:

    Congratulations you winners!
    We all hope to win next time, I’m saving up for a new bedroom!

    We’re all crossing our fingers…
    *crosses fingers*

  18. karina garcia Says:


  19. pet-society-holic Says:


  20. Tee xx Says:

    Heyy everyone you okaai 🙂 x
    umm can sumbodyy reply 2 this andd tell me how enterr the draww (;

  21. Pepeng Says:

    Congratulations tol all of you !!..spend wisely due to global economy crisis hehehe :p

  22. jao Says:

    i wish i can win in this weekly draw ^_^

  23. Periwinkle Says:

    I would love to decorate my house! It’s needs facilities, if you know what I mean. Teehee!

  24. marge Says:

    I wish i can win i never won anything in my life. 😦

  25. chiuchuey Says:

    i wish i will have a hams

  26. chiuchuey Says:

    =) just kidding

  27. pussy Says:

    Congratulations winners

  28. rina ruth Says:

    next week! ME! ME! ME! hahaha ngarep,

  29. roro Says:

    wish i can win in this weekly draw

  30. marisa Says:

    marge don’t be sad 😦 cheer up 😀 😛 🙂 😉 jaja

  31. Sally Says:

    Hi how to join this weekly draw? Pls. email me the answer. Thanks! 🙂

  32. Shuhua Says:

    Wow!!! Congrats!!! Hope my turn comes soon…..

  33. Xelah Says:

    imba sir, Congrats

  34. rousong Says:

    i also wan 2 be a winner…..

  35. h0neyou Says:

    i hope i will win! yey! xoo excited! 🙂

  36. Alfian Says:

    i hope i can win i love you pet society….

  37. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    all i want is too hear what these lucky peeps spend it on

  38. biljana Says:

    I really wish to win something
    can someone tell me how to make more money
    it is newer enough

  39. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] Winners of the Weekly Draw – Week 21 […]

  40. dimple Says:

    i realli need money now. i dont even have enough money to buy my pet food. i realli wish to win something and if i dont i realli wannt to know how to earn money quickly (daily)

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